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Fred asks Freddie what he was saying, He Wants to know if they did something else other than drink. Freddie tells him that they kissed. Aunt Sheila slept right after, didn’t know what she was doing, he took her upstairs, while Freddie was sneaking just behind them, had to feeling something was off. She was sleep talking, and Philip said to keep quiet. He took her to the guest room, Philip came out 5 mins later. Sure it was just 5? Fred asked. Told her where he’s put the nightgown while standing at the door, he asked if she was alright, then came back down. Freddie ran back down and Philip joined Freddie shortly in the living room. Fred wants an honest answer, if Philip put him up to it. He didn’t and doesn’t even know he saw them.
Did you really get her fired? Emile was asking Angie. Said of course she didn’t she asked for a transfer. Only got fired, probably because wasn’t needed by any other dept. Emile was annoyed, said he thought they’d cleared it up. With him and not Muni she says . He asks if the decision was before or after they talked about it.
Fred visits Phillip who is sleeping on his couch with a big hangover. He asks Fred what he wants as he was not in a good position to talk. Fred asks what he told Freddy. Phillip tells him that he told Freddy to go home. Fred tells him that he knows that he did not sleep with Sheila. How did he change his mind? Freddy followed them upstairs that day & told Fred everything. Phillip tells him that he may have to call his wife now & tell her the truth. Maybe she will believe him since she did not believe the words of him who would not be trusted. Fred tells him to stop drinking.
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Fred is not ready to talk to Sheila now. Phillip asks whether he needs more time to investigate? Fred reminds him that Sheila walked out on him & not the other way round. Phillip reminds him that he is the one to blame for everything including Sheila’s drinking that night. Fred tells Phillip that though he was drunk that night, his feelings for Sheila are not exactly maternal. Phillip tells him that Sheila is not his mother. She is even closer to his age than Fred’s. Fred tells him that alcohol does not make one do what he does not want to do but makes you do what you lack the courage to do. He is thankful that it ended with just a kiss & forgives them for everything that happened. He should be blamed for some things but not everything. Phillip asks if it is even possible for them to get through this as a family. He gets up to leave & asks Phillip to flush the remaining drink Down the toilet.
Angela tells Emile to slow down on that Muni issue. He asks her whether he should just take it easy when someone loses her job because she uses the same gym as him? He tells her ha she is not foolish enough to allow a woman who has an eye for her man around her. Was Amaka foolish to allow Angela hang around Reginald? Angela tells him that he may not plan to cheat on her, but Muni is not to be trusted. She expects to hand over her office keys to her PA without thinking but she cannot do that with Muni.
Chuks & Ene are at Abeokuta. She is inspecting the room, which Chuks got for next to nothing. She goes to inspect he toilet but he door handle is broken. He tells her not to worry. He will get the manager to fix things before they come back. Ene asks if he will ask them to rebuild the hotel? She complains about the black bed sheet. Chuks tells her not to worry but to get ready & let them explore the town. They are only staying for only one night, anyway.
Fred calls Sheila & she eventually picks the phone after he calls a second time. He thanks her for picking the phone. He wants them to talk, face to face. She does not think it is necessary. He can talk now. Fred tells her that he wants to talk to her to free her conscience. He tells her that she did not sleep with Phillip that night. She asks who told him? Freddy. He followed them upstairs. She heaves a sigh of relief & thanks him. He asks her to come back home even if it is to come around once in a while. She thanks him & clicks off.
Angela is at the spa looking for Tare. She meets Emile instead who apparently was the one that sent for her & wants to apologize for things he said the previous day. He is sorry to bring Amaka Oko up. He got her gym clothes & expects her to take out her anger on the gym equipment. In the interest of full disclosure, he tells her that Muni called to tell him that she re-instated her on her job. He thanks her for that. She tells him that she did that to keep an eye on her. She had better keep her enemies close by, where she can keep an eye on hem. He tells her that she sounds like a girlfriend. Are you my girlfriend? She grabs her bag of gym clothes & tells him to come & let them get it over as she has work to do.
Chuks & Ene gets back to the hotel. He is finalizing his sketches when Ene tells him that she bought some new lingerie which she believes that he will like. He tells her to take a nap first. She asks if that is what he wants her to go through? His wife is telling him about her new lingerie & he is huddled over some stupid sketches. She snatches the sketchbook & was using it to hit his head as she complains. He tells her that the sketches are important & he will need them when he goes back abroad. She stops & asks what he means. When is he going to tell her about this going back?
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Angela & Emile finish working out & are on their way out & sharing some intimate moments. The receptionist gave a discreet cough to remind them of her presence. Just then, Mrs. H calls her to request for an update on their Titan project. she just stepped out of the office & will be back soon.
Chuks was planning to tell her but he did not know how to do that. Peter’s mother’s sister’s cousin has a fashion house & has offered him a two year apprenticeship. Ene is not ready for that long distance relationship & starts to leave. He asks where she is going to? She is going back to her father’s house. When he is ready to get married, he will come & ask for her hands in marriage. She starts crying about how her life is falling apart. He wants to know how & she tells him that she is on what should have been a romantic trip but instead, she is stuck in a hotel with bedsteads that should have been yellow, but they are black. She is married to a man whose hair is yellow instead of black. He begs her to take it easy. He will wash off the dye & remove his earrings.
Fred comes downstairs as the door bell rings. He opens the door & there stand Sheila.
Angela tells Mrs. H that they will get a press release out immediately as Titan has signed the contract. She is okay with that but there is something else she wants to clear up. Are you sleeping with my son? She asks Angela. As Angela was getting a suitable answer ready, she tells her that she normally does not get involved in the personal life of her staff, but this time she is forced to ask if Angela is sleeping with her under-age son. Angela’s jaw drops. Mrs. H asks her if she is deceived? She tells Angela not to let his cocky swagger deceive her. He is 17!

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Harriet corners Soji at Ziggy’s & asks if he did not get her message requesting for an exclusive with him? He is not nterested. She asks if he does not worry what people are saying about him? He tells her that he is not interested.



