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Greg meets Bimoe typing away on his laptop behind his desk. He asks what she is doing? She tells him that she is chilling. He asks why she is doing it behind his desk! She says we learn every day.
The TV in Ziggy’s announces Fred’s passing on at 68. The bar breaks out in a cacophony of sounds. The president has made a statement, etc. Frank calls Chuks to tell him about it. Chuks asks him to find out how Salewa is doing. He remembers that Fred took Ziggy off the streets and Ziggy never forgot him. They agree that they need to celebrate Fred. Chuks says he will be there the next day for them to decide what to do. Frank suggests that they stream Fred’s old movies. Chuks agrees.
Greg asks what Bimpe is doing? She begs him to do her a favour and get her script from the green room. He agrees to get it for her on his way back. Meanwhile she should stay behind the desk doing nothing. She smiles and as soon as he leaves, she opens the laptop and continues to type away.
Angela calls Odun to get a feedback on the website that is down Odun confirms that the engineers are working on it. Meanwhile, Odyssey is trending under the hash tag #GetYourActTogether. Angela thinks Brenda is behind it but Odun reminds her that Brenda just lost her father. She says Brenda must have planned this in advance. Charles walks in and she drops the call and says she has been waiting to speak with him. Their site is down and Brenda is behind it. He tells her that he came to tell her something. It is time he makes his intentions known. Angela tells him it is not the right time.
Greg gets back and Bimpe quickly closes the laptop. He asks her to tell him that she needs his laptop. She tells him to drop it. She is going to get her laptop back soon. He tells her to accept that she needs him and she needs a laptop. She asks if that is Audu calling him? Greg asks if she is serious? She insists that she is right. He rushes out and Bimoe locks the door. He bangs on the door and asks her to open so that he collects his laptop. It is closing time. She smiles and types away.
Charles needs to get a matter off his chest. Angela asks him to go ahead. He says he kissed her the other day and now that he has thought about it, he apologizes for that. She says he is forgiven. He says he understand that she wants to ?keep them out of the staff. He now needs to…focus, Angela concludes for him. She asks if he knows the trouble he created. He says he can fix the documents and save her the company. He wants to be there for her when she cries. Angela walks away from him and tells him that what she feels for him is greater than any romantic feeling. His friendship means a lot to her. He says he does not want to be her friend. He wants to be her man. He leans in to kiss her and she gives him a huge shove leaving him sprawled on the floor!
Brenda puts her iPad away and starts fidgeting. She grabs her phone and that still did not soothe her irritation. She calls John and when he did not answer, she screams for him. She then breaks down in tears!
Phillip comes in and meets Amaka working on a list of items for the funeral. She asks if he has anything to suggest in terms of the number of days, etc. She asks what he will like to handle? He says nothing, Amaka has it all under control. Amaka says she still needs his assistance but Phillip simply walks away. Sheila joins her and asks what she is doing? She says she is juggling with a lot of things and Phillip is not helping. Sheila asks what he is doing and Amaka says he has been drinking. She asks which way he went? Amaka asks her not to confront him and she agrees. She only wants to have a word with him, she says.
Sheila sits with Phillip where he is sprawled at the pool and suggests that he helps Amaka with the planning of the funeral. He says that Amaka needs no help. Sheila tells him that it is not about him. He should join in the preparations. He insists that Amaka needs no help in being the perfect daughter. Sheila tells him that he needs to grow up. Even Freddy can give him a lesson in being an adult. He is not the only one that lost his father. He tells her that he is not making it about himself. He insists that he shot Sheila’s husband. Sheila asks if he is going to drown in that all his life? This is his new reality, she reminds him and he had better live with it.
Angela gives Charles a cup of water and asks if they can now talk about Brenda? He tells her that he will always be there to pick her no matter the number of times she falls. She says they are now on the same page. She starts talking seriously and he says something that makes her laugh he gets annoyed and says she is laughing at him and hopes she finds something to laugh about always. She asks what he means and he says he is not good enough. She reminds him that he cannot force people to love him.
Sheila asks Amaka what she wants done? She says that she has called a caterer and Sheila agrees that Fred likes the caterer. Amaka says they will not let anything distract them from giving Fred a befitting goodbye. Sheila says she does not want to say goodbye. Amaka agrees and they both start breaking down but recollect themselves. They settle down to business but Phillip comes in all sober to ask them what they want him to do?
