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Snaky asks Brenda what she is doing visiting this prison? Brenda wonders why it is Sankey’s business where she enjoys fresh air? Sankey is sure that Brenda is breaking the law and when she missteps, Sankey promises her that she will be there to catch her. She tells Sankey that as usual, she does not understand what Sankey is blabbing about. Sankey promises to give her enough space to enjoy fresh air in detention and she tells Sankey that she just came from a car wash and can Sankey please remover her hands from the glass?
TTK and Robert make arrangements. Robert asks if she has chosen a make-up artist? Yes, she has. She knows someone. Robert is not happy about that. He eventually manages to get TTK to allow him get the vehicles to be used that day. Dan comes out and TTK asks if he is hungry so that she can arrange something for him? When he says yes, she yells for Carol to bring what she is cooking for Dan. Maami comes in and announces that wrestlers and drummers and singers are on their way with TTK’s father. TTK is shocked at the news. Dan gets up and says he would rather listen to drunks than all these.
Fred is at the spa and the spa girls greet him. He asks how business is doing? Good, they tell him and ask after Sheila. He tells them she is okay and asks for the accounts. He is trying to help as he thinks that it will be a bit more difficult now that Sheila is not around. He tells them to send anyone looking for Sheila to him. he leaves and the two girls ask if he is running away from his wife and ask each other who will call Sheila?
Angela fiddles with her pills and Angelique re-appears. She orders Angelique to stay away as she ordered her. Angelique is only trying to help but Angela says it is her fight. Angelique asks to call Charlie but Angela will have none of that. She calls Charlie who tells her that it is not good. He has checked everywhere and there is no shred of evidence that Akpobo sold the land to her. She says people will think she is lying and Charlie confirms that if he had not seen the papers himself, he would think she is nuts. He offers to keep digging and if that fails, they will have to call Brenda back to the table.
TTK and Maami discuss. She no longer eats bean cakes but eventually takes one from Maami’s plate. She is not happy Dan abandoned his breakfast and wonders why he is always rushing off to Ziggy’s and not behaving like his wedding is around the corner. Maami asks her not to worry. Dan is working hard but TTK does not think so. The last time she went there, he was drinking with the customers. It occurs to her that Dan is an addict and she tells Maami that it is dangerous for Dan to be drinking!
Fred tries Sheila’s number without success. He gets Cosmo on the phone and he confirms that Sheila is okay. He asks Cosmo to take good care of her as the treatment of that day could have been harsh on her. He drops off the phone and one of the spa girls brings him his herbal tea. He tells her it is blackberry infusion and it is good for her system.
Segun comes back to meet Sankey. She confirms she saw Brenda who denies what she is doing but she is neck deep in something. Segun has found out more about the man with his tongue slashed. He used to own the land on which Odyssey is. He sold the place to Brenda and when they wonder where the connection with Angela is, it suddenly occurs to Sankey that Brenda and Angela were fighting over the land recently. He asks Segun to dig some more. Segun asks whether she can get anything from the prison but she says no one there is saying anything. It is time to crank up the pressure.
Frank and Obiora are in the store when TTK comes in to talk to Frank in confidence. She asks if he lives up to his name he wonders what she is talking about? She asks after Dan and his drinking habits in the bar with his friends. Frank says Dan is okay and has been spending time in the office. TTK gives him some money and tells him she expects him to keep an eye on Dan and report anything he notices. Frank is baffled.
Kwame calls Dannie to tell her about his run-ins with Angela and how he went to see her with the second season of La Vida Loca that she sent him and met a different person. Dannie wonders why he is obsessed with Angela? He explains that he is not obsessed but probably intrigued and has discovered a different layer to the Angela he thought he knew. Dannie drops the line.
Amaka chats with Laide about the production. Everything is progressing towards the shooting. Laide complains that she has not seen the final budget for cameras, etc. Amaka will send it to her. She asks if Amaka will be at the shoot to keep an eye on things as she cannot be there. Amaka is busy with the anniversary. Laide asks how it is coming up and Amaka becomes evasive till she says she is just being polite. She asks how Laide is okay and Laide says she is. She asks whether Amaka has seen Omar? No. Laide wonders who is keeping an eye on what he is doing.
The spa girls question their colleague about what she heard from Fred. She recounts how he said that they should take good care of Sheila as the treatment may have been harsh. They wonder what she is recovering from? Maybe a bad spa day, plastic surgery, etc. They agree to go and visit Sheila to see what is wrong with her.
Dan returns TTK’s money and wonders what she was doing offering Frank money to spy on him? She says she was just being concerned. He is not happy that she does not trust him and wonders if that is what they will be doing as a married couple? He is on her way to the bar to go and rest. TTK says they have not finished talking. He reminds her that he is not an alcoholic but a drug addict and is not at any danger of relapsing.
Omar comes out of the van and is checking something with the sun. one of the boys asks when they will start shooting? Omar did not see what he was looking for through his fingers and asks his team to pack up and move on. They remind him that he chose that location yesterday but he says they need more trees and asks the driver to head out.
