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Fred asks Cosmo to take Funmi to his study but Sheila says it is not necessary. She gets up and leaves. Fred asks Funmi what it is but she thinks it may be better she leaves. He insists that she says what brought her. She tells him it is Laide Cole. What about her? She is back and working at Reel. Fred asks if Amaka is aware of this and Funmi says yes. She also tells Fred that the baby he was holding the other day… But Fred tells her it is enough and calls Cosmo to see her out. Just then, Amaka calls him but he does not pick.
Yusuf consults with Dr. Ibrahim & thanks him for seeing him. They settle down and Dr. Ibrahim asks him to start from the beginning. He instead asks what Dr. Ibrahim’s dictaphone is for? Dr. Ibrahim says it is to record his thoughts. Yusuf asks what he will do if someone he knows turns to someone else? Dr. Ibrahim does not discuss other patients. Yusuf suddenly says he will come back tomorrow and pushes down the tray of documents on Dr. Ibrahim’s desk as he stands up. Ibrahim bends down to pick them up and he walks off with the dictaphone. Dr. Ibrahim realizes what he did, runs after him but he is gone.
Bimpe asks what Soji is still doing in her house? He says Bash told him to sit and stare. Bimpe tells him to leave but he says that Bash will kill him if he does not take care of his Bimp Pimp Pimp. She says it is not his business what Bash does. Chuks comes in and says he is there to save her. Soji asks who told him and he says Bimpe called him and Bash called too. Soji tells him that Bash brought food, wet cloths, etc. Bimpe tells them to shove it. What ever they say about Bash, he is caring unlike two of them. She believes that it is the smell of her dead body that will bring them to her room!
Tare and Phillip get back to their room and she tears him apart for suddenly breaking apart at the sight of his father. He insists that he is worried at the sight of Laide getting back in the family business, etc. She asks him to do something about it if he thinks that Amaka is not running the business well. He agrees to do something but they end up in each other’s arms and mouths first.
Angelique discusses with Angela. She insists that she is doing all these for Angela. Angela is sure that she will slip up after a while. Angelique insists that she is taking the new pill well and people like them. They are powerful together. Angela does not know what she is talking about. Vince knocks and is let in. Angelique remnds him he is a wanted man and wonders how he comes into her building when it is possible she is being watched? He gives her a bag. The boss wants her to wear it for her appointment and walks off.
Bash is stuffing chips and chicken into his mouth with both his knife and fork to Bimpe’s disgust as Salewa and Titan enter the bar. After the introductions, Bash insists that Salewa and Toks sit with them. Every Bimpe’s friend is his friend. Bimpe asks them to order whatever they want on Bash’s account. Salewa says she gives Bimpe private Yoruba lessons. bash is happy to hear that and launches into a long loud tale of how to force Bimpe to hear Yoruba by dumping her in a village where people don’t speak English. Salewa and Toks cringe and Salewa quickly suggest they sit at another table to avoid attracting attention to Titan. As they leave, Bash hacks his chicken like a butcher & wonders why they left!
Angela tells Angelique that Masters wants to see her in that dress not Angelique. Angelique says they cannot risk her being with Masters. Angela asks if she is afraid? Of what? That Angela will fix things? Angelique reminds her that she could not fix things in the past. Angela tells her she could not handle her betrayal of Masters in the past but now, she knows what to tell him. Funny thing is she also knows what it is but Angelique will not say that. Angelique gets up and walks off.
Angelique appears in Kwame’s flat and asks whether he misses her yet? Kwame forgets whatever he was working on before she knocked!
Salewa and Bimpe enter Bimpe’s flat and she commends Titan’s car. Salewa tells her that he did not mind dropping them off. He is on his way to the studio to record another single. They settle down and Salewa asks Bimpe to read from her script and she will correct her Yoruba. Bimpe slaughters the words and Salewa snatches the script from her. She asks why Salewa and Titan moved to another table at Ziggy’s? Salewa tries to be nice but Bimpe insists. She tells her that Bash is razz! Bimpe is in thought and Salewa wonders whether she wishes that he is not the way he is? She says no!
Sheila comes out to meet a Fred that is looking lost to find out when he wants to have lunch. He asks when she want lunch? She reminds him that they agreed twice, already. He is surprised at that and his phone starts ringing. She asks him to pick it up but he says it is not now. She says she will go and pack her things for the hospital. He tells her he will go out for a minute but she will be back in time to take her to the hospital. She calls him as he leaves but he did not answer.
The new waitress wonders why Lola wants her to buy the VIP pass to Reel Again Festival in her own name? Lola says she does not want to go as herself and the extra in the envelope is for the girl’s trouble. the girl thanks her and as she gets up to leave, Yahimba calls her to ask that she finds out why Sheila was not at the press conference with Fred and to also confirm that they are still together. Lola says she will be attending the Reel Again Festival even though she is banned officially. She will try and crack the Ade-Williams open. Yahimba wants her to bring everything she gets to her first before going to the editor and clicks off. Lola wonders what it is about.
Sankey thanks Dr. Ibrahim for bringing this to her notice as Segun bounces into her office. It is even good he did not catch up with Yusuf or the end would have been messy. dr. Ibrahim wonders if this does not put Angela in danger? Sankey is not bothered and says the stolen device may just save Angela’s life. As she drops, Segun asks what stolen device she is referring to? She tells him about Dr. Ibrahim’s dictaphone and how she plans to use it to save Angela. She was trying to stop Angela from visiting Masters but finally arrived at a plan since it is Angelique, she will not remember anything from that night and when Masters tries to jog her memory, he may end up saying one or two things from that night which they will use against him in the trial. Segun wonders how they will know what happened during the visit? Will Angelique tell them? Sankey smiles demurely!
