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Bimpe walks out and meets Dafe watching her recorded diary. She snatches the laptop. He is happy that she took his advice. She asks if that is why he is letting himself behave like Spanner? The boy that snooped around her laptop. He thinks it will make a good series. He is not getting any of her films for any series or telenovela. He thinks it will be a hit but she tells him the only thing that gets hit is his head. She orders him out of her house.
Nosa gets up from the floor and thinks that Brenda should add bashing his head in as one of her achievements. She does not think he should blame everything on his not being laid. He complains about her lying but she is not bothered as she had apologized. He says his house is in disarray because he tried to renovate it for her. She does not care. He will complete his renovation and move out of her house and find someone that can meet his needs since she can’t.
Dafe comes back and Bimpe asks if he is through with vexing? He has decided to forget everything and celebrate with her. He asks what she is reading! Obituary. At least that is one area she is not in.
Dr. Gyang asks what Laide is talking about the company? Laide tells him she is saying this because she is bothered about the company. The security contract Amaka talked about, she already has decided to give it to her friend’s company. Dr. Gyang is furious and is going to confront Amaka. Laide tries to stop him but he won’t stop. He will not say she told him.
Dr. Gyang reviews things with Amaka and gets around to the security contract. She says they talked about it and he agreed. He says he had thought about it again and does not think it is the best thing now with all the projects they have. Did she think it through? She says she has decided to suspend that. He is surprised but asks her to concentrate on important things in the future.
Brenda comes out to meet the reception littered with gifts. She asks Feke where it is from? They are from Nosa. She calls him and he apologizes for stepping over the line and wants them to start afresh. She asks after the gifts but he insists she is worth all of them. He invites her out for lunch. She asks Feke to pack all the gifts up and return those that still have the receipts. Feke tries to argue but Brenda shuts her down.
Bimpe is drunk and tells Dafe about her lows in life like seducing Reginald, chasing Phillip, her relationship with Soji, etc.
Amaka tells Laide about her encounter with Dr. Gyang. She does not understand why he plucked the security contract out of nowhere and he sounded condescending. Laide thinks he may have heard of the facility tour given to Tsav or he is lining up his own arrangement. She offers to talk to him but Amaka says no. She can handle it.
Nosa apologizes to Brenda again and she asks him to stop. He is ready to make things up and asks what he needs to do? She fills him in about Linda and the tests, etc. his phone keeps ringing and she asks him to pick it he tells his manager that he saw all the 15 missed calls and insists that the show is cancelled. He tells Brenda that he cancelled a show and the manager is behaving as if heavens have fallen. He has decided to concentrate in his family today.
Amaka fills Mr. Horsfall on her spat with Dr. Gyang. He thinks dr. Gyang will think that Tsav being Sheila’s brother will give him undie advantage. Amaka reminds him that she is not in good terms with Sheila. She apologizes for not getting him an office yet. He does not need it now. He is leaving town briefly.
Brenda is shocked to see her house littered with paper. Nosa says he tried to bake. It helps him calm his nerves. He tried to bake a little pancake, pies, etc. she did not know that she married a pastry chef. She is bothered about his behavior. He wonders what she is talking about? She shows him their joint account statement and finding out that he spent a part of their money on the gifts!
Bimpe and Dafe continue to knock back drinks till she is drunk and starts talking about her hair itching because she needs to fix it. She sleeps off and he sneaks off with her laptop.
Tsav asks how Amaka’s day went? She was dodging cannons all day. She tells him that the security contract will no longer work. He is surprised but accepts it and hopes they can still be friends even when he is broke? She asks if he is going broke and he tells her that now that he cannot get the contract?
Nosa tells Brenda that he did not spend the money in their joint account to buy her presents. He spent it on buying supplies for the new baby! The baby that is not conceived yet? He says the baby will be conceived eventually and because he did not know if it is a boy or girl, he was forced to order both sets of cloths! Brenda is shocked at his spending money on things that are not important when they still have a lot of future expenses! Nosa starts talking about lack of salt in the food they ate at the restaurant. She tells him that Angela must be right about him. The depression, irrational things etc. All is not well. He asks if she is calling him mad and aims a blow at her mouth before she screams at him!

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Chuks and Frank walks in on Ibuzor discussing with some guys and he asks if that is how Ibuzor has betrayed him? Ibuzor asks if he forgot to take his medicine again? He tells the guys he is discussing with that Chuks is his ward and sometimes he forgets his medication!



A disguised Bimpe sneaks into Ziggy’s. Sammy comes to tell her they have not opened as Frank doses. She pretends to be a stranger on a trip for three days and orders for rice and plantain with fresh fish. Sammy goes to wake Frank up. He comes and tells her they have not opened. As she speaks in her Indian accent, he asks if that is Bimpe? She tries to deny but he pulls off her disguise and asks her what this is all about? She tells him that she has not been able to leave her house. The last time she tried it, she was attacked. She called the police and laughed at her. She is hungry and there is no food at home. He asks if she had done anything to get the public to forgive her? Abroad, celebrities do community service. She has tried the publicity thing but it did not work. He asks her to trust him. She asks for food first, on the house.
Brenda and Angela fight over what she said about Nosa. She was not able to sleep because of what Angela said. Angela says it is because she found some truth in what she said. Brenda thinks it is the things that have been thrown at Nosa. Angela insists that Nosa is going through a manic depression and says why she thinks so. Brenda does not want to hear that but Angela insists.
Frank presents a uniform to Bimpe. She says she does not believe it and asks if they can’t get a photographer to take her picture? He insists that she dresses as a waitress and wait tables. As she walks out, he calls Chuks to inform him that he had arranged something for Bimpe so that he does not freak out when he comes in.
