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Freddy’s phone rings again as Sheila pours herself a drink. It is another reporter. He asks if he can change his phone number? Sheila asks what he will do if they find out the new number? Freddy says that he misses Phillip. He would have shown the reporters pepper. She asks where he learnt that phrase from? He says Ebie uses that a lot. Sheila agrees that they all miss Phillip but the right thing to do is to let the reporters be and they will go away. Freddy goes to call Ebie to find out if she wants to come over. Yaya comes to check that Sheila is okay? Sheila asks what she has in mind? She only wants to ensure that everything will be okay at the end. Sheila says she will be okay. She needs to write a release for the reporters to leave them alone. They share a hug.
Sammie wants to go home for once. She is not coming back. Frank says he is also leaving. Chuks says no. They believe he can now manage with Aunty Nonye. He says Aunty Nonye is leaving. Aunty Nonye disagrees. Chuks threatens to tell Ene’s parents why she left in the first place. Aunty Nonye asks why he will not forget that? Chuks says he can take care of his daughter himself. He tries to put Anara down and she screams. Chuks wonders what is wrong with her? Should he take her to a doctor? Aunty Nonye watches him in bemusement.
Sheila’s Spa staff share a discussion before she walks in on them. They are startled but offer their condolences. They are happy to see her. She thanks them for keeping the place going. She wants to go to her office. The stand-in manager says her office needs to be cleaned up before she can use it. She asks them to get it done. She is back now.
Angela rounds off her discussion with Brenda. Brenda thinks it must be anguish to know that her father is out there without being able to reach him she thanks Brenda for not judging. Brenda suggests that she sees her shrink and advises that she gets another shrink as the current one is harsh. Angela says it is more convenient as she already has her history. Brenda asks her to then get her to stop avoiding her. She leaves to get some work done and the receptionist calls Brenda to says Mr. & Mrs. Aneke are there to see her. She asks her to send them away but changes her kind and asks that they be sent in!
The doctor tells Chuks that there is nothing wrong with Amara. It may be teething. Chuks says he has dealt with it. The doctor says it may be separation syndrome. Chuks does not want any emotional issues now. The doctor asks if he has been spending time with her? He says they have been taking part in a father daughter pageant. The doctor thinks it is too competitive for a baby. Chuks says it is not that strenuous. The doctor thinks that the time they spent through the competition has made Amara want to spend more time with daddy and he should give her that time. Amara hold onto Chuks.
Brenda lashes out at the Anekes for setting her up with two wrong dates. They apologize and as she keeps chiding them, they insists that she must try the third date. She says no. They tell her that this one is a 95% match they have never seen anything like that. The other two were 60 something. They tell her that this one is a comedic business man with various interests. Brenda is shocked that they are pairing her up with a comedian!
Sheila is shocked at the state of the business and screams at the manager. Patronage has dropped and nothing is moving. The manager says that things have not been going well. She cannot take some decisions. Sheila asks why she was not called for the decisions? The manager says they tried and the only time they got her, she came in to take money. Sheila says that is her money that she needed for an emergency.
Chuks gets the lowdown on what happened to Casper. His baby mama came in to drop off the first daughter, Cassandra to spend time with her father. Cassandra asks for a tiara and when Casper does not provide one, she bit his hand. Chuks laughs but checks his phone for information. He is shocked to learn that pageants turn kids to selfish beings, etc. Chuks wonders what he is turning his daughter into?
The Anekes insists that they drop labels. They remind Brenda that Bill Cosby is a comedian but he has a doctorate degree. She asks who this guy is? They tell her he is Nosa Okojie. The name does not ring a bell. They says she may know his stage name; The Advocate. She asks if that is not the man that competed the president’s birthday? They says yes. She agrees to give him a try. She however threatens to go public and tell everyone that their dating agency is a sham!
The manager continue to paint a gloomy picture. Sheila asks her to get her a list of everything that needs to be done and she will take care of them. She needs it within the hour. She leaves and Tsav calls to ask if she is free? She says she needs a break and he invites her out to to lunch, on him.
They meet for lunch and he commends the waiters. She tells him how rundown the spa is and she needs a dose of funds to inject into the business. She asks what is between him and Yahimba? He says it is nothing. She digs further and he says that he has learnt not to take Yahimba seriously. She uses your emotion against you.
Delmuah is met by Charlie who asks if she has chosen a name for her company? She says she is still thinking about it. Feke asks what they are discussing and she tells her it is nothing that concerns her. Feke asks what they are working on? She did not know that Delmuah is back. Delmuah packs up and Feke asks where she is going? She is going home. Feke says she could get into trouble for that. Feke is not bothered about that!