Emile & Muni walks into Ziggy’s where Angela & Tare are havin a drink. They walk up to Angela’s table who stood up to meet them. She asks Emile that she thought he was working late. He closed from work early & came out for a drink. He thought she was working late too. She asks Muni that she thought she was working too. Emile tells her that Muni called him that she was coming to the bar too, so they came together. Angela wondered when they exchanged numbers & Emile explains that they are gym buddies. Angela grabs her bag & stalks out of the bar.
Laide asks Fred if he is ready for dinner? He has other things to do. She tells him that she is not trying to worm her way into his life. He asks her that she is not there to fill a vacuum? She tells him no. At least he should let her stay to take care of Freddy. He tells her that she sounded like she wanted to move in immediately. She says that she does not plan to do that but will visit once in a while to take care of things. He tells her not to complain if she is there & he behaves like He doesn’t want to see her. Knock yourself out then, she tells him that Freddy will appreciate her presence.
What was that about? Emile asks after Angela left them standing. Does she think I am cheating on her? He asks? Tare asks him if someone needs to spell it out to him? Emile wants to go after her but Tare advises that he gives her time to cool off. He will not. He wants to resolve things now, & goes after her. Tare turns to Muni & asks her what she thinks she is doing? Nothing, she replies. Emile is just her gym buddy. She tells Muni that she is old enough to recognize guilt which is what she believes Muni felt when she saw Angela at the bar. She tells Muni to google Angela Dede first before she fiddles with her.
Cosmas meets Laide chopping vegetables. She wants to make salad for Freddy. She will also try & convince Fred to have some. He has not been eating lately. Laid tells Cosmas that she knows that things have been upside down at the house for a while, but she is there now to restore some order. She hopes ha she can count on his help. He tells her that he has always taken his job seriously. He was employed by Mrs. Ade-Williams & he has utmost respect for her. He turns around & walks out on her & Laide looks at him like you’d better watch out!
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Emile walks into Angela’s office & sits down. She thinks he must be kidding & asks him what he is doing there. He tells her that he will not allow her to embarrass him like she did by walking out on him at the bar. Embarrass him, she wants him to leave not just her office but her life too. He must be used to her throwing him out by now. He tells her that she cannot cast aspersions on his integrity the way she did at the bar & expect him to take it. If this conversation is important, he has to leave & wait till the end of work as they are in her office. He leaves & comes back almost immediately & tells her to get ready to blow her top as he is not going anywhere.
Ene is telling Shalewa that it is not the end of the world. She complains about the talent scouts that were around. Ene convinces her that there will always be talent scouts as that is not the only time the girls will be performing. She complains that TTK will kill her if she goes home that night. Ene tells her that they were not that bad. A little off key singing here & there but that is all.
Chuks wants to borrow Ziggy’s car. He asks if Chuks wants to go clubbing? Chuks wonders what makes him think that? He tells Vhuks that with his yellow hair, what else will he think? Chuks tells him that he has become interested in African print & wants to go check out African adire.
Tare walks into Phillip’s house & asks where he has been? He was standing uneasy on his feet & she grabs the bottle of drink he was holding. He tells her that that is the reason why he should avoid her like a plague. Instead of telling him to stay off drinks, she joins him in the drinking. She asks him what has been the matter with him? He locked himself away, as she fills her glass of drink. She goes first & tells him about Thelma. She has been working on something for about a year & now that she has succeeded, Tare should be celebrating but she feels this emptiness.  She asks what is bothering him. It is about his father. Does he want to talk about it? No, he says. She tells him that it is okay & if it is about his father, it sounds normal & his father will get out of it shortly as usual. Phillip tells her that he does not think so this time. She tells him that they need to flush the remaining drink down as drinking is not the right way to take care of himself. He tells her that This is why I need to avoid you like a plague.
How can you call my integrity to question? Emile asks Angela? Angela asks him if it was not her voice she heard in the background the other day when they were on he phone? Yes, she was the one. She asks why he did not tell her about their becoming buddies till that night? There was no time to tell you. You have been busy with work, he replies. He tells her how they met the other day after she left him at the gym & they became gym buddies, but there is no relationship between them. She asks how he would feel if he introduced her to his colleague and they suddenly become buddies. He tells her that maybe she does not trust her PA because of what she were up to as a PA. She agrees that she jumped to conclusions & apologizes. He tells her that she knows that he loves her & he would have told her that but for the fact that it is against their rules. She tells hi. That he knows how she feels about rule breakers. They agree to meet in her apartment later that day as they agreed previously.
Chuks & Ene gets home & talk about Shalewa. Chuks thinks that she will get over it. Everyone falls a couple of times before they make it. Look at him now? Ene reminds him that he is not a star yet. She asks him what he wants to tell her? He prevaricates & she asks him if they taught him how to keep his wife in suspense in that his fashion class? He was not like this before. He tells her that he is taking her to Abeokuta to join him in his research on adire. He tells her about the interesting places in Abeokuta. She is happy he invited her to the trip. It sounds like their honeymoon all over again. They hug. She thanks him for taking her along.
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Freddy visits Phillip. Why did you leave your front door open, he asks a very drunk Phillip? Phillip wonders where he came from & how he got there sinkage in the evening, he tells Phillip that he took a taxi. He got tired of staying at home. Grandpa was in his room all day & Aunty Laide has been lying to him that Aunty Sheila went to Senegal. He wonders how they can be lying to him as if he is a small child. He asks Phillip what is happening to the house? Phillip tells him that he is too young to understand what is going on. He will rather take him back home but when he gets up, he collapsed back in his chair & tells Freddy to take another cab home & gave him transport fare.
Emile visits Angela. He asks if it was a good time & she calls him stalker, that he must have been following her. He tells her that it has been a very hectic day both at work and their relationship. She tells him that he must be used to it but he tells her that contrary to her beliefs, he does not have that much experience with women. She tells him that she is not interested in his past. He asks if she is interested in his future & she tells him that she is only interested in now & if he is still here tomorrow, she will also be interested. Just then, his phone goes off, & it is Muni. He complains that she calls at the wrong time but in the interest of transparency, he will answer the call but put it on speaker. He picks the call & Muni is crying on the other end. He asks her what the problem is. She has lost her job. He tells her that she is not making sense. She explains that she just got a letter from their HR. Angela recommended that she be sacked.