A customer is not happy at the spa. One of the staff is happy there are no customers. Free time for them. The other lady ask what is going on! Sheila was sleeping in the office before but now she comes and goes. Yet nothing has changed. No new products and broken down equipment. Sheila walks in with Yaya and introduces her as the new assistant manager. Yaya looks forward to working with them.
Amaka walks in to meet Laide and Dr. Gyang working together. Dr. Gyang is happy she is at work for two consecutive days. Amaka tells Laide she went to look for her but she was not in her office. Laide does not like the furniture and asks that it be changed. Dr. Gyang asks if Amaka has worked on the new direction that the board asked for? Amaka will get to it soon. He does not think the board will be happy with that. Amaka asks if they have trout of giving the security a makeover? Drug yang is happy it finally dawned on her after she sabotaged the last one. They will get to that but she needs to start acting like a CEO.
Bimpe waits tables but Frank insists that she smiles and stop pretending to be forced. Peju walks in and sniggers at the sight of Bimpe in uniform and an apron.
Yahimba meets Sheila who tells her about her day and introducing Yaya to the spa staff. Yahimba thinks it is good and says Sheila is doing a good thing by trying to get Freddy off Amaka. Sheila wonders why they are discussing Amaka and Freddy? Yahimba says she is not the only one pretending and insinuates that Sheila is getting close to Freddy to take advantage of his property. Sheila says she would have smacked her teeth out, if she was not her mother. Yahimba reminds her that altruism does not run in their family. She needs to remember that when dealing with Tsav!
Brenda and Linda meet Dr. Coker. She thinks everything is okay. Linda is healthy enough to carry a baby. She will put them on the necessary drugs to ensure everything is okay. Dr. Coker asks that Nosa accompany them during the next check-up to get him ready. Brenda says Nosa will be left out of the whole thing. She may have to get another sperm donor!
Laide comes in to check Amaka and asks if she thinks Dr. Gyang is talking to Sheila? Amaka says no and asks why she is saying so? Laide says it is due to how Dr. Gyang was hard on her. She advises Amaka to keep her opinions to herself. Amaka agrees and takes a call and asks that he be sent in. She tells Laide it is a provider of security services invited for a presentation. Tsav walks in as Laide gets up to leave and asks if they have met? Tsav says anything is possible. Amaka does the introductions and Laide opens her mouth. Amaka quickly says he is a nice guy and Tsav asks for a tour of the facility to enable him prepare the presentation he is not bothered about the ladies.
Mimi tells Nnenna that she believes what she said about Brenda and Nosa. Nnenna reminds her that she called her a big mouth the last time. Mimi wonders which man says the kind of things Nosa said about Brenda on public about his wife? They discuss what could have led to that? Nnenna knows how they can find out. They need to get Feke to spy on Brenda!
Peju beckons on Bimpe and asks for a refill. Bimpe gets that and Peju tells her that when they think that she has hit the lowest, she moves on another notch. Bimpe thanks her for getting her where she is now with all those nonsense shows. Peju says she was just doing her job and someone else will soon fall into a bigger scandal. Bimpe manages to spill the drink on Peju’s lap!
The tour over, Tsav thanks the ladies and leaves. Laide thinks he is a charmer. Amaka asks her to drop the disapproving tone. There is nothing between them. Laide asks if it was Tsav that led her to seeking to review the security arrangements in the office? No. Two other people will be bidding too. Laide asks if Sheila could be using him to get to her! She does not think so. He has been a good friend so far but she goes thinking about what she heard.
Nosa barges into Brenda’s office drunk. She asks what he is doing! Can’t he visit his wife? She does not want to see him drunk during the day! He grabs her and she wonders what he is doing! Trying to get some, he says. She screams that he stops before someone walks in on them but he does not listen till she knocks him out with an object she picked from her table.

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Dr. Gyang screams that Fred has not been long gone and already Amaka is converting the office to her private fiefdom. Laide tries to stop him but he won’t stop. He will not tell Amaka that Laide told him.


Bimpe records herself saying she has been abandoned by everyone but stops when a knock sounds. She opens and welcomes Ohakanu. He brought her provisions and when he tries to hug her, she beats him off. She opens the bag and complains that he brought only raw food. Who will cook it? Ohakanu will do so. She sees a bottle of drinks and asks if he plans to cook or drink? He rushes off to the kitchen but she stops him and asks him to get her water nhe rushes off.
Angela asks if Brenda is going out? No, she is going to the conference room to meet Linda. She has been kicked out of the hostel for not paying. Angela hopes it is not a scheme to get more money out of Brenda. That is what Brenda intends to sort out. Haruna is coming to draft them a contract. Angela asks after Nosa and Brenda says he is taking too long to come around. She has a willing candidate and is not willing to give it up. Angela suggests that it may be easier to get a surrogate abroad. …and leave the company again? No way, Brenda says. The last time she left, the company nearly collapsed. She goes off to meet the lawyer.
Bimpe asks how long it will take Ohakanu to bring the food? He says he is coming but rushes out to ask her how long it takes to parboil the rice? She is surprised he is still parboiling the rice. He asks which goes in first the oil or the onions? Bimpe is appalled. He runs back into the kitchen but screams “hey! Fire!” Bimpe and Ohakanu struggle for who gets out of the door first!
Freddy struggles to open a bag of cereals but Amaka comes to his aid. She apologizes for all the tension between her and Sheila. He asks what she intends to do? She will try and make amends. He tells her he woke up earlier than she thought he did! So you were pretending? She hopes he has learnt his lessons. She opens her arms for a hug, he hesitates but eventually hugs her.
