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2013 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This blog was viewed about 83,000 times in 2013. If it were an exhibit at the Louvre Museum, it would take about 4 days for that many people to see it.

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The doctor orders Chuks out of the delivery room. Ene insists that he should not try it. He sneaks out of the room.
Angela and Dannie tells Brenda and Ashiru that they saw the door open. Brenda looks two of them over and Angela tells her that Dannie is staying with her till she could sort out her accommodation. Brenda tells Angela that she looks well, very well; much better than herself. She looks them over and says they are a perfect match, a match made where she does not know! Angela asks that they talk but Brenda does not have time for chit-chat. Angela says that she is sure that Brenda’s boyfriend will not mind. Brenda scoffs at the boyfriend! Ashiru suggests that they leave so that they complete what they are doing. Angela agrees with him but Dannie tries to argue. Angela drags her off. Brenda is shocked that the two women that killed her brother are here looking better than her? Ashiru reminds her that Brenda died in a car accident. She grabs her bag and says she will complete this later.
Bimpe meets Chuks outside and asks where Ene is? He tells her she is inside. Bimpe wonders why he is not there with her? His mum calls and he asks her how long the labour is going to take? He promises to keep her up to date. Frank appears and Chuks asks why he is there and who is running the bar in his absence? He reminds Chuks that he has a host and believes they can manage for a moment without him. He believes Chuks will need a helping hand and it is not only him! He brandishes a flask of shack and cups and Chuks and Ene hold out their cups.
Phillip asks his father’s doctor how long it takes to get a donor for a heart transplant? The doctor says it depends on the patient and the country. The best bet is abroad as they don’t do much here but the expenses is crazy. Phillip asks hwo long it takes if it is for a baby? The doctor says it takes a shorter time; maybe three months. He asks if Phillip is asking because of his father? Phillip says no. the doctor asks who the patient is? He says he will get back to the doctor when he has all the details.
Chuks asks Frank how long it will take? Frank assures him that it will be over soon. He wonders how he got there to be waiting for a baby? Frank assures him that he is doing well and he looks forward to being in his condition. Ene’s father, Dike comes in and asks where she is? They tell him she is inside and he hugs Chuks and congratulates him on being a father. Chuks reminds him that he will also become a grandfather. He asks that they go in, but when they refuse to move, he asks them for the alcohol they are hiding? They timidly bring out the flask and he asks them for a cup and asks Frank to pour him a healthy quantity. They drink up and toast to the new baby.
Angela and Dannie vent about Brenda. Angela wonders if she thinks she did not lose anything at Kwame’s death? Dannie assures her that Brenda is always self-centred. Angela walks about screaming but Dannie tries to calm her down. She tries to teach Angela some meditation moves but when she talks about talking to the camera, Angela snaps out of it.
Amaka wonders how the board members managed to get there? They tell her they want the company to make a firm statement. She asks that they call the meeting to order, then.
Frank asks if Chuks spent the night out there in the waiting room? He says he did alongside Ene’s mum. They wonder how long it will take? Ene’s parents walk in and ask whether everything is over? As they try to think through what to do, Ene’s sister and Bimpe also come in. as they fret, Ene’s mum asks them to stop and allow nature take its course. Sometimes, labour can take up to three days. As the ladies scream, the nurse comes out and they rush him. Hshe tells them Ene is doing well and when Chuks wants to go in, she reminds him that the doctor specifically said he should not go in. He screams at her and reminds her that it is his wife that is in there. Ene’s father tries to calm things down but Chuks runs off towards the labour room before they could stop him.
Brenda and Ashiru are folding cloths and he suggests she take a step away from everything. She wonders why and he assures her she is over-reacting to things like she did to the sugar mummy thing. She says she was having a bad day but he reminds her that she avoided his calls for days. He suggests a vacation but she will not have anything to do with that; at least not then.
Phillip cokes into the reception and meets Omar. He asks what Omar is doing in the office? Omar says he is doing what he has been doing; work! Phillip riles him for not going home and actually doing well after his demotion when he expected him to resign. They throw barbs at each other till Omar walks out. Yaya calls him as Amaka steps into the room and invites him into the conference room. He tells Yaya that the meeting is going well and he will get back to her. She tells him she sent him a present.
Chuks walks in and sees Ene cuddling a baby. He is dumbfounded and gives her a peck. She tells him they have a daughter & he calls that the best Xmas present he has ever received. As they look at each other, the nurse comes in and tells him he has only five minutes. Just then, the whole family comes in and they crowd the whole place as the nurse struggles to keep the noise down. Ene’s mum breaks into a song!