Fred is looking for Freddy. He calls Amaka & tells her that Freddy lied to he security men hat Fred sent him on an errand before going out. He drops he phone & asks Cosmas the last ime he saw Freddy. Cosmas replies that Freddy ate the salad Laide made before disappearing. Just then, Freddy walks in & greets his grandfather. Fred asks him where he has been? He went to see Phillip. Fred was appalled that he went out so late. Freddy tells him that he needed to talk to someone. Fred dismisses Cosmas & sits Freddy down & asks him what he wanted to talk to Phillip about. Freddy tells him that he wants to know what is happening to their family. Aunty Sheila is not around, Fred spends time in his room & Laide lies to him about Sheila’s whereabouts. He asks Fred what is happening? He thought that the family was getting back to normal after Fred’s illness. Fred tells him that it takes a while for things to get back to normal. Fred asks what Phillip told him? Nothing, Freddy replies. He was drinking, just like that night he was drinking with Aunty Sheila. Fred asks him what he saw the night he came back so that he can go to the museum. Everything, I saw everything, he tells Fred who looks distressed.

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Emile is arguing with Angela about Muni. He thought he told her that he was not interested in Muni. Angela tells him that his interest or not, she would be crazy to continue to work with a lady who has eye for her man. Emile asks her if Amaka Okoh was crazy when she allowed Angela to continue to work with her husband.


Angela gets to the office & is unpacking when Muni comes in to remind her about her day’s schedule as they agreed yesterday. Angela asks her to wait while she settles in for the briefing. She suddenly stops & asks Muni where she went to yesterday after she closed. Muni does not understand what she is talking about. Angela asks her where she went to when she left the office & not to tell her she went home. Just then, Dr. Ibrahim calls Angela. She picks the phone & tells him that it is not a good time to talk. He presses her & she tells him that there is no issue with her. It is just not a good time to talk.
Fred is surprised to meet Chief Akinpelu in his house early in the morning. He invites Chief to discuss whatever he wants to talk about over breakfast. It is not a breakfast issue, Chief tells him. He asks if Sheila is upstairs? Fred tells him that it is not for him to know. It is between him and his wife. Chief tells him that he came to discuss the sacrifices that needs to be made to cleanse his family. A curse for this kind of thing affects everyone, but thank God that a few sacrifices will take care of things. Sacrifices? Fred asks? Didn’t you hear me the first time? Chief Akinpelu asks? They need to perform some cleansing sacrifices. Fred goes to open & hold the door open for Chief Akinpelu. Chief asks if he is throwing him out of his house? Fred tells him that he is asking him politely to leave, but the second option is still on the table. Chief Akinpelu reminds him of the sparrow that will not listen Do you want to find out what will happen to the sparrow that refuses to leave my house, Fred asks him? Chief gets up but stops at the door & tells Fred that when he starts seeing the effects of the curse, he will come running to him. He stops & asks what he is saying? The effects are already here. Is Dan not in jail?
Ene wakes up at 9. Chuks has already made breakfast & invites her to join him. Chuks asks if she searched through his bag last night? Is it not her husband’s things? She asks? She also asks him how he found out? He tells her that things were no longer the way he left them. Did she find what she is looking for? Since we are at it, Who is that with his arms around your shoulder? She asks him? Chuks tells her it is Peter, a guy wearing a wig. He is always fooling around. Ene does not believe him. He fetches another picture of the guy without the wig. Did you think I was cheating on you? Do you blame me? You were gone for so long. Did you even have time to make clothes, with the yellow hair and all? He tells her that he will show her his wicked designs when he comes back. Where is he going to? He will tell her when he gets back & leaves.
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Angela gives instructions to Muni on press release for the Titan project. She wants them to move as fast as or faster than the gossip magazines. Titan’s father comes in & is not happy that they cut him off the movie deal with Titan. Angela tells him that it is not her fault that Titan wants to sign the deal without his manager. He tells her that he is there as Titan’s father, nit his manager.
Fred goes to meet Dan & tells him that Sheila has left. He does not know where she is and she is not taking his calls. Dan asks whether he asked her to leave & Fred tells him not to be ridiculous. What is Fred going to do? Nothing. He will get them all (Sheila, Laide, & Phillip) out of his mind. Dan asks whether Phillip is included? Fred tells him that he needs to be on his own for a while.
Titan’s father is not happy that Angela signed Titan without his consent. He asks for the agreement & she gives him the agreement. She tells him that there is nothing to worry about. He tells her that she does not understand what she is going on in his son’s mind. Angela tells him that his teenage son is not listening to him & insists on doing things his own way? He agrees that she put it rightly. She tells him that Titan asked for creative input in the project & it is in the agreement. She can now see why he asked for that. He wants a part for his father in the film. Scott asks her if that is meant to placate him. She tells him that she can see that he wants to give his fathe a chance to live the life his father has always wanted but could not get.
Soji & Chuks are in Ziggy’s Bar taunting each other. He asks Chuks if he has told Ene about his going back to UK? He tells Soji that he has not done so yet. Soji tells him to tell her as soon as is possible. He agrees that it may be difficult as she is already acting all jealous. He will tell her that night at Shalewa’s band performance. Soji tells him to tell her as soon as possible as he cannot fully tell about the feelings of women. They change like he weather.
Titan is sitting when his father comes in & he starts complaining about the producer & his not keeping to time.
Fred & Laide are at the hospital & he tells her that Sheila left yesterday.
Shally’s Angels are getting ready for their performance. Shalewa is worried about the last band, but the others think they are not good enough to worry about. Sho thinks that they sing like the Chipmunks! Shalewa is happy that Chuks & Ene made it to the show. The other girls ask her for Titan. He is not there yet. She makes excuses for him as TTK comes in to tell them to go out there & kill the competition. As they were getting ready to go out, her phone rings, & it is Toks. He apologizes to her that he will not be able to make it.