Bimpe bounce into Chuks’s with a bag of clothes. She gives Chuks a dress for Ene and other comfortable things for her. Chuks digs into the bag and thanks her for the nice stitches on the shirt. Bimpe snatches the shirt and tells him they are not his. He wounds why she will be buying shirts for Soji just because he visited when she was sick? She says they are for Bash!
Yusuf tells the warder that he will be denying Msters the right to a fair trial by not allowing him listen to the information on the dictaphone in private. The warder wants to get authorization from his boss. Yusuf insists this is privileged information between lawyer and client. The warder shifts a bit and he plays Dr. Ibrahim’s diagnosis of Angela and Angelique for Masters.
Amaka and Laide meet at the reception and confirms that no one has heard from Funmi yet. She tells Laide that she suspects that Fred knows. Just then, Fred walks in and without batting an eyelid at Laide asks Amaka to come with him!

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Kwame wonders what Brenda is talking about? She says she has decided that Angela, who she calls that silly little girl… Someone calls out from inside the room to ask who Kwame is talking to? Brenda is wondering if that is not Angela when she walks not the sitting room swathed in his beddings!



Tare comes back and Phillip taunts her for coming back. She asks him what they are doing there and he tells her it is a party and at some point, they will drink and get back to the hotel, etc. She asks what is going on in his head and he says she does not want to know what is going on in his head now. She says they had a good time in Ghana, Nairobi and now they are home, he has turned into something else. She asks him to share what is worrying him if he wants a relationship. He opens up and says the last time he was back, he got into an argument with his father and it did not go well. Just then Omar enters and is hailed by everyone in the party and Phillip walks across, introduces himself and asks if Omar is the one sleeping in his bed?
Bash visits and sees Bimpe shivering and covered up. He asks her to get back in bed and orders for food and fruits. Bimpe tells him she needs aspirin not food. He insists that she needs to eat and be strong enough to go to the hospital. Bimpe is not interested in going to a hospital but Bash insists and comes back with a sponge to cool down the woman on fire!
Omar wonders what Phillip is talking about and Phillip launches into a tirade about Omar and the film and working with Laide. Omar insists that he was invited to make the film and Phillip thinks he cannot take credit as Laide shot half of the film. Omar thinks this is not a discussion to be had but Phillip also accuses him of cozying up to his father. Omar says he cozies up to nobody. Tare tries to take him away but he insists that he is having a conversation with the man of the moment. Tare points out that the man is not interested. Phillip continues and tells him not to have high expectations of his father or he should ask Brad Pitt, referring to Laide who just walked in. He hails her and asks for more drinks.
Brenda ransacks Angela’s office for some letter and when she did not find it, she sits down to wait.
Bash feeds Bimpe but she says she is tired. He insists that she eats a little more but she says she will throw up if she eats again. Bash insists that if she throws up, she will have space for more. He insists she eats to be strong to go to the clinic. She insists she is not going. She wants only aspirin. Bash asks what is with aspirin? She will go to the hospital. She complains that it is the rehearsal that made her sick and she does not understand why she should dance traditional dance. He laughs and asks how she can go to the farm without hoe and cutlasses? He then calls his driver to go get a doctor to come visits as Bimpe says she does not like hospitals.
The warder tells Masters that he has a visitor. Masters tells Sankey that if it is a civilian that does this, it will be called corruption. Sankey reminds him that it must have cost him more to arrange conjugal visit. She is there to wipe the smile off his face. Sankey agrees that she cannot stop Angela from visiting him but she is there to appeal to Masters’s conscience not to see her. Masters insists that he does not have any other motives other than to spend time with a woman he has affection for. Sankey insists that if Masters wants to see Angela, this Angela is different. He tells her that for once, they are in agreement.
The doctor tells Bash that Bimpe is okay, she needs only rest. He gives them a drug for her which Bash asks him to give his driver to drop him off and gives the doctor some money for his troubles. Bimpe’s phone rings as she sleeps and Bash picks the call from Soji. He asks if Soji is just calling now? What if Bimpe has died? Soji insists that Bimpe is okay. He wanted to find out how she is doing. Bash says she is sleeping. He drops the phone and calls his driver to chide him to come back quickly and not beg the doctor for money. He drops the phone and sings about Bimpe’s beauty as she closes her eyes and pretends to be sleeping.
Tare begs Phillip to come let them go. He says he is ready but needs to say good bye to his evil step-mother. Laide asks what he said? Omar asks if Phillip really wants another scene? He is ready for anything. He wonders whether Laide still wants to wed Fred, or she wants to sink her hook into Reel as he can see she has Amaka where she wanted. Laide faces Phillip and says she thought he had grown up. Instead, he still sees everything from his insecure point of view. She asks Tare to take him home and sober him up. Phillip suddenly allows Tare to take him out of the room! Laide’s phone rings and she steps aside to take the call. She tells the caller that she has given him what he wants and is very alarmed when she hears what the caller wants and asks how on earth she is going to get that?
Soji visits Bimpe and Bash is there. He asks why it is taking Soji so long to get there when he said he was close by before. He asks how long Soji is there for? Soji wonders why he is asking and he says he has a meeting to go for and Bimpe needs someone to stay with her. Soji agrees to stay and he tells Soji that there is food in the kitchen and he must make sure Bimpe is fed when she wakes up and he should force her if she refuses to eat. If her body is hot, he should get clean water and use it to cool her hands, face and legs and not touch anywhere else!
