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Fred and Omar argue about the benefit of having artistes alongside doctors. He tells him that while doctors save lives, artistes give that life a meaning. There is enough space for both of them to co-exist.
Bimpe brings Soji a meal in his house and he reminds her that it is not necessary. She says she wanted to cook him a meal to thank him for taking her to the seminar. He asks if she enjoyed it so much? She says she wanted things to be like old times between them. He opens the food and asks if the thing is supposed to be that black? She smiles sheepishly and when he tells her that he has another appointment, she runs off too.
Feke tells Nnenna about her discussion with Angelique and how Angelique fell over Kwame when he entered. Nnenna wonders what is going on and Feke reminds her that Kwame only left something in Angelique’s house. Nnenna asks if she thought that Brenda is in on it? Feke does not know and tries to remind Nnenna that nothing may be going on. Nnenna tells her how Kwame and Angela used to fight when Brenda was away in Ghana. Feke is convinced that Angelique is possessed.
Fred tells Omar that he knows that he has a decision to make but to be sure he takes the right decision. Omar thanks him and leaves as Sheila comes out to join him. she remarks that he no longer looks as worried as he was earlier. Fred thinks he succeeded in getting through to him. Sheila asks what the issue is and he tells her about his medical affiliations. He notices she looks subdued and asks what is happening? She says she heard from the hospital. They have set the date for the surgery. He thinks it is about time.
Chuks struggles and opens the door. Ene tells him that he cannot believe how heavy this belly can be especially when she has been walking around. Chuks asks if he can help before Bimpe bursts in to ask how the job hunt went? Chuks suggests that they give her a key so that she can come and go whenever she wants. She thinks it is a good idea and asks after the job hunt? They went to drop off their CVs. Bimpe tells them about the interesting day she had attending events and she hung out with Soji. Chuks ass what that meant? Nothing. Ene goes to get food and Chuks goes to remove his shoes as Bimpe calls Soji to ask how he is doing. He says he is busy at a shoot in Mirage Spa. Bimpe drops the phone and runs off as Ene comes out with the food. She asks where Bimpe is? Chuks goes to lock the door to prevent the nuisance from coming back.
Charlie calls to inform Angelique that he has moved Akpobo to a new hospital. She is okay. He asks if she has spoken with Brenda? She says no. He asks if she does not think it is time to inform Brenda about the documents they have. She will not do that She will do that at the right time. As he continues, she tells him she is busy and cuts off the call. Dr. Ibrahim walks into her office and tells her Hello Angela. She does not respond.
Soji continues to take pictures as Bimpe bursts in. he asks what she is doing there? She says she wants to get a massage. She has not had time of late for that. Soji asks the staff he is photographing to get the other staff so that they can have a group photo. As they leave, Bimpe asks what the pictures are for? He tells her it is for the website. Bimpe asks that he takes her picture as a celebrity couple. That will bring customers. Soji does not agree and tells her he is trying to keep things quiet after the debacle with Chuks. She agrees and suggests that they work on it together. He agrees and she suggests they start at the gym and runs off before he can say no.
Angela asks Dr. Ibrahim whether he has met Angela? He came to convince her to come back for therapy but Angelique is not in a hurry to attempt to bring Ahgela back. Dr. Ibrahim reminds him that Angela needs the pills to survive and if she does not get the drugs, it will affect her negatively. Angelique does not like the pills so Dr. Ibrahim suggests they change the drugs. Angelique is willing to consider that but will not come in for therapy. She asks Dr. Ibrahim to send her the pills to the office.
The spa girls are happy that Soji and Bimpe are back together and say so. They were heartbroken when they broke up and are happy they are back together. Soji asks who said they are back together? Bimpe says they are friends, close friends. As Soji packs up, he says he is hungry and Bimpe also remembers she is hungry and drags him off to Ziggy’s! The startled girls look on surprised.
Laide asks all the artistes back on set but Chike refuses to move. She asks what is happening and he insists that he will not shoot anything again till they tell him what is happening to his compensation. Laide tells him to discuss with Amaka. He says he will no longer be posted. Amaka comes out and asks what is happening? He says he wants a firm word on his compensation. Just then, Omar walks in and reminds him that he was not compelled to do that stunt. Infact, he begged to be allowed to do so. Chike looks like a dog just ate his cat!
Omar asks for a call sheet and asks for what is left of the shoot. Amaka asks where he came from and Laide asks how he expects that the film will wait for him? as they argue, Chike reminds them of his issue but no one listened to him. Laide tells Amaka that they need to discuss this in private and they head for the conference room abandoning Chike on his own.