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She is not happy that he is breaking his promise. He tells her that he had to think of other people that are dependent on him. He apologizes again. She is not happy about his failing to come & clicks off. The others console her as TTK comes in to get them.
Laide follows Fred home & he tells her that she does not need to come home with him as they walk into the house. She tells him that she will not leave till she is sure that he is okay. He tells her that he will prefer to stay alone now. As they were talking, Freddy runs out from the kitchen to greet them. He hugs his grand dad & Fred asks what he is doing at home. Their mid-term break started that day & when he did not see Sheila to pick him, he took a taxi home. He asks where she is & Laide cuts in & tells him that Sheila went on a trip to Senegal. Fred looks appalled!
Shally’s Angels came fifth in the competition. TTK is furious that they came fifth after all the preparations & solid performance at Ziggy’s. She wants to know what the problem is. The other girls said that it is all Shalewa’s fault. She missed her key & dragged others down. Shalewa apologizes to them. TTK tells them that it is very bad as she invited talent scouts to come & watch them. It is meant to be a surprise. The other girls furiously rush Shalewa till TTK scream at them to leave her daughter alone.
Angela & Tare are at Ziggy’s. She tells Tare that Muni is still at work & she will be going back to work especially as Mrs. H is still there. Mrs. H has a way of coming to check hat she is still at work as if she wants to confirm that she is not wasting the overtime pay. As they were talking, Muni & Emile walk into the bar!
Fred is furious that Laide lied to Freddy. How can she say that Sheila went to Senegal? Laide tells him that Sheila will not come back to tell Freddy the truth. Fred asks her if she has concluded that Sheila will never come back. She tells him that though she does not want to say it, but Sheila has a track record of walking away from marriages. Fred must be feeling betrayed. He tells her that she does not know what it feels like to be betrayed.

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I am not trying to worm my way into your life because there is a vacuum. At least let me take care of Freddy, Laide tells Fred. Fred reminds her that she just said that she is not there to fill a vacuum.


Angela is on her laptop when Muni comes in & gives her the contract. Muni waits for her reaction but none comes so she asks if Angela is okay. Yes, she is. Muni asks if she has seen the article & whether she should go & look for PR for anything? Angela thanks her & tells her that she can close now. She will deal with any other thing herself.
Fred visits Phillip & asks him if he slept with his wife? Phillip starts stammering & Fred tells him no stammering, but to look him straight in his face & tell him if he was man enough to sleep with his wife. Phillip starts stammering again wondering what Sheila told Fred. Fred dealt him a left-handed blow that crashed him onto the couch.
Everyone (the waiters, Soji, Ene & Telema) is admiring Chuks in the bar. Frank yabs him on his accent. Ene says it is ok for him to keep the accent. He only needs to shed his jacket. Soji asks so they did not postpone his flight after all. Ene asks Soji so he knew but did not tell her. Chuks wanted to give Ene a surprise. Did she not like the surprise? Yes, she likes it but the suspense was too much. The waiters & Ene & Telema leaves & Soji asks why he didn’t tell Ene that he will have to go back soon. How can he tell her now & stop all this her happiness? Ene & Telema huddle in one corner & smile at him.
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Tare tells Angela that the article is not that bad. Angela wonders why they both read the same article? They said that she mishandled the Harmattan Diaries & killed Chris Okereke. The writer wonders whether she will do the same to Titan. They also blame Reginald’s death on her. She thinks it is the Lagos Money journalist that is behind the whole thing. She reaches for her phone to call him but Emile calls first. Tare reminds her that he is calling for the third time. She says hat she will call him later. She calls the journalist & asks him how he feels? He tells her like someone whose dinner is being interrupted. She warns him that she has tangled with stronger people & he had better watch out.  He tells her that if there is an article about her, it will give him special pleasure to google and read it.
Phillip tells Fred that he could not have done anything with Sheila. Fred does not believe him. He tells Fred that Sheila had no memory of what happened that night. Fred eggs him on & he tells him how he drank with Sheila to make her feel better. Fred asks so you were alone with her. The eventually bumped into each other & what could have been a hug ended up with their kissing & he took her upstairs to the guest room. He gave her a change of clothes & waited outside. When she did not answer the door, he left. Fred asks why he did not tell him before. He tells Fred that he was trying to blot the whole thing from his memory. Fred wonders why Sheila told a different story & Phillip tells him that Sheila was drunk & could not have known what happened that night.
Ene & Chuks get home. She wonders why he travelled so light. He tells her not to worry about her gift. She tells him she is not bothered about gift. Just happy he is back. She asks him for a kiss. He pulls off his cap to reveal dyed hair. She asks him what that one is. He tells her that it is a part of the C. Look, the new persona he is creating for himself. He confirms that it is not permanent & she asks him to give her that kiss. As they were about to kiss, his phone rings & he apologizes & picks the call.
Emile calls Angela & she finally picks & apologizes for not calling him back. He is relieved she is not dead. The day has been so busy for her. He asks whether he should come by but she does not want him to come by. Maybe tomorrow. As he drops the phone, Muni comes out of the gym & asks if he will not buy her a drink.
Fred gets home & asks Cosmas about the whereabouts of Sheila. She left, with four boxes. Fred asks if she left any message? She told Cosmas to pray that his next Madam treats him better. Fred bends down & sobs?
Chuks speaks with Shalewa in his new British accent & tells Ene that she invites them to her school band performance. He wonders how everyone knew he was back all of a sudden? Ene reminds him that he made his grand entrance at Ziggy’s. Ene is cranky all of a sudden & wonders why he is speaking in that accent? He asks her if she knows the number of doors the right accent can open in this country? He tells her to come so that they conclude their kiss, but she refused to move from where she is sitting.