Brenda will cover Linda’s medical expenses and rent her a place for the duration of the pregnancy. Linda says no landlord will accept 9 months rent. They will ask for two years. Brenda says she will find a place that will take a year’s rent. Linda will need allowance to care for the baby and buy things. Brenda says she will be placed on N100,000 a month. Linda says N100,000 may not be enough. Or does Brenda expect her to take okada? Brenda will pick her for her hospital appointments and have a driver take her around. When the baby is delivered, she will get N1million. Aunty Gladys used to charge N2million, Linda says and asks Brenda to add some more money after all, carrying a full term pregnancy is no easy job. Brenda tells her to take it or leave it!
Yahimba comes out and meets Yaya hiding behind a Tinsel Townmagazine. Yahimba tries to get her to talk. It is not always time for a fight. Yaya tells her that Tainsel Town is still owing her and Yahimba told Sheila nit to employ her. Yahimba asks if she thinks Brenda will listen to what she said? She asks Yaya why she has not been employed by Sheila? Yaya does not know. Yahimba thinks it may be due to her poor financial state. That may be why she is looking to get that young boy! She is more concerned with Tsav’s scheming. Yaya wonders what Tsav has to do with anything? Yahimba is still trying to figure it out. Yaya looks uninterested and Yahimba asks if she does not want to know what is going on? No and she hopes that if Tsav is involved in any scheme, it goes down without Yahimba knowing anything about it!
Ohakanu and Bimpe barge into Chuks’s screaming about what they are losing. Her clothes, Brazillian hair. Ohakanu laments the loss of his booze. Chuks calls the fire service and blames Bimpe and Ohakanu for trying to burn down his inheritance. He grabs a bucket and heads out but Bimoe begs him to wait for fire service he says no and tells them to tell Ene that he loves her, Amara that he did this to save her inheritance, etc. he heads out with Ohakanu but stops and asks if Bimpe would have allowed him to go and kill himself? Bimpe reminds him that she asked him to wait for fire service. Ohakanu runs back with his bottle of booze as they wonder what happened to him. He tells them it was a false alarm. Bimpe tells him to get ready to explain what happened when fire service gets there, Master Chef Australia!
Brenda tells Gladys that she does not have all night. She will take the N1 million. Haruna says they will keep the money in an escrow account till the baby is born. They will also open a savings account where her allowance will be paid. Brenda asks if she is dating? She says no. That means she won’t have any issue with abstaining from sex. Linda asks what happens if she meets someone she likes? The deal is off, Brenda says. She does not want to see this in the newspapers and if Linda goes back on the agreement, she will ensure that she collects all her money. Once the baby is born, she will take the baby from the hospital. What if the baby wants to meet her? Linda asks. Why would the baby want to meet you instead of the biological mother! What of breast feeding? Linda ask. Brenda tells her it is not her business and gives her some money to hold her till they make the payments. As she leaves, Haruna congratulates her. He will send her the contract soon so that she and her husband will review it. Brenda asks him to leave Nosa out of it for now.
Sheila gives Tsav the feedback on her meeting with the lawyer. He asks if she is getting close to Freddy so that he can sign over some of his properties when he is old enough? Sheila’s face changes and he tells her he is joking. He suggests they open a line of communication with Amaka. He will explore that. Sheila says Amaka will it listen to anyone least of all her brother. He tells her that strange things happen. His phone rings and Amaka calls to tell him she has patched things up with Freddy. She wants to share this piece of good news so that it won’t look like they only share bad news when they meet. He thanks her and drops. Sheila asks if that was his business partner? He says yes. Things are looking up.
Tsav is on his way out but Yaya comes out and calls him. He says he is on his way out. She calls him and looks at Sheila. He remembers and asks Sheila about the request for a job for Yaya. She says she is trying to get things together in the spa. Tsav encourages her and when she agrees, Yaya hugs her!
Angela meets Nosa at Ziggy’s and insists on buying him a drink. They settle to wait for their orders and she tries to explain to him that he needs to patch things up with Brenda but he prattles on about Brenda wanting to deny him happiness. She knew she could not have a baby and yet married him. She asks him to keep his voice down and tries to explain to him that Brenda sees this as another battle to be own and if he does not work with her, she can go ahead and do it without him. How? Like finding a sperm donor. He knocks over the table and starts screaming at the top of his voice about women being terrorists. Frank came and ask him what is going on? He explains that women are the terrorists, etc. Frank insists that he cannot be spoiling their property. He grabs Frank and Frank screams for help. Some guys join him and they carry Nosa out.
Bimpe impatiently waits for the food from Ohakanu. He eventually brings it out and she asks what that is? He looks uncomfortable. She is appalled that after trying to burn down her pent house apartment, he is serving her brung offering. Is she a shrine? How did he even find the whiskey he dram
Nk? The whiskey called him to where it was hidden, Ohakanu says. Bimpe tells him that she cannot help him anymore and asks him to leave.
Amaka regales Tsav with tales of her success with Freddy. She is even ready to extend an olive branch to Sheila. He is happy that at least one of them is happy. She asks how he is doing? He complains of his business partner and she asks how the partnership is doing? Not so well, he says. She asks what he is into? Security cameras and stuff like that. He asks if they need stuff like that in Reel? She says they used to but they still had a hostage crisis. She knows Sheila would have blamed it on her. Tsav tells her that Sheila does not go about discussing her. He thinks that if they had the right network, even Majek would not have been able to come in! She asks him to make them a presentation and they will evaluate it.
Brenda comes in and asks Angela what the issue is? She sounded like it’s an emergency. She tells him about Nosa and his behavior at Ziggy’s. Brenda ask if she sent her to interfere? Angela says she was trying to help. She tells Brenda that there was something definitely wrong with the guy. He looked like he was on drugs or something. Brenda tells her not to be ridiculous. She is sure of what she saw.

