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Tare & Telema open today’s episode in Tare’s flat. Tare hopes that is the last they see of Kwame around there but Telema tells her that Kwame can be unusually possessive & has refused to consent to the annulment. Tare suggests they get a restraining order against him but Telema has other ideas. She will go back to him & show him what it is like to marry a trapped woman. Tare looks like “what?” She explains that she will go back & make the marriage so bad that all Kwame will want is to get rid of her. Tare does not think it is a good idea as Kwame is the one that is the manipulator. Telema reminds Tare that she is an actress & went in to pack her bags. 
Fred is driving to Lokoja with Fred beside him. Phillip keeps reminding him of the need for him to turn back & forget Lokoja & Laide but he tells Phillip to go home. 
Ma Reginald & Amaka are seeing Nkiru off. When she leaves, Ma Reginald ask Amaka when she should resume. Amaka does not think she is good enough. Ma Reginald tries to argue her case but Amaka reminds her in a raised voice that the boy in question is her son, & she decides who takes care of him. Ma Reginald says it’s ok & Amaka apologizes as Ma Reginald makes to go upstairs. 
Kwame is looking on forlornly with a glass of juice on his dining table when a knock goes at the door. He calls John but had to get the door himself as John was not around. He is shocked to see Telema at the door. She walks in with her bags & he asks why she didn’t let herself in, but she did not leave with her keys. She tells him she is back & he stutters that he is glad. She tells him they need to talk; no more lies, no more manipulations. He agrees. She turns & heads to her room with an instruction that he should get John to get her bags. He has this “what exactly is going on here” look as she sashays away. 
Phillip & Fred are still having their uncomfortable discussion. Fed has parked the car & insists that Phillip drop & go home. Phillip refused, so he thrust some notes at him. When Phillip wonders what they are for, he tells him it is his transport fare back to Lagos. They were parked at Sagamu overhead bridge! Phillip refuses & reminds him that he taught him not to throw money at his problems. He reminds Phillp that he also taught him not to abandon whatever he thinks is right. When Phillip refuses to get down, Fred gets down & carries his bag & was waiting to flag down a vehicle. 
….oh, GT Assur, for life & living…
Shalewa comes to meet Sheila & Sheila asks if it has to do with her dad again. Shalewa confirms it is & she has collected 730 signatures on her petition to force the police to free her dad, or at least allow him visitors. She appeals to Sheila to assist with the right contacts who will help in addition to adding her own signature. Sheila tells her to allow the law take it’s course. She eventually manages to convince Shalewa to spend some time with Freddy who is home on hols rather than rushing off. 
Phillip gets down to beg Fred to get back into the car. Fred refuses & tells him to drive the car back to Lagos. Phillip then offers to drive the car to Lokoja himself if Fred agrees to get back in. Fred agrees & gets back into the car. Fred gets down to pick something from the booth & Phillip used the opportunity to quickly call Sheila on Fred’s phone & brief her on the situation. He has to drive Fred to Lokoja or he will take any rickety vehicle he can find. 
Shalewa is begging Freddy to help her & Freddy wants to know what to do. She ells him that they are planning a demonstration to the prison where they will sing & protest the abuse of Dan’s human rights. Freddy reminds her that he is not good at singing & Aunty Sheila will not want him near prisons. Shalewa tells him that she needs his social media expertise to spread the news about what they want to do. Freddy laughs at her for not knowing what to do on Facebook & she reminds him that he needs to help as Dan is his uncle too. 
Tare is in Angela’s bedroom & asking her about a vava voom combination. Angela thanks her & tells her to leave. She refuses saying that she came to ensure that her client who just left the spa after a pedicure is happy with their services. She wants Angela to get ready for her hot date, but Angela asks her to stop living her life vicariously through another person. Tare eventually leaves & Angela picks out a blouse from the wardrobe & continue to preen in front of the mirror. 
Sheila calls Amaka to tell her the latest about Phillip & Fred. Amaka is shocked that Fred could not delay his trip for a couple of hours but decided to drive. Sheila confirms that Phillip left his phone at home when he ran after his dad & Amaka understood why she has not been able to reach him. He is wanted by the executives at World Movies. Sho & Nneka are in Ene’s flat getting their placards ready. Nneka is worried about going out to demonstrate to avoid being harassed or news of their exploits getting back to their parents. Sho will have none of that. Shalewa walks in in her aluta outfit; an austere green top & pants with her hair securely tied. She tells the others to get ready so that they can roll. Just then, Ene enters & opens her mouth. 
…mumm, mummy, we must hurry up…
Ene is surprised at what Shalewa & co had done to her flat. They apologize & promise to clean up when they come back from their procession. Ene tells her that she signed her petition to show her support, but she is taking this whole thing too far. The ladies are not budging so she grabs her phone to call TTK. Sho grabs the phone from her & the house keys & runs off with the rest in her wake. By the time Ene recovered from her shock, they had locked her in & told her that it is for the common good. 
Amaka & Ma Reginald are struggling to get Toochi to stop crying when someone knocks. Amaka opens & it is Hope, another prospective nanny from the agency. Amaka tells her to go that she is not ready for any interview then. Ma Reginald asks the nanny to come in. Amaka will not let her in as she cannot even conduct an interview in that circumstances. Hope then asks whether Toochi was immunized that day. The two women confirm so & she tells them that she can help. Ma Reginald asks her to come in & passes the baby to her. Hope asks for a towel soaked in cold water. She holds the baby nicely while Ma Reinald goes to fetch the wet towel while Amaka watches on. Hope collects the towel and starts wiping the baby down. 
TTK is at home when her phone rings & it’s Sheila. Sheila tells her that Salewa is still in self-denial & should be told the truth about her father. TTK is not happy that Fred has not made a call to free his brother. Sheila reminds her that he is being held for murder. She tells TTK about Salewa’s visit to Fred the other day & asks her to watch out for her as she may be planning something. TTK erupts in anger & tells her that she has a good hold on her daughter. Sheila tells her to have fun & wonders why she is worrying about what should not be her issue especially now that she has a lot to worry about & drops the phone. TTK’s phone rings immediately after & it’s Detecive Sankey who screams at TTK to come & collect her daughter who has been arrested for constituting a nuisance from the Police station. 

