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Dan tells Ota that he is the last person he expects to see. He asks if Dan expects him to be in solitary forever. Dan asks how solitary was? He says it was as he expected. Dan cooks up an excuse and runs away from there.
Sheila and Fred discuss Danni. He is going to see Brenda and Sheila asks if he is going to discuss Danni with her? He tells her that he will. Sometimes, these young people need an older person to put things in perspective for them. Cosmo asks if he is still coming to the market with Sheila? She tells him no. his task is to ensure that her husband takes his drugs. He tells her that he is not a child. He can take care of himself. She hugs him and gives him a peck and calls him a charming old Cupid. He tells her that he knows that she fell for his charms!
Dan meets Masters in the workshop and he checks the accounts and finds it satisfactory. He sends Sunday off on an errand but he tells him that there is a problem. Safari in the next cell refused to organize his cell mates to enable him run the errand he was sent on the last time. Masters asks him to bring Safari to him tomorrow. As he leaves, Masters informs Dan that his friend Ota has been released from solitary. Dan tells him that he has a cordial relationship with Ota. As Dan tries to leave, he asks whether Dan is leaving so early? Dan tells him he will be back when it is time to share the goods to the customers.
Chuks and Ene relax on their sofa as they watch a program on TV. Chuks says that is the kind of house he wants but Ene says she does not even want a very big house. He asks her to keep her negative thoughts to herself. He will get them a big house and she can stay in one or two rooms if that is what she wants. Her phone rings and Aunty Nkechi tells her that Chuks must apologize to Uncle T. Chuks tells him that he will not allow any other man to push him around in his house. Ene is leaving for the market and checks the brown envelope but it has only N500 in it. She snatches it and leaves in annoyance.
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Dan tells Sankey and Ahmed that he is now a member of Alhaji Abubakar’s gang. They are impressed and he tells them that it has not been a walk in the park. They still ask him for solid information especially on Angela to enable them help him and his friend. He tells them that they may have to swap places with him to see how easy it is. He has some information; Masters is an emperor in the prison with all the prisoners under him. They tell him they know already but they still need to get solid information from him and time is ticking for them all.
Chuks complain to Soji that it is poverty that is making Ene’s people insult him. He calls Erastus and tells him that they need to meet at Ziggy’s. Soji warns him about being in a hurry to make money. He tells Soji that there is money to be made and when he hammers, he will buy a big house and when Ene’s people come to see him and they fill a form at the security gate, they will think twice before coming to disturb him. Soji tells him to go at his own pace and that for every big man, there is a bigger man. He wishes Soji a safe trip and runs along.
Dan is reading in his cell and Ota comes to meet him. He tells Dan that he has been to the warden’s and the warden asked him to put all his belongings in a box and swallow the key as his release will not happen soon. Dan tells him it is one of those things. He asks if Dan planted that key on him? Dan tells him to leave his cell if he has nothing to say to him. He asks what Dan has been doing with Masters? This is not the Dan he used to know. Dan asks him to leave.
Chuks meets Erastus and Erastus tell him that he needs capital. He says that he does not have money to invest. As they were speaking, someone calls Erastus and Erastus tells him to pay back the N4.5 million when he can and stop dodging him. He drops and tells Chuks that he can achieve anything he wants. Chuks tells him that he needs to crawl before he can walk. He tells him that his mum said that he walked at 5 months. He tells Chuks that he can do anything he wants if he believes including flying. Chuks asks him to lend him the money but he claims that he just spent N3 million on clearing his state-of-the-art car. Chuks asks if he also deals in cars? He tells Chuks that he is involved in quite a number of things. He however is not liquid now to lend him the money. He leaves but not before admonishing Chuks not to let a few hundred thousands to stand between him and his dreams.
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Fred and Brenda are in Brenda’s house when Kwame comes out and greets Fred warmly. Brenda asks where he is going to? He says he is going to get something to hydrate himself. Fred expresses delight at the way he expresses himself. Brenda says Fred is in a cheery mood. He asks what Brenda thinks of Kwame and Danni? Brenda says there is nothing to it. Kwame is besotted and will soon get over it. Fred asks if she does not want Kwame happy? She says it is not with a tree-hugging adventurer. Fred tells him that about his seeing Danni crying her heart out and Kwame changing his ways. Kwame who has been listening behind them looks on.
Chuks meets TTK to ask for a loan. She tells him no. He pushes and she tells him that the bar has no money for his hair-brained schemes. He says it is time like these that he misses his uncle. She is ashamed that he only thinks about his uncle when he needs money. He tells her that he has a list of those he will be nice to when he makes it and she is not one of them. She asks him to close the door before him when he leaves.
Masters hands out to a prisoner and tells him it is for free. He will however have him do a task for him before the end of the week. 47 tells Masters that he saw Dan discussing with Ota. Masters warns him against telling him his opinions about anything. Dan tells him to out-source his recruitment when he leaves the prison and he tells Dan that it is the confinement that limits his choices. As Dan wants to walk away, he asks what Dan was discussing with Ota? Dan says it was general prison conditions. He asks Masters for a game of chess if they are through.
Kwame visits the Ade-Williams ad asks after Danni. Freddy tells him that she is not around. He sits down and Freddy asks if he is going to wait for her? He can get him a cup of tea if he needs something to drink or better still get him Danni’s project to keep himself busy. He likes that and Freddy goes to get it.
