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Amaka asks Fred how Sheila is and he tells her she is fine and at home. She says she was not expecting him to come. He says it is necessary. She reminds him that he told her to handle things on her own. He tells her that she won the vote but she is not sure she won the vote or that Fred won it for her. He asks if it matters? She tells him that she will need the support of the board in the future. He tells her that the only way to win everyone over is to go ahead and implement her strategy to the fullest. He tells her that based on their confidence in her, she should be able to allay the fears of World Movies. He says he meant everything he said a the board meeting, that she is the right person for the job especially now. She asks if it has to do with Sheila? He explains that if the suspicion of the doctor turns out right, Sheila will need him to support her more and he will need her to play her part well. She assures him that she will do her part.
Ene comes home and toasts Chuks telling him about the invite from Knowing Me Knowing You. He says he does not know about participating. Chuks says he does not know and she reminds him that she cannot do that all by herself He agrees but for the money. She reminds him that the doctor says they should be doing things together especially for the baby. They agree not to quarrel there on camera. She asks if they can be asked to kiss on camera? She is not sure she can kiss in front of the whole world! He tells her it will not be safe especially in her current mood? Mood? She asks and he tells her that kissing can lead to being frisky in front of the whole world! They both share a hearty laugh.
Cosmo bring Amaka in and Sheila thanks her for the fruits she brought. Sheila asks after the board meeting and Amaka says it went well and thanks her for the vote of confidence. Sheila tells her she will be fine and Amaka reminds her that that is her line. Amaka asks how she is and she tells her that she is okay. She asks if Amaka wants to hear something funny? Cosmo cries each time hospital, doctor and cancer is mentioned. She calls Cosmo and asks him to get her brandy and whisky for Amaka. Amaka asks for juice instead. Cosmos asks her if it is okay for her to drink now? Sheila tells him that the doctor has not said anything about sickness or cancer. Haring cancer, Cosmo squeezes up his face and looks like he wants to cry. Immediately he steps away, Sheila and Amaka collapse in laughter with Amaka telling Sheila that it is not funny as Cosmo is only concerned for her safety.



Ene swaps stores with some other women in the ante natal room. They think Chuks is a great guy for attending the clinic with her. Ene says it is surprising how men change when their wives become pregnant. One of the women says her husband is always angry and sleeps on the couch. Chums asks whether he does not massage her & clean the whole house? One of the women says her’s is quite sweet and Ene asks her if he does not always complain? Just then a very young doctor comes out & the women hail him Dr. Fine Boy. He tells Ene that that she is next. Next for waphat? Chuks asks? He asks the doctor where the doctor is? The doctor tells him that he is standing right there!
Amaka gives her closing speech t the board members. Dr. Gyang moves a motion for a vote of no confidence on Amaka’s leadership & has it seconded. With that, voting starts. Just then, Fred walks in & apologizes for coming late. He asks yo be allowed to make some statement before the vote. They tell him that they had concluded the voting, but the result has not been declared. He asks that they re-cast the votes as the result has not been announced. He says that he is speaking fir himself and his wife and that they are suitably impressed with Amaka’s leadership.
Amaka calls Barrister Eddy. He picks up the phone and jokes that if the newspaper headlines are anything to go by, she does not need lawyers. She tells him that she needs a lawyer and asks that he comes to see her in her office at Odyssey Pictures.
Fred gives a glowing speech in Amaka’s favour. He chose her because of her competence and ability to raise funds for projects as Amaka has done, her management skills. She understands the kind of movies that the market wants. Dr. Gyang reminds them that they face losing World Movies if they retain Amaka. Fred asks if the board wants their agenda to be determined by another company? Dr. Gyang says the fiasco of The Flood Journals is due to Amaka’s motherhood. Fred tells them that Amaka moved quickly to retrieve the manuscript when she realized it was missing. Dr. Gyang asks why they should let one person’s issue affect the whole company? Fred tells him that no man there could have handled the company as well as Amaka did; in addition to handling a personal tragedy. He urges them to re-consider. Dr. Gyang asks that they go ahead and vote on the matter.
Chuks and Ene are in the doctor’s office and as he attends to Ene, Chuks examines his certificates n the wall. He asks Ene how she is and the baby and she says she s okay. Just some stress. The doctor asks Chuks if all is well? He offers to allow Chuks examine the certificates properly. Ene tells him that s the kind of stress she is taking about. Chuks asks the doctor what kind of hormones makes a pregnant woman self-centered? The doctor asks Ene to go to the examination room to be examined by the nurse. As she leaves, Chuks beg the doctor to help him.
Feke brings Barrister Eddy to see Angela. Angela says nothing for a while but then invites him to sit down. Feke hangs around but Angela says nothing till Barrister Eddy thanks Feke & tells her to leave.
Barrister Eddy asks he about the media stories bu she is nt untreated in that. She wants Eddy to know she is a partner now in Odhssey. He tells her that is nice. She also tells him that she recently bought the land on which the company is on. Brenda and her lawyers have challenged the sale of the property. He asks her how the land came up for sale and how she came across the money to buy the property? She tells him that it is not important. She needs him to help her fight whatever Brenda throws at her. He tells he that he has never seen he that subdued. She had more fight in her when she was arrested for murder. She asks if he is going to help her fight this and he says no!