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Ma Sho & TTK are arguing over which child spoilt the other at the police station while their daughters & their friends are busy chanting freedom songs. Sankey rushes in & orders both parties to keep quiet before she arrests all of them. 



Phillip & Fred are still arguing about going to Lokoja. Phillip comes up with all kinds of reasons why Fred should not go to Lokoja but Fred is adamant. He tells Phillip to leave Sheila to him. Not making any headway, Phillip joins him in the car to continue the discussion as he tells Titus to drive off.
Amaka interviews a new nanny in Ma Reginald’s presence. She seems to have some concerns about the suitability of the nanny. Ma Reginald also has her own issues with the lady’s ability to care for Amaka’s baby. 
Tare & Telema meets with Mrs. Bewati, the divorce lawyer, the same one that Sheila spoke with. She wants to know who is seeking for divorce & Telema confirms that she is the one. The lawyer is surprised that she is married. Telema tells her it was a very private affair but now she wants a divorce. The lawyer asks why & Tare tells her that she was tricked into the marriage. The lawyer tells them that it is difficult to dissolve a new wedding as the court requires a two-year period before a divorce to allow couples try to resolve their issues. 
Phillip & Fred continue to argue about the trip to Lokoja when an announcement comes up on the car radio. there is scarcity of aviation fuel leading to the cancellation of flights. Fred calls his contact at the airport & confirms the news. He also cannot get a private aircraft to take to Abuja. 

Phillip tells him that he cannot make the trip as there is no flight but Fred replies that the journey continues by road! Phillip is surprised & Titus the driver reminds Fred of his family emergency. Fred remembers & tells him to stop at the next bus stop so that he can take over. 
Ma Reginald tells Amaka that she knows a perfect candidate for her nanny! She is Nkiru, her sister’s daughter who Amaka vaguely remembers. Ma Reginald believes that she is good for the post. She does not think that there is a need for an interview but as Amaka insisted, she calls & sets up the interview.
Titus, Fred’s driver returns to the house to report to Sheila. He tells her that Fred is going to Lokoja by road due to the scarcity of aviation fuel. He also tells her how Fred & Phillip were arguing seriously about the trip. Sheila is shocked that Fred could think of driving for that long but Titus tells her not to worry that Phillip will drive the car.
Tare tells Mrs. Bewati about Telema being deceived into the marriage & Telema confirms that they have not consummated the union. The lawyer suggests that in that case, an annulment may be easier to get but as Telema is the one staying away from her husband, she will need her husband’s consent for the annulment to go through. Telema & Tare are horrified that they are still stuck with Kwame. 
Nkiru comes for the interview. Mama Reginald does most of the talking on her behalf. She explains to Amaka how Nkiru took care of her siblings & also managed to car for a sick baby in the midst of a storm. Nkiru has little to say for herself.
Tare & Telema mull over their meeting with Mrs. Newark, the lawyer. Tare wonders what kind of divorce lawyer tells her client to stick with her marriage? How does she get work? As they think of what to do, Kwame knocks on the door & Tare turns to Telema when she sees who is at the door. Telema tells her to let him in. He comes in & says he wants to speak with Telema alone. Telema asks Tare who is standing beside her with arms folded across her chest to give them some time. Tare goes into the room but promises to be within earshot. Kwame apologizes to Telema for the way he treated her. He asks her to come back home & promises to treat her better. She tells him that she is tired of his deceit intrigues & wants nothing to do with him. She wants out of the marriage. He tells her that he will not consent to any annulment of their marriage as he has not given up on them. As he raises his voice, Tare comes out of the room & takes position beside Telema again. Kwame shuffles out. 