Kwame comes into Angela and she wonders why he will not leave her alone? He will not till he gets answers. She asks how she does not like him sound? He says that is the problem. One moment she is nice and the other moment she is hard. He wonders what it is with her? They may have had their moments but he is now into this TV thing of hers. She asks if Brenda sent him to her? He asks her not to be ridiculous. She wonders if his American girl is no longer doing it for him as he appears desperate? He reminds her of when she knocked on his door saying she needs a man? Needed, past tense, she tells him. he tells her that she still needs him. This her spat with Brenda is not healthy and he can smoothen things out for her. She still needs him.
Salewa gets into the bar and accosts Frank asking for her father. Frank says he went home and she asks why? When Frank will not answer, she tells him that she will stay there and ask him till she gets an answer. Frank tells her that TTK gave him money to spy on Dan. Just then, Dan enters the office and Frank leaves. Salewa sits in front of Dan and tells him that she knows what TTK did. She collected money from Fred for the wedding, a lot of money!

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Dan tells TTK that she must return all the money to Fred that same day or the wedding is off. She says it is not possible as she has spent some of the money. He goes in to collect his things and when she tries to stop him, he screams at her to get out of his way.



Sho, Helen and Salewa wait and Helen and Sho complain of the lecture. Sho is tired and suggest they go home. Salewa asks to go to Helen’s room with her. She says she will be bored as she wants to sleep. Salewa does not mind and when Helen asks why she does not want to go home, she says she is tired of her parents’ issues.
Sheila and Amaka share tales about Fred working his salesman’s charms on a customer. As they share their stories, Sheila starts sneezing. Amaka asks if she is okay? She says she is fine but the chemotherapy is harsher than she expected. Amaka asks her to re-consider the chemo and choose surgery instead. She says it is okay. She seems to easily catch cold.
Dr. Ibrahim talks to another doctor via video conference about Angela and Angelique. The doctor asks him to bring Angela in as she can be a danger to herself and to others including Dr. Ibrahim. There could be other personalities involved he says and Dr. Ibrahim says he has only identified Angelique, who seems to be antagonistic to the host.
Sheila continues to sneeze and tells Amaka to quit worrying about her and tell her what is happening at Reel? Amaka tells her about Fred’s interference and Omar’s expensive changes to the script. She wonders why Fred is encouraging Omar to run amok? Sheila tells her that there may be other issues involved. Fred will not admit it but she thinks he is missing Phillip. Amaka asks if Sheila will tell her what the last fight Fred and Phillip had was about? She will understand if Sheila demurs. Sheila thanks her for understanding. Where will we be without our secrets? She says.
Maami asks why TTK is sad? TTK says Dan cannot just come in and turn everything upside down. Maami tells her that she cannot treat her husband who is the head of the home like that. Salewa comes in and asks what the issue is? TTK says it is her father and she quickly excuses herself to go do her homework. As Maami continues to try to talk to TTK, she says she should be speaking with Dan. She calls him and asks when he is coming home? He says he is busy with suppliers and the kitchen. TTK asks if he is avoiding coming to talk about the store he cleared out? He says no and as she continues, he tells her he loves her and drops. Frank tells him he can go home and he will deal with the rest. He tells Frank he is okay. He is where he wants to be.
Segun comes to meet Sankey eating from a large bowl. She asks what he wants? He tells her that he stumbled on something she should be interested in. Detective Akpan has been called to a case and the man has been badly beaten. The man’s tongue has been cut off! Sankey nearly chokes on her food and wonders why Segun will tell her such a horrid tale in the middle of a hot afternoon? She wants to know who the man was? Seugn does not know but Angela came to visit him. She sends him to find out more and report back to her.
The staff finish one meeting and the remaining ones wonders why they should be having a production meeting that late especially when they do not know who the producer is? Funmi tells them that the producer’s name is shared on a need to know basis.
Dan is winding up a meeting with a customer when TTK barges into the office and says she can see he is dealing with an emergency. Dan quickly and safely ushers the customer out. He tries to tell her that there is nothing but TTK screams that she caught him pants down. He asks her to keep her voice down so that they can talk. She tells him that they can only talk at home and orders him to come along!
Kwame comes into Angela’s and wonders why she was not answering her door? He tells her he got the second part of a series and he wants them to watch it together. Angela does not talk and after a while tells him to stop. He wonders what the issue is? She tells him that his sister Brenda should be arrested and he agrees that Brenda should be arrested for so many things. He asks that she leaves him out of their issues. She tells him to stop trying to pretend not to know what is going on and as he protests his innocence, she pushes him out and slams the door in his face!
Maami and Salewa were sharing a story about the good food Maami served when they hear Dan and TTK arguing loudly outside. They stop and Dan and TTK enter and continue their loud argument oblivious of those they met. Salewa and Maami ask what the issue is and TTK complain about how Dan expects to come in and change things in spite of all the standing rules! Salewa asks why she is always the one making standing rules even when they are not convenient? Dan tells her that she must not talk to her mother like that and she must apologize for that. Maami insists that she kneels down while doing that. She goes on her knees and apologizes. TTK waves her up and rushes to Dan’s size. She snuggles up to him and tells him she is happy at how maturely he handled the whole issue. He whispers into her ears and she giggles. He announces loudly to everyone that two of them are going not the room to continue the argument. As they disappear hand in hand, Maami’s smile changes to scowl as soon as they were out of sight!
