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Emile and Angela are in Dr. Ibrahim’s office. Emile says that he came to appraise Dr. Ibrahim. Dr. Ibrahim could not believe his ears. Dr. Ibrahim asks him that he notices that he does not have a lot of faith in psycho-abalysis but Emile pushes on with his attack on not just Dr. Ibrahim but psycho-analysts generally. Angela tries to stop him, but he would not listen. She then screams his name to get his attention and finally asks him to leave. She apologises to Dr. Ibrahim after he left.

Phillip asks Fred what he wants to do about the scandal Laide has plunged the family into? He says that he is going to do nothing. He is going to enjoy his planned vacation with Sheila. When he comes back, he will deal with it when they get back. Phillip tells him that he will issue a press statement to address the issue if he is not going to do anything about it. Fred tells him not to release any statements.

Ene is on the phone when Chuks walks in. She gets off the phone and tells him that she has been speaking with Bimpe’s former landlord about why she was thrown out. She gleefully tells Chuks that the landlord says that she is a night-walker! A night worker, as in she works at night? Chuks asks. Ene scoffs at this and tells Chuks that once, Bimpe’s neighbours met her walking outside with her hands held out in front of her like a witch. Chuks thinks Ene is taking things too far and says so. He wants to rest after spending two hours trying to fix the wretched fuse box Bimpe spoiled without hearing any more conspiracy theories. He goes to bed.

Dr. Ibrahim tells Angela that they have taken this too far this time. She tells him that it was Emile that insisted on coming. Dr. Ibrahim asks how old he is? She reluctantly tells him that Emile will be 18 in a few months. He screams and tells her that he is a minor and dating a minor is illegal! She tells him that she did not know how old he was when they started and they stopped when she found out till he is 18. He still could not believe his ears and Angela tells him that she is not looking for his approval. At least Emile did not consider her a failed experiment. He asks if he had anything for her stopping to take her pills? She does not say anything but he could read the answer from her face. He says that he thought as much and goes on and on about his being a minor. Angela tells him that she is not ashamed of her actions. At least he stayed with her and did not consider her an experiment that did not work out as expected. She tells Dr. Ibrahim to keep his opinions to himself.

Amaka comes in and meets Fred and Phillip in the sitting room. She asks if Fred has seen Laide since after her revelation on Peju’s show? He says that he has checked everywhere and no one knows where she is. Even her family members in Lokoja do not know where she is. Phillip says that she knows what she is doing. Amaka tells Fred that members of the board are asking whether the allegations are true. She has everything ready should he decide to make a press statement. Fred says that will not be necessary. He will speak with the board members himself when he is ready. Sheila comes downstairs and Amaka asks if she is okay. She stops and tells them that she is neither an invalid nor is she bereaved, so she should spare her the platitudes and sashayed into the kitchen. They all look at each other.

Chuks is sleeping and Ene is complaining about her phone that is running out of power. She wants to find a way of using Bimpe’s night walking against her. Unfortunately, she does not think that Uncle Ziggy will agree to using it against Bimpe. She wakes Chuks up and asks if he will not help her find a way of solving this Ene problem? He tells her that it is too hot to look for anyone else’s trouble and goes back to sleep. She tells him that if he will not help her find a solution, she will handle it herself and walks out of the room.

Angela is in Ziggy’s and is on the phone with Mrs. H about the Titan project. She thinks that Titan may not completely agree with having other people join the project yet. Titan joins her at the table as she gets off the phone. He confesses that he has not read the script in answer to her question. He asks if it is a bad thing and she says yes, but she will overlook that in exchange for information on how things currently stand between him and his dad. There does not seem to be much improvement in this area. As she was telling him how important it is to improve on that, Emile walks up to the table and recognizes Titan. He introduces himself by mentioning his class in primary school and year and Titan calls his name and gets up and hug him.

Sheila and Amaka are in the kitchen. Sheila gives her some drink off the blender which  she tastes and likes. She apologizes to Amaka for snapping at her earlier in the day. Amaka tells her that she understands. Sheila complains that Fred and Phillip has been going on about Laide and her issue since and it appears that there is no end to the whole thing. She believes that Laide knew what she was doing when she went to hide after appearing on Peju’s show. Amaka tells her to take it easy as this one too will go away somehow. Sheila smiles and tells her that she does not know how she could have coped with all these without her. Amaka smiles in return.

Chuks runs into their room panting to the sound of a dog barking outside. Ene asks him what the problem is? He asks her where the dog outside that wanted to have him for dinner came from? Ene asks if that is what is pursuing him? She got a dog to drive Bimpe away as she hears that she does not like dogs. Chuks reminds her that he hates dogs. You’d better do something about that dog before it makes you a widow, he tells her. Ene walks towards the door and raises her voice as she recounts all the horrors that bingo can be up to. Chuks tells her that if she is doing that for Bimpe’s benefit, she should know that Bimpe is not at home.

Emile and Titan catch up on old times. He has been feeling Titan’s songs. Angela tells them that she guesses an introduction is not necessary here. Emile tells her that they go way back and that Titan has always been that good in entertaining people. They knew he was going to become good. Titan asks Emile what he is doing there? Emile tells him that he came to pick Angela. Titan retorts, You still dey chop big fish. ‘Excuse me?’ Angela asks. Titan apologizes and says that it’s just that while we were chasing girls like Morenike, he was already having a crush on the teacher.

Fred was speaking on the phone when Phillip walks into his study. He gets off the phone and tells Phillip that a friend’s daughter saw the video of Laide’s interview on Facebook. Gossip travels so fast on new media. He hopes it will not ruin us all. He asks what Phillip came to talk about? Phillip tells him that he is tired of fighting. He wants them to talk through this problem. He is not fighting but wants to be a part of the decision making as it affects the whole family. He does not want Fred to keep treating it as a personal issue. Fred acquiesces and says that since it matters to him, he will ask Amaka to issue a press statement. Phillip looks constipated.

