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Fred asks why Angela attacked him. He tells her that she must lack home training & is not disciplined. Sheila enters & asks what is going on? Anhela tells Fred that he is obviously not an expert in discipline as a look at his son will show. Sheila shouts on her to stop & apologize. She refuses to apologize
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Bimpe walks into Ene’s flat & meets her working in her laptop. She tries to read what Ene is working on & Ene stops her. Ene asks her if she was not ashamed and Bimpe asks what there is to be ashamed of? Ene said for dating Telema’s ex! Bimpe went: is Telema my sister? And walks away thanking her for the blender…
Shalewa’s friends tell her that Titan granted an interview and denied dating her. Shalewa does not seem to understand what they are talking about so they show her the magazine. Sho also points out that Titan said that his ideal woman is well spoken, has the right curves.
Fred visits Phillip, Kwame & Tare. Phillip is surprised & they get up to greet him. As Phillip tries to introduce his friends & colleagues, Fred tells him that has already made their acquaintance. He congratulates them on successfully setting up the company & asks why Phillip is not making use of Reel Studios facilities? Phillip tells him that he wanted to be independent. He greets them & as he turns to leave, Phillip asks why he did not just call instead of coming all the way? He tells him that he wanted to see that he knows what he is doing & to congratulate them on the new company in person. After he leaves, Tare says it was nice of him to drop by. Kwame could not care less.
Angela has her bags packed & is leaving. She tells Sheila that Emile will be there soon to fetch her but Sheila tries to convince her to stay. She does not want to stay as Fred does not like her. She is not his beloved Amaka. Sheila reminds her that Amaka is Fred’s adopted daughter whose marriage she broke up. She tells her not to go. She only needs to apologize to Fred when he gets back. She’d better die than apologize. She complains that Fred called her a street walker. Sheila tries to calm her down & when she refused to listen, she asks her where she will go to if she leaves? She says she will go back to her apartment. Sheila reminds her that Masters’ men are still out there looking for her. As they were arguing, she tells Sheila that Emile is outside to pick her up. Stay safe, okay, Sheila tells her as she drags her bag out.
(((I’m walking on sunshine, oh oh…Rich in tase, Rich in Happiness, Ovaltine)))
Shalewa is reading thru the magazine containing Titan’s interview. She does not see what her friends are talking about. They ask her to get Titan’s manager to arrange a joint press conference like Bieber & Gomez and Beyonce & Jayz did but Sho reminds them that those are power couples. Nneka says she visited Titan’s page & his fans think Shalewa is too thin. Thin? The two of them hush up Sho before she can say the wrong thing. She stats to talk about Shalewa’s “good English” but the other two stop her again.
Angela is back at her apartment & Emile comes out & tells her everything is fixed including the windows. She keeps on asking if the window is secure but he tells her that he will sleep over for one night to ensure that she is safe.  Emile asks what Fred said to make her leave. Before she could answer, Brenda calls. She wants to see Angela. Angela tells her she is back to her house but it is already too late to meet with her. She tells Angela that she is thinking of the next day.
Kwame comes downstairs in the morning to meet a distressed Phillip holding his laptop. He has been monitoring the traffic to the site & is distressed at the lack of visitors to the site. Kwame advises caution saying it is a bit too early to judge. Phillip says he was up all night monitoring it. Tare enters & asks how the website is faring? Kwame greets her when she did not greet him. Phillip calls the web designer & complains that they had only two views. Kwame says it is three & Phillip attacks him. Tare quickly asks them to take it easy. As they were arguing, Freddy calls about the clip. He tells Phillip it is boring. Phillip tells him that he is waiting for it to go viral but Freddy tells him that it would not. It is not funny& people like to laugh. Phillip confirms that he is home & asks him to come over & help him work on it. Kwame does not find it funny & asks how old he is? 12, Phillip replies before going upstairs to get some rest.
Chuks is quarreling with a supplier on phone as TTK enters the bar. He tells the supplier that if Ziggy was alive, he would have come around to punch him. TTK asks what is going on & Chuks reminds her that someone has to run the bar. She thinks that he is not the one to do so but he tells her that Ziggy’s shares passed on to his mum, who asked him to run the place for her. TTK says she represents Dan, who has controlling interest. Chuks does not agree but TTK suggests they work together. Chuks agree. She has some decorating ideas, which she showed to Chuks. What is this? Chuks asks. Ziggy’s picture crashes to the floor again. TTK asks Chuks if he did not fix it the last time it fell? Chuks says he did. TTK grabs the picture & tells Chuks that maybe it should not be on the wall in the first place. It could have fallen on a customer. Chuks says it maybe the hook that needs fixing, but TTK tells him to keep the picture away.
(((I’m walking on sunshine, oh oh…Rich in tase, Rich in Happiness, Ovaltine)))
Kwame does not understand what Phillip is playing at. They are running a production company & not a play group! What do you have to lose? Tare asks. Someone knocks on the door & she tells Kwame to behave as that must be Freddy. Freddy enters. Tare asks if he remembers her? Yes, he says. From Aunty Sheila’s spa. She asks if he remembers Kwame? He does not but gets up & presents his hand while introducing himself. Kwame was forced to shake hands & introduce himself. Tare tells him Phillip is resting upstairs & asks what she should get him? Kwame suggests cookies & milk but Freddy asks for coffee please, & black. Gateways she will get him tea instead but he asks for juice provided it is freshly squeezed!
Fred asks after Freddy while they are at table & Sheila tells him that he had breakfast early& has gone to spend the day with Phillip at his apartment. Fred likes that they are spending time together. Sheila talks about Angela. Sheila tells him that he contributed by calling Angela a street-walker. He says that e only said that she behaves like a street-walker! She is worried about her safety. Fred says she brought it unto herself. Sheila tries to make a case for Angela’s safety but Fred tells her not to waste her time on her as Angela is not worth all the worries. Angela might be flawed, she says but she is also a friend.
Carol brings food for Shalewa & her friends but meets onlyShalewa. She asks where her friend’s are but she says that she has decided to relax alone. Shalewa asks Carol to hand her all the sandwiches she made for four of them carol asks whether she can finish all of them? Shalewa asks her not to mind her little body. She also requests that Carol make heavy eba and soup for her for lunch.
