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S5/E808 GUEST RECAP -(Seun Alabi)

The judge calls for order in the court. Angela is reminded that she’s under oath and is asked to repeat herself. Her lawyer asks, but isn’t it true he was trying to kill you and when Sankey shot him. She denies it and says he was saving her. He refers to her written statement, which said he abducted her and was about to murder her. She denies again, saying Sankey got it wrong. He asks, ‘didn’t he use you as a human shield?’ She seems to cave under pressure and says he should stop yelling at her. He tells the judge he wants to declare her as a hostile witness, saying she’s obviously been compromised. The judge says it’s not a game, and says he can’t just change his claims on the witness just when the decision doesn’t favour him. ALL RISE! Angela and her lawyer exchange stares.
Bimpe says they are both going on strike, Freddie adds that BALU is protesting about working conditions. Tare says ‘How cute’, they say they insist for change or they sit at home. Kwame isn’t impressed and says there’s no time for such behaviour. Philip is disappointed that his nephew would be led astray by Bimpe, but he says he came up with the idea himself. Kwame tries to see reason with them, saying he’d already spoken with Bimpe. Philip tells Freddie to go home, he gets up to leave, but reiterates he won’t be back till things change. Philip says but he doesn’t even have a contract, which was his point exactly. He heads for the door and Bimpe follows suit. Tare goes on about how cute that was. Kwame snaps her out of it, saying nothing’s cute about it. Philip can’t believe he’s being led by empty headed babes already. Tare says he’s growing. Philip excuses himself and gets busy, while Tare shows Kwame something business related on her laptop. Then pauses and says he should admit it was a little cute. Kwame looks at her in disbelief.
Salewa isn’t so eager about going back to Ilorin. Titi K says she’s done more that give birth to Salewa she’s done her part in taking care of her too. But Maami says she’s the one that raised her. Maami calls Caro, ‘you, me, pack load, Salewa’ so ti gbo? Titi K gets up and dares to block the door and only fold her hands and looks away when Maami says she should get out of the way or she’ll find her trouble.
There’s a short break during the court case. Angela says she has to go to the bathroom; her lawyer stops her and asks what ‘that’ was all about. She plays dumb, and he asks if it’s about the claim concerning her father. She tells him he has no right to start badgering her. He says he can’t help her if she doesn’t talk to him. But his pleas fall on deaf ears and she excuses herself.
Peju is talking with her press friend; she’s told Angela is turning the case around. Peju thought she’d made a positive change after he latest position at World movies, but then says she guesses nothing changes. She wonders if she’ll agree to an interview, her friend also has plans of getting something out of Angela, but decide to let her have time in the bathroom instead of barging in on her. But they both get information that they have reports to send in.
Tare’s at the mirage, she’s welcomed by the receptionist, they exchange fond greeting. Tare asks if the spa is free, then Brenda comes up behind her, asking if she’s having a tough time. She says she likes to pop in once in a while, and asks Benda’s reason. The receptionist calls her attention and tells her the spa is full. Brenda offer to take her for lunch. Tare says it’s not quite as tempting as the spa treatment, so she chips in a few drinks. Tare’s is surprised she’ll take the extra effort.
Titi k folds her hands on the couch; Shally sits down with her food. She asks Francesca what she wants her to do now, and is she’s so dissatisfied that she wants to go back to the village. Shally asks what’s so wonderful about what happened to her. Titi K says that she found her, but she also point out Dan going to jail and then Toks… She asks how that is her fault; she makes it seem like she’s a witch after her, and says she’s so ungrateful; she also had her short comings. She asks how she expects her dad to feel. Her reply, it doesn’t make a difference he’s in jail, with no hope of getting out.
The Judge asks Angela if she’s ok, and on getting confirmation, her lawyer proceeds. She’s asked to tell the court in clear terms what happened. She was attacked by attacked by hoodlums, but still had a medical condition. She’s asked ‘Weren’t you in full control of your faculties?’ She replies, you know how it is. But the he doesn’t take that from her, and demands an explanation. She says she was having a state, she didn’t know what was happening at the time, having one of her mental episodes, she was disoriented, didn’t know what was going on. The lawyer reiterates his request for her to be treated as a hostile witness, seeing as she has been compromised somehow. Masters looks on.
Philip calls Freddie for assistance on a vlog, he’ll email the speech later. But Freddie asks if he has a contract now. Philip says she’s not playing. But neither is he, his uncle says he’ll come over, and they’ll see a movie later. Freddie says that won’t do. ‘Look, if I catch you in that house ehn’ Philip blurts out, and Freddie says he’ll tell granddad. Philip sighs and hangs up.
Titi K says she’s not completely insensitive, she’d been so occupied with Ziggy’s death and bar etc., hence her lack of attention to her. She asks if she can be convinced. Francesca requests her freedom in exchange, Titi K says she has enough for her age; she has a band, scandals etc. But she says it’s not about that, she pushes her ideas on her all the time. Titi K says it’s because she doesn’t know what’s good for her, and shame on her for trying to blackmail her, and that she won’t beg her either to stay. Maami comes to the sitting room with her luggage, and also the native dress Salewa was wearing the day she left for Lagos, and asked her to wear it, she hand it over to her and Titi K snatches it from Salewa. Titi K says she should be allowed to speak her mind and Maami agrees and tells her to speak. She glances from one to the other.
The defence lawyer says her testimony is the opposite of what was written earlier and reminds her perjury is a crime. She asks what he wants, he says to verify if she’s telling the truth. She says she is and claims the written statement is false. He then tackles her, saying her condition could also be responsible for her recent episodes, like that at Ziggy’s where she attacked a customer. She tries to play it down, but he then makes a claim she also convened with his client. An objection is made, and the judge says he should stick to fact and not fantasies. Do you describe yourself as a credible witness? He asks. Saying she was also accused of a murder, she says she was found not guilty in the trial. He also brings up the incident of her attempt to attack her therapist. Another objection is made, but he says he’s done, and the trial is adjourned. She turns away from her lawyer, and has to make it through a fast increasing press.