Ene asks Chuks to come out with it. He tells her that he needs a couple of hundreds of thousands to meet his investment needs. He will need to sell the tiara he bought her. Ene burst into tears and tells him that he indeed no longer wants their marriage. Her ring is missing and now he wants to sell the only sign of their love. She accuses him of wanting to collect his dowry back. He holds her and tells her that it is not like that. She continues to cry and he promises that he will never sell the tiara. As soon as she extracts that promise, she stops crying and walks away from him. Chuks looks on like a man that has just been duped.
Freddy comes downstairs with CDs of Dani’s project and plays it back on his laptop. He starts off with Kwame’s garbage bath. Kwame’s face changes as he sees himself in those conditions.

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Masters’s boys descend on a prisoner down and beat him. He screams at them and asks if that is all they’ve got? Masters looks on surprised as they keep pummeling the guy.


Mr. Iyke Okechukwu, Chuks Obi in Tinsel got married to Florence Uwaleke, Ene Obi, his Tinsel wife the traditional way (IN REAL LIFE) on Friday, January 25th, 2013. Here is wishing them a happy married life!



Brenda is at breakfast. Asks John if Kwame is already up before Kwame appears. She tells him he will feel better with some food. He says he is not hungry. She asks if he is ill then? She asks if it is that girl? She joins him & asks what it is but he is not ready to talk. She tells him that no one is worth all this trouble.
Ene is not feeling too well & cannot make it to the office. Chuks looks after her and her uncle visits. He tells them that a toad does not run in the day time without a reason. It is either something is chasing it, or it is chasing something. Ene asks if all is well? He says he came to see Chuks. Chuks tells him that he should have informed them of the visit in advance. He asks if Chuks thinks his wife’s family is not behaving properly? They did not raise their daughter to come and live in a boys quarters.
Kaneng visits Dan. She talks to him in whispers about the need for him to get something quickly. She encourages him to hang on. He tells her about his having to set Ota up to prove his loyalty to Masters. He asks her to try & get to Sankey and Ahmed & explain that it was a set up & get them to put Ota’s name back for early release. Kaneng asks why Masters wants to set Ota up? She thinks they may be able to get some information to indict Masters there but Dan tells her that Ota is harmless to everyone. She will see what she can do. She asks if there is any other thing worrying him but he says he is okay.
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Danni discusses her project with someone on the phone. She apologizes for calling at the wrong hour, hangs up & puts her head on the table crying. Fred comes in and is shocked she is crying. He asks if it has to do with Kwame? He goes ahead to advise her about relationships. She asks if it is always that difficult? He tells her that at this time last year, he thought his marriage was over but today they are quite okay.
Ene’s uncle tells Chuks that they will not keep quiet when things are going wrong. Chuks tells him that there is nothing wrong with them. Ene’s uncle says that Ene’s mum told him how they are always fighting about bank passwords. Chuks is surprised that their private life is discussed. Her uncle says that he has always known that Ene is earning more money than Chuks. Ene’s tells her uncle that there is no problem with that. Chuks takes offense at hat & leaves.
Kaneng tells Dan that she is not sure that Sankey will accept another request. He tells her that they are discussing an innocent man’s life here & not a request for another pillow! She tells him that Fred is concerned about him. He tells her that Fred is concerned about everything he cannot control. She says she is also concerned about the way he looks. He gets annoyed that she discussed him with his brother behind his back & tells her so in very strong terms.
Danni apologizes & Fred tells her to forget the past & move on. She says it may not be that easy. Fred tells her that what he did to Sheila was quite bad but they are still together. He asks her if she cares for the young man? She says yes. He asks if she cares for him? She says yes. He asks what the issue is then? She says that for one thing, she is leaving. He tells her that there are return tickets!
Ene blames her uncle for making Chuks stay away from the house. Her uncle tells her not to worry that Chuks will be back. He is more bothered by Chuks making her the bread winner. Ene tells hi. That it is not true. She reminds him of Chuks’s fashion business bu he asks if the business is in the house? he is at home when his mates are out there controlling warehouses. He asks Ene who puts money in the brown envelope he heard they keep in the house? She says that two of them put money there for their use. Chuks comes back & tells them that he forgot something. As he picks up the brown envelope, Ene’s uncle shouts at him to hold it there!
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Freddy peeps into the study & asks if he can come in? Danni says he can. He comes in & gives her a cup of tea. She is happy that he knew just what she wanted. He asks whether they can talk? She says she is in a hurry. They will talk when she is back. She scurries out & Freddy settles down to browse through her laptop.
Ene’s uncle tells Chuks that if he talks now, they will say that he talks too much. He accuses Chuks of coming to take money from his wife. Ene says it is not true. Chuks tells the man to lay off him. He should return the bride price if they want to. He is tired of being threatened. He tells the man that he will talk if they continue to disturb him. Uncle Tony asks him to go ahead. Chuks tells him that he is aware that the whole family contributed money for his wedding! Ene’s uncle tells her that she and her aunt have been talking too much. Chuks tells him to leave his wife out of it. He leaves & comes back to get the bag he brought for Ene. Chuks & Ene burst out laughing when he left!
