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Ene asks if Chuks is not going to work? He is not going. She tries to convince him and he says he is on afternoon shift. She tells him there is no shame in working and to see it as a temporary job. He asks her to promise that she will not leave him for the guy in a lizard costume! He asks if she is not going for youth service? He dreamed and saw her in a NYSC outfit and he was wearing his chicken uniform. She decided against that due to the things happening to them.
Amaka visits Fred and asks if he is not watching? He did not know it is showing. She sent him a text advising the times for the show. They settle down to watch and Amaka comments on Freddie’s part and asks what he was doing? Fred does not know and as Amaka suggests they make him the face of Reel, Sheila comes out and says that will be a good idea. Amaka invites her to watch with them but she has her own business to run.
Bimpe visits Chuks to complain about the NEPA bill. She sees his chicken uniform and asks what it is? He tries to cover up by saying he will take care of the bill. She asks what the tolotolo outfit is for? He rushes her off the room and looks distressed.
Kwame visits Brenda who wonders what the visit is for? He asks if he is no longer allowed to visit his only sister? She does not believe him and after a while he asks how she is doing with her sobriety? She asks why that is up for discussion? He says their cousing Ivy asked and he got a call from John this money about his finding brandy in a glass. Brenda looks like she could kill John!
Joan visits Sheila at work. She came to settle the bill from yesterday. She accuses Sheila of running away so fast she thought they had offended her. She also saw the television interview and Sheila’s body language said a lot. She hoped Sheila had fun. Sheila says she did but is more comfortable around friends. Joan wonders if they are not friends yet? Sheila likes fun but not with male strippers. Joan is sure Sheila enjoys some R&R sometimes and asks Sheila to call her when she is ready.
Chuks enters Ziggy’s and meets Soji and the waiters discussing football. They hail him and Soji asks about his job hunting. He has a job now and he is a brand ambassador for a restaurant. They hail him again and insist he washes the new job. He asks them to serve Soji, who is not working, his favourite poison. Just then, Bimpe enters and Chuks’s mood changes. She asks if he has fixed the NEPA bill? He says not yet. Frank tells her that Chuks is now a brand ambassador. Bimpe asks if that is what they call it now?
Kwame grills Brenda on the drink found in her house. She will have a strong word with John for discussing her personal issues with everyone. He reminds her that he is not everyone and asks her what happened? She tells him that a glass of brandy lying around her house is not enough to make him assume that she derailed. He asks her if she did? She says no. She had a rough day, enough to tempt her, but she got over it. He asks for the details but she tells him that she had discussed it with her sponsor and she is okay. He reminds her that she can always call on him for help.
Bimpe asks what the uniform he found in Chuks’s house is for? She recalls that the uniform looks like that worn by the boys handing out fliers in Roast Okuko! Chuks claims that the uniform is for his friend, and he works in an upscale restaurant. She asks for the name of the restaurant he works? Soji asks Chuks to tell her the name of the place so that she leaves him alone. She tells him to mind his business and turns to Chuks. Chuks says that he works in Roasto Kukon, a French restaurant. That got everyone in the bar laughing. Bimpe says she has eaten at Roasted Okuko and the chicken there is very hard, like native chickens that run around. She asks if Chuks’s job is catching those chickens? That got everyone including Soji laughing again.
Freddie comes home looking dejected. Fred asks what is wrong but he goes upstairs. Fred asks the driver and he says all is well but some boys were chasing Freddie and he escaped them by jumping into the car and asking him to drive off.
TTK asks Dan to stop reading those magazines. He reminds her that she brought them. They are all writing about a convicted murderer coming back to the bar. TTK thinks it is free publicity. Dan picks through the story including the man who owns a property on the street that is worried about the value of his property. TTK asks why he did not think of that before he came back. He tells her that he does not want them to welcome him but to leave him alone.
Fred calls Freddie’s school to complain about their not protecting him from bullies. As he was talking, Freddie comes into the kitchen and asks who he is talking to. Fred gets off the phone and tells Freddie that he should not be afraid of bullies. Freddie tells him that they were not bullies and now that he has called, they will have more reasons to laugh at him.. They were just laughing at him for the TV interview. Some people recorded it and have been passing it around. Fred tells him that he is famous now. Freddie says they think he does not know what he was doing.
Soji gets home with Chuks and Chuks accuses him of joining others in laughing at him. Soji says he could not help it and accuses Chuks of not warning him before hand. They settle in and he asks Chuks to show him the costume and promises not to laugh at him. Chuks reluctantly fishes out the costume from where he hid it. Soji bursts out laughing again. Chuks tells him to let himself out when he is through with making fun of him. Soji tells him to confess if he will not be rolling on the floor if it was him that was wearing it? Chuks says that if Soji is the one wearing the costume, he will not need to wear the head. His hair already looks like the cock’s comb! Soji sobers and tells him that he should look on the bright side. A job with a costume is better than no job at all. He encourages Chuks to always chant ‘dignity in labour’ whenever it gets to him. Chuks agrees to the chant and says he will do that even when he is wearing the uniform from home to work. Soji is alarmed and asks why he should wear the costume from home? Chuks says it is company policy. Soji tells him that people will line up on the street laughing at him. Chuks chants dignity in labour.