Sankey tells Masters to forget what she said. He says it is okay. They are in agreement. She tells him that she knows he does not want Angela to testify against him. he says that did not take long to figure out. She replies that in Angela’s current state, she is no threat to Masters and asks him not to destroy her life as she walks off.
Masters calls Yusuf and gives him instructions about a job he needs to take care of personally.
Amaka asks after Funmi. The staff she asked says she has not seen her but she heard Funmi went to Fred’s house!
Bimpe wakes up and asks Soji for Bash and what he is doing there? He says Bash has gone out and he came because she called him. he asks if she is hungry because he warmed pepper soup. He tries to feed her and she asks what it is? Soji tells him Bash asked him to feed her. He tries to feed her but she snatches the plate and eats out of it. He feels her face and screams that she is still hot. She says she has fever and if she is hot, she will take a shower.
Dr. Ibrahim is pottering about his office when Yusuf taps his back. He turns quickly and is startled to see him. Yusuf says Dr. Ibrahim comes highly recommended and hopes he can help him. Dr. Ibrahim asks how he can be helped and Yusuf asks if he is not supposed to lie down?
Fred asks Sheila to remind him to ask Cosmo why the gardener has not reported. He sits down beside her and tells her that he was going to tell her after the surgery but will tell her now. She asks what it is and he tells her that Phillip is back and he came back with his girlfriend, Tare Duke. A beautiful girl, he says and remembers that she used to work for Sheila. Just then, Cosmo announces Funmi and when Fred asks what the matter is, she requests to see him in private!

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The Tinsel Town reporter asks the female Ziggy’s Bar waiter to allow her go to The Reel After party in her name as she does not want to attend as herself.


Phillip asks what else they are hiding from his father? Amaka talks about the press conference they had that day and Phillip asks, then? Amaka says Laide is back. Phillip adds with the baby. Amaka tells him how they took on Omar and Laide. He is surprised that she kept it from Fred. The righteous Amaka?
The drummers keep drumming and Bimpe keeps begging them to stop but they will not stop begging her to accept their boss. Soji joins the dance and she beats him. when they will not stop, she runs out of the bar.
Dr. Ibrahim calls Sankey to tell her about his visit to Angelique. He has delivered the drugs. Sankey asks if he thinks she will take it? He tells her that Angelique is still in control and she had a friend visiting. Sankey asks if this is a real friend or another imaginary friend? Dr. Ibrahim tells her that it is a “he” and that he met them in a compromising state. Sankey waits for the big news and when he mentions that it was Kwame, she blew her top and drops the call!
Phillip blows up on Amaka. How can she hire Laide for the project without telling his father when the project is about honouring him? Amaka insists that she did not have any choice. It is either she takes Laide in or Omar walks. Phillip thinks Amaka has fallen so low as to lie to Fred about Laide and accuses her of being on Team Laide. Amaka reminds him hotly that she has been the one left to fend for the company so she is on team Reel. In addition, there is Sheila’s health to consider. He asks what other skeleton she is hiding in the office? She says all she is asking for is to be allowed to tell Fred herself. Phillip asks if she is sure she wants to tell Fred? Amaka insists that she does not have a choice. Phillip asks if she is sure this is not about the adopted daughter trying to keep the natural daughter away from her father? Amaka deals him a slap but he ducks and leaves.
Bimpe calls Bashiru to warn him about sending drummers to her. He does not understand what she is saying. She insists that he not send her drummers again. He apologizes and says he will send trumpeters instead. Bimpe cannot believe her ears but as she rants, he asks whether he should send his driver to come and pick his “sunsine” in a deep Yoruba accent? Bimpe slows down when she hears shopping mall in Lekki and asks him if she heard right? He says yes and after that, they will go for lunch. She quickly agrees and lets out a whoop when she drops the phone!
Brenda tells Kwame that Masters’s lawyer came to see her to ask, nay order her to testify against Angela. He asks her what she replied? She says that was after she had gone to the police station to tell them she will testify against him. He asks if they knew what she discussed with the police? She says she does not seem to have a choice. She does not know what to do. He says he also has things on his mind but suggests that she plays along with them but tell Sankey what they told her. She tells him that she is with Masters on this one. Angela is not fit to right now. She has completely lost it.
Bimpe goes for lunch with Bash and as he eats loudly, the whole restaurant looks at them with Bimpe covering a part of her face. She quietly refuses all his offer to eat out of his hands. When he is through chewing his chicken with his fingers, he talks about her show and how Soji is no match for her. She tells him that she is happy being single now. He loudly asks what of tomorrow? What will she do tomorrow? She says she is okay and does not want people to see her as a joker. He tells her that he does not consider her only a fine face.
Amaka gives Funmi instructions for the press release and as she finishes and asks if Phillip is still around, he bursts into the office and asks if she has calmed down? Amaka asks Funmi to excuse them. As Funmi leaves, Phillip asks if she has sufficiently cooled down and notes that he is already being slapped before he spends a full day and calls that a record. Amaka reminds him that he ran away and cannot come back now and start accusing her of stuff she did when she was struggling to survive.
Bash brings Bimpe who is laden with shopping bags home and she thanks him for the nice evening but she is tired and will not be inviting him in. As he sees her off at his car Chuks comes out to meet them. He hails Chuks, who he calls “Sukkus” and Chuks hails him back. He comments on the shopping and how Bimpe likes good things. Bimpe keeps rolling her eyes but Chuks refuses to get the hint. Bimpe reminds Bash that he will be late for his meeting and he tells her that the people he is meeting have no choice but to wait. Chuks tells Bash that Bimpe used to be his muse for his designs. Bash happily calls him a tailor and asks if Chuks can sew him some Yoruba oytfits. Chuks tells him that he can give him some specials if only he gets the measurement. Bash says there is no need to measure and reads out the measurement for his chest, tummy and legs. Chuks insists that he needs proper measurements and two of them head into his apartment hand-in-hand leaving Bimpe to fend for her numerous shopping bags.