At Ziggy’s, Brenda and Tare are having lunch and Brenda says Tare can have a real drink if she wants and shouldn’t patronizing her. She says she’s ok. Brenda asks how her new job is, and how she’s getting along with Kwame. She says they haven’t killed each other…yet.
Angela rushes in to Sheila’s office, avoiding the crowd and press at the reception. Sheila got wind of her changed testimony. She asks of her father, but she doesn’t know how he is. She tells Sheila she needs to lay low. Sheila is stopped in her tracks suggesting staying with her and Fred. She decides Angela can stay in the BQ behind the Mirage.
Brenda says she’s allowed Kwame get away with too much, but Tare says not this one, which means progress for her. She asks how he’s faring. She says good, taking the work seriously. She says Kwame doesn’t always play well with others. But Tare is well aware; she works with him after all. Brenda asks her to keep an eye on him, just wants to know he’s ok. Tare wonders if that’s it or she really doesn’t believe he’ll do fine on his own.
Titi k walks in with bags. Shally comes in; Titi K is surprised to still see her there. She tells her she told Maami she needs time to think, and Maami will be staying till she’s decided. Maami comes in with her bag and says she thought Titi K had forgotten them, or she doesn’t want them to give them food? Titi K tells Salewa to tell Caro to cook something. Maami asks what kind of woman she is, that can’t cook for herself, let alone her child.
Sheila walks in on Angela having a nightmare, and wakes her. She tells her the BQ is ready, and tells her she doesn’t have to worry about being seen, because staffs don’t go there unless asked to. Sheila asks if she’ll be fine herself, she says so, but Sheila sees through her and asks again, she gives her a comforting hug.
In the living room, Maami walks in with the laundry basket and asks why Titi K will allow her laundry to pile up. Harriet is sitting on a couch and greets her. She asks Titi K *in Yoruba of course* who this one is.



Angela needs guarantees that she will be safe after Masters is released from prison. Masters asks her what else she has to lose? As they have discovered, she was not at any risk on that fateful day. Angela does not believe him & suggests that she will rather take a chance with the truth. Masters asks her where the truth has left her so far? He quickly changes the subject of discussion & asks her about those she loves? She wonders what he is talking about? He tells her that she has not had a very good history with her relationships. He enumerates them from Reginald, Amaka, & her father. Can I at least speak to him? She asks him. He tells her not to worry about unnecessary things but concentrate on giving a credible testimony at the trial. 
Phillip & Kwame make fun of Bimpe’s threat to go on strike. Does she even know what a strike means? What are your demands? They ask her. She is flustered at their questions while Tare tries to ask the guys to stop. Let me see how you will shoot your next movie, Bimpe tells them as she walks out on them.
TTK practices her vocals in her sitting room when her mum comes out & asks her which white man’s witchcraft is she practicing? She explains that she is practicing her vocals. Mam TTK understands why she has not been able to find a husband but TTk tells her that she is married to her art. As they were talking, Salewa comes back & greets them perfunctorily before making to go into the house. Her grand mum stops her & asks her if that is how she greets elders? Salewa runs back & kneels down to greet her but she orders her to stay there. TTK tells her mum that that is what she has been going through with Salewa. She does whatever she wants & goes & comes as she pleases. Her mum tells her that it is all her fault. She cannot even bring up her child well. TTK tells her that things have changed & parents can no longer compel their children to do what they want. Her mum tells her that it is not true. If you bring a child up well, she will not depart from it. She asksTTK to kneel down to demonstrate what she is saying. TTK bristles at this but eventually kneels down. The whole discussion with granny was in Yoruba language.
Angela discusses her father with Dr. Ibrahim. Dr  ibrahim warns her that one day, she will have a real crisis & he may not be able to drop everything & take on her case. She tells him that this is a real crisis. He asks her what the issue with her father is? She mentions that he has been kidnapped. Call the police, he tells her but she says no. He suggests that he makes the call himself but she says no as the police cannot help. How can I help you then? He asks her You can’t, she tells him.
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TTK & Salewa are still kneeling down. TTK wonders why they are being punished like children by asking them to kneel down? Salewa tells her to be grateful that they were also not asked to raise their hands up as she was told to do the last time she came back late. TTK says that she cannot be kneeling down like a child & gets up. Just then, the door opens & grand ma & Carol come out. Grand ma sits down comfortably & asks them to tell her what the issue is between two of them. TTK tells her that they do not have any issues. Grand mas asks Salewa but also got no answer. She then turns to Carol & asks her what the issue between these two is in the same Yoruba language. She suddenly recalls that Carol does not understand what she is saying & now asks her, Caro, two fighting, blame, who? Carol looks at the two of them & to avoid trouble, goes to join the two in kneeling down.
Bimpe is @ Ziggy’s Bar & was talking to Soji about Salem & his family issue. When she gets off the phone, Frank walks up to her & asks her if she is sure she does not want to go to a bar that is already open? She asks him to leave her alone & not disturb her as she makes her stand. He wonders what she is talking about as Kwame enters & sees her. He sits at her table & after a while, she turns to him. He tells her that it is no longer a  Sit at home strike if you do not stay at home. This seems to get to Bimpe as she tries to rationalize what he is saying.  He tells her that they will be in their right if they decide to duct her pay for every day she is out of work. She tells him that she is not on a salary. He reminds her that her contract gives them the right to calculate and deduct what they are losing for every day she does not do what she is supposed to do. She protests that the contract is contravening her right to free speech & protest. He reminds her that she signed the contract.