Frank asks Afi for the time? She tells him it is 4pm. Frank worries that only one customer, Soji and Chuks came to the bar. Afi reminds him that the previous night was also dry. They discuss the cause and Afi thinks it is the journalists but Frank disagrees. As they were discussing, Obiora comes in to tell them that he just saw one of their regulars outside. They will not be coming to the bar again. As they were discussing their fate, TTK comes out from the office and asks why they are idling away? They tell her that there is nothing to do. She tells them that Mr. Dan will be around for a few days before he leaves… Dan asks who says he is leaving?
Fred tells Brenda that he asked her over to ask that she keep an eye on Dan. She asks why she should baby-sit an old man? He says it is because she has had a similar experience. She does not like it but agrees on condition that he sees it as a favour. Amaka comes in and asks what is wrong with Freddie as her message says? Fred tells her about his depression over the TV interview. Brenda picks the Tinseltown magazine Amaka dropped and mutters catching Fred’s attention. Amaka tries to stop her but she asks if Amaka thinks she can keep it away from Fred? Fred asks what is going on? Brenda reads out a celebrity sighting where Sheila was sighted with some wild celebrity women. The writer wonders what shenanigans went on behind closed doors in the a-list nightclub they went to!

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Ene reads about a competition that will give the winner a one year training with a French designer. Chuks is not interested. She asks him why? Because he is not applying!



The journalists stick microphones in Dan’s face and they all hurl questions at him. TTK shoos them all off and says that Dan will speak with them when he is ready.
Fred offers Peju and her team another drink. He apologizes that Sheila must have been held up. Peju suggests that Fred give her a tour of the house while they wait. Freddie comes in and says he will do his performance act instead. Fred asks what it is about? Freddie asks them to start recording. He tries to dance and spills cards all over the place. Amaka comes in and asks what he is doing on the floor? He runs upstairs. Fred says he may be going upstairs to perfect his magic skills.
Chuks gets a call from an employer. They are impressed with his performance. He has the job. Ene comes in just then and he spins her around in a dance. He now has a job!
Sheila breezes into Sankey’s office. Sankey is not expecting her. She came in from a party down the street. She laments the loss of Angela and how Masters has always beaten them. He killed Sankey’s husband, Dan, everyone. Sankey tells her that Angela knew what she was going into. She remembers Angela for her fierceness and will be going to Ziggy’s to raise a glass to her spirit.
TTK complains that he journalists have no respect. Dan says it was bound to happen and he should have been prepared. He tells TTk that the way she handled them, she could have a future in artist management. Just then, Harriet walks in and TtK asks what she is doing there! She wants to interview Dan alone. TTK is not going anywhere. Whatever she has to say will be said before them all. Harriet asks whether Dan will like to be on television.
Fred complains that he has called the spa a number of times and the girls say Sheila left a while ago. Amaka wonders if she is okay? She suggests calling the police. Just then, Sheila enters and shouts, honey, I am home.
Chuks asks Ene if he should wear the jacket or not? He is decked out in a blue shirt and white tie. She tells him to hold the jacket as he will be taking Okada and wear it just before he enters the office. She also packed him lunch. He reminds her that he is starting work as the manager of a fast food joint. They will have food for him. He gloats that he wishes TtK will see him now after kicking him out of the bar.
Harriet pitches her show to Dan. She wants to have a five minute piece on his prison diaries. He is not interested. TTK tells her to continue. She wants to give him a platform to tell his story. TTK did not know she had such altruistic tendency. Dan is not interested.
Fred and Sheila face Peju. she gaily answers all questions while Fred is slightly cagey. He suggests they take a break but Sheila is not up to it. How was their first meeting? Love at first sight? Yes, for her, no for Fred. When they got to challenges in their marriage and Laide, she asks Fred to go ahead and tell Peju how they coped. Fred breaks down in tears.
Chuks meets the restaurant owner. The man reminds him about their rules but Chuks had googled them. He answers all the questions right. He is to resume immediately. When he asks for his office, the man’s face changes.
Amaka accosts Peju. She wants them to edit out some parts of the recording. She will see what she can do. Fred comes down and Amaka complains about Sheila’s bad behaviour. Fred asks after her? She went out immediately after he went upstairs. Fred says he will give her a piece of his mind.
Sheila calls Brenda to invite her to Ziggy’s to share a drink in memory of Angela as suggested by Sankey. Brenda who thought she was being invited to Sheila’s anniversary soiree says she is not Angela’s friend and it will do her memory no good. Sheila is surpassed that she cannot even shelve their differences for once. Fred walks into the study and she tells Brenda she has to go.
Chuks comes home dressed in a chicken outfit! Ene wonders what is going on? He is wearing his office uniform. But he is the office manager? She asks. He is not the manager of the restaurant. He is the mascot!
Fred asks Sheila where she has been? He called the spa and they say she was not there. She tells him that he is getting into the habit of calling her a liar. He wonders why she is angry and she tells him that it is time they stop pretending that all is well with them and face reality. He tells her that they talked about this and she even told him to go ahead and do what he needs to do. She agrees and comes across the table and sticking her face in his, tells him to go ahead and do it Nd watch her do her’s! He asks her what that means & whether she has been drinking but she had walked out on him!