Salewa is waiting in the sitting room when TTK comes out. She asks if TTk is on her way out? she says yes & wonders why she asks? She says that she wants to follow her out & drop off on the way. She wants to see her father. TTK tells her that she will not be able to see him now. He is going thru some stuff now & it’s nothing she can get into now. She asks her to give it some weeks.
Phillip appears at Ziggy’s Bar. He orders a drink & sees Kwame at a table & joins him. He calls him lover boy & asks why Kwame did not tell him that she is his family friend? He would not have thrown her out. He asks if Kwame actually went to Fred to ask to date Danni? He accuses Kwame of deceiving Fred into thinking he is now a gentleman. It was all he could do to keep a straight face. Kwame is not interested & he asks him to make it easy for him by rising up to the tease! He asks after the call Kwame made to him in Ghana & Kwame says it was a waste of time, some moment of insanity. Phillip thinks it is possible Kwame realized that he was being stupid. Kwame tells him that he has some apologizing to do. Phillip asks if he is drunk on that one glass? Kwame asks how Ghana went? Phillip imitates a Ghanaian accent and says that the place is fine but it was all work work work.
Chuks gives Ene a massage. Se enjoys it& when she starts laughing, he asks if she is tickled? She says that she loved the look on her Uncle T’s face when he told him off. She asks what they will do if Uncle T call his bluff & returns the bride price? Chuks thinks he will not do that. Ene tells him that the man will tells the story as if Chuks is the one that started it all. Chuks tells her that it may be better for her as he is not rich enough to keep her. She tries to stop him but he continues. She stops him by planting a kiss on his face.
Masters asks how Dan is getting along in his new accountant’s role? He says he is coming up to speed. He notices some people hanging around & gets up so that they an attend to customers. 47 takes over the seat & collects money from the customers as he dispenses the drugs. The money goes to Dan! He argues with one of the customers & the next one trips over Dan’s leg & that gets him a slap from one of the boys. Dan stops them & 47 hails him for learning fast. 47 gets up with his loot & Ota comes around to greet Dan but Dan jumps when he sees him!

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Barrister Ahmed is impressed with Dan. They however ask him to get them more solid stuff especially on Angela. From his side of the barrier, he asks them to swap places with him so that they see how easy it is!


Danni calls Kwame from the Ade-Williams’ kitchen to invite him out for them to talk at Ziggy’s. He asks if she is okay and she says she is good. He wants to talk but she says they will talk when they see. He asks if she is upset with him but she tells him to wait till they see.
Ene is worried that Chuks is in her office. She does not want Brenda to see him. He asks if he is now a visitor? She tells him that she is on shaky ground. She is the one they send on errands instead of Feke who is the subordinate. He tells her that if she was in agreement with him, she would have quit this job a long time ago. She asks after his fashion design? He says it is tied to his Grab business. Ene tells him that it is more like the Grab business is tying down his fashion design. She asks how long he thinks it will take people to slim down to fit into his tiny design? He says she should leave the convincing to him. She asks why he is not using that ability to convince the same people to buy his design? That got him thinking.
Fred tells Sheila about his visit to Dan. He says he has never seen Dan like that. Sheila asks if he provoked Dan in any way? He screams that he never even allowed him to talk. He wonders why Sheila will think that he is the one that irritated Dan? Sheila wonders whether Dan is having a nervous breakdown? Fred says it is the spying that is getting to him & he has taken action about it already. He has invited Miss. Denju to come & see them.
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Phillip asks Freddy why he prefers being a day student? Before he could answer, Amaka comes in and screams in delight. They greet each other & she says Freddy must be happy to see his uncle. Freddy says that Phillip has not given him what he brought for him. Phillip tells him to go upstairs to his room where he will find a suitcase in his name. Amaka asks how the shoot of River Riders went? She wants to see the film but Phillip is not ready to show her till the premiere. She pleads with him but he tells her that they have another drama in the house. She asks which one? He tells her it is about the house guest and Kwame becoming a regular visitor to the house. Amaka looks away.
Chuks tells Ene about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. They are still in level one and need to get to level two. Ene tells him that she needs to get back to work. He tells her to wait. He wants to tells her how this will add up to their lives. She tells him that whatever does not add up to his life is not interesting. He tells her that her problem is that she is looking for a quick fix. If you plant corn, you sample for a few days but if you plant palm kernel, you have to wait for years. Ene tells him that she is not day to wait for that long & he needs to get back to his fashion design or …
Fred asks Kaneng why they need to continue with Dan’s spying? They need to re-think the scheme as Dan cannot handle it. She says they have not reached that level yet. Sheila asks if it will not be worse if Dan suffers another nervous breakdown? Kaneng tells them to focus on the end result for now but Sheila wonders what positive can come out of it? Fred asks what will happen even if Dan finds out something about Alhaji Abubakar? What if someone decides to take revenge? Kaneng says the police will take Dan out sheila asks her to confirm that this is expressly stated in the agreement with the police. When she could not do that, Fred says he will call Sankey. Kaneng says she will meet with Sankey & sort this out.