Angela talks to Emile on the phone as she gets ready for her day in court. Sankey visits her & she is surprised at her visit. What are you doing here? She asks Sankey? Sankey tells her that she is not being very hospitable. She reminds her that she did better when they visited her house. Angela apologizes. Sankey asks after her testimony the other day? Angela tells her not to believe everything she reads in the tabloids. She tells Angela that Segun told her about the day in court. She asks Angela if there is something she is trying to tell her? Is there a way I can help? She asks as Angela tries to cover the whole thing up? Angela pretends not to understand what she is talking about. She tells Angela that she may be out of the trial, but there may be other ways she can help. If Angela gives her the numbers of her relations, she can take a trip to the parts where her father currently is and contact some people.
TTK & Salewa are still being quizzed by grand ma. Salewa opens up & talks about how TTK stopped her from her music, etc. Grand ma laughs & says Biliki! Salewa asks who Biliki is? TTK tells her to shut her mouth but Grand ma asks her if she does not even know her mother’s real name? Salewa laughs & recalls the Biliki who grand ma never allowed her listen to discussions about. 
Kwame suggests they use the spare room instead of renting an office till their cash flow improves. Phillip is not willing to open up his house once more to vagrants. Kwame suggests that they take a look at the room & allow him explain what he means. Bimpe looks bored as Freddy comes in & quickly greets everyone before asking Phillip where he wants his help? The three partners go upstairs to inspect the room & leaves Bimpe & Freddy downstairs. Bump whines about being cheated & asks Freddy how much they are pYing him for all the work he is doing? Freddy tells her that Phillip promised to match his pocket money Naira for Naira when he is going back to school. Bimpe tells him that he is being cheated by Phillip as the would have paid an adult a lot of money to do the same job. Freddy asks how much? She does not know, but it must be a lot. She is being cheated she knows, but she is sure that Freddy is worse off as he does not even have a contract. Freddy suggests they team up.
Angela runs up to Barrister Ahmed in front of the court house. He asks what has come over her? She tells him that it was  the stress of prepping for the trial but she has seen her therapist & is okay now. He is still not convinced that she is ready for the trial in spite of her fresh looks but Sankey calls him & asks him why he did not investigate Angela’s claims of intimidation further? He tells her off & accuses her of being an unreliable witness who lied under oath. She reminds him that he is being insulting but he did not slow down. Ater a while, he asks why she is calling him? Is she still insisting her father is kidnapped? He asks Sankey. No, the more reason you should be worried she tells him as she drops the line.
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Phillip, Tare & Kwame come back downstairs & Phillip tells Freddy to come. Freddy says no that they are on strike. Who are the they? They ask him. He points at himself & Bimpe. From now on, he tells them I am Speaking for BALU. BALU? They wonder. Yes, Black Ananse Labour Union.
TTK & Salewa tell Maami what has been happening as the accuse each other of all sorts.  Salewa says that she & TTK are always quarreling like Tom & Jerry! That ticked TTK off & she goes after Salewa. Grand ma asks her what that is? She explains that Salewa is comparing her to a cat! Grand ma cannot believe that Salewa is comparing an adult to a domestic animal as that is a taboo.  TTK asks after her father. Grand ma wonders why it took her that long to remember him? She claims that she has been remembering him & tells Grand ma that her absence will affect him as there will be no one to take care of him. Grand ma reminds her that they have not resolved the issues between the two of them. She tells them that the solution is that Salewa will come back with her to Ilorin.
Angela is back on the witness stand & the lawyer takes her through the day Alhaji Abubakar’s car was searched for drugs by the police. As he takes her to the day she was abducted by Alhaji Abubakar’s men, she interrupts him & says hat this men were not taking her to Alhaji Ahubakar. Alhaji Abubakar was trying to protect her. barrister Ahmed’s jaw drops!

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Barrister Ahmed yells at Angela that her written statement to the police contradicts what she is saying. Stop yelling at me, she screams back as she looks like she is having an attack.


Angela calls her Aunty Caro to ask after her father. After quarreling with her for not greeting first, her aunt tells her that her father is okay & went to a meeting about two hours ago. Angela still does not believe it & Aunty Caro reminds her hat she has other things to do & it does not include monitoring of her father’s movements. Angela greets her & clicks off.
Soji asks how Salem’s mum is? Salem fumes that his step-father broke her ribs, etc. He swore to go & teach the man a bitter lesson. Soji convinces that violence is not always the best way to resolve a problem. He should know as he has been there & it landed him in jail.
Tare speaks with someone on the phone about how to sweeten the deal. Kwame & Phillip wonder what she is doing. She drops the phone & asks for Bimpe who just came out of the kittle room. She has been able to get the Ferroil spot on The Juice with Peju. The guys are impressed & think up ways to Jake the best out if it. They plan to invite others & ask Bimpe if she has anyone to invite? She says no. Phillip wonders if she is suffering from backlash of over-exposure? Over-exposure as in naked? She asks. Kwame & Phillip exchange looks. You guys are really in a good mood today. Is that what making money does to people? Can I go home? She asks & leaves. Shouldn’t you be keeping talent happy? Kwame asks Phillip after she left. Phillip concedes that to Kwame.
Angela is driving behind a cab carrying OK Fowler’s associate. Sheila calls her to ask after her day in court. She is surprised that Sheila has heard already & tells Sheila to meet her at home for the details.
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Kwame requests for sandwiches at Ziggy’s Bar & asks Frank to ensure that the TV is on. Frank assures him that their TV s always on. Sherif calls Kwame about the video. Kwame confesses that he did not see the cd before it was sent. We like it, Sherif says & tells Kwame that payment will be made to their account tomorrow. He requests for a one on one meeting with Kwame as they discussed in the past.