Dr.Ibrahim is trying without success to convince Angela to come in for consultation but she says no. She is quite busy now. He tells her that she has a fractured personality and she tells him to speak English. He tells her that she has multiple personalities and she asks that he tells her what she does not already know? He preaches about how it is in her interest to come in for treatment and reminds her that she came to seek his help. She calmly tells him that she was going through a phase then but she is okay now. As he continues to try and get her to come in, she tells him that she will have to hang up and as he protests, she calmly hangs up on him.
Salewa is at the bar and the waiters wonder why she is there at that time? She tells them that she has finished her lectures for the day and she does not want to go home because of her parents. They are always either fighting or cannot get enough of each other. Frank says he cannot imagine seeing his parents in a romantic mood. She tells them about the constant quarrel and he says he has learnt not to interfere between two lovers. Salewa responds that she came from two of them and so cannot stay away from their fight.
Masters tells Brenda that she must like to visit him. She asks how he got the documents and why he had to do that to Akpobo? He says that what he does is not her business. They should be discussing the next stage. She reminds him that they agreed that no life would be lost & says she is no longer a part of his game. He orders her to sit down. Whatever he has done, she is now an accessory. He tells her that he owns her now, & asks her to go home and wait for his next instructions.
Laide says that they must have covered everything. She asks if anyone has anything else to says? No. as they pack up the meetings, her phone rings and Omar asks if she will not pick? She says it can wait and ushers them out. Her phone starts ringing again. She eventually picks the phone and lies that she was busy. Her phone was in another room. She tries to explain that she is not trying to avoid who is on the other line and asks for time to sort things out.

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Frank asks TTK what this is? She tells him to keep an eye on Dan and report anything suspicious to her.


Majek asks what she is accusing him of? She asks what he is hiding? He gets up and drops the money for the food and as he is leaving, Lola blocks his path and asks if that is Reel Studios’ latest tactics? Bullying journalists into silence? He asks her if she has been sued for slander before? She asks him if he has ever tried to prove slander? As he tries to leave again, she stands in his path and tells him to tell Amaka that he cannot protect her forever. He tells her that once he has enough evidence, she is toast. She tells him that he is not the first person to threaten her and she is still standing.
Dan and Fred share anecdotes about TTK’s torn dress. He tells Dan about going for a program with Anjuola and one of her friends wore the same dress to the same party. Anjuola did not talk to her friend for weeks. Dan owes Sheila for saving the occasion. Fred also agrees that he owes Sheila a load of gratitude. Dan tells him that he is moving to TTK’s house and if he does not come home always, they should not send out a search party. Fred asks if TTK’s mum is still there? Dan says yes and Fred wonders whether the place can accommodate them all?
Angelique gets home and as she is popping pills, Angela asks her to stop it. She says she needs it after what she went through. She cannot believe what Brenda can get to including pulling off Akpobo’s tongue. Angela tells her that she was warned from the beginning. She understands Brenda and knows how she thinks. She believes that Brenda is after her and not anyone else.
Amaka tells Omar that she got his email. He says he is not avoiding her. He only thinks he can articulate his thoughts better on paper. She says he is bent on this his new idea and tells him that they will be taking a big risk on him if they agree to go with his ideas and they have already spent a lot on the remake. They will thus be expecting a lot more from him if they agree. He asks if that means she has agreed with his ideas? She says the industry is not ready for them. He asks her to get the industry ready for those ideas. She tells him he will be meeting with his producer, etc and will start shooting tomorrow morning.
Fred keeps stirring his coffee and Sheila asks him what is on his mind. He asks what she means? She tells him that if he stirs his coffee harder, he will create the proverbial storm in a tea cup. He tells her about the discussion he had with Dan about Dan moving to TTK’s. He got the impression that Dan is moving there because he cannot afford a bigger place which is surprising considering the amount he gave TTK. Sheila tells him that it is a donation and he should not be bothered about how it is spent. He agrees.
Odun and Nnenna are discussing at the reception when Angela walks in and walks past them. She tells him that Angela has changed again. He wonders how she has changed and Nnenna says that girls see what guys can’t see. This Angela is different from the other Angela. Her hair is different, she is wearing no make-up. She believes that this new Angela cannot survive the fight with Brenda which has started again. Odun agrees the fight is back on and Nnenna puts her money on Brenda.
Laide asks why Omar is not picking his phone or responding to her texts? He says he has been busy and a furious Laide wonders whether he was busy creating problems and ripping up their plans? She complains about his changing the script for Harvest and he tells her that even Amaka has agreed to go with him and he has held a meeting with his team. She reminds him that she is a part of that team! He cannot just change things like that. he asks if she is threatened that his deciding to do things his way will make her less relevant?