Tare brings Freddy the juice, freshly squeezed. Phillip goes ahead to give Freddy the lowdown. He wants him to assist them create something that will go viral. As Freddy starts to speak, Kwame interrupts. He does not understand what a 12 year old can contribute to the company. Pileup shouts him down & when they stop shouting for a while, Freddy shows the clip of Bimpe mimicking Brenda. People like to laugh, he ells them & this is funny & has one viral. All three of them look at the clip & became weak.
Carol wonders why Shalewa is gorging herself on food? Shalewa tells her that she has to add weight & change her levels. Carol wonder what she is talking about & she tells her that people said that she is too thin & have no curves for Titan. She will show them who they are mocking. Carol looks on in horror as she struggles to keep the one she ate down. She wobbles up & tells a bewildered Carol that she is going  out for a walk.
Brenda asks after Angela & the drug lord. Angela wonders whyBrenda is not even concerned for her safety instead of enquiring after a lawyer. Brenda says she is interested in finding out information on the lawyers as they also represent her mystery board member. Angela flares up but Brenda mends her that she knows only what she read in the tabloid. She gets up to leave & Angela asks why she came? She tells Angela about her mystery business partner who is being represented by the same lawyer defending Angela’s drug lord. As they are the same, she was wondering if Angela knows anybody in the lawyer’s office.

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Brenda meets with Ok Fowler’s lawyer. Why Odyssey? Mr. Fowler has always wanted to be in the movie business. He tells her she runs a tight ship. She is not happy is being run over by rats. The rats are here to stay!



Chuks comes home & Ene asks him what he is doing home so early? He says he forgot something. She tells him to ask Soji how he has been dating Bimpe. Chuks smiles as he & Soji sits down & asks how long this has been going on? Soji flares up & tells him that if he is going to tell him all that is bad about Bimoe, then there is no need for the discussion as Ene has already done that. Chuks asks Soji to give him gist. Soji tells him how they started & how they have decided to take things slowly. Chuks asks him what kind of backward relationship they are practicing? When is Bimpe innocent. Soji defends Bimpe & says that she is nice & does not take things to heart, etc. I’ve seen the way insults bounce off her skin, Chuks says. As Soji continues to eulogized Bimpe, Chuks bursts into laughter & asks Soji if he is talking about Bimpe or Mother Theresa? He asks Soji to tell him when he wants to nominate Bimpe for sainthood.
Kwame call Peju. She is surprised & tells him that her people have been trying to reach him. He tells her that he can be on the show same day if they can work out an arrangement. Peju agrees that he can come talk about his partnership if he is willing to talk of his relationship with Telema.
Sheila visits Masters again & her offer is accepted. She agrees to transfer the agreed funds same day but as she makes to leave, he stops her & asks if she gave Angela his message. She confirms so & wants to leave to get the transfer done but he asks her to stay & chat a bit. He enquires about her marriage & she tells him that her marriage is no business of his. He tells her that from what he reads, her marriage has become everyone’s business. He believes that she is putting on appearances and needs to do so after such a very extravagant wedding. She reminds him that there is no illusion where her marriage is concerned but he does not believe her, not after her previous marriages. 
Angela comes in & meets Amaka & Freddy. Amaka tells Angela that she came to see Freddy because she expects Angela to be at work. Angela tells her the feeling is mutual. She is home late for lunch. She had to take the phone off the hook because of all the unusual calls she was getting but it is now better than being here. Amaka asks if the calls had started already & Angela asks if there is something she should know about? You haven’t seen Tinsel Town today? Amaka asks her?
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Phillip & Tare come back from a not exciting day of shooting & plunk down on the sofa. They look for Kwame but he is not at home. Phillip tries to call him but his phone is switched off. Tate gets a text from him asking them to switch on the TV. They look around the channels before they see Kwame on Peju’s show.
Freddy reads about Angela’s case on her laptop. Angela tells him that it is not polite to read people’s documents over their backs. He apologizes and asks her if she is going to testify? She explains to him that she will be testifying against a bad man. He tells her that his uncle Dan is in jail because they said he murdered someone. As they were talking, Amaka asks Freddy to go upstairs & chews Angela for telling Freddy about her case. Angela reminds h that no one told Freddy about Dan’s case but he knows about it because he is in school & has friend’s & goes online.
Kwame talks to Peju about Black Ananse. Peju finds that interesting & asks him how he could form a partnership with Phillip? Is there going to be competition between them & Reel & Odyssey? He tells her that there is nothing of such that her imagination is running wild. He invites her to come & join them. Peju asks about Tareworking with them & before Kwame could answer, she zeroes in on his marriage to Telema & asks why the marriage was conducted in secrecy & whether it is over? Kwame looks like he swallowed some huge object.
Angela pops her pills & is about to step out when Sheila comes back. Sheila ells her that the deal is completed & she has the spa now. She congratulates Sheila but Sheila notesthat she does not look happy for her. She tells Sheila that she is about to go back to work & why she left & Sheila tells her that there are reporters outside. She will tell Fred to get the police to disperse them. Angela calls Mrs. H. & Mrs. H tells her to stay away from the meeting due to visitors from HQ. Angela says that she wants to come back to join the meeting with the guys from HQ but Mrs. H tells her to stay away. They cannot afford to explain the presence of reporters to the HQ guys.
Tare is pissed Kwame dabbled into PR. She tells Phillip to tell him hat she will have a word with him about that later. Phillip tells her yes, principal. As she is leaving, Soji comes in. Phillip tells hi  that they need to work out this his habit of visiting without calling first. He needs to get a timeline to conclude his Makoko project from Phillip. Phillip tells him that the is quite busy right now & he told that he is not a charity worker. Plenty of things are hanging on the documentary, he ells Phillip. The kids there do not have a school & the documentary is meant to showcase their plight. We have an agreement, he tells Phillip. We don’t have a contract signed, Phillip reminds him. He tells Phillip that if it is a signed document that will make him fulfill his obligations, then he has no business talking to him & leaves.
Amaka walks into Angela trying to plug her laptop in Fred’s study & asks her what she is doing there? She tells Amaka that she is looking for where to work. Amaka asks why sheis not working in her room? She says that he light there is too bright at this ime of the day. Amaka insists that she leaves & she tells Amaka to stop being ridiculous. What are you after? Amaka tells her that she is not as foolish as Sheila who asked her not her house. She yells that Amaka should get serious. World Movies is not even in cmetition with Reel Studios. As she was shouting, Sheila comes in & asks what is going on? Angela says it is nothing & carries her laptop to leave. Excuse me for breathing, she tells them as she walks out.