The board members catch up with each other while Funmi tallies the vote. The result is one against and six in favour of retaining Amaka. Dr. Gyang says congratulations are in order.
Chuks asks the doctor if there is any drug Ene can take to reduce the hormones? The doctor says the hormones are performing a lot of functions and can only be tampered with if the mother’s or child’s life is endangered. Chuks asks him if it is possible for Ene to conceive as there has been a fair amount of business? The doctor does not know how to answer. Chuks asks him if his sympathy pains are normal? The doctor says they are not sure if it is physiological or not but asks Chuks to read up on that as he gets up to go and examine Ene. He snaps on his gloves and as he goes to the examination room, Chuks shakes his head and asks him to tell him exactly what he is going to examine in Ene?
Barrister Eddy tells Angela that he cannot help her as he is a criminal lawyer. Angela asks why he cannot help? He is a lawyer, is he not? Eddy says e is simply being honest. Angela needs someone who can do better than the basics. He suggests that Angela and Brenda find an alternative way of settling their dispute. She asks him what if he goes to meet Alhaji Abubakar! He wounds if she is okay? He suggests that he introduce Angela to his colleague who has experience in this area? Which area, asks Angela? Land matters, Eddy says. Oh, yes, she agrees as Eddy runs off.
The board members leave and Fd discusses with Dr. Gyang. He believes that Dr. Gyang acted in good faith and Dr. Gyang hopes that Fred made the right call on Amaka as they all leave the conference room.
Ene lets Ijeoma into the house and she says she heard their voice from outside and asks if they were quarreling? They pretend and say no, they were just excited after coming back from the hospital. She gives them pepper soup from Chuks’s mum and they both grab the bag and start struggling over it with Huks claiming hat the doctor says Ene should rest while Ene tells h. That the doctor says she should get some exercise!
One of the interrogative asks for Sankey’s help in breaking Alhaji Aubakar. His lawyers are writing and putting them under pressure to release the man from solitary. Sankey tells him that Masters’s lawyers will complain about everything. The interrogator says he has rights. Sankey asks them to allow her have a go at Masters if they want him to break but he tells her that she knows it is out of his hands. Sankey wonders how they think Masters will tell them anything when he is out in the midst of his boys and chiding more mischief?
Ijeoma leaves and Chuks tells Ene that she is lucky he did not report her. Ene asks him to shout as she is sure that their visitor will still hear him. He tells her that her mouth is sharp now but if it is to reach for the remote, she will be tired. Ene tells him that at least she is pregnant unlike those who feel pain from nothing! Just then, her phone rings, and it is the game show host. They are being invited onto Knowing Me Knowing You! Ene excitedly tells the presenter that they will be coming. They will be available for the day if the show.
Fred commends Majek on the extent of security arrangements. Perhaps, they should be looking fir funds to hire him Full time. he says he needs to check on Amaka but Majek tells him that it is not his business but Fred asks him to speak up. He says he believes that Amaka needs some help. Between the flood journals and Alex’s attack, she could have done with a little help. Just then, Amaka walks into the conference room and Majek discreetly leaves.
Some guy n a dirty French coat sneaks into Angela’s house and switches her medication with something else he brought along.

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Some young man comes into Angela’s office and Angela is shocked that is the expert Eddy promised her. The lawyer stretches his hand to shake her hand and the contents of his briefcase scatters everywhere.


Ene screams for Chuks and he runs out of the bath with soap all over his face. She asks him for the remote control. He asks if she has looked for it, she says no, she is tired. He fishes the remote control out for her and asks if he can go back to the bath? She says no, she has this pain at her lower back and needs a massage. He tells her to go get the baby oil & do the massage herself. She asks what is wrong with him? He says what is wrong with her? She stands in front of him & says she will not get out of his way till he apologizes, except if he wants to push her!
Haruna warns Brenda that the courts can be quite busy. She tells him to try. In the meantime, she will show Angela this document to get her ready for what is coming. He prefers the element of surprise but she tells him she does not care. Angela needs to know what is coming to her. The Mensah train, Haruna quips and she agrees. Kwame calls to excitedly tell her that Black Ananse is back in business. They got a brief for 5 commercials and he believes t is a dine deal. She asks if Danny will not mind his not coming over again? He says he can manage her.
Fred helps Sheila wear her bracelet & compliments her on t. He asks if she bought it or himself? She says she chose it but he paid for it. Cosmo passes her water to her. He added some lime which he learn is healthy. Sheila thanks him and tells him not to worry about her. As he leaves, she tells Fred that she cannot get over his tears from last night. Freddy comes out to greet them and asks why she is going to the hospital again. Is she sick? They tell him they are going to the hospital to make sure she is not.