Phillip admits that Danni is hot & Amaka asks him to think with his head, please. He backs off but says Danni must have a lousy taste in men if she is into Kwame. Amaka thinks that Danni is mixed-up inside. She is not a bad person but she says and does things without thinking. Phillip laughs & says she must have told Amaka the truth about herself! Amaka smacks him playfully & says she does not see Adanna as the perfect angel everyone thinks she is. He sees her as a sultry she-devil or a sex siren! Kwame will kill you if he hears you talk about her like that, Amaka tells him! Amaka is not completely fooled by Danni’s arts performance and the bike ride she offers them. Phillip stops her and asks who rode on the bike?
Chuks visits Soji who is packing. He asks if Soji is preparing for his trip to Kenya? Soji says no, packing is his hobby. He asks Chuks why he is frowning? Chuks says it is Ene. Soji asks what happened again? He says he went to talk to Ene as a human being but she instead gave him an ultimatum. Soji asks what he did? He says he walked out on her. Soji tells him to go back and apologize. He was the same person that was advising him when Bimpe gave him an ultimatum. It is Chuks’s turn & he must listen now. Chuks says Ene can do her worst. Soji tells him that it looks like they need marriage counseling. Chuks says that Ene is a woman and will come around when he starts making his millions.
Kaneng meets with Sankey and Ahmed to discuss Dan’s case. She tells them that she met with the Ade-Williams and they are all concerned about Dan’s safety. She is worried too. Sankey tries to assure her that she will do everything to ensure that Dan is safe. She tells Sankey that she is not just talking about now but even after the judgement. Sankey tells her that they have the cooperation of the prosecution & the prison authorities. Dan needs to come up with information they can use to indict Masters. Kaneng asks whether she means that Dan will have to produce damning information before they can assure his safety? Sankey says that is not exactly what she meant but Ahmed confirms that that is what they mean! She asks what use it will be if the man is not alive long enough to do that?
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Danni meets Kwame who jumps up to pull out the seat for her and compliments her looks. He apologizes for putting her in an awkward situation. She says it is okay. She is cool now with Phillip. Kwame asks if she knew him and she tells him that she and Phillip were formally introduced at the house. He tells her that he has been thinking about the wheelchair and the chains and it brought up feelings he felt he has dealt with in the past. As he stumbles along, she rubs his hands & when he kisses her hand, she takes her hand back. He stops and starts again and says that he sleeps better now. She tells him that we all need to be like that sometimes. He tells her not to ask him to do that again. He got to re-discover himself & says he is blabbing but she tells him that he is making sense.
Chuks complains to Erastus that the problem is getting bigger. Even his wife is not supporting him. The guy tells him that his wife will come along. Chuks agrees but asks where he will sell the new batch of products? Erastus asks if he has exhausted all his options? Chuks says he has. Erastus tells him that he is disappointed in him. He saw a different person from the myopic whining fellow sitting in front of him!
Kaneng is disappointed at Sankey and Ahmed and says that if she had known they were that callous, she would not have agreed to the deal. Sankey tells her that all is not lost. The prison warders are watching. Kaneng reminds them that some warders are on Masters’s employ. Ahmed tells him that they are not in the business of dispensing favours. If they do not insist on results, Dan may not need to do anything but string them along. Sankey tells her that Dan has to get them information to indict Masters or there will be no deal.
Kwame tries to explain what happened between him and Phillip to Danni and how he got to stay in Phillip’s house. He is going house hunting the next day and wants Danni to come along. Danni says she is not annoyed at him. She was busy with her thesis when she was not picking his calls. He tells her that he did not get to tell her the his words; please stay. Danni gets up and leaves.
Erastus tells Chuks that he is hung up on retailing the Grab product. He can get commissions from signing up additional sellers under his name and get paid a commission on that. He says that it looks like a pyramid scheme to him. He tells Chuks that there is also another way to make money out of the scheme. He can create accounts for six imaginary sellers and get paid commission on that. Chuks is worried that the accounts are imaginary. Erastus tells him that the Grab people never check the authenticity of the accounts but tells Chuks that he is not saying he should go that way.
Kwame meets Danni outside trying to mount her bike. He begs her to stay but she tells him that it is not possible. She has her project to complete and they also do not know each other like that. He tells her to go & come back to him. She tells him that she has things to do & they do not even know each other like that. He tells her that she knows all there is to know about him. He never held back. She tells him that maybe he does not know enough about her. She has things to go. She mounts her bike and rides away.
Dan is roused from sleep by 47 and asks what it is? 47 hands him a notebook. Masters says he should balance the account before tomorrow morning.

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Chuks tells Ene’s uncle that he can return the dowry if he likes. He tells the guy that he knows his story too. Ene tries to stop him but he tells the guy that he heard how the whole family contributed money to pay his bride price on behalf.


Kwame tries to call Danni who is not picking his calls while Brenda watches from behind him. She asks him who it is? He tells her to stop being Gestapo-like with him. She hopes it is not who she thinks it is. She grabs his phone and it is Danni. She asks what happened & he tells her. She tells him that the way he was going, he needed some intervention. He asks if she called Phillip to come back? She says she just mentioned it to him & wonders how he came back so fast?
Chuks calls Ene. He feels like he is drowning. She tells him not to worry & to check if he sold expired Grab to the customer. He checks and says they are not expired. He wonders whether the customer went to some crazy pepper soup joint before coming to Ziggy’s Bar. She tells him that her meeting is about to start. She will think about new ideas and call him back. He calls Erastus and tells him what the problem is. Erastus thinks it is just a bump on his road to success. Chuks asks that they meet at Ziggy’s to plan strategy but Erastus thinks it is a bad idea considering what happened. They agree to meet at Chuks’s instead.