TTK is discussing her wedding plans with someone on the phone while Maami is in her own corner arranging her amala, ewedu and other native dishes. TTK shouts on her to stop stinking up her apartment with her native dishes. Dan comes in with his suitcase and Maami asks why TTK is not offering to take his suitcase inside? TTK insists he can take care of himself. Maami hopes that is not how she will behave when she is married? She hopes that TTK will cook for Dan. Dan comes out and TTK asks if he is hungry? He says he is hungry as he only managed a sandwich. TTK calls Carol to arrange something for Dan. Maami is shocked.
Omar tells Laide that he did not mean to disrespect her. Laide tries to talk him out of his new ideas saying that Fred is a bit old school and will not appreciate his film being torn apart. Omar tells her that he got the idea for the film from Fred himself after spending a night in his house. She is shocked that he spent time in Fred’s house. She also reminds him that the movie is a national treasure and a lot of people will not appreciate the drastic change. He is willing to go with it.
Angela marches into Brenda’s office and calls.her.a.thief. Brenda says Angela asks her to accept that the papers were forged. She tells Angela that the only forged papers are with her. She gets up and tries to touch Angela but Angela pushes her away. she is shocked at how the loss of a few hectares of land had changed Angela. Angela cannot believe that she could go as far as taking a life just for that. Angela asks how she sleeps? Brenda says she sleeps like a baby. As Angela walks out, she thinks what Angela is talking about?
Dan is reading a newspaper when TTK comes out and asks why he left the toilet seat up? He says yes. She snatches up his paper and when he wonders what it is for? She asks if it is rude? She does not like rudeness. Dan asks her to put the toilet seat down if she wants it down. She pushes his feet off the table and tells him that she just used her hands. He asks if that is how they will live? She tells him that she notices that he left his things on the left side night stand. He asks what the issue is and asks if there are other rules he needs to be aware of? Yes, there are. She reels off a list of rules…
Charlie tells Angela that he went to the land registry and there is no shred of evidence that her transaction ever happened. All the documents have been replaced by Brenda’s. he threw such a tantrum that they had to get security to throw him out. They made it look like Akpobo defrauded her by selling his land twice. Angela agrees and they cut off his tongue so that he cannot tell the truth!. Charlie says he will keep digging but warns Angela that her business partner has powerful dark friends. Angela agrees and as she frets, he offers her a lollipop. She looks at him like he has two heads, snatches up the lollipop and hauls same at him!
Dan tells someone that he moved some things because he needed the space. He is not willing to continue the discussion as he is tired and has work to do.
Laide agrees to start working on Omar’s idea and he thanks her for the ongoing confidence. She tells him that they need to get the team in there quickly as they have so much to cater for if they are going to meet Amaka’s deadline. They will also need a lot of coffee! He agrees. Laide asks him if he has spoken with his parents? He looks away. She asks if he thinks that they already know? He says no, except if they have started watching TV or reading newspapers. She reminds him that it is important he tells them herself or does he want her to talk to them first? He says no.

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Brenda tells Masters that she is no longer involved his little game. As she gets up to leave, he orders her to sit down and tells her that she will be involved in whatever he wants her to be a part of!


Fred screams Amaka to calm down. Amaka insists that she is being undermined by Fred. Fred tells her he is not ordering her. He is trying to convince her to let the boy bring in his fresh idea into the remake. Amaka says no and he pleads with her that the film is his and he owns the company and so has more to lose. She asks what he is trying to achieve with this? They have set up so much on the movie now. He tells her that he is a professional movie maker and has more to lose. If he wants legal advice, he will come to her. He asks if he has her approval to let Omar go on with his ideas? She says she may or may not but whatever she decides, the show must go on. She gets up and struts off.
TTK bangs the phone and Dan asks what it is about? She says all these people are ready to rip you off once they hear the Ade-Williams name. On top of that, they are not ready to even deliver what you want. He asks what she is planning and she says she thought he would not ask. A wedding she says is a statement of intent by two people in love. He asks what she has in mind for two of them? She describes a Greek wedding with white dresses and all while she appears as Aphrodite or Venus. He asks how much this will cost? She tells him not to worry. She has a nest egg and friends who are ready to chip in. they have even started making pledges. She goes to get the catalogue and Salewa comes out to meet Dan and asks what is going on? He says TTK has gotten into another wedding frenzy. She asks him if he has asked TTK where the money is coming from? He tells her that her mum and him are on top of things. She asks of the source of the money again and he repeats the part of friends that have started making pledges. She replies in a doubtful mode that catches his attention.
Louisa tells Omar to sit down. They need to do a V-log for the fans to follow. He insists that he does not have time for that now. He was going to see Amaka over the movie. Louisa insists that Amaka will understand the detour. He wonders why there is so much reality show going on when he has not even shot a frame of film? She gives him a dressing down. They have so much entrants for the projects and when they give him an opportunity to remake a classic without contributing a dime, he is coming up with an attitude? She asks him to sit down. He glares at her but sits down
A doctor is outside his gate giving instructions on a drug to someone when he suddenly sees Akpokpo bloodied and lying on the ground. He gets off the phone, checks his pulse and he is still breathing.