The prosecutor comes in and Sankey asks what he is there for? He says he came to find out what is going on. Sankey reminds him that it is his case. He does not believe that she has backed-off the case. She tells him that it is not her fault that people come in to drop information on her laps. He asks if there is anything to report? She says no and hopes that he is away that Brenda has been visiting Masters and that Angela visited Masters and her psychiatric state. The lawyer asks why she has been speaking with his witness and if things go wrong with the case, she can kiss her career goodbye. Sankey looks after him as he leaves.
Amaka tells Omar that she cannot afford to stop the production because he walked away. He says he needed time off after Chike’s accident. She reminds him that they were losing money everyday because of his absence. He says he came back to his senses after talking to Mr. Ade-Williams. Alarmed, she asks what he told Fred? Nothing, he says. Her phone rings and she goes off to take the call. Omar asks Laide what has been happening? She says they have been shooting, directed by her. Omar looks deflated.
Yusuf meets with Masters and gives him a feedback on Angela’s pills. They have been switching them and now that they have learnt that the trial is almost here, they intend to step up things. Masters takes him through a fantasy trip where Angela continues without her drugs. That will lead to her losing her mind completely by the time the trial is there and her madness will be clear to everyone. Yusuf suggests that he not meet with Angela again due to that but Masters will meet with her if necessary. He dismisses Yusuf, except if he still has anything to say. He does not.

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Bimpe meets an illiterate film maker called Mrs. Agbabiaka who she cringes from when he tries to kiss her hand as Soji watches from a different table.



Ene bursts in and joins Chuks and Ene at breakfast without being invited. Ene asks what she is doing? She says she came to say hello to them and asks Chuks why he is not happy? She is coming to ask for a discount o. Ene says that is not going to happen anytime soon. She jokingly asks if they have sacked him? Ene says there was a mistake. They thought Chuks was her. Bimpe does not believe her. Ene asks why she is all dressed up? She says she is now a big star and soon, they will no longer see her there. She takes a call and after shouting, gets back to the table and carries the plate to herself with Ene screaming at her.
Brenda comes in and Angelique greets her cheerfully. She has decided to approve the budget for the writer’s workshop. Angelique is quite happy and tries to shake hands but Brenda put her hands behind her back. Angelique asks why she changed her mind? She says Angelique seem to believe so much in it and if she fails, she would fail publicly and she is not intending to stop that. besides, now that she has her property back, she can afford to be gracious. Angelique tells her to enjoy whatever gets her going!
Funmi comes into Amaka’s office and after giving her instructions for the day, she asks if Funmi has anything to add? She says no. Amaka is surprised as she has been having much to say of late. She says she does not have an opinion as she is just a simple office manager. Amaka wonders why she does not have anything to say now that Laide is directing the film? She says her opinions do not count.
Vince bounces into Angela’s empty apartment, checks himself on the mirror and goes ahead to count her pills before switching them. On his way out, he sees Kwame’s belt and stops to take a picture of it.
Bimpe sits as Ene dresses up. She asks Bimpe what with the long face? Chuks says the long face started after her call. She tells them that the gig she told them about has been cancelled. It is not only one but all of them. She says it is okay. There must be other acting gigs coming up. She asks Madam Big Belle about the sex of her baby? Ene asks when they started talking about her baby? She says she needs to know as the aunt of the baby. She asks when the baby is due but they tell her it is not for public consumption. They both get up and she asks where they are going to? Job hunting. She suddenly remembers that the day is already spent and runs off leaving Ene and Chuks staring after her wake.
Sheila calls Amaka to invite her to dinner. She says she will not be able to make it. She is busy. Sheila tells her that she is allowed to invite him over? Who? Amaka asks. Sheila tells her that Fred and herself have this theory that she must be busy because she is juggling a relationship with work. Amaka tells her that the only man that keeps her from work now is her son.
Bimpe walks into the bar with her eyes behind dark shades. She orders for chapman and shows Frank where she wants to sit as she does not want these fans disturbing her. Frank wonders which fans? She points at all the people in the bar. Ash she walks to the place, a guy walks into the bar and waves. Bimpe thinks he was making for her but he walks right past her. She changes her direction and moves to a different table. Frank asks if she is no longer sitting where she chose and she asks if a famous customer cannot choose where to sit?
Angela dishes out instructions to Feke about things to get ready for the workshop. She says she wants all the items procured instantly. Feke agrees that they need to get everything ready before Brenda changes her mind. She tells Feke that the workshop must happen irrespective of Brenda’s opinion. Kwame comes in and Angelique welcomes him warmly with a hug causing Feke to open her mouth in shock! As Feke and Kwame were getting over this, she asks Kwame if he forgot something in her place the other night? That got Kwame to take a quick embarrassed look at Feke who now looks shocked.
Frank asks Bimpe if she wants another drink but she gets up and bumps into Soji on her way out. Soji asks whether she is on her way out? She says no. as he makes to says she has finished her drink, she says she was escaping a fan that was hustling her. She asks to share his table and he agrees.