Chuks wonders if he is turning Amara into a little monster! Frank reminds him that what he is doing is for the young woman who does not know what is going on. She is enjoying herself. Chuks brightens up and says he needs to go for the next stage of the competition. He needs to give a speech on how he became a single dad. Frank asks him to ensure he does well. He reminds Frank that it means that he lies well! Frank tells him that he is doing it all for Amara and will use the money to take care of Amara. He gladly agrees!
Sheila asks Tsav about himself. She is ashamed to accept that she knows very little about him nhe tells her that he is into the clothes business. She is surprised he is not talking oil and gas. He tells her that we always underestimate how deep textile is. She agrees as we all wear clothes. She asks why he is in Nigeria now? He says it is emotional. Now that his family is here, maybe that is the draw. He asks after her business? She tells him not to mind her. She enjoyed working at the spa but things went downhill when she stepped away. He tells her that she needed to take care of Fred. She says she loved her husband but she is sure he has heard about the will? It is not like she wanted to line her pocket but she is now left to start all over again. He asks her to forget the will. She laughs at that and he explains that the will is the past and she should look forward the best way to do that is to make her business so successful that the idea of inheritance looks measly. She smiles again and he tells her that he has an idea. What if he loans her all the money she needs for her business?

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Helen stands beside Salewa and tells Bimoe that an old woman like her should have known better. Ohakanu asks her who she is calling an old woman? This is an old lady. Bimpe elbows his stomach!



Frank tries to make Amara smile by singing to her. Chuks says it is not working. Frank needs to put in more swag to make her laugh. Frank says he should probably smack Chuks’s head. That makes her laugh. Casper comes back and Chuks asks if he decided to come back after abandoning the competition? He tells Chuks to maintain the cockiness and they see who smiles last.
Angela asks what Brenda is doing with dating? She says she is researching the new show and is talking to one of the prospects. Angela thinks it is a good idea to explore. Brenda thinks it is invasive but Angela thinks it can be approached from a different perspective. Brenda changes the topic to the souvenirs and asks if Feke sent the quotes? They can use it for other things even if it is not for Under the Bridge. Angela complains that she is still getting emails from this cooking page she joined. Brenda is shocked. She says she was looking for a recipe that her father used to cook. Brenda asks if she misses him that much! She says yes. She has had to start seeing a new shrink. Brenda advises that she moves on and occupy herself with new things. She agrees but Brenda is skeptical.
Chuks and Amara are invited to come and perform. Frank sings for them and they manage to get the crowd behind them. Casper looks around in horror.
Amaka wonders who revealed the contents of the will to the press? Sheila complains that now that the details are out, it will be difficult to revert to the new will. Amaka asks if they are still looking for it? She says yes. TTK thinks it is not wise now that Dan is not around. Sheila reminds her that she is the wife and Dan does not have much to do with it. Amaka thinks they should concentrate on managing the press. Sheila is not bothered about that. A journalist calls Amaka and she rushes off the phone. Another calls Sheila but she refuses to pick the phone.
Frank suggests that Chuks did well in the competition. The judge comes out to call the top three. They are Boye, Chuks and Casper. Casper laughs at Chuks and Chuks reminds him that they came second before him and his baby. He says Chuks will not pass the next round. Chuks wonders what he means? He says he will see the reaction when the judges know he is married.
Brenda’s date meets her and commends her beauty. He thinks she is finer than the tabloids make her. He was expecting to meet a woman with horns. Brenda is happy she does not have horns!
Casper tells Chuks that he spoke with his in-law and she gladly told him about Ene and everything. Chuks starts stammering. He says he is single-ish. Chuks tells him he has been taking care of Amara alone. Casper says they are tight like that. He hopes the judges will also be tight like them. He disappears and a woman enters with a girl and asks after Casper? She says the girl is Casper’s daughter. He entered her for the competition in the past and when he won, he ran off with the money. She will not let that happen again. If she forgot his ugly face, they will not forget his laughter. Chuks asks what they mean? She says he has done the same to a number of his girlfriends husk advises that they both hunt for him in different directions. She moves on and Casper comes out. Chuks taunts him and asks him to wait to be properly dismissed by the judges. He says that Casper junior needs fresh air.