Sheila’s phone rings & it’s Phillip. Phillip tells her that his father came to see him. She apologizes though she knows it will not make a difference to him. He asks her why she told his father a lie. She tells him that her memory of the night is only what he told her. He gets annoyed & shouts & asks her if she thought they had sex or she is hoping it is true? She tells him that the way Fred was carrying on, there was no way the story would have ended happily. He asks if that is why she lied about the whole thing? She tells him that she is out of the house now & will soon be out of the country. She asks him to consider her out of the collective Ade-Williams’ life. He tells her that he wishes she were dead, & clicks off.
(((Behind every athlete is a mom… thank you mom)))
Ene is touching Chuks’s hair while he slept. He turns in his sleep & she leaves him & goes snooping in his bag. She discovers some pictures, flips through them & her demeanor changes.
Phillip is lying sleeping on his couch when someone knocks. The lawyer apologizes for coming late. He starts discussing what he found out on their case but Phillip stops him & tells him that he thinks it is too late. He is dropping the case. The lawyer asks why? He is tired of getting involved in his father’s business. He promises to pay the lawyer for work done so far. The lawyer asks if he is sure he is okay? He tells him no. The lawyer tells him to take care of himself & leaves.
Emile is at Ziggy’s when Angela calls. He asks her how the lady that wants to stay alone is coping? She tells him that she is calling him now is she not? She apologizes for saying that she wants to stay alone & wants him to come over. He cannot make it again tonight as he has early morning meetings tomorrow. She says it is okay & before she drops, Muni walks up to Emile & asks what is taking him so long? Angela stops & asks where he is? He tells her that he stopped over at the bar to get a drink after his workout. She tells him that it is okay. She thought she heard a familiar voice. She wishes him good night & clicks off.

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Sacrifices? Didn’t you hear me the first time? Fred opens the door & asks him to leave. Chief Akinpelu asks him that he hopes that he has not forgotten what happened to the sparrow that refused to listen? Fred asks him if he wants to find out what happens to the sparrow that refuses to leave his house.


Fred asks Sheila to stop misbehaving & stop lying. She asks whether he finds it difficult to believe? Fred tells her that this will never happen between his son & his wife. She wonders why it cannot happen? Is it because of the sterling moral example Fred has given? Fred is stunned while Chief Akinpelu keeps shouting abomination behind him. Chief Akinpelu tell Fred that what he has heard requires spiritual cleansing for his whole house. Sheila tells him that they can go ahead with that but she will nit be around for that. She is going upstairs to get her things & leave this house as she should have done months ago. 
Titan walks in as Angela was rounding off a call to his father. She confirms that he is around. He politely asks for a seat & they offer him a drink. He tells them that water will do. He asks if that was his father, & Angela says yes. He will make d movie, he tells her. She tells him that she is happy that he has agreed but will want to know what was responsible for his change of heart.
Telema goes back to her old flat. Tare comes out to meet her & she passes on Kwame’s letter. Tare thinks it is a trick. Why will he do that? Could it be what Tare said to him at Ziggy’s? Telema asks whether it matters? Tare believes that they need to make sure it is real especially as Kwame has not signed the papers yet. Telema is tired. Tare understands & tells her that it is over. Everything, the rape, police case, etc. She can go back to her old life now.
Chief Akinpelu offers Fred a drink but he refuses as he needs to watch his blood pressure. Chief wonders what Fred’s BP is doing now. Fred wants to go & talk to Sheila but Chief restrains him. He tells Fred that they need to talk about the spiritual cleansing he mentioned earlier. What has happened in his house is not for Sheila & Phillip alone but will affect his clan, including cousin’s cousins like himself. Fred asks that they talk about the cleansing later. He needs to get to the bottom of this. Chief Akinpelu leaves his house.
(((Drink milk everyday… Peak Milk)))
Angela & Titan move to Mrs. H’s conference room to talk. Titan said he thought about what Angela said & considered it right to go ahead with the film. Angela asks if his father is aware? Titan says no. Angela thinks that his father should be told. He says it is okay. They talk about his other engagements. He is signed to a music label but the contract does not cover other things like acting. Angela still thinks that they need to bother about his other engagements like concerts, etc. He tells her that they will be taken care of. Going forward, Angela will talk to him directly on everything about the movie. His father manages his music contract. He does not control him.
Ene meets Telema at her flat & is very happy that Telema has left Kwame. She is screaming like a puppy while Telema sits stiffly. Ene is happy that Kwame will no longer give her that I’m better than you look”. She asks whether Kwame knows her parts in the whole thing? She is happy tha they won, but Telema tells her that it is not about winning. She just wants to get on wit her life. The talk about Telema’s new movie role which will take her abroad. Ene thinks that is just what Telema needs now. Telema asks whether she has spoken with Chuks? No, she has not been able to reach him. First he was not picking, now, the call was not going. She wonders whether here is any message Chuks is trying to pass to her. The message about Abeokuta could contain a code or Chuks in his clumsy way could have put the wrong thing in the envelope he sent her. Telema tells her that she thought she was the one that is more paranoid.
Sheila comes down with Fred & calls Cosmas to get hear a taxi & bring her bags down. Fred asks Cosmas to give them a minute. Sheila shouts on Cosmas to go get the taxi. Fred insists on talking to her about what she said. She says that she will then go & get the taxi herself.
Angela briefs Mrs. H on the Titan project. Titan has agreed to make the movie & he is taking the contract to his lawyers for signing. Mrs. H asks why his manager s not involved? Angela confirms that Titan wants to run the whole thing himself. She tells Mrs. H that she wants to go ahead & look for another director now that Titan has agreed to the project. Mrs. H tells her that he has not agreed yet. She is surprised at this. Mrs. H explains; Until he signs, there is no contract to avoid the Chris Okereke situation.
Soji gets Avi a drink in his studio. He asks if it is weird that he is serving her instead of the other way round. He asks what she thinks of the pictures? She likes the portraits better. He asks if she has thought about taking pictures? No, she does not take pictures. He reminds her about the ones she took at Ziggy’s. She says that she was just fooling around. He does not think so & suggests she practices more. She asks for some of his books to use. He readily agrees & she thanks him for all he is doing for her & offers to help in any way he wants her. When he was telling her that she does not need to.. She tells him that she was asking in a kind of an apprentice way.