Ene asks Chuks where he got the idea that he is going to be the manager? He says that is the post he applied for. However, the company has a policy that all their managers will manage their public view; mascot. Ene asks why he did not remove the outfit in the office? He tells her that their policy is that all the managers must be in character toll they get home. He will also have to work on their street. Ene is alarmed. Their neighbours will see him! He blames Erastus for duping him. That is what has landed him in this mess. She however sees the bright side; his face will be covered.
Sheila meets Sankey in the bar. Amaka is not there yet and she calls. Amaka got the text as she was getting home. She asks if Sheila should be drinking? Sheila hangs up on her and orders for two shots of whisky. Sankey says hat means Brenda may not also be joining them and orders the same and they recount their first meeting with Angela. Sankey met her first during the investigation of Reginald’s murder when she was cleaning off evidence of her presence! Sheila remembers the day she came to the spa to look for her. They both agree that Angela lived an interesting life and toast to her memory.
Brenda gets home and asks John for an empty glass. He asks if she wants water in the glass? She says no. The glass will do. She fidgets as she waits for the glass and wishes him good night when he hands her the glass. She pours a drink from her flask and toasts to Angela, crazy woman that she was and leaves the glass on the table and goes in without taking a sip!

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Joan asks if Sheila is not her friend? Sheila is not. Not after just one party. Joan thinks they are and gives her a card to call her when she needs to.


Sheila asks Fred if that is some kind of joke? He tells her that she cannot claim that she has not held information on Laide from him? She asks if that is all that he can come up with? Accuse her of knowing about Laide after hiring a private investigator? He asks if Majek to her of the investigation? No, she put two and two together. She asks what he wants to do with finding her? If she has not contacted him all these while, it means one thing, she does not want anything to do with him. If he finds her, what will he do? Fight for custody or kidnap the baby? Decisions, decisions, decisions.
TTK tells Dan that it is not good for him to get back to the bar. He is supposed to be resting. He tells her that he did nothing other than rest in prison. He is now ready to re-start his life. She is bothered about him and all the alcohol and his addiction. He has never had a problem with alcohol he reminds her. She reminds him of what the counsellor says about addiction. He tells her that chocolate is addictive and asks if he should stop her from going near chocolate? Whatever she says, he is ready to go back to work.
Kwame speaks to Dannie. He misses her and is staying away from trouble. He drops and calls Bimpe to tell her that he is ready to join the show. Bimpe picks the call and answers heartbreak hotel, Bimpe speaking. He tells her that she does not need to remind him of the of her hits. He is okay with things so long as he is Soji’s boss. He tells her that if he is going to come on as executive producer, things will be done his way. A reluctant Bimpe asks when she can tell Harriet to call him. They must have lots to discuss. He calls Harriet that old hag and asks Bimpe to tell her to call him.
Sheila comes downstairs and meets Cosmo letting a TV creman into the house. She hopes they are not starting shooting. He came for a tour of the house preparatory to the shooting. Amaka calls and Sheila complains that she has a film crew in her house. Amaka knows nothing about that. She is calling to tell Sheila that the event planner is on her way. Just then, the planner walks in and greets Sheila gaily. Sheila apologizes for forgetting that they are meeting early but the lady has already chosen a theme. Shila abandons them all and instructs Cosmo to ensure that the cameraman is not left alone. She leaves and if they have any questions, they should direct it to Fred as she leaves.
TTK and Dan walk into the bar and he complains about the bar table. Obiora and Afi come in and gladly welcome him. They have missed him. TTK tells them to get on with the work. They have enhanced the menu, etc to attract a classier set of clients. Dan tells them to get on with it while he watches them. Obiora and Afi says they should have made a banner if they knew he was coming. TTK tells them to get on with it as she takes Dan to the office.
Harriet tells Soji that she has exciting news. Their money woes are over. They have an executive producer. Soji is not excited and says so? Did she get Reel Studios or Odyssey. Harriet tells her they have got Kwame. Soji says no way. He will not do any dumb romance while Kwame watches over them. Soji orders her to leave. She tells him that it is Bimpe that arranged the deal so he has to tell her that himself. Soji looks murderous.
Sheila comes in and meets the receptionists at the spa excited. She asks them what is going on? They are excited that Sheila and Fred are going to be on The Juice with Peju. She asks how they knew? They excitedly tell her that the camera crew were in the spa getting ready and also promised that they will interview the staff on air. Sheila tries to make a call but Brenda walks out of the spa. She asks what is going on and Sheila tells her about the show. Sheila thinks it is too lavish but Brenda calls it downright frivolous. She asks what Sheila expects and how she has been coping with her sixth or eighth husband.
Harriet calls Bimpe to warn her that Soji is on his way to see her. She hopes that Bimpe is presentatble. Bimpe, who is eating meat pie, curled up on her sofa nearly chokes on her meat pie and tells Harriet so. Harriet complains that she is giving out too much information but tells her that she is only warning her to prepare her to meet Soji. Bimpe asks her to call him off but she reminds her that he is not her puppet. She tells Bimpe that Soji is pulling out of the show and warns her to get ready to deal with him when he gets there.
Dan comes into the bar and Ohakannu hails him as an honorary general of Telema Soldiers. They shake hands and Dan joins him for a drink. He asks Dan to describe in details the killing of Varere. He has been meaning to ask that question. Dan gets up and leaves the table. He is no longer thirsty.