Sheila meets Angela. Angela tells her what happened at the trial. She talked about searching the guy’s phone & seeing nothing. They are holding my father, she concludes & asks Sheila if she believes her? Sheila says she believes her. Masters must have planned everything out from the beginning. She thinks they will kill her father, if she die not do the right thing. Sheila asks if she plans to withdraw her testimony? She says no & asks Sheila to go home to Fred before he starts complaining that she spends too much time with her. She does not want Sheila to stay but Sheila asks her to call if she changes her mind.
Soji & Salem come back from the hospital where they moved Salem’s mother. Soji is confident that she will get good care there & will get better fast. He will pay Soji back even if it takes one year. Soji feels partly responsible for the woman’s fate. If they had not gone to confront the man, he would not have beaten her up but Salem says that t is not his first time & he would have found a reason to beat her. Let’s get something to eat, Soji suggests but Salem offers to cook. What of Sister Bimpe? He asks Soji as he goes in. He suggests Soji calls her to tell her of his mum’s state.
Ferroil advert is shown by Peju & the invited guests at Ziggy’s applaud the spot. Amaka congratulates Phillip & asks why he did not invite his father. He says it is only an online ad. Tare asks if Kwame invited Brenda? He says yes, but after he had checked to ensure that Phillip is not within earshot. Frank comes to inform Bimpe that the sandwich ordered by Black Ananse is almost ready. I am the talent, she tells him. Ask them, she says, pointing towards Kwame and the rest. She gets up and walks towards them & asks them, When are we getting paid? Kwame informs her that they have been paid and they will meet in their “office” later to collect each person’s share.
Angela is at work, but could not concentrate on what she is doing. She calls OK Fowler & Associates & asks to speak with Mr. Ovie or any other lawyer on Master’s case. She is put through to Mr  ovie & she asks him why he has not called her about her father. Mr. Ovie does not know what she is talking about & asks her to desist from contacting them as her lawyers will advise her. She requests to meet with Masters & to make things clear, he asks her to confirm that she wants, of her own free will to meet with an old acquaintance of her’s. She agrees. He tells her that it remains for his client to agree to meet with her & drops the phone. Angela is torn up.
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Bimpe is in Odyssey Pictures & asks Ene and Nnenna if they saw the advert? They must have since she sent them the time of the show via text twice. Nnenna could not watch it as it would have meant leaving her station. Ene did not bother to answer but wants to get back to work. Bimpe wonders why she is bothering since Brenda is not around. Ene asks her what she is doing there? Is she there to meet with Soji? Soji is coming here? Bimpe asks. 
Emile calls to ask Angela after the testimony? Angela nicely covers up what happened & tells him that they had to take a break for two days. He offers to come back but she tells him not to worry. As she drops the phone, Mr. Ovie calls her back.
As Ene was trying to answer, Soji walks in & Bimpe gives him a big hug. When Soji tries to apologize for their fight, she asks him which fight? He should not take her too seriously. She gives him another hug & leaves. Ene asks Soji why he is not informing Bimpe of the state of Salem’s mum? He says that he does not want to spoil her mood with everything she is going through right now. Ene is not happy that he is spoiling her own mood, but tells him to lodge a report against Salem’s father with the police & get his wife to give evidence against him. 
Bimpe comes in to collect her cheque. Kwame & Phillip say that she must have heard the rustle of the cheque book from the gate. Kwame hands out each person’s cheque starting from Bimpe. She looks at her cheque & goes to spy on other people’s cheques & screams about the difference in pay. She asks for the remaining money & Tare explains that some of the money had to go to cover their expenses & what Phillip invested in the project. Bimpe wonders why all the money should come out of her cheque? Phillip reminds her that she signed a contract. Kwame tells her that she got her agreed salary + bonus. She tells them that it was before she became a star & thought she was going to be doing odd jobs. You signed a contract, Phillip insists that she signed a contract. I can go on strike, she reminds them.
Salem & Soji are in the hospital waiting when a policeman came out. You people should not be wasting our time like this, she says. Salem & Soji look up. Why should we be getting a statement from someone who says that no one beat her, the policeman asks a bewildered Soji & Salem.
Angela, with her head covered in a veil & wearing dark glasses meets Masters in jail. She asks him about her father. He has no idea what she is talking about. He is happy she has come back to her senses over what happened that day. He was trying to help her that day from dangerous men that were around. Unfortunately, due to the her mental state then, she thought that he wanted to attack her. Je hopes that she will do the right thing now.

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TTK & Salewa are on their knees & TTK could not believe that she abandoned them there for this long. Salewa reminds her that they should be happy that they were also not asked to put their hands up in the air. TTK gets up & says that she is a big girl now. Immediately, the door open & Carol comes out with their mum & TTK quickly kneels down.


Lawyer Ahmed meets Angela outside the court & asks her if she is ready to testify? She tells him yes, if she does the right thing, then they will do nothing. He wonders what she is talking about but she tells him that it is nothing. Emile calls to wish her luck at the trial.
Bimpe does another take of the same scene. This one is better than the others & Phillip rushes off with it as Kwame enquires how long it will take to edit? Phillip has to get started first before he knows. A bored Bimpe asks them if she can go now? As she disappears to the bathroom, Kwabena enters. He came to pick up an advance copy of the cd they are expecting. He apologized for not giving them advance notice but they have a new staff in HQ, a demanding lady who is intrigued by new media and will want to see what they have produced so far. His coming to collect it personally will convey him as a hands-on staff. Kwame & Tare look like they are about to drown. Tare quickly asks him to make himself comfortable.
Salem meets Soji at Ziggy’s. Soji asks how Salome is & he says that she has not been touched by their step-father yet but he is threatening her. He asks Soji how his visit to the police went & Soji tells him that the police is not offering any tangible help. Salem is worried but Soji tells him not to give up. They will keep pushing till they succeed.