Chuks asks Ene whee she found the strength to fit after saying she is weak she tells him that he is threatening he now just for asking him to come and help her get the remote. He tells her to get out of the way or he will leave the house for her and go and look for where to get rest. She tells him that he is her husband and needs to help her. He says that she does not even say thank you. She asks if he has told her thank yo for carrying his baby? He tells her that it is the same way she worried him about burnt rice and he had to go and find burnt rice, which she did not even eat. She asks if that is what is still paining him? He says he had to involve Soji, someone who has nothing to with it. She asks him Soji? What about Soji? Chuks swallows his tongue!
Angela is holding her own meeting with the staff. She thinks they should expand their repertoire of products away from films. She wants them to go into TV, soap opera. The staff do not agree with her. Mimi asks whether Brenda does not need to sign off on the project as the senior partner? Angela ells them that Brenda does not need to sign off on anything. Very soon, everything will be made clear. They tell her they will wait till everything is made clear then. For now, they are busy with various projects and still report to Brenda as they walk out.
Amaka practices her speech to the board members at home. Funmi calls to tell her all is well. She asks Funmi to call Dr. Gyang and the rest to ensure that they will be on time. She calls Fred and asks how they are doing? Fred tells her they are okay. She asks after Sheila and he tells her that Sheila is good and there with him. Amaka wishes them good luck at the hospital. Fred wishes her all the best at the meeting.
Ene asks what Soji has to do with it? Chuks tells her not to kind him. She insists and Chuks tells her that he had to burn the rice he bought in Soji’s house. Ene is shocked and asks why he will do that? Chuks thinks there is nothing to it as she did not even eat the rice. She thinks it is like when he gave her Telema’s ring. Another fake favour. No wonder, her spirit rejected it. Chuks tells her to allow him go and complete his bath. He asks her whether she is not going to work? She tells him that they need to go to the hospital today. He passes to go and bath and she tells him to carry his dirty body and go.
Angela is looking through papers on her desk. She sees some documents and looks a them before jumping up and walks out of the office in a huff!
Chuks comes back into the room dressed and sits in a corner of the room while Ene sits n the other corner. They both hum different tunes and after a while, he starts looking fir his book, The Xpectant Father’s Manual. Ene says she has not seen it. Immediately he goes out, she brings the book out from where she hid it under the sewing machine and hides it elsewhere!
Fred meets a doctor in the hospital who asks what e is doing in the hospital? He explains that he came with Sheila. They need to do some confirmation tests to confirm the result of the test. The doctor says he knows it will be difficult for Fred after what happened to his first wife but he tells the doctor that he is not bothered. Sheila is quite healthy and lives a strict regimen. Besides, there have been further advances in medicine since then. He asks the doctor to run along after he promises to come back and see him and Sheila.
Fred fetches Sheila water. She says the doctor is taking her sweet time. Fred tells her that they do not want the test rushed. She asks him what is happening to Amaka? He says he will call her to find out.
Chuks tells Sji that Ene’s trouble is getting too much. He tells him to take it easy. Very soon, the pregnancy will be over. Chuks tells him that he thinks that Ene is pretending. Soji asks if he thinks that Ene is faking the pregnancy? He says no, rather, Ene wants to turn him to a domesticated husband.
Dr. Gyang asks if Fred is still joining them? Amaka tells him that Fred will not be coming to join them. Dr. Gyang asks if that is not enough confirmation that Fred and Sheila do not support her? She tells them that on the contrary, it is a confirmation of Fred’s absolute trust n her ability to manage the company successfully after his retirement. She asks them to humor her by reading the documents in front of them. Dr. Gyang asks if this is a list of all that she has achieved as CEO? She tells them that it is her achievements in the face of a difficult business environment. She however does not see it as her achievement but she sees herself as a team leader.
Angela marches not Brenda’s office & screams at her for accusing her of fraud. Brenda tells her to continue as she needs witnesses to confirm her unstable nature. Gel a grabs some papers from her desk and flings it at the wall. Brenda tells her to break the windows. She snarls hat she will use everything she has to fight Brenda. Brenda stands up and asks her to refresh her memory. She probably would have worried if it was somebody else. She asks Angela to tell her what she will fight with? After all, her Masters friend is no longer there to help her & why? Because Angela betrayed him after getting what she wants from him. Angela tells her that she does not understand what is between her and Faisal. Faisal? She says Angela is still here using pet names when she should be cowering n a dark corner for what she did to Masters. She tells Angela that she hopes that every time Angela thinks of the land she bought, her little conscience will prick her & she bleeds till she dies!

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The board members are standing around exchanging pleasantries with Fred as Funmi tallies the votes. She finishes and stands up and tells them that she has 1 against …


Ene has a craving for burnt jollof rice, the type they cook at owambe party. Chuks wants nkwobi and palm wine! Problem is there is no one to get it for him. Ene starts crying and accuses him of not loving her. He tells her to stop. He will get her the burnt party rice now.
