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TTK meets Dan and he confirms he saw her on The Juice with Peju. She asks if she was over-dramatic? He says no. She cannot help being dramatic but she was measured and eloquent. She apologizes for not calling him earlier. He quips at her for calling him a special friend. She says she wants to share her life’s precious moments with him. He says he will want to do the same. What he is saying is that he loves her!
Fred and Sheila were cuddling in the sitting room when Amaka comes in, asks if she is interrupting something but Fred tells her to go ahead with her questions. She asks what the issue was between him and Phillip? She is trying to reach him unsuccessfully and it has to do with the issue he had with Fred. Sheila tells her that it has to do with Yahimba. Amaka asks if Fred has tried to reach Phillip now that the whole thing is resolved? Fred says he will do that in his own time. Amaka insists that he needs to do so now as it is beginning to affect business. She leaves them and moves on.
Kwame asks whether Brenda is taking him out to dinner as an atonement for throwing him out of her office? She asks if she cannot take her brother out for dinner without motives? She envies Kwame for being left alone to run the company by his business partner. He says that beats being couped up in the same room with Phillip and Tare all day. He wonders how Angela ended up owning 50% of the shares of Odyssey? Brenda tells him that some people expect her to take care of Angela. Kwame wonders if she is in danger? She says some people think so. They agree that things have been better these days that Angela has been out of the office.
TTK tells Dan that love is such a strong word. She suggests other words he could have used. He tells her that he could not help falling in love with her again. She wonders if she is that difficult? He says yes, but agrees that he has his own faults too. He saw things in perspective in prison when Salewa and TTK were the only constants in his life. He decided to ask her once he is out before she changes her mind again. With that, he comes around the table and holding her two hands asks if she will marry him? She holds back for a while and says yes!
TTK and Dan toast to future happiness. They discuss how far they have come and so many surprises they have gone through, some of them really surprising. Salewa was one of the most jolting and have turned out to be the nicest. She reminds him that they are doing things the wrong way; having a baby first before getting married. She asks him what kind of man proposes to a woman without a ring? He says it was spur of the moment decision. She will not be proposed to in a whim. He has to get a ring and do it all over again. He smiles and says he was thinking of the same thing. He fishes out the ring he gave her the first time and says he kept it as a memento of her stubbornness. She insists that he put it on her finger immediately.
Sheila and Fred are silently at the table. After a while, she goes round and tells him that she needed help at that time and no one was listening when she said that her mother was evil. Phillip was the only person that listened to her and kept an open mind.
Masters is interrogated by two government officers who remind him that even if he escapes Emile’s effigy, there is still the little matter of his escape. They rant and advise him to make a deal. They want names of his contacts, etc. he just looks on at them and says absolutely nothing. When they got tired, a warden comes in to take him away without his saying a word.
Salewa takes a call from someone who is looking for Dan. He says he needs something from him but he is not picking his phone. Salewa suggests that he checks Fred’s house but he says that Dan did not sleep there. She screams for TTK and says that Dan is missing. She goes to her room and comes back screaming. TTK and Dan comes out half-dressed and tell her it was nothing. She will not hear anything of that and runs off. Fred tells TTK that it is not all bad. She should allow Salewa be by herself for a while. TTK is worried but he says he will go home, change and come back. She helps him dress up and he leaves.
Sheila asks Fred to say something. He wonders why Phillip is showing Sheila such loyalty that he had never shown anyone. It was Phillip that brought two of them together by suggesting that he uses the spa’s services. When Phillip learnt that they want to get married, he bitterly resisted it. Sheila reminds him that Phillip was protecting his heritage. When he was ill, Phillip moved back to the house to help Sheila. Sheila reminds him that he was ill and that was what brought Phillip home. Fred continues that Phillip ran to Sheila when he learnt that he wanted to marry Laide. Sheila thinks he was still protecting his heritage. Fred wonders why the same Phillip who did not see eye to eye with her came back and abandoned his movie premiere just to come and listen to Sheila? Before she could answer, he gets up violently and walks away.
Sankey comes into the interrogation room and asks the two interrogators how the interrogation is going? She heard that Masters is getting to them. They assure her that he will talk after a while. She tells them that she knows how to get Masters to talk. She may not get him to confess but she can get him to talk to her. They remind her that the commissioner does not want her near Masters. They do not want her to do anything that will discredit the investigation.
Sheila calls Amaka to thank her for barging into her house uninvited at such a late hour and souring the mood between her and Fred. She wonders when she needed invites to the house and reminds Sheila that she asked Fred if it was a good time? She tells Amaka that she needs to be more sensitive next time. Sheila tells her that somethings will continue to be private to her like her marriage. Amaka wonders how asking for what happened between Fred and Phillip involves their marriage? Maybe if they tell her what the whole secret is about, she will learn to stay away from it. Sheila drops the line.
