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Fred screams and asks Amaka what she will have him do? First, he has to get Yahimba out of the house. That old woman? He had considered that before but there are so many issues. Yahimba reminds Sheila of the need to explain the missing links in her life. Amaka asks which he will prefer? The secret or absence? He asks what she means? She tells him that Sheila is planning to move out the next day. Fred opens his mouth.
Brenda asks Angela what she has been doing with Akpokpo? Angela tells her that she is judging the book by the cover again and says he has been chatty. Brenda tells her that any hiring and firing in the office gets run by her. Angela tells her to schedule another time for an internal power struggle. Right now, she has a meeting to attend and sweeps out.
TTK calls Dan to complain about what she went through with Dr. Nnamani. He tells her to live it down and asks what she wants him to do? She tells him that she wants him to arrange time for ten of her students to meet with some studio hands, make-up artistes, etc. Dan tells her it is the wrong time. She screams that Dr. Nnamani has maltreated her long enough and it is time to rub her nose on some Kagbesioye reality. Dan repeats that she is calling at a wrong time and as she screams down the line, he drops the line. She could not believe it and calls another person who she is quite nice to.
Fred asks Amaka how she arrived at that conclusion? Did Sheila tell her that? Amaka accepts that Sheila did not tell her but tells Fred about the call Sheila received while she was in her office. She tells Fred that he cannot be defending Yahimba, who they really do not know against Sheila. Sheila is the one he married. He tells her that surprising as it may be to her, he is aware of that. he eventually agrees that Yahimba will go. Amaka tries to push on but he cuts her off by reminding her that he heard her the first time. Yahimba listens in from her perch beside a slightly open door!
Angela walks into the new bar in town and meets Dan. He welcomes her but she tells him that she is there for a meeting with Emile. Dan tells her that Emile must have just left. He was there. He tells her about the reduction of Masters’ sentence. She thanks him and as she walks away, her phone rings. Dan chips in and tells her to stay away from him. She asks Emile why he left? He tells her that things changed. He got his sentence reduced. Angela tells him it is none of his business.
Sho and Helen come in and tell Salewa that they went to get cup cakes after the session with TTK. They give Salewa a low down on the session. TTK told them about her first audition. The other girls told her how tough the director was and by the time it got to her turn, she was already scared!
Sheila gets home and sees Yahimba seated in the seating room. She greets Yahimba gaily and Yahimba wonders why she is so happy? She asks how Yahimba’s day went. She tells Yahimba that she has found a solution to her problem. Yahimba is happy to know that she is now a problem to be solved and asks what the solution is? Sheila says if she tells her, she will then stop it. One way or the other, Yahimba will soon be out of her life. As she sweeps into the room, Yahimba looks startled.
Sho and Angela tell Salewa that though TTK did not get that first job, it prepared her for the next audition. TTK comes in to tell them that the session is over and just then, her friend Robert comes in. She greets him as usual with a kiss on each cheek and introduces him to the girls. Sho reacts positively while Helen reacts coldly. TTK tells them it is time to go and sits down with Robert as Salewa sees them off. She tells him that she needs to arrange a visit to a production set for some students and asks that they visit his set. He tells her that after the fiasco she caused the last time, he was thrown out of there. She is sure he can arrange something, theatre, maybe? He tells her that he is no longer doing theatre. She asks what he is into now? He tells her that he has learnt so much from social media and she keeps asking what he means but he never said any concrete thing.
Sheila meets with Cosmo and hopes that everything is okay with him. He confirms he is okay and he will tell her if things are not okay. As Cosmo leaves, Fred comes into the hut. She announces that dinner will be ready at 7 as she leaves. He stops her and tells her thank you for convincing the staff to come back and for keeping the house in order while they were away. she asks if that is his way of apologizing? First he accuses her of cheating on him with his son and now he is thanking her for a clean house? He does not even know where to start. She tells him to call her back when he is sure of what to say and leaves him. He calls an agent to ask for a 2 bed apartment with a boys quarter as soon as they can find one.
Emile meets Masters at the prison. Masters knows it is not a social visit and asks what Emile has with him? Emile tells him it is his girlfriend’s file. Masters asks if he has a girlfriend? Emile tells him it is Angela and the file contains so much about him. He is going to release the information so that they will not release him. Masters looks on unperturbed.
Emile asks Masters if he thinks that it is funny? He reads out the parts he wants to read and Masters tells him that those are things Angela told her psychiatrist. He keeps reading out sections and Masters asks him to read the whole thing. He should read the lines in between. Emile tells him that he is getting the highlights. Masters tells him that if he read the file, he will know how he operates. Emile is not afraid of him. He is in a cage after all. Masters calls him Mr. Haruna? He is checking to ensure that he is still sure of his name and by this time, his face is already a mask.
TTK asks Robert what he is up to? He has three projects and he cannot find a role for her? He tells her that he has been running around raising funds, etc. Dan comes in and she introduces him to Robert who recognizes him. Dan asks if she has run to her address book because he said no to her? She accuses him of not helping her even though she is not asking him to help her get a role. He tries to speak but she will not let him. After a lot of words, Dan simply gets up and leaves. She tells Robert not to say a word!