Phillip joins the board meeting and Dr. Gyang was asked to tell him the news. He has been voted the chairman of the company in his father’s stead. They ask for his reaction and he tells them that it reminds him of his father’s absence and why he is away. He lapses into silence and is lost for words till Amaka snaps him back to reality. He asks for their cooperation in running the company which he has always been associated with.
Brenda tells Ashiru the story of her buying Kwame his first blazer. He has always hated formal wears but she insisted that he has to dress serious to be considered so. She took him to a shop and allowed him to choose what he wants. Happy at being allowed a say, he bought three.
As the board members file out, Phillip calls Yaya and chides her affectionately for sending him pictures of her while he is trying to run for chairman of a company. Amaka approaches and he gets off the phone. She wonders whether it is a boy’s club now? He reminds her that she is still the CEO. She wonders what the rush is? Fred will soon be back. He reminds her that Fred is still not back and they need to run the company. She says that what happened at the festival is not anyone’s fault and Phillip does not agree completely. She asks what parts? He wonders how she could trust Majek completely with security if she was not thinking with her heart. She is shocked that he is accusing her of fondness for married men and defends herself stoutly saying she did not even know he was married then. He wonders how that could happen? She tells him that they came to the company separately and keep their professional lives apart from their family work. She signed on with her maiden name. Phillip wonders what is there to hide and why they are being so secretive? He asks Amaka what she knows about the couple and Amaka is suddenly lost in thought!
Brenda dresses Ashiru in Kwame’s blazer and steps back to admire her work. She assures him that he looks great and wonders what they are doing in there with their Xmas holidays? She is sure that he has other plans, or is she the only person he hangs out with? He says he has friends from work. She asks if she is the only female he hangs out with? He is shocked and asks if she is asking whether he is seeing other women? She tells him not to appear so shocked, Kwame. A man has needs, she tells him and asks him to move into the flat since they cannot allow the flat to waste. He is shocked and reminds her that she just called him Kwame but she did not even hear him!

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Peju asks Masters, with Ovie hanging in the background, why he is granting an interview? He tells her that he wants to confess!


Ene is wheeled screaming into the labour room. Chuks assures the nurse that she is registered with them. As she goes for the doctor, Chuks tells Djinee to leave. He can handle it all alone as family.
Ashiru (The Good Samaritan) calls & Brenda allows the phone to keep ringing. She finally picks & he is happy she picked. She asks what he wants & he says he wants a reaction and asks if she is still angry at what one of his gym mates said? He lets her know he does not agree with the guy’s opinion. He asks if they can become friends again? She tells him Merry Xmas. He asks what she is doing for the rest of the day?
Chuks harasses everyone in sight; asking for the doctor. The doctor finally comes & he goes after her. The nurse confirms that the amniotic sac has not even ruptured. Chuks and blames Ene for gyrating like a video vixen at the dance floor. Ene insists she was not gyrating. They continue to argue back and forth and the nurse and doctor watch. They ask Chuks to stop agitating his wife but he won’t listen.
Amaka meets Freddy playing a game and asks if he never gets bored of those games? He tells her it is a new game. She asks how he feels about going back to the boarding house but he continues his game. She is not surprised after the shenanigans he threw the last time. Funmi calls Amaka to inform her that a board meeting has been scheduled for the next day to discuss the chairmanship of the company in Fred’s absence.
Chuks and Ene continue to argue and the doctor asks him to stop. He continues and they argue about who needs to work to bring the baby to the world. The doctor asks him to stop or she may be forced to administer a tranquilizer. He says he will not allow her do that to Ene. The doctor says he is the one she is going to tranquilize, not Ene!
Angela examines her gift and Dannie asks of she is still enamored? She calls Charlie to thank him for his gift. He congratulates her on her testimony. She asks if they can meet and he asks if there is anything he can do for her? She asks that they meet and catch up for old times’ sake. He will be there in an hour. She drops the phone and Dannie screams gleefully about Charlie but Angela tells her that it is someone she met in the past when she had dissociative disorder. Dannie asks if she has that? No, had, Angela explains. Dannie digs in to find out what it was like having an alter ego? After a while, Angela abandons her in mid-sentence and walks away.
Frank tries to reach Chuks but he is not picking. They hope Ene is okay. Phillip tries to convince one of the board members to come to his side on the chairmanship tussle. He says it is for the good of the company. The woman wonders why she should agree with him? What happens if Fred does not make it back? Phillip forcefully says it is not possible. Fred has to make it back!
Ene is still struggling with the baby with Chuks shouting counter instructions to what the nurse was saying.
Charlie visits and Angela thanks him for coming. She asks him to relax, she does not bite. He apologizes for giving her out to Brenda and she says she is the one that should apologize. She had someone else acting a part of her some of the times. She did things she is not proud of. He asks her what percentage of Angelique is left? She wonders if he misses her?