Soji visits Bimpe. He is hurt that she discussed all these with Kwame without referring to him. Bimpe tells him that she only discussed and it is not like anything has been signed. He is still not happy. She accuses him of not wanting to do the show in the first place. He asks why she wants them to pretend that they are still together when they are not? She tells him to get off his high horse. The show is now to pay the bills and not about them. He says well, she can do without him then and walks out.
Joan comes in to visit with Sheila. She thanks Sheila for a nice time for the girls. They are about to go to the club for a drink and invites Sheila to join them. Sheila tells her that she is not interested as she is not even their friend. Joan tells her that she knows her type. They are stuck in convention in their marriage but once in a while, they need to let their wild sides out. Sheila demurs. However, as Joan leaves, she asks where the party is?
Dan is pacing in the office when TTK enters. He thinks that she is right. He should not have come back. He complains about his reputation affecting the bar, etc. She tells him she warned him but tells him to hold his head high and go out there and own the bar. He smiles.
Bimpe visits Kwame and he tells her that she has to finish her drink this time around. He asks her if it is true that Soji has pulled out? She confirms same and says that he never really wanted to do the show from the beginning. Kwame asks after their love and Bimpe confesses that they have broken up. Kwame asks if Soji agreed to the charade in spite of his pretence to do the right thing? He says that is why Soji takes good pictures but cannot make masterpieces. Bimpe warns him to watch his tongue. Soji at least has talent, which she cannot say much for him. He wonders what he said wrong? After all, they are no longer dating.
Dan walks into the bar and meets a commotion. He asks what is going on and it turns out to be Harriet and her crew, who turn around and point a camera in his face asking him to tell them what it is like to be back in circulation!
Peju and crew get ready for the show. Fred, looking quite dapper in suit and bow tie come downstairs to meet them. Peju compliments his good looks and he tells her that he is not too old to appreciate her compliment. She wants to know whether Sheila is joining them? He says that Sheila went to work but should be back soon. Peju is happy as that gives them time to prep for the show. He excuses himself to call Sheila to find out when she can join them. As he goes to make the call, Freddy comes downstairs with his trademark hat. Peju approaches him and he asks in his new-found deep voice if he is going to be interviewed? Peju says it is not in the plan but agrees to talk to him about school etc. He says he will perform instead. Peju is happy and asks if he plays the harmonica like D’Banj? Freddy says he does not play like D’Banj. Fred calls and leaves a message for Sheila. This is the second message he is leaving for her and asks her to let him know when he is joining them for the show.

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Brenda pours herself a drink from her alcohol flask and fiddles with the glass tring to decide whether to sip or not!


Fred does not like what Majek is suggesting. Majek apologizes. Fred wonders if he is suggesting that Sheila is keeping information about Laide from him? Majek says it is possible and likely. Fred says their marriage is now an open book. Majek reminds him that he is looking for Laide behind Sheila’s back. Fredsays thatSheila will never do something like that. Onto the hunt then, Majek says. He is only trying to cover all the bases.
TTK is furious that Dan is accusing her of scheming to take over the bar. He tells her that they all know her and asks her to deny that she has ever wanted to take over the bar. She throws a brochure at him and tells him to pull himself back from the brink. As she leaves, he looks at the brochure. Sky-diving!
Harriet shows Soji some tweet that calks him a liar and a cheat. So? He asks. She tells hi. That such negative publicity will pull him down. He reminds her that she has such a reputation too. She insists that she knows how to run the press unlike him. When he is nit budging, she tells him to think of Bimpe who has nothing else. He says that this time, they will agree to some ground rules; no hidden cameras in his flat. An elated Harriet runs off after reminding him of the outstanding debt which he tells her to fix.
Fred tells Dan that he saw TTK running off and asks whether they had a disagreement? Dan tells her that he could a least discuss things with Sheila. With TTK, it is always about her. She could always turn every man’s issue not her show. Hat is why he banned her from visiting him prison. fred tells him that he may not be TtK’s biggest fan but he cannot fault her passion for getting him off the hang man’s noose. Dan wonders what her motivation was? Fed tells him that she simply wanted her daughter’s father back.
Fred meets Sheila in the kitchen and says he has been looking for her. She hopes he had not hired a private investigator to find her! He tells her that her sense of humor is one of the things he likes about her. He asks that they fill in the questionnaire together. She has filled in her own. He asks to see her’s and she passes it on. She tells a call and tells the caller that Fred will be there for the meeting. He asks what the call was for and she tells him that there is a PTA meeting in Freddy’s school. He asks that they go together but she insists that she has work to do and she knows that he will do well alone.
Harriet tells Bimpe the good news that Soji has agreed to come back to the show. An alarmed Bimpe asks her how it happened? Did she bribe Soji or threaten him? She agrees that there was some arm twisting. Bimpe says she cannot go through with it. Harriet slaps her awake and tells her that she had better wake up. After all the work she has put into the show, she is not ready to let a Bimpe be the problem now.
A happy Fred comes home with Freddy who is wearing a hat on his school uniform. As Freddy makes to go upstairs, Fred tells him to come sit with him. They need to talk of the newFreddy he has become. Who is he today? Freddy Mercury or Freddy Kruger? Freddy is surprised that Fred knows who Fred Kruger is. Fred tells him that he is in the movie industry and has to keep up with the trends. He asks if Freddy is missing Dannie? A little, says Freddie. Fred tells him that he had a chat with his teacher who says that Freddie has not been associating with the other kids. Freddie says that it is because they sound dumb! Fred suggests that he takes up something else to distract him, maybe a pet, every kid loves one or a competitive sport!