Emile gets up to leave the cell as Angela comes in. he turns and before he could say anything, she snatches her file off his fingers, deals him a hot slap and leaves him standing there.
Fred asks Cosmo what it is as he stands before him in the hut? Yahimba is shown coming out of the room with Smiley. She sits down and coos on the snake. Cosmo tells Fred that he does not want to complain but this afternoon… They hear a scream from the house and run in to find Yahimba lying on the floor with Smiley climbing over her hand that has a wound. Sheila comes out and sees what is going on and shakes her head.

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Amaka meets Mrs. Haruna and Emile and asks where Angela is? She is the executive producer. Mrs. Haruna says Angela is not wanted there. She is clearly off her rocker, etc. Amaka agrees with her but Emile says nothing.



Akpokpo is also happy to have met Angela. She has simplified his life. She is happy to meet him and as he leaves Odun enters. He asks Angela that he can only be a creative writer. He asks what the meeting is all about? Nothing, get out! Angela screams. He leaves.
Freddy tells Yahimba that Amaka is waiting for him. Yahimba tells him that he threatened her. He says he did not. She says that it is like he has been telling others about her but whatever he says does not matter. He reminds her that Amaka is waiting. She tells him that he hopes that they are not keeping secrets from each other. He leaves as she promises to come by and see how he is doing.
Dr. Nnamani tells TTK that the session has time limits. TTK tells her that the session is meant to take place in class but hers was suspiciously locked. As an ice breaker, she is willing to answer questions from the students. They ask what her first day at school was like? She was ready with a book read and rehearsed but realized that whatever she knows was irrelevant. She advises them to grab and learn whatever they can find. Dr. Nnamani reminds her that she will know and asks that she tells the students about the real subject as they grab everything they can find. TTK asks Sho for the next question. Sho wants to know what was the hottest party she had ever attended? TTK says answering that will be telling as she eyes Dr. Nnamani. Dr. Nnamani asks when she attended an industry party last? She says she will tell the students about her hottest audition. They all sit around expectantly.
Odun reports back to Brenda. He did not see much and when he asked, she asked him to leave. He however saw a document which it looked like the man signed but he was not close enough to get a good look. Brenda asks if it looked like an employment contract? He did not see enough. Brenda hopes that Angela did not employ Akpokpo.
TTK tells the students that they need to trust their director and work hard as the theatre is the eye into the soul. Dr. Nnamani interrupts. Sho asks if she ever fell in love with a director? She tells them how the directors got the best out of her. The students now grill TTK about retirement, abandoning Shalewa, fans abandoning her. She tries to shut the session down but Dr. Nnamani insists that she still has thirty minutes. They continue and she answers their questions.
Amaka is on her way out and asks Freddy to be more careful with his spellings. He tells her that he is okay and they jocularly exchange words and as she is about to step out, Yahimba is at the door. She came to drop off something for Freddy. Freddy collects it and thanks her but she asks him thanks who? Thanks, Ma Mba, he responds & runs upstairs. Yahimba wants to stay and look after Freddy but Amaka says no. she tries to stay and take care of Toochi but Amaka reminds her that she does not like grand mothers. She remembers that Titus is waiting and runs off.
Toks calls Emile and asks after Angela’s file. He says he will return the file. The troubles are too much. Toks asks him to return the file today but he says he will do so later. He wants to talk to Angela first.
TTK wraps up the session and the students thank her profusely. Dr. Nnamani takes on her. The last 30 minutes have been excruciating, she says. TTK reminds her that she had stayed. She asks TTK what she is going to do about the excursion? Which excursion? The mentors are required to take the students to get first-hand experience. She wonders what TTK will do? She harangues TTK and asks if she can get the Ade-Williams to allow her use their studio? She believes she can but Dr. Nnamani reminds her that the only thing she has been involved in after the prison scenes was the radio fiasco!
Emile parks his car and calls Angela. She has been meaning to call him. She thinks she may have over-reacted over his taking her file and she wants to apologize. He wants to return the file. She is not in a hurry but they agree to meet and talk.
Amaka visits Sheila in the office and tells her that the premiere went very well. She also met Phillip after but he was not his usual arrogant self. He was like resigned. Sheila, who had gotten up from her chair and was backing Amaka was responding in monosyllables. She asks what the issue was between Fred and Phillip and Sheila tells her to ask Fred. Amaka tells Sheila that Yahimba visited her as she was leaving. Sheila asks if Amaka invited her? She says no and tells Sheila that Freddy is scared of Yahimba. Sheila asks if she found out why? She says no and Sheila says she cannot help.
Amaka apologizes for having been stand-offish and Sheila says she has been cold. Amaka says she has also not been open. She says Sheila has been churlish and that Yahimba has been trying to put her between them. Sheila reminds her that she is the one that has been interfering in her relationship with Yahimba. She tells Sheila how Yahimba told her that Sheila has considered her desperate, etc. Sheila asks her if she believes all those things? She says that Yahimba has her ways of making people believe what she wants. She takes a call and asks the person at the end of the line how soon they can meet? She has things to get out. Amaka asks what she wants to do? She responds that it will soon be over. Amaka wonders what she plans to do? She says she will do what she needed to do. Amaka tries to dig but she tells her to go ahead and live her life. As they say, at the end of the day, you only depend on yourself.