Ene runs into their room alarmed. Something is wrong with Bingo, she screams. Chuks looks at her like is that news? She says that she went outside to tie the dog but the dog suddenly started chasing her round and round the whole place. This is strange. She thinks that it is  reacting to the new environment just like it takes people a while to get used to a new environment. That dog has never been normal, says Chuks. He tells her to do something quickly about that dog as Uncle Ziggy is coming to the apartment soon with an electrician to come and fix their fuse box and he will not like to see that dog running all over the place. As she was thinking of what to do, Uncle Ziggy runs in with the electrician in tow. Ene fidgets and greets him and tells him that they were just talking about him. Where did that dog come from? Who told you that you can bring a dog into this house? He asks as he tries to catch his breath. Chuks points him in Ene’s direction. As they were trying to settle down, Bimpe bursts into the room screaming dog, dog, and scrambles to hide behind Chuks!

Amaka, Fred and Phillip are at the dining table. She gives instructions to Tochi’s nanny on the phone. Who wants some dessert, she asks after her call? She asks Phillip to stop sulking as she gets up to fetch the dessert. As she goes away, Fred asks Phillip to behave like a matured man and snap out of his sulking mood. Phillip says that he has a problem with Amaka being chosen to speak. Fred tells him that Amaka was chosen to speak for Reel Studios as the CEO. She does not speak for the family as she is not an Ade-Williams and will never be one. Theye were both horrified to look up and see Amaka standing there with the tray of dessert and an ashen look all over her face.

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Chuks and Ene are in their roonm apparently at night when suddenly Bimpe gets up from the couch and starts walking about the room with her hands stretched out in front of her while they scream her name. (She however carefully avoids all the tables and chairs!) Chuks asks whether they should wake her up but Ene says no.



Peju asks whether FAW was not married when they had this affair? Laide acknowledges that he was married unfortunately but she does not regret the life she is carrying. Peju asks whether Laide was the other woman in the relationship since Fred was married. She says that she was aware that Fred was married to Sheila Davenport, who has been married 5 times but has no child. She says that as a woman, she could relate with that. At this point, Fd switches off the TV & mumbles something like enough with this rubbish. Sheila jumps up & grabs the remote from him & switches the TV back on. Peju says says that she knows that viewers have a couple of questions for Laide but Laide tells her that she has said what she came to say and will take no questions from viewers. Peju then calls for a commercial break as Phillip walks into the house. He tells Sheila and Fred that he is happy they caught the program. Now what next?
Angela comes in to meet Mrs. H. She came to tell her that she is back. She welcomes her back & hopes she will not be needing any more sick leaves. She gave Mrs. H her sick leave letter. What else does Angela want, she asks when Angela did not leave? Angela says that she thought Mrs. H would want to ask after Emile? Mrs  h tells her that the office is meant for World Movies business. Emile wanted freedom & she has given him that. She hopes that the incident that led to her suspension will not repeat. Angela tells her that she is on medication and she wishes that Angela is capable of managing her medication.
Ene tells Chuks breakfast is ready. She asks what he has planned for the day? He wants to go and get fabrics for the clothes he wants to make for Bimpe and Ene he adds when he notices Ene’s reaction. She tells him to hold on and goes to get a bowl & starts removing his shoes. He asks what she is doing & she tells him that she wants to give him a foot massage. He wants to know whether the massage will not be better when he is back but she says no. Now is the best time. She tells him that she has seen her NYSC posting. He asks where she was posted to? Sokoto, she says & he shouts. She tells him not to worry. She has deferred the service for one year. He asks why she did that? As they were talking, Bimpe knocks & calls heir name. She enters. She is on her way to work. She came to show Chuks the dress he should make for her.
Fred says that Laide is not picking her phone. Phillip is not shocked after all she just ousted him on national TV. He apologizes to Sheila as he did not know that was what Laide planned.
Chuks thinks they should continue later but Ene says no. They will complete it now. She only needs to soak his legs in hot water. As she goes to get the water, Bimpe shows him the design she wants. He tells her that is an old design. Besides, she does not want to wear anything that will show off her back. Back hair remover. Bimpe says the hair removal cream was used by her brother. Your imaginary hairy brother, who no one has ever seen, Chuks scoffs. She calls out to Ene who earlier came out with the kettle, left it on the table & went back to the kitchen to get something else to ask if she remembers her brother? He tells her that he needs to go and get the fabrics for the dress & she tells him that Therre is a fabrics shop on her way to work, s they should go now. He reminds her that he is not through with his pedicure. She says that I is almost finished as the only remaining thing is to soak his feet in warm water. She grabs the kettle and pours it over his legs and he let’s out a pricing scream that brings Ene running in from the kitchen.
Phillip tells Fred not to worry about Laide. He says that he will not let her get away with disparaging his wife like that. Phillip reminds him that he press will be involved again and seeing him with Laide will only make matters worse. Fred still leaves the house in search of Laide.
Angela is at Dr. ibrahim’s. He asks whether the sick leave letter helped? She says yes and thanks him. He reminds her that they agreed that he will give her the letter in exchange for her starting therapy again. She remembers & asks when they should start? He wants her to bring Emile along. She wonders why? He wants to get to know him. He is interested in how Emile got Angela to start taking her drugs without compelling her. She asks whether her relationship is now going to be a subject of their therapy? 
Fred calls Sheila. He is at Laide’s place but she is not there. The caretaker says she moved out before she even went on the show. Sheila says that she must have planned what she wants to do carefully before she even went on the show.
Chuks and Ene are at home. Ene asks if Chuks’s leg still hurts? He says of course. When Bimpe almost burnt him with hot water. She asks what she did in her previous life that made her get Bimpe as a neighbor. Chuks thinks she is taking it too far, this is just one of Bimpe’s mistakes. As they were talking, the light went off & Ene asks him to bet that this is not one of Bimpe’s mistakes. Bimpe starts screaming their name from outside – Mr. & Mrs. Obi! She bursts into the house & tells them that the light went off. She just plugged her sauna kit & the lights went off. Chuks and Ene tells her that she has spoilt the light & Ziggy will not find it funny with her. She says that she knew that Ziggy did not use good materials for the house.
Frank is in Ziggy’s office. Ziggy asks him to ensure that he fixes the lock on the door. Frank says he will try but he is not a carpenter. Next, Ene & Bimpe rush into the office & struggle for who will shout the other down? Ziggy asks them to shut up & asks where Chuks is? Chuks walks in & says he is around. What is te issue? Ene says that Bimpe has spoil the light with her sauna kit & nearly burnt the house. Bimpe says that it was Ene that plugged on an electric kettle. Ziggy tells them that he will call an electrician hat will look a the lint but he will bill them for whatever is damaged.
Emile asks why Angela’s therapist wants him in her session? She tells him that Dr. Ibrahim thinks that he is either the best or worst thing that happened to her. He asks whether Dr. Ibrahim knows about them? Angela says that even her is not sure about their relationship!
Bimpe is on the phone asking someone to cover up for heras she is in a stupid landlord’s meeting. What do you mean again, she asks the person on the other end of the line? She will soon get there. Just then, Ziggy gets off the phone & tells them that the electrician has inspected the house & says that the damage was caused by a sudden surge of power which could have been caused by either the sauna kit or the electric kettle. He calls Huks to step outside with him.
Angela & Emile are at Dr. Ibrahim’s office. He thanks him for coming but requests that here present both physically and mentally. Emile reminds him that he is the one that asked for his presence. Dr. Ibrahim sees that they are still at each other’s throat. He thinks hat Emile seems to be quite knowledgeable about therapy. He asks whether he has ever been in a therapy? Emile asks whether he has been sued? He tells Dr. Ibrahim that therapists have the lowest curative rates. Angela reminds him to behave.
Ziggy tells Chuks that he does not want to talk to him n front of those ladies. He berates Chuks for behaving like a juvenile. He asks him whether he realizes that he is now an adult and married? Why will he let two young women push him around? Chuks launches not what happened but Ziggy tells him that providing the details do not make it any better. He needs to take charge of his house and stop running to Ziggy to decide what to do to their burn fuse.
Dr. Ibrahim asks whether Emile has met Angela’s father? Emile asks whether he is one of those who think every problem is related to a child’s upbringing? He relates it to the nature-nurture argument and tells Dr. Ibrahim that he is not there to show that he is good for Angela. He is there to ensure that Dr. Ibrahim is good enough for her!