Yahimba asks Yaya when she will become useful and speak with Sheila? She says there is nothing to tell her. Yahimba asks when she will use her brain? Yahimba thinks that Sheila is wise and may have worked out something with Phillip to ensure she is not left out in the cold. Yaya does not agree. Yahimba reminds her that Sheila has buried three husbands. Yaya does not agree but when she leaves, she tries to call Phillip but gets his voicemail.
Brenda asks her date whether he is enjoying this dal estate thing? He says he loves it and shows her some of the houses. One of his good luck ritual is to take a fine woman there and have her bless the place with him. He touches Brenda and she asks him to remove his hands. He apologizes and when she suggests they order food, he asks that she eats him. She slaps him and everyone in the place is shocked. He says that she should be happy that he is even touching her it is this attitude that has made her need a match maker to get a man.
Aunty Nonye snatches the remote from Sammie who is struggling with it. Chuks comes in and she attacks him for going out again early in the morning? She asks if that is how he drags Amara about? He asks her to drop it. She tells him about the guy that met her at the bar the previous day. He told her that he was at the competition and would have taken her along. However, Sammie told her that there are kidnappers in Lagos. Chuks confirms that Lagos is not safe and Aunty Nonye thanks God she did not follow the man.
Chief Akinpelu asks why Amaka insisted on a face to face meeting? She gives him a file and says it contains what she found out about chief Dikibo. She reached out to her contact and there is nothing incriminating about him. Chief Akinpelu says that finding nothing incriminating does not make him clean. He may be a different person from the name he is answering. Amaka reminds him that his picture is in the file. She asks when next he is going to make his next move? He is appalled at her question and reminds her that she is an elder. She tells him that she is aware that he is working with Laide and is bidding his time. She is no longer patient and want to tell him that as long as she is the co-executor of that will, she will do whatever is needed to protect the will!
Brenda calls The Anekes to ask how they could have matched her with that reptile? She is no longer interested in their services. She drops the phone and Angela walks in to apologize to her for accusing her of messing up her relationship with her father. She should not have said that. She continues before Brenda could stop her and tells her about her faking her father’s death to enable him escape the claws of FCC. Charlie arranged papers for her father to escape when Masters got hold of the money Angelique took from the NGO’s account! Brenda is shocked and screams!

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Brenda tells Mr. & Mrs. Aneke that she will not only stop using them, she will tell others that their service is a sham! They turn and look at each other.


Frank and Chuks discuss how he can enter for the competition. He wonders how he can enter for the competition with Aunty money monitoring his every move? Frank suggests that he tells Aunty Nonye about the competition. Chuks thinks he is crazy to suggest he tells Aunty Nonye that he entered Amara for a competition and means that he is no longer married to her niece? Frank asks if he has a better idea? He says he will steal his daughter.
Brenda meets her date. They sit and he thinks they should order immediately as he has another meeting after. She reminds him that she has not seen the menu. He always orders roast duck. Brenda does not eat duck. He says it tastes like chicken and she would rather have the chicken. He asks if she is bothered about a little adventure. No, but she does not like being told what to eat. He calls a waiter over and goes on to start a long call with a friend about meeting at the presidential vial and a N2 billio deal while Brenda and the waiter wait!
Chuks gets home and meets Aunty Nonye getting ready. He asks if she is traveling and she asks why he did not tell her that he entered Amara for a competition? She asks that they start going. Chuks and Frank pretend to have a stop over to pick Amara’s dress and asks her to go and book them a space. She does not know the place but they will ask Sammie to take her. They text Sammie to ensure she keeps Aunty Nonye away from the venue. Aunty Nonye takes off and Chuks and Frank take off.
Tsav meets Sheila and asks how she is doing and if she wants to share? She says she is okay and wonders where he has been? He reminds her that she practically threw him out of the house. Sheila asks him if he was there when Yahimba threatened Amaka? He says yes. Sheila frowns and he smiles and tells her that he is the queen of England!
Chuks and Frank get there with Amara. Hector and his baby come out and say he thought they will not make it. Chuks says no way. Hector says they have gone in and drew some applause but Casper and his child drew a bigger applause. They came to call Chuks and Amara!
Chief Akinpelu visits Amaka and says he did not come to fight. He suggests to Amaka that Horsfall may be a fraud. He thinks that there is something fishy about him. He suggests to Amaka that Fred could not have left her only a house. Amaka reminds him that Phillip said that Fred mentioned him. Chief Akinpelu asks if Amaka believes the drunk? He cuts Amaka off and tells her that soon, they will ask her to transfer some money to a charity and that charity will turn out to be their personal account. Amaka agrees to ask some questions when they meet later in the day.