TTK and Dr. Nnamani continue to sass each other. She will leave TTK to her theatrics. TTK asks whay she is sabotaging her efforts? Dr. Nnamani sees it as policing. TTK believes it is because she has no personal life but she says that she has a wonderful Dr. husband and two kids who are doing well in school, one here and the other abroad. TTK asks her to then go home to them. She reminds TTK that she is the one that has nothing to fall back on as she is still not married. TTK tells her that she could have been married if she wanted. She was only concentrating on her career. Dr. Nnamani asks her which carrer as she sweeps out?
Dan walks into the bar and Emile greets him as he orders for his drink. As Dan goes to settle on a corner, there was breaking news on TV. Alhaji Abubakar’s lawyers have succeeded in reducing his sentence by half!
Amaka visits Fred and meets him beside the swimming pool. He asks what she is doing there? She is supposed to be at work. She says she got side-tracked. He reminds her that he dd not employ her to be side-tracked and she responds that she is also not employed to safeguard his relationships. He wonders what she means and she tells him that if he does not do something about Yahimba, he will destroy his marriage.

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Yahimba is lying on the sitting room floor crying for help. Cosmo and Fred rush in and find Smiley, the snake crawling over her hand!


Amaka asks what Freddy means by what other people don’t want to talk about? He tells her about Laide and Phillip and Sheila. Amaka wants to dig deeper but stops. She asks what Freddy means by saying she forced him to tell what he does not want? He tells her that she reminds him of the day he got stuck in the cupboard. Amaka does not think it was Yahimba but when Freddy begs her not to tell Yahimba he spoke with her, she suggests he spends more time in her house. He asks who will take care of Smiley? She suggests he goes home, does his home work and she comes to get him.
Brenda asks Angela what happened the previous day. She was away and the office was almost like the old days. She asks if Angela is keeping a low profile because of the stories in the press? She is not a fan of low profiles. She had a crazy day yesterday but gives no further details.
Sho, and Salewa are gisting when Angela joins them. They commend TTK for putting Schola in her place yesterday and ask each other about the leadership program? They have both signed up. Salewa wonders if you are not supposed to be asked first? They tell her you sign on yourself. They also both discover that they both chose TTK as their mentor. Salewa is not happy that they are encouraging TTK but they insist on keeping their mentor after the way she handles Dr. Nnamani.
Brenda gives Cosmo instructions on housework. He worries that it is a lot and she reminds him that they are short-staffed. She however welcomes him back and tells him he was missed. Fred comes out as she is about to leave for work and tries to make conversation. She tells him that Cosmo will make his breakfast. He asks when she will be back from work but she says she does not know. Yahimba joins them and Fred greets her very stiffly and excuses himself to go talk to Cosmo. Yahimba tells Sheila that she has noticed that she is intent on destroying her marriage. Sheila tells her to leave if she does not like what is going on. She will not leave as she likes it here. However, if Sheila wants her to leave, she knows what to do. Sheila tells her that she will not apologize or do anything of such anymore!
Emile stops his car and comes to knock on Segun’s window to ask if he is being stalked now? Segun asks what stalking is? Emile calls Sankey and Sankey asks what she wants with him as Segun is in his office. She says he may be trying to make a movie. Emile asks if she will call her guard dog off if he returns the file? She tells him that if he calls Segun a dog again, that dog will arrest him. He drops the phone on her and tells Segun that Sankey says he should take the day off. She says that this child is playing with her.
Amaka brings Freddy back and asks Fred to allow him spend one more night with her. He agrees and as Freddy goes to get ready, Cosmo asks who will be taking care of the snake? Amaka tells him that Freddy will be coming home every day after school to feed Smiley. Amaka sits with Fred and asks how Sheila is doing? He tells her she went to work. She asks after Yahimba? He has not seen much of her. She tells Fred that Freddy does not like Yahimba. He tells Fred that they need to be a bit more careful with Yahimba as they know quite little about her other than that she is Sheila’s mum. Fred is intrigued at her change of heart and she says it is a different way of looking at things. She insists that they need to exercise caution, seeing how Sheila loathes Yahimba.
Angela calls Akpokpo and asks him to try and make it to the office in 30 minutes. She is ready to make him an offer.
Angela comes back to report that the key to the lecture room TTK and the students are waiting for cannot be found and there is no other free classroom. TTK can see Dr. Nnamani’s hands in this. She asks the students what to do in the face of adversity? Salewa says she should cancel the class. Others suggest they hold it in the sun. she tells them that as aspiring actresses, they should not subject their skins to the scorching effects of the sunlight. Now, if Dr. Nnamani will not allow her come to them, they can come to her. She invites them to come hold the lecture in her house. They all agree except a distressed Salewa.
Yahimba calls out when she heard footfalls for Cosmas and when she saw it was Amaka, she calls her to ask what she is doing in the house in the middle of the day? Amaka looking differently at her tells her she came to collect Freddy, who is very good with Toochi. Yahimba reminds her that they need to get Toochi new clothes and wonders whether all these visits will not affect Freddy? Amaka says he is comfortable in her house. He will not feel all the tension in the house as she walks away with her face averted.