Fred asks Sheila if she was able to reach Amaka? Sheila says yes but she declined the invitation to dinner. She said it was work. Fred agrees that they are working hard right now. Sheila says Amaka denied that she is not being kept busy by a man. Fred hopes she will soon find happiness. Sheila asks if he is insinuating that it is only a man that can make Amaka happy? Cosmo announces Omar and Fred welcomes him. he apologizes for barging in on Fred but says he must speak with Fred now. He settles in and Sheila leaves them. Fred asks how the shoot is going as he feels that is the only thing that is keeping Omar from him. Omar asks if he had not spoken with Amaka in a while? Fred asks if all is well? He says that is why he came. He messed up big time, he says.
Angelique tells Kwame that she guess she has a lot to thank Kwame for. He wonders what she is talking about? She tells him that Brenda came to throw her weight behind her workshop. Kwame says she cannot be sure of that. as Angelique fusses over him, he asks her to save her breath for her criminal lover. He came to ask what she wants him to do at the workshop and how much she is ready to pay. Besides, Phillip just wrapped up at Accra and he wants to know how much time he can invest in her workshop. She turns back and writes what she wants and the rate she is ready to pay and hands it to him. she wonders why he is being so passive? She thought they had some connection the other day or has Brenda gotten to him? he spits out that Brenda does not tell him what to do. She asks how he gets some fun or does he still depend on LDH? He wonders what that means? She says it is Long Distance Handcuffs. She asks what he gets other than steamy phone calls and cold baths. She invites him to stop by her apartment in the evening for a celebration. He tells her he will read what she wrote and revert.
Frank came around to ask if Bimpe is still there? Soji is surprised and reminds Bimpe that she said she just got there. She says she was in the bar in the morning and just came back. Frank says Bimpe has been spending so much time in the bar, not that he has been complaining. Bimpe says she just fumigated her house and had to spend time outside. Soji says he thought fumigation clears after 12 hours? He just fumigated his own house and it cleared in 24 hours. Bimpe says in addition to fumigation, she painted the house and also electrocuted (sic) it! Electrocution? Frank could not hold back his laughter. As Frank leaves, Bimpe wants to find out what Soji is up to next? He says he has this seminar for customs agents and Bimpe jumps on it and says she has been meaning to educate herself in customs practices. As Soji tries to understand what she means, she hustles him out of the bar.
Omar tells Fred that after the accident, he had to decide to continue. Fred says he is just hearing about the accident on set. Omar thinks they kept it from him to avoid disturbing him. Fred says such things happen. Omar says he wonders if killing someone is worth it? Fred tells him that such things happen. Omar tells him about his family being a long line of medical practitioners. Fred wonders if his family supports his going into the movie business? He says they do not and for the first time, he is beginning to think that they are right.
Kwame gets into Brenda’s office and as Brenda welcomes him, he tells her that she did a good thing by approving Angelique’s workshop budget. Brenda is alarmed that he has heard already and he tells her that he is just coming from Angelique’s office. She tells him that she approved the budget because he is going to be there and asks how regularly she will be getting feedbacks from him about the workshop? She says that she is also just coming from Angelique’s office but there is something creepy about the place. It crawls on your skin. Kwame agrees that Angelique is all touchy-feely. Brenda thinks that is a polite way of saying it. She tells Kwame that she is beginning to be forced to believe Sankey’s mumbo-jumbo about Angela suffering from a split personality but waves off such a suggestion. She notices that Kwame is lost in thought and scolds him back to reality. As she lapses back into her discussion, he suddenly jumps up and as she calls him back, he runs out of her office.

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Omar asks Laide what is going on with the shoot? She asks if he is blind? They have been shooting all these while, directed by her! Omar’s jaw drops.


Chuks says it is a mistake and Sheila insists that it is more like a fraud. Chuks says fraud is such a strong word and tries to cover what he did. Ene asks him what he did? He says they are the ones that made a mistake. Ene asks what he did? It eventually dawns on her that Chuks took her job. Chuks asks that they all go inside and resolve the matter between them. Sheila tells him that she does not need to find out any more information to make up her mind. She advises Chuks to take his wife home as he has a lot of explaining to do.
Funmi and Hassan, etc discuss Laide’s directing the film and how she has been gradually taking over the direction of the film. The lady they are talking to insists that there is nothing to worry about. The others wonder why the secrecy if there is nothing to worry about? Why is Amaka and Laide not telling the chairman about the directing of the film by Laide? Funmi even suggests that Amaka and Laide may be conspiring to take over the company from Fred.
Charlie worries that his “Oluwole” contact is wasting time. His phone rings and he picks the phone and the guy walks up to hand him the document. He collects it and hides it. The guy asks why he is behaving as if he is buying drugs? He quickly hides the document, pays the guy and as the guy opens the envelope, he insists that the guy cannot count the money there. The guy asks what he will do if the money is not complete after? He tries to talk of the trouble he went through to get the document but Charlie does not want to know. As the guy counts the money, Charlie turns and runs down the street with the document.