Angela takes the stand & Barrister Ahmed takes her through the introductions. She is a an executive in an international film house. She identifies the accused as Alhaji Abubakar & talks about their first contact when she was working at Mirage Spa. As she was being led in evidence, the guy that had her father’s picture in traffic walks in & she started screaming that he is the guy that threatened her! Ahmed is surprised at this new bit of puzzle.
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The judge calls Angela & the two lawyers to the bench. Angela is still screaming that the guy has her father’s picture in his phone. She says that they have kidnapped her father! Kidnapped you father? Have you informed the police? The judge asks her. Ahmed is surprised at the development while the defence lawyer tells the judge to discount the histrionics being displayed by the witness. Angela insists that they search the guy’s phone for the picture. The defense lawyer insists that the court cannot just impound someone’s phones for nothing. Barrister Ahmed tells the judge that the court can regulate on everything especially as a man’s life is in danger.
Kwame comes to the end of his tale about his childhood & Kwabena asks for the CD, much as he is intrigued by Kwame’s interesting life tale. Just then, Bimpe walks in from the rest room & Kwabena brightens up as he acknowledges that he is a fan. She was one of the reasons why they chose Black Ananse. Bimpe asks who he is & Kwame whispers that he is the Ferroil guy. Oh, the guy with the money! Bimpe says. Tare suggests that Bimpe takes Kwabena out for lunch but Kwabena says no! Tare & Kwame flinch but he addsthat he would rather take Bimpe out for lunch, if she does not mind. Kwame tells him that she does no mind as they usher two of them out the door. Tare & Kwame heave a huge sigh of relief as soon as they were out the door!
Soji rise to call Bimpe but she did not pick the phone. He tells Salem that she did not pick the phone & Salem asks if they are fighting? Soji did not answer but tells him that they need to get back to work. Salem is happy to do that if Soji allows him.
The judge gets the phone from the young man & examines it but it contains no such picture. He is piqued & the defence lawyer tells them that it is all a false alarm. Angela insists that he must have deleted the picture but the judge reminds her that she is still under oath. The defence lawyer tells the judge that it is all a conspiracy to delay the trial & keep his client away for as long as is possible. He confirms that the young man being accused is a staff of OK Fowler & Associates & he was away in Abuja delivering a quit notice to a client when Angela claims she saw him. Barrister Ahmed appeals for adjournment to enable Angela cool down from the stress of prepping for the trial. The defense lawyer does not object to request so long as there will be no further theatrics when hearing reconvenes. The judge adjourns for 2 days & wishes Angela good luck.
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Soji & Salem are back home & he asks what Salem has learn about photography so far? Salem talks about getting the right image & patience being important. Soji uses this to teach him a few life lessons. Salem says that he hates his step-father. Soji’s phone rings & it is a call from Project Zoom. Bimpe’s picture came second in the competition they entered it for. 
Kwabena is enjoying Bimpe’s company at their lunch. She tells him that she has always known what she will become: a star! A journalist approaches their table to get a quote. He asks if Kwabena is Bimpe’s guy? She says no, he is a fan. He is surprised & Bimpe tells him that she is not one of those up-tight stars. Bimbo Adekoya will do anything for her fans, well not everything!
Barrister Amed is mad at Angela for not telling him about the kidnap in advance. He tells her that she needs to comport herself but she cannot believe that he is talking of comportment now that her father’s life is in danger. A med is still pissed & wonders how he could have built a case around an unreliable Angela. As he storms off, journalists run up to Angela. She tells them that she has no comments but they tell her that they were not looking for comments. The lead lady tells her that she came to thank her for always giving them something to write!
Bimpe comes back with a very happy Kwabena. He confirms that they had fun , but asked for the CD. Tate suggests that Bimpe autographs a shirt for Kwabena. She does that & as he turns around to leave, Phillp asks if he is not forgetting something as he comes downstairs with a CD, which he hands to Kwabena.
Soji is admiring Salem’s photographs & he looks up to tell Salem when he burst into the room but before Soji could complete what he wanted to say, Salem complains that his step-father beat his mum up badly. Their neighbor called to let him know what is going on. His mum ended up in hospital but Salome is okay.


Segun calls Angela to confirm that Masters could not have made the call to Angela because he was with the warden when she received the call. She worries that Masters is NIW friendly with the warder but Segun tells her that there was a stabbing in prison & Masters was called to explain what he knows about the stabbing. He has investigated her report & thinks that there is nothing to it. Masters maybe a criminal mastermind, but he is not a ventriloquist.
Phillip & Kwame are worried that they do not have anything to give to Ferroil as the deadline approaches. He asks Kwame to call Ferroil & request for an extension but Kwame thinks it will be unprofessional to do that. As Phillip smiles mischievously, Kwame asks what is in his mind? He suggests that Kwame gets close to Bimpe to make her happy & at the same time get Soji jealous. Kwame is horrified & says that will never happen. He is done with love triangles. He suggests that Phillip implement the idea since it came from him. Phillip wonders why Kwame is suddenly not keen to get close to Bimpe after he kept her for that long in Odyssey. Kwame protests that she was Brenda’s PA & asks Phillip to go ahead & toast Bimpe. Phillip declines.
Bimpe storms into Soji’s house & asks him how he could have slept with Tare? She is so annoying right now. Soji reminds her that it was in the past & there is nothing between them. He tells her about Salem’s step-father being the welfare officer she invited to Chuks’s house.
Emile serves Angela some sleeping pills to calm her down. She asks if he thinks she is hallucinating? He asks if she has stopped taking her drugs? She says that she still takes them except if they are not working anymore. Maybe her condition is getting worse & that is why her drugs are no longer effective. She worries that Masters plans to drive her crazy to discredit her testimony. He tries to calm her down.