Yaya meets up with Phillip who apologizes for shifting the time of their meeting. He had a meeting with a board member to convince her to vote for him as chairman. She says it is sexy to be with the big guy. He asks if that means she is going with him? She replies that they crossed some line when he told her about his dad. He says he is thinking of going to the police with that story. She convinces him that the time for that has passed. If he does so now, attention will shift from Caesar to him and the tabloids will have a field day.
Phillip and Yaya are hunched over a table and he reminds her that he knows next to nothing about her. She says there is nothing like a little mystery to keep a relationship going. He smiles and she asks what will happen if she does this or that? She rubs his chest, arms, and lips and they lean over the table and lock lips in the full glare of the whole bar. Frank comes and coughs discreetly and tells them that a customer complained of the air they both burst out laughing!
Angela pulls Charlie’s legs and he stutters about Angelique. He eventually stops when he realizes what she is doing. She throws her head back and laughs heartily. Dannie appears and says she has not heard Angela laugh that brightly before and it feels good. However, she caught Angela’s nurse eavesdropping. She asks if Angela even still needs a nurse? Charlie leaves and Angela and Dannie screams for the nurse.
Ene labours at it and Chuks asks to go out briefly. Ene asks what for? He says he wants to call their parents and give them updates. Ene will not hear that and insists that he makes the call right there in the room. They started this together and they must end it together, she says while clutching tightly at his arms.
Phillip continues to smile and asks Frank to please apologize to the customer on their behalf. Yaya wonders why they should apologize? She turns in her chair and tells off the people behind her but Phillip pulls her back lovingly telling her that she is now back in Nigeria and here, people do not go around flaunting their personal lives. He asks if she still goes around with her knife and she tells him yes, so he better behave! They remain hunched over the table gazing into each other’s eyes.
Angela and Dannie wait for the nurse who appears and begs them that it is a reporter that asked her to keep an eye on Angela. They ask for further details and she says it is a female reporter and gives them a card. She begs them to allow her keep her job. Dannie tells her off as Angela dials the number. She orders her to carry her things and leave and never come back. The nurse quickly goes in and rushes out with her bags. As she steps out the door, Angela gets through on the number she has and is told that no one with that name works there. Angela a runs after the nurse but she had disappeared. Angela rushes back in and tells Dannie that Kwame’s door is ajar. Two of them rush in there and meet Brenda and Ashiru looking the place over. Brenda tells them that this is private property?

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Ene’s father hugs and congratulates Chuks on his becoming a father soon. Chuks passes something to Frank behind his back and reminds him that he will soon become a grandfather. Dike asks that they show him the way but stops suddenly and asks them to show him the alcohol they are hiding.


Chuks tries to convince some customers that they have an intimate show that they don’t want it to be too big and be bigger than the reason for the season. They says they will wait and see. He tells Sammy that they had better have a very good show or they are finished. Sammy says Pathois is not even picking her calls. Chuks calls Salewa to come and sing. She says she cannot just come and sing. She needs time to rehearse et. al. He asks her to come immediately. The customers that want her are waiting.
Peju interviews Eddy Edoma about Angela’s testimony at the trial. Eddy says Angela’s testimony this time around was quite solid; more solid than at the previous trial. If the defense cannot drill holes at her testimony, Masters will be convicted.
Frank, Sammy, Bimpe, etc wait around and wonder what they will do as there is no artiste and there is a crowd waiting to be entertained. Frank wonders where Chuks is hiding? He is the manager and should be out there facing the customers. Chuks and Ene comes out and Chuks hands out some Xmas memorabilia. The others ask what they will do? He says he is trying to buy time. Bimpe asks if he is supposed to be Santa? In that case, his costume is not complete. He walks across to the customers and wishes them a merry Xmas and goes ahead to crack a joke Ene hopes he is not going to use again. As they wonder what to do, Festac walks in and they nearly embraced her. Pathos is not around but she came with another of her artiste, Djinee. The customers are already taking pictures with him. Chuks asks Sammy to hit the social media and announce that Djinee is at Ziggy’s. They go into the office and Frank announces the artiste.
Laide calls Omar to ask how he is celebrating Xmas? He is doing nothing but asks if Laide told Phillip anything about what he said? Laide says not yet but she had been tempted to ask him. She goes on and on about how Phillip has been pretending to protect the family from Caesar when he is the one they should be worried about! She will not say anything to him till she gets something concrete. She is banking on Phillip’s brashness to get him to drop some clues!