Yusuf visits Masters and he asks what he has for him? Yusuf tells him that she is here. She calls herself Angelique now and sometimes she uses her left hand. Masters thinks and recalls that she shot him with her right hand. Yusuf adds that the people in her office thinks she is possessed. Masters asks if she is still seeing her psychiatrist? Yusuf says yes, but not for long. He also tells Masters that they saw a man’s belt the last time they checked Angelique’s flat. He asks if Masters still want to see Angelique? Masters thinks for a while and asks that she be sent in.
Chike and the lead actress wraps up the last scene and there is so much back-slapping and all. Haruna asks the ladies what they are wearing for the wrap-party? Omar complains to Laide that the last scene lacks depth. He wanted them to build up to that scene. Laide insists that they will take care of that in post-production. She congratulates him on his first film and he insists that it is not have been possible without her. She goes off to show her daughter the studio. Haruna and the girl gossip about Fred’s latest daughter.
Angelique tells Masters that she is here. He could not wait to see her. As he watches, she asks if he invited her to give her the silent treatment? He says she is different. She tells him that this is the real her. He made her into that. He tells her he heard she now calls herself Angelique? She wonders how he hears all these things even inside there? She asks what else he has heard? He asks how he turned her into this? She insists that it is her way of dealing with his absence, etc.
Haruna toasts the babes in the office and they are ready to hit the party. As he goes in to get something, Fred comes in with Funmi. He is happy that everything is ready for the program. He cannot wait to see the re-make. Just then, Phillip comes out with a babe and Fred screams his name!
Masters asks Angelique what she wants? Why did she come? She reminds him that he invited her. What does he want? He tells her that if she is independent as she claims, then what is she doing there? She should stop batting her eyelid and apologize. She tells him to call off his dogs. This fud between them has gone far enough and she loves him. How can he believe that she will betray him for Emille? He asks how she ever believed that she can betray him, shoot him and get away scot-free? He asks her to prove her love and she asks him to tell her how? He tells her that he can arrange for them to meet in more intimate circumstances. She asks if a conjugal visit is even allowed? He says he can make it happen and asks if she will give herself to him?

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Brenda tells Sankey that she has her land which rightly belongs to her back but now she wants out, which is why she is talking to Sankey. Sankey asks how she can be sure that Brenda is not in cahoots with Masters and that she knows nothing about the torture and disappearance of Akpobo? Brenda is surprised at the news of Akpobo’s disappearance.


Phillip comes back in with Phillip as he asks if she did not think he will attend the event? Amaka says the last he checked, he was not picking his calls. He says he cannot miss the party of the century, the birthday for Fred Ade-Williams’s first child.
Angela bounces out in her nightie and yanks her door open to admit Dr. Ibrahim. He apologizes for intruding after seeing the roses, etc on the floor. She tries to shoo him off but he starts asking questions about her health. She says she is okay and as they were discussing, Kwame comes out and they are surprised to see each other. Angela asks if they know each other?
Bimpe says she is not related to the guy and Ene says she knows. Chuks says he may not be her uncle but he has a good taste in champagne. Bimpe insists that the guy is not her uncle, she is not in a relation with him and he is not her type. Chuks insists that the man can turn out good. Ene suggests that Bimpe shakes off the guy. Bimpe asks how she can do that? she cannot exactly switch off her charisma.
Amaka asks why Phillip did not bat an eyelid to hear that Sheila has cancer? He asks when they found out and she says it was immediately he left. She has been going for chemo and is about to go for surgery. He switches over and tells her he has been reading about her new prodigy Omar. She asks what he read and he says it is just blogs, etc. she is surprised that he cares. She tells Phillip that Omar is getting along with Fred and spent a night in the house. Phillip shows a little surprise at that, finished his drink and tells Amaka to keep his two passes. He will come get them tomorrow. Amaka asks if he was coming to Reel? He says he wanted to send someone but he will come himself now that he knows she has something to hide.
Chuks and Ene yawns and yawns and yawns but Bimpe refused to budge. They ask her to leave that they are tired. She asks why they want to throw her out after drinking her champagne? She says she asked Bash to come and see her and she wants to stay there till he comes and goes. Someone knocks and Chuks opens the door to admit Bash. He came to drop a note for his Adebimpe but looks around and sees her. He is delighted to see her. She asks Chuks to tell Ene she is gone. Bash is happy that Chuks recognized her and congratulates Chuks on the new baby. Bimpe asks that they leave but he says he wants to buy something for Suku. Chuks complains about his name but changes his mind when he saw the money.
Dr. ibrahim asks if Kwame is blackmailing Angela again? Angelique remembers that Kwame broke into his office and concludes that is how they knew each other. Kwame starts talking and Dr. Ibrahim tells him that he should be conscious of his actions as they affect others. He leaves after advising Angela to always take her drugs.
Bimpe harasses Bash for coming to see her in Chuks’s flat. He smiles and apologizes and says he knew why she is complaining. It must be because of the money he gave Chuks. As she complains, he brings out a wad of notes and she changes her mind. After collecting the money, she tells him that they can no longer see each other. He is surprised but leaves and says he will ask his driver to return the things he bought for her.
Laide comes in to tell Amaka that Omar is shooting the big love scene and she cannot watch. Amaka cannot watch too.
Bimpe tells Chuks and Ene that she has gotten rid of Bash. Chuks regrets that. He likes Bash. He is so generous. Ene asks when that happened and Bimpe says it was last night. She told him that she does not like him, just like they discussed.