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Emile calms Angela down. She wonders whether Masters hired an actor to make that call? He tells her that that would be going too far just to mess with her head. He tells her to calm down as she is already letting them mess with her mind which is their objective. He tells her that she needs to sleep & get some rest. Sankey calls her phone to ask after what she heard of the trial. Angela covers up & tells her that it is a false alarm. Sankey is confused & tells Angela that her message to the police was quite clear. She tells Sankey that there is nothing to worry about & drops the phone while Sankey was still on. Emile asks Angela to try & sleep & as he was asking her whether he can take her calls while she slept, but he notices that she had slept off. Phillip & Kwame argues about whether what they have planned will work? Kwame says no & they argue as usual over their creative differences. They agree on a plan, which is to bring Bimpe down to their office & keep Tare as far away as is possible.
Bimpe is shocked that the child welfare officer is the child-abuser. She cannot believe it & asks Soji what the should do? He thinks that they should still take it to the police even though the man claims that he has a lot of police friends.
Angela is feeling good about her day in court. She chats amiably with Emile as she gets ready for her day. Emile asks her what led to the change of heart? She says that she slept over it & is good to go. She believes that her testimony will put Masters away for good. Emile suggests that she sees someone to help her with her issues after the trial. She never believed that the day will come when he will be the one to suggest that she sees Dr. Ibrahim. He tells her that it must not be Dr. Ibrahim. She can see another therapist. He needs to run as he has a flight to catch for his meeting. He will try & come back same day. She asks him to be careful.
Black Ananse staff are in the office & Kwame breaks the bad news to the ladies: they need to re-shoot the scenes they have already made as it is not good enough. Bimpe complains that she is doing her best considering the toxic work environment she finds herself in while looking directly at Tare. Phillip suggests that Tare moves to the spare bedroom to enable Bimpe work. Tare will have none of that & tells Bimpe to get a grip on herself. She asks if Tare thinks that Angelina Jolie will be able to give her best if Jennifer Aniston turns up on every set she is working on? Tate could not believe her ears.
Soji talks to Salem about his mum & sister. Salemis worried that he will not be able to prepare his mum to meet his step-father as she is not picking her phone. Soji says tat they need to get some things done about the case. He will go & make a report to the police. They can at least detain the step-father & that will give them time to make other plans.
As Angela parks her car at the court premises, someone knocks on her window & shows her a picture of her father, tied up, before moving on. She jumps out of her car in alarm & runs after him to ask what he has done with her father? He tells her that she still has time to do what is right if she wants to see her father alive.
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Phillip warns the ladies to she ate their swords & concentrate on the task at hand. Bimpe tells Tare to stay away from Soji. Tare tells her to tells Soji to stay away from her. She goes Head to tell Bimpe that Soji was just a blip in her history & nothing more. A long history, Kwame adds.
Soji walks into the police station & meets a surprised Segun, who asks whether he came of his own free will or was arrested? He asks after Sankey but was told that she is away on vacation. He tells Segun that he came to report someone who the poise should arrest or at least harass. Segun tells him that Nigeria Police does not harass citizens. Segun promises to always remember that. He tells Segun that the person in question is a child molester. Segun says that it is a serious issue but he is a homicide detective & advises Soji to go to Child Welfare. He is shocked when Soji tells him that the man in question works with Child Welfare. He asks Soji to bring him solid evidence to enable him take action. Soji wonders whether he wants to see the child’s torn dress or tears as evidence? A statement from the victim will do.
Angela is at work but cannot concentrate. She tries to make a call & that also did not go through. Muna comes in to drop a document for her but she bites at Muna & asks her to get out. She calls Amaka to ask whether she has spoken with her father lately? Amaka tells her no & wishes her luck with the trial.


Sankey is sitting alone in a deserted courtroom ruing her performance in court when she got a call from a superior, probably the Commissioner of Police. The officer calling referred to her stand-off with Masters outside the courtroom but commiserated with her on the death of her husband. She apologizes for approaching Masters. He asks her to take time off & rest before returning to work. She will hand over to Segun for now till she is ready to return.
Salem’s father asks the people in his house who they are again & what they are looking for in his house? He asks Salem where he came from, saying that he thought he was gone for good. Soji steps in front of him & tells him that he is the one that will prevent him from attempting anything on Salome. Chuks restrains him but reminds Salem’s father about his visit to Chuks’s house from the social welfare. He tells them to leave his house quickly before he calls his friends in the police. Soji & Chuks are on their way out when Salem asks them what Salome’s fate will be? Soji tells him to leave her alone. If their step-father as much as touches her, he will come back & tear him apart.
Tare tries Bimpe’s number again but she is not picking the calls. She asks Kwame how he even knew about her & Soji? Kwame tells her that Telema told him. Married people talk about stuff, he tells her, but you would not know about that. Philip tells them that this is what you get when your success is dependent on an air head and reminds them that they are wasting time and need to get stuff ready for the Feral advert. Kwame suggests that they think of how to get around their problem with Bimpe. 
Emile is in the room when Angela comes in looking for stuff. He holds up her pack of pills & asks if that is what she is looking for? Se grabs the pills & he cuddles her & tries to calm her down over her fear about the trial. She is bothered about testifying the next day. She is worried that they will try to make her look crazy. He tells her that he thought that she was certified crazy already! He tells her it was a joke & tells her not to worry that everything will turn out just right. She thanks him for his support in all these. As he goes into the room to collect something, Angela’s phone rings & Masters asks her how she is relaxing after a stressful day? He asks her if she knows where her friends are & the line goes dead.