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Amaka asks Dr. Gyang and Laide if they think they need to review their security protocol? Dr. Gyang is happy that it finally dawned on her!


Bimpe dictates her day to her diary. She needs to clean up & smell nice. She will pick a nice cloth to be buried in so that no one can bury her in an ugly cloth. She goes off & comes back with her toothbrush to complain that her water is not running. How is she going to take her bath?
The Anekes mediate between Brenda & Nosa. They try but the two of them tear at each other. Nosa thinks Brenda has a character flaw & he cannot have a baby with her. That is why she does not have any friends. Once you turn your back, she sticks a knife in! Brenda screams his faults too and asks how many of his friends she has met since they got married? Only his brother! The Anekes try to get them to calm down but it is not working.
Bimpe walks out with a bucket to fetch water but is accosted by a woman who asks if she still stays around there? If she knows what is good for her, she had better move. Bimpe asks why she can’t be left in peace? She tries to walk away but the woman tries to wrest the bucket from her!
Amaka is happy to see Dikibo and they catch up on what he has been up to. He has gotten an apartment and trying to get it ready. She updates him on Freddy’s accident. He is surprised at that. Freddy does not strike him as that. Amaka says it is Sheila that destabilized everyone when she left. Dikibo reminded her that she is jointly responsible for Sheila leaving. Fred would not have wanted Sheila disgraced out of the house. Amaka says they don’t know what Fred wanted for Sheila as he did not include her in his will. The house belongs to her and she can do whatever she wants with it!
Dikibo still thinks things could have been handled with better sensitivity. Sensitivity? Amaka asks. Dikibo reminds her that Sheila was Fred’s wife and made sacrifices. Whatever poor choices she made with the alleged dalliance with Phillip… Amaka says there is nothing alleged. Dikibo insists that Sheila stood by Fred and loved him and for that, she deserved some respect. He advises Amaka to live and let live. Amaka asks if he has been speaking with Sheila? He says he does not require her permission to speak with Sheila. Amaka says he was just getting to know them the other day and now he is taking sides? He finds that cynical but tells her he dropped by to ask for a space in the office. Since he is a custodian, he wants to be close to Fred’s major property. Amaka looks lost and he asks if everything is okay? She says she will ask the facility managers to arrange a space for him.
Brenda meets Kwabena in a restaurant and he asks why they are meeting outside her office? She says here is a better venue for what she wants to ask of him. She is asking for something and needs it from someone she knows. She is looking for a donor. She wants to have a child. Kwabena asks of she wants him to sleep with her? She asks him not to be ridiculous. She is looking for a donor to fertilize a baby in a lab. He asks after her husband and she says she won’t be asking him if it was that straight-forward. He should forget her husband. She will make it worth his while and he does not have to be a part of the baby’s life. He declines. It is nit the kind of thing he does and if he gets involved in it, he would love to be a part of the baby’s life and that does not sound like what she wants.
Bimpe calls the police to come and save her from attack. The police asks her to slow down and provide details. Who is attacking her? She says her neighbours are attacking her over some video. He asks her for her name again? She tells him and says her neighbours are attacking her over a video. The policeman remembers her and tells her she is lucky the guy did not charge her for exploitation. She drops the phone on him and calls Sankey nsankey asks what the emergency is? Should she come with back-up? Bimpe feigns a breakdown and Sankey says she will come immediately and asks for Bimoe’s address.
Laide comes to greet Mr. Horsfall. She has a meeting there but was told he is using the place. He is willing to vacate it for the meeting. They exchange pleasantries and he notes she has settled in nicely at Reel and asks why she chose to return to Reel. She wonders why he is asking? He needs to understand a lot of things about the place. What does she hope to gain from Reel? She says the progress of the company is very vital to her as her baby’s only legacy from her father is wrapped in the company. It also helps to feel employed. He thanks her and hopes she won’t mind his asking about her work from time to time.
Brenda barges into Angela’s office to ask if she had arranged the meeting with Delmuah? Angela says no. She agreed to arrange the meeting but did not specify the time yet. She wonders what Brenda is furious about? Not the meeting of course. Brenda sits down and tells her about Kwabena laughing at her for asking him to be a donor! Angela screams at that and asks her what she was thinking? Is there something wrong with Nosa too? Brenda says no except that he is being a pain in the neck. Now that she has found a surrogate, she does not want any problems. Angela is surprised at the news of a potential surrogate and Brenda fills her in on the meeting with Linda and their botched marriage counseling. Angela tells her that if she goes ahead with this, that will be the end of her marriage.
Sheila meets with the lawyer and thanks him for coming at short notice. He recaps their previous discussion and asks for proof that Amaka cannot be a good custodian. She tells him about Amaka’s involvement in Sunom’s death. He asks for proof and she does not have anything. He advises against going ahead with the case. Everyone will think she is struggling for this to control Freddy’s money. She asks whether it is not important that Freddy prefers her? The lawyer asks why she wants custody of Freddy? She says she wants to give him a safe home. He thinks he is getting that now but is willing to go to court if she still feels strongly about it.
Brenda tells Angela that she wouldn’t have done that if Nosa had not been such a baby. Angela wonders what she is talking about and she explains that she did not tell him she had a problem before the marriage. Angela is shocked. Brenda wonders who goes about broadcasting their problems? You deal with it and hope it goes away! Angela asks her what she would have done if someone does that to her? Brenda is not willing to let this chance with Linda slip away and tells Angela that this time, she will ensure that there is no chance of her being duped.