Fred tells Laide that he cannot marry her. They have been through this before. She tells him that he then leaves her no choice. He asks her what she means by that but she heads out & runs into Sheila at the door. She tells Sheila, welcome back & Sheila tells her to close the door on her way out. Fred tells her that he was not expecting Laide. She just showed up. Sheila asks what she wants? Some sort of closure? She asks Cosmas to take her things to the guest room. Fred asks the guest room? He has prepared the master bedroom and asks Cosmas to take her things to the master bedroom. She tells Fred that her coming back does not mean that she is ready to jump into bed with him.he tells Cosmas to take her things to where she wants them.
Ene tells Telema on the phone that she has been posted to Sokoto. What will she do? It is far & she does not speak Hausa. She cannot leave Chuks especially not with Bimpe snooping around and Chuks easily distracted. She wants to talk to Chuks who should be at Ziggy’s.
Phillip is at Ziggy’s. Frank comes toast what he should get for him, but Phillip asks for a moment. Frank tells him one moment coming up and waits. Phillip calls Wale & asks who should be running Reel Studios in Fred’s absence? He tells Wale to keep it quiet after he call & orders for a bottle of drink. Kwame who was just walk in in orders for the same thing too. Phillip asks what he is celebrating? Freedom, he proclaims.
Fred & Sheila share a meal. He asks how she is finding the food? Nice, she says. Cosmas has done a good job. He tells her that nothing is too good for his lady. He proposes they take a trip to South Africa. He still remembers their last trip and it was refreshing. If she does not want to go back to SA, they can take a trip round Europe. She tells him that she will think about it.
Phillip & Kwame blunder into Ziggy’s office for a meeting of the dis-enfranchised. Frank comes in and tells them to leave the office as Ziggy will not like it. Phillip asks him to step aside so that they talk. He goes out with Frank, but comes in alone. Kwame asks what he did to Frank & he says that he locked him away. Frank is heard banging on the door but the two of them continue to share their drink. Kwame says that he has left home & Phillip tells him that he left his father a long while ago and that turned out to be the best decision he has taken so far. He asks Kwame how the miss us is taking his leaving Brenda’s house? Kwame tells him that she left him. He asks her where he is staying now & Kwame says that with the difficult accommodation in Lagos, he is currently staying at Protea Leadway Hotel, Maryland.
Chuks comes in & meets Bimpe sitting comfortably in their sofa. She tells him that they should devise a more creative way to hide their house keys instead of putting it just under the mat. What is she doing there, he wants to know? She wants to catch her favorite TV program but her new dish is not installed yet & her former landlord will not allow her take her dish. He says she is owing him. She asks how he puts on their TV? Chuks tells her to leave as it is late & Ene will not like to see her after she broke her (Ene’s) plates. But I replaced them, she says? With cheap ones. The real ones cost ten times the one you bought. She asks why anyone will spend that much on a plate?
Phillip & Kwame are still sharing their drink in Ziggy’s office. Phillip complains that they have finished their drink and they will now be forced to go outside to get another bottle. Kwame says that he is sure that Ziggy has an extra bottle somewhere in the office & goes in search of the bottle of drink. As he pulls out bottles, he suddenly finds Ziggy’s gun & brandishes same.
Bimpe is describing her dress for Chuks. Chuks tells her that the style she chose is old & besides, she does not want to choose anythin that will show off he back. He suddenly asks her how she has her back so smooth? As she was explaining, he tells her about the back hair removal cream pack hat they saw in her trash. Ene then walks in & Bimpe apologizes for breaking her plates. She tells Ene that Chuks is making her a dress.
Kwame discovers that Ziggy’s gun is loaded. Phillip talks about the other gun being held as evidence. Two of them talk about family members & how they have had to deal with family members they do not want to associate with. Kwame has forgiven Brenda. Now she is not even his sister. Phillip tells him that she was such a breath of fresh air at the family meeting. He asks Kwame who he will rather have as family if he has a choice? Kwame drunkenly says nobody. He does not need anybody.
Ziggy is screaming at Frank about how he cannot leave them for a moment & have them take care of things at the bar. Meanwhile, in his office, Phillip is playing with he gun. He reminds Kwame that he said that the gun is loaded. As he plays with the gun pointed in Kwame’s direction, it goes off. 
As the shot rings out as Phillip plays with the gun, Ziggy & Frank duck in the bar. They break into the office & finds Kwame lying on the floor. Ziggy screams at Phillip to give him the gun. Phillip hands him the gun & tells them that he must have only grazed Kwame or he will not be lying there. Ziggy is pissed at two of them & continues shouting at them. Phillip apologizes & says that they will pay for whatever damage was done to the office. Ziggy tells himthat he can be sure that there will be a bill to pay. A shell-shocked Kwame screams that it is too loud.
Bimpe looks forward to seeing her new dress. They wish her goodnight & Ene asks where he has been? He said he was going to Ziggy’s & she was looking for him. He went to get the plates replaced. She tells him that he shouldn’t have. There are other ways he can show appreciation. She turns her back on him & instead of feeling her up like a married man will feel his wife, he tells her that her bum has grown bigger since they got married. She is so disappointed.
Tare comes in & meets Phillip lying on the floor. She says that someone must have had a nice time last night & asks whether he is aware that his front door is ajar? He groggily wakes up & asks what she wants? Just then, Kwame walks down from his bedroom in his bathrobe & asks him where the shampoo is? Tate asks what he is doing there? Phillip mumbles something like he is staying here. He tells Tare that Kwame’s sister threw him out & Tare’s sister abandoned him, so the least he could do after shooting him is to accommodate him for a while. Kwame tells Tare that he believes that he is staying with Phillip for a while. tare tells him that if he allows this cheat, Kwame stay with him, he will live to regret it. She turns and leaves. Kwame thanks Phillip for allowing him stay. He tells Kwame that they will get to the house rules later but the first rule is that he should go get some clothes on.
Ene talks with Telema as Chuks sleeps. She asks how Telema is enjoying her movie shoot? She has decided to defer her posting for a year especially with Bimpe hovering around. She asks what Telema means that she should be offensive? Yes, Chuks likes foot massages. She asks if Telema thinks it is okay for her to ask Tare for a favour?
Cosmas is pouring Sheila her special brew, with Ginger, just the way she likes it. Fred comes into the sitting room and asks the person he is talking to on the phone whether it is showing now? He switches on the TV & Laide is there on TV with Peju. She confirms that yes, Fred Ade-Williams is the father of her child.