Angela asks Charles what he meant when he said that he hopes she will always find something to laugh about? He tells her that friends wish friends well even after they are treated poorly. Angela asks if he is referring to what he did for her father? He says no but gets up, wishes her goodnight, and leaves. Angela locks her door.
Bimpe goes to get her laptop from Spanner. Spanner says she came too early. He is still working on the laptop. He shows Bimpe the dismembered laptop. Bimpe screams and asks if a trailer climbed the laptop? Spanner is surprised. She says Spanner should have told her he does not know what to do. He insists that he knows what to do but she tells him to shut up.
John comes out and sees someone loitering in their sitting room. The stranger advises him to always lock their door. He is there to see Brenda. John says it is too early to see her the man asks John not to waste his time. Brenda walks out and asks why the guy thinks she should be disturbed this early? He greets her good morning but she says she is the one to determine whether the morning is good or not he tells her he needs to ask her some questions. She reminds him that he is in a residence,her residence and not a research facility. She asks him to be gone! He says he is there to ask her some questions about her late brother, Kwame Mensah! Brenda sobers up immediately.

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Chuks asks Frank where his baby is? Frank asks if he lost the baby? Chuks tells him that it is not like that.



Bimpe kicks a sleeping Greg awake and is not happy he slept off instead of watching to see when another message pops up. He says he is sure that it did not. She asks how she can fix her laptop? He asks what the time is so that he can call one of his friends to fix it. Bimpe thinks that all guys know how to fix things? Greg asks if this is a test of his manhood? Bimpe says it is not but she is not willing to give her laptop to Greg’s friend again. They quarrel about all sorts; Bimpe’s cooking, Greg’s inability to fix the laptop and his not helping since Alali Brown started interviewing her. They eventually bet when Bimpe tells him that she can fix it without his help.
Odun comes in and shows Mimi that the obituary was signed by S. S. Akinpelu for committee of cousins and friends. He thinks that it is fake. Mimi says that newspaper must have done their checking before publishing the obituary. Odun also complains that the list does not even have Fred’s first wife. Charles come in and confirm that it is true they went to meet Brenda and confirmed it. Mimi thinks it is time for Odyssey to catch up with Reel. The others ask her to show some respect. Angela walks in and gives instruction as she is going out. Charles says poor girl behind her back. The others wonder what he means? He says that Angela feels bad for fighting with Brenda after her father died. The others are shocked to learn that Fred is Brenda’s dad.
Bimpe gives Frank her laptop to fix and tells him about betting with Greg about not needing his help to have it fixed. Frank confesses that he does not know what to do but Bimpe asks him to try. He presses some button and smoke starts coming out of the laptop. Bimpe cries out that he has killed it!
Amaka calls Phillip to complain about the obituary that Chief Akinpelu and thinks he should be called to order. She has received a number of calls from board members and journalists to ask what is happening. Phillip says he has a lot of other things to deal with now.
Bimpe insists that Frank fixes the laptop and he asks whether he spoilt it? She says he is the one that pressed a button. He asks if her laptop has an explode button? He suggests that she try his friend who is a hardware specialist. Bimpe says that all men are the same. They run to someone else whenever something is wrong. Her father fixes his transistor radio himself. Frank insists he has work to do and asks if Bimpe wants the contact or not? Bimpe asks what his percentage of the bill is? Frank insists that he is not going to share in the bill.
Angela meets the therapist in Dr. Ibrahim’s place. She says it is difficult for someone to change therapists but the woman told her to stop. She tells Angela that she only takes on clients she feels she can make a difference in their life. Angela thinks she is joking as she does not even know her. The woman says she read her file. Angela still thinks the woman is joking but she appears resolute not to take her on.
Bimpe bumps into Greg in the bar. Frank nearly ducks under the table. Greg asks her about their bet and she tells him to prepare to lose. He asks to see her at the studio and as he leaves, she accosts Frank and tells him she should have known that the cost of fixing the laptop will be exorbitant when he gave an Ikoyi address. As they talk, Sammy approach and ask if Frank is owing Bimpe money? Bimpe says he is owing her a laptop. Frank says it is not true. When they tell Sammy the story, she gives Bimpe the number of someone in Computer Village who she thinks will fix the laptop.