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Salem & Soji get home & before they settle in, Bimpe comes in from the room. Soji is surprised & asks her how she got in? Never mind, she tells him. He takes one look at her face & tells Salem to go get himself a snack. As Salem steps out, She throws stuff at him & he asks what the problem is? Go & ask Tare, she tells him as she throws stuff at him. All the colour drain from his face. In response to his question, she tells him that Kwame told her. He tells her that there was nothing between them. He has no feelings for her. She asks him to tell her that she is finer than Tare. He tells her that she is a thousand times finer than Tare. She asks him to say that he is a fool! He blanches at that but quickly says that he is a fool before she attacks him again. As she starts to smile, Kwame calls her again & she picks the call finally. He begs her to come & finish their project but she says that she will not come back to that house. They then arrange to meet at Ziggy’s for a drink.
Angela is fretting over the call from Masters but Emile tries to calm her down by telling her that there is nothing to it. It may be a prank call. She refuses to calm down, saying that she knows his voice. As Emile was trying to find an explanation for the call, she grabs her things & heads to the police station.
Kwame & Tare are in the bar waiting for Bimpe & when she is delayed, Tare wonders if she will still show up? Kwame is confident she will come & as he looks up he sees her walk in & beckons on her to join them. She gets there & refuses to sit in the same seat with Tare. Tare leaves them & tells Kwame she will be waiting in the car. Kwame reminds Bimpe that Tare did not cheat with her man as whatever she had with Soji was before Bimpe met him. He reminds her that she needs to come back & complete the adverts for Feral as she is the star of the show. She plays the diva & Kwame reminds her that Phillip has a limit & she is about to reach it.
Soji comes home & meets a worried Salem, who complains that he has not been able to reach his mother on the phone. He is thus not able to prepare her to meet his step father. Soji tells him to chill & that at his young age, he cannot be preparing a grown woman on how to deal with her husband. For want of what to do next, they decide to go to the police.
Angela & Emile hit the police station & meet Segun who is sitting in for Sankey. Angela insists on seeing Sankey but he tells her that she is on leave. She tells him about the call from Masters. He tells her that it is nit possible for Masters to make a call from jail. He does nit have access to a phone. Emile chimes in that he heard that you can get anything in jail with the right connections. Segun explains that Masters is constantly monitored & can nay make calls in an emergency & even at that, the call will still be monitored. He thinks that someone is playing pranks with Angela. Angela flares up at the suggestion that she dies not know what she heard & tells him to call back the number.
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Bimpe is back at the house with everyone else. As Tare comes downstairs, she is expressing love loudly on the phone with Soji. She gets off the phone & Tare tries to tell her where to stand for the shoot but she waves Tare off & asks Kwame to tell Tare that she is not her director. Tare whispers to Kwame that what that girl needs is a kick in the head. Kwame begs her to hold it & not be the one to deliver the kick in the head. Phillip puts Bimpe in front of the camera for another take. The take come out flat & Phillip is not impressed. He condemns what she did & asks for more energy. At the mention of energy, Kwame remembers that they have energy drinks in the fridge & thinks a round will do everyone some good.
Segun tries the number that called Angela. It is switched off. He gives her an ‘I told you’ look. She asks him what he intends to do? Nothing. She is annoyed at this & tells him so. He asks for a list of her friends so that they can ensure that they are all okay.
Phillip is not happy at Bimpe’s takes & does not kink words about it. He blames Tare for ticking Bimpe off. Tare finds it difficult to understand what he is blaming her for? In the midst of all this, Tare gets a call from Angela, asking if she is okay? I am okay, she snaps at Angela & gets off the phone. She bites Phillip back for blaming her & stalks out of the house. Kwame asks Phillip what he has done? They need to quickly find a solution or they will kiss the deadline to deliver to Feral.
Angela calls all her friend’s & everyone is okay. She is bewildered & Segun & Emile try to calm her down. Someone is trying to play pranks on her. She asks for police protection for all her friend’s & Segun nearly had a fit. Even if he decides to oblige her, they do not have the resources to achieve that. Emile tells her to take it easy & not stress herself. Segun advises him to get her home to get some rest.

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Phillip, Tare, Kwame & Bimpe discuss their lack of material for the Feral advert. Bimpe says that she hopes that nobody is blaming her for the poor quality of work she is doing better than expected considering the poisonous environment she has had to work in!


Detective Sankey takes the stand to testify. The lawyer took her through what happened the day Alhaji Abubakar was shot. She tells of how Alhaji Abubakar’s men went to kill Angela but her police details shot them but Angela got whisked away in a taxi. One if the policemen followed the taxi & called in a back up. Alhaji Abubakar’s lawyer is over ruled for once when he tries to interfere in the testimony. Sankey arrived with the back-up team & met Alhaji Abubakar holding a knife to Angela’s throat. She shot & wounded him on the shoulder. Defence lawyer opens cross-examination with Detective Sankey, how are your eyes? 
Tare takes a call in Phillip’s house & agrees to work something out for the caller. Putting Bimpe on air has caused an avalanche, she tells Kwame when she got off the call. Kwame makes a smart mouth remark as Phillip joins them from the kitchen.  How do we make money from the attention? Phillip asks when they tell him what is going on? Tare suggests that they use her for the Feral advert.
Detective Sankey is cross-examined & she goes through her story again. The defence lawyer asks whether she tried to talk to the parties or understand what was going on when she got to the scene or did she shoot first & asked questions later? Sankey says that there was no time to talk to anyone when they got there. Angela’s life was in danger & that was their priority. How did you know that Angela’s life was in danger? The defence lawyer asks.
Chuks is bothered that Soji has no food to offer in his house. Soji reminds him that every man is not like him with a wife at home who churns out meals. He grumbles that his wife now works for Brenda & does not have time to cook, hence his scavenging in Soji’s house.  Bimpe enters & gets into Soji’s arms. When she eventually breaks the Lon embrace she asks after Salem. She saw him outside. Soji says that he says he wants to take some fresh air but he thinks that he went out to give him & Chuks some privacy. Chuks says he is the one who needs fresh air. Soji looks quizzically at him. Bimpe tried to poison Ene & I with gas this morning.