Tare & Telema consider their options now that Kwame will not agree to the annulment. Tare was thinking up options when Telema tells her that she will go back to Kwame’s house. Tare asks her whether she is not tired of drama? Telema is determined to go to the house & show Kwame what it is like to be married to a trapped woman. She gets up to go & pack her bags. 
Fred takes over driving while Phillip sits shotgun & Fred tells him to letdown from the car so that he can continue his trip.


Fred is still at the prison with Dan. He asks Dan if he is sure Laide went to Lokoja & Dan says that is what Laide said. Fred confirms that he has been to Laide’s family house in Lokoja in the past but worries that it is unlike Laide to take her problem home. She would normally bear her problems herself.
Amaka helps Mama Reginald cut oranges or something & tells her to relax for once. Mama Reginald asks her if she misses Reginald? Amaka says yes & that she thinks she misses what it is like to marry Reginald more than Reginald. Mama Reginald agrees with her that sometimes we become so involved in things that we no longer appreciate the nice things we share. She apologizes to Amaka for the way Reginald treated her.
Kwame comes home & meets Telema at home & asks for his shirt. She asks him what shirt & tells him that they need to talk. She asks him whether he sent texts to people pretending to be Varere the night Varere was murdered? He asks her who she has been talking to? Oh, she must have been talking to that detective? She asks him to answer her question, whether he sent a text to Dan & Tare as Varere asking them for a meeting after he has been roughened up by him & Soji? He tells her that he did not send any texts with his number & she tells him that he could not have been stupid enough to send them from a number that will be traced to him.
Angela & her colleagues come in for an emergency meeting & were wondering what the meeting is for when Mrs. Haruna comes in & shows them the evening newspaper. Phillip has just announced the timelines for the production of The Flood Plains. Angela sees the paper first & wonders what is wrong with Phillip. Mrs. Haruna asks her what she knows about it & tells the others to leave the meeting while she talks to Angela in private. Angela tells her that she ran into Phillip & how Phillip believes that Chris asked him to make the film by passing the Flood Plains manuscript to him. She tells Mrs. Haruna that she thought nothing if it as Phillip has nothing written other than a dying man’s suicide nite. Mrs. Haruna tells her to fix it, or forget about any promotion.
Mummy, mummy, we must hurry up!!!!
Kwame eventually accepts that he sent the texts but refuses to accept any blames for Dan’s decisions. Telema flares up & asks him what kind of man he is? She tells him that he is a stranger to telling the truth, he is selfish, self-centered & self-ritheous. She goes on an on and on.  She asks? She tells him that she knew the kind of man he was before she married him but was hoping that she will discover a good part of him. 
Mrs. Haruna calls Amaka & tells Amaka about the press conference held by Phillip to announce work on The Flood Plains.  Amaka confirms that she has not seen it, but promises to deal with it. Mrs. Haruna tells her to get on it so that their first meeting in person will not be in court. Mama Reginald walks in with Amaka looking all worried.
Fred is eating with Sheila. He tells Sheila that he plans to go to look for Laide in Lokoja. Sheila will have none of it. He explains that it is not to look for Laide but for the child as he is not ready to have another Brenda on his hands. To make the whole thing transparent & show it is not about Laide, he wants Sheila to come with him. Sheila refuses & tells him that the best thing is to leave Laide out of their life. Fred insists he will go if she won’t come & she tells him that if leaves for the trip, it will be over between them & walks away from the table.