Bimpe screams at Sankey for coming late. Sankey says she came as soon as she could. She asks what the problem is! Bimpe says she is in danger. Danger? She explains the video to Sankey. Sankey asks after the video and she says it is not important. Sankey agrees and asks her for details? Who is attacking her and where is the person? She does not know where the person is. Sankey advises her to ensure that next time she calls her, she should ensure she has a mob after her or she will arrest her.
Tsav asks the lawyer how the meeting with Sheila went? He explains how he managed to convince Sheila not to go ahead with the custody battle. He thinks she accepted it. Tsav is happy. He asks Tsav how he knew that Sheila will agree with that? Tsav says he will have to kill him if he tells.
Frank introduces Nosa to the crowd. Mimi nudges Odun and says he almost made them miss the beginning. He says it is not his fault he could not find parking space. Nosa goes ahead to joke about his marriage calling his wedding band a tiny handcuff. He advises the crowd not to allow their sisters marry a brilliant man as they don’t get married. He settles into Brenda’s controlling stance and how she allows him sleep with her only when he has been good. Some of the Odyssey staff want to leave but others insists that no one is forcing him to talk. By the time he is through, they all feel sick!

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Brenda tells Linda that she will pay her N1million after she gives birth to the baby. Linda says that Gladys used to charge N2million.


Bimpe surfs channels to a station where they are not talking about her. They finish the advert and switch to Bimpe again. She groans and switches off the TV, tries to sleep, fails and grabs a book to read. That does not work and she goes to a magazine. She is distracted and grabs her phone and calls Chuks and hails him. Chuks asks what he wants? Can’t she check up on him? He asks if she has the house rent? She says she was just trying to be nice. He asks what she wants? She asks if he and Frank can come along to gist with her? Chuks dismisses her. She calls Lola and screams help me in a shrill voice before switching off the phone.
Nosa is not happy Brenda lied about her condition. She apologizes and says she didn’t lie. Dr. Ibe said she can still get pregnant. He thinks that she lied because she thinks that he will no longer marry her if he knew. She tells him that she told him he could get out of the wedding if he wants. He tells her that she married him for one reason, to get a child and she is never going to get that from him!
Lola appears and Bimpe hustles her into the room while commending her hair and her dress. Lola risked her life to get there and asks her to start talking or she will leave. Bimpe offers her wine, water, juice. She is still not comfortable and when Bimpe asks if anyone misses her sexy self at The Juice, Lola gets ready to leave!
Sheila asks Tsav to give her a minute to attend to someone she just spoke with on the phone. He calls Amaka to invite her for either lunch or dinner. She prefers lunch. She wants to get home early for Freddy. He asks how Freddy is doing? Amaka tells him he is doing well and when Sheila walks in, he switches the call and tells her it is his business partner. She asks how it is going and he tells her they have a meeting and of they can pull this off, it will be big. He renews his offer to finance the spa but she says no. He pushes and she pushes back. She may be living with them but she won’t be taking his money. He leaves the offer on the table in case she changes her mind.
Brenda asks Nosa if he was trying to kill them both as they bounce into the house. He talks about her lying to him. She tells him she had a problem but there was some chance. If she wanted to hide her condition, would she have taken him to the doctor? He says it was because he insisted. He will sue her doctor for lying for her. She asks him to go ahead. He will not have a baby with someone that is so lacking in morals. He could as well be a sperm donor. She agrees that is what he is and tells him that there are so many others out there!
Funmi reads Amaka’s schedule to her but she instructs that all her meeting be moved to tomorrow. She is leaving soon. Dr. Gyang and Laide walks in and Amaka tells them she was hoping they can move the meeting to tomorrow. Dr. Gyang tells her that they have spent so much on the new studio but there is no Phillip. Amaka agrees that they should stop work on that. Dr. Gyang says no. They will bring in a partner. Amaka says no. Laide says she worried about Amaka when Dr. Gyang mentioned this. What with all she is handling now. Dr. Gyang says he will cancel the meeting then. Amaka says no, they can have it before noon. He bounces out and Laide launches into a discuss about Freddy. Amaka will have to work half day till he goes back to school. Laide encourages her. Family is all we have at the end of it all, she reasons.
Lola is still nit happy at Bimpe and Bimpe says she needed someone to talk to and she is the only one that came. Lola says she was tricked into coming. Bimpe insists that she needed help. She had been holed in here for so long and if she goes out, she can be attacked. Lola does not blame her for the film or for it’s lacking. However, she is the only one that can fix this.
Nosa eats without saying a word to Brenda who tries to find out what the food is like. She is surprised he is giving her the silent treatment. He screams for John and tells him to tell Brenda to say anything he wants to tell him through John. Brenda tells him she is sorry and he says Brenda is only sorry because she got caught. Brenda says it is enough and asks John to leave. Nosa screams at him to stay and asks if Brenda does not want john to know that she wants a puppet to control, that she tricked him, that he has to make an appointment to sleep with her? Brenda asks him to stop, or he will catch a glimpse of the real Brenda Mensah. She gets up and leaves him at the table.
Laide reads through a document she found on Amaka’s table. She drops the document when she hears Amaka coming. Amaka says she told Dr. Gyang that the new partners will be demanding. Laide agrees as they are asking for 60%. Amaka is no longer interested. What will they do? They will find money elsewhere at the expense of another project. Laide talks about Soldiers’s Dream? Not getting copyright approval is not enough grounds to stall a movie. Amaka says she wished she never got into it. The rights owners won’t even talk to her. Laide promises to try and reach them. Amaka thanks her. Laide reminds her she is running late for Freddy and she picks her bag and runs off. Laide smiles and picks up the document she was reading earlier.