Kwame thinks what Angela did in buying the land under Brenda’s nose is audacious. Himself and Brenda bandy a number of words together to describe what she did. He does not think Angela is that self-assured. Brenda tells him to stop thinking like a man. He advises her to be careful as Angela may be a whack job but Masters is a murderous whack. His phone beeps and he says it is Danny. She is still trying to explain Lionel. She laughs at him over that. he tells her that he was interrupted by Angela & he did not finish about Danny. She wants him to move to US. She looks up at him. She insists that he cannot uproot his life and just take off after some girl. He tells her that she is not some girl. She reminds him that his life is all spread out here. He replies that all is not quite rosy here. Black Ananse is not doing so great. She reminds him about their new project but he replies that they are not getting as much commercials as they need. He gets up and abandons her. Immediately he leaves, she calls Keke and asks if they have shot that commercial? She knows someone who will do a good job and will consider it a favour if they consider the person.
Amaka gets home and meets Hope. Toochi is doing quite well, he has a new hobby and is enjoying the new toy. Amaka says maybe she will have more time to play with him now. They exchange stories about him for a while before Hope leaves to check on Toochi. Amaka calls Fred to ask to come over.
Angela calls on Dr. Ibrahim. He is happy that she took his advice. She says she came by to fill her prescription. He asks her to sit down as he needs to ask a few questions to be sure that he is giving her the right medicine. He asks if she is sleeping well and she asks what he thinks? He looks at her and says that due to her bloodshot eyes and all, he thinks she has not been sleeping well. He asks whether she has been going oit and socializing? She says she takes long solitary walks. He asks what the issue is with her and she tells him that he knows. She is in love with him but she cannot stay with him. Dr. ibrahim asks why and she replies that she shot him. He asks her what changed? Was she intimate with him? She says nothing.
Chuks is desperately scouting unsuccessfully for burnt rice and attracting either funny looks or outright laughter from the different waiters he speaks with. He accosts one of the waiters and when the guy insists that they do not sell burnt rice that sticks to the bottom of the pot, he asks him to bring what they have.
Amaka visits Fred and he tells her that he is expecting Sheila who went to the doctors. She came to tell him what is going on in the office, the issue with Alex, Flood Journals manuscript and Phillip. Immediately she mentions Phillip, his face fell.
Dr. Ibrahim wants to add anti-depressants to Angela’s drugs. She thinks that more drugs will not help her. Her problem is that she betrayed the man she loved and she deserves to be dealt with. He tells her that no one deserves to be dealt with for putting a criminal behind bars. He tells her that they can start dealing with what they can treat. He gives her an exercise to do and they will see how it goes. She asks if he is giving her homework?
Chuks bangs on Soji’s door and when Soji opens the door, he tells him that there is a crisis. Soji quickly locks his door and asks what is going on? Chuks tells him about Ene craving for burnt jollof rice. Soji does not believe him and asks him to stop joking. Ene can as well be asking for rotten goat meat! Chuks is not sure that she will not ask for that tomorrow! He tells Soji to show him to the kitchen so that he tries to carefully burn the rice he bought!
Haruna visits Brenda. He came with a letter of demand on the family members that sold the land to her. Since she said that Angela intentionally kept away the notification from her thereby deceiving her, he has prepared an appeal to the high court seeking to invalidate the sale. That will start the discussion going. Brenda smiles and asks what they call it in chess? An opening gambit? Let the game begin, she says.
Amaka tells Fred about the office and how Dr. Gyang insists on a vote of no confidence on her leadership as CEO. She is hoping that Fred will convince him to drop the idea. Fred asks why she is calling him sir? She says it is not important but he insists. She tells him that it is what Yahimba says about her being desperate to be an Ade-Williams. She solicits his support to convince Gyang. He asks why she cannot convince the man herself? There is a reason he retired, he tells her. She tells him that if it comes to a vote, she hopes he will vote on her behalf. Sheila dejectedly comes in just then and they both rush to her to ask what is wrong?
Chuks jumps into a taxi and the taxi driver asks whether someone is rushing after him? Chuks tells him to move he is in a hurry. The taxi driver asks him what is burning? Chuks tells him to go on, please. He is in a hurry. The taxi driver tells him it is N1,500. He tells the driver that he has only N500. The driver tells him to get down from the taxi. He eventually begs the driver to take him home as he is in hurry to get food to his pregnant wife. The driver says that he should have said so since. The driver tells him that he has 3 boys and boys are worse. His wife could not sleep unless she smells his dirty feet!
Amaka and Fred ask Sheila what is wrong? She says she got the test result and they saw some abnormal growth on her cervix. They wonder what it is about? She says there are so many possibilities but it may be cervical cancer. They tell her that there is no cause for concern yet as she still needs to take more tests.
Chuks gets home and gleefully gives Ene the burnt rice. She looks at it and wrings her nose. It does not smell nice she says. She has even eaten the food at home. He is shocked that she does not want to eat the same food she was crying for. She tells him to stop exaggerating! After a while she tells him to dispose of the food or better still, eat it as there is no food at home!
Sheila asks Fred if he has eaten? He tells her that food is not his priority now. She reminds him that they all just asked her not to worry. They say she is right. They need further tests to be sure of what is going on. Cosmo, who had been listening from the door of the ante room came out crying. They ask him to stop crying as there is no cause for alarm yet.
Barrister Ovie visits Masters to find out why Masters invited him? Masters looks up after a while and tells him that he is ready now.