Dr. Gyang meets Amaka about the obituary. He says that some members of the board thinks that it is payback for the board’s refusal to back Fred’s treatment. He would have said differently till he read about Fred in the papers. Amaka apologizes and explains that things went further than they expected. She promises to carry the board along going further. Dr. Gyang says they need to discuss what this means for them going forward. She apologizes again and he tells her that he has accepted and she should save it for others. He asks after the funeral arrangements and she promises that it will be communicated.
Freddie watched Peju on The Juice who is talking about the apparent division in Fred’s family due to the omission of his wife from the obituary. Sheila comes out and switches it off saying he shouldn’t be watching that. Freddie stands up hunched and she sits him down and apologizes for not taking him into confidence from the beginning. She says she didn’t have much of a childhood and with no child of her own, it eluded her but it will not happen again. He asks why they did not include her name? Did someone think she is not a member of the family? She says yes. He says that won’t happen if granddad was around. She hugs him.
Brenda goes through the press clippings on Fred. She calls her aunt and is surprised that her aunt knew it was her. Her aunt says she sounds so much like her mother. Brenda wonders if it is a compliment or not? Her aunt says it is. She asks what the issue is? Brenda says she knows she has family. Her aunt reminds her that the last time she was around, she was not too cordial. Brenda invites her to come around and promises that it will be better than the last time.
Bimpe visits the laptop fixer who says he can fix the laptop or he is not Spanner. Bimpe reminds him that Spanner is a nickname for mechanics. The guy says he can fix the laptop but recognizes her and hails her. He says he is one of her big fans. Bimpe asks if he can fix the laptop for free since he will take a picture with her and put it on Facebook? The guy says no! He will fix it for N100,000. She screams at him and says he is trying to rip her off because she is a celebrity. He says it is even good that she is a real correct person and slashes the price to N40,000. Bimpe says she will only pay N20,000.
Amaka tells Sheila that they have all been too pre-occupied to digest what they are facing. She is also not happy at Chief Akinpelu targeting Sheila with his obituary, etc. Sheila tells her that Chief Akinpelu is trying to position himself as the head of the family but he is a joker. She says that all she owes the family now is to give Fred a befitting burial.
Angela tries to get online but calls Chales to ask if he had watched the day’s episode? Eh says he has not been able to get on. She calls Odun and he says he is also struggling. She asks if he thinks that a lot of people are trying to log on at the same time? Odun says they provided for that. Angela screams that she knows what it is; they have been HACKED!

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Angela tells Vharles that they are best friends. He tells her that he wants to be her man and leans in to kiss her.


Frank tells Bimpe that everything is working well. She tells him it is going better than planned. A profile with Alali Brown goes a wrong way. Everyone is being so nice she did not need to use her BB3 plan. Frank asks what that is? She says it is her back-up plan. She refuses to show frank in case she needs it the next time. Frank looks at what she is doing and she tells him the plan is not there. He asks if she is googling herself? She says she wants to see whatever Alali sees when she googles her. Now she is waiting for Bash. She jumps up to meet bash as he comes in.
Salewa wonders what Freddy is watching that is making him frown? He says it is nothing and asks whether she is ready for her interview? Salewa says she is not sure she is the right person to interview when Phillip and others are there. He tells her that they are liars. They lied to him about granddad and did not allow him to see Fred for the last time. Salewa sits him down and explains to him that everyone makes mistakes including adults. We just learn from those mistakes. He tells her that he gets punished when he makes mistakes. Who is punishing the adults?
Bash tells Bimpe about something that has to do with block, which Bimpe realizes is blockbuster. He asks after Greg and tells her that she must really like him to give up the movie. She says they are okay. Bash promises to deal with Greg if he messes up with Bimpe. He raises his voice and Bimpe tells him that they are okay. He asks her if she is sore? She says she is sore! She now tells him why she invited him. Someone is writing a story about her and she wants him to tell her that she is a good person when she interviews him. He tells her that he has put his ears on the table for her to record whatever she wants him to say. When it is time, he will press play.
Angela explains to her staff what happened with Brenda. They wonder why they are not aware of it? She tells them that it is the usual way Brenda works. They apologize for the way they approached her. She tells them it is okay. Now they have the right perspective. They leave and she calls Dr. Ibrahim. He asks if it is a social call? She says no and asks if he is back? He says no. His practice is taken over by Dr. Friday Majeed. He will introduce her if she wants.