Laide walks into Amaka’s office and collapses on the seat. Amaka asks if they have finished and Laide says it is in the can. She suggests that Amaka joins her for a drink and Amaka cannot believe what she heard. Laide insists that Amaka has been working hard and deserves a break. Does Amaka have any problem with their picking up the kids and stopping over at Amaka’s for a drink? Amaka sees nothing wrong in that.
Ene and Chuks get home and he says he is sorry and asks to explain. Ene says there is nothing for him to say. Chuks wants to apologize but Ene thinks he should not apologize because he has not been learning from his mistakes. Chuks asks if she does not make mistakes? She says she does but she learns from them. He becomes angry and asks why she is not allowing him apologize. He says he is sorry and was trying not to upset her. Just then Frank comes in and asks what is wrong? He heard them from a distance. Ene asks him why he joined Chuks in his funny scheme? Frank looks dejectedly at Chuks.
Angelique gets home and is undressing when she suddenly looks up and sees Angela frowning at her from the standing mirror. She asks Angela to stop frowning before she gives their face wrinkles. Angela asks her what was that at the prison? Angelique complains that Masters was just being grouchy and accusing her unnecessarily of shooting him. Angela asks her if she really does not know about the shooting? She insists that she is not aware of any shooting. Angela reminds her of what happened and she is surprised that Angela shot Masters and asks Angela why she will do such a thing? Angela says it is because she loves Masters!
Ene blames Frank for allowing Chuks get into trouble. Frank blames Chuks for dragging him into this and says that he warned Chuks to tell Ene. Ene asks why he did not inform her and why he did not make an effort to get Chuks to do the right thing? Frank insists that Chuks is an adult and should be responsible for his actions. He tells Ene that Chuks did not tell her because he did not want to upset her.
Amaka and Laide share a drink and swap stories about motherhood. Laide commends Amaka for learning much about the art of film making rather than signing cheques. Amaka says she is a fast learner and Laide hopes Toochi learns from her. She says Amaka has been giving her a funny look all evening and asks Amaka to come out with the question. Amaka says that it is nothing, only that she saw the scar on Ife’s chest. Laide says it is from a surgery. Ife was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome and had to go through a surgery. It was a difficult time, but they survived through it.
Ene asks Frank if he is covering for Chuks? Frank says Chuks is his friend and he will always cover for him, no matter what. He leaves two of them to talk. Chuks sits near Ene to beg her and she insists on being left alone. She complains that he is always making her out to be the one at fault. He says he did what he did to provide for her. She says that all she ever asked for was honesty and now she is beginning to believe that he will not be able to provide even that!
Amaka is appaled at what Laide had to go through alone. Laide says she did not get much sleep at that time. Amaka says she cannot imagine what Laide went through. She asks why Laide did not inform Fred? She asks what Fred would do? What they needed at that time was a miracle and Fred would not have been able to provide that. they got their miracle and the surgery was successful.
Chuks rushes to help with the dishes. Ene continues what she is doing. He insists that she has not forgiven her and she asks if she has a choice? He says he is afraid that she will not forgive him one day. She says she thinks so too. There has been too many bumps in their married life and he says the only biggest bump is the one between them now. Ene says that is the problem. Chuks is never serious about keeping his promises. He says she has not forgiven him. She agrees that it is true. Her problem with him is that he has refused to grow up and now that she has a new baby coming, she is not ready to take care of two babies!
Amaka and Laide continue their camaraderie over drinks. Laide reminds Amaka that Toochi also had his own scary moments when he was snatched by his grandmother as she read in the papers. She is happy that he has gotten over it. Amaka listens thoughtfully and says she now knows that Toochi’s grandmother would not have intentionally done anything to harm him. She was only trying to preserve the memory of her son. They discuss motherhood golden time, which is the period babies fall asleep & mothers have some time for themselves. They continue to swap tales till Laide decides it is time to leave & Amaka thanks her for suggesting they have a drink. As she goes upstairs to fetch Ife, Amaka suddenly wonders why she thanked Laide for suggesting the drinking session?
Hassan meets Masters to find out how the visit went. Masters asks if Vince has been switching Angela’s pills? Hassan says he has been doing that. Masters asks him to check the number of pills the next time. Hassan asks why? Masters says that taking placebos and not taking the pills will have the same effects. He insists that something is wrong. Angela is not the same person. He insists that they check the number of pills the next time. He will also see Angela again to determine what is wrong.

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Fred tells Omar that he has not heard from him for a while & asks how the shoot is going? Omar is surprised & asks if Fred has not heard from Amaka in a while?