Dan comes home and meets Fred who accosts him for not telling them that he will not be coming home last night. Dan tells him that he should have called but yesterday was a special day. Fred wonders why he will be behaving like a spoilt teenager when Masters is out seeking to do him harm. Dan tells him to stop treating him like a teenager with a curfew and if he must know, he spent the night with his fiancée. What fiancée? He proposed to TTK. He walks away from Fred who laughs it off.
Kwame is on the phone with Danny. He thought she will be coming back after submitting her thesis. She asks him to come to USA. He cannot do that now. He has all his money tied up in the next project. She suggests he brings Brenda into it but he would rather not do that. the line cut off as they talk.
Taiwo is worried at being called into a meeting with Barrister Odey. Amaka tells them that Barrister Odey is there to advise them. She tells them that they are there to discuss what will happen to The Flood Journals which they may need to buy back from an ex-PA. They wonder how it happens that they are buying their manuscript? Amaka asks for the numbers and one of the staff tells them that they are willing to pay up to N1 million for the manuscript but they will do whatever they can to reduce the amount. Funmi comes in to tell them that Zaza is around and they ask that she be shown in.
Brenda bangs on the door and asks Angela to open up. Angela opens and asks what she wants? She came to offer Angela a way out. She thrust an envelope into her hands and tells her that it contains a ticket to Maldives. Angela tells her that it is a one-way ticket but she says it is return. If Angela had accepted her earlier offer, she will not be looking over her shoulders now. Angela tells her that Masters will find her if he wants to. Brenda tells her to then go and enjoy herself for a while before she is found. Who knows, she may need to extend the ticket. Angela tells her to leave before she does something they will both regret! She drops the envelope for Angela and leaves.

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Amaka tells Zaza that they do not have the whole day but she says she is not in a hurry. She has what they want and that puts her in a position of power. They ask her to exercise her power and name a price. She says she wants 100…



Amaka cannot believe that Phillip sold the manuscript for N5,000. Kwame says he was being more considerate than the usual Phillip. It happened during a time they had issues in the family and he had to leave Reel. He took the manuscript and deleted all electronic copies. It lay in the bathroom for days before Zaza noticed it and started reading it. He asked her if she liked it and sold it for the amount she had in her bag. He said he is sorry for whatever it is worth.
Sheila says they need to do whatever is necessary to keep Masters behind bars. Sakey tells them that Angela is the key. As they discuss how to keep Angela focused, Brenda butts in and reminds them that Angela betrayed them over and again in the past. She has a complicated relationship with Masters and there is no guarantee that she will not do same again. Sheila reminds her that they all do not want Masters out except if she wants him out!
TTK meets Salewa writing on top of a car’s booth and asks what she is doing. She is appalled at Salewa’s handwriting! She thought it was only doctors that wrote that way. She asks what Salewa is reading and wonders what that has to do with theatre arts? She wants Salewa to go through her JAMB questions to confirm that it is still okay. Salewa bristles at the interruption as Dr. nnamani joins them. She wonders if she is interrupting but TTK cheerfully tells her no. she asks TTK what she thinks of the school awarding her an honourary degree?
Sankey tells Sheila and Brenda that she will get back to them as soon as she finds a way forward. As they leave, she calls Brenda back. Brenda wonders what doomsday prediction she has again? She tells Brenda that even though they know she does not like Angela, they need her now. Brenda wonders how she can like a girl that connived with a criminal to steal 49% of her company. Sankey tells her to keep this up and Masters will come out and take the remaining 51%. She agrees to play along but Sankey has to commit to keeping Angela away from her, or if Angela crosses her path, she will be history!
TTK is speechless at the news. Dr. Nnamani tells her not to be too ecstatic yet. She heard a small bird that it was discussed at the senate. TTK is over the moon and asks if it will be before or after she writes the entrance exam? Scholar tells her that there will not be any need for the entrance exam. Dr. Nnamani tells her it is not settled yet but TTK is already making plans about the gown to wear, etc. She thinks that someone should have honoured her all these while with an honorary degree after her accomplishments. Scholar is appalled as TTK walks off. Salewa is not sure of the news.
Amaka meets Fred as he is about to go out. She came to tell him about some new developments in the office. He is off with Sheila to see a doctor. They are trying for a baby. Amaka asks if he is up to it? Yes, he is excited. As they talk, Sheila joins them and Fred goes in to get something and Sheila asks why she did not make the meeting with Angela? She was busy at work. Sheila fills her in on what was discussed. Amaka wonders if Angela fell for Masters? Sheila says that does not matter so much now.
Salewa follows Dr. Nnamani and asks if she is the one that recommended TTK for the honourary degree? She says it should be blamed on TTK’s popularity. Salewa does not think it is the best thing for TTK but Dr. Nnamani just wants to keep TTK out of her class. She asks if Salewa wants to spend the whole four years with TTK in the same class?