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Emile comes to pick Angela. As they were ensconced in his car, shethanks hi  for being a life saver. She would have gone mad if he had not come when she called. He smiles & is happy she has ealized that now. She tells him about their visit to the police &Sankey’s continued absence, the magazine story & Amaka’s meddling. He reminds her that he never liked her moving in with Sheila. You might as well stay with Mrs. H, if you wanted to stay with people who do not like you, he ells her. She looks at him like he is demented but he smiles & tells her that he knew that there was some smile deep down there. She starts hitting him playfully & they end up in each others arms and mouth. As they were smooching, Fred catches them & knocks on the window & Angela to come inside.
Angela comes in to meet him. He tells he that she took her time in coming inside. He appreciates her having a private time with her boyfriend but those shenanigans in public is unbecoming of a respectable young woman. As he was berating her, Amaka comes in & asks what she has done again? He tells her that he is handling it. She responds that it is a lost cause & greets Fred goodnight dad, before she leaves. I knew you since you came to Reel, he tells her. You were full of promises then but since then, you have been dabbling from one controversy to the other. Angela gets angry and challenges him. He tells her that will talk to her like he will talk to his daughter. Spare me  your father figure, she ells him. She tells him that she already has a father who she is not very proud of & does not need another one. He should spare it for his blood children & gives him a shove! A surprised Fred crashes into a chair shocked.

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Shalewa’s friends tell her that Titan held an interview & denied her in it.


Tare asks Kwame & Phillip what she did wrong? They are not happy with her for committing the company without consulting them. The budget is too low to shoot a good advert & they did not hide their disdain for her. At a point, she could not take it anymore, whined about nobody doing anything to help the bottom line, yet they are chewing her for making an effort. She grabs her handbag & takes her leave.
Bimpe visits Soji again & he welcomes her with another kiss. He asks how her day was & she complains that it has been boring. It has been filled with boring meetings with nothing to show for it. The discussion gets to two of them & she tells him that girls don’t like his type because he is just too soft & easy to manipulate. They go through their history, how she took advantage of him the first time when he was drunk & slept with him & all & how they broke up immediately after. He tells her that he does not want to go through that route again. He will prefer that they take things slow now & get to know each other better.
Sheila visits Masters. He has seen her offer & his lawyer will check whether it is okay or not. She will therefore have to visit again for his response. She gets angry & gets up to leave but he asks her about Angela. She stops & he tells her that it is no news that she is her house guest. He asks her to be kind enough to pass a message to Angela. 
Soji kisses Bimpe again & when she breaks free, she asks him if he has changed his kind about not rushing? She gets to the reason for her visit & Soji asks whether she did not just come to see him? She tells him that she came to get copies of her rushes from the documentary. He was supposed to get the video from Phillip. Soji becomes uncomfortable & tells her that he has not collected the video yet. She asks him if the kiss has spoilt his head? She called Phillip before coming & he said that Soji has collected the video.
(((Suppy, super seasoning, super taste)))
Kwame tells Phillip that they can make something out of the advert with the limited budget. He does not see how that will work. Kwame tells him that he knows that he is used to big budgets but in Odyssey, they sometimes get creative. He asks Philip if it does not call his creativity to question if he cannot shoot with a budget? Phillip tells him that he cannot teach him anything about making movies. He thinks he can teach Phillip guerrilla film making or something. He shows Phillip the adjusted budget. Phillip looks at it & screams that it still does not make money. However, it will give them the advertisement they so badly need. Phillip says they need to make something good out of it if he will spend his time on it. Kwame also reminds him to call Tare and apologize, though it makes no difference to him either way.
Sheila comes out into the rain & is about to get into her car when Cosmas calls her. He is calling to tell her that Freddy is back from school. She asks him to ensure that Freddy has something to eat. She is on her way home.
Soji & Bimpe looks at the videos & she sees absolutely nothing wrong with her performance in the documentary. Her make up, which she thought was too much came out nicely & to her, everything went well. Soji looks on uncomfortably. She wants to know when next they are going to be shooting the remaining scenes but he tells her that here will be no more scenes. She wonders what he is talking about? She hopes he is not one of this people that shoot a ten-minute documentary but he lies that the remaining scenes will be done with pictures & narratives. She tells him to make copies of her best scenes for her to use to convince the directors she is meeting with to cast her.
Tare & Phillip comes into his flat cum office. She tells him that for the records, he gives lousy apologies. They settle down to discuss the restaurant advert. Tare apologizes for going out to negotiate the advert budget without consulting them & Kwame latches onto that to upbraid her. It is okay, he tells her. From now on, everything she does is half-cut, he tells her. Phillip breaks up the fight before it starts fully. He tells Kwame to arrange models for the adverts the next day while Tare helps out with the research. She understands what he is asking for. Phillip tells them that they need to consult Freddy over this viral thing as he knows next to nothing about it. When he notices that they are not with him, he gives up.
Angela comes into the kitchen & meets Freddy & Sheila. She calls Freddy & Sheila asks if she knew him? She quickly replies that they met at Sheila’s wedding & get along well. Sheila gives Freddy a cup of tea & asks him to go while she talks to Angela. He asks if they will be talking about him, but Sheila sends him off. Angela asks what Masters wants? Sheila tells her that he did not ask for anything. He says that he will come back to her on the offer she made. Angela cannot hide her surprise. Sheila tells her that she is still alive though she kept on looking for assassins on her way back, thanks to the ideas Angela put in her head! Angela says that maybe Masters wants nothing. He may even confess to the murder & save her the trouble of testifying! Sheila tells her not to hold her breath. Masters gave her a message for Angela!
Phillip complains about the quality of the models Kwame arranged. Kwame reminds him that he is the one that wanted them in a hurry. If he had shifted the shooting by some days, he would have had tome to make better arrangements. Phillip asks him to dismiss the remaining two models. Kwame complains that it is not fair. They should be at least be allowed to audition since ey have been around since 6am. Phillip asks him to give them cab fare & tell them to leave. Kwame passes on the message to the girls but they protest that they should also be allowed to audition like the others. They purposely waited till the end to give Phillip & Kwame what they want. Phillip gives in & asks them to audition. The two of them walk up to Phillip & Kwame & hold em. Phillip asks what they are doing & the lead girl tells him auditioning. He tells her to look up the word in the dictionary & she tells him that they understand what Phillip & Kwame wants. What do we want? Phillip asks. She reminds him that they are holding the audition in the sitting room of a bachelor pad! Phillip looks uncomfortable but Kwame does not kind the way things are going.