Brenda and Kwame argue over their relationship with Angela. She is pissed at him for helping Angela by doling out funds for her writer’s workshop. He tells her that they are working on things and since everyone knows she is against the workshop and if she changes her mind now, they can use it to their advantage. Brenda suddenly remembers she has a lunch appointment. Kwame tries to find out where they are and she tells him that she sent him to Angela to poison the well. She hopes he is not drinking from the well.
Amaka tells Majek that it is clear that she hates Laide Cole. Majek reminds her that she just made Laide Cole the director of the film. She says she had little chance and had to meet the deadline. Majek reminds her that there is no way she can hide the presence of Laide now that she is working on the film and Sheila will not forgive her when it comes out. He reminds Amaka that their plan was to build a media blitz around Omar and the movie. She says they can still go ahead with the publicity. He reminds her that it will go nowhere now that neither Omar nor his weblog is available. Chike walks into the office and says he has something to discuss with Amaka but will come back if it is bad timing. Majek says he is on his way out and Chike sits down and says he came to discuss his compensation!
Sheila and Fred are having a quiet lunch. He pours drinking water for her and she asks him whether she cannot pour water for herself now? He says he is just trying to be a gentleman. As they discuss, Brenda waltzes in and insists that she came for her lunch date. Fred tells her that he is trying to have a quiet lunch with Sheila. She insists that she is there to talk to him about Amaka trying to bully Odyssey. He says he is sure that Amaka will not do that and whatever the issue is, he is sure they can both sort it out. Brenda asks if he is not even going to ask what happened? She tells him to keep an eye on the anniversary preparations because from what she hear, it is a disaster in making. Sheila asks her to tone it down and she tells Sheila to run along to her poky little spa and allow real business people to talk. Sheila tells her that if she is on top of her business, her staff will not be running to her little poky spa to advance themselves. Brenda asks who the staff is and Sheila tells her it is Chuks. Who? She asks and Sheila tells her it is Ekenedilichukwu Obi. Brenda is baffled.
Amaka asks Chike what he means by compensation? He says he was pushed into the stunt by Omar. Amaka says that is not what she heard. Chike says he had a stunt double but Omar decided to use him instead. He does whatever his director tells him to do. He can sue Omar, Reel Studios and Amaka. He insists that Omar knows that he is guilty and that is why he is gone into hiding. Amaka insists that he has no case and he says he will leave that to the court to decide. He knows that the film is important to Amaka and if nothing is done by the end of shooting, Amaka should not blame him.
Brenda asks Sheila what she means by “he”? Fred tries to intervene but Brenda insists that there can’t be too many Ekenedilichukwu Obis in this town. She tells Sheila that Ene is out of work and pregnant. Sheila is surprised at that. Brenda tells her that if she employed a man, then she has been had!
Sankey brings Dr. Ibrahim the authorization to change Angela’s prescription. Dr. Ibrahim says it is quick work. Sankey hopes she has not done the wrong thing by bringing the authorization. He says he hopes so too. She asks if he is having second thoughts? He says he hopes that the drug works. Sankey asks what that means? Dr. Ibrahim says it is a new drug and he hopes that it will allow Angela get control of her body back so that she can treat her. If it does not, then he will have to deal with Angelique which is not a mean feat. Sankey informs him that Angelique is currently visiting Masters at the prison. Dr. Ibrahim jumps up and says he has to get going now. Sankey asks where he is going to and he says he is going to consult with his colleagues.
Ene calls Chuks to complain that she went to buy some drugs but on payment, the transaction was denied. She wonders how the transaction can be denied with all the money in her account? He tells her to calm down. He transferred the money from her account back to his own! She insists that he did not. He asks her to calm down. She asks why he did not tell her and when did he even transfer the funds? How come she did not even get the alert for the transfer? He says that she was sent the alert. She insists that she did not see any. He tells her that he read the message and asks her to check her phone.
Fred asks Sheila if she is okay? She says she is good. She is just wondering who is running her business. He asks her to allow him deal with it but she says it cannot wait. She does not know who is running her business and she will have to stop by the spa on their way home. She leaves to powder her nose and he calls Amaka to ask how things are going with preparations for the anniversary and with Omar? She says all is well. He invites her to stop by the house that evening.
Ene accosts Chuks in the office and starts screaming. He begs her to keep her voice down and stop being emotional. She says she is about to get emotional. She asks why he transferred the money and he says he did not want to always disturb her whenever he needs money for transport or other small items. She asks why he does not trust her and he says it is not about trust. She wonders why he will move the funds after all the lovey-dovey talk about her being the better manager of their money? He promises to pay his salary into her account. She says it is not about money and whines about the way the store assistant looked down her nose when the transaction failed!