Sheila is through with the tests and asks the doctor if all is well with her? Yes, all is well. She wonders if her age is a hindrance? The doctor tells her that it becomes more difficult as a woman gets older but more women are having babies late so the doctors are becoming adept at it. She still needs to go through more tests. Sheila asks if it is okay for Fred to come in? yes, the doctor goes to fetch him.
Amaka knock and Angela lets her in. She notices that Angela is shaking and asks if she is okay? Angela says she is okay. Amaka sits with her and tells her she heard what happened. She also knows what it is like to fall in love with a bad man. She was in the same situation with Sunom and Angela helped her even without being involved. Angela says that in her case, she knew who he was but she liked it! Amaka tells her she brought food but Angela insists she is not hungry. Amaka’s phone rings and she needs to go. She leaves the food behind and as soon as she is out, Angela goes for the food.
Brenda meets Kwame in her office and wonders why he is always there? Is he trying to get back to Odyssey? She wonders what is wrong when she notices his sad mien. He tells her that things are not very rosy. She recalls that their last movie did well but he says that they invested all the money into the next movie hoping to sustain themselves with TV commercials. Now, the TVC guys are a very tight click. Brenda tells him it is business and he need to break in. He thanks her for the impromptu business lesson. Her phone rings and he leaves. Amaka asks if she has seen Angela? Brenda is shocked this is coming from the person that did not attend the meeting. She reminds Amaka that Angela’s absence has been one of the best things that has happened in her office! Amaka wonders which is better; attending the meeting or seeing Angela? Brenda goes off on what Angela did wrong and whether she should shut down her life just to be with Angela? Amaka reminds her that she promised. She agrees to make the effort to go and see Angela.
TTK is on the phone telling everyone that cares that she has been given an honourary degree by NOUN. Salewa is not happy that she is not keeping the award to herself yet. Carol wonders if they will throw a party for an honourary degree? She gets off the phone and asks if Carol is aware of her impending degree? Carol says she has been told already? Salewa wonders who TTK is calling again? TTK says it is Peju, that upstart of a journalist. She gets Peju on the line and asks if she is getting an interview for getting an honourary degree? Peju already has a show and is not interested in that. TTK says she will then go to Harriet. Peju however believes that the honourary degree is confirmation of what Dr. Nnamani said.
Amaka tells Makjek that Phillip took the manuscript. Majek asks what else she wants done? She wants a proposal to upgrade the physical security in the company just like they upgraded the online security. Majek advises that she looks for the PA and try to get the manuscript back. She tries Phillip again and gets a voice message.
Peju and her team are in TTK’s house as she comes out. Salewa wonders whether she is ready to go through with that? TTK wonders what is wrong? Salewa thinks she should wait till the degree is announced before she goes on air. TTK says going on air is a way of ensuring that the school does not change their mind! She gets on with the interview and tells Peju and crew about her going back to school and being awarded an honourary degree. Peju asks about her relationship with Dan Ade-Williams? They have been seen enjoying a cosy moment once or twice. A shocked TTK tells her that he is a special friend. TTK wonders how the father of her daughter can be just a special friend?
Amaka tries Phillip again but gets the same result. She wonders why Phillip will not talk to her? She calls Kwame and Kwame says he spoke with Phillip earlier in the day. They confirm that they are using the same number and Kwame concludes that Phillip does not want to talk to her then. She wonders why and he tells her that Phillip left in a huff after visiting his father. He refused to say why but Sheila came shortly after to say she is ready to make peace. He asks if Amaka knows what transpired? Amaka says she knows they were in a fight but apparently, it is worse than she thought.

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Brenda bangs on the door and announces herself. Angela opens up and asks what she wants? Brenda marches into the room and tells her that she is offering her a way out as she thrusts an envelope in Angela’s direction!


Amaka meets with a screen writer and they discuss their kids before they came around to discussing The Flood Journals. Amaka forgot about the script and instructs Tayo to get Alex off her back by liaising with Funmi, the new office manager. Tayo grumbles about the party he did not attend. Amaka thanks him for agreeing to work with them. As he leaves, Funmi comes in to tell her that it is gone. They have searched everywhere including the safe but the manuscript is not there.
Angela calls her father to assure him that she is okay. He doubts her and she tells him that the newspapers exaggerate sometimes. Abubakar is back in jail where he belongs. She promises to call him back.
TTK scatters papers in the house and Salewa comes in to ask what is going on? She says she has to apologize to Scholastica and other lecturers for deceiving them. She needs to start the process for getting back to school. Salewa wonders what she means? She informs her that she has Schola’s permission to attend her class from tomorrow. Salewa is surprised. TTK tells her that she will be as quiet as a mouse and will stay away from her if need be. Salewa tells her that she is her mother and if they need to walk side by side, she will do that. TTK thanks her for the support.