Chuks and Festac and Djinee negotiate about his performance. Chuks wonders whether the guy is preparing to perform or something else? The guy moves to box Chuks who dodges into a corner. Festac gives Chuks a list of demands. Chuks says it is not possible especially as most of the items are for the manager. Djinee says he has a show to do and will leave Chuks to negotiate the list with Festac.
Angela screams at the private investigator for not finding her father. She does not want an apology but her father! She gets off her phone and Dr. Ibrahim knocks and she lets him in. He gives her a present to congratulate her on the trial. They settle down and he asks how she feels testifying against Masters? She says she does not know. He digs deeper and she says a part of her feels free while the other worries about what she lost before getting there. As they discuss, Dannie comes out to ask if it is okay for her to burn incense? Angela asks her not to since she does not absolutely have to do so. Angela explains to Dr. Ibrahim that Dannie is there till she can sort out her issues with Brenda. Dr. Ibrahim asks if she is irritated by Dannie’s presence? She acknowledges that being a nice person can be bothersome.
Phillip visits Sankey with a present to show that her actions are appreciated. He asks where the investigation is? She says they are following up on a number of leads. He asks if they know who gave Caesar and his gang access to the company and why? She says they don’t know who yet but they have an idea about why. It maybe someone that wants money, or does not like the way things are run or… He asks why there are so many maybes? She tells him that the evidence may not be in the person’s bank statement. They may have to dig into people’s vulnerabilities.
Peju doubts whether Djinee will perform at the bar? Festac assures them he will be out soon, and on cue, Chuks and Festac come out and announce Djinee. He comes out and starts rocking the ladies as Salewa sneaks in unnoticed. Ene and Bimpe compete for who will bend down more. Chuks asks her to slow down because of her condition but she refuses. After some rocking, she grabs her tummy and sits down. Chuks asks what is wrong? She thinks the baby is coming! All the guests turn and look at her!
Yakima asks Yaya why she is standing there as if she is expecting a present? Yaya asks if she should? Yahimba warns her to watch her mouth. She replies that at least her sister looks like she is getting presents. She looks so happy in her family photos. Yahimba asks where she saw her? She gives up her visit with Phillip and Yahimba is furious she forgot to mention it but asks if she made herself useful? She asks when Sheila is back in the country? Yaya says they did not get to that. Yahimba wrings her ear and calls her useless.
Ovie meets Masters and goes over his strategy for Angela’s cross-examination. By his assessment, Angela’s statement was damning. She is aggrieved and the judge looks sympathetic. Masters tells him that on her good day, Angela is better than the average. Ovie says he has prepared his strategy and by the time he drags her through every step of her colorful past, her testimony will be in tatters. Masters asks him to leave that for the next witness.
Cosmo comes out of the kitchen clutching Ife. He wants Phillip to help hold the crying child to allow Cosmo prepare lunch. Phillip asks where her mum went? Cosmo explains she went to the market. Salewa was to look after her but had to go off to a gig. Phillip accepts the crying child and gets her to stop crying.
Sankey visits Angela with a present to thank her for her testimony. She thinks it was convincing and masters may get the maximum sentence, thanks to Angela. Someone knocks and Sankey begs to leave but Angela insists she stays for a drink. She says no and they let in a messenger with a package for Angela. He delivers the package and Sankey follows him. Dannie comes down and tries to see where the present came from but Angela would not let her.
Chuks asks Ene what her gut tells her? She asks how he can be asking her that now? Djinee asks how she is feeling and she says she feels a lot better now. Bimpe asks the crowd to move back to allow her get some air but Peju will not give up the chance of witnessing a live birth on Xmas day. Chuks asks for a doctor and a lady says she is a midwife. Ene will not give birth in a bar in front of all these people. To the hospital, then! Chuks cannot lift her alone so Djinee lends a helping hand.
Laide rushes in and sees a dozing Phillip holding Ife. She rushes and snatches her away and asks him what happened? He explains Salewa had to go out. Laide says she should have told her. Phillip wondered why Laide is fretting? The baby is okay. She thanks him. He asks her what happened when she was born? Amaka told him she had health issues. Laide says she needed a heart transplant. Phillip asks how long it took to find a donor? Laide cannot remember, which he finds strange and says so. She says she was probably busy praying that she recovers.
Ovie thinks they have the prosecution in the right place. As far as the prosecution is concerned, Angela has delivered a guilty verdict but they have another think coming. Masters asks him to schedule a press interview with a mainstream media. Ovie wonders what he could want to talk about at this stage of the trial? He says he probably wants to share some good tidings of the season.

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Ene is in the labour room with Chuks and is screaming that as they started this together, they also need to end it together leaving Chuks in pain as she grabs his hands tightly!