Fred confirms that he is writing a new will. Phillip asks whether he will write a new will whenever an upstart appears. Laide hopes she is not the one being called an upstart. Fred tells Phillip to stop as he thinks that family unity is more important. Phillip asks whether these outsiders, Laide & TTK are a part of the will now? TTK asks for confirmation that Shalewa is provided for in the will. After all she is an Ade-Williams. Laide tells Phillip that her child has as much right as him to the will. Phillip asks her which child? The one that you have not born or another? Fred eventually breaks up the meeting. He tells them all to go that he will take care of things. Unfortunately, the meeting did not achieve his stated objectives. He however begs Sheila not to leave with the others.
Ene looks for her China plates & asks Chuks that it seems that the lions they heard earlier took her plates, the ones her mum gave them at their wedding. Chuks asks her to use the plastic plates. She says no, she wants the china as her mum is coming for dinner! Chuks is startled. Your mum is coming, he asks? Yes. She apologizes for not telling him earlier. She however agrees to use another plate. She tells Chuks that she is going to school to check for her NYSC posting. She tells him bye chocolate cake; Chuks responds bye puff puff. He screams Bimpe’s name immediately Ene leaves.
Sheila tells Fred that the meeting did not go as he expected. She tells him that he cannot control their wills. He tells her that he hopes that he could make her stay. She asks who says she is leaving? She is going to get her things. He asks what made her change her mind? She reminds him that all is not very okay with them yet but she realizes that he could do with an ally right now.
Kwame is packing his things & has the Ananse Talents sign when Brenda walks into his office. He was not expecting to see her in the office. She tells him that her meeting wrapped up early. He tells her that he is about leaving. She tells him okay with absolutely no emotions.
Bimpe comes in and asks if Chuks called her name? Yes, he called. She is relieved that he called. She is worried about the superstitious mumbo-jumbo of someone calling you & your not responding. Chuks asks after his plates, the ones he just lent to her. Ene wants them back. She apologizes and says that she broke them. Chuks is shocked. She promises to replace them and Chuks tells her to do so that same day.
Nnenna tells Bimpe that she is late. Brenda is back so she had better shape up. Bimpe tells her that she called ahead to say that she will be late. She tells Nnenna about the trouble her neighbors are putting her through over some plates. She replaced them and realized they were cheap. Nnenna tells her that there is drama. Kwame is packing his things as they speak. Bimpe is dumb-founded.
Ene is happy that Chuks found the plates. Where were they, she asks? He says that they were under some items. She jumps up and says that she had better start cooking before her mother gets there. Chuks agrees. He also needs to clean up as he does not want her mother sitting on one of his needles.
Bimpe meets Kwame and asks whether it is true hat he is leaving & how come she is the last person to find out? Maybe, because he is not leaving to humor her. she takes umbrage at his leaving without telling her. He asks her what she wants? Payment? He will write her a cheque. She reminds him in a round about manner about how she protected and looked out for him. The least he could have done was to tell her that he was leaving. He now acquiesced and apologizes for not telling her. She grabs the carton of documents he was carrying & he tells her that she does not have to do that but she takes the box out anyway.
Brenda is eating & suddenly screams for John. He comes & apologizes for preparing a meal for Kwame. He forgot he no longer stays with them. The next time he does that, he had better prepare his CV because he is out of work. She asks him to get her…and suddenly stops herself. Not to worry, she tells him.
Ene’s mum thanks Chuks for taking good care of Ene. She is looking better since he came back. It is a pitcher father could not make it due to work. She asks them if they have given a thought to what they will do if Ene is posted out of town? Chuks tells her that it is Ene’s decision. She is happy. She also loved the food. Ene is now better than her teacher. Ene tells her that she also used the plates she gave them for their wedding. Ene’s mum starts examining the plate. Chuks asks if she wants more food. She says no, but this plate is different from the one she gave them. The one she bought is smoother than this rough ones.
Fred wants to know if everything is ready for madam? Cosmas says yes. The door bell goes and he goes to get the door thinking it is Sheila. It is Laide. He asks what she wants? This is the 2nd time she is visiting unannounced. She wants to talk to him. He reluctantly lets her in.
Ene’s mum is leaving. Chuks and Ene wishes her a safe trip and immediately the door closes behind her, Ene asks him to explain. He tells her he lent the plates to Bimpe but she broke them. The ones they used are the replacements she got. He begs for her forgiveness but she says it is okay. They are only plates. Chuks thanks her and hugs her but her smile was not deeper than her face.
Brenda talks to her counsellor about Kwame. The counsellor thinks it is normal but she says no, it is not. She was sitting on the same sofa all alone and suddenly felt like taking a drink. Just a drink to get over it all. She says that it will be difficult to go it alone.
Ene is on the phone with Telema about all that Bimpe has done to them. She thinks that Bimpe has a game plan on Chuks. She made Chuks lend her the plates her mum gave them for theirwedding, broke them and replaced them with a cheap one, and made Chuks lie about it. What does Telema mean? Did Bimpe not try to break up Telema and Soji? Is Chuks not good enough to be snatched?
Fred asks Laide to get to the point as she has been talking in circles. She thanks him for including their child in his will when many men will not. She does not want to be taken care of. She wants legitimization for her baby. She asks him to be the honorable man that he is always been and marry her!


