Angela tells Brenda that she is right. The strings have been cut. She is no longer their puppet. Sankey tries to intervene but the ladies continue tearing into each other. Brenda tells Angela that she was paid for her service & should stop being melodramatic. Angela reminds them that she is trying to play the script they wrote by getting Alhaji to trust him. She calls Brenda a manipulator. Sankey reminds them that it is not the right time or place to argue about that. She has an attempted murder to investigate. Brenda reminds Angela that she saved Faizal instead of allowing fate take care of things. Angela tells her that she has been accused of everything but sold blooded is not one of them. Brenda agrees & believes that Faizal will attest to that. Angela wonders what it is like to be Brenda, alone at night, with nothing to keep her warm but her paranoia.
Tare comes to visit Fred about business. He asks her how things are? She says that all is well. They have even attracted new investors. New investors? Fred asks. Yes, she says but Phillip is not selling. How does Kwame feel? He asks. She asks if she can speak with him in confidence? He asks her to go ahead. Kwame wanted to sell. Fred asks how the partnership is doing? She says that she came to ask Fred to talk to Phillip. She wants Fred to get him to take things easy. He is beginning to be reckless & may destroy the company. She believes that though Phillip is savvy, he still has a lot to learn from Fred in patience. Fred thanks her & calls her a good friend.
Ene & Chuks argue about Bimpe. Chuks believes that Ene is not treating Bimpe well. Bimpe is lucky I don’t treat her like a burglar, Ene says. She should mind her business next time. Chuks reminds her that Bimpe may not be his favourite person but they should try & be nice to her. Ene is furious at Telema & cannot believe that Telema came to town & left without checking her friends. She asks if she is anything less than a friend. Chuks tells her that she did not do anything wrong & asks her to give Telema some time. She can do whatever she likes, Ene spits.
Masters asks someone for update on the phone as Angela comes in. He asks her if the police is here? She says that Sankey is around & is going to be speaking with him soon. My favourite police officer, he says. He asks her what is wrong with her. She is worried that someone tried to kill him. He tells her that it was not an attempt at his life but a joke. Sankey enters & tells Masters that they should not be running into each other under these circumstances. She asks him what happened especially that he wanted to take the suspect away & he tells her that his lawyers will contact her with a written statement. He calls Angela & as they were about to leave, Sankey asks where he is going to? He tells her that he wants to escort a tired Angela home.
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Tare comes into the house & meets Bimpe. Bimpe says that she came for her iPOD & asks what Tare came for? Night duty? She slyly asks. She tells Tare that she learnt that Telema was around for the trial. Tare knows. She came to give a deposition. Bimpe wonders why she cannot come & testify like everyone else? As she leaves, Tare calls Brenda about the partnership. Brenda is busy & wants to call back but Tare says she will be brief. She asks Brenda to talk to Kwame about being a team player. Brenda says that she knows nothing about being a team player. Tare asks her to try & get Kwame to slow down.
Masters sees Angela home & asks what is worrying her? She is okay, she says. He asks her to get some rest, as he leaves.

Tare meets Phillip downstairs & thinks she should sleep in something more comfortable. She was wearing a hip-hugging red jeans pants. She wonders why Phillip is frowning? Phillip asks what she has been up to that evening. He asks whether she spoke with his father? She asks why he is asking? Sleep with a girl once & the next thing she will want to pick out the china, Phillip bursts out. She leans close to his ears & asks him ‘What is it about me that makes me look like someone that wants to pick out china?’ She grabs her bag & leaves.
Masters berates his bodyguard for two failures. The BG asks him to forgive. He takes a call as Angela comes downstairs to meet them. He asks his caller to hang on a minute & asks Angela to go back to sleep. She comes into the room & says she did not know that he is still around. He asks her to lock the door as he leaves with his BG in tow.
Phillip comes to Tare’s house & tells her that he came to personally deliver the query for her absence from work. She tells him that he does not expect her to laugh at his joke after the way he spoke to her yesterday. He apologize & accepts that she was right. She is still not amused. He agrees she is right but she should have talked to him first before going to his dad. She says that she tried but he was not listening. He agrees & says that his father said the same thing to him at Breakfast. She thinks he is stooping to Kwame’s level & that does not suit him. He agrees to change & they end up in each other’s arms.
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Ene meets Bimpe at the spa & tries to apologize to her. Bimpe tells her to leave her alone as she has banned her from her house. Ene says that she will try & make efforts to be friendly. Bimpe says that she will not accept the stupid apology. You have always been mean to me, she tells Ene. I know what it means to try & keep a man’s attention, Ene tells her. Why won’t you know? I learnt that you and Chuks have been dating since kindergarten. Ene talks about all the pressures & tells Bimpe to be herself & with time Soji will show her the right attention. Bimpe asks if she thinks so & brightens up. Ene tells her that now that things are okay between them, they need Bimpe to help with Chuks’ fashion. No wonder you have been giving me all that washing, she tells Ene. Everyone wants something, just like you, but it doesn’t mean that I do not mean what I said, Ene tells her.
Phillip meets Mr. Lawson to talk of the contract. Do you have your bid ready? Lawson asks. Time is ticking, he tells Phillip.No, he has decided not to go for the bid. He is not interested in the contract for the supply of production equipment. Lawson is surprised. He tells Phillip that he can decide to be noble but he will not let Kwame swallow what he took from his plate.
Bimpe goes to see Soji. She believes that he is closer to Chuks & Ene than her. He tells her that they have been his friends for a long time. He apologizes & tells her that he will choose her if he has to choose between her & Telema. She tells him that she is no longer threatened by Telema. He tells her that he has forgoing the gallery thing Telema got him. She tells him that she does not mind going to London on the arms of her talented boyfriend. He tells her to then use her influence to get him a bigger gallery, then. She smiles & gets into his arms.
Kwabena calls Kwame to complain about the contract. Kwame tells him that everything is going well. Kwabena asks what he is hearing from a very good source about Phillip being interested in the same bid?
Sankey interviews Master’s assailant. He says that he regrets not cutting Masters to pieces. Sankey asks what his grouse is? He says that Masters harmed someone very close to him. She asks who the person was? Ziggy, he says. He does not deserve to die, the guy says. Sankey tells him that she was there when it happened.

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Phillip tells Kwame that Lawson is a bigger problem. Kwame asks if he is Lawson’s mouthpiece now? What kind of a man does nothing when he knows that his wife is cheating on him? He asks Phillip. Phillip asks him what kind of a man blackmails a woman into marrying him?