Tsav walks in on Sheila catching a nap on the sofa. He tells her that they can work out an easy payment plan. She is not thinking about. She asks if she did the right thing by allowing Freddy go home with Amaka. Tsav says he will be okay. She tells him about Freddy having a problem previously and did not speak for two years. Tsav does not see that happening and asks if there is any other motive why she is seeking for Freddy? She does not want to fight Amaka over him. It is not like he will sign over half of his inheritance to her! Tsav smiles and asks if she does not like other people’s money! Sheila does not mean it like that.
Nosa tells the matchmakers that their software is wrong. Brenda is not the right woman for him. They tell him they are passing through the normal marriage issues. They go through his requirements and they tell him it is what he wanted. He asks if he keeps secrets from his wife? The wife smiles and says that a little intrigue is necessary. Nosa says Brenda lied about something so fundamental he cannot imagine raising a child with her. They ask if he will consider counseling?
Dafe says he read this book in secondary school. Bimpe says she did not, then. He asks what she is doing with it now. She says she is slapping herself awake with it! He suggests she writes a book. She tells him she has enough trouble. He insists that she writes a book, at least a diary so that when she comes out of this, her fans will learn how she coped. He insists that it will be like Wole Soyinka and The man Died. Bimpe asks him to come and go. He leaves and she starts typing on her tablet!
Amaka tells Tsav that Freddy is going crazy having Cosmo for company. He tells her that Sheila misses Freddy. Amaka baulks at that. She says Freddy needs a male figure in his life and suggests Tsav come around once in a while. Tsav tells her Sheila does not know they are friends and he wants it kept that way. She asks what this is? High school? Says the woman who keeps grudges, he replies. He asks after Dikibo and whether she misses Fred? She says the board members are a handful and thank God Laide is around to help. Tsav asks if that is not Fred’s mistress! Amaka says yes, but she has dropped all the animosity.
Brenda asks Mrs. Aneke how many follow-up visits she should expect! She does not want plenty of these. Mrs. Aneke says she came to invite her to a counseling session. Brenda says they don’t need it. She and Nosa are doing just fine. Mrs. Aneke says she came physically to understand what the issue is? Why her marriage is in trouble. Brenda says she followed one of Mrs. Aneke’s rule and kept a little secret. Now Nosa is throwing a tantrum. Mrs. Aneke tells her that once in a while, she splurges on shopping and puts them on her debit card so that he does not find out. However, she will never lie to him about having children!

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Dikibo asks Laide what she is doing in Reel and what she hopes to get out of it?


Chuks and Ibuzor are not happy with Ajayi, the man that invited them for his company’s tennis tournament for saying they can’t come again because they don’t work for the company. Ibuzor calls the man names and as they turn to leave, the man apologizes for promising to take them to Japan. Japan? They ask. Yes, that is where the tournament is holding. He was hoping that they can entertain the company with those their clowning moves. Ibuzor and Chuks change and tell him that when he meets the best clowns in town, he should be ready for everything!
Freddy asks Sheila if he can have his own room in her flat? She tells him it is not exactly a flat. She is staying with her mum. Mamba? Freddy asks in shock? He asks her to please come back home. She tells him that Yaya and Tsav are there and he will have fun. He is still not convinced with Mamba there. She asks him to go with Cosmo and she will come for him. He leaves and Amaka tells Sheila that they both know Freddy should come home with her. Sheila tells her that gloating makes her ugly. She will get her own apartment. Amaka asks if she will pay from the spa proceeds? That will take a while as the spa is practically dead!
Frank looks on jealously as Chuks and Ibuzor discuss tennis and go to break up the gist. Chuks accuse him of being jealous. Some guy walks in and calls Ibuzor and asks if he is the one? Chuks asks who he is? Ibuzor says he will handle it and takes the guy outside. Chuks says Ibuzor told him he knew no one in town. Frank asks if he still believes everything he hears? Ibuzor comes back and Chuks asks who the guy is? Ibuzor tells him to focus. Japan is coming.
Brenda and Nosa discuss the choice of a surrogate. She has no female sibling and Nosa’s sisters are too old. Nosa suggests she calls her friends. She reminds him it is not some polite female talk. What of Odyssey? He suggests. She can get someone from the female staff to do it. She agrees to check their employment files and find someone good that will take the money. Nosa reminds her the doctor says to find someone who is not in it for the money. She tells him to forget the doctor. Find someone who can do it, pay and tie it in with a solid contract!
Sheila tells Tsav about Freddy running away because Mamba is in the house. Tsav smiles at Yahimba disrupting things again. Yahimba asks if she is planning to rent an apartment without telling her host? She looks surprised and Yahimba says it will be a happy family if she brings Freddy home. Sheila bolts for the spa and Tsav tells Yahimba that she needs to brush up on her acting. Yahimba says she won’t have to resort to that if he had agreed to sharing his scheme. He tells her that it is not all about money. The most important is power.
Angela and Brenda discuss work. Angela suggests they meet Delmuah to discuss the proposal she sent. Nosa calls and Brenda asks to call back. Angela asks how the home front is? Brenda tells her Nosa has come around. She needs to find a surrogate. Where to start? Angela asks? Brenda tells her but she does not think it is such a wonderful idea since they are staff. Everything is not about money. Brenda wonders why anyone will do it if not for the money? The reception calls and Brenda screams when she is told Linda is there to see her!
Frank discusses a delayed supply with Chuks. He asks if Chuks is still worried about Ibuzor? Chuks wonders why he will lie about not knowing anyone in town? Frank suggests he does something; check his wallet, phone or something. Chuks tells him that the beef he is cooking for Ibuzor is burning. Frank asks him to stay there. He won’t be able to dodge any trouble coming soon.