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Kwame is relaxed & enjoying himself but uptight Phillip suggests they add some music & Kwame readily agree. The door bursts open & Tare marches in. Phillip quickly untangles himself from his model & runs to the back of the room. Models, I presume? Tare asks. Yes, & you are One of the girls asks. Seeing you out, except if the boys have anything to say, Tare answers. The boys look down in shame & she opens the door for the models to run through.
As soon as they leave, she turn on the embarrassed boys & tells them that she can see that her pep talk about their working together is working. However, she does not believe that she is the only person in the room that has some sense. After berating the boys, she asks whether they have the models they need? Phillip tells her that he does not need any model to shoot the advert. She asks him to get his things then & let them go shoot an ad! Kwame asks whether he can come along & she tells him no as their working together has produced nothing good. She asks him to stay back & think of how to drive traffic to their website.
Soji has barely touched his food & Ene asks him if anything is wrong with the food? No, he says. He is only worried about the documentary. Bimpe is not good & he will need to fire her but he does not want to hurt her feelings. Ene wonders when anyone is worried about Bimpe’s feelings? Soji tells her about Bimpe having feelings & she tells him that Bimpe must be scamming him. She must have found out that she is about to be sacked & decided to play on his emotions. Soji gets annoyed & tells her to stop. He has been meaning to tell her & Chuks something about himself & Bimpe. Chuks is not here now but he can as well tell her. He has been seeing Bimpe. Ene’s jaw drop!
Angela & Sheila are meeting with Segun & another police officer in Det. t. Sankey’s office. Angela asks when Det. Sankey is coming back especially now that the funeral of her husband is over? Segun says that he does not know. The last time he spoke with her, she was considering quitting the force! Angela tells them that she cannot afford to quit now in the middle of the case with Masters. The case cannot depend solely on her testimony. She reminds them that Sankey’s presence is important enough for her to be subpoenaed if necessary. The other police officer assures her that Sankey will be there for the trial. They ask Sheila to consider testifying against Masters at the trial but she declines saying that she does not know enough about his drug dealings to testify. They are also considering putting some of his men who previously refused to testify against him to the witness stand. Now that he is out of circulation, they may be bold enough to talk. The other police officer tell Angela that he met Magaji, another police man who knows Angela. Angela gets up & says that she is sure that he had nothing nice to say about her.
What nonsense are you talking about? Ene asks Soji. When did this start? She asks. He tells her it just started. There was nothing between them when she asked him the last time. She asks him what jazz Bimpe is using on him? He tells her that she is using nothing on him. Ene reminds him about the code, you don’t date your friend’s ex. Soji does not consider Bimpe & Telema friend’s. Ene asks Soji what would happen now that Telema is about to come back? Soji tells her that nothing will ever bring him & Telema back together. She tells him not to say that again.


Angela & Emile search the flat for the source of the noise. They get into the sitting room in darkness & Emile spot a moving object. As he goes to hit the object, a woman screams. They switch on the light & it’s Harriet. Angela asks her what she wants? She wants a quote from Angela on the upcoming trial. Emile asks for who she is & Angela tells him she is a reporter for Tinsel Town.
Soji & Bimpe come up for air from their kissing. She tells him that he has certainly picked up new skills from their last time. He reminds her that she didn’t complain then. She says that she did not want to hurt his fragile feelings then. He asks if she has any regrets now? She says she will know when she tries again. They lock lips again but Salem returns! They quickly untangle their mouths & Bimpe runs off while Soji tries to appear normal without succeeding. Salem asks what happened? Soji says nothing. Salem is surprised that Bimpe did not even take the drink she sent him to buy.
Tare asks Phillip if they are in financial trouble? Phillip tells her there is no cause for alarm. She tells him that the statement says otherwise. She asks what Kwame is doing to contribute? Phillip tells her that his excuse is that he is broke. Tare thinks that Kwame should then reduce his expenses even as he pursues Ferral. Phillip tell he hat the statement she has is Black-Ananse’s & not Fred Ade-Williams’.
Harriet asks Angela for quotes. Angela could not believe that she will break into homes just to get a quote. Emile wants to throw her out, but Angela restrains him. She tells Harriet that the only quote she will get is to be careful she does not end up in a police cell. She asks cell, for asking for a quote? Angela tells her no, but for breaking and entering. She tells Angela that she needs someone like her on her side during the trial. Angela reminds her that she is not the one on trial & asks her to leave. Emile walks her out & comes back to console Angela. He will try and fix the door the next day. However, the mood has been spoilt for Angela. She tells him she wants to sleep, but not in the flat. She wants to go back to Sheila’s.
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Soji walks in carrying a plate & Salem tells him that he has been wondering where he went to. Soji tells him that he felt like cooking & invites him to go get cutleries & come & join him. Salem gets up from the foam & fetches cutleries. He asks Soji after Bimpe. Soji explains that he met her through his ex. Salem tells Soji that he should have told him that he is already eyeing something. Soji pretends not to understand what he is talking about but quickly changes the subject. He asks what they are going to do that day? Salem reminds him about their documentary. Soji tells Salem that he met Phillip but it will be a while before they go back to the documentary as Phillip is working now on bringing up a new company. Salem is downcast that he will have to wait for a long time before seeing what he looks like on TV! Soji tells him that there is no reason why they can’t see the rushes they have recorded already. He puts a call through to Phillip.
Tare comes in & asks Kwame what they are going to be doing that day? Kwame reminds her that he is supposed to be concentrating on arranging meetings whole she works on her own. She reminds him that they need to start other things to add to the pot or they will be in trouble soon. As they were talking, Phillip comes downstairs with a backpack. He is going off for a meeting with a client. Tare & Kwame are surprised but he didn’t seem to notice. He tells them to give Soji some DVDs when he comes around for them & leaves. A dejected Kwame turns to Tare to ask if she has any ideas they should start considering?