Akpokpo visits and Mimi directs her to Angela’s office. Brenda walks out as he goes in and asks Mimi if the did not throw that vagrant out of the office? She says they did but the last time he visited, Angela took him in. Brenda asks why she was not told? She asks Mimi to get Odun for her.
Freddy comes out and sees Yahimba instead of Amaka. He asks after Amaka, Yahimba says she asks her to wait in the car. She asks Freddy what they discussed? With Toochi? Freddy asks. Yahimba tells him it is Amaka. He says they discussed school, films, etc. Yahimba asks what Amaka said about her? Freddy tells her that he will not tell her anyone’s secrets again. She wonders why Freddy is becoming recalcitrant all over? He tells her that he will be ready for her when she puts him in the cupboard again.
Salewa is not happy that TTK is bringing the mentoring session home. She argues with TTK about the invasion of her privacy and TTK tells her to stay in her room if she does not want to be a part of the mentoring. She asks Carol to speed up the refreshments and as the doorbell rings, she goes to welcome the first set of students but Dr. Nnamani was with them. She heard some corridor chatter and offered the students a ride. TTK tells her it is her home and she is not welcome there. She replies that her home has just been converted to a mentoring venue and she is there to supervise the session. She is sure that the sponsor of the program will like to hear that the session has been moved to a private home. TTK welcomes her and tells her to expect to be dazzled.
Angela and Akpokpo agree on the terms and she transfers the funds to his account via online banking. He gets an alert immediately and is surprised at how fast the deal was concluded and goes ahead to sign the contract. She thanks him and is happy to have met him.

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The breaking news is that Alhaji Abubakar’s lawyers have succeeded in reducing his sentence by half. Dan and Emile listen in astonishment.


TTK asks whether Salewa has started looking for trouble before starting school. Salewa tells her that the teacher insulted her and everyone in her family. TTK asks her to tell her blow-by-blow account of what happened. Sho enters and Salewa asks her to tell TTK what happened. They recount the long stories and TTK tells them she will take it up to the highest authority. They beg her not to as Dr. Nnamani is the HOD and can poison the other lecturers against her. She agrees but says Salewa will not quit. Salewa hopes she will leave the matter where it is? They will see. Sho asks her if they are still going to the party or not?
Segun reports back to Sankey. He followed Angela to the house and she entered and did not come out. He went inside to search for her, he says. Sankey lashes at him and asks if Angela hit his head and threw juju powder into his face? She asks him to go and look for her boyfriend and ensure he keeps an eye on him. Segun promises that it will not happen again but Sankey does not believe him. He goes out and comes back to ask which of the boyfriends? Masters or the pikin? Sankey reminds him that Masters is locked away.
Sheila is pacing the room trying to reach Phillip. Fred comes in and she tells him that Phillip came to the house to hear her side of the story. He asks her which story and why will he leave his film premiere to come and discuss with her? She says he saw something in her mum and wanted to find out more. Fred asks when she was going to tell him about the visit? She says she knew he was going to overreact and she has been proved right. He almost strangled his son. Fred tells her that he forgave her the last time and this time… She tells him they did not jump into each other’s arms. Phillip is the only one that is willing to listen to her story. Fred tells her that Yahimba is right. She is a spoilt child who insists on having everything her way. She wonders how Fred believes a woman he knows so little of instead of his wife. He thinks she can no longer be trusted.
Angela gets to the hotel room and looks around and after a while, she goes to the safe. After a while, someone comes in and asks her to stand against the wall.
He asks who she is and she tells the guy that if he is from Masters he should know that if he hurts a hair of her hair, he will be accountable to Masters. He asks how she got there, she tells him about meeting Masters and being sent to a groundnut seller who directed her to the room and some guy and the guy confirms he is the one and lowers the gun.
Amaka comes to meet Fred but Fred will not talk to her. She refuses to go away and kept asking. He asks if she is not supposed to be at work? She cannot go away like that. she tells him that Phillip’s movie did very well. The critics loved it. She is surprised that he is leaving so fast as he was to stay back for a while. Fred asks if he has left? She says yes, straight to the airport. Fred screams that maybe he has learnt that actions have repercussions.
Salewa greets Dr.Nnamani and she asks if she has been given permission to return to class? Salewa came to apologize. Dr. Nnamani launches into another round of tirade and the other girls asks that she allow Salewa apologize. She asks that the apology be made two, one for her and one for the class. TTK comes rushing and says she is just on time.
Angela and the guy discuss further. Angela asks if he greets everyone with a gun? The guy asks for an identification. She gives him a ring and the guy looks at it and says it is very special to Masters. She asks how? He says that Masters never allowed anyone come near it. He asks her to go home. He needs to carry out his orders and verify some things. As he runs out, she calls after him but he was gone.
Dr. Nnamani asks TTK if she has given her permission to come back to class? TTK tells her that she is right. She has realized that she is doing these young people a disservice for trying to teach them without learning first. Dr. Nnamani is happy that she has learnt. TTK tells her that she is there to attend all her classes and take copious notes on how the class is conducted. Notes their sponsor Chief Gbadebo will be delighted to read. She actually has a recorder to record all the lectures!