Lola tears a subject apart for sending them a photoshopped picture of him which is supposed to be him at Mt. Kilimanjaro. She asks him to confirm the picture was sent by him before tearing him apart for deceiving the public. She calls for a break and the guy runs after his staff that told him it will work. He hides behind Bimpe and when the guy fires him, he begs and says we all fall to rise again. Greg approaches Bimpe to discuss something but she says she is still busy. She came to take something. He tries again but she asks him to concentrate on saving his show first.
Amaka breaks the news of Fred’s passing on to the staff but asks them to keep it under wraps till they are ready to issue a statement. They break out in different reactions. Funmi screams and the rest start talking at the same time but she asks them to stop and take things easy.
Ephraim walks in and tells Delmuah that Brenda just pulled off a good pre-emotive strike. Delmuah tells him it was unnecessary. Brenda is just using them as pawns. She hopes it is not all a game for Brenda. Ephraim gets a text from a friend saying Fred is dead. Delmuah asks if it is still a rumor but the text is confirmed. She says she will call Phillip. Brenda waltzes in and asks her for the follow-up press conference on the lack of leadership in Odyssey? Delmuah did not know that PR is a part of her job. Brenda tells her that everyone is pulling double jobs because they are a small outfit like she is being Delmuah’s PA now by reminding her about her work. Delmuah commiserates with her about the death of her father. Phillip told her when they were dating. She asks how Brenda is feeling? Brenda says she is irritable because she is not working. She sits down and is not happy they are still not working.
Greg visits Bimpe with his friend, Dafe, the sacked PR man. Bimpe is shocked. The guy introduces himself and as Greg and Bimpe discuss, he looks through Bimpe’s laptop and ask why she is downloading all these films and articles about herself?mshe tells him that Alali brown is doing a feature on her. He asks why Bimpe is doing it herself? Bimpe says she does not have a publicist yet he offers his services but Bimpe refuses because he was just fired. He says that a firing is an opportunity for a hiring. Bimpe replies that a fly that does not hear no ends up under a glass cup. He laughs and says he has something in common with Bimpe. They are both bad at telling jokes. Bimpe throws him out and when Greg approaches, she also tells him off!
Omar tells Amaka that he just heard. She says it is a difficult time for all of them. He asks if that includes Phillip? Amaka says yes, he is also having a hard time. Dan calls to ask for some documents. Amaka thinks it can all wait. Her priority now is burying Fred.
Mimi and Charlie come back to ask Angela if all is okay? She asks if they have been online? Mimi says no, she does not want to face the bloggers. Angela tells them that they have been trending since Brenda opened her mouth. They think every news is good news. Angela tells them that her inbox is full with emails from everyone. Magazines want to talk to her to hear their own side of the story. They will have to issue a press statement. Mimi wants to get on it but Angela tells her to wait. She has to be somewhere first. She leaves and she tells Charlie that he needs to come with her. He asks where they are going? They need to go and see Brenda face to face. She walks out but Charlie is still rooted to the spot till she screams his name!
Omar apologizes for being a wet blanket. Yaya asks if it is about Philip’s dad? He says they were asked to to keep it to themselves in the office. Yaya tells him that Fred was married to her sister. Omar is shocked that she kept it to herself. She replies that he was going to hear it at some point and she has mentioned it now! He tells her that Fred is the reason he went into movie making he thinks Phillip will be happy now. Yaya tells him to stop making this about himself.
Greg begs Bimpe to smile. He has done a lot to apologize for bringing Dafe to the house. She says she was looking forward to tonight but his bad belle friend spoilt it. He tries to get her to smile but she insists she has work to do. She tries to log onto her laptop but screams that it is white. Greg checks and tells her it has crashed!
Delmuah brings a copy of the press release for Brenda to review as Angela and Charlie waltz into Brenda’s office. Angela tells Charles she was right in checking the office first. Brenda asks what they are doing in her office? Angela tells her it is the same thing that made her come to her office. She starts to harass Brenda but Delmuah begs her to stop. Angela says she just started. Delmuah begs her to go away and come back another day. Angela wonders what her role in the office is now? Neighborhood snitch? Delmuah tells them that Brenda just lost her dad. Angela stops,in her tracks and says she didn’t know. Brenda says she knows now and since the commensurate commiserations eludes her she is going out. She asks Delmuah to send her an email to review.