Sheila is taunting Fred. She asks if he needs time to get used to it. He asks her how and where it happened. She tells him that they should just say that they were both drunk & out of their minds just like him. He screams & as he asks if she is comparing this to what happened to him. She says that it was the night she met him at Amaka’s house. She gives him a graphic description about how she got home, he had gone to bed early, she opened a drink, & Phillip came in & was bothered about his problems.. till he asks her to stop. How can she stand here & tell him this? She tells him well,  it was a mistake. She has found a way of dealing with his mistake; by leaving. She then calls Cosmas again to come & get her bags.
(((Drink milk everyday… Peak Milk)))
Avi has been reading the book & Soji sits with her. She then gets up to go & he apologizes for whatever he has done wrong. He was giving her the opportunity he desired when he was starting. She tells him that she likes him as a fan. She likes pictures, but it is not like she does not think he is hot. However, she thinks that it is better she takes her love for photography elsewhere & only come to him when she gets stuck. He asks her why they cannot be friends as she learns? She asks him a question about how he met Telema & whether he ever thinks back & asks what his life would have been like if he had continued with his work instead of keeping her company? She thinks that it is never a good idea to get too close to your heroes. She tells him that it is time he moves on & leave his heartbreak behind him. A lot of girls come to the bar just to look at him. He has not even noticed. It is time to move on. She tells him that she needs to start heading to the bar for night shift. He tells her to wait so that they leave together. She makes funny faces as he goes in to get ready.
Angela is waiting for Titan to come back with the agreement. Muni tells her that her friend called to enquire about the news that hey are making a movie with Titan in it. Apparently, the news about the movie with Titan in it is all over the Internet. She wants to know if Angela wants PR for the movie. Angela tells her to go & wait at the reception for Titan and the agreement while she checks what is online.
Fred asks Cosmas questions about the day Freddie came home from school to go to the museum as Cosmas serves his food. Cosmas remembers it clearly & tells Fred what he remembers. He left early after letting Phillip in. He told Phillip that everyone has gone to bed except Madam. Fred mumbles so they were all alone together. Cosmas tells him that they were often alone working together while you were ill to help you. Fred thanks him & tells him that that will be all for now.
Soji walks into Ziggy’s & meets Ene & Telema. He greets them & makes to leave but Ene invites him to stay. She asks if he has heard from Chuks? He heard from him about a week ago. Did he say anything about Abeokuta? Soji says no. He turns & asks Telema what happened to her wedding ring & Ene gleefully was telling him that he should join them in rejoicing because (Telema kicks her shin viciously under the table)… we are alive! Soji asks her what she is saying about Abeokuta. Just then her phone rings and the caller’s number is withheld. She thinks it may be Chuks & picks the call. It is Chuks & she asks him where he has been? He replies that things have been up in the air. She asks him what he means things has been in the air… He tells her to slow down & allow him enjoy the sight of her again after so long. She asks him if he is using one of those phones that has video call till she saw that everyone around her was looking behind her & smiling. She looks up & Chuks was standing there with his arms wide open. She jumps into his embrace.

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Fred is in Phillip’s house & tells him to be man enough& look him in the face as he talks to him if he is man enough to sleep with his wife. Phillip looks at him & starts to wonder how she could…before Fred fells him with a punch to the jaw.


Fred accuses Phillip of scheming with Sheila behind his back. He asks what the relationship between them is? Phillip asks why he is bothered about his relating well with Sheila afterall that is what he has always wanted.  He denies Sheila has anything to do with his decision & also does not believe that his inheritance will not be affected. He can as well leave whatever newsies to the child without marrying his mother. Fred complains that he will not leave his child to be called all kinds of names in school. Phillip tells him that those things no longer matter anymore. Fred wonders why his case is different? There are so many men out there with more than one wife. He thinks that Phillip’s problem is that he is spoilt. Phillip reminds him that he objected to his marrying Sheila but relented when he said he loved her. No new step-mums. Fred pleads with him not to go ahead with the court case but he tells him that he has started already.  Fred dares him to go ahead. Mrs. Haruna calls Phillip & fixes a meeting for the next day.
Tare meets Kwame at Ziggy’s drinking. She sits with him &  reminds him of a story that Brenda told her once. It is the story of an unhappy couple trapped in an unhappy marriage. The wife was unhappy while the man drowned himself in alcohol, drank himself to death. Kwame asks her to get to her melodramatic story as he downs another drink. She asks him why he wants to subject her sister to the same kind of marriage his parents had. He tells her that she heard the version of a drunken Brenda. Tare tells him that it is rather tame compared to incitement to murder or blackmail into marriage. Kwame tells her that his marriage with Telema is not like that & she has over-stepped her boundaries talking about his marriage. Has she ever wondered why she is still single. She wishes that Telema never met Kwame. She asks him what else he has given her except pain? He tells her that he has given her more than she knows. She gets up & leaves his table.
Angela & Muni are at the Spa but Tare is not around. The receptionist tells them that Tare left early. Angela gives instructions to Muni to send gifts to Fabian & Titan. As she is dishing out instructions, Emile comes out of the gym. He asks if she came to look for him, but she says no, that she came to look for Tare. He thinks she is pretending but offers to go with her but she says that she needs to drop Muni off at home. Muni tells her that she wants to stay back & join the gym. Emile asks if he can come see Angela late but she tells him no that she had a busy day. He offers to give her a massage but she says maybe tomorrow & flees. As Emile is leaving, Muni calls him back & asks if he is a regular at the gym. She invites him to be her gym buddy! She is normally more more committed when she has a gym buddy!
Kwame comes home & meets Telema asleep on the couch with a half-empty bottle of drink beside her. He sees her laptop beside her & goes ahead to fiddle with it while ensuring that she is still asleep.