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Chuks tells Ene to get out of his way before he loses his temper. He is tired of Ene’s cravings. Ene reminds him that he is her husband and must help her!


Angela asks if Sankey means what she is saying? Sankey tells her that she saw what he did to Emile Haruna. He almost burnt him alive. Angela says she put a stop to that. Sankey asks her about the lives that were lost during the jail break? Angela gets up & Sankey asks where she is going? She will do something about Masters. She begs Sankey to take her to Masters. Sankey says she will do no such thing. She told Angela about the death penalty to knock some sense into her but she is regretting doing that. She advises Angela to run. Angela will do no such thing. Sankey advises her to go and see her doctor.
Salewa visits Ene at work. They hug and Salewa gave her chocolate. As they are greeting each other excitedly, Chuks comes in and Ene asks whether all is well? He says he is okay. He just dropped by to see his wife at work. He asks what she is eating and she tells him that Salewa brought her chocolate. Chuks asks whether she checked what it is made of and asks her to pass the package to him. She does that and he examines it and screams soya milk. She tells him she is not allergic to soya beans. What of the baby? He asks. He reminds her that if she keeps eating these things, Hubert will become so big they will cut him out of you. She asks who Hubert is? He asks her to spit it out. Salewa watches excitedly saying he really cares about her.
Fred is sitting on the dining table and Sheila comes to meet him. She asks if Dr.Gyang came to discuss Amaka and the issue at Reel? He ignores her. She says she read Tinseltown and the story is all over the news. By the time he starts yawning, she asks if he is going to ignore her for the whole day? He says he is listening. As he brightens up, Sheila reminds him that they have a doctor’s appointment and need to get ready. He says he will have to pass through the club and will meet up with her at the doctor’s.
Brenda tells Barrister Haruna that she has checked through her office and no one received the summons. Haruna tells her that there must be some record of the document if they check with the registrar and the courier company. She says she has checked with them. They discuss about what to do to get her land back. She plans to sue the family members that sold the land to her to recover her money. Haruna agrees and says he has started work on that. She also plans to wrest her land from Angela. Haruna says that will be more difficult. Just then, Feke comes in and announces gaily that she finally has the proof of delivery from the courier company. The letter was signed for by Angela. She picks up the phone and calls Angela. Angela cuts the call the first time but eventually picks the call. Brenda tells her to return to her what belongs to her which she took. Angela laughs and clicks off. Brenda tells Haruna that they need to join hands to destroy Angela.
Chuks asks Ene to allow him use her computer to send his CV. Feke comes out and asks what is going on and whether that is an office or a social centre? It is a lobby, where people arrive, Ene reminds her. She tells Ene it is also where people leave from. As she leaves, Chuks makes to go after her but Ene restrains him. Salewa asks whether they are putting Ene in trouble? She tells her that Feke is a pest in the office. Salewa says she cannot wait to finish school and concentrate on her music and then youth service. Ene remembers that her youth service posting will soon be out. Chuks says it is not important. She will still have to defer it again. She wonders what he is talking about.
Amaka tells Harriet that she has no comments right now. She drops and asks for PR. The PR girl reads Amaka the draft of the press release she prepared. It will talk about the healthy relationship between Reel and World Movies. Amaka says it is okay but she is in need of good news now.
Kwame discusses the new movie with Phillip on the phone. She thinks it is too artsy but should be something like the Lake Pirates. He also asks Phillip to call his landlord and sort out the issues with the house. The man is not happy about their using the house as their business address.
Ene asks what Chuks means that she has to defer her admission? Chuks says that she cannot go for orientation when a baby is on the way. She says she is in her second trimester and can go through the orientation. As they quarrel, Salewa asks them for the name of the baby. When they ignore her, she remembers that she has a number of assignments and runs away just as the receptionist announces that she is back.
Sheila is at the doctors and is told that their result is ready but the doctor will prefer to discuss it when both of them are around. Sheila says Fred is delayed at his meeting. The doctor is willing to wait but Sheila tells her to go ahead and give her the result as she and her husband are waiting to start having their babies!
Kwame comes into Brenda’s and she tells him that it is not a good time. He tells her good afternoon too and goes ahead to sit down as she asks which part of not a good time he does not understand. He says he no longer trusts Danny and Brenda listens. He was talking to her on Skype, which is a problem itself because he can see but cannot touch, when a half-dressed young man passes by. Brenda perks up and asks if she is okay? He says he dug into it and it turns out that he is another art project. Angela saunters in and gives Brenda what she thinks Brenda is after. Brenda wonders that she must have opened the letter. She says it was addressed to the company and she is a part-owner of the company. She advises Brenda to read and weep!
Ene drags Chuks into a conference room and tells him that they need to discuss the youth service thing. He says he will not agree for her and Hubert to go for the orientation. She asks why he is naming the baby Hubert? He says it is after Uncle Ziggy. He is also thinking about naming him Ziggy’s name from his boxing days. Ene cannot believe that he wants to name the baby Zigzag. He says he is leaving his options open. He reminds Ene that it is against the regulations. The orientation is quite strenuous. She asks him how he knew as he has not experienced it. He walks away as she tries to placate him.