Kwame is on the phone when Sheila drives in. She asks after Phillip but Kwame says he has gone off to Ghana. Sheila asks for his contact number and Kwame provides also the email address but warns that when Phillip draws the shutters, it is difficult to get through to him. She asks if they discussed before Phillip left? Kwame says they did, but it was nothing personal. She tells him to help pass a message to Phillip. She wants to thank him for trying to help and she is sorry if it got him into trouble. He asks for specifics but she will not provide any further details.
Amaka comes in to meet Fred and as she starts to talk to Fred, he snaps that he thought he made it clear that he does not want to talk. She says she came to ask if she can take Freddy home for once. It has been a while. He is okay with it so long as he does his homework and Smiley is secured. Sheila enters, looks at them and walks into the room. You will think she is the wronged one here, Fred spits. Amaka asks him how? She asks him why Sheila his wife will suddenly start lying to him? That got through to his thick skull!
The class is over and TTK thanks Dr. Nnamani for the wonderful lecture. She enjoyed every bit of it and looks forward to more. Dr. Nnamani tells her that there is no further need for that. TTK tells her that she hopes that Salewa will attend the classes now without being harassed. Dr. Nnamani says no one is being harassed.
Angela gets home and digs around her room. She checks her account online and is shocked to discover that her balance has suddenly grown fat!
Amaka gets home with Freddy and tells him that she thinks they need to spend some time together. He is happy as he will get to spend time with Toochi. She sits him down and reminds him of whn he said he was not sure he liked Yahimba. She asks what his impression is now that he has seen more of her? He stutters and she encourages him to speak up. He says that everyone tells him the same thing, yet they do not believe him. She asks him to say his mind on whether he likes Yahimba or not? He says he does not like her. She makes him tell her about other people, things he does not want to talk about and she is mean when other people are not around!

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Yahimba asks Freddy what he and Amaka talked about? He tells her that he will not tell her other people’s secrets. She asks who is talking of secrets? They are simply discussing. He tells her she will not get any stories out of him and when next she gets him into the cupboard, he will be ready!


Masters asks Angela if she is in some kind of trouble? She asks him if she has to be in trouble to need money? She tells him to forget she said that. he asks her how much? She asks him how much he is worth. He asks her where her sense of humour is? She asks him how he is doing? He is doing well though the room service there is not too great. He asks her how she is doing? She does not look like she is in control. He has been following what is going on in the press. He needs to follow the news. She is in control, she insists. He tells her not to let people push her around. She tells him she is protecting his interest in the company but he tells her that he gave her the company. She asks if she is getting the money? Yes, but she will have to work for it.
Salewa takes Sho’s call. She is ready and waiting for her to pick her up. Just then, TTK comes out to ask her where she is going to? She knows she does not have a class this morning.
Angela wonders what Masters means by she will have to work for it? He tells her that he will never allow her get her hands dirty. He has people for that. he asks her how much she is talking about? She passes him a piece of paper. As he looks at it, she asks if it is too much? He tells her that this is the first time she is asking him for something. His lawyer will contact her. He will send her to a groundnut seller in front of a certain house. When she gets there, she should ask the groundnut seller for two bottles of groundnut and if she can some guguru. Angela wonders what kind of a joke that is? He asks if she wants the money or not?
Fred is sitting in the hut and Sheila greets him but he does not answer. As she walks away, Yahimba comes out and also greets him. He wonders what is good in the morning? She apologizes for upsetting him the previous night. He tells her she simply spoke her mind. He wishes Sheila would have been that open. She asks if he has spoken with her but he says he has not been able to look at her. Yahimba tells him not to be like that. Sheila has feelings for him though she can be petulant sometimes. He needs to put his feet down and show her who is the man in the house. Yahimba claims women want that once in a while. Phillip joins them. He is still missing his way around the house. He asks to speak with Fred in private. As Yahimba leaves them, Fred nearly screams at Phillip, asking what he wants?
Phillip tells him he has been noticing strange things in the house since he came back. Fred asks if the swimming pool is too warm or what? Phillip tells him that he is saying that whatever is the problem between him and Sheila, Sheila’s mother might be involved. Fred keeps screaming at him asking him when he became an expert in marriage issues? As Phillip tries to tell him to fix his marriage, he tells Phillip that he left this behind…
TTK asks Salewa where she is going to? She wants to know why Salewa’s movement does not coincide with her timetable? Salewa pretends that the lecturer has been fixing lectures at the wrong time and says she plans to drop the course. TTK asks if she is going to the party and Salewa opens her mouth. TTK snatches her bag and pulls out the outfits. She asks her if this is the way she is going to appear at a party? Salewa is surprised and TTK says she needs to have her eyebrows plucked and calls Carol to get her her cosmetic set as there is an emergency.
Segun calls Sankey to tell her that he just saw Angela leaving the prison. She is sure that Angela is hiding something. She asks how long Angela spent in the prison with Masters? Segun says they do not know who she came to see. She tells Segun to shush. Segun asks what to do as Angela gets into a taxi? She tells him to keep her in sight while she looks for Emile.