Toks is talking to Salewa about a new producer when he notices she is not listening. He tells her he is going to Jupiter and she says okay. He asks why she is not listening and what the issue is? She asks him what he will do if he finds out that his mum is lying to his dad? He admonishes her for getting involved again in her parent’s lives? She says it is easy for him to say because he is not involved. He reminds her that she is the one sitting here and moping while the adults are out having fun. She smiles and he talks to her about important things; about two of them.
Omar sits in front of the webcam and whips out his notebook. Louisa asks what he is doing? Working, he has a lot to do and he will answer the questions while working on his script. She is worried but after a while she sits down and starts the questions. The first question over and a congratulations. The next question is about shooting the next day and he tells her there is no shooting the next day. She answers the question herself. The next question from Nneka Mbonu asks a long question about his relationship with Fred, the issue with Reel and whether he is ready to sink with the company and whether he is a replacement for Phillip? Louisa says it must be from a reporter and replies asking who it is? Is this from Harriet of Tinsel Town? The questioner denies it and Omar gets up and asks her to answer the question whichever way she wants.
Charlie comes to meet Angela and asks what the emergency is? Angela tells her about the new agreement showing that Akpokpo sold the land to Brenda. He says it is not possible. The agreement they had was water-tight. She gives him the agreement and he says he will dig to the bottom of it all and while he tries to emphasize his words, he scatters the agreement all over the place. She drags him closer and tells him that she needs him to be on top of things. As he gathers the documents, Nnenna comes in with the cheque requisition that Brenda shredded and tells Angelique what happened to them. She also says that Brenda said that Odyssey does not do TV. Angelique looks at Charlie in confirmation. She asks Charlie to find Akpokpo whatever it takes. As she walks out of the office, Nnenna asks her where she is heading to? She wants some fresh air.
Maami tells Dan about TTK’s childhood days. They used to call her Alako in those days. Dan laughs heartily and Salewa comes out to join them. She asks what they are all cheery for? TTK tells her. Dan gets up to leave and TTK tries to convince him to stay and eat. If he had come with a change of cloth, she would have suggested he stays the night. Salewa protests that it is only married couples that are allowed to live together. TTK waves her away and she looks towards Maami but Maami agrees that they are adults and can stay together as Dan had gone to visit them in the village. She asks where they plan to live when they get married? Dan will move in with them, TTK says. Maami will not hear of that. When they tell her that Dan does not have a house right now, she wonders why they cannot all move into the house where they had the party? TTK insists that it is Fred’s house but Maami says it is big enough to accommodate everyone!
Lola, the reporter corners Majek in the restaurant and asks why he ran away the other day without a word? He apologizes saying his work takes him everywhere. She says she does not accept the apology except if he has dinner with her and some meaningful conversation there and then!
Angelique walks into Dr. Ibrahim’s office and he asks why she is there? She says she is about to do something drastic. If Brenda does not stop pushing her, there will be blood on her hands. He asks what happened? Brenda is trying to take over her land and push her off the land she bought. He asks her to sit down, close her eyes and imagine she is in a wide open space. She does so and he talks soothingly to her and asks who she is? Angelique. He asks where Angela is, Angelique does not care. She is weak. He keeps talking to her till she starts screaming for Dr. Ibrahim to help her recover her body. Suddenly, she becomes Angela and asks him to take his hands off her and gets up and walks out of his office!
Salewa tells them that they can go. She will stay with Carol. TTK says no because they do not know what Salewa will get up to. Salewa insists that she is 19, the same age TTK was when she left home. Dan tells them that no one is moving anywhere. Infact, they will stay apart till they are married and will move into the house he gets. TTK convinces him that as they are already spending so much money on the wedding, he can assume the rent for the apartment. That way, it will be like moving in with him. Maami says she has never seen a man move into his wife’s apartment.
Sammie calls Angela (Angelique) who is driving, to tell her that he has found Akpokpo. He has been beaten up badly. She says she is driving to where he is to see him.
Dan comes out to meet Salewa. He says that it seems that she is not comfortable with his coming to stay with them? She says it does not matter as her opinion never counts. He tells her that sooner or later, she will realize that her mum and him love each other. She says she has come to terms with that but no one will force her to like it!
Lola and Majek are at dinner and she asks him a number of questions about his interest in the dark side of journalism. She wants to know for how long he has been following Tinsel Town? He says he cannot remember but he has always been interested in her writings. She asks to know more about him but he hedges saying it is too short a time to know all about another. She asks what he does/? He claims he is into insurance. She wonders why she had not been seeing him around until now when he is everywhere. She says that if she did not know better, she would have assumed that he is a spy for Reel Studios, or is he?
Angela meets Sammie in the hospital and when the doctor comes out, they ask how Akpokpo is doing? The doctor says they have stabilized him but they are not sure he will be able to speak again. She wonders what he is talking about? The doctor asks Sammie if he had not told her? When he says he has not, the doctor tells Angela that whoever attacked Akpokpo cut of his tongue!

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Dan asks TTK if there is any other rules she wants him to be aware of? She tells him yes; he must not leave his dirty socks on her side of the bed, he must not squash the toothpaste from the middle especially when it is new, etc!