Telema tells Kwame that her rape must have been the best thing that happened to him. He played on Dan & Tare’s love for her to coax them into doing what he could not do. He asks her whether he is now the coward? He reminds her that since she came into the house, he has always tried to make her happy. Even the unfortunate rape incident was due to his trying to make her happy. He tells her to go & get ready so that they go out & cool off at a dinner. She tells him to forget it & asks him if that is his way of sweeping the matter under the carpet. Who on earth are you, Kwame Mensah? He decides to go out for a walk & as he was leaving, she tells him that she has always known that their marriage was a farce but was hoping to be proved wrong. It is over& she wants a divorce. He stops in his tracks.
Mama Reginald asks Amaka what the problem is & she tells her that it is Phillip who has created another problem. Now she has to go and deal with it. Mama Reginald tells her to take things easy & her office people should also realize that she has a baby to care for & stop worrying her. While Amaka was getting worked up, Toochi starts to cry. Amaka makes to go & get him but Mama Teginald tells her to leave him that babies feel the mother’s anger. 
Kwame comes back to Telema & tells her that they are now married & he intends to keep it that way. He tells her that people get married for all kinds of reasons & make an effort to make the marriage work. She tells him that apart from lying to her, she should not have married him in the first place even for Soji’s sake. She should have looked for another way to solve her problem then as she has always suspected that he cannot be trusted. He reminds her that they made a vow that is bound by law which he is not ready to annul & tells her to get used to the marriage & picks his bag & went for a walk.
Mummy, mummy, we must hurry up…
Sheila goes to visit Phillip who asks her whether the harassment has started. She does not know what he is talking about. When he confirms that she was not sent by Amaka, he told her that he was expecting Amaka to come shouting about his press conference. Sheila tells him that she is not bothered by that. She came to talk to him about his father. 
Mama Reginald comes downstairs & sees Amaka adding the newspaper about Phillip’s press conference. She asks Amaka why she was still at home? The way Amaka was screaming, she was expecting her to have gone to Phillip’s house to show him pepper! She galls Mama that she decided to take her advice & defer going to confront Phillip till her anger goes down.
Kwame comes back to meet John the table. He asks where Telema is as her car is not in the driveway. John confirms that Telema has gone out & with a packed suitcase. She said she will come back for the rest. She did not say where she was going to. Kwame tries to call her but her phone was switched off. He tells John not to worry, that Telema will come back soon.
Phillip is not interested in talking about his father’s impending trip to Lokoja. Sheila try’s to goad him on, but he refuses. She tells him that if he does not stop his father from going after Laide, she will leave & if Laide gets into the house, only God knows how long it will take her to scheme  & corner all Fred’s properties for her child. Phillip is still not bothered. He wants to for once be known as Phillip Ade-Williams & not Fred Ade-Williams’ son. He tells Sheila to go home & talk to her husband. Sheila flared up & called him a coward & a spoilt brat. The only time his stubbornness is needed for common good, he is shying away from responsibility. He tells her to leave. She picks her bag up & walks close to him & delivers it: okay, I will leave but if I leave this marriage, I will make sure that I do not go down alone. I will tell Fred that while he suffered, his wife & son shared the same bed!