Phillip tells Fred that the invite may not be his as most people including Fred went to the premiere. Fred tells him that it is not his own and Phillip disappeared in the middle of the premiere to come to the house and meet Sheila! He explains that he came back because Sheila needed someone to talk to and Fred screaming wonders why he is the one Sheila chose to talk to? Phillip gets up and says that it no longer makes sense to talk to Fred. As he leaves the hut, Fred follows him.
TTK repairs Salewa’s make up and gives her party tips. She should not appear desperate, should not dance with the first boy, etc. When she is through, Salewa says she is no longer going to the party! TTK wonders what is wrong with her?
Segun reports that Angela just stopped to buy groundnuts. Sankey tells him to stop making her hungry. Angela asks the groundnut seller for two bottles of groundnut. As the woman supplies them, she asks if the woman can manage guguru as well? The woman goes back and brings a piece of paper along. She hands them all over and walks away fast as Angela calls her.
Phillip says he can no longer talk to Fred. As he waks away, Fred orders him to stop and listen to him. He was thinking of the family harmony after what happened with Sheila. Phillip stops and asks hi m what will happen? Fred grabs him beside the swimming pool and as they grapple with each other, Sheila comes running. They separate from each other but Fred looks at Sheila and then gives Phillip a shove, landing him in the pool. As he struggles in there, Sheila runs to his side. He gets out and shrugs off her hands and tells Fred that he did a nice one. Sheila goes to ask Fred what he was thinking? He asks her what she is thinking and walks off. Amaka comes running asking what is going on? A distressed Sheila looks at Yahimba who looks on in delight.
Amaka asks a Phillip drying himself what happened there? He tells her that Fred got his facts all mixed up as usual. He asks Amaka how they can all sit here and allow Yahimba to fool them all. She asks what Yahimba has to do with all these? He asks her why they have not found out more about Yahimba? She says they know as much as Sheila has let on. Amaka defends Yahimba but Phillip tells her that the Yahimba he saw at the premiere the previous day did not look like she is worried about Sheila. She looked like someone who craved the spotlight and is willing to compete for it with Sheila!
TTK asks Salewa what she means? How can she just give up like that? Salewa says she is no longer interested in the party. Sho calls and Salewa says she is no longer going. TTK snatches the phone and tells Sho to wait and she will go to the party even if she has to drag her. Salewa says she is not going to the party as the boys only invited her because she got into trouble in class. TTK asks whose class?
Segun is playing with his phone and did not know when Angela comes out and drives away in the cab. By the time he looks up, she had disappeared to his horror. He tells his caller that he will call back as he looks frantically for her.
Phillip tells Amaka that Yahimba is not who she says she is . Amaka insists that he has not been around and does not know what is going on. Sheila told him some things about Yahimba yesterday and if half of them are true, then they had better be very careful. It is Sheila that is a liar and pretends to be her friend while going behind her to tell Yahimba that she was desperate to become an Ade-Williams. He wonders why Yahimba has not told them about herself even if Sheila refuses to talk? He reminds her that the apple does not fall very far from the tree. He wanted to hang around for longer but he will leave and concentrate on work. He also tells her that at the premiere, Yahimba reached for Freddy, and he shrank from her. He did not want anything to do with her and this is a child that is not afraid of a snake! He asks Amaka to talk to Freddy. That got Amaka thinking.

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Angela gets to the hotel and as she sits on the bed, the door opens and a gun-totting guy walks in and asks for the bag of money.


Sheila and Phillip discuss Yahimba and he asks if she can forgive Yahimba? Never, not after what she made her do. Kwame calls him to ask where he is? Tunde Kelani congratulates him while he is making the call. He tells Kwame that he is on his way back. Sheila asks Phillip if he thinks she should talk to Fred? He does not know how to handle such heavy stuff.
Angela discusses her father. It is okay. She just wanted to run things by him. She calls Mr. Olajide for a loan. He agrees. She will get her documentation ready.
Chuks and Ene are happy they were able to get rid of Karen. They cannot believe they got rid of her and her shoes and dry laughter. It is time for him to go look for a job. He cannot hide from the world forever. Ene says it is time to get back to work before Brenda returns.
The journalists come after Phillip to get his views on the action scenes on Lake Pirate. He gives them a line and they run after Majid. Fred wonders where he has been? He had something to take care of. As Fred was wondering what that could be, Yahimba comes out and compliments his directorial skills. She was on the edge of her seat, she says. It runs in the family, she understands. Phillip tells her that her acting skills are also excellent. She wonders at his way of responding to questions. He tells her that she has a way of raising children. Fred looks at two of them.
Brenda is back to work. Asks after Ene and was told that she went home as she was not feeling too well. Nnenna tells her that her picture is very glamorous in the premiere. She wants a copy of the magazine when it comes out.
Soji and Chuks share gist about how they got Karen out of their house. He tells Spji he is ready to go back to work. He is here to talk to his old boss. He meets the man and apologizes for running away. the man gives him the chicken suit to wear in the restaurant. He is shocked but the man insists that he has show that he is serious. Chuks wears the costume but the man insists that he dance to show how he will attract customers. Chuks dances to the delight and amusement of everyone in the restaurant. When he finishes, he asks if he has his job back? The man says no. He abuses Chuks for abandoning the job and going to London to disgrace himself. He calls Chuks a criminal and will not allow such a criminal to disgrace his brand. He asks the man who will mind when he will be wearing this suit.