(((All day, we expect our mouth to do… Oral B)))
Mrs. H calls Phillip to her office to talk about a scoop about Phillip starting a court case to declare his father incompetent. She heard that from a reporter. She asks him if he is out of his mind? He tells her that it is a family issue. She asks whether he has thought of the impact declaring his father incompetent will have on their relationship with WM? He tells her that the man is practically retired but she thinks that even as a figure head, an icon has it’s use. WM is no going to hand over money for the project no matter how good Phillip is without Fred. Phillip reminds her that they have already signed the contract but she reminds him too that a good lawyer can always get you out of any contract quickly.
Delmuah talks to Angela about how the project is coming up. Angela talks about the issues she is having but she is trying to get Fabian to come in so that he can start talking with Delmuah. She looks forward to meeting Fabian. Angela wants Titan to also meet him so that they can start exchanging ideas. As they were talking, Angela calls Mui to ask where she is & whether she has sent the hampers. She comes in to tell her that Fabian cannot do the film.
Kwame wakes up & is looking for Telema everywhere. He calls John to ask after her. John tells him that she went out. That is obvious he replies sarcastically. John says that she went out without breakfast. Kwame asks if he knows where she went to? John thinks she went to the office.
Kwame calls Tare to ask if she has seen Telema. Tate tells him to stop calling her with such questions. He should not panic each time he does not see her for an hour. She is a grown woman. He cuts the phone on her & calls Bimpe. Bimpe tells him that  Telema was in the office but wants to stop off  at the doctor’s.
Phillip tells Mrs. H that he does not like to be threatened. She knows that from the way he was insisting on his rights over The Flood Journals. She asks why he is he doing this? He tells her that his father has been ill & no one n the family supports his decisions. She tells him that the Fred she saw the other does not look incompetent. Phillip tells her that he is ready to sacrifice everything for this case, even this film.
Angela looks for a replacement for Fabian Onyeka. As she struggles for who to get, Mrs. H enters & asks what the issue is. Angela tells her about Fabian not being able to make the movie. She tells Angela to concentrate on getting Titan to sign on as the whole project depends on him.
Kwame walks into Telema’s office & sees her there. That was quick, she tells him, let me guess, the Bimpe network. He asks her what she is doing. She has been given a movie role in the UK. Shooting starts in 1 week’s time. She wants to start getting ready. He asks where she went to & she tells him that short of following her about, he needs to understand that he cannot control everything about her. He tells her that he saw what she was looking at last night. Why is she looking at websites on tubal ligation? Is the prospect of bearing his child so abhorrent to her?  I did not tell you that. If u were not snooping around, you would have been blissfully ignorant. Having a child for me is such a terrible thing, he asks? You cannot control everything, Kwame, she tells him & leaves him.
(((Mummy, mummy, we must hurry up…)))
Fred’s friend tells him that marrying more than one wife is not for the faint-hearted. Fred asks whether he is changing his mind about what he said before? He says that he just wants to be sure that Fred is confident. Has Fred given anything to his in-laws. Fred tells him no & he suggests that Fred go to meet his in-laws with a nice gift. Fred tells him that Laide & himself are not involved in youthful romance. Chief Akinpelu tells him to stop his grammar & do things the right way. Sheila comes in & asks what they are discussing about Laide. Chief Akinpelu introduces himself & invites her to come along for the marriage as it will give the family more comfort. Fred intervenes & says that he has not discussed the visit with Sheila. Sheila throws him out.
Angela tells Muni that Titan is not at the recording studio. She wants to know what Muni has been up to while she was away. If the only thing she can do is order hampers in phone, then she had better leave everything for Angela to do as usual. As she was complaining, Scott Akinjobi calls her & she tells him that she has not seen Titan. As they were talking, Titan walks in.
Telema talks to her producer as she walks into the house. She looks forward to working with him. As she sits down, John gives her a letter from Kwame. John tells her that Kwame is travelling but left her a letter. She opens the letter. He agrees that she has won & will draw up & execute the divorce papers. He is going out of town for a few days & wants her out of the house by the time he is back. She sits back & looks puzzled.
Fred asks Sheila what she is doing. Sheila tells him that she wants this man who has been feeding him the wrong things out of the house. Chief Akinpelu asks Fred if this is how his wife treats visitors? No wonder she is being replaced. Sheila asks whether she is now being replaced? Fred replies that it is not so. Chief Akinpelu tells Sheila not to let these television programs fool her. Tis is Africa where a man is the head of the house. She then tells him to please ask this person to leave. Fred tells her to stop. She then walks up to Fred & Chief & tells Fred to accept this as her parting gift. I slept with your son!

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Do you think I’m talking about wedding? Who is talking about wedding? I am talking about spiritual cleansing. That thing your wife did requires spiritual cleansing. She did not sleep with my son. She only said that to hurt me, Fred says. The woman I saw here does not look like she is joking, Chief Akinpelu replies. Spiritual punishment for this this is not for Sheila & Phillip alone but for the entire family including cousin’s cousins like me.


Kwame looks at the documents given to him by Telema & asks her where she got them from? They are official documents & who told her they are forged? She tells him that his manipulation will not work this time. She has enough evidence that they are forged. She knows he slept in a hotel instead of going to Ghana & has a recorded confirmation from his accomplice.   She tells him that she wants out of the marriage & he will release her or she will expose him to Brenda & everybody. He calls her a good actress & asks her if she also faked their love making because he felt something when they made love & believes that she did too. She does not care & will go ahead & expose him. Kwame looks like his food suddenly does not agree with him. 
Sheila comes downstairs & meets Fred pacing up& down. She asks if Phillip has left. Fred accuses her of being behind his latest problem with Phillip. She does not understand what he is talking about & tells him that he is responsible for whatever he is going through. He tries to explain that it is because of the child but Sheila tells him that the child will be fine. The issue is with him as is shown in his current children. Fred appears hurt. She tells him that e will be on his own if he goes ahead & marries Laide & walks away from him. As he is still struggling with this, his phone rings & it’s Laide. He tells her that he will be there.