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Phillip comes to meet Fred who just finished checking his BP. It is a wonderful surprise & Phillip says he does not realize how much he missed the place. Fred asks why he did not come home for Christmas? He says he just finished shooting and they are in post-production. He asks after Sheila who has gone to see Dan. As they talk, Freddy comes out & greets Phillip enthusiastically. As they greet, Phillip looks up & sees Danni who is also not feeling too eager to show her face.
Erastus tells Chuks that he missed the opportunity presented by that irate customer. The customer overdosed on Grab tea and luckily there are other Grab products that act as antidotes to the overdose. Chuks asks how he should proceed? Erastus tells him to think out of the box and not continue to do things the same way. He should look for other outlets like supermarkets, other offices, etc.
Fred introduces Danni to Phillip as their house guest. Danni was Monica’s friend in America. Danni and Phillip pretend not to have met. Phillip asks if Danni is enjoying her stay and making friends? Fred says she is teaching salsa and asks after her friends? Fred says he has not seen that young man in a while. He expects him to have stopped by. Phillip asks which young man, but Danni tells them that Freddy was going to show her how to use something & Fred excuses them to continue their art project.
Chuks calls Ene and tells her that he has found a solution to his problem. He has found an additional stream of income. She asks if he has been talking to Erastus? He tells her that she will now sell Grab tea in her office. She says no way. She is still struggling to retain her job with that Feka babe breathing down her neck. She is not going to jeopardize her job by selling that thing in the office. Chuks rails about her not being proud of his business and he will remember that when he becomes a millionaire.
Masters comes to meet Dan who asks what happened? There is supposed to have been a search five hours ago. Masters says it depends on how thorough the search is. Dan says that Masters lied to him. Masters says hat he gave Dan an incentive. As they were talking, Bello and two warders march in and deal Ota a slap. He asks what the issue is? They show him a key and says he is planning to escape. He says he has never seen that key. They tell him they saw it in his tin of milk. He takes a look at Dan and Masters as they march him out.
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Fred & Phillip about Dan. He says he will go & see Dan but Fred advises against it. Phillip asks after the house guest. Fred says that it might be uncomfortable for Phillip considering his issues with Phillip before Phillip left. Phillip wonders what that has to do with the discussion? Fred says the young man they are talking about is Kwame. Kwame is courting Adanna & actually came to ask for permission to court Adanna. Phillip agrees that that is surprising. Fred tells him that moral decadence is a serious issue these days as so many young people cannot wait to jump into bed. He tells Phillip to take a leaf from Kwame. Phillip agrees completely & says he will follow Kwame’s example to the letter!
Chuks and Bimpe look through his collection of clothes. She argues with the selection. He suggests that she uses one of those short skits she did for Black Ananse to promote Gab products. She tells him that now that she is a brand, she is careful about what she promotes. Chuks tells her that she will then be promoting Grab products. She tells him sorry, but Grab does not do it for her!
47 comes to fetch Dan who is not happy with them. He asks why Masters wants to get rid of Ota? 47 tells him that Masters simply tested him. He asks what that has to do with Ota? 47 says Ota was just collateral damage.
Chuks poses beside his Grab products in light-green shirt, a darker shade of tie & brown suit as Soji takes his pictures. He tells Soji that he is the only friend he has. He complains about Bimpe truning him down. Soji tells him that Bimpe has been helping him in the past & suggests that he ask Ene to sell some in Odyssey. He tells him that he asked Ene first but she turned him down.
Dan meets Masters in the wood workshop & Masters asks why he is nervous? He tells Masters that a stab is a stab whether it is in the front or the back. Masters tells him that there is a chance of survival with a stab in the back. Dan asks if he wants Ota to turn against him? He has jumped all Masters’s hoops. Masters asks what he wants? A medal of honor? Masters asks what he wants? He asks for a hit, for starters!
Danni is sitting dejectedly when Sheila gets back & asks how she is? She says she is ok but asks Sheila for advice about her project. She feels kind of conflicted with some stuff she started for her project. She feels bad about it but feels she has to complete it. Sheila asks if the thing involves other people like what she did with Monica? She advises Danni to think about her projects before she stats. She thanks Sheila for the advice & sits there as Freddy watches from behind her.
Fred comes to visit Dan & starts fretting over his condition in the prison. He keeps asking after his condition till they start shouting at each other. After a while, Dan gets up and leaves as Fred screams.

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Ahem tells Danju that Dan is in prison. Miss Danju argues that it is dangerous & Sankey tells her that her client has to get them information implicating Alhaji Abubakar in the next three week before the trial!


Dan asks whether Masters wants him to put Ota in trouble? Masters tells him that he is paying full attention. He says that he cannot do that. Ota is due for an early release & putting a black mark on him will destroy his chances at early release. Masters says that Dan is following him. Dan asks if Ota annoyed Masters? He can talk to Ota& they will sort out the issues. Masters says that Ota irritates him. Dan says that it will destroy Ota’s effort at early release. Masters tells him that he thought he will be up to the challenge. As he leaves, Dan says he is ready. Masters tells him not to let anyone force him into anything.