Fred and Yahimba and Freddy came back home from the event and they all agree they had fun. Fred goes to look for Sheila and Yahimba asks Freddy how he enjoyed the program? He had fun. As he tries to leave too, Yahimba sees another invite on the table and asks Freddy if it is his own? No, he has his own. Yahimba asks him if Sheila and Phillip are close?
Angela finds Brenda sitting in her chair and asks her what she is doing there? Brenda reminds her that she found her snooping in her office once. Angela orders her to get up from her chair. She gingerly does that and smiles at Angela as she walks out. A very-worried Angela quickly rushes to her table.
Chuks gets home to see Ene lying tiredly on the sofa. He wonders what she is doing at home? He worries that Brenda has sacked her and goes arambling about how he will apologize and make up for it by getting a job. Ene tries to stop him but he kept going on and on and on. She finally manages to get a word in. She is pregnant!
Yahimba insists that Freddy tells her what happened between Sheila and Phillip. Freddy tells her how he saw Phillip kiss Sheila, how Fred got angry, they held a big family meeting and Sheila moved out of the house. As they were talking, Fred comes out and Yahimba makes a zipping sign with her mouth to Freddy. As Freddy leaves, Fred says he cannot find Sheila. Yahimba tells him she must be avoiding her. He tells Fred about Phillip disappearing during his premiere and while everyone was looking for him, he was in the house with Sheila. Fred does not believe it. She shows him the invitation left behind by Phillip.
Chuks is enthralled at the thought of having a baby. That Cletus made him do a chicken dance but now he feels like dancing. Ene asks where he saw the guy? He tells her how he went to ask for his old job. Now, no son of his, or daughter, Ene corrects will see his father wearing that suit. He reminds himself that he will soon be a father! The Chuks of yesterday has now become Chuks the father! He asks when she knew? In the office. She felt ill and went to run a test in the hospital. He wonders why she did not tell him? She wanted to keep it a secret and in fact planned to cook him his favourite meal. He asks her to relax and let Daddy Chuks take care of things.
Dan meets Angela in the bar and tells her it is a rough town and she agrees. He tells her that he saw the article online and wonders if she is taking it seriously? She tells him to stay back. She is a time bomb and will soon explode. He tells her not to take things too seriously. He has had all sorts written about him before but it does not matter. He asks her if she heard that Masters’ lawyers have launched an appeal on his behalf? He wonders where all the money is coming from? Masters should be broke by now, he thinks. Angela is no longer listening.
Fred asks Yahimba how she knew that the invite is Phillip’s? she tells him that it is an educated guess. Fred thinks it may be Freddy’s but Yahimba tells him that she asked Freddy. He has gone to bed early but Fred can ask him tomorrow. He however sees no reason to. Yahimba tells him that it is good that Sheila and Phillip are close. She thinks that it is difficult for someone to acquire a step-mum and one so close to one’s age. Fred wonders what age has got to do with it? She tells him that however he looks at it, the young ones these days no longer care for age, it is beauty that matters first, and at the end of the day, they only take care of themselves!
Masters asks Angela that she cannot stay away from him, can she? He asks what she wants and she tells him that she wants money!

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Fred threatens Phillip and he tells him that if he finds out, what with will happen? He has told him that they only talked and maybe he should go talk to Sheila instead of suspecting everything and everyone. Fred rushes him and they grapple with each other before Fred pushes Phillip into the swimming pool!


Phillip sometimes forgets the piece of work Sheila is while taking her hands off his shoulder. She tells him that she is thinking of his father. He tells her that he does not know what his father told her but he thinks they did something behind his back. She tells him hat this is not like Laide. She is poisonous. She is after something and it is not a relationship with her. Phillip reminds her they are talking of her mum here. She tells Phillip to use his ability to judge people to dig into what she is telling him. She tells him that as she had lied about her before, they will not believe her again. He tells her that he is only interested in the premiere of his film. She tells him to forget he asked.
Peju interviews people on the Lake Pirates red carpet. She interviews a number of stars, Ini Edo-Ehiagwuna, Ik, etc. She also interviews Mr. Emeka Okpara, the marketing chief for Airtel who talks about the involvement of the company with Lake Pirates. When she wanted to interview Brenda, Brenda reminds her that it is Kwame’s big day and releases Kwame to talk to her. Brenda corners Harriet to plant her story about Angela.
Ene calls the office to confirm that Brenda is away. she drops and accuses Chuks of starting off on the dress already. He says he is the business-minded type and needs to contribute to the upkeep of the house. She tells him it is Karen that is making her tired and suggests he does something about it. He says they should consider doing the …and Ene wonders how someone that has been in Big Brother be tired of seeing a couple smooching? just then, Karen comes in and as she inspects what Chuks has done, he says he needs inspiration and goes to kiss Ene. Karen runs off saying she wants to buy something at the store.