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Phillip is visiting his father & telling him that he cannot go to look for Laide!


Angela is in a meeting with Mrs. Haruna in her temporary office. She tells her that she deserves better than the demotion she has just been handed considering her sacrifices for the company. Mrs. Haruna asks her whose appraisal her self-worth is based on & tells her to get on with her job & leave her appraisal to others.
Fred visits Amaka about Laide. He is surprised when Amaka tells him Toochi is with Reginald’s mum. She confirms Mrs. Okoh is visiting for a short while. He tells her he is looking for Laide & asks if Amaka knows where she can be found. Amaka is not ready to tell if she knows.
Telema is visited at home by a producer who wants to cast her as Margaret Ekpo in a film about the woman. Telema declines because she does not think that the biopic of such a great woman should be colored by the kind of scandals currently associated with her manager confessing to murder, etc. The woman tells her not to worry that her PR team will ensure that the audience concentrates on the right things. She leaves the script with Telly. 
Amaka refers Fred to Sheila if he wants to find Laide. Fred tells her that Sheila is not being rational at that moment & that he still loves his wife but is only interested in the child. Amaka refuses to help reminding Fred that she was in a similar condition when Angela was pregnant for Reginald & that she would have hated anyone that helped Angela then. Fred blames the whole thing on his amnesia but Amaka still would not budge. As Fred gets up to leave, Amaka tells him that she wants to discuss the latest thing Phillip is up to which could create problems between Reel Studios and World Movies with him, but he tells her that he has other things on his mind and does not care what Phillip is up to at that moment.
…and now, to the highest marks ever awarded for a 1st class degree….
Wale & Amaka are in Amaka’s office & he wonders why Fred is not bothered about stopping Phillip from plunging the company into trouble & decides to speak with Fd himself, but Amaka tells him that Fred has other family things which she cannot disclose on his mind. She then tells Wale that she plans to pretend to side with Phillip on the project to enable her keep an eye on what he is doing & know when to get him to stop before he drags the whole company into trouble. 
Mrs. Haruna has just finished a meeting with Angela & her colleague & tells them to get on with the project they discussed. Angela stays back to thank Mrs. Haruna for her demotion to project adviser as it has given her an opportunity to prove her mettle & show that her position is not due to her being Alex’s favorite employee. Mrs. Haruna tells her to do her part of the job & leave the choice of who becomes head of development to her to choose.
Telema calls her husband, who is pleasantly surprised at her call. She has just gone shopping, again, & found a shirt she believes he would like, but was calling to get his measurement. Kwame promises to send his size ATM card to her in Ziggy’s bar through Bimpe. He still believes that a woman should be spending her husband’s money.
Amaka visits Phillip, who is working on The Flood Journals at home. She tells him she is with him on the project so long as he will brief her on progress. She tells him that his father is not bothered about his current schemes as he is busy with worrying about Laide’s pregnancy. He is happy to have the freedom he has craved for so long to work on his project & promises to keep Amaka updated on the project.
Bimpe meets Telema at Ziggy’s and passes on the measurement & ATM card. She stops on her way out to tell Telema to beg Kwame not to fire her. Telema asks her which crime she has committed this time around & Bimpe asks Telema how she is now the criminal here in a raised voice. She tells a confused Telema that if Kwame wanted to destroy the SIM card he used to send those text messages, he should have disposed of it safely. She rants on about not caring about whatever he wants to do but on her way out, stops & comes back to tell Telema to to tell Kwame about her not caring about the job but summarize their discussion & emphasize her loyalty to Kwame. Telema sits confused as she walks out.  
….mummy, mummy, we must hurry up…
Tare visits Phillip who is waiting to meet with his lawyer about work on The Flood Plains. She was surprised he is still pushing on with the project & he reminds her that he has always been serious about it & that he did not retain a separate lawyer, but using the family’s. When he lawyer calls, Tare leaves as he asks Phillip for the details of the case. Phillip tells him that he plans to pre-empt World Movies’ announcement of the commencement of work on The Flood Plains, the sequel to Chris Okereke’s Harmattan Diaries with his own announcement.
Amaka comes to join Mama Reginald at the dining table where they exchange gists about motherhood. Mama Teginald teases Amaka about reading up about motherhood on the Internet & tells her that whatever happens, each woman’s motherly instinct kicks in whenever she has to deal with a baby irrespective of whether she can read or not. Amaka agrees & confirms from her personal experience.
Fred visits Dan in prison again & apologizes for the things he said the last time he visited & also accepted blame for not playing his part of a big brother well. Dan also apologized for the things he said.  Fd tells him that he discussed Laide with Sheila who knew about the pregnancy but did not tell him. He asks if Dan knew where Laide is,& also tells him that it will be understandable, if he is not willing to disclose that. Dan tells him hat Laide is at the family house in Lokoja.
Telema is at Detective Sankey’s office & Sankey asks her what she does to make men want to kill other men because of her. Sankey has never experienced men fighting over her & wonders whether she needs to change her perfume or is it her clothes to get men to take such an interest in her. Telema asks her what she is talking about & she asks Telema if Kwame or Tare did not tell her about the texts Kwame sent on the night Varere was murdered? When she was still looking blank, Sankey tells her that on the night Varere was murdered by Dan, Kwame sent a text as Varere to all the people he knew hated Varere because of what happened to Telema & told them that he has been beaten up because of Telema & that if they did not meet wit him to resolve it, he will deal with them by making the information public. That was after Kwame & Soji beat him up.

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Telema goes to meet Kwame in the office to ask about the texts he sent on the night Varere was murdered.