Brenda’s date gets off yet another call and asks why she is not eating? She says she has lost her appetite. He hopes it is not on his accord? She says no that her belly is full of all the things he told her about himself. She gives him a recap; he has an MBA from Harvard, youngest MD in his bank and sure to make chairman in ten years. He has a home in VI and building another in Banana Island. He has a Benz but it needs a facelift. He is a well-travelled man and has been to so many places. He smiles and says he plans to spend the weekend in Cape Town and invites her to join him. She says it won’t be a holiday if she is stuck with him. He did not know he is that boring. She tells him that he is a stuck selfish oaf. He suggests they share the bill since they are wasting each other’s time. Brenda drops the whole money and tells him it is her treat!
Chuks comes out of the competition happy and is ready to show Casper and his baby. Sammy calls and Aunty Nonye snatches the phone and complains about the nanny taking her to the bar instead of the venue of the competition. Sammie says she lost the address. Aunty Nonye asks Chuks to send her the address again. Chuks says the competition has started. He pretends the phone has cut and says in-laws. Casper asks if he just said in-laws? Chuks asks if he is not allowed to have in-laws even if his wife passed on?
Amaka calls Brenda to give her the details about the reading of the will. She is sure she did not miss anything. She asks Amaka to send her a mail and drops the call. Amaka says that is so like Brenda. Chief Dikibo says Fred did not say much about her. Amaka says they did not get along very well. He fills her in on his life. He has no family and has been in South Africa for the last 17 years with a venture capitalist company, Serengeti Africa as their CFO. He is thinking of retiring and Nigeria looks like a good idea. Amaka suggests he should come home and make some movies. He mulls the idea.
Chief Dikibo asks Amaka what he is hearing about a second will? She says they Fred is believed to have made a second will which he did not turn in. He thinks that will be tough for Sheila and others. He asks what Chief Akinpelu meant by Phillip and Sheila? Amaka says that Chief Akinpelu knows how to stir trouble. He asks what they should do with Phillip’s disbursement? Amaka says they should abide by Fred’s wishes. The disbursement will be made when Phillip grows up. Dikibo thinks that the Phillip they saw the other day is a man consumed by grief. Amaka says that is what Phillip is like; impulsive, selfish, etc. she will hate to see him squander his inheritance. Chief Dikibo thinks he is an adult and should decide what to do with his inheritance. Amaka agrees but says spoiling Fred’s legacy will not be allowed if she can help it. He leaves and Amaka calls someone to ask him to check out some things for her.
Brenda meets with Mrs. Aneke to discuss her date. She complains about him and Mrs. Aneke is disappointed but asks what Brenda said or contributed? Brenda is not bothered about what Jibola said. She is their client and her happiness is what they should be bothered about. Mrs. Aneke tells her that they are both her clients. She said she remembered telling Brenda to freshen up before the date and reminds her that it takes two to make a relationship work.
Aunty Nonye harasses Sammie as she works at the bar. She asks why Sammie is so popular at the bar! Does that mean that she has been coming to the bar regularly? Sammie does not blame her. She blames Chuks. Casper comes to ask to speak with Aunty Nonye. She eyes him.
Amaka asks why Freddie did not tell them Phillip left last night? He says he does not know. Amaka thinks it is one of Phillip’s irresponsible behaviors. Sheila asks her to take it easy. TTK tells them that Dan also left town this morning. Amaka stumbles on Peju raising posers about Fred’s will on the Juice. She asks why Fred left a chunk of his estate to Freddie and made Amaka executor while leaving nothing for Sheila. All these will be answered in the next episode.
Mrs. Aneke calls Brenda back. Brenda wonders if she is calling to tell her what she did wrong? She says they have found her another match. Brenda thinks this match-making thing is not for her. Mrs. Aneke tells her that they have a higher compatibility match in this case. Brenda asks to sleep over it. Angela overhears her and comes out and asks if she heard her talk of match-making?

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Brenda suggests to her date that they order food. He asks her to eat him instead and when he touches her, she slaps him!


Chuks thinks that Amara is a super hero. She talked before she was 9 months. He asks that they concentrate as they are about to enter boot camp. Frank and Sammie say they are tired and should be left out of it. Chuks says he will share the money with them but he will have the lion share. They agree and he shares the roles. Sammie is in charge of props, clothes, etc. Frank will join him in practicing the nappy changing routine. He calls Salem and asks him to come for a job.