Amaka and Funmi meet with Majek who tells them that no one tampered with the safe. Whoever took the document had the right codes. He asks if that is the only copy? Amaka says yes, though she asked someone to scan a copy and save but she has not received anything. Majek asks what the document is and she explains that it is Late Chris Okereke’s work that was never published. Majek informs them that whoever took the original may have taken the e-copy. He asks who has seen the manuscript? It suddenly occurs to Amaka to check with Phillip. She instructs Funmi to try all Phillip’s known contact.
Salewa urges TTK to go home after the long day. TTK insists on continuing. Salewa snatches off posters from the notice board as she tries to convince TTK that the admissions people do not have the right to insult her as they did. TTK agrees but says she gave them the right to do so. Salewa suggests she checks into another school. She agrees to consider that but thinks she will not be setting the right examples for Salewa if she runs away. Salewa says she will stay by her side and if anyone starts anything, she will finish it for the person. TTK says she will do no such thing. She walks into the classroom and Salewa hears applause!
Angela is still walking around the house morosely. She picks up the shawl Abubakar gave her and cuddles it.
Funmi tells Amaka that she has not had any success. She has not been able to reach Phillip anywhere. She suggests they tell Alex the truth but Amaka says that will make them incompetent. She asks Funmi to continue trying. She calls Kwame but he did not pick the phone. She leaves him a message to call her as she has been trying to reach Phillip.
TTK is in Dr. Nnamani’s office when Salewa and two other students walk in. they hail her for beating the system back in the days. They think that is the way to survive in Lagos. She tells them that it is not the lesson she is trying to pass on to them. She is going to be taking the entrance exams and be one of them soon. They are happy and will be willing to hang out with her when she is in school. Dr. Nnamani walks in and asks if the girls do not have any other class to attend? As they leave, she asks TTK not to make her regret allowing her to attend her classes.
Dr. Ibrahim calls Angela who picks the call finally after avoiding the first ring. He has been reading her stories and asks if she is okay? She says she is fine. He is calling to check on her and is willing to re-arrange his schedule if she wants to talk. She thanks him. When he asks if she has been taking her drugs, she tells him to ask what he wants. He tells her that her condition does not handle stress well and she should get back to her medication. She agrees to do so. He says that he knows that Masters still has a hold on her but she tells him not now and drops the phone.
Funmi comes in to tell Amaka that Alex sent someone to collect the manuscript. Amaka tells her to tell Alex that they will send him a handwritten manuscript shortly. As a grateful Funmi leaves, she calls Kwame and he tells her that he just spoke with Phillip. She wonders why he did not return her calls? She is willing to fly down to Ghana to find him. He tells her that he is in a bar near his office and she might want to hear this face to face.
TTK is still in Dr. Nnamani’s office as students come in to drop their assignments. As Dr. Nnamani steps out to take a call, the students invite TTK to their party. She agrees to come as it will give her a chance to practice her azonto but she will pass up on this one. They ask Salewa and she brusquely tells them she does not like partying. They wonder if she is her mother’s child? TTK tells them she took after her father. Dr. Nnamani comes in and the students scurry away. She asks Salewa to come outside and have a word with her. As they step out, TTK wonders what is going on.
Sheila asks Sankey why she is the only one there? Sankey tells her they are expecting the others. Just then, Brenda walks in and Sankey gets a text saying she won’t be able to make it. They ask why they are there? Sankey tells them they are there because they are all in Masters’ bad book. They agree but wonders what the issue is now as he is behind bars? Sankey confirms that Masters is in solitary confinement. They wonder what they are doing there then? Sankey tells them that they are trying to arrange new charges for Masters; attempted murder, etc. Yes? However, Angela is their only witness right now and she does not like Angela’s state of mind. They agree that for once, Angela did the right thing. However, Sankey is not sure that Angela is convinced she did the right thing! Brenda blows up and says she is not ready to go through this guilt trip again. Sankey reminds them that Masters escaped and started with Emile. Who knows who else he would have moved on to next? That got the other women listening!
Amaka meets Kwame in the bar and as he tries to play a good host, she asks for his answer as she is in a hurry. Kwame tells her that Phillip cannot be reached, there is no internet where he is. What of the manuscript? Phillip took it as it was willed to him by Chris Okereke. Amaka wonders why he will take a manuscript he passed onto Reel? Kwame tells her that Phillip does not remember that. she wonders what he is talking about? Kwame tells her that Phillip sold the manuscript to his PA who he was sleeping with at that time for N5,000!

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Brenda says she is not ready to midwife Angela, who connived with a criminal to take away 49% of her company again. Sankey reminds her that if Masters escapes again, he will be coming for the remaining 51%. She agrees to do everything necessary to ensure that Angela testifies but she has a condition.