Chuks and Sammy watch Festac eat and tell him about their plan to revitalize the bar by staging a live band. Festac asks them how much they will pay? Chuks wonders what she means? She wants to know their budget?
The warder brings a dejected Masters back to his cell. His cell mates discuss what they would have done if they were outside. One say he would have killed a goat. The other one asks whether he killed one last year? They see how dejected Masters looks and one asks the other why masters is looking like he saw a ghost? The other replies that Masters does not fear that kind of a thing. The warder comes back to tell Masters that Yusuf said that the information he got that day checked out with what he got from the hospital. Masters roars and throws his book away. He asks the warder to ask Yusuf to come and see him.
Chuks tells Festac that they will offer food and drink to Pathois and his band and she says they may accept that but once Pathois’s album is out in two weeks … She asks Chuks to write a number. Chuks writes a number and Festac asks Sammy if Chuks is serious at all? In fact, she is leaving. She stands up, but sits back to finish her food!
Laide meets Omar in the conference room and wonders what he is doing there instead of being at home like everyone else? He says he did not get an invite home and cannot stand the silence. He asks what Laide is doing out too? She tells him that Phillip says he needed some privacy. She complains that Fred is ill and all Phillip can think of is securing his position in the office. …and his date, Omar adds. His eyes moisten and Laide asks what is wrong?
Sammy tells Festac that they may have only one gig for Christmas but they have a rich clientele. Festac asks who wants to perform in that dead place? Chuks tells her that Ziggy’s is not a dead place. It is place with a rich history. He also knows that Pathois is not booked or they will not be discussing two days to Christmas. Festa says they will get back to them and stands up to leave. She stops first to wrap up and take away her remaining meat. She leaves and Sammy says that did not go too badly. Chuks could not believe what he heard.
Masters asks Yusuf why they did not tell him about the pregnancy? He says no one knew about it. Masters gives him a new assignment; to find Angela’s father and restore him to her. He tells Yusuf that failure is not an option.
Phillip and Yaya end up in his room wrapped in house coats. They end up in each other’s arms and as they kiss, Phillip bumps into Fred’s picture and stiffens. Yaya asks what is wrong?
Chuks and Sammy comes back and as they discuss what they achieved, Chuks stops short on seeing Ene and Bimpe. He introduces Sammy to them and they receive Sammy very coldly. Before he could say more, Ene asks him to get to the office with her pronto. He asks Bimpe what he did but she asks him to follow his wife! As they leave, Bimpe asks Sammy if she is the famous one? Sammy wonders why she is famous and to who? Bimpe accuses her of wrecking families and she laughed so loudly at Bimpe.
Laide coaxes Omar into telling her what is on his mind. He tells her he is not sure it is important but Fred told him that Phillip shot him. Laide wonders why he did not tell anyone including the police about it? He believes that there is no reason for that and Sheila thinks so too. Laide is shocked that Sheila will think so and reminds Omar of the hostile look on Phillip’s face when Caesar gave him a gun and asked him to shoot Fred. She convinces Omar that Phillip took the chance when it presented itself to claim his inheritance!
Yaya asks Phillip to talk to her about Fred’s picture. He asks if he can trust her to keep a secret? She says the only thing she learnt from her mum is to keep secrets safe. Phillip tells her about the hostage crisis and how everything happened so fast; Funmi pulled the fire alarm, Caesar grabs Fred and he followed them with a gun. Caesar was trying to get Fred to show him an alternative way out of the house. Fred was telling him not to do anything stupid like he always tells him but he pulled the trigger. Caesar pushed Fred forward and he realized that the bullet hit him. He says he is scared to go back there because at a point, he feels like he is happy shooting his father. He asks what kind of a man that makes him? He breaks down in tears and she cuddles him.
Angela comes out and meets Dannie struggling with Black Ananse’s books. She tells Angela that she thinks Angela is quite brave and from what she reads in the papers, masters is quite a piece. Angela smiles slyly and reminds Dannie that she is also quite a piece herself.
Ene accuses Chuks who does not understand what she is talking about. He asks her to tell him what the issues and she tells him that she is aware that he hired his mistress to work in the office. Mistress? She knows that he is having an affair with Sammy! Sammy? How? They have been spending time together and he bought her airtime. He tells her the airtime is to call their customers and suppliers. She tells him that she also found them at their lunch date. He is shocked that she followed him in her condition and asks if that is how much she trusts him?
Laide comes home and meets Phillip staring at Fred’s picture. She asks him if there is any news about Fred’s condition? He turns slowly and asks her why she thinks he will share such information with her and gets up and leaves.
Masters calls Angela and she wonders how he is still making calls from prison? He tells her there are always ways for such things. There are people seriously looking for her father and when they find him, they will let her know. She asks him not to threaten her with that. He says it is not a threat and she is safe. No one will hurt her. He is also sorry for hurting her and their baby! Two of them start breaking down and Angela drops the call.