Amaka is working the phone trying to convince a director about her ability to run the company. She gets support and as she drops, Funmi announces that Mr. Jegede is around. She asks that he be shown in. he comes in and Amaka troes to get his support but he says he agree with Dr. Gyang.
Ene gets home and tells Chuks that it was close to the end of day. She tells him that she wants to go for youth service because she is someone that likes crossing her Ts and dotting her is. She only did not go straight after school because she needed to get a job to support the family. Chuks tells her that is a low blow but he will think about her going for youth service.
Dr. Gyang tells Amaka that he is not a wicked man and it is not personal. He is only a business man and wants the best for the company and her. Amaka tells him that she can run the company and removing her cannot be in her best interest. He wonders whether she wants to remain CEO just because it is good for her reputation? She wants to be given a chance to state her case but he tells her that a vote of no confidence does not allow her to state her case. They want her to spend more time with her family!
The interrogators are in a session with Masters. They taunt him as usual with all sorts but he does not talk to them. They ask after his associates but he keeps mum. They tell him that his associates are talking about him, especially Angela. They claim that she described their time together. He tells them he wants his lawyer.

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Amaka tells Fred that she hopes that if the decision comes to a vote, that he will vote his shares in her favour. They look up and see Sheila walking in dazedly and rush up to meet with her and ask if all is well?


Fred agrees with Anthony that a lot is at stake here. Anthony says they need to inform Amaka and start the process of getting a new helmsman. Fred says he will not get involved. Anthony asks if this is about protecting Amaka? Fred tells him that the board has enough competent hands to handle this. He now wants to manage his life. Anthony wonders whether Fred is okay with his health and whether he is having issues with his wife? Fred assures him that he is okay. Anthony reminds him that he is the one that invited him to join the board of Reel to ensure that his legacy is not rubbished. He will act if Fred will not act.
Brenda calls Sheila to say she is out of the save Angela project. Sheila asks her to calm down but she starts screaming calling Angela a little monkey that has crossed the line by acquiring the land the company is built on. Sheila asks her what Angela has done again? Sheila says that she should consider doing other things if the company is her life. Something else like going out more. Brenda asks if it is her new-found mother that has rubbed off on her. Sheila tells her that it is none of her business. Brenda tells her that she built the best film company in town and beat men at their game. Her heart did not get her that. she tells Sheila to tell her pet that she has peed on the wrong fence and cut off the call.
Soji and Chuks come back from the interview and Soji asks him how the interview went? The interviewer asked him where he wants to be in 5 years and he replied that he wants to be sitting on the man’s seat and the man wanted to choke but he told him that by then he will be the MD. However, the MD found out and he is not happy about it. Soji assures him that there will be other interviews. Chuks suddenly cries out in pain. Soji asks what is going on? He has pains at his back. Soji asks how he did not know about sympathy pains till now and he suddenly feels the pain always. Chuks tells him that if Ene was around, she would have soothed the pain away with her massage. Soji warns him not to look at him with that kind of eye.
Angela is on the streets and suddenly walks into a clothing store. She takes a look at the mirror and sees a blond Angela.
Amaka is happy that Hope is back at taking care of Toochi. As she drops the phone, Dr. Anthony Gyang walks into her office. She offers him something but he says no. he tells her that some of the board members met after the last board meeting to discuss the meetings. Amaka asks which members he is talking about and that she taught everyone expressed their opinion at the meeting. He tells her that they will require her to give them a report of everything that has been achieved during her days in office. She tells him that he has to wait for the financial statement as she is in the middle of a lot right now. He tells her that they insist on the report as it is quite critical.
Soji tells Chuks that he is not going to rub his back. Chuks tells him that he expects him to massage his back. He reminds Soji that he is suffering from sympathy pains and if he is the one feeling the pain, he would have helped. Soji gets up and massages him from a distance. Chuks asks him to try harder. He hits Chuks but Chuks gasps. Soji flares up and and calls Ene to come and take care of her property. Ene asks what is wrong? Soji tells her that Chuks is feeling pains but Chuks takes the phone from him and tells Ene not to mind Soji. She asks him to stop exaggerating as she is the one pregnant. She gasps and Chuks asks if she is okay?
Brenda discusses Angela with Kwame. In addition to acquiring her shares, she has gone ahead to bid for the property where the company is sited. Kwame hopes that she did not succeed? Brenda confirms that she did and tells Kwame that the funds must have come from where she got money to acquire the shares. She is determined to deal squarely with Angela. Kwame is in with whatever she desires to do. Using the press against Angela is not a good option, she says, considering how the last attempt ended. She is seeking for a way to destroy Angela without affecting the reputation of Odyssey. They consider various options and Brenda insists that her line of action will include getting back her shares, attacking Angela’s ownership of the property and getting Angela institutionalized!
Chuks asks Ene what is wrong with her? She tells him she is okay. She gasped at something she saw online. It is about the couple’s game show she told him about. They are asking for entries. All she needs to do is upload a good picture of them and she will say some secret about herself. Chuks tells her that the secret about him is that he is feeling pain and he is not going for any game show. Ene insists that they must go and he says it is a ploy to increase someone’s pocket. Ene tells him that there is no entry fee. He asks her to send him a link for him to examine.