Laide and Amaka discuss Freddy not going with Sheila. She asks Amaka who is taking care if Freddy? She is shocked when Amaka says Cosmo and reminds Amaka that Cosmo is the one that let Freddy drive. She drops hints about Cosmo remaining loyal to Sheila who employed her but Amaka dismisses that. She agrees but suggests Sheila may still have a way of keeping an eye on Freddy while Amaka is away and boys being boys, etc before switching back to work while leaving Amaka in thought.
Brenda asks Linda to tell her why she shouldn’t call the police after she tried to scam her. Linda kneels down and says there was no scam. Brenda orders her to stand up. She gets up after Brenda agrees not to call the police. Linda says Gladys had given others babies but the police spoilt the whole thing. Brenda tells her to stop. She tells Brenda that Aunty Gladys had helped a lot of girls before. Her parents did not drive her away but they are in the village. She has no where to go and will do anything to survive. If Brenda wants a baby, she will sleep with any man and give her the baby. Brenda asks what happens to the baby she is carrying! Linda says she is not pregnant! Brenda’s jaw drops.
Brenda believes that Linda and Glady wanted to scam her. Linda says that Gladys collects money in advance before getting any girl pregnant. Brenda does not want to hear more about how the girls get pregnant. Linda says Brenda is her first job. She was pregnant before but she did not want the baby so… Brenda asks why she will not run away with the baby if she gets pregnant? Linda says she cannot afford to care for a baby. She needs money to send to her parents. Brenda tells her that everything she does with her will be completely legal. It won’t be like Gladys. She will be taken to the hospital to be checked out and she will not sleep with any strange men. She will get pregnant via a test tube. Linda agrees and says there won’t be any need for police when Brenda threatens to send the police after if she attempts to run. Brenda wait for her to leave but she asks for a small amount of money she has been sleeping on the streets since!
Ivie visits Freddy at the pool to check if he is still alive? He asks how she got out of school? With permission to come and see him. She asks him to jump into the pool to check if his cast will float. Amaka will definitely kill him for that. Ivie asks if Sheila is back? No, replies Freddy. It feels weird, but Amaka is now nice to him. He believes she is waiting for his hands to heal before she grounds him. Ivie thinks she may not do that if he shows that he is truly sorry for what he did. Cosmo brings his two ruffian friends and reminds Freddie that they cannot stay long when they hail him as usual. He gets up and coldly asks them what they want?chuks searches the house as Ibuzor slept. Ibuzor asks what he is doing at home? He came to look for his wallet. Ibuzor is sure the wallet is empty of cash. Chuks says he needs no money. He has a card. Ibuzor has been thinking of how to help Chuks with his economy and suggests they charge spectators who come to watch their tennis games. Chuks says no, before Uncle Ziggy wakes up to slap him. Ibuzor asks him to get serious. They can make big money from this. His phone rings and he runs off to answer it. Chuks eavesdrops and hears him discussing making money from cell phone apps.
The guys try to warm their way back to Freddy but he is not biting. They came to see him in hospital but he was passed out like a boss. He wonders if they came to finish what they started in the car? What? He heard when they agreed to push his foot on the accelerator because he was going slow. That is why he crashed. They came to give him an invite to their club house. He is now a full member and does not need to pass any further tests. Freddy hopes that the club house burns. At this point, Cosmo drags the boys out by the ears! Ivie is happy Freddy is no longer friends with the boys. Freddy does not want to die yet.
Brenda tells Nosa that he will have to start informing her first before he shows up here. What if she was in a meeting? He says nothing and Brenda starts telling him about Linda showing up in the office. He asks her when she knew could not have a baby? He went to meet Dr. Coker to find out whether there is a way to fix their problem. She is furious he went to see the doctor without her. He is not having it and tells him that the doctors confirmed they have explored all options since they found out she had Ashman’s Syndrome. They even had her file with them. Guess what date was on it?

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Laide reminds Amaka that it is getting late to check on Freddy. Amaka thanks her for the reminder and rushes off. Laide smiles slyly and picks up a document from Amaka’s table.


Chuks is complaining that Chibuzor even laughed at his idea. Frank asks which of the ideas? The design or the cocktail maker? Chuks says the app does both. Frank thinks that may be why Ibuzor does not like it. Chuks tells him to keep quiet & hide his ignorance. Ibuzor bounces in and tells his home buoy to come for a game of table tennis. Chuks says he is busy. Frank tells him to go and play o because tennis brings customers. Chuks asks when he started supporting their game? Frank goes to Ibuzor’s table & loudly corrects him when he calls him Fred again! He asks what Ibuzor told Chuks? Ibuzor says Chuks’s idea is whacky. Frank lets out that Chuks is hurt. Ibuzor hails him and asks why he is being sensitive? He is just teasing him like the old days. In fact, he had just sent Chuks’s ideas to his US contacts to clean up. Chuks brightens up immediately. Frank is not happy.
A handcuffed Brenda asks the policemen what is going on? Is this all necessary? They accuse her of conspiring with Gladys. She insists that there was nothing of such. They ask her to come and write her statement. She insists that she will not be pushed into detention. They tell her they were tipped off that the woman was running a baby factory. Brenda feigns ignorance and asks whether she was arrested? They says she must have been tipped off by someone. She claims that her company, Odyssey Pictures is running a documentary on the activities of Gladys. Her baby factory? The policemen ask? No, her charity that keeps pregnant girls off the streets. She ask them to take off her cuffs but they refuse and instead search her bag and discover the cash. She asks them to call Angela and she will corroborate her story. The policeman insist on taking her in for questioning.
The buzzing cousins tell the tale of their game. The app manufacturer, Ajayi, an executive at beta Solar company join them and introduce their company to the cousins. He invites them to a tournament of the company in the headquarters to join them.