Angelique comes out and Angela complains about what she is doing with her body. She asks whether Angela has never thought of it and gloats about enjoying herself. Angela complains about what she did with Kwame last night and she tells Angela about the two extra times in the morning. Angela tells her he is using her as Kwame comes out to ask who she is talking to? She thought he will never wake up. He says it was because she did not allow him sleep. She offers him coffee but he says he is tired and is on his way. As he leaves, Angela laughs at her and Angelique snaps at her as her phone starts to ring. She picks up the phone, shouts into it and sobers up and asks when the caller will pick her up?
Phillip asks if everything is ready? Amaka says there are a few loose ends. Phillip asks if she has not bitten more than she can chew? She says she has a lot to prove, etc. he asks if she is trying to impress his father because he tried once but the shoe is too big. She says he is always fond of leaving them in the lurch. She asks how he could sell the manuscript to that girl? Phillip says she got through nicely in the end. She says it was due to Majek’s help. Phillip asks if Majek is the mystery man she has been sharing wine with? Amaka says he is the head of security in the company but Phillip does not comepletely believe her.
Ovie visits Brenda who is not in a happy mood to see him. She drops him an envelope and tells her that she cannot be a witness for the prosecution. is expected
Bimpe asks to see Dan and as she wait, Soji comes in.
Phillip keeps talking to Amaka and as they spar, Majek comes in to ask Amaka to sign something for him. Gadia Nelson. The dictator’s enforcer.
Angela and the thug tango.

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Phillip screams and asks Amaka what other skeletons she is hiding in the office? She wants him to keep it secret till she has the opportunity to tell Fred herself. He asks if she is sure that she wants to tell him for real? Is she sure that this is not a case of the adopted daughter trying to keep the man away from his real daughter? Amaka deals him a slap but he ducks.


Bimpe asks what Soji means by saying she needs to find someone to occupy herself with? He apologizes and she starts screaming that she has others who value her time. Frank comes to the table and she tells him that she is having a conversation here. Frank tells her that a gentlemen sent her a drink. She tells Frank to take her to the gentleman that knows how to appreciate a lady.
Omar asks Laide how she came to start directing the film so fast. He was warned about how Laide treats her friends. She asks him to quote Amaka all he wants. He reminds her of what she said about how important the competition is. He wonders why she is te one taking advantage of the whole competition now? She insists that he is the one that created a problem and Amaka and herself had to deal with it. He is surprised at how fast she went from being Amaka’s enemy to her friend.
Frank takes Bimpe to the gentleman that bout her the drink. The ma is sucking his drink loudly from his cup. He introduces himself as Agbabiaka Bashir. One of the independent movies of our times, 37 movies per year, 7 movies per year. He tries to kiss her hand but she screams as she snatches her hand away. She asks if she can call him Bash and he thanks her for cutting his name short. She askss for the names of the movies and he goes, Eni Ori Obi, Wife Material, etc. He asks her to kill him if anyone confirms he is lying. She asks if they are not Yoruba movies all? He says it is good she is a fan then.
Dr. Ibrahim tells Sankey that Angelique has agreed to take the drugs. Sankey is quite happy at the news but asks why Angelique still forgets things? Dr. Ibrahim says it is due to the extreme trauma she went through after betraying Masters. It is an escape mechanism. He educates Sankey on the concept of split personality. Sankey says it confirms that Angelique will not make a good witness. Dr. Ibrahim disagrees. He thinks his evaluation confirms that Angelique will take the drugs so long as she believes that it will keep her in control. Sankey worries that Angelique will throw the drugs away but Dr. Ibrahim thinks otherwise. They agree to stay the course and wait for Angela to re-surface.
Bimpe quizzes Bash about the quality of the movies but he says they churn out quantity and give people money to make it good. Soji escapes while Bimpe deals with Bash Agbabiaka. She gets up to leave but he insists that she must have another drink on top of him, in his words! She says she will gladly have another drink on him next time but he insists. She refuses to sit down so he insists on dropping her off. First, he gulps down his drink loudly and sets off with her.
Angelique parks her car and one of the thugs accosts her to say that Masters wants to see her again. She tells him they should stop meeting like this. He insists that his boss wants to see her and she walks off. She stops and tells him that the last time she went to see his boss, his boss was not nice to her and walked out on her. She asks if the boss said why he wants to see her? He says he does not quiz his boss. He will tell her when they will go and this time, she will open the door herself!
Amaka speaks with Chike’s agent and they agree that Chike has to honour his contract or face the music. She tells Laide the same and Laide asks if she is the one to tell Laide or Amaka? Amaka says she will do it. Omar walks in and Amaka says she has no time now but Omar tells her that if she is talking about Chike, he is in costume and ready to shoot. They ladies are shocked to hear that.
Bash Agbabiaka sees Bimpe home and she thanks him but says it is not necessary to get to her door. Ene stops when she sees them and gets back in the shadow. He tells her that he appreciates her talent and she thanks him. He asks her to give him her tomorrow. She says her tomorrow is tight. He says he wanted to take her to a party being hosted by Diamond Lady. Everyone knows Diamond Lady is more than 40 but in other not to cause trouble, they all accept hat she is 27. She promises to see if she can make out time for that. He hugs her for agreeing! Ene welcomes her from her perch!