Delmuah tells Charles that she wants a sharp name for her company. He tells her it also needs to be functional. Angela comes in and asks Delmuah to join her for a discussion but Delmuah says it is not proper as she is no longer a staff of Odyssey. Angela excuses her and Charlie asks why she did not tell him about Delmuah’s contract? He thinks she wants to hide it from him. She reminds him that she sent Delmuah to him. Why would she do that if she wanted to hide things from him? He still thinks that she is trying to make him redundant since she is now friendly with Brenda. She tells him that as they discussed, his job is secure and will pretend that this discussion never happened.
Tsav and Yahimba discuss the will. Yahimba finds it curious that Amaka who is not family was made an executioner of the will. Cosmo passes through and Amaka comes out and asks whether they are through? Cosmo needs to clean up. Yahimba says they will leave when they are through. Tsav asks her after her family? She says it is private business. Yahimba hopes she is alive long enough to take care of family business.
Chuks gives Salem his specifications. He wants him to record his day with Amara from the time he wakes up as a power dad doing push-ups with Amara tied to his back, at work, etc. Salem says that will cost him N3,000. Chuks tries to protest but stops.
Amaka complains to Sheila about her family. She thinks they just threatened her life. Sheila asks why she is not talking to the police about the threat? Amaka says she will not report her family and is surprised that Sheila is defending them. Sheila reminds her that she said it, they are her family.
Angela suggests that they make Under The Bridge souvenirs. Brenda does not agree. Angela insists that apart from the barber episode, the show was successful. Brenda says all she remembers of the show is what Tare went through and she does not want to buy anything that reminds her about it. Angela asks how Tare is? Brenda says she has not talked to her since she left. Angela says that means the meeting didn’t go well? She suddenly breaks down and Brenda wonders if she is okay?
Ene calls Chuks as he waits at the competition. Chuks tries to get off the phone saying he does not want to finish her call credit or disturb her but she says she is okay. He eventually rushes off the phone before Ene could say no. The Hector guy who has been winning everything says he notices that Chuks has not given up on the competition. Chuks threatens to use him wipe the floor when he and Amara wins everything.
TTK asks Amaka to sit and share a cup of tea before she goes off to work. She eventually manages to sit and refuses the offer of a cup of coffee. TTK commends her handling of things around the house but says it is not surprising. That’s why Fred chose her. She wonders what Amaka plans to do now that she is the matriarch of the house? The charity fund is quite large and she is also wondering about what Chief Akinpelu said about Phillip and Sheila. Her phone rings and she asks why Francesca is crying but can’t seem to get an answer.
Angela apologizes for breaking down. She did not know that she will miss her father that much. Brenda asks her to think of the good times they shared. That is what she does when she remembers Kwame. Angela wonders if losing a father and a brother are the same? Brenda does not think it can be compared. However, she never had the same kind of experience with her father as Angela did. They however have much work to bury themselves in. Angela agrees and says she will get further opinion on the souvenirs. They can still make something out of their online presence. Brenda agrees so long as the cost won’t knock a hole on their finances. Angela agrees to check mass produced items from China. Brenda leaves to take a call and Angela calls Dr. Raji to book an appointment. She is not crazy but she may be close to it.
Yahimba asks why Sheila is not hungry? Sheila says nothing. She asks if Sheila thinks it is normal that Fred left her nothing? Not even a piece of real estate? Sheila snaps at her to let it be and walks off. Yaya asks Yahimba to cut Sheila some slack. Yahimba says that Sheila needs to quit mourning and think of reality. Yaya says she is sure that she has done enough of that. Yahimba tells her that this may be a test to see Sheila’s loyalty. When she thinks everything is gone, a new will will pop up and give her everything! Yaya thinks it doubtful but mulls the possibility.
Aunty Nonye drags her bag into Chuks’s house and Chuks asks why she is back? She says she is tried of lying to Ene. Chuks claims that Frank is homeless and staying with him and they all cannot stay in the same tiny apartment. He also threatened to tell Ene about what Aunty Nonye tried to give Amara. Aunty Nonye sees Sammie and says that they can all manage. Chuks insists that he cannot leave Amara in her care. She says that Sammie will keep an eye on Amara and she will keep and eye on Sammie!
TTK gets home and asks Salewa what the problem is? She says that Dan has left. TTK is appalled at this. Salewa blames her for driving Dan away. TTK says she never believed that Dan will carry out his threat to leave. She will call him and fix this!