Harriet is happy that Bimpe is back with her on the show. Bimpe is however nit happy to work with a guy that broke her heart. Harriet tells Bimpe that they still have money problems. Bimpe asks what she means? What of the sponsors she has been talking about? She responds that no one is willing to put money on a fledgling producer like her. They will need to find someone else, an established producer to back the movie. She suggests they bring Kwame Mensah not the project to attract sponsors.
Joan meets Sheila at the spa she is finalizing plans for a hen night she is planning with her friends. They are all married women but understand how to marry one and keep another. She invites Sheila to join them for the hen night. Sheila is not interested.
Salewa meets TTK lying on the sofa with two cuts of cucumber on her eyes. She asks what TtK is doing? She says she is meditating. Salewa wonders what it is used for? She explains that it is for visualizing and de-stressing. She uses it to prep for movie roles. Salewa tries it but does not feel relaxed. TTK says it is because she will not stop talking. Salewa asks for the cause of her stress? TTK tells her that it is who, not what. Someone who does not appreciate all that she has done for him. Salewa asks if she is talking about her father? TTK says she has had enough of it from him! Just then, someone knocks on the door and Salewa opens the door to admit Dan! TTK looks away.
Dan tells TTK that he came to talk. She tells him that she has nothing to say to him. She tells Salewa to tell this man that his presence gives her headache & places the cucumber on her eyes. Salewa tells them that she is going for a walk and leaves them. Dan tells TTK to remove the cucumbers from her eyes and stop being ridiculous. She tells him that he is the one being ridiculous. He sits down beside her on the sofa and tells her that he came to apologize to her. He is not used to being fussed over. She tells him that she took over the running of the bar to preserve Salewa’s inheritance. She knows that he likes the bar so much.
Bimpe breezes into Kwame’s apartment and pours herself a drink! Kwame wonders what is going on? She tells him that she came to make him an offer he cannot refuse. She wants them to bring back the old gang. He asks if the old gang includes her? She tells him that this may be his opportunity to become a producer again and his opportunity to get over his last attempt to break into Nollywood. He wonders what she is talking about and she sips from her glass of drink, squeezes her face, and put the glass in his hand and runs from the room.
Dan apologizes for his outburst again and TTK says she understands and is ready to support him to get to the next level of his recovery. Dan tells her that he is ready to take the next step. He is now ready to take over the running of the bar!
Fred meets Sheila and talks to her about the PTA meeting which went well. He tells her about his talk with Freddie’s teacher. She cuts in and asks him if he is looking for Laide? He stops for a while but answers and tells her yes. He asks her if she knows where Laide is?


Amaka tells Sheila not to jump to conclusion that Fred is looking fir Laide. She reminds her of the family meeting where Fred chose her over Laide. Sheila reminds her that Fred did not reject the child. She blames herself for asking Fred to deal with whatever is bothering him. Amaka tells her that Fred could be hiring the private investigator for a lot of reasons some of which could be associated with Dan. Sheila says Fred is looking to bring Laide’s child not their home. Amaka asks her what she plans to do?
Jean-Baptiste tells Soji that he must think that she is a nincompoop. Se has watched the clips of the promotional videos for the show and there is no mention of her or her brand. Soji says it is not her call. It is Bimpe’s and Harriet’s. She demands payment from Soji for her investment in Bimji. Soji wonders what she is talking about? He tries to explain that Bimpe and Harriet are the ones running the show now. Jean-Baptiste insists that he refunds her investment in the show. He asks her where she expects him to get all that money from? She does not know and does not care. She will however not leave till she collects her money.
Peju calls Sheila. Se is elated to be working wit them on the anniversary show. Sheila is not as enthusiastic as Peju is. She will like to come to the house to discuss the show and the interview. Sheila is not down with that. She wants only a call but Peju insists on a visit. They need to prep some shots and see the location. Peju tells her that she also has a quiz for her and Fred and asks if he will be around? As she drops the phone, Freddy breezes into the kitchen wearing his latest snazzy outfit – with a hat! Sheila asks what is happening? He is trying to express himself, he says in a deep voice and plays his harmonica. Sheila asks if he could play that? He asks her, in his normal voice, if he can have some Ovaltine!
Segun meets Sankey in her office. She informs him that she just got off the phone with Kaneng. Dan has been released from rehab. She wants him to testify at Masters’s trial. Segun wonders if Dan is ready and capable of testifying? She will still use him and calls to invite him to the station to discuss Masters and the case.
Soji writes Jean-Baptiste a cheque while she stands over him and dictates her name to him. She hopes he signs the cheque right as she does not want any issues. He gives her the cheque and she hopes that the bank exists. He asks why she invested n him if she thought so little of him? She says she has been asking herself the same question. He will hear from her when the cheque clears and if it does not, he will hear from her lawyer.