Kwame and Danni come up for air under the covers. He says that was…and she says unexpected? He agrees that is one way of looking at it. She hopes that it was not too painful? He asks if she meant the chains? She says everything. He tells her that as she is the one that had him in chains, he thinks it is a take no prisoners situation. That is not what she means. He tells her that he has two words for her and before he could say so Phillip walks in and shouts WTF!
TTK meets a patron at the bar & tries to chat the guy up, saying he must be new as she has not seen him before but the guy is not responding. She leaves the guy and goes to the bar to ask what is going on? The whole bar is empty save for the sole customer and Ohakannu who is sleeping on the couch. She wakes Ohakanu up to go to his house. She claims he is bringing down the tone of the place. Ohakanu says he is not the one. He asks TTK to read the note they left for him. TTK grabs the note from Afi. It reads, “we miss you Ziggy” and is signed by Ziggy’s former customers. She wonders what they mean by that?
Phillip asks Kwame what he is doing in his flat, his bed, and with some cheap floozie? Danni, who is shocked they are in Phillip’s flat protests being called a floozie. Kwame tells Phillip that it is not as it seems. Phillip tells him that he read about the movies but hopes he is not shooting it in his house. He sees the wheelchair and chains and asks what kinky games Kwame is up to? Kwame asks him to step out and allow the lady make herself decent & he steps out but promises to see Kwame downstairs.
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Dan walks into the room & Ota asks what is going on? Dan drags him aside and tells him that a lot is going on but he should stay away from it. He asks what is going on and is surprised that Dan is spending so much time with Masters. He presses Dan for what he is discussing with Masters? Is it drugs? Is Dan on that stuff again? Dan tells him to stop and leave him alone as he walks away.
Kwame comes downstairs to meet Phillip and apologizes for Phillip’s room. Phillip tells him it is not about the room. He wonders how Kwame could come back to the house? Kwame says he left but Brenda threw him out. He needed a place to crash and as he paid the rent and they are still friends… Phillip cuts him off & tells him to pack his stuff & leave as soon as his lady friend is out of the house. Danni comes downstairs & rejects Kwame’s offer to see her off.
Chuks calls Erastus, the Grab guy. The guy insists that he can only get the tea if he buys a full carton of Grab. It is not available but he will let Chuks have his own supply as soon as he transfers funds. Chuks will do the transfer right away. He tells Chuks to dream big as he clicks off. Chuks do the transfer & as Ene comes in, he grabs her. She tells him to leave her. She is tired. He tells her that his palm itches and asks if she knows what it means? She asks if it means that he has craw craw? He says no! it means that money is coming. He will soon fill Ziggy’s with all the Grab they can drink.
Kaneng meets Dan in prison. He looks horrible & she asks what happened to him? He says he is dying in there but quickly changes subjects. She suggests he calls off the spying! He manages to convince her that he is up to it. He is just starting and will finish what he has started. He asks if she is also giving up on him? She says no. He is getting closer & will do it.
Brenda stands up to go in when Kwame walks in. She turns & sees him with his bags but does not show so much surprise. She flops down on the sofa & shouts welcome back at him as he walks into the room without responding to her greetings.
TTK hands a questionnaire each to Afi and Frank and tells them it will be used to collect data about the way she runs the bar. She has made it as easy as is possible as she knows that it is not everyone that is sharp among them. She asks Frank to read the questionnaire. He reads and under her withering gaze, they continue to score her the highest until a customer walks in and disrupts their discussion with a loud shout asking if TTK is the woman running this excuse of a bar?
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Masters asks how they are getting along with their little assignment? Dan says he has not had a chance to do anything. Masters asks if he has lost his nerves? He asks 47 to hand Dan the key. In about 20 minutes, there will be a thorough search of all the prisoners in Ota’s cell. If the key is not found in Ota’s belongings, he will know which side Dan is on. 47 will be watching him.
The irate customer tells TTK that this dive has cost him a lot in cancelled flights, and hospital bills. TTK takes exception at Ziggy’s being called a dive. The irate guy says that he used to be a regular at Ziggy’s when it was Ziggy’s. The other day, he came with all his 10 friends to the bar but they ended up in the hospital after drinking ginger tea. If they do not remove the tea from the bar, he will personally do so. At that moment, Chuks coming into the bar with his carton heard the guy & covers the carton so that the guy does not see it. As she turns right back, TTK asks him to stop right there.
Fred meets Danni in his study. As he turns to leave, she begs him to stay as she quickly shuts the laptop she is looking at. He tells her that he notices that she has been away a lot of late. That means she is progressing on her project. He is happy at that but also not happy that she will be leaving them soon. He will leave her to continue her work. She re-opens the laptop after he is out the door.
TTK berates Chuks for spoiling the name of the bar with his ginger tea. He tells her that there must be a mistake. He has a lot of other customers that use the tea and their skin is clear and it works well for them. Chuks tells her that he has ordered for additional tea so that the bar will not run out of supplies. TTK asks Frank to go to the store and bring the remaining tea. She stones him with the tea and says if he as much as brings it near the bar again, she will personally make sure he does not run any business in that town again.