Amaka Okoh – Funmi Holder
Angela Dede – Matilda Obaseki
Brenda Mensah – Funlola Aofiyebi-Raimi
Chuks Obi – Iyke Okechukwu
Fred Ade-Williams – Victor Olaotan
Kwame Mensah – Christopher Attoh
Phillip Ade-Williams – Gideon Okeke
Sheila Ade-Williams – Iretiola Doyle
Soji Bankole – Gbenro Ajibade

Bimpe – Linda Ejiofor
Dan – Bimbo Manuel
Ene – Florence Uwaleke-Okechukwu
Titi – Abiola Segun-Williams
Yahimba – Taiwo Ajai-Lycett

Afi – Naomi Ihemelu
Carol – Lizzy Okpara
Cast – Okoro Cynthia
Freddy – Dozie Onyiriuka
Funmi – Yeni Ejide
Masters – Kalu Ikeagwu
Jimoh – Bobby Inioghe
Nnenna – Naya Amobi
Spa Staff 1 – Taiwo Aloba
Spa Staff 2 – Ndifreke Peters
Spa Staff 3 – Zeriya Wilson
Jane – Renee Mobola Badejo
Lola – Onyinye Obi
Dr. Freeman – Oluseye Soyode-Johnson
Dr. Ibrahim – Solomon Macauley
Doctor – Gabriel Ojini
Frank – Charles Ujomu
Sankey – Anne Njemanze
Segun – Camillus Orji Ibe
Barrister Haruna – Oluwaseyi Moritiwon
Obiora – Ifeanyi Williams
Odun – Emmanuel Ozzi
Laide Cole – Carol King
Louisa Munroe – Kemi Lala Akindoju
Cosmos – Richard Amechi
Hassan – Femi Amusan
Soshanna – Yewande Lawal
Titan – Ifeanyi Dike Junior
Helen – Fancy Oluwayemisi
Robert – Offiong Edet Anthony
Betty – Cynthia Ihebie
Maami – Lanre Hassan
Bello – Tony Oshinaike
Feke – Stephanie Coker
Forty Seven – Bayo Bankole
Yusuf Kabir – Felix O Olarewaju
Koboko – Joshua Nwaedozie Fr
Majek – Segun Arinze
Prisoner – Stanley Isiguzo
Akpobo – Omokaro Okonedo
A mina CFO – Chionye Giwa-Osagie
Charles Enahoro – Kingsley Bassey
Omar Babayaro – Ozzy Agu
Salewa – Tomi Odunsi


Sheila comes out and asks after Omar? Fred tells her he rushed off to go tell Amaka something. They settle to eat but he notices she is not eating. He asks after her appetite and she says it comes and goes. Sheila tells him that he spent all the time yesterday talking to Omar and missed out on the goings on at the party. She tries to tell him about TTK’s shenanigans at the party but he was more interested in Omar’s insistence on getting quality out of the re-make of the movie. Sheila tells him that she hopes he is a talent and not him seeing himself in another person.
Brenda meets the lawyer and hopes that the envelope he has contains something to show that his boss is serious. The guy asks her to see for herself. She complains about having to put up with Angela for longer but when she sees the agreement, she screams and asks how he did it but looks back to see that he has disappeared!
TTK comes to meet Sheila to return the gown which has been dry-cleaned. She feels so welcome in the family now and asks Sheila that she needs to ask for her assistance. The wedding is cutting so much into their available resources and she wants Sheila’s assistance to talk to Fred for some financial assistance for them. Sheila is surprised TTK came to her but promises to speak with Fred. However, it will be his decision. TTK can understand and says she came because they are the only Ade-Williams wives for now till Phillip add to their ranks. She asks Sheila to keep this between them as Dan will be mortified if he hears. Sheila shakes her head when TTK leaves.
Amaka asks Omar how he is getting up? She hopes he cannot wait to see his directorial seat from the next day. He says he will not be sitting much. She hopes he is excited about all the arrangements. He says he is not going to be sitting anywhere. He is throwing the reset button on everything! Amaka cannot hide her shock!
Fred says he was going to come and see who Sheila was attending to when he is through with the papers. Sheila says it is TTK who came to return her dress. She also dropped a bombshell on her laps by asking for financial assistance. Fred says he intends to chip in something but is waiting for Dan to make the request. He had rejected all such offers in the past. He is delighted that TTK is seeking such assistance while keeping it from Dan. He hopes she will be good for Dan. Sheila is bothered that it will blow up if Dan finds out as TTK is not known for discretion. Fred calls TTK to inform her that they have discussed her request. He asks her to come by to discuss her budget.
Brenda gets back to the office and calls the lawyer to ask how it was done? She asks for confirmation that the document is genuine. The lawyer tells her that Masters does not break his words. She asks how it was done and that it is genuine? He says he was there when it was signed. She pushes him and he tells her to stave off the insult. She agrees and asks how to inform Angela? He tells her that they think it is better for her job to inform Angela herself. Brenda could not agree more.