Sheila takes a call and when Phillip walks in, she reminds him that they agreed to wait a while. He wonders what she is talking about? She tells him that she just spoke with a magazine editor who offered his condolences. He tells her that he had not spoken with anyone but wonders if Amaka had gone ahead with the press briefing? Sheila complains that she is not ready for this but Ohillip does not think that it is that bad. Cosmo walks in with newspapers but Phillip tells him to go and come back he insists that they need to see what he has so Phillip collects the newspapers and screams. Sheila asks what it is? He shows her an obituary paid for by Chief Akinpelu who lists Laide and Fred’s wife.

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Frank tries to get Bimpe’s laptop to come on but manages to fry the whole thing. Bimpe screams that he has killed it!


Bimpe walks into Ziggy’s and announces that Alali Brown will be interviewing her. They wonder why? She interviews only famous people. Bimpe reminds them that she is a celebrity but they do not completely agree. She gives them a list of questions and answers that she wants them to give. They read the scripts and laughs at the answers. Bimpe insists that they get serious as the woman will help her get to the next level. They keep laughing at her and she tells Frank to concentrate on her career while Obiora talks about her philanthropy. They ask her how? She asks if she had not been dropping change for them? They ask her if it is there or another bar? Alali Brown walks in and she goes to meet her.
Laide still does not believe that Fred is dead and asks that they show her Fred. She asks Chief that it is not true. While they mourn, Chief gets up and says that Sheila has finally killed Fred. He knows Fred was dead a while back. When Sheila came back alone from Switzerland, he knew Fred was dead. Amaka tells him to keep quiet and spare some decorum for this moment. He keeps on ranting that they have shared Fred’s property and Amaka tells him that dad just died. He asks her to stop saying dad. Amaka sees the whole thing as tiring but Chief Akinpelu promises her that it has not even started yet. While they argue, Sheila and Phillip appear to be drowning in their grief.
Alali Brown tells Bimpe that Ziggy’s brings fond memories. She knew the owner. She is happy to get to know a pop culture idol like Bimpe. Bimpe laughs and replies that she loves pop. Katy Perry is her favourite right now and she likes Roar! It makes her feel like there is a tiger inside her. The woman is taken aback but asks to interview her friends. Bimpe goes to get Frank and Obiora with their pieces of paper and asks them to keep the answers under the table. They join their table and smile mischievously. They are asked to describe Bimpe in one word. They mope at each other for a while till Frank says she is loyal and Obiora adds funny. Ohakanu pushes two of them off and sits with his glass of drink and hiccups. Alali asks if he is one of her friends? She says no but he says he is an ardent admirer and goes ahead to give a very good account! Alali concludes Bimpe is adored and asks that they head to the studio to see her at work. They leave but Ohakanu manages to squeeze in some poem before crashing on the table.
Angela is on the phone when Odun and Mimi March in as Angela gets off the phone. She tells them it is Meadow Cosmetics. They wonder why she is still talking to them? Mimi thinks she should be looking for a new sponsor. Odun asks her which sponsor will put his money in their kind of show with the negative stories around it? As they squabble, Angela asks them to stop. She takes another call from the guy at Meadow and announces to the rest that Meadow Cosmetics representative will be around in 30 minutes to discuss.
Bimpe and Alali Brown get into her office as they round off their meeting. Everyone stands at a halt and Audu welcomes her warmly. He says they were just wrapping up and considering an important suggestion Lola made. Bimpe suggests they bring in a fan or an admirer to come and tell their subject how he or she had inspired them? Audu likes that better than Lola. As he leaves, Alali brown asks Bimpe how she quickly came up with that? She says it is a little voice in her head.
Freddy drops Fred’s slippers into the swimming pool and starts filming them with his cellphone. Salewa asks why he did that? He replies that they belong to Fred. He won’t be needing them again.
The Meadow Cosmetics staff walk in and Angela introduces him to Odun and Mimi. He asks why he is meeting them! Angela says it is to show him that they do not have disgruntled staff. His phone rings and he says it is his boss. He replies yes sir and tells Angela that his boss has instructed that he stops the discussion till they know who the substantive CEO of Odyssey is. Angela tells him she is the one but he tells her that Brenda thinks otherwise.
Alali tries to interview Lola about her experience in transitioning from Bimpe’s rival to colleague? Before she answers, Bimpe coughs loudly and Lola says well, working with Bimpe has been an eye opener. Bimpe is Bimpe.
Sheila tells the others that they are all pained by Fred’s demise. She will however ensure that Fred’s final rites goes well. Amaka suggests they convene another meeting later to discuss further. Chief Akinpelu gets up with Laide in tow but tells them not to get comfortable because he will be back.