Dan, escorted by 47 walks in and 47 orders the prisoner sitting beside Ota away. Dan sits down and apologizes to him for his rash behavior previously. He has been under a lot of pressure. He gives Ota a bundle containing powdered milk. Ota is over the moon & thanks Dan profusely. He will keep the milk for them to share later. Dan tells him to start eating from the milk immediately but Ota insists that he cannot eat the special delicacy alone! He will keep it for their celebration. Dan continued to urge him to go ahead immediately as 47 escorts him away. He looks on distressed as Ota hides the bundle under his shirt!


Dan collapses & Masters & his boys make fun of him. He struggles to his feet & as he staggers out of the place, he steps on Salewa’s picture & stops. That brought out more laughter from the crowd.
Soji calls Salem to come so that they can go out. He came out gaily dressed & Soji hails him. Salem tells him that he has something to tell him. He tells him about KB. Soji is quite furious at him & expresses his disappointment. Harriet & her cameraman are packing up to leave. Bimpe is disappointed. She only asked for time off, not a suspension of the show. Harriet says she is not sure that the show will be a success but they gave it their best. As she fiddles with a bouquet of flowers, Bimpe reminds her that it is a gift from Soji. Harriet reminds her that they invented the gift for the show but she says it is still romantic. Harriet removes her microphone from the flower pot & keeps it back. Bimpe promises to call her when she gets a new phone.
Kwame rushes into the master bedroom, hides an envelope under the pillow & asks Danni in. She likes the room & asks why he does not sleep there? He asks if she wants the truth? Always! This is the room where the suicide took place. She tells him nice try but he insists it is the truth. She says the room is the perfect place for what they want to do. She asks him to undress & he says that she should have simply asked if she wanted to see him naked. He takes off his shirt revealing some seriously rippling muscled six packs as she pulls out metal chains! She asks him to sit on the wheelchair & goes ahead to tie him to the chair with the chain.
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Danni asks Kwame if he is okay. He says he is never better. She tells him that the chains represent everything that has been holding him back; his fears, insecurity, etc. The purpose of the art experiment is to demonstrate the past that is keeping him away from moving on. He asks what he is to do? She fishes out a camera & snaps off pictures.
Dan gists with Masters in the wood workshop. Masters says he heard that Dan had a visitor. Dan says yes. That is why he came late to the workshop. Masters wonders why a man that claims to have turned his back on the world will be receiving visitors? Dan says it is his lawyer & his reason is for seeing is her is to use up any chance to see a woman. Masters asks him to meet him outside.
Soji knocks on Bimpe’s door & she jumps up & cleans her face first before she asks him in. He asks what is on her face? She gies back to clean her face properly. She tells him that the camera men are not shooting. He is happy because they need to talk off camera. He has been calling her but she is not answering. She claims she took her phone for repairs. He tells her that he spoke with someone earlier in the day & he learnt a lot from the discussion. As he rambles on, a confused Bimpe asks him what he is talking about? He says that he realizes that he has not been appreciating her enough. She says it is true. He then gives her a present for what she did earlier in the day. It is from him & Salem. She jumps up & plasters kisses on his face.
Kwame is still tied down on the wheelchair while Danni films him & he cracks some dry jokes while she films. After a while, he let’s out a scream as he struggles to break free of the chains!
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Bimpe admires her phone & tells Soji that he did not need to do it. He says he wanted to do so. She says that Salem did not keep his promise not to tell Soji. Soji says that the guilt was killing the poor guy. Bimpe threatens to deal with KB if she catches him but Siji begs her to call him next time & not handle it herself. He tells her that there is a message waiting for her on her new phone. She reads the message & he is inviting her to accompany him to Kenya. She is happy to join him.
Kwame is crying on the wheelchair & Danni the videographer has some tears too. She finally drops the camera & unties him. She tries to hold him but he pushes her away. She held on & starts kissing him & from kisses, he lifts her off her feet & they end up on the large bed.
Dan comes in to meet Masters at their rendezvous. The other people run off. Masters tells him that he has been thinking of all he said & it is time for them to re-shuffle things. Dan looks on perplexed. He tells Dan to give Ota a black mark!

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Phillip opens the door to his room & meets Kwame & Danni entwined on his bed!


Kwame is quite annoyed with Danni for trying to put him back in the wheelchair & will not touch the chair. Danni tells him that while he is walking about confidently, his mind still lack that confidence. He needs to get committed to getting all these issues out of his kind. He tells her that she is the one that needs commitment! She tells him that her art is about finding out the truth & that’s what she wants to help him do. He is not interested & walks into the kitchen.
Fred discusses Dan’s work for the police with Kaneng. He is not happy at the risky nature of the role, etc. She tells him that Dan’s safety is her first priority. He knows what he is getting into & the police will be monitoring the whole thing to ensure he is safe. She is also keeping a close eye on things & will pull the plug if she thinks he is at risk. Fred wonders if there is a job description for a police mole? He asks for how long this will be on for? She tells him that the court date for Alhaji Abubakar is close by & once they get a conviction, Dan will be free. Fred is worried at what will happen if they Di not get the conviction.