Barrister Haruna comes back to meet Brenda ad says he has identified a flaw in the documents. He has seen that Brenda bought the land from the wrong people. Brenda reminds him that she was told not to deal with some claimants when she bought the place. Haruna says that once Akpokpo filed his claim, she must have been notified. She says she did not get any notification. He asks her to check her office as he has already started checking his office. She says that if it is an internal slip-up, someone will pay. She calls Feke to join her in a little witch-hunt and tells Haruna to come back at 3.30.
Dr. Gyang inspects the book and when he is through, Amaka tells him that he is looking at the rough book and it may be better to wait for the final report as she suggested. He says he has seen enough and their share prices have been plummeting and there is no likelihood that it will change soon. She insists that they are going through a rough patch but their fundamentals are still strong. He tells her to call an emergency meeting where a vote of confidence will be taken on her leadership.
Chuks calls Ene and tells her that he has checked the game show and it is not real. She asks what is wrong with him or has his back pain stopped? He says it is film trick as all the people look like actors. Ene insists that it is real and the other day, the winning couple were presented with a new car. He asks her how much the price money is? N1 million. He asks her to submit an entry immediately as they need the money for the baby and a new house. She asks him to slow down on spending the money as they have not been selected yet.
Majek comes into Amaka’s office and she attacks him by asking why there are so many leaks in the office? He asks her to calm down but she screams that she has so many leaks in the office as the press reports have suggested. One of her board members met with Alex and that has made her seat very hot. He advises her to calm down and approach the issue in a calm and calculated manner to avoid making a mistake.
Chuks and Soji discuss his latest interview and he says that his child will not go through the same problem. Ohakanu came to meet them with his drink and they ask what he wants? He could not help over-hearing their discussion about a baby. He goes ahead to tell them how difficult it is to raise a baby. When he is through, they ask him if that is why he drinks too much? Chuks says he did not realize that Ohakanu has a child. He says no, he does not have one before he runs off.
Sankey comes in with Angela and asks Angela where she has been? She says she went out. Sankey asks if she thinks that is wise? She tells Sankey that she is not a prisoner. Sankey asks if she has considered their discussion? She will not mind if Angela skipped town. She would lose a valuable witness but it is better than spilling more blood. Angela asks how she will manage the case? She replies that they will depend on Emile Haruna and evidence from the crime scene. They will ask for the death penalty. Death penalty? Angela asks. Yes, Sankey confirms. He is a killer and deserves the death penalty. Angela’s mien changes.

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One of the shareholders tell Amaka that he agrees with Dr. Gyang. It may be time to seek for a new person at the helm.


Fred is opening all the drawers in their kitchen as Cosmo watches. Sheila comes in and tells him that he should have asked for food, which will soon be ready rather than tinkering with the kitchen. Their discussion turn to her relationship with Phillip & she insists that she turned to Phillip because he was the only one who was clear-eyed enough to see her mother for who she really is. All these could have been avoided if he had believed her from e beginning. He tells her that he wants to trust her but when such a thing happens, he loses his trust. He reminds her that she said she slept with Phillip & she tells him hat she said so because she felt hurt. Besides, Freddy was there. He replies that Freddy was nit there with them all the time except if she was talking about another time or something she wishes she had done.
Chuks asks Ene what she thinks of his spring-cleaning? He dusted the entire house & he almost broke his legs while he was doing that. She tells him really? Thank God he did not wound himself. He tells her that she can see her image in the kitchen! He is on the run for husband of the year. She is not sure he did all he claims he did. She rubs her fingers on the table and feels dust. Se chews him for forgetting to clean the table. She will clean the place herself but he tells her not to bother. She will do that himself.
Angela gets home and curls up on the couch as Sankey calls. She has something to tell Angela & wonders if Angela can come immediately? Angela cannot so Sankey says she will come. Angela is not up to it but Sankey insists that she will come as it has to do with Masters.
Sheila is furious that Fred is accusing her of such a thing! Fred asks if she thinks he is happy saying these things? She says that she has answered this countless times but it seems only a yes will satisfy him. She means to leave but he pulls her back & asks if she has communicated with Phillip since he left? She says no but he replies that she will not tell him if she had. she tells him that he cannot imagine how insecure he is sounding now. He tells her that once a man suspects a woman of infidelity, he will never see her the same way. She tells him that she got in touch with Phillip but it was to try & fix things between Fred & Phillip because she was feeling guilty. He wonders why she is feeling guilty when she did nothing? She tells him that she feels guilty that Phillip left his premiere to come & listen to her when he didn’t! Fd says he does not know how to fix this. It may have to live with them permanently & the mention of a name will bring back the elephant. She tells him that all she did was a drunken kiss. He is the one who got Laide pregnant. He is the one whose fidelity is in question!