Brenda meets Mr. & Mrs. Aneke and is surprised they called her back so early. They tell her about the match. His name is Jibola. They will disclose his surname when they agree. He is the managing director of a top bank. He has an MBA and has never married. He has no children and is available for a date today or tomorrow. Brenda asks them to arrange a date same day. They ask whether she is sure she does not want to go and change and freshen up? She says no, she is not going to change herself for anyone!

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Chuks and his competitor continue to throw brickbats!


Frank is messing about with Amara’s dress and Chuks comes in and snatches the dress away. Frank asks if he is still annoyed at the result of the competition? He says he is not happy he came last. Even Boye came ahead of them. He complains of the cost of the competition and brings out the baby milk he just bought. Amara goes through one every three days! Frank says that at least Amara eats well. Chuks asks if he should bankrupt his father in the process? Amaka calls him to tell him that Fred left something for Ziggy in his will and as he is no longer around, it goes to his next of kin. Chuks says it is his mum. Amaka asks for her number. Chuks calls his mum to tell her to expect Amaka’s call and fantasizes about the inheritance. It could be millions and they can buy cars, etc. his mum asks him to get his mind off it and the cash is her own if it comes. He drops the phone and reviews the ingredients in the baby food and thinks he can get the ingredients from the market.
Feke gives Brenda the result of her research. About 10 of them made the cut but one is the best; does not advertise, uses only word of mouth, have been at it for over ten years, their first couple are a governor and a CEO at a telecom company. The two of them are successful business people; the man sells cars and the wife is a wedding planner. She asks if she should do preliminary interview? Brenda says no and asks her not to breathe this to anyone. As soon as she leaves, Brenda calls Mr. Aneke.
Frank comes back and meets Chuks serving Amara his special mix. He did a research and processed food is not good for babies. Frank is skeptical but Amara eats the concoction. Chuks is happy and says today it is Amara, tomorrow it will be other babies. Frank reminds him that they have to go. They have suppliers to pay. Chuks whines about his expenses.
Chuks calls Dan to offer his condolences at Fred’s passing on. Dan says it is okay and asks after his baby? Dan asks him to spend as much time with his baby as is possible. He says he is going into another line of business and wonders if Chuks’s mum will buy him out? Chuks says he thinks so and will call his mum to ask her.
Brenda meets Mr. & Mrs. Aneke and they are happy she came. They sell the concept to her and she asks them to stop the pitch and go straight into what is involved. They tell him they require a deposit and further fees if further introductions are required. They have a very high success rate and will only disclose the names on approval from the couple. Brenda is impressed at the discreet operations. They say their life work is to help people find true love. Brenda tells them to stop. Only fools believe in true love.
Sheila and Phillip discuss the will and he is bristling as usual. Amaka walks in and tells him off. He asks her to stop and she reminds him that it is behavior like this that cost him his inheritance and since then, he has not changed. He jumps at her and she collapses into a chair. Sheila comes to her aid and he shoos her off and warns Amaka not to talk to him in that manner again. He walks off and Sheila asks if Amaka is okay? Amaka says he tried to kill her!
Chuks tries to convince his mum to invest in the bar. She says no. She will only invest in something meaningful, not a bar. Chuks is not happy that she is not investing in a business her brother built and is managed by her son. She says no and moves on. Chuks get off the phone and Amara farts. Frank asks what that was? Chuks says it is a perfectly natural behavior. He thinks her poop smells different and says it is the special purée. Frank will not discuss baby poop with him!
Amaka says Phillip tried to kill her
The couple and Brenda move on and she complains that she has lost 2 hours of her time. They tell her that they use a software from Germany and it has been very successful at gauging compatibility. They ask what Brenda wants in a man? She reels off a number of things and Mrs. Aneke asks if she is looking for a staff? She now says she wants a compatible guy who is ready to marry immediately and have a baby with him in a year! They clap for her.
Sheila asks if Amaka is okay now? She sits there and Yahimba walks on to ask how she is doing? Sheila says that means Yahimba has been listening in? She says she heard enough to know that Phillip is making a nuisance again. She tries to coo to Amaka but Amaka walks away. She turns to Sheila who is also not interested. Yahimba is not happy that Sheila is not sharing her problems with her family. Sheila walks away from her.
Chuks and Frank worry about Amara’s safety.
Brenda and the Anekes


Audu’s wife appears to harass Bimpe and asks her to leave her husband for her.