Kwame comes out of the kitchen & shouts at Danni but realizes that she has left without the wheelchair. As he looks around surprised, Brenda waltzes in & says that she heard that he is squatting in Phillip’s flat but had to see it for herself to believe it. He tells her that it is not a good moment for her to talk to him but she continues. She thought he made enough money from those his films to rent a hotel room. He tells her that he paid for the rent & has a right to the house! She wonders what happened to his self-respect? She is sure that Phillip is not aware that he is staying in his house! He asks her if she has been talking to Phillip behind his back? She stumbles in the wheelchair & the shock stops her from continuing!
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Brenda gingerly walks towards Kwame & asks if he is okay? Is there anything wrong with his back or his leg? He tells her he is okay & he asks what the wheelchair is for? He tells her to ask Phillip, the owner of the house! She peers into his face & says that he has been acting strange of late & he tells her to define strange. She asks if he made a weird call to Phillip recently? He asks her to define weird! She takes a good look at him & ties the weird call to the bizarre trip he made to her house with Danni! She hopes that all these have nothing to do with that Danni! He tells her that as usual, she is bothered because someone else is pulling the strings instead of herself. She is surprised that he is allowing Danni to pull him by the strings as she walks out.
Bimpe comes into Soji’s house & asks Salem what he has been up to lately? He says he is okay. She asks after preparations for their Nairobi trip? He says it is going well. As he makes his way into the room, she asks him who the animal he is fighting with is? That stops Salem in his tracks.
Dan walks into the games room & sits beside Masters as a game of table tennis goes on. He asks who Masters is betting on but reminds himself that Masters does not bet. He is the house! He rambles on but Masters keeps quiet. He suggests that two of them try their hands on a game one of these days. Maybe he will have more luck in table tennis against Masters than he has had in chess! He however remembers that he has never seen Masters break sweat! Masters tells him that he seems to be doing well in his new found hobby. Hobby? Horse-riding, Masters tells him. He understands that to mean use of heroine in street parlance!
Salem says that he did not fight with anyone. Bimpe ells him that she saw I’m with her own eyes! He wonders how that is possible & she tells him that there are hidden cameras in the house. He is shocked as he thought he had disconnected all the cameras. He realizes that the game is up & comes clean. He gave money to his friend KB for his passport but he is asking him to pay N50,000 or he will not release Salem’s birth documents. She asks if he is mad? How can he be asking for such money? She orders Salem to call the guy to come. She will handle him herself!
Kwame invites Soji to join him in drinking at Ziggy’s. Soji hesitates but eventually joins him & orders for a Ginger ale. Kwame recounts the first time they met & what they have gone through together. When he gets to Telema, Soji says he has been wondering how long it will take before her name came up? Kwame believes they have changed but Soji tells him that he is still the same old manipulative Kwame & gets up & walks away.
A warder leads Dan to a room to meet Masters & 47. The warder curtsies to Masters before going out. Dan sees Salewa’s picture on the floor among straws & his attention keeps going back to the picture. Masters hands him their records & a pack of heroine as his pay. As he turns to leave, Masters tells him not to leave so fast.
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As other prisoners continue to stream in to collect their rations, Masters wonders why Dan is in a hurry to leave? He tells him to relax & have a game of chess with him. 47 & his group set up a bench for the game but Dan’s eyes keep going back to the picture on the floor! He complains that he is not in a good mood for the game. Masters wonders why Dan is not like others who do not waste time in using the heroine once they get their hands on the product. Dan would rather be alone when he shoots up.
KB comes in to meet Salem & is surprised to see Bimpe. He asks if that is Salem’s bodyguard? He is not afraid of any woman. A fearful Bimpe musters courage & asks him to hand over Salem’s documents. He refuses & Bimpe tells him that two of them can come up successfully against him. He scoffs at the suggestion. Bimpe asks Salem to approach from the back & grab his documents. She pushes him on as he hesitates & two other guys walk in when KB whistles. Bimpe clings onto Salem & asks KB to tell his goons to leave. As they retreat, Bimpe asks him to hand over the documents before the police comes. She tells him that they are currently seeing him on hidden cameras. Which hidden camera?
Kwame calls Danni to ask her what he needs to do with the wheelchair?
KB looks at one of the video cameras in Soji’s studio & tells Salem that he could have made some money from selling the camera which he will use to pay up the debt & get his documents back. Bimoe reminds him that the police is seeing him blackmailing them & they will soon arrive to arrest him for the crime. KB tells her that Salem paid him to obtain a fake birth certificate for him & that is also a crime so if the police comes, they will not be arresting him alone. Bimpe tells him that they do not have the kind of money he is asking for. He tells her to give up her phone in exchange. She says she will give him a recharge card instead. He collects the recharge card & tells them to call him when they are ready to pay. As he turns to leave, she calls him back & reluctantly hands over her phone. Salem thinks she should not do it. KB is happy at the expensive phone & calls his people in who hand over the document to Salem as they disappear.
Masters says that Dan’s game has improved since the last time they played! Dan says he has been practicing. Masters wonders when they allow chess boards in death row? Dan says he has been playing mental chess. Masters smiles & says that Dan really needs their product. Dan tells him that he will take the product when he is through with the game. He calls 47, & tells him to come & help Dan with the product. 47 grabs Dan’s left hand & shoots the drug forcefully into his arm. Dan’s face twists & he starts to scream as the effects of the drug sets in!

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A bare-chested & sweating Kwame sits on the wheelchair & Danni picks up a roll of chain lying on the floor.