Masters’s lawyer visits Sheila. Immediately he introduces himself, Sheila asks him to leave before she calls the cops. He tells her that he has a message from his principal. Alhaji Abubakar is offering Sheila a chance to fully own the spa. She wonders why? She had offered to buy him out unsuccessfully in the past so what has changed? The lawyer says that his present situation has forced him to re-evaluate his assets. Sheila asks him how much his principal wants to sell? He asks her how much she is willing to pay? She is shocked she is being offered the spa at her price. The lawyer gets up to leave to give her a chance to think about it. He gives her his card to reach him when she takes a decision. One other thing: his client will want to receive her decision in person. She protests that she cannot go to a prison to see him but the lawyer reminds her that she does not have so much to lose.
Soji makes small talk with Kwame about living with Phillip. He empathizes with Kwame over his failed marriage. Before Kwame could answer, Tare comes downstairs with the DVDs & he leaves. Tare & Kwame discuss the Ferral project & their search for contents for their new media. Kwame suggests that they create video that is good enough for people to subscribe to. The subscription will give them an idea about who their viewers are. Tare does not think they have enough resources to make content that will be this attractive. Kwame asks what happened to their overly confident PR person?
Angela visits Sheila in the office & drops her food on the table as she ask Sheila about what Masters wants? Sheila grabs the food she dropped but Angela snatches the food off her hands. She asks Sheila to fill her in in what she did not say on the phone. Sheila says that she has told her everything. She advises Sheila not to accept Alhaji Abubakar’s offer. Why will he be making you such an offer now? She asks Sheila. Sheila says that it is possible that he is hard up for cash as he has been out of circulation for a while. Angela is not convinced. Sheila asks her what Masters will do to her? Shoot her in jail? Angela asks what Fred thinks about the offer? Sheila tells her that she does not need to speak with him to know his answer. she tells Angela that Masters may not have an agenda. Angela advises her to look out for assassins if she decides to go and visit Masters.
Salem & Soji look at the rushes of the documentary. Only Bimpe’s voice is heard all thorium the short clip. Salem says that Sister Bimpe can talk sha. She did not even let the guy being interviewed say a word. Soji calls Phillip & says that he is not aware that Bimpe was that bad. Phillip reminds him of his earlier warning. Soji suggests that they re-shoot the scenes. He also wants them to guide Bimpe in the rushes. Phillip reminds him that he is currently setting up a new company & balancing the books now takes precedence over charity.
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Kwame comes back from Ferral & tells Phillip that there is no answers from them yet. Phillip also tells him that his own meeting did not go well. As they talk about their web content, Tare comes in. She was able to get them a job. She met a restaurant owner who wants to shoot an avert & she convinced him to not only go with them but also to pay for an online content. They get excite & talk of the budget. Tare stops them. She has agreed a budget. Phillip takes a look at the budget & blows up. He passes the document to Kwame who agrees with him that the budget is faulty. Tare is pissed & snatches her bag & leaves.
Sheila is home early & is at the table. Fred comes out & meets her with a peck. She asks for his advice on something. He is listening. She tells him that Masters has offered to sell his stake in the spa. He asks if she needs him to put up the money but she says no, she is good. He tells her to let him know if she finds out that she cannot meet the payment. He is however sad that legitimately-earned money is going into that drug lord’s pocket. As he gets up to leave, Sheila calls the lawyer to tell him that she will accept Masters’s offer.


Emile walks into Angela’s office & hugs her. He holds onto her & she reminds him that she is in the office but he still holds on. He tells her that now that she has moved into the Ade-Williams’, it is very difficult seeing her. As she was trying to get him off her, Mrs. Haruna walks in & asks if she is interrupting something? Angela runs off his hands & says no. Mrs. H says that she wants to discuss something in private with Angela but Emile insists that he wants to stay & hear what this discussion is all about.
Tate & Brenda are getting some beauty treatment in the Spa & Tare says that she got so used to these things while she was working in the spa. Brenda says she understands & comments on how much stress one’s feet could hold. Tare thanks her for giving Telema the role in her new movie & asks how she is getting on with her new partner. Brenda tells her that he sent her some people to employ but she did not find them employable & rejected them. Tare wonders why he will be interested in employing such level of staff.
Salem comes in and meets Soji in the house. He asks what Soji wants to eat. Soji tells him to cook anything but he insists that he can only cook what Soji wants to eat. Soji tells him nit to worry. He is no longer angry with him, so he should be himself. He agrees & says he will then go & cook chicken stew. On his way to the kitchen, he sees Soji looking at Telema on his laptop & screams. He tells Soji that he has a crush on Telema. She is his spec, in his words. He asks if Soji has any of her pictures in his laptop in the course of his photographing celebrities? Soji tells him that the had many of Telema’s pictures but he deleted all of them when they broke up. Broke up?Salem screams. So you are the Soji? He asks. He changed direction when he noticed Soji’s unhappiness. He asks Soji if they still talk? Soji says no. He tells Soji that if he is the one that was friend’s with Telema, he will continue to be in touch, break-up or not.
Emile insists on staying for the discussion between Mrs. Haruna & Angela. Mrs. H tells Angela that she has struggled to get this across to Emile but he is not listening. She is worried about Angela’s court case. Angela has a bodyguard but Emile has none. It is bad enough that Emile decided to hook up with a woman more than twice his age but putting himself at risk? Angela tries to remind her that she is only 30! Mrs. H is worried about her testifying at the trial of a drug baron & her need for a bodyguard. She tells Mrs. H that her case against Masters is going well. Emile tells his mum that he is not at risk. The person Angela is testifying against is in custody. They got Muyiwa to show that the police officer handling the case is working. Mrs. H tells Angela that she is going to hold her personally responsible if anything happens to Emile. She insists that Angela gives her word on that & Angela sheepishly agrees.
Tare talks to Phillip about new ideas for the new company. They need to create other options while they follow up on Ferral. She has drawn up a list of clients she knew from her days at the spa. Phillip asks her to come up with a presentation for him to review. Tare asks for his help on the presentation. He suggests she ask Kwame. she reminds him that he is the one with the production experience needed for the presentation. He still does not look ready to work on any presentation.
Soji & Salem sit down to a meal at home & he tells Salem about himself & Kwame. He tells Salem that he met Telema in the bar where he took him to once. He was a waiter there while Telema was the customer. Salem’s eyes were lit up as he peppers Soji with questions. Bros, were you the one who married her? Soji did not answer that. He then says oh, bros, you were the one who went to jail for her?