Salewa and TTK discuss her suspension from the mentorship program. Salewa suggests that it is not nice that they suspended TTK from the mentorship program by text. TTK agrees but says she did not give them much choice as she has been dodging their summons. Salewa reminds her that she made herself unavailable. She asks which side Salewa is on and Salewa reminds her that she is still a student in the school and does not want trouble. TTK surprises her by saying that Dan was right, she will go and get a degree from that university even if it is the last thing she does.
Sankey pump Angela for information but Angela tells her that she has said everything she knows. Sankey agrees to continue tomorrow and ask Segun to get Angela’s things which they got from the crime scene. She says Angela really believed Masters’ story about running away and living happily ever after. That would have made her an accomplice. Angela tells her that she was asleep when Masters arranged everything. She believes Angela as she has checked through the bag and found nothing worth investigating. She advises Angela to avoid the press, and not skip town before she allows Segun to lead her out.
Fred and Sheila come up for air from some enjoyment. He says he has worked up an appetite as he cuddles with Sheila. They decide to re-schedule their check-up appointment.
Segun and Angela rush back to Sankey’s office. The press men are outside and Angela is refusing to meet with them. Sankey tells her to face the story and enjoy being a hero. She does not want to be a hero. Sankey asks Segun to man his post but fetch her the blanket so that she can drive Angela home. Angela wonders what the blanket is for? Sankey ells her that she cannot hide in the station forever and the pressmen will not go away. She will drive Angela home and fetch her car later.
TTK barges into Dan’s office complaining loudly about being refused to see the proprietor after all, she is a paying customer. Dan asks her what she wants? She says she is not there to beg him for reconciliation. He is not expecting that. She is only here to tell him that she has accepted his advice. Which one? She is ready to go back to school!
Amaka is surprised to hear that Yahimba owns Tinsel Own. Sheila says she may have to cancel her subscription. Amaka says the magazine makes her a very powerful woman. Sheila tells her that Yahimba also bought a property in the same street with them! She wonders what Yahimba is up to? Sheila is happy that t is all over now. Amaka says it feels good now that everything is out in the open! She notices Sheila’s coy smile and takes that back. Sheila however is Hapoy at the happy ending.
Dr. Ibrahim reads about Angela and Masters in the paper. He calls his PA to check the last time he met with Angela and had her prescription filled in? Grace tells him it was the day he reported her medical file missing. He asks her to call and invite Angela for a chat. It may be time to adjust her prescription.
Dan is surprised at TTK’s change of heart and asks if she is serious? She tells him to ask Salewa if he doubts her. He says he believes her but asks how Salewa took the news? TTK claims that Salewa was quite supportive. Dan gives her a statement he drafted, which he felt she will no longer need. It is a press statement on the deceit about her academic status. She objects to some of the lines but is Hapoy at the end. He asks her not to bring the tears but she says they are genuine tears. Reminds her of when he was her manager. He tells her he is very proud of the bold steps she has taken. they hold hands and look into each others eyes for a while. He asks which course she is going for? She could decide to do something out of the ordinary like, Agriculture, nuclear physics? She asks if he is mad? He smiles and tells her that otherwise she may end up being in Scholastica’s class!
Amaka wonders if Sheila is not curious about the state of her other siblings? They may be feeling the same regrets she is feeling. Sheila agrees but says they also may not. Amaka leaves for the office to meet with Tega. Sheila asks what happened to Mrs. Haruna? She does not know yet.
Sankey and Angela get home finally. She tells Angela that she can now let go of the suitcase. She also needs to return the blanket as it is police property. Angela stands there gingerly. Sankey asks if Angela had eaten anything? She could order some food. Angela just wants to be on her own. Sankey tells her that she cannot express how grateful she is about what Angela did to Masters. That man killed her husband and was going to walk away free. As she talks, Angela turns her back on her and tells her to stop!
TTK meets Scholastica in her office. Schola wonders how they allowed her back on campus? TTK asks how she knew that she was never enrolled in the school? Schola says she has always suspected as there has always been rumours that she was never found on registration queues. However, she saw her in the queue once but when she started throwing her weight around, she went to investigate. TTK says she was helping someone out when she was in the queue. Schola had issues with the way TTK was calling he name. The whole department was behind TTK including the lecturers. TTK says she may have been jealous. She wonders what TTK is jealous of? Her hand writing, TTK says.
Amaka meets with Alex. She was expecting Tega but Alex says Tega is still in Mauritius. He is there to represent Mrs. Haruna who has taken a vacation to take care of her son. Amaka wonders what happened to Emille? Alex ells her it had to do with Angela and that gangster. He recounts how his working with Angela cast doubts over his professional ability. Amaka reminds him that in spite of whatever personal issues Angela had it never affected her duties at World Movies.
Scholastica tells TTK that she will not be mocked again. TTK assures her that she is serious reminding her of the scattered hand writing she used for her mentorship notes. She will appreciate Schola coaching he when she submits her assignments. Which assignments? Asks Schola. TTK tells her she is enrolling in the school. Schola wonders why TTK wants to do that? At her age? When she already has a career? TTK convinces her to allow her start attending her classes from tomorrow. She agrees.