Dan meets Sankey and Kaneng. They are getting ready to take Masters to court and he asks if he is the star witness? Sankey knows people with his disease and it does not heal so fast. He agrees that he is not healed. He still goes to rehab. Kaneng wonders whether Dan is fit enough to stand? Dan says he is okay. What does he need to do next? Sankey tells him that the prosecutor will prep him to ensure that there are no holes in his testimony. Dan thought the case is oon and shut? Sankey tells him that Masters says he was standing by while Dan tried to commit suicide. Kaneng is mad at that. Sankey tells them that Masters is out to discredit anyone associated with the case. She also suggests that Dan take some extra precautions with security!
Peju meets with Fred and Sheila to discuss the show. She ells them about the preparations and asks after Dan but Heila tells her to stick to the plot. She asks after the quiz and Peju hands it out to them. Just then, Majek calls Fred. He excuses himself to take the call and Sheila’s attention turns to him and the call!
Soji and Chuks meet at the bar. Soji could not believe that Jean-Baptiste made him pay her all that money. She wiped him out. Chuks asks where he got the mone from? He says it came from his savings and he money he made from Kenya. Chuks is surprised that he broke into his savings. Soji reminds him that he was going to use it for his cross-country trip. He still needs to raise funds for the trip as he has promised the community to bring their plight to light.
Salewa meets Dan in the study. She came with snake and ladders and they play a game after he confirms that he still remembers the rules.
Harriet visits Sji who tells her that he cannot deal with her today. She comes in anyway. She came to check if he has changed his mind after thinking of it all night. He is not going to do the show. Harriet tells him that they have some outstanding payments to themselves and the editor. Soji asks her what happened to all the money he raised?
Dan and Salewa continue their game as TTk enters. Dan tells Alewa that TTK knows the game too well. She asks Salewa to run along as she has some discussions with Dan. Dan complains of the schedule again. He was humiliated at he spa yesterday. TTK says that is why she came with DVDs. He hopes it is comedy. She tells him it is DVDs of former addicts who became motivational speakers. She wants them to watch them together.
Harriet is furious that Soji is suggesting she pilfered money from the show. He asks where the money is? She used it to hire equipment and pay the cameraman for Kenya. He asks what she brought to the table? She is the one that lined up sponsors but they will not sign on till they are sure of a full season. Soji is not ready to do a full show. Harriet threatens that he finds the money or be ready for trouble.
The event planner meets Sheila and introduces a lot of exotic themes: masked ball, Bond-themed, etc. Sheila is not interested and after a while abandoned the poor planner.
Dan complains of the DVDs. TTK tells him that she cannot sense any enthusiasm in him. She brought the DVDs to show him that he can become something else with his life. Dan suddenly recognizes one of the actors and asks if that is not one of the actors that starred alongside her n her last production? She agrees that the DVDs was made by actors not real addicts. She says she is trying to help him break back into society. He tells her hat what he needs is freedom and she should not bother about her grand scheme: stealing his bar!
Majek tells Fred that the trip to Lokoja was a dead end. Nobody has seen Laide. He is going to check the medical records. Fred hopes here is no illegal activity. Make was going to respond when Sheila enters. She thinks they have been spending so much time together and informs Fd that the party planner for the party he wanted is downstairs and he should come and hear what she has to say. As she leaves, Fred says he regrets keeping this from his wife. Majek suggests he comes clean. He cannot do that as Sheila had suffered a great deal in the past. Make says there is something he has been meaning to say. Since Fred says that Sheila kept information about Laide from him in the past, how is he sure that Sheila is not doing the same thing again?


Sheila attacks Fred and says it is a very insensitive thing of him to say of Angela. He says he is sorry. She tells him that Angela never wanted to get involved with Masters but did it to put him away. Fred apologizes and says he is sorry and is not one to speak ill of the dead. She reminds him that she might be dead, not dead. He tells her not to attack him as Angela had made a number of wrong decisions in her life. She asks him who has not? Dan? Amaka? Phillip? Brenda? She stalks out on him.
Bimpe asks Harriet if she is on drugs to suggest that she works on a full season of Bimji with Soji when they cannot even stand each other now. She reminds Bimpe of the endorsements and says that movie deals should soon start rolling in. Bimpe is ready to roll if Harriet can find her a hunk without hair.
Majek (Segun Arinze) visits the Ade-Williams. Cosmo lets him in and asks if Fred is expecting him? Majek says yes. He knows Cosmo and when Cosmo wonders how he knew, he says Fred mentioned him a number of times in their previous dealings. Sheila comes out to meet him and he greets her as Mrs. Ade-Williams. She asks who he is and how he knew who she is & he introduces himself. He has dealt with Fred in the past and when Sheila asks what type of dealing they had, Majek says it was investigative. Fred comes down and tells her that Majek is a private investigator as he ushers Majek into his study.
TTK comes in and gaily greets Dan but he tells her that he will like to stay alone for now. TTK tells him that is the last thing he needs now. She tells him that she has a number of fun things planned: a day at the spa, a fitting at a gentleman’s clothes store. He makes denigrating remarks about the whole thing. She says they will find time for lunch and end the day with a night of interesting music. He gets up and says he is going back to prison. TTK tells him to stop casting himself as a man made for prison. He needs someone to take care of him and everyone in the house seems to have their own problems, so all he has now is her!
Harriet calls Bimpe to tell her that it is obvious that she still has feelings for Soji and tells her that working together with Soji will bring them back together. Bimpe asks what she means? Harriet tells her of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Bimpe says that Soji will not agree to it and agrees to do it if Harriet can convince Soji to go along with it.