Kwame accuses Telema of not being the woman he married. She agrees that she has changed & tells him that she wants out. She hands him the divorce papers which he is expected to sign if he wants peace. He reads through it & asks her if she read through the document she wants him to sign? Yes, she did. He tells her that she is out of her mind if she thinks that he will sign any document saying that he is impotent. She asks him what his problem is with lying for her to set her free? She tells him to choose whatever reason he wants out of the legal reasons for an annulment & sign the documents. Unless he wants Brenda & every other person to find out that he has been lying to them.
Titan & his father are in a meeting with WM’s production team discussing his movie project. He complains about the script & asks how the contents were arrived at? He thought that there was going to be a story to the movie. What he is hearing sounds like his day to day life. Delmuah explains that what they have is a high level document and other details will be added as they get more materials. He asks if the story line was lifted from Tinsel Town magazine? has issues with the part that talks about a struggling artiste whose career is affected by scandals in his girlfriend’s family & asks whose idea it was? As Angela was trying to explain, he adds that if the movie is really about his life, maybe they should add the part of an absentee father! His father & manager speaks up at this point & tells him not to disparage all the work that has been done so far. The input into the project was affected by his refusal to even consider it in the first place. As they were exchanging words, Mrs. H adjourns the meeting for Titan & his manager to sort out their issues.
(((Mummy, mummy, we must hurry up…)))
Telema reminds Kwame that he will lose everything. Kwame tells her that blackmail is beneath her. She tells him that he has succeeded in dragging her to his level. The constant manipulations, lies & always discovering new lies has led her to this & she is determined to see it through. He reminds her that he has been insecure, selfish, manipulating & never takes no for an answer. He thus will not sign the documents. He tears up the documents & stares at her. She tells him that she is not bluffing & will go ahead & expose him for who he is to Brenda, Odyssey Pictures board, & the police & he will go to jail. He tells her to go ahead & calls Brenda & throws his phone at her. 
The only reason Titan was considering the movie is because his father insisted. His father tells him that he is doing what he thinks is best for his career. Left to Toks, they would have been struggling with that clothing line idea of his. Titan tells him that he is not doing anything for his career but he is trying to live the life he could not have through him. As they argue further, Scott tells Titan to go ahead & do what he likes since he knows best now.
Brenda comes on the line & nobody talks to her. She feels it must be a bad connection as she cannot hear anything & drops the phone. He thanks her for doing the right thing & not talking to Brenda. She tells him that she thought that there is one relationship he found sacred which is with his sister. He has shown that he has no respect for his sister. He is cheating & stealing from her! Kwame tells her that she does not understand what she is talking about. She knows enough to know that marrying him is the worst decision of her life. Whatever is wrong with him, she has concluded that she will not be able to fix it. She also knows that he will not give her a divorce even after the two years but she knows what she has to do now. What is that, he asks? She has to go now, & leaves. He looks questioningly at her as she leaves the restaurant.
Phillip tells Amaka that he thinks that the only way to stop the marriage is to go to court & declare Fred legally incompetent. Amaka does not think it is right. Phillip reminds her that she must have thought about it herself. Amaka still thinks that the scandal of taking Fred to court will be too much. The tabloids will have a field day. Phillip asks how she thinks they should handle it? Allow Fred to go ahead with it? The press will also go crazy. Amaka tells him that the scandal of Fred marrying a second wife will be tame compared to that of his son going to court to declare him incompetent.
Laide is in the hospital with Fred. Fred is pacing up & down & she tells him to cool down as the doctor will soon be back with the scan result. She tells Fred about meeting Sheila at the office & that Sheila slapped her & she retruned the favour. Phillip apologizes for Sheila slapping her but asks her to understand Sheila’s position. Sheila is going through the stress of dealing with polygamy, which she never planned for. Laide complains that she is not getting the support she needs from Fred. Fred tells her that he is marrying her but she thinks that it is not enough. He tells her to lay off it as he is also struggling with a son that wants to declare him legally incompetent to handle his affairs. She cries at the lack of support. Even if he marries her, she will not be accepted by his family. Laide asks Fred not to lead her on. She does not want to marry him & be left in the lurch. He tells her not to worry, that he will take care of things & also his family. 
The doctor returns & welcomes Fred & asks of his relationship with Laide. Laide asks whether they know each other? The doctor tells her that Fred is a long-time patron of the hospital. Laide introduces herself as his wife. The doctor knows Sheila & asks of Laide’s position. Laide confirms that she is Fred’s second-wife-to-be. Fred looks like he  is about to choke on a large object.
Angela meets Titan who apologizes for the issue with him & his father & thatnjs Angela for the drink they gave him. She asks him to allow her give him a pitch on the project. He agrees. She tells him not to allow personal issues to stop him from going ahead with the project. He thinks that personal issues are important & Angela agrees. She asks him to see the project as an opportunity to break into a new horizon, but she wants it to be his decision. He tells her that he has tours already lined up & will have to re-arrange things to fit in the project. He asks for time to think about it & get back to her.
Tare is in Telema’s house to pick her up. She is not packed yet. Tare is surprised that she has not packed yet & asks if she went through with the plan. She did, but Kwame refused to sign the papers. He called Brenda himself & asked Telema to talk to her. Tare asks her if she spoke with Brenda, but she said no. Tare asks her what she did to Kwame that will make him to go to jail rather than lose her. She tells Tare that Kwame does not like to lose. Whatever happens, she needs to get her things & leave him before he casts his evil spell on her & get her to sleep with him. She sees Telema’s expression & asks her to confirm that she did not. She says that she needed to get to his phone. Tare asks her to get her things so that they leave before she needs to get to his phone again. The last thing they need now is a kittle Kwame growing inside her.
Fred comes to visit Phillip. He wants to talk but Phillip does not have anything to say if Fred is still marrying Laide. Fred tells him that he knows what is worrying Phillip. He tells Phillip that his inheritance as the first son will in no way be affected by Laide’s son or any other child. Phillip asks whether he plans to get Laide pregnant again? That’s not what he is talking about. Phillip confirms that after Brenda, he does not discount the possibility of another child coming up but that is not the main issue. He does not like the way Fred is treating his wife. Fred asks what the relationship between Phillip & Sheila is? They could not stand each other before, but now they are working together against him. Is there something he should know?