Emile jokes about his mother’s warning. He can see that she was able to get through to Angela with her whining. Angela tells him to be serious about it. She is worried about his safety, just like his mother. He tells her he is up to it & shows her his biceps to show that he is no longer a small boy. Angela thinks she should get another security detail. Instead of listening to her, Emile gets behind her & starts nibbling at her ear. He suggests they go to a more private place as it has been difficult getting a private moment with her. Maybe they should got to a hotel, but that does not go down very well with Angela so he suggests they go to her old house. She tells him that it may not be safe but he tells her that whoever was waiting for her there must have noticed that she no longer stays there.
Soji is on his laptop & Salem asks if Telema is online. yes, she is & he is excited. Salem suggests Soji contacts her, wish her good luck. They can still be friends even if they are not lovers. Soji reluctantly pings her & she responds almost immediately. Soji is not too keen to respond but Salem suggests he respond. He  responds & Telema asks what he is been up to? Salem suggests that he tells her about their documentary.  Soji starts to chat but leaves after while & Salem takes over immediately he goes out of the room.
Phillip tells Kwame that they need to think of other options as a plan B for the company. Kwame grumbles about the lack of faith in his project. Phillip tells them that they need to create their own channel for online content. Kwame suggests that they use existing media but Phillip disagrees.  They will not use Youtube. He wants them to produce their own content & own the rights.  He is thinking of calling it Channel X, & has made payments to a web designer to come up with the website.
Soji’s phone rings as Salem packs up the laptop & gets up from the table. Bros your phone, he calls. Soji picks the phone, & it is Telema. As he talks to her, Salem smiles. After a while, he lies to her that someone is at the door & he will call her back & drops the phone. You sent her a message, he asks Salem. Salem’s says no, you sent her a message. I did it for u, he tells Soji. I noticed that you have been alone & it is your friend’s wife that is always bringing food for you. It is not your job to give me a love life, Soji screams. At this point, Bimpe comes in & asks what’s going on? When she noticed the frosty environment.
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Bimpe sends Salem out to get her a drink & also get some for himself. What was that? She asks Soji? Soji tells her that Salem did what he is not supposed to do. He tells her that he knows that she wants to see the pictures from the photoshoot. She also wants the rushes from the documentary they were shooting. When Soji raises eye brows, she reminds him that she is still in the market. Is that why you are looking so fine today? He asks her as she leans towards him while they look at the pictures. Before? She asks him. She reminds him that she is a hot beautiful babe out there. Soji stops her with a full-blown kiss to her lips!
Angela & Emile get into Angela’s bedroom & start groping each other as they kick off their shoes. She thinks something is not right & stops him. Someone may be watching, she tells him. He tells her it is nothing as he goes back to what he was doing. Did you lock the door? She stops him again? Can we enjoy the bed, please? He whines.
Tare comes out of the kitchen & Phillip is surprised she is still in the house. She says that she is trying to cook. She wants to show Phillip the presentations but as Phillip tries to hide the documents he is looking through, she snatches one of them & asks if she is seeing right? Are they really broke? She asks.
Angela asks Emile if he heard something? He tells her that he will not be surprised if Muyiwa followed them to the house so that he can come in & spoil their fun. It is also possible that she hid Muyiwa somewhere. As they go back to their kissing, there was a distinct noise in the apartment. Angela pushes him off & tells him surely, you heard that. He agrees & wonders what it is with terror written all over his face.

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Alhaji Abubakar’s lawyer visits Sheila. Alhaji Abubakar wants to offer her his investment in the spa.


Bimpe begs Brenda not to sack her. She will do everything she asks her & tell her about anything that happens in the office going forward. She kneels down & asks for just one chance. Brenda tells her to get up. She gets up but continues to plead her case. She will no longer joke in the office. In fact, she will lose all sense of humour, but Brenda picks her phone. Immediately she mentions security,  Bimpe runs from the office.
Tare suggests they sort out their issues as adults. Phillip, do you have anything to say to Kwame? She asks. Maybe he should stop being such a cry baby, Phillip says. Kwame tells him that is if he will stop trying to belittle him in front of his clients! Phillip tells him that he has a funny way of putting that word my clients. Does he also own the company? Maybe the flat (Phillip’s flat, where they have both lived & used as office all these while) is his own too. I don’t believe I agreed to work with you. Tare says. She picks up her bag to leave but Phillip tells her to wait.
Chuks & Ene are relaxing in bed when someone knocks on their door. Ene complains about Bimpe & says but t is too early for her to be home from work! She drags herself up & throws a wrapper over her nightgown & promises to give Bimpe a piece of her mind if she is the one. She throws the door open & it is Soji. Soji takes one look at her & asks if he us interrupting something? He can go & come later if he is! Ene says no, he can come in. The moment has passed, anyway. He walks in & hails Chuks who hauls himself off the bed as Ene disappears. She re-appears shortly after to say she is off to school. Soji tells Chuks that he never knew that time ill come when he will envy his love life. A tired Chuks tells him that it is not all peaches & roses. He asks Soji what is worrying him as he looks worried. Soji starts to talk about his issues with Salem but by the time he looks up, Chuks has slept off!
Kwame asks Phillip if their initial agreement to split ownership of the company 50:50 still stands? Phillip says yes & apologizes for taking things too far. Kwame also apologizes & Tare asks them how difficult that was? She asks them to shake hands on their agreement but Kwame asks if they are in primary school or what? She reminds them that they behaved like primary school kids a short while ago. She suggests that going forward, Kwame will handle all the client meetings. Phillip & herself will only come in if technical details are required. Phillip will handle production, while she handles what she has always been meant to work on; PR. They all seem to agree in this. Phillip gets up to go to the gym. Kwame asks him to wait while he grabs his stuff. Tare dies nit want to go to they gym & leaves them.
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Brenda grills Stan over calling Odun for jobs. He comments that dealing with Brenda is going to be more difficult than he thinks. He confirms that the request to hire is from the new owner. He wants to get a job for a couple of his hangers-on. Brenda wonders why he is would want such lowly jobs for his people? Like we do in these parts, once one person makes it, others depend on him for their sustenance, Stan reminds her. He thinks Brenda is being paranoid. Most people that have invested that much in a company will want to have control but his principal is comfortable with just sitting back & allowing her run the company. Why will someone who secures the use of a whole resort for a movie shoot be interested in such menial jobs for anyone? She wants to know. Brenda tells him that she does all the hiring and firing around Odyssey & she insists on interviewing the prospective employees before they are hired. Stan promises to arrange that.