Amaka wakes up & Mrs. Okoh had cooked an array of meals for her to choose from. She thanks her for the meal & Mrs. Okoh tells her that it is the least she can do. She also tells Amaka that it is her very good nature that makes bad people take advantage of her. She also asked Amaka to stop pretending to be a super woman & wondered how Amaka thinks she could cope without a nanny. Amaka reminded her that she did not have a nanny when she raised Reginald but Mrs. Okoh told her that she had family members to help her then. Se then promised to help Amaka as much as possible whole she is around.
Angela is turning her wardrobe out looking for what to wear to work. She calls a boutique & ordered for their most formal business suit but they cannot deliver immediately, so she had to cancel.
Telema visits Tare in her office & Tare teases her for enjoying too much at the bar the other day & having a little too much to drink. Telema is happy that Tare attended. Tare told her that she is already married to the guy, so she has to start getting used to him as her brother-in-law. She comments that they seem to be getting along nicely, but Telema was worried about Kwame’s behaviour when they got home that day. She complains that he treated her roughly & ordered her around & told her that no wife of his will go around getting drunk. Tare explains that it is understandable considering what Kwame has gone thru with drunk people including the accident with Brenda which landed him in a wheel chair & discovering his father’s body who also drunk himself to death. She tells Telema about Brenda’s being back in rehab for her alcohol problem. Telema’s mouth hung open.
Angela is in Amaka’s house for their meeting with Amaka cuddling her baby when Mrs. Okoh comes downstairs. She was surprised to see Amaka & Angela in the same room & shouted. Angela greeted her & Amaka tells her that Angela came for a work-related meeting. She tells them that she is surprised that in her old age, she still has things to learn from them. She apologizes to Angela for the way she behaved when she met Angela at the police station when she was arrested as Reginald’s killer & also thanked her for the role she played in finding the real killer of Reginald. She then goes out. Angela asks Amaka what she has with old women bringing Mrs. Okoh in after what she went through with Mrs. Etuk. Amaka tells her to chill that she has known Mrs. Okoh for a while & there is nothing to worry about.
…mummy, mummy, we must hurry up…
Angela asks Amaka what they plan to do to clean up the mess Phillip is making with the sequel to The Harmattan Diaries. Amaka insists that if Phillip insisted on Chris leaving him the manuscript, then there must be some truth in it. Angela then tells her that the story can be told that Phillip pressured Chris & drove him to death or that Chris was not in his right senses when he willed the manuscript to Phillip. Amaka reminds her that it is not in he interest of either World Movies or Reel Studios for the story to get out there. She then suggests that Angela get her bosses to delay the press conference while she tries to get Phillip to also back down. Angela tells her that bribing the issue to her boss’s attention will make the whole thing worse.
Telema is shocked that she was never told these stories by either Kwame or Tare. Tare tells her that she is not supposed to know. The version of the accident story Kwame told her was different from the truth. Tare tells her that it is in line with Kwame’s desire to control things & give them a positive spin.
Kwame just finished a meeting in Ziggy’s bar when Soji comes in & goes to the bar. Kwame then walks up to him & thanks him for joning them the other night for drinks. Soji tells him it’s ok, so long as it made Telema happy. Kwame offers to buy him a drink so that they have a proper toast. Soji thanks him for the offer but declines & asks him to come clean if he has anything on his mind. He then tells Soji to give it up as he has put a ring on it & Telema can never be with Soji again. 
Tare calls Angela & wonders what is wrong with her. Angela complains that she hates her boss. Tare advises her to sue Mrs. Haruna for harassing her because of her outfit. She reminds Tare that this is now Naija, not UK. She cuts Tare off before she can get to the real reason for the call as she has to prepare for her meeting with Mrs. Haruna.
He tells Soji to stay away from his wife but Soji tells him that he should probably be having that conversation with his wife. He then asks Kwame to worry more about how to keep his wife away from him – Soji. He asks Kwame whether he knows where his wife is at that moment & concludes by giving Kwame a pat on the back. Kwame’s face looks like he just swallowed a big not-very-nice thing. Soji walks away leaving Frank & the other waiters staring at Kwame as if he is wearing the wrong outfit!
…and now to the highest marks ever awarded for a first class degree in this institution… Funmi Adebayo!
Bimpe calls Sankey to complain that her job seem to be on the line since she told Sankey where she got the SIM card. Sankey tells her that if Kwame knows who said so, it must have come from Bimpe as she did not tell anyone. Bimpe quickly cuts the call when Kwame enters the office. He asks her to re-arrange all his appointment for the afternoon after harassing her as he is going home for lunch.
Mrs. Haruna walks in to meet Angela for their meeting. She tells Angela that she found her file interesting & wanted to know more about the court cases, her unexplained absence, job hopping & her constant appearance on soft-sell magazines. This is after she has commended Angela’s outfit. .
Kwame gets home & is trying to call Telema & pacing the floor when she comes in with bags. She smiles & hails him but he asks her where she has been & why her phone has been off. She says she went to see Tare & also shopped. Her phone battery died. He tells her that she is married now & so should not be walking about the whole place. She cannot go shopping without telling him as it is his responsibility to take care of her. He also does not want her hanging out with Tare who he considers does not like their wedding. Telema touches his face & tells him to chill. She also tells him that they need to open up to each other if they want to give their relationship a chance to succeed.
Angela fills Mrs. Haruna in on the questions she asked & also tells her that she suffers from a psychotic disorder. Mrs. Haruna appreciates the honesty  but tells Angela that she will be retained, but from her level of experience she will be doing a less important job a lower pay.

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Bimpe is sitting with Telema at Ziggy’s & was loudly complaining that it is not her fault that she told Sankey about the SIM card Kwame used to send those texts the day Varere was killed. If he wanted the SIM to disappear, he would not have disposed of it so carelessly. Telema asks her what she is talking about.