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The bar’s party is on and Ene struggles to a chair with Chuks’s help. He asks her what is wrong? She thinks the baby is coming!


Frank tells Chuks they are coming up but are yet to hit their target. He asks Chuks about the Xmas music. The customers are asking who the musician will be? Chuks tells him to keep telling them it is a secret. Frank is not happy and reminds Chuks that Salewa is available. Chuks says they will not use Salewa. Sammy comes in and tells him that she had gotten them a meeting with Pathos, the musician.
Ashiru invites one of his guys to come for lunch. The guy looks up from the lady he is talking to at the gym and sees Brenda come in. she tells Ashiru that someone wants to have him for lunch. Ashiru walks up to Brenda but Brenda chews him about Sugar Mummy. He tells her that she did not hear right but as he tries to keep things quiet, she keeps screaming and turns and walks out when she is through. Ashiru runs after her.
Ene comes into the bar and touches up her make-up before approaching the waiters. She asks after the hostess and is told she went out for a business meeting. Sandra adds that Chuks went with her. Ene asks for a drink and Frank and Sandra regales her with stories about how well Sammy and Chuks work together and how they complement each other perfectly. Bimpe creeps in behind her and stops when she hears all the juicy stories. After a while, Bimpe covers her eyes from behind and she immediately knows it is Bimpe. Bimpe orders for juice and drags Ene to a seat. She knew Ene was worried about Chuks all the while she was pretending to be talking about her cousin. She asks if that is why Ene came to check up on Chuks, decorated like a Christmas tree? Ene insists that she was talking about her cousin!
Yaya and Phillip are at table and Cosmo and Carol serve food. After introducing her to agidi, food is served and Phillip teaches her how to eat the soup. He tries to get her to talk about her date with Omar but she asked that they do not talk about Omar. He tries to feed her but the food was hot and she spills some on her breast. He grabs a napkin and starts cleaning it up before he realized what he was doing and stops. She smiles and tells him to breathe. It is okay.
Bimpe tells Ene that she can level with her. Ene finally agrees that it is Chuks. Since Sammy started working there, he has been spending too much time with her. He also bought her air time. Bimpe says they have possible cause, now they need to dig deeper. Ene corrects her that it is probable cause. Before she could stop Bimpe, she calls Sandra and and asks her where Chuks is having lunch. Ene has a Christmas surprise for him!
Yaya asks Phillip what his relationship with his father was? He tells her it’s been rocky since his mum died with everyone expecting him to live up to his father’s expectations. She tells him that he is not the only one that suffers from great expectations. She tells him that it is okay so long as his inviting her out for lunch is not to wrestle with Omar! She sists back and wonders why it is so easy to talk to him?
Ashiru is sitting dejectedly in Ziggy’s when Dannie rushes in and apologizes before sitting in his table and asking if he knew that Brenda was suing her and had her thrown out of Kwame’s apartment? He is not aware of that. Dannie asks if they are dating and he says they are friends but right now, they are passing through a rough patch. Problem is that he does not even remember why they are fighting! Dannie apologizes and abandons him to his devices!
Chuks waits for Pathos with Sammy but the guy is delayed. Chuks worries about the delay and Sammy says she has been trying to get hold of him on the phone. The waitress comes to ask for their order and Chuks asks her to get them another menu as the prices on the one he has is too high! The waitress leaves to get them a drink and Bimpe and Ene sneaks in and sit near the door. The waitress gets Chuks and Sammy a bottle of wine as Bimpe and Ene sit down hidden behind their menus. Bimpe tells Ene that Chuks and Sammy are having a wine but agrees that Sammy is a wise pick by Chuks. The babe is hot. That earns her a blow to the head. Ene wants to go and confront them but Bimpe holds her back. They need to get a smoking gun to confront Chuks with. She snatches up her blackberry phone and snaps off a few shots of Chuks and Sammy together.
Yaya talks to Phillip about great expectations. He tells her that seeing her, he would not have expected that she had that kind of challenges. She tells him how she had parents and a sister who cannot even go to her father’s grave. Phillip asks her not to judge Sheila. She says that all of them could not take off and run but Phillip insists that Sheila had a reason for what she did and asks Yaya to wait till Sheila tells her own side of the story. Yaya asks him what will happen if they fall for each other? He will be dating his father’s sister, whose existence his father’s wife is not even aware of. He tells her not to bother about what other people think of her.
Masters tells Angela that they don’t have much time and asks that she talks to him. She calls him Faisal, and asks him where her father is? He shifts back into the cell.