Bimpe wonders when Chuks started cleaning the house while Ene sits down and watches? Chuks says he is a modern man. Bimpe does not believe him. He tells her that he is sharing house work with Ene, after all housework does not kill. Bimpe tells him to come and clean her own house when he is through as housework does not kill. He asks if she is his wife? She asks if he is serving punishment for something and tells him to come and clean her own house when he is thru. Ene tells her that she has something to discuss with her husband. Bimpe asks if she is throwing her out because she came to play with them? She tells them that she hopes they resolve their problem as she leaves and Chuks tells her that she is their biggest problem. Ene calls her a pest and Chuks tells her that he knows how to deal with Bimpe. He will triple her rent and that will drive her away. Ene agrees but asks how they will survive without Bimpe’s rent?
Brenda asks the lawyer what he thinks? He tells her that the document is valid & there is no loophole. She tells him that he did not just say that. He confirms that he did. She tells him that what she knows is that she bout the property and it is either Akpokpo Johnson is a fraud or she has been defrauded. The lawyer tells her that for Akpokpo to successfully claim the property, she must have received a notification. She says she did not receive any and asks if the lawyers did? They will both check with their offices. Meanwhile, she asks him to check the agreement for loopholes. He says it is air-tight. She tells him that it cannot be air-tight. He should check the grammar, everything & find a way. All she knows is that she wants her land back. He will try.
Fred tells Sheila that it is unfair of her to use his condition against him. She of all people knows that he would not have done that in his right mind. She tells him that it does not make it any better. She asks if he knew how difficult it was fir her when he was cavorting with Laide. The argument gt quite heated and he tells her that because Phillip and herself kept things from him on more than one occasion, he is right to be suspicious. Sheila tells him that when you accuse someone of something long enough, they may just do what you accuse them of. Fred wonders if she is threatening him?
Ene is on her way out to see someone’s wedding pictures but Chuks tells her that he saw some apartments for rent. She is happy and asks after his one decent suit? He says it must be lying around somewhere. She will help him look for it when she is back. She suddenly sits down and starts playing footsie with him. He wonders what she is doing? She says yes. He has been a good husband. He warns her that it was footsie that got her pregnant. She is not bothered as she cannot get anymore pregnant than she already is. He is still not very enthusiastic & she tells him to relax and go with the flow.
Sankey visits Angela’s house & finds her lying on the couch with the door unlocked. She tells Angela that she should know better than to leave the door unlocked. She wonders why Angela is nit at work and Angela tells her that she is tired of jumping Brenda’s hoops. Sankey tells her to hang in there.
Fred & Sheila continue their shouting match. He reminds her that what she did is abomination & other men would have treated her differently. She replies that he should forget culture as it is only two of them there now. He tells her to forget everything that happened in the past & tell him what kind of relationship she had with Phillip. She asks him what it matters? Is she not married to him? He simply walks away as she realizes what she said & tried to make amends.
Sankey, in her flowing skirt & colorful trainers, informs Angela that Masters has been in solitary since he was released from the hospital. She asks if he is being tortured? Sankey tells her that they are interrogating him but he says nothing till her name is mentioned. Once he hears Angela, then you see the anger! Sankey thinks she is right. Masters will come back for her.
Ene is on her way to work while Chuks is still in bed! She wakes him up & he tells her that it was her & her footsie. She says he is behaving as if he did not enjoy it & tells him to get ready for more hardworking when she is back! As she goes out, she meets Soji at the door. He wonders why Chuks is still in bed? Ene tells him not to mind Chuks as she leaves. Soji wonders why Chuks s just waking up when he should be out job hunting. He also wonders why Ene is so chatty? Chuks tells him that it is Ene. Her hormones are out of control! She has become very demanding. Everyday! Soji tells hi. That it is too much information & he does not wan to hear more. Chuks tells him that the pregnancy is good for them as his performance has gotten better! Soji puts his fingers in his ears & refuses to listen.
Fred meets Dr. Gyang & asks him if all is well? He asks if Fred has seen the magazine? Dr. Gyang is bothered that a quarrel between two companies should not be public information as it weakens Reel Studios. He met with Alex & he made some very valid points. Fred tells him that it is rubbish. Amaka is a single mother & no one expects her to abandon her baby. She is doing just well for the company. Dr. Gyang tells hi. That it may be time to get a more competent outsider to run the company. Is that not why Fred took the company public?
Chuks tells Soji that is nauseous, his stomac and back are paining him, etc. Soji tells him that those are symptoms of pregnancy! Chuks does not believe him. He cannot be pregnant, can he? Soji tells him that he read somewhere that when a man shares the symptoms of pregnancy with his wife, it is called sympathy pain!
Angela assures her father that she is fine. She clicks off & picks up the papers & sees the story on Masters. She calls Barrister Ovie. He wonders why she is calling? She asks how he is? Ovie wonders what business of her’s it is? He is in solitary confinement. She asks if she can get a message to him? He says he can get a message to him but Angela cannot. He asks her not to call his number again. She gets up & goes to the mirror but starts hearing Masters’s being called. She rushes back to the couch & grabs her pills.

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Amaka assures Dr. Gyang that Mr. Ade-Williams still has a nice reputation. He asks her what of Mr. Ade-Williams’s support? Does she still have it? She asks him if Mr. Ade-Williams told him that she does not have his support?