TTK is still crying from the shock that Dan is actually guilty of murder. He tells her to snap out of it & she snaps at him! She asks him what he will do if she does not stop, kill her too, & claim temporary insanity? She suddenly tells him to plead temporary insanity but he refuses even for Shalewa’s sake. TTK tells him that she will send Shalewa so that he tells her himself & gets up and walks out.
Tare calls Angela to give her the full details of Emile’s work-out at the gym. Angela does not understand what she is talking about. Tare eventually tells her & wonders why she is acting obtuse about a guy who looks at her as if she is Christmas!
Fred is showing calling Laide’s number, which is not available.
Amaka calls Phillip while he is in a meeting with Wale to intimate him of a mail from Angela warning them that World Movies is going to hold a press conference to announce the commencement of work on Chris Okereke’s sequel. Phillip screams that they cannot do that!!
Wale & Amaka insist that Phillip slows down on claiming the sequel as struggling with World Movies may be a very expensive business. Phillip chooses to go ahead and produce the sequel under his Black-Sheep Productions & promises not to come to Reel Studios for help if things go south.
Titan & Shalewa are having a drink in a bar. He apologizes for not protecting her from the paparazzi. She is worried about her father’s condition in jail & that he will not see her. She eventually remembers that Fred went to see him & asks Titan if he will come with her. He agrees & they set off.
Amaka goes to pick Toochi as he starts to whimper when there’s a knock on her door & it’s Mrs. Okoh. She apologizes for her behaviour the last time & Amaka let’s her in.
Angela is visited by her colleague who has just met with Mrs. Haruna. He does not understand whether he is in trouble or not. Angela tells him that she has been looking up information about Mrs. Haruna too. She has excellent academic & professional records but there is no mention of her son. Her colleague wonders why she is interested in her son…
Wale comes to visit Fred to drop a file & he asks him for information on how to reach Laide. Wale hedges, & he tells him that he is okay now & knows that he is married to Sheila. Before Wale could answer, Sheila comes in with a tray of drinks & Fred tells her that he is pursuing his decision on the matter as they discussed. She tells him fine & leaves them. Fred apologizes to Wale.
Dan’s lawyer calls TTK as she is entering her house to tell her that Shalewa is at the prison & Dan does not want to see her. She checks & Shalewa is not at home. She then tells the guy that she cannot always control Shalewa’s stubborn streak but promised to try.
Mrs. Okoh apologizes to Amaka & asks her how & when she started seeing Sunom. She eventually realizes that he was the person she saw Amaka with at Fred’s house. As Amaka was about to dash off to see to Toochi who is crying in the nursery, Mrs. Okoh advises her not to always run off to hi. When he cries. She tells Amaka that she does not want to see the baby due to the pains.

Mrs. Okoh confesses that she finds it difficult to see the baby or forget what happened. Amaka was telling her that there is nothing she can do about that when Toochi fell down & started crying. Amaka runs back with him & left them with Mrs. Okoh who advised her to get the baby’s things so that they can go to the hospital. As she was getting them, Mrs. Okoh first dumped the baby on the sofa hut after a while, she picked up the baby & cuddled him.
Shalewa comes out to meet Toks in the car & could not believe that her father refused to see her.
Angela gies to see Mrs. Haruna to remind her of their meeting. Mrs. Haruna is too busy & re-schedules the meeting. Angela tells her that she has something to tell her. Se was praising Mrs. Haruna for her various achievements when she cut her off to commend her for coming in to work on her off day. When Angela confusedly tells her that she is at work, she tells Angela that she cannot believe that a development executive like her could come to work in her outfit. She tells Angela the meeting is over.
Amaka & Mrs. Okoh come back from the doctor’s with Mrs. Okoh carrying Toochi. They get talking about babies & Mrs. Okoh tells her that Reginald was a sickly child & almost gave her hypertension with his numerous sickness. She licks her bag to go & Amaka ask her to have a drink but she refused. At the door, Amaka asks her how long she is around for & as she is in town for about two weeks, Amaka asks her to come & stay with them.
Sheila calls Amaka & tells Amaka that Fred is looking for Laide. What for? She asks & Sheila tells her about Laide’s pregnancy. 

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Kwame blocks Soji in Ziggy’s & warns him to stay away from his wife. Soji asks Kwame whether he knows where his wife is now? He then tells him that his wife should probably be the one he should be asking to stay away from him.