Masters tells Angela that he does not know where her father is. She tells him not to lie to her. He replies that Nero ran because the money was moved and it appears like he did it. Angela insists that he is lying. He tells her that he had never lied to her and when will he start now? She says it is because he is trying to kill her. He calls this a regret. When he wants someone removed, they don’t last long. People who wound him also have the same fate. She had wounded him twice. She reminds him that she is still alive not because he has not tried. He asks if she trusts him? She says no and he asks why she is there then?
Phillip asks Yaya how she found the agidi? She calls the name of it where she comes from and he is surprised that she knows the food and how to eat it and she reminds him that he is the one that assumed she does not know what it is. He gives up. She tries to talk about Sheila but he insists that she cannot judge Sheila because she does not know the reasons behind her actions. She tells him that he seems very defensive of Sheila. He says well … and asks if she wants to go for a swim? Why not? She replies.
Chuks and Sammy are still waiting at the restaurant when one babe saunters in and asks if he is the guy from Ziggy’s? chuks says yes, he is the manager of Ziggy’s and introduces Sammy. She plonks herself down and tells them she is the one they are waiting for. She calls the waiter and orders for a large breakfast. Chuks asks if this is a prank? She surely is not Pathois. She says she is Festac, Pathois’s manager and she is the one they should be talking to!
Yaya and Phillip end up in the swimming pool. She asks him how many of his female conquests have ever been to that pool? He finally agrees that it is more than one and asks what gave him away? It is the many sizes of swimwear lying around the house! He smiles and collects the glass of wine from her hands and they lock lips.
Angela tells Masters how she lost her pregnancy. She reminds him of the day they made the baby, his son and how they could have been gone the next money if he had not waited to exact revenge on Emile. The man melts when he hears of his son. She tells him that it is good that he does not have her father because this time around, she is heading back to the witness stand to testify against him and there is no backing down. She steps out and he still sits there muttering my son, my son!

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Ene tells Chuks that she is aware that he hired his mistress as a hostess and he has been sneaking around with her. Chuks asks who this mistress is? Sammy?


Frank and Chuks and the rest quiz Sammy about the futile visit to Mirage Spa. Chuks thinks it is a prank call from Tornados. He says the voice sounded familiar and advises them that they should be careful next time. Sammy tells them that she checked the customer satisfaction survey and it is going up. They are happy that their sales is also going up. Chuks asks them that they need to take the bar to the next level. Sammy suggests they get a band. Frank suggests Salewa but Chuks says no, they have grown beyond that. He insists they must not mention this to Salewa.
Phillip tells Omar that it must be his ego that is running wild. He asks why Omar thinks they are competing on a level playing field? Omar says he is sure that is what happened. He asks if Omar knows that Sammy could have just come up with that project just to get his attention? He says Sammy came unto him and he passed her on to Omar. Omar asks if Phillip still thinks he is the one that has an ego?
Sammy tells Chuks that they need to get a band good enough to draw a crowd. Chuks goes off dreaming of a band that will suddenly turn Ziggy’s to the Apollo of Nigeria and opening branches in Calabar and everywhere till they start franchising! Sammy calls him back to earth and reminded him that they need a band for the season. They need a band that is good but will not charge them an arm and a leg. Chuks confesses that he does not know any musician.
Dannie ends up in front of Angela’s door and Angela wonders what she is doing there? She asks if she can stay with Angela for a while? Brenda threw her out. Angela does not think it is a good idea as her house is not a hotel but Dannie begs her that it is just for a while. Brenda does not have the right to throw her out as she did not pay any house rent and will soon come to her senses. Angela is still not convinced. Dannie begs that she does dishes, will not play loud music, etc. angela reluctantly lets her in and says she can stay for just two days. Dannie gives her a hug and thanks her for agreeing. She will also discuss how to deal with Brenda with Angela. Angela reminds her that she warned her earlier about Brenda but is not going to be hanging around with her discussing Brenda.
Ene calls Frank and says she is calling to greet him. Frank asks him why she is always checking on Chuks? She has called thrice today and will soon break yesterday’s record. Checking on Chuks is a good thing but not this much. He is not ill. Ene says she is just checking up on him asks where Chuks is at the moment? Frank says he is in the office locked up with Sammy as usual planning. Ene asks what he said? Locked up and planning something? Frank says that is what he said. Ene quickly hangs up and says she called to greet Frank.
