A disguised Bimpe sneaks into Ziggy’s. Sammy comes to tell her they have not opened as Frank doses. She pretends to be a stranger on a trip for three days and orders for rice and plantain with fresh fish. Sammy goes to wake Frank up. He comes and tells her they have not opened. As she speaks in her Indian accent, he asks if that is Bimpe? She tries to deny but he pulls off her disguise and asks her what this is all about? She tells him that she has not been able to leave her house. The last time she tried it, she was attacked. She called the police and laughed at her. She is hungry and there is no food at home. He asks if she had done anything to get the public to forgive her? Abroad, celebrities do community service. She has tried the publicity thing but it did not work. He asks her to trust him. She asks for food first, on the house.
Brenda and Angela fight over what she said about Nosa. She was not able to sleep because of what Angela said. Angela says it is because she found some truth in what she said. Brenda thinks it is the things that have been thrown at Nosa. Angela insists that Nosa is going through a manic depression and says why she thinks so. Brenda does not want to hear that but Angela insists.
Frank presents a uniform to Bimpe. She says she does not believe it and asks if they can’t get a photographer to take her picture? He insists that she dresses as a waitress and wait tables. As she walks out, he calls Chuks to inform him that he had arranged something for Bimpe so that he does not freak out when he comes in.
A customer is not happy at the spa. One of the staff is happy there are no customers. Free time for them. The other lady ask what is going on! Sheila was sleeping in the office before but now she comes and goes. Yet nothing has changed. No new products and broken down equipment. Sheila walks in with Yaya and introduces her as the new assistant manager. Yaya looks forward to working with them.
Amaka walks in to meet Laide and Dr. Gyang working together. Dr. Gyang is happy she is at work for two consecutive days. Amaka tells Laide she went to look for her but she was not in her office. Laide does not like the furniture and asks that it be changed. Dr. Gyang asks if Amaka has worked on the new direction that the board asked for? Amaka will get to it soon. He does not think the board will be happy with that. Amaka asks if they have trout of giving the security a makeover? Drug yang is happy it finally dawned on her after she sabotaged the last one. They will get to that but she needs to start acting like a CEO.
Bimpe waits tables but Frank insists that she smiles and stop pretending to be forced. Peju walks in and sniggers at the sight of Bimpe in uniform and an apron.
Yahimba meets Sheila who tells her about her day and introducing Yaya to the spa staff. Yahimba thinks it is good and says Sheila is doing a good thing by trying to get Freddy off Amaka. Sheila wonders why they are discussing Amaka and Freddy? Yahimba says she is not the only one pretending and insinuates that Sheila is getting close to Freddy to take advantage of his property. Sheila says she would have smacked her teeth out, if she was not her mother. Yahimba reminds her that altruism does not run in their family. She needs to remember that when dealing with Tsav!
Brenda and Linda meet Dr. Coker. She thinks everything is okay. Linda is healthy enough to carry a baby. She will put them on the necessary drugs to ensure everything is okay. Dr. Coker asks that Nosa accompany them during the next check-up to get him ready. Brenda says Nosa will be left out of the whole thing. She may have to get another sperm donor!
Laide comes in to check Amaka and asks if she thinks Dr. Gyang is talking to Sheila? Amaka says no and asks why she is saying so? Laide says it is due to how Dr. Gyang was hard on her. She advises Amaka to keep her opinions to herself. Amaka agrees and takes a call and asks that he be sent in. She tells Laide it is a provider of security services invited for a presentation. Tsav walks in as Laide gets up to leave and asks if they have met? Tsav says anything is possible. Amaka does the introductions and Laide opens her mouth. Amaka quickly says he is a nice guy and Tsav asks for a tour of the facility to enable him prepare the presentation he is not bothered about the ladies.
Mimi tells Nnenna that she believes what she said about Brenda and Nosa. Nnenna reminds her that she called her a big mouth the last time. Mimi wonders which man says the kind of things Nosa said about Brenda on public about his wife? They discuss what could have led to that? Nnenna knows how they can find out. They need to get Feke to spy on Brenda!
Peju beckons on Bimpe and asks for a refill. Bimpe gets that and Peju tells her that when they think that she has hit the lowest, she moves on another notch. Bimpe thanks her for getting her where she is now with all those nonsense shows. Peju says she was just doing her job and someone else will soon fall into a bigger scandal. Bimpe manages to spill the drink on Peju’s lap!
The tour over, Tsav thanks the ladies and leaves. Laide thinks he is a charmer. Amaka asks her to drop the disapproving tone. There is nothing between them. Laide asks if it was Tsav that led her to seeking to review the security arrangements in the office? No. Two other people will be bidding too. Laide asks if Sheila could be using him to get to her! She does not think so. He has been a good friend so far but she goes thinking about what she heard.
Nosa barges into Brenda’s office drunk. She asks what he is doing! Can’t he visit his wife? She does not want to see him drunk during the day! He grabs her and she wonders what he is doing! Trying to get some, he says. She screams that he stops before someone walks in on them but he does not listen till she knocks him out with an object she picked from her table.

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Dr. Gyang screams that Fred has not been long gone and already Amaka is converting the office to her private fiefdom. Laide tries to stop him but he won’t stop. He will not tell Amaka that Laide told him.