Defence lawyer tenders Detective Sankey’s eye test result from 3 years ago procured from police records. He opines that the result shows that Sankey needs glasses. The optician was over-zealous, Sankey tells him. Everyone that went in there came out with glasses. How good is your eye sight? He asks. I see clearly enough to hit the accused without hitting Angela Dede, she responds. He asks if she is saying that the results were false? There are so many ways to correct eye sight these days like wearing contact lenses. Are you saying you wear contact lenses?
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The defence lawyer asks if Sankey has always worn contact lenses? The prosecuting lawyer raises objection at that. The defence then re-phrases & asks if Sankey was wearing contacts the day she shot Masters? Sankey looks down as he closes cross-examination.
Bimpe asks if it was the fumigation? If she had not fumigated their house, their cockroaches would have re-entered her house. Chuks wonders why she did not tell them but instead wanted to fumigate their house while they were inside? She says that she was in a hurry to get to work & did not know that he were around. She got a packaged deal & would have had today double if it has lasted for more than 15 minutes. Chuks says that they got to know what was happening when Ene saw the guy standing near their bathroom window. She thought Bimpe has hired an assassin to finish them off. Soji laughs at Chuks & Ene thinking Bimpe wanted to kill them. Next time you want to fumigate our house, please tell us on time, Chuks says. Bimpe asks Soji to pass her bag & fishes out a letter for Soji. It is the reminder of his eviction notice.
Tare wants to use clips from the show with Peju for the Feral advert. Kwame says no. He is not sure that they can control Bimpe. Tare asks him to leave it to her. She will handle it like she did at the interview with Peju. He does not think that she had enough control over Bimpe a the interview. She wonders why they cannot use her popularity for the advert. He thinks that it lowers the importance of the work they want to show. She insists that it plays into what Feral wants & he wonders how she knows what his client wants? Phillip steps in & sides with Tare.
Soji gets Chuks a tiny pack of take-away food. Chuks complains about Soji’s stingy nature. He thought that Soji has gotten over it. They discuss what Soji should do about the eviction notice. His only choice is to pay the higher rent or move out. Chuks tells him to think seriously about going back to doing what he knows best which is to take pictures. If he continues to pursue this his Makoko project, instead of thinking of how to raise the new rent, he may soon move to Makoko himself. Chuks talks about Soji’s N5mm investment. Soji is not thinking about touching it as it will cost him 40% in fees. Salem rushes in. He just spoke with Salome & she is crying on the phone!
Phillip calls to thank his father for a well-catered lunch. The others also sent their thanks he tells him. He gets off the phone & tells Tare & Kwame that Fred says it is to mark their winning their first pitch. He would have sent champagne along but it will distract them. Bimpe enters & wonders where the yummy food came from? Join the lunch before Kwame finishes it, Tare tells her as she explains where the food came from. Bimpe tucks in as Kwame takes Tare’s chicken. Sometimes I wonder what my sister found interesting in you, Tare tells Kwame. You can be such a child sometimes. Kwame asks whether it was because he ate all the fried chicken? Tate tells him that she does not even like fried chicken. He says that Telema likes them & Tare reminds him that she must not like everything her sister likes. I know something two of you find interesting, he say. Yes, like clothes,  fashion, handbags, men, Bimpe joins in. But Kwame does not count among men, Tare quips. I know something two of you found interesting, Kwame says. Phillip says that he is not interested in gossips but asks what is it? Tare begs Kwame to stop. He asks if Pillip did not know? Tare stops eating & Bimpe looks on expectantly. Tare & Telema both had a bite out of Soji! Phillip’s mouth drops & Bimpe spits out her food.
Salem says his step-father brought his friends to the house to watch football & made Salome serve them beer in mini skirt. After they left, he mDe advances at her. Did he touch her? Soji asks. Not yet. She locked herself up in a room.  Chuks asks where their mum is & he says that she travelled for a burial. He has tried to call her but her phone is switched off. It looks like she does not want to talk to anybody. Salem wants to go & stay with Salome. Soji is coming along. Chuks asks what Soji plans to do when he gets here? Soji says he will tear the man apart. Chuks advises against violence to avoid more trouble. Soji asks how he thinks it should be taken care of? We will deal with it when we get here, Chuks says. Soji wonders what he is talking about? Chuks says he will be a bad friend if he does not come along.
Phillip & Bimpe are shocked at the news. Bimpe is hurt that she has been telling Tare everything about them & she has been making fun of her all along. Kwame is surprised that everyone is shocked but Tare tells him to shut up as he has done enough talking already. She says they were not dating then. Bimpe still thinks that it does not excuse anything & calls Tare a slut that sleeps with her sister’s ex. There are two people involved here Tare tells , so you better talk to Soji before you start hurling insults. Bimpe tells her that she will surely talk to Soji as she stalks out. You never fail to surprise me, Phillip tells a dejected Tare.
Soji, Chuks & Salem visit Salome. She is sitting quietly in one corner & Salem explains that she is nervous around new people. They try to get information about what happened from her when Salem’s step-father comes home. He screams at Salem & asks what they are doin in his house! Chuks recognizes him as the social welfare man & walks up to tell him, I know you!
Angela & Sankey meet outside the courtroom. She is happy that Sankey did the right thing by talking about the contact lenses. Sankey is not happy that she did not tell the lawyer about it before the sitting. Alhaji Abubakar comes out & meets them. She blocks him & tells him not to gloat that his lawyer had a good first day in court. He had better hope that they keep him in prison because if he is released, he will not live long enough to enjoy it. He gives her a cold stare before he moves on with his arms in cuffs.