Horsfall asks Barrister Odey if that is all? He says Fred also left a letter to be read to the family and executors. That will explain his reasons for the will. They ask him to go ahead. Fred’s letter says he chose Horsfall for his independence and Amaka for her knowledge of the family. He believes that they will take care of things and Amaka will handle things the way he would have done. He says that the executors can pay them a reasonable fee from the money he left for charity. He addresses the members of the family one by one; Monica, his light should either rest and if that is not to be, she should do something like start a career. To Freddy, he hopes he has overcome the trauma that has kept him from speaking and is about to grow into a fine young man. For Phillip, he have so much joy as a child but that was at the beginning. He hopes that Phillip has also let himself down a couple of times. As he talks about Phillip, he asks him to stop. As the barrister reads on, Phillip snatches the paper from him to everybody’s horror!
Lola suggests that Bimpe take the next day off. Bimpe says the show must go on. Audu and the rest come in and Audu apologizes for his wife’s conduct. Bimpe asks why his wife will think she is sleeping with him to retain her job? He says it is all these sex scandal and she has been hearing how Bimpe slept with Phillip to get her gig on. Bimpe says she will one day clear the woman’s doubts but for now, can they get the show going? Audu says he has been meaning to talk to her about that. The sex scandal is distracting all of them. Bimpe says she will live with that. He says he has decided to give her some time off. She asks if she is being sacked? He says no, it is a suspension. She says he cannot suspend her. She has been doing her work. She thinks he is doing that to appease his wife. She eventually gives in and leaves.
Angela, Brenda and Delmuah throw ideas about the structure of the new show. Brenda and Angela are uncomfortable and they eventually decide that it must be the shrimps Angela cooked. Delmuah suggests they go to the hospital to get checked out. Brenda’s cab is not coming and Delmuah says she will drive them. They says no, Angela will drive. Brenda says she will drive them in Angela’s car. They search for Angela’s car keys and Delmuah is freaked out!
Phillip asks that they give his late father a round of applause. He starts clapping and no one joins him. He asks them to leave his house but Chief Akinpelu says he is not going anywhere
Angela and Brenda share some pills from the hospital.
Bimpe gets home and meets a small band of protesters with their placards chanting her name. She asks them what it is for? It is her conduct. She asks if she asked the viewing public to watch the video? As she struggles with them, Chuks comes out and asks what is going on? They tell him it is about the video. He tells them to disperse. They know that Bimpe did not do well but because of the baby sleeping in the house, they should leave. They agree to leave because of the baby but it is not over.
Phillip asks Chief Akinpelu what he is doing there? Shouldn’t he be with his family? Chief says Horsfall’s name sounds strange. Horse and fall. He accuses Phillip and everyone of being in a conspiracy against Ife, Laide and the family. As he accuses
Brenda and Angela discuss the show with Delmuah. They ask her to make the write-up so good it will be difficult for them to choose.
The executors discuss the inheritance with Freddy
Delmuah asks why she should pay for using Odyssey staff?
Chief and Laide discuss the will
Greg visits Bimpe who dumps him!

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Amaka tells Phillip that his conduct has not been up to scratch and that is what cost him his inheritance.


Bimpe chews a journalist for spoiling her name instead of writing about all the nice things she has done. Another calls her and she tells him not to call her number again. Greg comes in and says he came to find out how she is doing? She tells him that the press is dragging her name in mud. How else can she be doing? He checks to ensure she did not hurt herself running from the Ade-Williams. She says Dafe cannot keep his big mouth closed. He tells her that it is all over the internet. He thinks she should allow Dafe help. She says Bimpe is tougher than the journalists and Dafe. He says he does not know how that will affect them as a couple. She jumps on the sofa and asks him to leave if he is threatening her.
Angela and Brenda convince Delmuah to set up a company. If she produces anything good that they accept, they will decide the percentage of shares. If they commission something, then they will pay her a consultation fee to work on it. She says two of them working together freaks her out. Barrister Odey calls to invite Brenda to the reading of Fred’s will. She says she is too busy to attend. Delmuah agrees to the proposal they ask her to get Charlie to help register her company. As she leaves, the two partners congratulate each other on pulling it off. Delmuah does not know what she is getting into: paying salaries, taxes, etc.
Bimpe switches on the TV and Peju says her sex video circulating is wrong. Information she has is that Bimpe was not in a relation with Ohillip and they did not have consensual sex. She RAPED him. She promises more after the break. Bimpe is appalled.
Sav comes to complain to Sheila that his room is filled with bugs. He knows where to get insecticide. Sheila begs him to take their mum elsewhere as she does not want her around during the reading of the will. Sav says he wanted to be there. She asks him not to. Whatever is in the will is already there.