Freddie asks the doctor if he can go home now? The doctor says no. He needs to take one more injection and after that, he can go home. Freddie is ready to take the jab now. Sheila laughs at his enthusiasm to take the injection. The doctor leaves and he asks Sheila to move back home. Sheila and Amaka insists that it is not time. Amaka says he will not understand and he asks if that is because she thinks he is a child? He begs Sheila to move back and asks them to fix whatever is between them. Sheila can see why not as Amaka has shown good faith by agreeing that he can come and spend some time in her new place. Freddy thanks Amaka and asks that they call the doctor for the injection immediately so that he can go with Sheila! Amaka looks daggers at Sheila.
Chuks and Ibuzor asks if this is a scam? The man asks what they have to lose? Ibuzor asks for how long the tournament will be for? The man says they will only be required to mix with the staff once in a while so that it won’t be clear they are not staff. They tell him that there need to be monetary compensation. Chuks asks if they won’t be training! The man thinks they are already perfect! They ask for their compensation and the man goes to consult his colleagues. Frank joins Chuks and Ibuzor and asks what it is about? They tell him they have been hired to go and play table tennis and they will be paid! Frank says the guy is not a scout but the buzzing cousins don’t care.
Amaka tells Cosmo Freddy is coming home that evening and she came to ensure that everything is ready for him. Cosmo says she should have simply called him. She asks if he thinks she is wrong by sending Sheila away? He says it is not his place to judge. Amaka insists he speaks freely. He says that they have all been under a lot of stress and that made Amaka act under pressure. Amaka says that is not an answer. He says that is what he thinks. Amaka sits down and makes a call m
The policeman wait for Brenda to write her statement but she is not ready to do that yet. Angela walk right in and Brenda introduces her as the business partner she talked about. Angela says she came immediately. Brenda asks her to please explain to the policeman about their latest TV project. Angela look blank and she quickly fills in the space about the kind woman who provides shelter for pregnant girls. Angela plays along and asks what that has to do with Brenda? They explain to her that Brenda was found at a crime scene, Gladys Adewale’s house with a large amount of cash. Angela says the cash is a donation to the home. The policeman wonders why the did not make the donation through the bank? She says he is right but they were told that the home is having issues with their account. The policeman asks if she is ready to write a statement! Angela screams. Brenda insists on being released or she will sue the police. The policeman asks Brenda to write her statement.
Amaka tells Tsav how happy Freddy was at being told he can be discharged. Tsav drinks to his health and Amaka hopes he has learnt his lessons. She is happy he is coming back. The house has been empty and quiet. He wonders if her boyfriend is complaining of the empty quiet house? She asks why he thinks she has one? He has always thought that a sharp pretty babe like her has a boyfriend. She says he thought wrong. He asks her to start mending fences with people to fill in the void. She asks where to start? He suggests she starts with Sheila. That will fix a lot of things, he believes.
Angela and Brenda get back to the office and when she tries to apologize, Angela tells her to shove it. She was warned before this and she refused to listen. Brenda wonders what she was thinking? She thinks this may be nature’s way of telling her she cannot care for a baby. She is too careless. Angela tells her not to beat herself up too much. She just needed a baby to nurse. Angela encourages her to adopt a baby. It is similar to what she would have done. Brenda prefers a surrogate but Nosa is not on board. He only wants to get a doctor to fix her. Angela tells her to give him some time. She wonders how long she will need to do that for?
Brenda gets home and meets Nosa. She tells him she did nit go through with buying the baby. He tells her good. She asks if that is all he got to say? He says she did the right thing. She tells him that she did not exactly do the right thing. She tells him the full story. He asks if the police caught her! She asks if he put the police on the woman’s trail? He says he does not even know the woman. She apologizes and he agrees that surrogacy may nit be such a bad idea. She asks what changed his kind! He says that sometimes you don’t get things exactly the way you want it. They can still have their baby even if he is made in a test tube. Brenda smiles and kisses his cheeks.
The nurse gives Freddy instructions to avoid using his broken hand when he gets home. Laide calls Amaka to ask after Freddy. They discuss Laide’s visit and the pictures. Laide says he reminds her of Fred. Freddy asks if they can go now? The doctor insists that he be allowed to rest for the first one week or he will be tempted to use the hand. The doctor and nurse are confused about whether Freddy is leaving with Mrs. Ade-Williams or miss. Ade-Williams?
Ibuzor tries to get Chuks to come and play again. Chuks is tired. Chibuzor reminds him that the beta Solar guys are still there. They need to train. Chuks tells him that the guys are leaving. Chuks and Chibuzor run after the guys. They are told that there is nothing to see here. How! They even had to play like professionals. The man tells them that they were looking for players that will entertain people not professionals. Like mascots? Chuks and Chibuor ask. The Manaus yes, like mascots before breezing out with his guys!
Doctor Coker explains surrogacy to Brenda & Nosa. They find things straightforward and ask when they can start? She reminds them that the biggest issue is choosing the surrogate. Brenda says they will find someone who will sign a contract and be paid. The doctor suggests they look for a friend, someone that is not in it for the money because surrogacy law in this country is still at its infancy.
Amaka accuses Brenda of bringing her drama to the hospital. Sheila stands up to her. The doctor apologizes for mixing things up. Amaka insists that Freddy is coming home with her. Sheila reminds her that she agreed he can come and stay with her from time to time. She did not include this night of his discharge. Freddy asks them to stop. Sheila tells him not to worry. She has got this. Amaka leaves them and goes off.

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The young girl Gladys told Brenda is pregnant tells Brenda that she can sleep with any man of her choice and get pregnant for her. She asks what happened to the pregnancy she was carrying! The girl says she was not pregnant!