Fred tells everyone that he did not invite Laide to the meeting. Laide says that she should have been told that Fred & Sheila are renewing their vows so that she should have dressed better for the happy occasion. Phillip asks what she is doing there at the meeting? She reminds him that she is carrying a baby that is an Ade-Williams.
Ene & Chuks are in bed while loud music comes from Bimpe’s house. Ene asks what kind of exercise is she preparing for? Long marathon or a swim in the ocean, Chuks tells her. Ene is exasperated & Chuks reminds her that they should take things easy for once before they blow some fuse. Ene complains about the day she put her trash in their bin & left them a note saying thank you for taking out my trash. Ene grabs her shoes & heads out the door. Chuks asks where she is going to & she says that she is going to break down Ene’s door. Chuks restrains her saying that violence has never solved any problems. He will have some strong words with Bimpe after.
Emile comes back & tells Angela that she needs not worry about anything. He went out & told his mum the truth. She asks what they discussed? He tells her that she has nothing to worry about. She tells him that she has worked hard to get to where she is and she does not want to wake up & realize that she does not have a job. He tells her that Mrs. H will not sack her for being with him. If she dies, it will be because of what happened in the office. She does not find that comforting but asks whether he has mummy problems? What has been driving his choice of older women as companions? He tells her that it is not his fault that he prefers his women more mature, pretty & intelligent. She tells him that he differs from her kind of man.
Brenda asks why they are still there? Are they sure that the meeting is still on? When she thought she was the only one that has a problem, only to realize that the perfect Ade-Williams family is not perfect after all. Amaka asks what problems Brenda has? Phillip comes back & asks Laide why she is still there? Laide tells him that she is not threatened by his presence. 
Bimpe comes into Chuks’s house as he works and hails him, neighbor, neighbor! She thought that they will treat her like they do in Desperate Housewives and knock on her door to welcome her with a basket of puff puff or akara. They must have been distracted Chuks says. He complains of the loud music she has been playing. What is Bimpe preparing for? She says oh, her Zumba dance? She was not even at home. Chuks wonders why the music was on forever & the volume kept going up. She tells him that it is that Her CD player. It needs to be fixed. The volume goes up every two minutes. Chuks tells her that she almost gave Ene a heart attack. She retorts that Ene should dance to the music. She needs the exercise. Exercise gives you endocrine. Chuks reminds her that it is endophils and she says whatever!
Fred tells Sheila that he did not invite Laide. Whatever faults he has, lying is definitely one of them. Then get rid of her, she tells him. In fact, she would rather do that herself. He begs her not to throw Laide out as she threatened. He reminds her that she is the one he is standing with and besides, they will have to deal with the issue of the baby at some point and it may be better to get that done now in front of everybody rather than keep it till it may turn out to be misunderstood.
Bimpe tells Chuks that she is cooking and came to borrow stuff from them. She goes to grab stuff from Chuk’s kitchen. When she comes out wit the items, Chuks asks her to please drop them before Ene kills both of them. She tells him that he should make some outfit for her so that when she is on the red carpet and if she is asked who she is wearing, she will tell them that it is Chuks’s. Chuks asks her whether she goes for red carpet events? She reminds him that she is an actress but he tells her no, that she is a PA. She still insists hat she works at Odyssey and thus attends such occasions.
Emile tells Angela that he was sent to a shrink when he was a child by his mum who thought that he needed to see one to explain some of the things he was doing. Angela has heard all these before. This is different though. He feels different about her. He did not run away from her with all her troubles.
Ene comes back from the market and is happy everywhere is quiet. She thinks that Chuks has talked to Bimpe as he promised. She tells Chuks things are very expensive in the market. Chuks does not react so she shouts. Chuks suddenly jumps and removes the ear buds he had on. She asks why he is wearing ear buds and he tells her tha they prevent you from any noise and they are comfortable. He got one for her. She is not happy that he did not talk to Bimpe as he promised.
Fred tells Laide that not inviting her was different but now that she is here, he has told everyone about the circumstances of her presence. Now that she is there, they can as well discuss everything in the open. Fred introduces Laide to Brenda. He asks if Brenda knew Laide & Brenda says that she has heard of her.  Laide asks why Brenda is in the meeting? Fred explains that she is his daughter. She is surprised and recalls when Fred had to go n air to deny that she is his child. He tells her that yes, he did so because the circumstances then were different. She asks why he never told her about Brenda and everyone in the room looks like ah ah! Brenda tells them that she asked Fred to lie for her then but he circumstances now are different. Phillip wonders why she is coming back now when their own circumstances are different? Fred shouts on everyone to cool it down. The meeting is not about Reel Studios but about the unity of their family.
Mrs. H gets into Angela’s house with a bag of Emile’s things in two bags plus his toys, boxers, & adult magazines. She goes ahead and pulls everything out one by one and shows Angela and tells her to take care of him as he has told her that he is tired of being mothered. Angela asks what is going on &Emile has had enough of Mrs. H mothering him so she is handing him over to Angela. she argues with Emile over whether what she calls toys are toys or valuable keepsakes as Emile thinks. She finishes unpacking the things and stalks out.
Bimpe returns Ene’s things that she borrowed. She tells Chuks that she cooked Egusi soup & asks if he wants some? No, he does not. Ene comes back and complains of the loud music from Bimpe’s room. Bimpe asks what her problem is? She thinks they should be making married couple’s music rather than worry over plays loud music in the night.
Angela asks Emile why he told his mother that he is tired of being mothered. Emile explains that he is tired of being treated like a minor by his mum. He runs his own business successfully, yet his mum will not allow him take decisions about himself. She tells him that she is not ready to mother anyone. He tells her that he realizes that his mum has gotten to her. He is going to check into a hotel.
Chuks is working when suddenly a roaring noise comes from Bimpe’s room. He runs to where Ene is sleeping on the bed & looks fearful. Ene wakes up & tells him that she had a difficult dream. A lion was in their room. Chuks tells her that they are in trouble. Bimpe has bought a zoo!
Fred is worried about the lack of family unity displayed by his family members. He tells them that he is dismayed that they are all worried about Reel Studios instead of the family. Phillip tells him that he is the one that keeps adding and subtracting people from the family. How is he even sure that all these people will be there tomorrow? Laide asks him how they are sure that he will also be there given his history? Fred tells them all not to worry. He will provide for everyone in his new will. Did you say new will, Phillip asks? Laide looks all smug.