Fred and Majek catch up on old times. He has been setting up his own security firm and has been travelling a lot. He asks why Fred is looking for him? Fred tells him that he is looking for a lady. Her name is Laide and it is possible she is with a baby. Majek snickers and Fred tells him that it is not like it seems. He tells Fred that it is not in his position to judge and asks how much Sheila knows or is he supposed to exercise discretion? Fred tells him that Fred knows about Laide and the baby.
The spa lady attending to Dan is running all over the place confused. Dan wonders what is wrong with her? She says she is looking for oil. Dan asks what those containers are for? The masseuse runs out to bring a supervisor. The supervisor tells Dan that they need to get him a new masseuse. He asks what is wrong with the last one? The supervisor says she recognized Dan from the trial! She apologizes but Dan understands. TTK comes in exuberant and Dan tells her about the masseuse. He tells her that the whole afternoon is a mistake.
Harriet visits Soji who wants to know what she wants? She says she has good intentions and asks Soji how he has been faring with his new-found stardom? He tells her that the star is Bimpe. She tells him that some of it may have rubbed off on him. He tries to deny it but she tells him that people have been doing him some favours. He talks about the inconvenience and she tells him that a few bodyguards will do the trick. She tells him about starring in the show. He wonders if she is mad?
Fred tells Majek that he does not want Sheila to know about the investigation. She has been through so much he does not want to add to it. He asks Fred about any information he might have on Laide. Fred tells him that she gave an interview to a TV station and disappeared. He asks after her medical contacts and wonders if she has left the country. Fred agrees that is possible. Majek needs every detail he can get.
Soji wonders whether Harriet is okay to talk of a whole season of Bimji after all he has told her? She tells him of all the benefits he can get including probably an endorsement from a camera company. He is not ready for it. She tells him that it is an opportunity for him to show Thelma that he has moved on. When he says no, she accuses him of being selfish. He tells her that Bimpe will not even agree and she says that Bimpe has agreed to do it if he is ready. He says no and opens the door for her.
Sheila tells Amaka that she is not ready for any party now. Amaka tells her that she has the PR department get a shortlist of event planners to fix the party. Sheila agrees to think of it and Amaka will run off and get the PR team to work on it. As they were talking, Freddy comes in and as he goes in, Amaka asks if he is wearing earrings. They call him back and start chewing him for piercing his ears till Sheila touches it and realizes that it is stick-ons. That is what he has been trying to tell them all these while.
One of the spa assistant tries to give Dan, who is sitting in the spa reception something and he pretends to be a dog and barks at the poor girl. Brenda comes in and wants to use the gym but there is an aerobic class going on for about the next ten minutes. She sits and chats with Dan. She asks what he has been up to? He says he is being discriminated against in his sister-in-law’s place. He has been to rehab, etc. she asks what his poison is and he tells her it is heroin. She asks if he got a sponsor? He says she seems to know a lot about these things. She claims that she is in the movie business. She says he went in and out too fast. He says he still needs to go in once in a while. She advices him to get a sponsor and work seriously on his rehab. He asks if it is because he runs a bar? She insists that he will go back to it if he does not heed her advice.
Soji calls to tell Chuks about his discussion with Harriet about doing a full season of Bimji. Chuks asks him to consider it if there is money to be made from it. He tells Chuks that everything is not about money. He says he suspects Bimpe and as they were talking, someone was on his door and he gets off the phone to open the door. Jean-Baptiste Agbabiaka De-La-Rosa marches in and asks if he thinks that she is a fool?
Amaka and Sheila ask Freddy why he will be wearing earrings? They tell him that earrings are for girls. He says no, some guys wear them on TV all the time. He was talking like a hip young man with his arms gesticulating and all. Amaka wonders why he is talking like that? Sheila removes the earrings from his ears and asks him to go to his room. Amaka suggests that they get Fred to talk with him but Sheila doubts if that will be priority for Fred now. Amaka wonders what will be more important? Sheila tells her that a private investigator came to see Fred today and they spent a while in his study. Amaka wonders what Fred will be doing with a private investigator? Sheila tells her that she has a good idea. Fred is looking for Laide.

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Sankey calls Dan and asks him to come to the police station. It is about Masters.


Sheila asks Kaneng if she heard her right & asks why she thinks that Angela might be dead? Dan tells her of the news he heard while he was in prison and how the police raided the place and found blood. She asks how they knew it was Angela’s blood? Kaneng tells her that they found bottles of pills that Angela used to take. Sheila gets on the phone.
Freddy comes in to meet Fred in his study. He is going out to the mall with his friend. Fred asks if he is wearing cologne and asks if he poured the whole bottle on himself? He asks if the friend is male or female? Freddy says she is just a friend. He asks him not to stay out too late. Fred calls Amaka to ask her to come over for them to talk to Freddy about his life. Amaka asks if he has discussed with Sheila? She does not think it is in her place. Fred convinces her to come over. He also asks if he should invite Brenda? She does not think it is a good idea. She will come over afterwards.