Segun asks Sankey how it went? She tells him that the pressmen have all gone. Segun means with Angela? She tells him not to ask. She calls Brenda and Sheila to invite them for a meeting the nex day to discuss Angela.
Alex tells Amaka that his first task is to review all projects and make recommendations to headquarters. From the success of the Harmattan Diaries, they should be working on the sequel already. Amaka assures him that the script for The Flood Jounals will be sent to him. they are already handling it.

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TTK tells Salewa that this is her task to carry out. She deceived the whole world that she has a degree so she is determined to clean it up.


Sheila meets Yahimba in an eatery. She asks her to join her for breakfast & is happy Sheila could come. Sheila asks why she bought the magazine? She needs something to keep her brain going. The writing may not be top class but it is entertaining. Sheila wonders why she made them believe she was broke when she had money to throw around. She wonders whether Sheila and Fred would have accommodated her if they knew the truth? Sheila has issues with her spending that blood money which belongs to the people. Yahimba tells her that she has lost her husband and her daughter. She is not going to give away her retirement money. Sheila reminds her that she is wanted & the other magazines may be interested in knowing who she really is. Yahimba wonders if the same blood flows in both her & Sheila. She asks how many Ade-Williams’ stories have been broken by Tinsel Town?
Feke brings some documents to Brenda to sign and talks about how everyone is talking about how brave Angela was. The staff are wondering when she will be back to work? Brenda wonders what work? Feke grabs her document and flees! Harriet calls Benda to ask for her reaction that her partner is the biggest story of the day.
TTK is not picking her calls while guzzling drinks. Salewa comes in as she checks the window again and asks if she has been at the window all day? She rails about the paparazzi and wonders why they will not leave her alone? Salewa asks why she is fighting with Dan? She says Dan was unfeeling and all Ade-William. He wants her to tell the whole world she did not attend NOUN! Salewa thinks it is the right thing to do. TTK orders her to leave as she is on her fathers side.
Sheila thinks Yahimba wouldn’t dare to reveal the secrets of the Ae-Williams. Yahimba agrees, after all she came all the way to find Sheila. She reminds Sheila to stay away from her and she will return the favour. Sheila rails at her under-handed approach in everything. She reminds Sheila that it takes one to know one. She thinks the while world will be interested in knowing what Sheila and Phillip has been getting up to; why Phillip is in self-imposed exile. Sheila threatens her and just then, Fred walks into the restaurant. She asks Sheika what Fred is doing there? Sheila turns in surprise.
Kwame tells Brenda, whose face is buried in the current episode of Tinsel Town, Angela’s story that there are reporters outside. Brenda is not happy about always getting caught up in Angela’s drama. Kwame says there awesome around the house too. He tells her that everyone thinks she is a hero. She is not happy that even Kwame is joining them. She is not happy that everyone is happy with Angela. Very soon, they will be holding a parade for her and declaring a public holiday in her honor! After all the mess Angela made of herself at the awards, now everyone is happy with her. Kwame understands that Brenda is not happy at all the works she has done is now undone.
Salewa calls Dan who leaves her on the phone and chews Frank for everything. Salewa tries to get him to calm down as he tears at Frank but he continues. He orders Frank out of the office before getting back to Salewa. He brusquely asks her why she is not in school? She tells him to chill. They both know that it is not the staff he is angry at. He apologizes to her for witnessing their issue and agrees that it is TTK and says their coming together was a mistake he should not allowed to happen. She encourages him to make peace but he is not up to it. TTK asked him to get out and he will do just that. She pushes and he orders her off to school.
Yahimba digs at Sheila for getting Fred to back her up because she could with deal with her old mother. Fred is appalled at that. Sheila tells her that she is oozing poison from every pore. She would not even be surprised if Yahimba burnt down their house. She will take credit for that if it makes Sheila happy. She tells the waiter to ensure that her guests have everything they need. She gives them her card and says they are welcome to visit her. Sheila asks if Fred followed her? He says he does not trust that woman and wants to ensure she is okay. She looks a the card and gasped. Yahimba moved into the same street with them.
Salewa tells Helen about her parents’ fight. Helen wonders if she is angry that they are back together? As they discuss, Sho comes and apologizes for her mother’s plight. Salewa says she is happy. Sho shows her posters going around the campus saying that TTK is not an alumnus of the school. Salewa asks if she is the one making the posters? Sho says no. Salewa thinks it must be Dr. Nnamani. Sho says at least Dr. Nnamani is not fake. Salewa grabs her hair and they had to be held off from tearing at each other!
Sheila is not happy that Yahimba is their neighbour. Fred calls the previous landlord of the address to ask if there is a chance the lease will be reversed? Sheila looks on expectantly. No. Yahimba paid in full. Sheila believes that she will pollute the whole neighborhood!