Soji meets Harriet in Ziggy’s bar & she offers him a job. He is not looking for a job. They are looking for a skilled photographer who knows famous people. Soji tells her she is looking for a celebrity chaser. He is not interested. He is more interested now in serious photography.
Amaka & Sheila are playing with Toochi. Fred calls Sheila & Amaka bales with Toochi. She asks him when the meeting will start. He asks if she is coming? Yes. They will start in about an hour. He tells her that there is something he wants to tell her. He invited Brenda.
Emile comes back & calls Angela. She tells him that he came back too early. She wanted to make another one. She wanted to make something nice for him & was trying to bake a cake but slept off and it got burnt. He is relieved & she asks him whether he thought that she intentionally tried to burn the house down? His face shows it & she tells him that suffocation is not her preferred way of exit from this world. He invites her out. She does not want to go on a date as all dates end up in disaster. He tells her it is not a date. She agrees to come with him, but wants to go and change into something better. He tells her that she looks good the way she is. She only needs to lose the apron she has on her waist.
Sheila asks why Brenda? He tells her that the meeting is not only about Laide. Besides, Brenda is family. She says okay. They will talk about it. Phillip comes in & Fred is happy he came early. He tells Phillip that Brenda has been invited for the meeting. Phillip is surprised. The same Brenda that forced him to deny that he is her father? Fred says that they both know that she was in rehab. Phillip thinks they should also invite Wale so that the whole meeting will be officially declared a farce.
(((Mummy mummy, we must hurry up)))
Harriet asks Soji if they hit him with a mallet over the head in jail? What is he thinking? She reminds him that it is not easy for a jailbird to get a job. He is still not interested. She reminds him that after he sold Kwame & Telema’s picture to them, now he is pretending to be nice. He tells her that there is no need to bring that up. She storms off as Bimpe comes in. Bimpe greets her cheerily & asks if she was already leaving? She was coming over to buy her a drink. Harriet asks her if she has the latest scoop on Brenda Mensah coming back into town? Bimpe does not & she storms off. Bimpe meets Soji & wonders what is wrong with Harriet? She sits down & notices that Soji is not happy. She tries to cheer him up & offers to buy him a drink & calls Frank over for the drink.
Emile & Angela are on an open field with his hand covering her face. He opens it and shows her the ocean. She is delighted & makes to move forward. He restrains her & tells her that jumping into the water is not a part of the bargain. She asks him if he does not know that water is her preferred way of exit from this world? She is quite happy hat he brought her out & that he stayed to help her. He reminds her that he promised to stay.
Bimpe asks Soji why he turned down the job offer? Is he no longer a photographer? He tells her that he wants to take serious photos not that of celebrities. She asks what is wrong with that? It makes better money than animal pictures. How much do they pay for elephant pictures these days? He tells her that there is more in life than money. She tells him that she is still in Odyssey because of money. Once she gets her break, she will leave that place. She asks if Soji has had something to eat?
Fred’s meeting is in session. Phillip is standing up & refuses to sit down. He is comfortable where he is. Fred explains Brenda’s presence & tells them that it is time for them to start re-building. Brenda tries to talk but Phillip attacks her. He asks Brenda who will make restitution for all the harm she has done to the family & Reel Studios? She tells him no one. He thinks that that is where they should start from. Brenda tells him that she had seen them & Reel Studios as competition in the past.
Bimpe serves Soji another drink. He reminds her that he did not ask for an extra drink. She tells him to drink up. It is not like there is alcohol in the drink. Food is on it’s way. He tells her that he is not hungry. Fact, he wants to go home. She looks him in the face & asks him if there is hot food waiting for him at home? He will just go home to boiled noodles. He meekly acknowledged that he needs some food. She says that she could tell that there was some hunger behind all that up-tight face. He says that he will pay for his food & she asks him before nko? He will have to pay for both their foods and drinks!
Emile & Angela are home. He tells her to only bake when he is around so that he can keep an eye on things. She tries to touch him & he winces from the wound she gave him the last time. She is sorry & takes a look at it. She goes not the room to get something when someone knocks on the door. Emile opens the door & Mrs. Haruna is at the door!
Fred tries to calm Phillip down. Brenda tells them that no one should be surprised that Phillip said something rude. At least he is not jumping over furniture to try & hurt her. Phillip tells them that Brenda is taunting. Fred tries to calm things down. As he tries to get into his speech, a knock sounds on the door & everywhere was quiet as TTK enters.
Mrs. H asks Emile that she thought he said he was staying with friends. He says that Angela is his friend. Mrs. H says, yes and her alter egos? Angela says that she does not have alter egos. Mrs. H says that she came to see how Angela was doing to show her that the company cares but she has seen that she shouldn’t have come. She hopes that she is not desecrating their love nest. She tells Angela that Angela knows how much she hates dishonest people. She thought that Angela said that she has ended things with Emile? Angela says that she had broken up with him but Emile defends Angela. He tells his mum that if there was anyone to talk to, it is him. He came back on his own. As he was talking, she turns around and leaves.
(((Mummy mummy, we must hurry up…)))
Phillip says that the circus is now complete. TTK asks whether that makes Phillip a ring master? She is there to represent Dan & Shalewa in the Ade-Williams meeting. Amaka says that she does not think that there is anything that concerns Dan in the meeting. Fred asks everyone to calm down. Everyone there has a right to be there. He tells them that the meeting is about his loss of memory & the strain on his family. Phillip thinks that Brenda should not be here when they discuss that. She can use it against them. Fred tells him that Brenda has been aware for days & she did nothing about it. Phillip says that if Brenda knew, then she told the press. Fred reminds him that the story was about Laide being a surrogate mother & said nothing about his loss of memory. He wants to start from the beginning. He talks about his loss of memory & gets up & apologizes profusely to Sheila. He says that he knows that nothing will make up for what he put her through which ended up driving her away. He asks her to show some emotion whether it is to get angry or happy or sad, anything.
Emile runs after his mum. He tells her that the earlier she accepts that he wants to be with Angela, the better for her. Mrs. H asks him whether he has now chosen to start a relationship with a mad woman? He ells her that Angela did not choose her condition. She asks him what is different this time? Does he want to make crazy bakes with her? He tells her that babies are not being discussed here. mrs. H tells him that it is the child in him that is talking. Angela is 30 & she will be thinking about babies already. He tells her mum that this has nothing to do with her or his dad. He is old enough to take care of his business & has been doing that for a while. He does not need her to dictate o him. She reminds him that he is still a minor & he tells her that he will speak with a lawyer & look for legal ways to enforce his independence. She asks him to come home with her but he says no. He eventually cools down & tries to talk to her in a low one but she gets into he car & leaves.
Bimpe & Soji are having a meal at Ziggy’s. She asks about the Makoko thing? She has some ideas that they can use to make it better. She thinks that there should be a background to the story of the kids. He agrees and she reminds him that she works at Odyssey & has some experience with cameras. Soji asks if she is sure that she is not talking about camera phones? They laugh and she makes some suggestions about production & Soji tells her that in that case, he will talk to someone that knows about production. She asks who? Phillip Ade-Williams, he answers & she does not seem to like that.
Fred begs Sheila to come back home. He will do whatever she wants, whether it is a visit to a counsellor, or pastor or anything. As she was getting to answer, another knock goes on the door. Phillip complains that there are too many people in there as he goes to get the door. He opens it & in marches Laide!