Bimpe calls Delmuah to blame her for talking to Peju. Delmuah says she did nothing of such. She says it is only Delmuah that can tell her what she just said on live TV. Now everyone thinks she is a rapist. Delmuah asks her to stop doing hurtful things if she does not want people hating her.
The family gather for the reading of the will. Laide and Chief are not there yet and Amaka asks if it is possible they won’t come. Sheila says they will not miss the last bit of the drama. They saunter in and Barrister Odey comes in and apologizes for coming late. Too much traffic.
Angela tries to get Brenda to drink something stronger. She says she is on her way and asks for the taxi. Angela asks what is wrong with her car? She says it is the ignition. Angela says she is sure that it makes Brenda wish Kwame was there. She tries to retract but Brenda gets over it and says it is true. If Kwame was around, he would have scolded her for buying that brand of car, told her how his car is better and fix it. She asks what Angela misses in her father? Agbele says food. Brenda asks food? She replies that her father has not met any problem that food cannot solve. Brenda toasts to the men they are missing in their lives.
Frank, Obiora and Sandra sees a magazine where Bimpe is accused of raping an orphan. Obiora has suspected she is up to no good. Frank thinks the story is distorted. Phillip was not an orphan when it happened. Sammie thinks there is no smoke without fire.
Amaka asks if Barrister Odey invited Brenda! He says she declined to attend. He is however not waiting for Dan to appear but one more person. While they wonder who it is, Mr. Horsfall walks in and Barrister Odey introduces him as one of the executors of the estate. Everybody glares at him.
Brenda and Angela discuss security around her house and Angela says they have enough security in the apartment. Brenda says it is necessary especially if you are staying alone. Angela says she has a flat-mate. Brenda looks puzzled and she says in her head! They chuckle about this. Angela asks if she is feeling lonely? She says she has John. It is just that he cannot do everything like fixing the ignition of her car. Angela asks her not to let feminists hear her. She says she is a Brendaist! She talks about matchmaking and making a documentary about online dating. Angela does not believe in that. They discuss that and agree on exploring that. Angela asks if she is sure she will not stay for dinner? Brenda calls her her father’s daughter and says since the taxi is becoming more unreliable than her ignition, then she will accept the offer.
The will is read. Amaka and Dikibo are co-executors of the will. Phillip gets 30% of the money and a house at Ikoyi. That’s the house that got burnt so Phillip owns the land. However, it is subject to Amaka approving Phillip’s personal and professional conduct. Monica gets 20% of the money. That goes to Freddy. Freddy gets 20% of the money, two houses in Ikeja, a house in Abeokuta, Fred’s library, all his shares in Reel Studios, etc. That makes Phillip turn and look at Freddy.
Greg bursts into Bimpe’s apartment and she asks if he is back again? Does he not know when he is not wanted? He thrusts a newspaper into her face and asks what it is? She reads Bimpe the orphan monster and says she will sue the newspaper. He wonders whether they are lying and she asks what he thinks? He wonders why Phillip has not come out to clear her name if it is not true? She reminds him that Phillip is still mourning his father and is not obsessed with tabloid news like him. He thinks she is too aggressive and she pushes at his chest and asks why he will think like that? He says she forced him to go out with her. She reminds him that he is a full grown man. He is confused and is not even sure that her name is Bimpe Adekoya!
Sheila calls Feke to commission a study of online dating. She wants to know what makes it tick in Lagos. She says a kind of SWOT analysis? Yes, Brenda agrees. Feke says she will send out surveys but Brenda says no. Feke asks if Delmuah is not better positioned for the research? She is better at such things. Brenda says she wants Feke to work on it and report directly to her for now. She does not want Angela to be aware of it till she is sure that it is something that can fly.
The reading if the will continues. Monica gets two other houses and that goes to Freddy now. Laide protests that one of the houses is hers. Fred have it to her. TTK tells her to be nice to Freddy now, her landlord. Fred bequeaths four plots of land and a bungalow to Dan and his vinyl and art works. Amaka gets a house. Barrister Odey remarks that the will was made a long time ago and a number of things may have been overtaken by events but the will is still valid. Fred bequeaths N250,000 to the Onuohas, his former cook and butler. The rest of the items goes to charity, to be administered by the executors of the will. TTK protests that a whole brother got only four plots of land and a bungalow. Chief Akinpelu says it is a lie. They will challenge the will.

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Phillip asks Chief Akinpelu what he is doing there? Should he not be with his people? Chief Akinnpelu puts a finger in his face!