Bimpe walks into the bar & asks Frank for Chuks. Chuks is not around & she wonders why your friends will never be there when you need them! She has been sacked, she tells Frank. Sacked? Why? Frank asks, shocked. For one very small infraction, she tells him. Frank tells her sorry, & excuses himself to go serve customers but Bimpe asks Frank to rub it on her face that he has a job. Frank stopped in his tracks. She regrets making the video clip very mild. With all she knew, she could have put in more scandals into that video. She thanks Frank for cheering her up & leaves.
Brenda interviews two of the people sent by her business partner. Abdul is a driver & has been driving for 6 years. He speaks like a driver during the interview. She turns to Malik, a security man. He had worked in two previous security companies. She asks why he left both jobs? The first company folded up while he left the second job to go for his father’s burial & there was no job when he got back. She tells them that they will be in touch.
Kwame & Phillip are pumping iron at the gym. Kwame has had enough & needs to go to Ziggy’s, but Phillip continues. As Kwame makes to leave, Bimpe calls him. She has something important to discuss with him. He tells her he will be in Ziggy’s in 30 minutes. She says that it is urgent & tries to talk, but he tells her to meet him there with whatever she wants to discuss.
Soji walks into the gym & meets Phillip. He thinks it is his lucky day for finally meeting Phillip. He grills Phillip for not calling back on their project. Phillip apologizes & says that he has been busy with trying to set up a new company after leaving Reel Studios. Soji understands but wonders why Phillip did not call back as he promised? He asks after their project? Phillip says the project is still on course. He tells Phillip to be man enough to tell him if he is no longer able to take part in the movie.
Stan meets Brenda. She tells him that she has interviewed Abdul & Malik but will not hire them. They are not suitable for the jobs. He tells her that there are no hard feelings. His principal will not interfere. He asks if she has the report he asked for this morning? Yes, she does & hands it over.
Bimpe meets Kwame at Ziggy’s & tells him that Brenda sacked her. Finally, he says. Bimpe wonders whether she heard him right. Never mind, she tells him. She tells him that they can set up something but he laughs the suggestion off. He has set up something with Phillip & Tare. She is affronted & reminds him that she is beautiful & talented, while he is shady as most successful businessmen. Do you really think I will get into business with you? He asks her. He thanks her for the laugh. She asks him whether thank you will pay for the shoes she bought on credit last month? Your new company, can you people employ me? She asks, but Kwame is not interested.
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Soji comes into the bar & meets a disconcerted Bimpe. Are you on lunch break or something? He asks her. Brenda fired me. Why? He asks again. For one small joke…
[[[[PHCN BREAK]]]]
Salem welcomes Soji. He is cleaning up the place & cooking at the same time. He tells Soji that he knows that he is not happy with him because he allowed those area boys to visit his house. Soji confirms that he has no rights to invite people over without telling him. If Soji wants him to leave… Soji does not want him to leave. They talk about what has happened between them. Salem thanks Soji for all he has done for him.  He has seen so much in his life, he says & knows that Soji is a special person to go through all these for him. He has seen his friend’s die, etc & does not want that to happen to him. He thanks Soji & promises not to allow such a thing to happen again.
Odun comes back to give Brenda a report on the project. He tells her that the place is super for a shoot. He brought some pictures on a flash for Brenda to see. As she was trying to load the pictures, she asks if he spoke with the staff? Did he find out anything unusual? He wonders what she meant by unusual? She tells him that there should be no more calls to Stan. She needs to know of any hiring & firing in the company. He tells her that there is noting on between him and Stan but wonders what has changed with all of Brenda’s warning? All you need to know is that I am still in charge & I am not going anywhere, she tells him.


Bimpe is let into the house by Ene & she immediately says that she comes in peace. She asks to be allowed in to apologize for what happened last night. Ene thinks that she did it intentionally to sabotage their marriage. Sabotage your marriage?  Bimpe tells her not to blame their marital issues on her. Ene opens her mouth. What are you talking about? Bimpe has been hearing them thru the wall! Ene tells her that she knows that Bimpe has no atom of shame but listening in to private conversations? Bimpe did not listen. She tells Ene that she should blame herself for her problems. With her first class degree and all, she has been erasing Chuks’s masculinity. She tells Ene to look inwards for the cause of her problems. Has Chuks been talking to you about me? Ene asks. He does not need to. That is the problem with you. You are always telling people what is wrong with them. Maybe you should try to tell them what is good in them. Chuks has not been talking to Bimpe but Bimpe is not in love with Ene & can tell her the truth. Ene complains that she has been doing all she can to support Chuks yet all she gets is that he is not in the mood. Since when is a guy not in the mood? Bimpe asks whether she has talked to Chuks about it? Does she even know where he is right now? She should talk to him.
Kwame, Phillip & Tare discuss their next meeting with Ferroil. Phillip asks who knows the preferences of the guys they are meeting with? Their discussions shift to how to key into the personal preferences of the guys coming for the meeting with Kwame suggesting that they take them to a fancy restaurant and all. Tare suggests that they prepare a good sales pitch and a proposal to meet the client’s requirements. Kwame tells her that the guys already know Phillip’s production credentials & his own experience with managing talents. Tare responds that with her thrown into the team, they are now more formidable. Kwame asks if she thinks that the guys will be interested in hearing about her PR experience in London? Phillip asks Tare to invite her hot friends & wear something nice for the meeting. She is insulted & leaves them to their schemes.
Bimpe tells Brenda what happened to her laptop. There was no light & she could not see and she has been shaking as she has been ill all week and all and all, and coffee poured on the laptop. She will get it to the IT department & get it fixed. Brenda asks why she had not done that already? She had better do that quickly as she cannot afford to be accessing her emails on her phone. Your phone? You can access your emails on your phone? Shouts a perplexed Bimpe. Just get out if here, Brenda tells her.
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Brenda sashays into Tare’s apartment. Tare wonders what she is doing there? She came to apologize& Tare tells her of course she should apologize. Why, Brenda asks & who says I need your help? Tare asks why she should be in her house if not that? Brenda says that she slapped Tare & Tare slapped her back. She said something nasty about Telema & Tare insulted Kwame, it all cancels out. Tare does not think so. Shesays okay, she is sorry. Tare laughs & asks if that is all she can come up with? Why is apology so important to you? She asks Tare. You knew about Kwame stealing from me. Why didn’t you tell me? I figured that you will soon find out. Tare also apologizes for blabbering about Brenda going for rehab.