Back at the premiere, Majid is working the crowd. Kwame meets Phillip and they talk PR Strategy. He tells Phillip to concentrate on telling the press that they represent the new movie experience. they also discuss how to respond to questions on how they were able to work together in spite of their family differences. Sheila meets Fred and Yahimba and sasses her for enjoying herself while leaving her daughter at home. Fred cautions her and she drifts away to meet Kwame. Kwame asks her if she is making up nicely with dad? She tells him to get off it.
Phillip and Amaka meet at the premiere and discuss Yahimba and Sheila. Amaka thinks that Yahimba is enjoying the red carpet too much. Phillip wonders what is going on with her enjoying herself without her daughter. Amaka thinks that Sheila should stew in her juice if she decides to be a wet blanket. Phillip remarks that he has never heard her talk of Amaka like that.
Sheila calls Angela to ask if she has retrieved her file? She says no. Emile is still with it. Sheila asks if she asked nicely? Angela wonders what that means and Sheila tells her to sort it out quickly as she has other issues to keep her busy. Angela responds that since she asked so nicely, she drops the phone!
Karen comes in and inspects Chuks’s work and finds it good. He tells her that she is seeing the Chuks’s touch. She asks him what that was all about the last time? He wonders what she means? All that lovey-dovey, she tells him. She thought they were fighting? He tells her that it is the way of him and Ene. sometimes they fight and other times they make up. She asks if there will be other sessions? Maybe. She quickly packs her things and takes off to his delight.
Phillip welcomes everyone to watch the movie. As they all file into the cinema, Yahimba walks up to him and commends him. She calls him a chip off the old block. He tells her that some others may disagree. She tells him she knows a good man when she sees one. Phillip asks what she did before she charmed her way into his family? She was a proud homemaker, she says and turns to leave. She tries to drag Freddie with her but Phillip notices the tension between them.
Sankey comes to her office and remembers that Emile is still there. She forgot to order food for him, but she can get him rice, semovita or anything else he wants. He knows police procedures are not her forte but asks why she is holding him? She asks why he stole the file? Has he been watching too many movies? Emile tells her that he knows his rights. She can only hold him for so long without a charge!
Phillip gets back to the house while his premiere is going on and asks Sheila, who has a glass of drink in her hand about her mother? Sheila describes Yahimba as opinionated, demanding, never apologizes. Only her husband met her expectations. Phillip asks if she sees what it means to have demanding parents. Sheila tells him it is nothing like his relationship with Fred. This is really in a different league. He suggests she does not insult the only person helping her.
Ene is quarelling with Chuks for keeping her close by on the chair so that they can start kissing if Karen comes in. What if Karen does not come back? She asks him. Karen comes in and meets them kissing and goes to pack her things while Chuks and Ene pretend to be surprised.
Sheila tells Phillip her story. She remembers when she was young and afraid to sleep in her big bed. Yahimba made her sleep standing in a closet to appreciate the space she had. Pjillip thinks that is what you get for whining. She had always wanted to be like Yahimba. On her 9th birthday, she joins in cooking for her guests. Yahimba says she has a flair for the culinary arts. There must be more story than that, Phillip tells her. She went to bring down the big pot of rice from the fire but the pot fell down spilling the rice and splattering hot water everywhere. Her body was scalded from the hot water and all but Yahimba was not touched. She has a way of staying away from dirt! No way the birthday guests will eat that, Yahimba tells her. As she was not allowed to waste anything, Yahimba made her lick it all off the floor. Phillip, who looks on in disgust, shouts no way!
Sheila continued that the food was for her whole class. She thought of making sandwiches for the guests. Phillip thinks she could not have licked it all up. She continues that she tried, but it came back up and she had to throw up. She was not allowed to use the toilet in the house as it means having dirty Sheila run around the house! She had to run out and throw up on the flower hedge in the garden! By this time her guests had started coming and watched her run out repeatedly to throw up. When she licked it all off, Yahimba took her upstairs, washed her hair, and put her in a gorgeous white dress and sent her to attend to her guests. Her stomach still heaved but she had left the guests waiting for too long. Yahimba let her sleep easy that night but the next day, she set her at work fixing the damage done to the flowers.
Angela confirms the status of the two land papers with Akpokpo and Brenda with the land registry. As she thanks the land registry official, Harriet calls to find out if she is free? Angela asks if she is the only person in Lagos? Harriet needs confirmation about the state of her mental health. Angela drops the line and pops some pills.
Karen drags her bags out as Chuks and Ene try to stop her. She says living with Chuks and Ene has been hell. As she leaves, they celebrate and are shocked it was that easy. The door suddenly opens in the middle of their hug and Karen comes back startling them. She walks up to them and gives them a ring which she saw stuck to her blouse and gives two of them a group hug before leaving. Ene screams in delight at the sight of her wedding ring!
Angela meets with Akpokpo and tells him that she has confirmed that his papers are correct. As he expressed joy at the news, she tells him that the land papers with the company are also correct. He can only get redress after a lenghty legal battle. He says he cannot afford another lengthy legal battle after the last one he went through with his family. He is willing to listen to a good offer from the company.

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Sheila tells Phillip that she could not have done things differently and if Fred does not believe her, she will fall out of love with him!