Kwame sympathizes with Brenda at Angela’s seeming good fortune. He thinks Brenda should be more careful handling the famous Angela now. Brenda thinks that the fickle journalists will soon turn on her. The only good thing about the whole thing she thinks is that Angela has been absent from the office. Kwame suggests that she makes a movie out of the whole debacle! Brenda thought he is done making his trashy movies. He is romantic! Brenda says the real Angela is more sordid than that. She thinks he is a hopeless romantic. He says he probably has experienced life more than others. She asks him to go and experience life with Angela. She wants her company back!
Salewa’s friends sympathize with her at the fight and tell her they do not believe that TTK did not attend the university. They think TTK is cool and want to come and visit her especially at this her low moment. Salewa thanks them but thinks they should wait for TTK to agree to the visit.
Kwame and Brenda discuss Angela and Masters. Kwame asks what Brenda knows about Angela? Has Brenda spoken with her? Brenda says you never know with Angela. One minute he is abducting her, the next minute they are together, the next minute he killed her, no, she is alive and owns half of her company! He wonders whether Angela was a part of the prison break? Brenda does not know especially with Angela, one never knows. He wonders if they were in a relationship? She says they were too close for comfort. Yet she turned him in? Brenda wonders if he is admiring her? He admits to being a romantic. He wonders where she is now? Brenda thinks it must be a very dark and dangerous place. Kwame asks if she means dangerous to Angela or herself?
TTK shows the students her notes and other evidence that she attended the university. She advises them to get their characters moulded properly now they are in school and all. They thank her for the is it and hope she will allow them to come back. The students leave and she hugs Salewa for bringing the students. Just then, she gets a text telling her that her involvement in the mentorship program is suspended.
Sheila rues Yahimba’s re-entrance into her life. Fred gets her a drink and tells her that Yahimba craves attention and they must not give her that. Sheila disagrees but he tells her that she may have money and a new house but she does not have people around her. She suggests that they may have to take a trip. He thinks it is not too late. Even if they do not travel, they need to have some quality time together. She enquires after their discussion about having a baby and asks if he is still up to it? He sits beside her and asks her to try him!
Masters is marched into his narrow cell in Guantanamo style, the difference being his blue uniform. His arms and legs shackled, he was safely locked inside before the warder removed the arm and ankle manacles and the hood. He turns around and stares defiantly!

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Sankey leaves a message on Sheila’s line. If Sheila wants this to end soon, they need to meet again!

Out On The Beach

I have been away where Tinsel is not available. Oh, I just got back and will remember to post an out of office when next I find myself away from Tinsel.


Angela asks the whole room if an invite to her was that difficult? How many Pas do they have between Reel Studios and World Movies? Amaka asks her to come have a drink while they talk. Angela says the time for talking is over now. She reminds them of her important role in the movie; selecting Reel Studios, keeping Chris Okereke in line, etc. Lydia tries to ask her to stop but she will not. She tells them to enjoy their party and see them at the award ceremony as she storms out. Harriet asks Amaka for a quote on why Angela is not at the party?
Freddy complains that he is sure Smiley was properly secured and insists that someone must have brought it out. Fred tells him that no one is friendly with that snake except him and now, Sheila. Sheila tells him that the snake is harmless if treated gently. The snake catcher comes out with Smiley and Freddy tells Smiley goodbye. He tells Fred that he never wanted him to keep the snake in the first place. Fred blames him for causing someone to end up in the hospital. Sheila tells him that he may have succeeded in removing the wrong snake!
Dan asks TTK why she invited him so early? She tells him that Salewa is tried and retired early. He asks if she is sure and she says she has never been surer of anything. As they hug, Carol comes out and smiling sheepishly asks her, “You and Mr. Dan?”. She warns her not to breathe a word to Salewa as Dan escorts her into the room.
Amaka asks Harriet if it is possible for her not to publish the exchange with Angela, which Harriet recorded. Harriet will only do that if Amaka replaces it with something else, an exclusive. Amaka has nothing else to offer. Harriet will then print her story which she thinks is gold. Amaka thinks it’s ridiculous but Harriet goes away anyway. Mrs. Haruna meets Amaka and informs her that Angela will not be a part of the World Movies team at the awards & she recommends that Reel Studios does the same. They agree on that & she thanks Amaka for a gorgeous evening apart from Angela’s outburst.
TTK comes out and screams what a marvelous night it was. She asks if Salewa had a nice night? Salewa asks if she is okay? She did not sleep well as she kept hearing funny noises and crying! She thinks it was from some cats. Carol confirms that it must be the cats. Salewa gets a text message and Carol thinks it must be all the messages she is receiving that kept her awake. Salewa has 32 messages! Sho must have told others about the test and they are asking her to confirm that TTK has the questions to the test. TTK tells her that she must get back to the students and tell her she has nothing to do with the test. TTK takes a call and says it is the VC asking her to come for a meeting with the senate!