Omar paces the reception as Funmi comes out to ask if he is still there? She reminds him that they have not had time to say a proper welcome. She hopes that now he is back, he will resume directing the movie. He asks her not to speak too soon. She wonders what he means? Now that he is back, she hopes he will resume shooting and Laide will no longer show up. He says he is playing it by the ear. She insists that he must take his chances and not let the ladies decide for him. Their discussion move to Hike as Amaka comes out on her way home. Omar stops her and reminds her they have not had a chance to have a proper chat. She tells hi. She does not have time for a chat and leaves. Funmi calls him a gentle boy and says that confirms what she told him!
Brenda calls Sankey about the news she read that Masters is going to trial. Sankey is not ready to discuss with someone whose motive she is not sure of. Brenda insists that she was just trying to help Angela but Sankey asks her if there is a sign on her face that reads idiot? Brenda is pained that Sankey does not believe her. Sankey insists that she is busy and asks Brenda to call her back when she is ready to talk. Brenda quickly asks her if there is a chance she will be required to testify at the trial if the case goes to trial, Sankey tells her it is when not if! Bend a asks if she will be required to testify? Sankey reminds her that it will be if she has any part to play. She tells Benda to call her when she has anything to say.
Masters asks what the next step is? Ovie says he has done everything he can to delay the trial but now it is out of his house. Masters asks whose hands things are in? Ovie says it is in his hands and he needs to know where Brenda fits into the whole thing and why Angela is visiting Masters? Masters tells him that he is not paid to ask questions. Ovie insists that he is paid to protect Masters in court and he needs answers to do that. He tells Masters that the prosecutor called him to threaten to disbar him if he suspects that they are tampering with witnesses. Masters tells Ovie that he does not have a choice but delay the trial and get him a list of all the witnesses and the rest he will take care of. He gets up and leaves Ovie to himself.
Amaka complains about the cost of getting Chike back to the set. Omar says mone is not everything. No one is paying Chike a dime. He cut clips of the scenes that had Chike and released them online. Amaka and Laide are horrified he released the movie before time. He tekkies them that people who saw the teasers responded positively to them on social media commending Chike about them. He showed the comments to Chike and that was it. Amaka wonders why they did not think of that? Omar says he knew what he was doing when he let Chike do those stunts. That he does not talk so much does not mean he does not know what he is doing.
Bimpe comes into Ene’s house and asks after Chuks? Ene says he went to buy recharge card. She asks if she told Ene about the man that brought her back? Ene says she is an adult and can do what she likes. She says the man is her uncle o. They have not seen each other for a long time. That is why he was hugging her like that. Chuks walks in and gives Bimpe a package. She opens a wrist watch which they consider expensive. Chuks says it can pay their house rent 5 times and yet it was abandoned outside Bimpe’s door. Ene laughs at the gift from Bimpe’s uncle!
Angelique speaks with the prosecutor and insists that she is so busy that she cannot come to his office as he asks. She suddenly shouts hello like the phone is cutting off and shuts it off. She gets out of the car and walks not her office. As she passes the thug asks Yusuf if he told Masters about Angelique bringing a man into her apartment? Yusuf did not think it important to tell Masters but they thug is not happy especially as Angelique is not sorry about what she did.
Amaka and Laide and Omar discuss who directs the movie? Omar says the show had to go on and he started it. Amaka asks what will happen if someone decides to walk off? He says that will never happen but Amaka insists that Omar abandoned the movie. He begs Amaka to give him and Laide some time and when Amaka leaves, he asks Laide to remember urging him on during the competition. She insists that she did nit ask him to run off. He tells her that he has a feeling that she had a plan from the beginning to use the commotion to get back to Reel and wonders what Amaka will say if she knows that she had been right from the beginning? Laid tells him to stop laying a guilt trip on her and tells him to look how far he has come and who made it happen. He asks her to make it happen and leaves her.

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Chuks and Ene tease Bimpe about her family friend or is it uncle, who buys her expensive presents!


Fred and Omar argue about the benefit of having artistes alongside doctors. He tells him that while doctors save lives, artistes give that life a meaning. There is enough space for both of them to co-exist.
Bimpe brings Soji a meal in his house and he reminds her that it is not necessary. She says she wanted to cook him a meal to thank him for taking her to the seminar. He asks if she enjoyed it so much? She says she wanted things to be like old times between them. He opens the food and asks if the thing is supposed to be that black? She smiles sheepishly and when he tells her that he has another appointment, she runs off too.
Feke tells Nnenna about her discussion with Angelique and how Angelique fell over Kwame when he entered. Nnenna wonders what is going on and Feke reminds her that Kwame only left something in Angelique’s house. Nnenna asks if she thought that Brenda is in on it? Feke does not know and tries to remind Nnenna that nothing may be going on. Nnenna tells her how Kwame and Angela used to fight when Brenda was away in Ghana. Feke is convinced that Angelique is possessed.
Fred tells Omar that he knows that he has a decision to make but to be sure he takes the right decision. Omar thanks him and leaves as Sheila comes out to join him. she remarks that he no longer looks as worried as he was earlier. Fred thinks he succeeded in getting through to him. Sheila asks what the issue is and he tells her about his medical affiliations. He notices she looks subdued and asks what is happening? She says she heard from the hospital. They have set the date for the surgery. He thinks it is about time.
Chuks struggles and opens the door. Ene tells him that he cannot believe how heavy this belly can be especially when she has been walking around. Chuks asks if he can help before Bimpe bursts in to ask how the job hunt went? Chuks suggests that they give her a key so that she can come and go whenever she wants. She thinks it is a good idea and asks after the job hunt? They went to drop off their CVs. Bimpe tells them about the interesting day she had attending events and she hung out with Soji. Chuks ass what that meant? Nothing. Ene goes to get food and Chuks goes to remove his shoes as Bimpe calls Soji to ask how he is doing. He says he is busy at a shoot in Mirage Spa. Bimpe drops the phone and runs off as Ene comes out with the food. She asks where Bimpe is? Chuks goes to lock the door to prevent the nuisance from coming back.