Phillip asks Brenda how she is doing? Is she going to work but she asks him to cut to the chase. He tells her it is about Dannie. Brenda says it is typical of Dannie to run to Phillip when she throws her out of Kwame’s apartment. Phillip says that is cold, even for Brenda. Brenda accuses him of not even knowing Kwame or being his friend. he was just using Kwame, she believes. He tells Brenda that he is not bothered about her feud with Dannie. She asks why he is there then? He tells her that he worked to get Black Ananse off the ground and he is not willing to allow them tear it down. Brenda suggests that she is the right partner for him but he tells her that he is not hearing very great things about Odyssey Studios right now. As he gets up to leave, she asks him how Fred is doing? He turns around and tells her he is surprised at how fast she remembered to ask after Fred!
Chuks and Sammy discuss the musician to invite to play at the bar. Chuks does not know anyone but Sammy comes up with one. Chuks says they will rather go with Salewa instead of that one. Meanwhile, he has asked the staff to put up a sign outside inviting everyone to a special music extravaganza. Sammy insists that they need the name of the artist. She insists that Chuks keep an open mind about the artist who Chuks accuses of crashing and burning. He has changed his brand of music and cut his hair. Chuks says if it takes cutting hair to become a good musician, he will be a star now!
Phillip gets home and asks for Cosmo. Carol meets him but he insists he wants Cosmo. Cosmo appears and Phillip tells him that he is expecting someone home for a late lunch. Cosmo says there is no problem. Phillip insists that it is not just lunch. It is like a date. Cosmo suggests they arrange lunch outside. Carol says no. Late lunch means candle and insects. Cosmo says he has arranged such things a number of times in the past for Fred. Carol wonders what he will do when the insects starts disturbing the lovers? He says he will use insect repellents. Phillip asks them to stop as Salewa and Laide joins them. Phillip tells them that he is expecting a visitor and when she is around, he wants them to be as scarce as is possible. Salewa asks if it is that lady he is toasting? He glares at her and tells them it may even be better if they both take a walk away from the grounds. Laide says it is interesting how all the security arrangements disappear when it comes to his libido.
Dannie talks to the camera and complains to Kwame that Brenda threw her out. She is however not going to disappoint him by giving up. As she was speaking to the camera, Angela comes out and looks at her in disgust as she passes behind her. Dannie invites her to come talk to Kwame but she demures telling her that she has better things to do with her time. She wonders why Dannie talks to the camera? Dannie says it is therapeutic. Angela says she does not need this kind of therapy wonders why people think she is the one that is mad with people like Dannie around?
Omar walks in and flings a copy of the story reel he was working on in front of Yaya! He wonders why she stopped the production after getting him to work on it? She says she only stopped him form wasting time on a bad project. He insists that he likes it but she reminds him that she started the project in the first place. He wonders whether she brought up the idea to get close to Phillip? She smiles and tells him that she did not need any project to get close to Phillip. He came onto her. Omar wonders what was wrong with their date and she says there was nothing wrong with it. He asks why she is going on a date with Phillip? She could not understand his issue with her going out with Phillip as she is not his boyfriend. Her going out for a drink with Omar does not make her Omar’s girlfriend just as playing basketball with Phillip does not make her Phillip’s girl. They are both desirable guys in their different ways and she is just test-driving them before she makes up her mind! She has a fair idea about who Phillip is but is nowhere near understanding Omar.
Dr. Gyang tells Phillip that the hostage crisis has led to the resurgence of Reel Studios in the kind of their fans. He suggests that Phillip steps into his father’s shoes for continuity sake. He is well-regarded in the board and Phillip does not only have his vote. He will also lobby the rest of the board. Phillip asks if he is serious he can arrange that? He is an Ade-Williams and cannot stand the shame if he loses out. Dr. Gyang tells him that he will deliver. They shake hands over that.
Dr. ahmed meets Angela and tries to convince her to testify against Abubakar. She tells him that he should understand why she wants nothing to do with the trial. He tells her that they need her testimony now that Emile has been discredited. Her testimony will make Abubakar out for who he is, not the victim as his defence team is trying to do. Her testimony will put Abubakar away forever and he will no longer harm her. Angela tells him that he clearly does not know Abubakar.
Phillip instructs Cosmo to bring the champagne when Yaya comes in and other instructions. They next hear a noise and Phillip asks what is happening? Cosmo says it is the security men and goes out. Yaya comes in next and tells Phillip’s back that his security bozos delayed her again. He turns and beholds a body poured into a form-fitting wine-coloured dress! He ogles her from a distance and the throw banters at each other across the room!
Ovie meets Abubakar to tell him the good news. The judge has struck Emile off the list of witnesses. She is also striking his testimony off the court records. She attributes his actions to that of a disturbed youth. Abubakar agrees. In addition, Angela called him to ask when she can come and see Abubakar?

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Abubakar tells Angela that they do not have a lot of time and asks what she came to see him for? Angela bends close to him and asks him where her father is?