Bimpe walks out and meets Dafe watching her recorded diary. She snatches the laptop. He is happy that she took his advice. She asks if that is why he is letting himself behave like Spanner? The boy that snooped around her laptop. He thinks it will make a good series. He is not getting any of her films for any series or telenovela. He thinks it will be a hit but she tells him the only thing that gets hit is his head. She orders him out of her house.
Nosa gets up from the floor and thinks that Brenda should add bashing his head in as one of her achievements. She does not think he should blame everything on his not being laid. He complains about her lying but she is not bothered as she had apologized. He says his house is in disarray because he tried to renovate it for her. She does not care. He will complete his renovation and move out of her house and find someone that can meet his needs since she can’t.
Dafe comes back and Bimpe asks if he is through with vexing? He has decided to forget everything and celebrate with her. He asks what she is reading! Obituary. At least that is one area she is not in.
Dr. Gyang asks what Laide is talking about the company? Laide tells him she is saying this because she is bothered about the company. The security contract Amaka talked about, she already has decided to give it to her friend’s company. Dr. Gyang is furious and is going to confront Amaka. Laide tries to stop him but he won’t stop. He will not say she told him.
Dr. Gyang reviews things with Amaka and gets around to the security contract. She says they talked about it and he agreed. He says he had thought about it again and does not think it is the best thing now with all the projects they have. Did she think it through? She says she has decided to suspend that. He is surprised but asks her to concentrate on important things in the future.
Brenda comes out to meet the reception littered with gifts. She asks Feke where it is from? They are from Nosa. She calls him and he apologizes for stepping over the line and wants them to start afresh. She asks after the gifts but he insists she is worth all of them. He invites her out for lunch. She asks Feke to pack all the gifts up and return those that still have the receipts. Feke tries to argue but Brenda shuts her down.
Bimpe is drunk and tells Dafe about her lows in life like seducing Reginald, chasing Phillip, her relationship with Soji, etc.
Amaka tells Laide about her encounter with Dr. Gyang. She does not understand why he plucked the security contract out of nowhere and he sounded condescending. Laide thinks he may have heard of the facility tour given to Tsav or he is lining up his own arrangement. She offers to talk to him but Amaka says no. She can handle it.
Nosa apologizes to Brenda again and she asks him to stop. He is ready to make things up and asks what he needs to do? She fills him in about Linda and the tests, etc. his phone keeps ringing and she asks him to pick it he tells his manager that he saw all the 15 missed calls and insists that the show is cancelled. He tells Brenda that he cancelled a show and the manager is behaving as if heavens have fallen. He has decided to concentrate in his family today.
Amaka fills Mr. Horsfall on her spat with Dr. Gyang. He thinks dr. Gyang will think that Tsav being Sheila’s brother will give him undie advantage. Amaka reminds him that she is not in good terms with Sheila. She apologizes for not getting him an office yet. He does not need it now. He is leaving town briefly.
Brenda is shocked to see her house littered with paper. Nosa says he tried to bake. It helps him calm his nerves. He tried to bake a little pancake, pies, etc. she did not know that she married a pastry chef. She is bothered about his behavior. He wonders what she is talking about? She shows him their joint account statement and finding out that he spent a part of their money on the gifts!
Bimpe and Dafe continue to knock back drinks till she is drunk and starts talking about her hair itching because she needs to fix it. She sleeps off and he sneaks off with her laptop.
Tsav asks how Amaka’s day went? She was dodging cannons all day. She tells him that the security contract will no longer work. He is surprised but accepts it and hopes they can still be friends even when he is broke? She asks if he is going broke and he tells her that now that he cannot get the contract?
Nosa tells Brenda that he did not spend the money in their joint account to buy her presents. He spent it on buying supplies for the new baby! The baby that is not conceived yet? He says the baby will be conceived eventually and because he did not know if it is a boy or girl, he was forced to order both sets of cloths! Brenda is shocked at his spending money on things that are not important when they still have a lot of future expenses! Nosa starts talking about lack of salt in the food they ate at the restaurant. She tells him that Angela must be right about him. The depression, irrational things etc. All is not well. He asks if she is calling him mad and aims a blow at her mouth before she screams at him!

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Chuks and Frank walks in on Ibuzor discussing with some guys and he asks if that is how Ibuzor has betrayed him? Ibuzor asks if he forgot to take his medicine again? He tells the guys he is discussing with that Chuks is his ward and sometimes he forgets his medication!