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Chuks asks Ene where she is going to? She says that she wants to go and beat Bimpe’s door down with her shoe!


Fred tells Laide to calm down, asking if she is in any serious danger. She does not want to wait till things get worse. She is trapped in her house and the reporters are increasing in their numbers. There is not much he can do, and it will give the reporters what they want if he comes over. She tells him that he chose a very good time to worry about his reputation. He says that he will make a call to the police and get them to disperse the reporters.
At the office, Brenda is discussing with the auditor. He says he has nothing solid yet, since he just started. She asks if he thinks it’s a matter of being inept or deliberate. He says that he will rather nit speculate but she asks him to speak theoretically. He says that there were controls in the company like her being the sole signatory, and she confirms that the cheques and documents were couriered to her in Ghana. He tells her that they could be looking at cases of contract splitting & her forged signatures. The money accounted for was also less than what was paid by the customers. He needs time to dig deeper. 
Soji goes to Makoko, Salem spots him and asks what he is doing there. Soji asks if there is anything he should know. Salem gets all defensive, saying he is not answerable to him because he gave him money. Soji believes he should not be offended if he has nothing to hide. Someone walks out of the neighborhood with a wrapped Igbo and collected a lighter from Salem. When Soji starts to speculate, he asks if he is his father, and will get him his money if that is what is causing all this. Soji says he is lucky they are not related, or he would have given him the discipline he deserves. That triggers some wires in Salem’s head and he shouts ‘FOR MY AREA?! TRY AM MAKE WE SEE, RUBBISH’ and walked away, Soji didn’t know what hit him. 
Sheila says she is not curious when Amaka asked, if she wants to know what’s been going on at the office. Amaka says she should be thankful to her and Philip for filling in for her in the office. Thank God she at least looks a lot better than she did before. She tells Amaka that being angry with Fred does not affect him so what’s the point? Amaka gets the door, Fred walks in, Sheila asks if he is here for Amaka. He said that he is there to see her, Amaka admits to calling him over, and goes upstairs to leave them to talk. Sheila says she shouldn’t have called. Fred wants to know if she was truly angry at seeing the pictures, says he owes her an explanation, and explains it was from the day he went to question her, and that he was pleased to know she was angry.
(((Mummy, Mummy, we must hurry up)))
Fred is happy Sheila is angry that he was found at Laide’s house
Kwame meets Brenda in her office. He is in a merry mood, but she is not. She has other things on her mind. It seems that her company’s account is in a mess. Kwame blames it on Victoria, the CFO, who he thinks is not a good candidate. Brenda reminds him that she employed her, & it was not a jojnt decision between them. She hired a forensic accountant & the things the accountant is coming up with shows that the missing funds is not a mistake. Does Kwame have anything to say?
Salem comes to Soji’s studio. He does not want to see Salem but Salem begs tone allowed in and explain things. He tells Soji that a lot of things have been happening to him and when Soji asked if he used the money he gave him for weeds, he saw red and that made him say the things he said. He does not smoke weed. Soji asks what he did with he money. The money is for his sister. His elder sister. She needs money for JAMB form. Soji became weak.
Sheila will think of Fred’s proposal tonight. He is happy. His phone rings. It’s Laide. She thanks him for sending the police to disperse the reporters. She left the house with the police as she knows that they will be back. He asks where she is now and she says that she checked into the hotel for a few days. He asks her to stay safe and oes back to Sheila. She asks who it was & he tells her that it was someone providing him with updates.
Kwame blames the issue on the account department. Brenda tells him that he has to accept responsibilities. She has discovered cheques she signed without knowing about them. She does not have supernatural powers to sign cheques she does not know about. Kwame asks if she is sure that they were not included in the documents he sent her before she checked into rehab? Are there documents for this ridiculous accusations? Kwame asks? None yet, Brenda tells him, but the forensic auditor is working on it and soon enough, something will turn up as no one is thorough enough to cover everything, not even him. Some of the documents disappeared that morning. Kwame tells Brenda that she cannot believe all that this forensic auditor is saying about him. The auditor must be looking for a way to justify his fees. He moved some cash from one account to… Brenda slaps him as Bimpe and another staff comes in.