Amaka does not believe that she heard Omar right. He cannot throw anything out. He tells her that he is only keeping the spine of the story. Every other thing will be brought back to the present. He believes that all the conflicts of those days are still present today. Amaka tells him that he cannot change anything. She insists that he goes home, sleeps over things and comes back tomorrow to resume shooting. He says no and insists on making his own movie. He is changing the whole pre-production arrangements for the film Harvest. She asks who has been filling his head with this idea that he can change things? She asks him to ensure that he is there for the shooting tomorrow. He gets up and walks out as she calls him back.
Fred asks TTK how much she needs? She says that it will be inappropriate for her to tell him what to donate. However, with the need for the traditional ceremony and everything… Fred agrees that Maami is right about the traditional ceremonies. He writes her a cheque and she opens her mouth in glee as she thanks him. He says he is bothered about Dan finding out and she says she will tell Dan that some people insisted on assisting her with the wedding. She will not tell him till the wedding is all over.
Amaka calls Laide to ask what she has been filling Omar’s head with? Laide wonders what she is talking about? Amaka tells her that Omar wants to change the film’s setting from the civil war to the present and wants to throw out everything they had prepared in pre-production. Laide knows nothing about the change. The last time she saw him, he was ready to shoot. Amaka asks her to make good on her promise as the producer!
Angelique looks up gleefully as Brenda comes into her office but her demeanour changes when Brenda drops the documents on her desk. She opens them and says they cannot be real. Brenda agrees. They are photocopies. Angelique wonders how it happened and Brenda asks her to make copies, frame them and display them on her walls to remind her not to mess with Brenda again. She walks out leaving Angelique’s mouth hanging open!
TTK comes home and tells Maami that she got more than she bargained for from Fred. They both dance and Maami is happy that she can have her big ceremony. TTK tells her she is having a small ceremony and now that she has money, she is getting a wedding planner. Dan comes in and is surprised TTK is talking to wedding planner. TTK says a wedding is synonymous with a wedding planner. As he is getting used to that, Maami gets up and says she is going to get ready to receive the visitors from the village!
Nnenna comes into meet Brenda and apologizes that she went for lunch and did not know when Brenda came back. Brenda says she is back in more ways than one. Nnenna is confused and Brenda collects the requisition she brought and shreds it. She gives it back to Nnenna and asks her to give them back to Angela. Nnenna asks what she will tell Angelique? Brenda tells her that she should tell Angelique that Odyssey makes movies not TV.
Salewa is talking to her father about her friends but she notices he is not listening. She asks him what is wrong? He says he is bothered that TTK is driving up the cost of the wedding and Maami is not helping by this elaborate traditional wedding. She asks him to simply ask TTK where the money is coming from. He says that each time he asks she says she has this money coming. Salewa insists that he asks TTK where she got the money from.
Angelique asks Angela to suggest how they can deal with this new problem and Angela reminds her that she warned her that Brenda cannot be trusted. She wonders where Brenda got the documents from except if Angela was duped from the beginning which is not entirely unexpected. Angela assures her that the land transaction was completely above board.
Amaka marches into Fred’s living room and tells him that they have a problem. He wonders why she could not discuss that on the phone? She tells him that Omar wants to cancel everything they have prepared on pre-production for the re-make of the movie. He argues in Omar’s favour but she insists that they do not have time for any amendments now. He tells her that if he succeeds, she will attain more success than they would have with a remake. She tells him that the remake is her project and she is not ready to re-work anything again. He tells her that he had a talk with Omar last night about the movie and Amaka is surprised that he is aware of all these issues and supports it. With all dues respect, she tells him, the remake is her project and she is not listening to any suggestions for a change. She packs up and walks out on him.

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Omar tells the PR babe that he is being forced to do adverts when he has not even shot a frame. Louisa asks him if he knew the number of entries they had for this project? He is being asked to direct a film that he contributed nothing to and he is here telling stories? She asks him to please sit down.


Omar & Fred get home & Omar commend the big party outside. Fd tells him his brother is getting married & it does not happen often. He suggests they watch a DVD of the movie but Omar is lost in thought. Fred asks what he is thinking about? He says it is nothing so Fred asks him to share. He says it is the film. There is no time to do anything. He complains that the film hardly needs his input. Everything is already in place before he was even selected. Fred tells him that it is a re-make so the office had an idea about what it is going to be like.
Dan comes in and meets TTK lamenting about her torn gown. He wonders what she is going on about? A safety pin or two can fix the tear. Sheila comes out and tells him it is not possible but suggests that TTK wears one of her dresses, a new designers dress. TTK reluctantly follows her & Dan thanks Sheila with his eyes!
Omar apologizes to Fred but Fred understands why he feels that way & why he is under pressure. Film making may be a team effort but it is still the director’s name that is on the film and if things go wrong, it is his name that will be disparaged. He suggests that they watch the movie. Omar says no, he has seen the movie over and again. Fred insists that they watch the movie as it has behind the scene clips. He also suggests that Omar sleeps over and rests after watching the movie. It will help him rest and think clearly about where he wants to get to with the movie.