Bimpe meets Harriet at Ziggy’s with a cap and sunglasses. Harriet asks what is with the sunglasses and hat? She says she does not want people to recognize her. People have been laughing at her since Harriet uploaded the Bimji video. The downloads have been growing since then. Harriet tells her that does not mean that people are laughing at her. She thinks they are pitying her then. Harriet tells her to make the best out of it then just like Kim Khardashian did when her sex tape came out. She rode on it to become famous and make money. Just then, Frank comes to their table with a drink for Bimpe. Some guy in the bar sent it to her and also says that he will have her if Soji will not. Bimpe tells him no, thanks and bolts from the bar.
Sankey tells Sheila that she appreciates her concern but it is still confidential police business. Sheila reminds her that she told them that it is not a good idea to use Angela to spy on Masters. She tells Sankey that she knows about the house linked to Masters. Sankey confirms that they confirmed that the blood belongs to Angela.
Soji comes to the bar and Frank asks if he and Bimpe has a timetable to ensure that they do not meet at the bar. Chuks enters the bar and Soji hails him and asks how his first day at work went? He is too tired to talk. Just then some ladies take their pictures and Frank and Chuks wonder what is going on? Since the Bimji video was uploaded, they have been following him. The one he does not like is people walking up to him to ask when the main show will air.
Sankey continues to discuss Angela with Sheila. Sheila thinks that Angela could have escaped but Sankey tells her that the forensic guy thinks that if the owner of the bllod does not get to the hospital on time, the person would have died. Sheila says Angela could have escaped but Sankey tells her it is not so. Dan overheard something in prison suggesting that Masters was furious with her people for hurting Angela.
Amaka comes in to see Fred with Toochi. Her nanny left early and she has a document for Fred to sign. They are working with the state government on creating awareness on the plight of street children. Fred is interested in that. He suggests that they talk to Freddy about meeting girls. Amaka thinks they should tread carefully. He asks if she got up to such schemes when she was young? She says no, Reginald was her first.
Bimpe tells Harriet that the taxi driver did not collect money from her after driving her around for the whole day. She wonders when taxi drivers started downloading videos. She tells her that this is only for the online video and asks when the whole thing will show? She also has received requests for endorsement from 5 companies. She is happy and says that even Telema did not receive such attention. As she calls herself a superstar, Harriet tells her that they need to resolve some issues.
Amaka and Fred talks to Freddy about dating and his relationship with girls and ask if he has been dating before? He says no. It is the same girl that invited him out before. They ask how it went? He does not know whether it went well or not. Fred understands that he can be confused about girls. They encourage him to talk to them about his friends and also to Sheila too. Toochi starts screaming and the conversation ends.
Soji and Chuks end up in Soji’s place. Chuks is happy they left the bar too early. They should have stayed at the bar and let those girls buy them more drinks. They talk about his latest project and Soji tells Chuks that there is so much suffering in the land. As he was talking, Chuks sleeps off. He wakes him and asks him to start going home. His phone rings and it is a magazine fishing for interview. He is not interested. Chuks suggests that he becomes Soji’s manager instead of looking for work. Soji tells him that hunger will kill him if he does that.
Amaka puts Toochi to bed and is happy to see Fred relaxed. He tells her that now that Dan is home, life is easier. She asks how he is doing with Sheila? He tells her that they have come to some understanding. Sheila has given him some time to resolve himself. She is happy and the company’s shares are doing well. She tells Fred that the PR Department has come up with a scheme to record his everyday life with Sheila for their wedding anniversary. He is not too keen but she promises that they will manage the whole filming.
A distracted Sheila at work calls Brenda to ask if she has heard of Angela? Brenda has not and asks if Angela has been found? Sheila says no but the police found evidence that she might be dead and tells Brenda that the police found blood identified via DNA. Brenda goes quiet but tells Sheila that Angela may not be dead. Sheila tells her that it is more like the body has not been found. She blames Brenda & Sankey for pushing Angela into it and Brenda reminds her that she did not find using Angela too bad when she needed to get Masters out of her business. Sheila does not even know why she called and Brenda tells her to keep her updated.
Amaka is ready to go to the PR team to get things started but Fred advises that she wait while he clears it with Sheila. She asks if he thinks that Sheila will agree? He does not know but think it is nice to clear with her. She will go and get things going after they discuss Toochi and how fast he is growing. As she leaves Fred calls someone to ask to meet tomorrow.
Harriet visits Bimpe and she says she is in the middle of an emergency. Someone tweeted that her face looks like a ball. She asks Harriet if her face looks like a ball? They sit down to check how many people agree with that? Her internet has expired. Harriet transfers some. She goes ahead to give Bimpe her news. She had two meetings with a shopping chain and a jewelry store. They want to endorse her. She also got a call from a cosmetics store and they are raring to get her to endorse their product. She tells Bimpe that all these will be possible only if she guarantees the showing of 13 episodes of Bimji.
Fred comes to meet Sheila pacing the kitchen. He asks for how long she has been around? She had to pass through the spa before coming home. He asks after Angela and she tells him that she might be dead. She tells him about the blood and DNA. He thinks that she may have been destined to go that way. She lived a fast life and with her entanglement with Masters, he would have been surprised if she survived.
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Sheila comes out to meet a guy (Segun Arinze) who shakes her hand and calls her name. she asks who he is and he introduces himself as Mr. Richard. He has had some dealings with her husband and as they talk, Fred comes downstairs and tells her that he is a private investigator.