Fred comes out and greets Sheila. She asks if he is not having breakfast? He will and asks if she is coming to the hospital? She says no. he reminds her that she had a reason yesterday? She says she does not need a reason. In a battle with snakes, she will put her money on her mother to come out tops! He tells her that that is an old woman he would have thrown out because of her!
Brenda watches a clip of Angela’s display at the Reel Studios party on TV with glee and chuckles at the ticking time bomb. She asks if Ene has seen it and Ene says yes. It is online. She smiles and tells Ene that she does not know which side she is on but she had better decide fast. As long as Angela is in the office, she expects Ene to tell her everything about Angela.
Sho tries to convince Salewa that Helen is fishing for Robert as they watch Helen make a call. Salewa says it is not possible. As they approach her, Helen tells the person on the other line named Robert that he promised and she expects him to keep his side of the bargain. She gets off the phone and asks them about the test? They tell her she is not supposed to know about it as Dr. Nnamani passes. She stops and reminds Salewa that her mother is in the office and will soon be thrown out of the mentorship program. Salewa calls Dan to ask him to come immediately as TTK may be in big trouble.
Sheila asks if Fred was going to throw Yahimba out? He says not throw her out. He was going to explore other options. He tells her that he will eat breakfast and she will join him to the hospital to see her money. She laughs and asks if she has to come along just because he says so? She asks when he started treating her like a child? He tells her that it is since she started to behave differently especially towards her mother. She tries to make light of the whole thing but he walks out.
Frank and Afi discuss Angela as she approaches them. He tells Afi that Angela’s issue has started again. Afi wonders why they did not just invite her to the party? Frank justifies her exclusion because of her craze. Angela gets to them and aggressively asks them when they plan to go back to the bar as she wants to have a chapman? Afi turns back without talking to her and she runs after Afi and stops her screaming at her for being rude. A couple who were walking towards them recognize her as the woman from the TV. She faces up to them and tells them that it is her. The big woman puts mouth and she faces her. The defiant woman tells her that she is not afraid of her and the two-bit magazines that love to write about her. Angela is not fazed too. As she truns to Afi again, the woman fishes out her phone and was recording as she rants at Afi and Frank begs her that they have a cold chapman for her. She turns back and snatches the woman’s phone and threatens to smash it till she was restrained. Afi asks Frank to call Dan as they all turn back for the bar!
TTK and Salewa wait for the outcome of the senate meeting. She will hold Salewa responsible if it turns out to be about the test. As they wait, Dr. Nnamani comes in to taunt TTK about being thrown off the mentorship program. TTK knows she is a part of the problem but Dr. Nnamani tells her she did it all by herself this time. They are about to get physical with each other when Dan comes in and orders them apart. As they sit down obediently still seething, his phone rings and it is Frank asking him to come to the bar immediately. He tells Salewa to sit between the two women while he goes to find out what is wrong at the bar. He tells TTK that whatever happens, she will be fine before he rushes out.
Sheila asks Fred what he is going to do as he walks out with a bag. She asks if he is going to camp out at Yahimba’s bed side? He says he has been thinking about it. She asks what he plans to do? He says he is going to see Yahimba and after that, he will stay at Amaka’s place. He plans to stay there as she has refused to let him into whatever is the issue between her and her mother. Sheila thinks it is ridiculous and wonders if this is because she will not play Yahimba’s game? He tells her it is because she has shut him out and her hardness at everything that has to do with Yahimba.
Dr. Nnamani asks the secretary how long the senate is going to take to come out? Just then, TTK comes out smiling. They ask her what happened? Smiling, she tells them that the VC himself just informed her that she has been chosen as the face of the mentorship program! Dr. Nnamani cannot believe her ears.
Dan asks Angela if she is okay now? Has she calmed down? She says she is okay. He asks why she is shouting at his waitress? She tells him that she shouted at a disrespectful customer. He thinks that her problem is with the reduced sentence just given to Masters. He knows first-hand that what Masters did to her can take time to heal but there are professionals that can help. She wonders what he is talking about and tells him that Faisal did a lot more for her than any therapist can do!
Fred walks into Amaka’s office and asks her for her house keys. She wonders what is going on? He has packed a bag and is staying away from Sheila. She says he is startling her. He tells her that he is just coming from the hospital where Yahimba is being treated but Sheila is not bothered except joking about caring for snakes. He says that he no longer recognizes Sheila. She has pushed him to the edge and he is thinking of the unthinkable. Amaka wonders what he is talking about? What if she did it? He asks.

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TTK demonstrates how the VC told her that she is the face of the program. She says he held her hand like this and demonstrates with Salewa’s hand and looking into her face said in his husky voice, Ms. Kagbesioye, the program is nothing without you! Dr. Nnamani says he could not have said that!