Reginald’s mum came to sympathize with Amaka over her ordeal during the kidnap of her baby. She also could not understand how Amaka could make a baby with Reginald’s murderer.
The drink reception by Kwame & Telema is still on with Tare, Phillip & Ene as guests. Telema is very merry & after a few drinks, starts slurring her words & Kwame is not looking amused at all.
Mrs Okoh is still complaining about Amaka making a baby with Sunom who killed her son but Amaka has had enough& asks her to leave her house & never come back.
Kwame helps Telema home & after guiding her to a chair, asks John to get her a strong cup of coffee & then go to sleep. Telema regrets not getting something for John & tries to help Kwame remove his coat. Kwame does not want that but she helps him anyway. Je accuses her of being drunk & thinking of another man & dumps her on the sofa. He also tells her that she will not have more than one glass of drink again whether they are out or she is drinking at home. As he is walking away, she looks at him like she is sober all of a sudden & could not believe what hit her.

Fred walks into Phillip’s house early the next morning. He wants to catch Phillip & discuss before Phillip goes to work. Phillip offers him tea, but he jokes that he will have some of the brandy on the table. He asks Phillip to tell him how Laide conducted herself when he was ill. Phillip tells him that she conducted herself like someone that still had feelings for the man. He warns Fred of making things worse for those around him by going after Laide. Fred tells him he is trying to make things right & he replies that it will be like his efforts to make amends with Brenda who is now in rehab.
Angela is at the spa & after giving her what she came for, Tare tells her that she looks tense & asks her why that is so. She replies that she is afraid she will be sacked by her new boss. Tare was surprised as she believes that Angela is a star. Just then, Emile walks in & asks Angela whether she also works out at the spa. Angela turns & asks him who wants to know, him or his mum & he tells her he is happy that she is still angry as that means that she cares. As they were bantering, Tare steps in & asks them children to slow it down. Emile introduces himself & when Tare confirms that she is Angela’s friend, he congratulates her & tells her he is still working on becoming her friend. Angela wonders what kind of a human being he is & Tare asks her whether anyone has told her how funny she is. The cutie is into her & he is refusing to give up.
Phillip tells Fred where Brenda is & Fred once again regrets not being there for her. 
TTK is angrily asking Shalewa in Yoruba what her picture with Titan is doing on the front page of Tinsel Town magazine. She is not happy that instead of reviewing her play, the magazine is concentrating on Shalewa & Titan. Shalewa confirms that it is her but denies that they are kissing. Titan was just holding her to show sympathy for her father. TTK tells her that Titan is using his fake sympathy to hug her. Shalewa flared up & tells her that Titan’s sympathy is genuine unlike TTK who has refused to go & see Shalewa’s popsie but is only concerned about her yeye play. TTK is shocked & Shalewa runs out of the house. TTK who has been speaking Yoruba all this while tells her that she will be waiting for her when she comes back.
TTK calls Fred & accuses him of not caring about Dan. Fred tells her that he has gone to visit Dan in prison. TTK wants to know what he is doing about stopping the case from getting to trial by talking to his golf playing judge buddies. Fred tells her he would not do that as Dan has confessed to he murder. TTT tells him not to kind Dan’s confession but Fred tells her that Dan told Telema the details & confirmed same when he visited him. TTK’s mouth was hanging open when he finished.

Fred calls Kwame & tells him that he wants to reach Brenda as he is sure that he can help her where she is now. Kwame asks him what he heard & from whom? Fred tells him that it is not important & he wants Brenda to know that his inability to be with her at that moment was not due to her not being important to him. Kwame insists that Brenda is okay & cuts off the phone but he looks like someone that ate something very foul.
TTK visits Dan & asks him about his so-called confession. Dan confirms that he actually killed Varere & she tells him to come off it. He insists that he hit Varere but it was in self-defense. TTK then breaks down in tears.
Shalewa appears at Dan’s house & while Sheila was welcoming her, Fred comes down & gives her a hug. She was surprised that he still recognizes her & then wonders why they have abandoned her father in jail while they are enjoying themselves. Fred tells her that her father made a confession but she will hear nothing of that  & tells him to find a way to help her father & sorms out of the house. Sheila wonders what her reaction will be when she realizes that her father actually committed murder & Fred tells her that she may hate him for not telling her the truth. Sheila thinks he is talking about Brenda but he tells her no, but he came down to talk to her. He has lost Brenda & Monica, & he is not ready to lose another child who owning there because Sheila does not wan to see the child. Sheila tells him that Laide can take care of the baby & they both know it. Fred insists that he will disregard her opposition & go & look for Laide & talk to her. Sheila tells him that she does not know what it feels like to lose a child, but she knows when a cherished relationship is about to end & their relationship is now at a brink & Laide may push them over.

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Mrs. Haruna commends Angela for coming to work on a day she is supposed to be off duty. Angela is confused & confirms she is at work. Mrs. Haruna could not understand how someone in Angela’s position could come to work dressed the way she is dressed in a dress!