Angela hails Masters from a distance immediately he appears. He sits down and looks at her as she starts to sweet-talk him. She asks why he is annoyed at her? Is it because she has not been visiting? He asks her what she came to do? Has she come to finish what she started? She wonders what he is talking about? He asks if she has forgotten the betrayal? The shooting? Emille? Which shooting? She asks him. She only remembers that they had a wonderful night together. She goes ahead to ask if that is why he is angry and planning a revenge?
Fred tells Sheila to first see what the young man wants to say. It could all be a mistake. She says she does not think so. Amaka calls him and says her meetings will run late. She will not be able to get the house and also fetch Toochi. He says it is understandable and proposes to visit her but she had dropped the phone. He tells Sheila that it was Amaka and she suddenly does not have time to visit. Add that to her strange behavior the other day and he can bet on it that she has met someone new!
Angela asks Masters what he means? Does he think she has changed? Masters says he will ask the same of her. He asks why she came and she says she came to see him. He looks at her quietly and she continues talking.
Fred and Sheila get into the spa and she tells him that if Amaka met someone, she would have known. He suggests that they make themselves easy for her to discuss it with them. As they discuss, Chuks and Ene walk out and a shocked Chuks quickly greets them and tries to whisk Ene off. Sheila tells them not so fast and calls Ekenedilichukwu Obi! Ene and Chuks answer at the same time. A surprised Ene looks at Chuks and when Sheila asks why she should not commit Chuks to prison for using a phoney CV to earn a salary that is not his. Ene turns and asks Chuks what she is talking about?
Masters asks Angelique if she really believe what she is saying? Angelique asks him what he means? He asks if she really believes that she didn’t shoot him? She says she did no such thing. He takes a good look at her and then leaves.

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Laide tells Amaka that she has been giving her a funny look all day and says she can ask what is on her mind. Amaka first denies eyeing her but eventually says she noticed something on Ife’s chest.


Amaka arranges a sleeping Toochi on the couch while Laide and her daughter wait. She asks if Amaka knows when the crèche will call back? Amaka says she does not know. It will take a while. She asks Amaka to hold Ife while she fishes out something and Amaka grudgingly does that and hands the child over immediately with Laide asking really? She suggests they call the crèche back but Amaka insists that they cannot be pushful. Amaka takes a call from Funmi and Laide rightly guessed that it is the crew asking for their director. Laide packs up and Amaka asks where she is going to? Work, laide says but Amaka does not think the studio is the right place for the child to run around. The AD calls again and Amaka asks Laide to go. She will look after the babies till the creche calls.
Sammie comes in and tells Angelique he has good news. He hands over the note with Akpobo’s hand writing on it. Angelique checks and sees a shopping list. Sammie says it is his shopping list and produces the right piece of paper. He remembered that Akpobo wrote Brenda a note and bamboozled a staff member with legalese. He says they only need to get the paper to the righ people. Angelique tells him that she will talk to him when he gets the document to the right people and gets ready to go home.
Bimpe sneaks up on Chuks reading a newspaper in his office and shouts Thief, Police! Chuks dives under the table before he realizes it is Bimpe. He asks her what she did that for and she laughs at him. He asks what she is doing there and she says she came to congratulate him on his new job. He asks who told her he works there and she says it is not important. It is however time for him to show how good a neighbor he can be. He reminds her of the free food and appliances she borrows from them. She says his presence there should get her discounts on all the spa treatment. He asks her to leave and she asks if that is how he brushes Ene off? She came to tell him to spend more time listening to Ene and he gets up and asks her to spend her time minding her business.
Laide is directing Chike when the assistant brings her phone. She reminds her that she said no calls but the lady says the caller keeps calling. She takes the phone and asks what the caller wants as she steps away from the crew. She insists that she had paid the caller and wonders how much it will cost to get him off her back? He tells her and she says anything is better than these calls.
Bimpe asks whether the receptionist will not talk to her? The receptionist says she will not gossip about another staff. Bimpe claims to be Chuks’s neighbor and friend and says she is looking out for Chuks. The receptionist says she does not need to worry. Sheila is quite impressed with Chuks’s qualifications and references. Bimpe is surprised and says that is not Chuks. She asks the staff for the CV but the receptionist refuses.
Dr. Ibrahim visits Sankey and Sankey wonders why he is there? He says he is there for his patient’s sake. He tells Sankey that Angela walked into his office and Angelique walked out. Sankey wonders why that is a problem? They are always exchanging personalities. Dr. Ibrahim tells her that the Angelique he met is quite formidable and insists on holding control. Sankey hopes that Angela will appear in time for the trial.
