Sankey talks to Masters’ assailant. She gives him water & asks him how he got entangled with Masters? He talks to her about his history with Masters. She asks him to tell her what she wants & she will get him justice. He confirms that he called Ziggy to inform him that Masters was back in town. He also was the one that planted the hard drugs in Ziggy’s car. She tells him to plan his attack on Masters well next time he wants to do something like that. She will arrange protection for him in the cell, but he needs to give her hard evidence.
Zaza asks Kwame to tell Phillip she is going out. Kwame tells her to use her phone. He calls Joan to talk about Phillip bidding for the contract. She reminds him that the contract needs to go through due process. He will still get the job finally. He threatens her & she tells him to go to blazes when he insists.
Sankey asks Joe how he knew about Masters coming back to town. He overheard some people talking about it in French. He has just realized that it was a set up to get him to call Ziggy. They knew he will tell Ziggy & Ziggy will tell Sankey.
Phillip talks to Kwame about loyalty to the company. Kwame does not see anything wrong with what he is doing. Phillip says he is spending time sleeping his way into the contract instead of working for the company. He warns Kwame that Lawson is aware that he is sleeping with Joan. Lawson himself told him.
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TTK introduces her new drink (Titilacious) to two customers. They are not too keen but agree to try it after their meal. She grabs Carol to get the cocktail prepared. Carol says that she has forgotten how it is done. TTK reads out the recipe & tells her to get on with it. She says she has customers to serve. TTK tries to take the tray from her but she holds on. They struggle over the food Carol was carrying & spills everything as the customers look on.
Kwame bites Zaza when she asks if there is anything she can do for him, telling her that if he needed anything, he would have told her.  Phillip thinks he is exhibiting transferred aggression. He tells Kwame that he is not bothered about the contract. He is not interested. Kwame is surprised. He asks if Kwame is still interested in the contract? He is not just interested in fighting with Kwame & Lawson is a bigger fish to fry. Kwame asks if he is now Lawson’s mouthpiece? What kind of man does nothing to a man sleeping with his wife? Kwame asks. What kind of a man blackmails a woman into marrying him? Phillip asks him.
Segun was talking to Sankey about a domestic case when Brenda enters. He leaves before Sankey asks him to leave. Sankey tells Brenda that the people that abducted Angela are Beninioise. Brenda asks how she arrived at that conclusion & Sankey tells her that they were speaking French. She needs to bring Angela in & tell her that. She also believes that Brenda needs to apologize to Angela.
Carol serves a customer the wrong food & he is furious that his order did not only arrive late, but he is getting the wrong thing! TTK steps in & apologizes to the customer. The bar is currently undergoing structural adjustment, she tells him. Maami enters with her fish pepper soup & asks who wants “Kpekpe” soup! As the patrons were queuing up & to TTK’s horror, Sheila enters.
Phillip & Tare speak about Kwame. Kwame is not only treacherous. He is insecure. As they were talking, Phillip takes a call from some guy in Ghana who wants him to direct a script. He is not interested in that now. As he gets up, another call comes in & he asks Tare to take it & tell whoever is there that he is not around. Tare picks & it’s from Joan. She passes the phone to Phillip & she tells him that she needs to see him immediately.
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Sheila’s order is delayed too & as TTK tries to placate her, Carol comes to tell TTK that they have run out of gas! She wants to go & bring an alternative but TTk warns her not to bring that contraption to the bar! She introduces Sheila to Maami & Sheila admires Maami’s head gear.
Tare & Phillip gist about why Joan will want to see him? He is not keen on going for the meeting. Zaza comes back & meets them. Phillip eventually calls Joan to ask what she wants? She wants a meeting.
Sheila asks TTK after the waiters? She mumbles an explanation about their not being around. Maami offers Sheila her pepper soup. Sheila struggles to greet her in stuttering Yoruba. When Maami leaves, TTK tries to dissuade Sheila from eating the pepper soup. Sheila however happily tucks in & says it is delicious!
Brenda rambles about an apology to Angela. Sankey helps her out by saying what Brenda has been struggling to say. Brenda finally comes clean with an apology. Angela says what has been said has been said & asks what they want. Sankey tells her about the Beninioise connection to her case. She wonders how that has changed things? They ask her for the ear rings? The content of the recorder will give them an idea about what to follow up on. She says that she does not know where they are! What about the recording device? Brenda asks. Surely, that one could not have disappeared too. Angela says hat she does not know where it is. She may have mistaken it for a lipstick & thrown it out when she cleared her handbag!