Charlie calls to inform Angelique that he has moved Akpobo to a new hospital. She is okay. He asks if she has spoken with Brenda? She says no. He asks if she does not think it is time to inform Brenda about the documents they have. She will not do that She will do that at the right time. As he continues, she tells him she is busy and cuts off the call. Dr. Ibrahim walks into her office and tells her Hello Angela. She does not respond.
Soji continues to take pictures as Bimpe bursts in. he asks what she is doing there? She says she wants to get a massage. She has not had time of late for that. Soji asks the staff he is photographing to get the other staff so that they can have a group photo. As they leave, Bimpe asks what the pictures are for? He tells her it is for the website. Bimpe asks that he takes her picture as a celebrity couple. That will bring customers. Soji does not agree and tells her he is trying to keep things quiet after the debacle with Chuks. She agrees and suggests that they work on it together. He agrees and she suggests they start at the gym and runs off before he can say no.
Angela asks Dr. Ibrahim whether he has met Angela? He came to convince her to come back for therapy but Angelique is not in a hurry to attempt to bring Ahgela back. Dr. Ibrahim reminds him that Angela needs the pills to survive and if she does not get the drugs, it will affect her negatively. Angelique does not like the pills so Dr. Ibrahim suggests they change the drugs. Angelique is willing to consider that but will not come in for therapy. She asks Dr. Ibrahim to send her the pills to the office.
The spa girls are happy that Soji and Bimpe are back together and say so. They were heartbroken when they broke up and are happy they are back together. Soji asks who said they are back together? Bimpe says they are friends, close friends. As Soji packs up, he says he is hungry and Bimpe also remembers she is hungry and drags him off to Ziggy’s! The startled girls look on surprised.
Laide asks all the artistes back on set but Chike refuses to move. She asks what is happening and he insists that he will not shoot anything again till they tell him what is happening to his compensation. Laide tells him to discuss with Amaka. He says he will no longer be posted. Amaka comes out and asks what is happening? He says he wants a firm word on his compensation. Just then, Omar walks in and reminds him that he was not compelled to do that stunt. Infact, he begged to be allowed to do so. Chike looks like a dog just ate his cat!
Omar asks for a call sheet and asks for what is left of the shoot. Amaka asks where he came from and Laide asks how he expects that the film will wait for him? as they argue, Chike reminds them of his issue but no one listened to him. Laide tells Amaka that they need to discuss this in private and they head for the conference room abandoning Chike on his own.
The prosecutor comes in and Sankey asks what he is there for? He says he came to find out what is going on. Sankey reminds him that it is his case. He does not believe that she has backed-off the case. She tells him that it is not her fault that people come in to drop information on her laps. He asks if there is anything to report? She says no and hopes that he is away that Brenda has been visiting Masters and that Angela visited Masters and her psychiatric state. The lawyer asks why she has been speaking with his witness and if things go wrong with the case, she can kiss her career goodbye. Sankey looks after him as he leaves.
Amaka tells Omar that she cannot afford to stop the production because he walked away. He says he needed time off after Chike’s accident. She reminds him that they were losing money everyday because of his absence. He says he came back to his senses after talking to Mr. Ade-Williams. Alarmed, she asks what he told Fred? Nothing, he says. Her phone rings and she goes off to take the call. Omar asks Laide what has been happening? She says they have been shooting, directed by her. Omar looks deflated.
Yusuf meets with Masters and gives him a feedback on Angela’s pills. They have been switching them and now that they have learnt that the trial is almost here, they intend to step up things. Masters takes him through a fantasy trip where Angela continues without her drugs. That will lead to her losing her mind completely by the time the trial is there and her madness will be clear to everyone. Yusuf suggests that he not meet with Angela again due to that but Masters will meet with her if necessary. He dismisses Yusuf, except if he still has anything to say. He does not.

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Bimpe meets an illiterate film maker called Mrs. Agbabiaka who she cringes from when he tries to kiss her hand as Soji watches from a different table.


Ene bursts in and joins Chuks and Ene at breakfast without being invited. Ene asks what she is doing? She says she came to say hello to them and asks Chuks why he is not happy? She is coming to ask for a discount o. Ene says that is not going to happen anytime soon. She jokingly asks if they have sacked him? Ene says there was a mistake. They thought Chuks was her. Bimpe does not believe her. Ene asks why she is all dressed up? She says she is now a big star and soon, they will no longer see her there. She takes a call and after shouting, gets back to the table and carries the plate to herself with Ene screaming at her.
Brenda comes in and Angelique greets her cheerfully. She has decided to approve the budget for the writer’s workshop. Angelique is quite happy and tries to shake hands but Brenda put her hands behind her back. Angelique asks why she changed her mind? She says Angelique seem to believe so much in it and if she fails, she would fail publicly and she is not intending to stop that. besides, now that she has her property back, she can afford to be gracious. Angelique tells her to enjoy whatever gets her going!
Funmi comes into Amaka’s office and after giving her instructions for the day, she asks if Funmi has anything to add? She says no. Amaka is surprised as she has been having much to say of late. She says she does not have an opinion as she is just a simple office manager. Amaka wonders why she does not have anything to say now that Laide is directing the film? She says her opinions do not count.
Vince bounces into Angela’s empty apartment, checks himself on the mirror and goes ahead to count her pills before switching them. On his way out, he sees Kwame’s belt and stops to take a picture of it.