Bimpe speaks with Ene about her visit to Chuks’s office. She is bothered that Chuks appeared jumpy as a goat even for himself. Ene says he must be busy at work. Bimpe says he threw her out of his office just like he did Ene. Ene says she must have crossed the line. Bimpe says someone told her Sheila is quite impressed with Chuks’s CV. Ene says it is true and reminds her that Chuks is qualified to run the spa. He used to run Ziggy’s Bar she reminds Bimpe. Bimpe wonders if Chuks spiced up his CV but Ene insists that he did not. She typed the CV herself. Bimpe then wonders how they find his CV impressive? Ene tries to defend him but she cut her off and reminds her to stop selling her husband to her as she knows him quite well.
Dr. Ibrahim tells Sankey that he cannot change Angela’s prescription without her consent except if he has the law on his side. Sankey asks how Angelique gets her prescription filled? Dr. Ibrahim says she comes to get them filled in and it is almost due for a refill. Sankey asks how they are sure that Angelique will take the pills? Dr. Ibrahim says she is a survivor and will take the pills to get her going. They however need to work fast as Angelique keeps getting stronger by the day. Sankey asks what he will have her do?
Chuks calls Ene and asks if she has something to tell him? she wonders what he is talking about? He tells her that Bimpe came to the office to insinuate that Ene has some grievances. Ene says it is not grievance but she is dissatisfied. He wonders why she will talk to Bimpe of all people? He suggests that they should keep Bimpe at arm’s length going forward. He also tells her that he is up for the plan she has around making children’s outfits. She smiles and assures him that it will work well. She tells him that Bimpe talked about his impressive qualifications and how the spa staff are impressed with it. He wonders who told her and tells Ene that they actually need to cut off all relationships with Bimpe going forward.
Amaka is still with Ife when the crèche calls back. She complains that she has been waiting for their call all these while and asks if she can bring the kids? She thanks the caller and says she will bring them right away. before she leaves, she checks Ife’s nappies to confirm that she is good to go but what she sees there makes her check again.
Laide reviews the scenes shot with her crew and is happy with what they achieved when Amaka comes in. She is happy with the result and dismisses the crew and moves on to Amaka. She asks after the kids and Amaka says they are at the crèche. They agreed to take care of the babies for a while. Laide asks for how long and she says long enough for them to finish shooting. Laide wonders what she will do after that and Amaka says she can hire another carer. Laide says she will rather Ife mixes with other kids. Amaka asks whether Ife has been spending time on her own? Laide says yes. Amaka asks why and she says Ife has had her own little complicated life. Amaka leaves and leaves Laide worried.
Angelique gets ready and Angela looks on and tells her that Masters will see through her. She insists that she will get through because she is Angela. Angela begs her to at least find out what happened to her father? Angelique semms not bothered and Angela begs her. She tells Angela to stop groveling. She hates it when Angela grovels. She asks how she looks and walks off.
Majek comes in and sees Amaka. He remarks that the look n Amaka’s face shows that telling Fred about Laide did not go well. Amaka says it did not happen at all. She has decided to tell Fred after they finish shooting. By then, Sheila’s surgery would be over. Majek thinks that it may still not be easy then. Majek remarks that Amaka seems to be getting more comfortable with laide around. He asks if he should track Omar down but Amaka says no. she has an adult making the movie now and if he insists on behaving like a petulant child, he should be allowed o stay away.
Angelique marches out in her dangerously short skirt and approaches the car. She gets there and asks Vince to get the door for her. He says he will get the door when he sees a lady. She says she will in that case go in her car. As she steps away, he gets out of the car and says she cannot do that. she wonders why and he says she cannot make demands. She reminds him that his boss really wants to see her and she can just refuse to appear. He opens the door of the van for her.

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Sheila tells Brenda about the impressive qualifications of the manager she hired who has a degree in sociology. Brenda says she is aware of the first degree but the person is a woman. Sheila insists that she hired a guy. Brenda asks if the person said he used to be her PA? Sheila says yes and Brenda tells her that in that case she has been had!


Ene welcomes Chuks home as she checks a text on her phone. He asks what he can do to earn a warm dinner. She says dinner is coming as she reads the text. She tells him he has some explaining to do about the text. Mirage Spa just credited her account.
Sheila asks if Amaka is okay as she comes in with her cure? She says she is good and it is nothing a good sleep will not cure. Fred comes out too and says he has been looking forward to talking to Amaka and asks if all is well with the shoot? Amaka says she is okay and will no longer be trying the cure. Fred asks after Omar? Amaka says Omar is good but will not be able to call Fred as he is quite busy now. Fred asks what the issue is and Amaka says it is nothing and she has to run to get Toochi. As Fred tries to dig, she runs off.. Fred asks Sheila if he is paranoid or is Amaka hiding something from them?
Chuks tells Ene that Mirage paid his transport allowance to her account. She wonders why and he says it is because she is the one that has always handled their finances. Ene is quite happy and promises to fix him something special for him and also dessert!