TTK finally makes a grand entrance with Sheila beside her. She takes her seat and apologizes to everyone for her being a tad late. She had an emergency to deal with. Robert comes to commend her dress. He thought she had developed cold feet. Immediately he is out of earshot, TTK tells Dan that she hates the dress. He asks her if they should pack up the party so that she can go and remove the dress?
Fred says he wanted a different ending to the movie but the weather & finances did not allow him. Omar likes the ending. Fred tells him that sometimes what you planned in pre-production does not end up happening. Omar says that is scary. Fred tells him that in his days, he did not have the kind of money and technology available now. Omar is happy to have win the privilege and Fred tells him it is well-deserved. He gives Omar the DVD and tells him that he may find some useful things in the behind-the-scene footage. He however encourages Omar to make the movie his own and change things when he thinks it is necessary. Omar complains about the tight schedule but Fred tells Jim to forget that and concentrate on his art.
TTK gets home with Maami and Salewa and Salewa asks if Maami enjoyed the party? She asks which party Salewa is talking about? The one that did not have music and drummers? If it was in the village, they would have filled everywhere with music and merriment. She gets ip to demonstrate for Salewa but TTK asks them to stop the racket as she wants to go and sleep. Maami reminds her that they will need to do all that during the wedding in the village. TTK will have no village wedding. Maami reminds her that she cannot turn her back on her people or the wedding will be cancelled. That brought a smile to Salewa’s face!
Fred tells Omar not to restrict himself in the shooting of the movie but to record whatever catches his fancy. Whatever the do not use stays n the editing room. They share stories about movies they like; Departed for Omar and Scarface for Fred. Omar is surprised that Fred likes such movies. Fred agrees that it has some colorful language and gratuitous violence but still leaves one with a message that crime does not pay.
Akpokpo is n his way out when the lawyer accosts him b the car. He wants to share a word with Akpokpo over the Odyssey land. Akpokpo tells hi. He has nothing to discuss as Brenda threw him out of her office when he wanted to discuss. He makes to enter his car and drive away but Masters’s thugs pick him up and drive away with him.
TTK tells Dan about Maami insisting on a village wedding. They could have delayed the wedding but the press could get funny ideas and if they go ahead, Maami can throw a spanner in the works. She suggests that Dan talks to Maami but he asks to be left out of it. He asks for the wedding budget that TTK asked him over for. She shows him the budget and he asks if there is a decimal point before the last two zeros? No, weddings are expensive, TTK says. He tells her that he cannot afford that kind of wedding. They will be broke after that. While he would have loved to give her the wedding she wants? His life savings cannot carry it.
The lawyer meets Vince where he has roughened Akpokpo up. Akpokpo begs for his life. They give him another set of land documents to sign saying that the land now belongs to Brenda Mensah. He asks what will happen? He had sold the land to Angela. They tell hi. That his car and his money is still his though. When he hesitates to sign, they remind him that the window for him to leave there alive is quickly closing.
Akpokpo signs the back-dated land documents and they tell him that he just saved his life. Vince says they cannot leave Akpokpo free but the lawyer tells him that Masters did not say to kill the guy. He should however make Akpokpo know that silence is a virtue.
Angela presents Brenda the cheque for the writer’s workshop to sign. Brenda wonders why Angela did not break the amount into smaller cheques she could sign? Angela tells her that she was hoping that she will change her mind. She tries to touch Brenda to show friendship but Brenda shrugs her off. Brenda signs the cheque but notices Angelique writes with her left hand and asks her when she became left-handed? Angelique tells her that here is so much Brenda does not know of her. Brenda gets up and asks who she is? Angelique Laius as she leaves.
TTK tries to convince Maami to drop her traditional wedding bid saying that they do not have money to pay for such. Maami asks what she means? Afte that big party? TTK tells er that the party was funded by Fred. Dan stays in Fred’s house because he does not have money. Maami tells her to go and meet Fred to bankroll the wedding! TTK says no. How will she tell Dan what she did behind his back? Maami tells her that she does not disclose everything she discussed with TTK’s dad. TTK will think about that.
Fred meets Omar sitting at the dining table and asks if he slept a all? Omar says he could not. After speaking with Fred, he ideas kept flowing and he could not stop. Fred says the idea was for him to come over and rest. He is however glad he could help. He asks what Omar will have for breakfast but Omar wants to head to the studio. He looks a his phone again and Fred asks if he does that constantly? Is he expecting a call from a special someone? Omar dashes off to the studio. He has something to tell Amaka and he s sure that she will not like it.
Sankey meets Masters and without preambles asks him why Brenda is visiting him and what he is trying to hatch? Brenda and Angela are now cooperating and working together. Masters asks what she wants in the prison? Maybe she is missing him. He is flattered but right now, he is concentrating on being a model prisoner. Sankey does not believe that. She asks after the death of another inmate in his cell? He says it was a most unfortunate event. The man died of excruciating pain. Sankey asks him what he plans for Angela? How painful will it be? he tells her that prison has taught him forgiveness especially for those who betrayed him. He suggests that Sankey try that but Sankey tells hi. That she prefers revenge!

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Brenda tosses a pack of documents on Angela’s desk and tells her to frame them and put them up on the wall to constantly remind her nt to mess with Brenda!