Bimpe sits as Ene dresses up. She asks Bimpe what with the long face? Chuks says the long face started after her call. She tells them that the gig she told them about has been cancelled. It is not only one but all of them. She says it is okay. There must be other acting gigs coming up. She asks Madam Big Belle about the sex of her baby? Ene asks when they started talking about her baby? She says she needs to know as the aunt of the baby. She asks when the baby is due but they tell her it is not for public consumption. They both get up and she asks where they are going to? Job hunting. She suddenly remembers that the day is already spent and runs off leaving Ene and Chuks staring after her wake.
Sheila calls Amaka to invite her to dinner. She says she will not be able to make it. She is busy. Sheila tells her that she is allowed to invite him over? Who? Amaka asks. Sheila tells her that Fred and herself have this theory that she must be busy because she is juggling a relationship with work. Amaka tells her that the only man that keeps her from work now is her son.
Bimpe walks into the bar with her eyes behind dark shades. She orders for chapman and shows Frank where she wants to sit as she does not want these fans disturbing her. Frank wonders which fans? She points at all the people in the bar. Ash she walks to the place, a guy walks into the bar and waves. Bimpe thinks he was making for her but he walks right past her. She changes her direction and moves to a different table. Frank asks if she is no longer sitting where she chose and she asks if a famous customer cannot choose where to sit?
Angela dishes out instructions to Feke about things to get ready for the workshop. She says she wants all the items procured instantly. Feke agrees that they need to get everything ready before Brenda changes her mind. She tells Feke that the workshop must happen irrespective of Brenda’s opinion. Kwame comes in and Angelique welcomes him warmly with a hug causing Feke to open her mouth in shock! As Feke and Kwame were getting over this, she asks Kwame if he forgot something in her place the other night? That got Kwame to take a quick embarrassed look at Feke who now looks shocked.
Frank asks Bimpe if she wants another drink but she gets up and bumps into Soji on her way out. Soji asks whether she is on her way out? She says no. as he makes to says she has finished her drink, she says she was escaping a fan that was hustling her. She asks to share his table and he agrees.
Fred asks Sheila if she was able to reach Amaka? Sheila says yes but she declined the invitation to dinner. She said it was work. Fred agrees that they are working hard right now. Sheila says Amaka denied that she is not being kept busy by a man. Fred hopes she will soon find happiness. Sheila asks if he is insinuating that it is only a man that can make Amaka happy? Cosmo announces Omar and Fred welcomes him. he apologizes for barging in on Fred but says he must speak with Fred now. He settles in and Sheila leaves them. Fred asks how the shoot is going as he feels that is the only thing that is keeping Omar from him. Omar asks if he had not spoken with Amaka in a while? Fred asks if all is well? He says that is why he came. He messed up big time, he says.
Angelique tells Kwame that she guess she has a lot to thank Kwame for. He wonders what she is talking about? She tells him that Brenda came to throw her weight behind her workshop. Kwame says she cannot be sure of that. as Angelique fusses over him, he asks her to save her breath for her criminal lover. He came to ask what she wants him to do at the workshop and how much she is ready to pay. Besides, Phillip just wrapped up at Accra and he wants to know how much time he can invest in her workshop. She turns back and writes what she wants and the rate she is ready to pay and hands it to him. she wonders why he is being so passive? She thought they had some connection the other day or has Brenda gotten to him? he spits out that Brenda does not tell him what to do. She asks how he gets some fun or does he still depend on LDH? He wonders what that means? She says it is Long Distance Handcuffs. She asks what he gets other than steamy phone calls and cold baths. She invites him to stop by her apartment in the evening for a celebration. He tells her he will read what she wrote and revert.
Frank came around to ask if Bimpe is still there? Soji is surprised and reminds Bimpe that she said she just got there. She says she was in the bar in the morning and just came back. Frank says Bimpe has been spending so much time in the bar, not that he has been complaining. Bimpe says she just fumigated her house and had to spend time outside. Soji says he thought fumigation clears after 12 hours? He just fumigated his own house and it cleared in 24 hours. Bimpe says in addition to fumigation, she painted the house and also electrocuted (sic) it! Electrocution? Frank could not hold back his laughter. As Frank leaves, Bimpe wants to find out what Soji is up to next? He says he has this seminar for customs agents and Bimpe jumps on it and says she has been meaning to educate herself in customs practices. As Soji tries to understand what she means, she hustles him out of the bar.
Omar tells Fred that after the accident, he had to decide to continue. Fred says he is just hearing about the accident on set. Omar thinks they kept it from him to avoid disturbing him. Fred says such things happen. Omar says he wonders if killing someone is worth it? Fred tells him that such things happen. Omar tells him about his family being a long line of medical practitioners. Fred wonders if his family supports his going into the movie business? He says they do not and for the first time, he is beginning to think that they are right.
Kwame gets into Brenda’s office and as Brenda welcomes him, he tells her that she did a good thing by approving Angelique’s workshop budget. Brenda is alarmed that he has heard already and he tells her that he is just coming from Angelique’s office. She tells him that she approved the budget because he is going to be there and asks how regularly she will be getting feedbacks from him about the workshop? She says that she is also just coming from Angelique’s office but there is something creepy about the place. It crawls on your skin. Kwame agrees that Angelique is all touchy-feely. Brenda thinks that is a polite way of saying it. She tells Kwame that she is beginning to be forced to believe Sankey’s mumbo-jumbo about Angela suffering from a split personality but waves off such a suggestion. She notices that Kwame is lost in thought and scolds him back to reality. As she lapses back into her discussion, he suddenly jumps up and as she calls him back, he runs out of her office.

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Omar asks Laide what is going on with the shoot? She asks if he is blind? They have been shooting all these while, directed by her! Omar’s jaw drops.