Soji thinks that Salem should withdraw his sister from the house. Salem reminds him that there is no where for her to go to. Soji asks if he has reported the matter to the Police? Salem replies that he police cannot give her a house. Soji suggests that Salem reports the man to his wife but Salem’s sister )Salome?) does not want her to know, or she may throw her out of the house. She has done the same thing to some other girls. Soji suggests that he brings her to Makoko? Salem tells him that if he brings her to Makoko, she will be dodging all kinds of people. Where she is now, she is only dodging one man. She will have to stay there for now.
Brenda attacks Kwame. What have you done to my company? How can you sit there and play word games with me? How much have you stolen from me? Can we at least get rid of the peanut gallery? Kwame pleads? Brenda asks what Bimpe and he other staff want? He tells her that they brought her some food. She reminds them that her appetite is not her problem then & the guy bolts from the room. Bimpe tells Brenda that FAW wants to know if she will come to the family meeting? Brenda screams what family meeting? Brenda tells Bimpe to tell Fred that he can count on her. He tells Brenda that she has no right to hit him. She tells him that he would be lucky if she does not slap him again. What did he spend the money on? She asks whether he spent the money on Telema? Kwame says that he used the money for somethings and if she gives him some months, he will repay her. How can you steal from me? What happened to us against the world? What happened to the Mensahs. Which Mensahs? Kwame asks her? When you just confirmed your attendance at a meeting with the Ade-Williams? Kwame tells Brenda? Get out of my office! She screams at him.
(((Pamper your mum)))
Soji apologizes for what he said to Salem about the money. Salem understands. Soji asks how his sister will get other things like cloths? Salem tells him atht she has to depend on what she gets from those she is staying with? Soji asks what will happen if Salem provides what she needs? He reminds Soji that he does not have a source of income. What if Soji gives him a job? He is very happy & thanks Soji for doing what nobody has done before for him. It is nothing big. He will serve as Soji’s assistant whenever Soji gets a job.
TTK meets Laide at the hotel asking for dinner. She tells Laide that she can see that she has fled her house for a hotel. Laide asks what brought her ther & she says she has a dinner with a producer. She tells Laide that the newspaper story confirms everything she believes about her. Laide tells TTK that if she believes everything she reads in the papers, then TTK wouldn’t matter anymore. TTk asks her if she thinks that she is now important just because she has a bun in the oven? Laide counters that at least she did not get knocked up by the junior brother. TTK is happy that the father of her child does not consider her a liability enough to call a family meeting to discuss her fate. Laide asks which family meeting? TTK scoffs that Laide will not even be there tomorrow when they decide her fate?
Bimpe visits Soji. She learnt that Soji is about to do a documentary on life in Makoko. How did she hear? Her neighbors have thin walls and loud voices. Soji hopes that she has not been eavesdropping on Chuks and Ene. She wants to be a part of it. Why does she want to take part, Soji asks? She tells him that the story of those kids need to be told & she wants to contribute. She knows that Soji does not have an interviewer & she knows how to get news from people. Soji asks what her experience is as an interviewer & she reminds him of her ability to get information out of people. He tells her that he does not have money to pay an interviewer but she will do it for free. She imagines herself to be that CNN woman who is always going to war zones. She thinks the woman’s name is Kate Something & Soji tells her she is Catherine Amanpour, but that one does not really worry Bimpe. She talks about all the khaki she will wear & Soji reminds her that he does not have money for an interviewer’s wardrobe. She will talk to Chuks about that. Just then, Harriet calls Soji about something tomorrow. It is okay, Soji tells her. Bimpe hopes that Harriet is not angling for her interviewer’s role. She wants Soji to tell Harriet that it is taken.
Brenda is home. Kwame tries to talk to her about business. She tells him that it is no longer a part of his business. She hopes that he still has some of the money now that he no longer has a job. He asks whether she is sacking him? No, she sacked him earlier in the day. She asks him if he expects that he will steal from her & get away with it? He asks her what she wants from him? Blood? No, she answers because blood does not mean a lot to him. She is pissed that he could be stealing from her and at the same time make it seem like she has lost control. He is out of Odyssey and he can take Ananse Talents with him. Kwame raves about her having changed and is now more pro-Ade-Williams but she hushed him & tells him that whining about Fred is enough even for him. He tells her that since she wants him out of her company, he will do her a favour and leave her house. She sits down & sighs audibly. After a while, she asks him if this is the part where she begs him not to go?

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Phillip is not happy that Fred invited Brenda for the family meeting and says so clearly.