Bimpe comes out to the reception frowning. She wonders why Nnenna is never at her post. She is worried that Brenda has access to her emails via her phone & can access the video. Mimi laughs at Bimpe’s discomfort. She tells Bimpe that she cannot stop watching the video. The thing is so hilarious. Bimpe complains that the thing keeps popping up from everywhere like a virus.
Phillip asks why they need to go to a fancy restaurant for the meeting? What happened to good old Ziggy’s? Kwame says they need to make a good impression. Phillip worries that they cannot be taking that kind of risk on their lean budget. You cannot control the urges of a bunch of oil boys in a fancy restaurant. They may decide to order the most expensive drinks. He looks through the documents he has & asks Kwame he dug up all these information from? Someone here has a preference for super-sized chicks? Kwame looks all smug.
Brenda complains about her mysterious business partner. She does not understand how anyone can invest that kind of money & be in hiding. Tare reminds her that she has always complained of her board members. She thinks it is a secret admirer of Brenda’s that invested in her company. Brenda does not think so & says it does not make sense. Tare thinks that it may not make business sense but is romantic. She imagines what their board meeting will be like, all two of them? Can you dial down your lustful urges to consider this seriously? Brenda asks. She is worried about the offer as people always want something in return. She hopes it is not Odyssey that he wants. Tare tries to show the good sides of the new arrangement. It is too early to fret. If the new partner gets her the resort, he must be the owner or influential enough. The first step is to accept his offer to help & take it from there. Brenda calls Stan to tell Ok Fowler that she accepts his offer to help.
Ene visits Chuks at the bar & apologizes for being her old self. He asks what she is talking about? She understands that he must be busy now with running the bar & all & should understand the pressures he is under & why he is always tired in the night! Chuks asks if they must discuss that in the office. She apologizes & says that is why she printed this that she found on the internet. Chuks looks at the sheaf of papers & asks her Kamasutra? Frank looks over Chuks’s shoulder & screams Kamasutra yi! Chuks hides the papers from him.
Mimi tells Bimpe to confess to Brenda herself. Bimpe asks if she wants Brenda to kill her? She will tear her limb from limb if she hears it. It may work better that way, Mimi suggests. With Brenda, it is sometimes better to own up to your faults than let her find it out for herself.
Kwame & Phillip meets Mr. Sheriff & Kobno of Ferroil at the restaurant. Kobno orders for food, but Sheriff & Kwame order mineral water. Phillip orders nothing. They settle down to discussion & Sheriff warns them that they are already working on another option. Kwame starts the discussion & Phillip always completes the statements Kwame starts on. Kwame looks uncomfortable. 
Tare asks if the film Brenda is working on has a strong female character? Brenda wonders why she is asking? Wait, are you looking for a role for Telema? Tare reminds her that Telema will need to be kept busy when she is back from filming abroad to keep her out of trouble. Brenda mulls that & seems to agree. She needs to be kept busy enough not to look for an ex-husband.
Chuks is not happy Ene brought this up in the office but they continue their discussion. Ene tells him that the Kamasutra is what they need now in their love life as they are gradually becoming an old boring couple. She tells him to check out splitting the bamboo. Frank, who was coming back from serving a client comes up behind Ene & says hmm, splitting the bamboo! Chuks eyes him & tells him whether he does not have respect for married couples & to mind his business. He tells Chuks that he has a lot of respect for him but that splitting the bamboo can be very painful. Chuks takes Ene’s hand & tells her that they have to leave or Frank will not stop.
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Phillip talks about his experience in Reel Studios. He talks about his experience as the head of productions in Reel Studios & says that he still maintains contact with the crew there. Kwame asks for the themes the Ferroil team is considering but Phillip thinks it is better to surprise them. Konno likes to be surprised. Sheriff says it is time for them to leave. Kobno will be in touch with them. As soon as they leave, Kwame turns to a satisfied Phillip, What was that all about?
Brenda discusses the new project with Odun. She is thinking of using Telema for the lead role. Odun agrees as Telema has delivered for them in the past. She asks him to dig into the identity of the owner of the resort while he is there for the shoot.
A satiated Ene & Chuks are in bed holding light discussion. She asks if she is forgiven & he says yes but she should be discreet when next she discusses their issue. He will be the butt of the joke for the next week in the bar. More like the object f their envy, she tells him. He tells her that he has to leave for the bar as it is approaching peak period & they are short-staffed. She asks if he is joking? He says no. She tells him that the only responsibility he has is in page 14 of Kamasutra. He says she is making it up. She tells him they shall see & covers both of them with the duvet & they start giggling foolishly.
Bimpe apologizes to Brenda. She was just messing around & meant no harm. Bend a tells her o go that she has no time for her now. Odun calls. The place is perfect for the shoot. He has not found out who owns the place. He was told that it is an old couple & that the place was recently re-opened. He tells Brenda that Stan called to ask if they need extra hands.
Phillip & Kwame are behaving like spoilt brats. Tare tries to break it up. Kwame complains that Phillip was trying to take his clients. Phillip reminds him it is ‘our clients’.  I know that it will be a challenge working together but you need to get over your egos, Tare tells them. Phillip says that will work if Kwame takes things easy & Kwame says Phillip needs to stop butting into all his statements. Tare tells Phillip to stop behaving like a diva & turning to Kwame, tells him she knows he can behave like a snake! Phillip says it is not too late to break it all up. Kwame agrees. Tare will hear nothing of that. I resigned my appointment to take up this role & we have to make it work, she tells both of them.
Brenda asks how Odun got in touch with Stan? How did Stan get your number? Odun tells himthat heran into Stan in the reception & he tells them that he is now the man to talk to if anyone wants to reach the new owner. They exchanged numbers. Brenda calls Stan & is furious that he is calling her staff behind her back. She orders him to report to her office NOW! As she gets off the phone, she sees Bimpe who was trying to be a a quick retreat. She asks her to come that she has her time now. Bimpe apologizes that she was just coming to drop a file. She tells Bimle that she has seen the video. Bimpe starts apologizing again. She has tolerated all Bimpe’s inadequacies; 
disloyalty, clumsiness, skipping work. She however cannot accept Bimpe making fun of her, portraying her as a drunk. She asks Bimpe to park her things and leave. She is fired!

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Phillip & Kwame continue their turf war about who owns what in the new company while Tare looks on.