Kwame and Danny argue over the phone. He insists that he cannot re-locate to the US because his business and family is here and besides, they agreed that she will travel and come back shortly. As they argue, someone knocks and he gets the door for Angela. He gets off the phone and Angela taunts him about the long distance relationship. He insists that it keeps things fresh instead of messy. She reminds him that a guy has needs and there is so much he can take and close in on his mouth. Just as she is about to get there, she suddenly pulls away and tells him she came to ask for his assistance to get Brenda to approve the budget for the workshop! Before she leaves, she tells him that if he ever feels a need for what she said earlier, she is available and he knows where to find her. She brushes his crotch as she leaves.
Amaka worries with Toochi as she is about to leave for work. Funmi calls and Amaka tells her to send a message to all the heads of department that Laide is taking over as director of the film from that morning. Funmi goes silent on her but eventually agrees to abide by the instruction with a frown.
Dr. Ibrahim discusses Angela’s case with his friend via videophone. The consultant argues that Dr. Ibrahim ma have breached client confidentiality by discussing her with the police. Dr. Ibrahim insists that Angela’s safety is paramount and she will not agree to be committed to a facility. The consultant suggests that Ibrahim try a new drug which is not approved yet but is being pushed for approval by the FDA. Ibrahim does not want to prescribe an unapproved drug. The other doctor suggests that they try and get the police to give consent.
Ene discusses with her fellow pregnant women about their cravings. The discussion shifts to Chuks and what he does and Ene shows them the cloth Chuks made for their baby. The ladies love the outfit immediately and all ask for price, etc. Ene tells them that Chuks is a fashion designer trained in London and currently manages Mirage Spa. The ladies are interested in the clothes and Ene promises to text them the price.
Barrister Ovie meets Masters and says he is pushing for an early release. He alludes to Masters having other ways of getting what he wants and Masters asks if he has any grievances? He talks about Brenda’s visits and the need not to trust Brenda. Masters says he is on top of it including Brenda’s visit to the police. He asks why Ovie should be worried except if he has joined the other side? Ovie insists that he will never betray Masters. He also asks if Angela’s visit is not a problem? Masters wonders if that is not for the prosecution to be worried about?
Ene visits Chuks unannounced and he wonders why she came? She wonders if she cannot come and see him? They sit down and as she tries to talk to him, he pretends to be busy scribbling on the piece of paper in his front. She gleefully tells him about the visit of the women from her pre-natal class and how they loved his dress. She is not happy he is not paying attention but continues. He insists that he does not have time to make clothes for babies as he is busy with work in the office! Ene suggests that he employs other tailors and give them the design. They will sew and she will sell the outfits but he is still not interested!
Amaka and Toochi are ready for the day and as they step out of the house, Laide calls to report that there is a problem. Amaka wonders what the issue is? As she opens the door, laide is there with her baby girl!
Laide says her cousin who has been helping out with her girl is no longer available. Amaka tells her this has nothing to do with her. Laide says since her cousin is not available, Ife and Toochi can stay with Amaka’s nanny. Amaka tells her she no longer has a nanny.
Bimpe bumps into Ene in the spa and wonders what Ene is doing there? Ene asks if she cannot be at the spa? Bimpe says it is good sef. If they make her look more presentable, she may get a job. Talking of work, any ideas? Ene says she thought she had a good idea but Chuks will not listen. Bimpe wonders whether Ene is not being jealous? Ene insists that she used to be the one who was all busy but she always had time to listen to Chuks. Now she comes to meet Chuks here to talk about things and he is not listening. Bimpe wonders what Chuks is doing there in Mirage? Did he learn to do massages in London? Ene’s jaw drops.
Angela begs Charlie and asks whether he will help her stop Brenda from stealing her land? He says yes and she smiles at him.
Laide tells Amaka that she is not being unreasonable as shooting should have started by now. Amaka insists that she cannot possibly get another child into the crèche as they have a six-moth waiting list. Laide tells her that inspite of that, she was able to get Toochi in. she is sure that Amaka mentioned that he is an Ade-Williams and if that name can get him in, why not Ife? Amaka reluctantly calls the crèche and tells them another child who is connected to their family will be coming to school with Toochi at least for today!
Angela asks Charlie how to proceed? He says they can start from getting Akpobo’s handwriting to a forger. Angela listens. He knows that some of those people can be found at Oluwole. Angela asks him what he is waiting for? Others may not believe it but she knows that he is capable of stopping Brenda. She asks him to pull up the cape and make it happen. As he leaves, he stops and reminds her that he should not be seen to be doing anything illegal. She smiles at him as he leaves. Vince calls to inform her that Masters is willing to see her and she reminds him that she said so. She will be waiting for someone to come get her. She asks Vince what a woman wears to prison?

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Laide steps away from the cast and crew and speaks to her mysterious caller? She asks how much it will cost to get the caller off her back?

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