Mimi and Nnenna shows Angela Brenda’s interview on the Juice. She claims that her brother’s company needed help and that is why she moved. Peju asks what she will do now that her brother’s company no longer needs her? She replies that she never left the company. She is still the CEO of Odyssey!
Amaka tells Sheila that she will need to get back to the office. Sheila leaves and Amaka tells Phillip to go and break the news to Brenda. Phillip wonders why? Brenda did not attend the meeting. Amaka convinces him that he needs to go and break the news to Brenda. It is better she hears it from family than from the news. That is what his father will do.
Bimpe wonders what Lola is telling Alali? She asks Greg why he patted her bum? He tells her it is because she is his girl. She asks him to lose the attitude. She is not his property. He says he thought their relationship was growing stronger. She says he is probably not doing enough. He asks if she wants him to take her to his parents? She reminds him that he has not even taken her to his friends. He says he will do that when he is ready.
Brenda commends Peju on the excellent editing of the day’s show. As she gets off the phone, someone knocks and it is Phillip. He walks in stiffly and asks why she did not attend the meeting? If it was not important, he would not have called her. She tells him that his idea of important is different from hers. She does not have any more money to give for Fred’s treatment. Phillip tells her he is dead. She screams that it is not true and then starts hitting him till she pushes him out of the house. She then breaks down and starts screaming!

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The subject being interviewed on The Scope suddenly jumped up and run after a young man that just entered who he accused of ruining his career!


Phillip joins Sheila and she tells him they were worried about him. They both break down and then Freddy comes in screaming that he cannot wait any longer. They quickly clean their faces and try to explain to him. He tells them that he was prevented from passing through the sitting room in the morning because they were meeting and when he came back, he was sent to his room. He came to Sheila’s room but she said she will come and see him. He tells them it is grand dad, right? He is dead? They say they didn’t know how to explain to him. He tells her that she lied to him that he was getting better and stalks off before they could stop him.
Bimpe calls Lola a tease on air and Lola says she learnt from the best and they sign off. The guest leaves and Lola tells Bimpe to stop posing. The show is over. Bimpe tells her that some of them are stars. She sent her profile to Alali Brown. Lola says she had sent her own profile to the lady three times. She only interviews stars. She thanks Lola for trying to spoil her relationship with Bash. Since then, her profile has been going up! She thanks Lola as she sashays away. Lola snaps at the stage hand that comes to clean up.
Charlie asks what he can do to help? Angela calls Kwabena and he asks what part of pulling out she does not understand? She asks why Ferroil is pulling out now that the barber had been caught? He tells her that the press had just identified him as one of her staff. She replies that he is not a key member of staff. He was just trying to help them generate viewership. He asks if she is defending him now? She says no. She insists that he meets with her to discuss face to face. He reluctantly agrees to meet tomorrow morning in her office. She drops the phone and Charlie asks how he can be of use? She calls Nnenna to send Mimi and Odun into her office immediately and asks Charlie to draft the court papers. He leaves with his flowers as Odun and Mimi come in. Angela tells them that Kwabena is coming in tomorrow for an emergency meeting after they pulled their sponsorship and she needs to have things ready to convince them to continue. Mimi suggests a press conference but she will not have that. Odun promises to get data on viewership and Angela adds DVD sales projections, etc.
Phillip is shocked that Sheila blurted out the information to Freddy? Sheila asks what she should have done? Phillip thinks she should have said nothing. She reminds him that Freddy said it and they should have told him as a family long ago but he was busy licking his wounds. He asks her not to go there as he was dealing with too many things. She screams that she was hurting too. He apologizes and she asks him to go after Freddy. He hesitates and she insists that he goes. She will not disappear. He asks what happened to Agent Shem? She says he left. Phillip wonders what kind of government agent leaves after saying you are under arrest? He asks if he is going after her mum now or what! She asks him to go.
Bimpe and Greg are sharing jokes at Ziggy’s. She calls frank for another drink while he struggles to crack his own joke. Just then, someone walks in and hails Bimoe. He likes her on The Scope. She thanks him but says she is having a quiet dinner with her friend. He takes a selfie with her and as he leaves, he asks if the police still disturbed her? Which police? She asks? Greg looks up? He reminds her of their arrest but Bimpe insists that he must be mistaken.
Bimpe asks what the guy is still waiting for? He leaves and Greg wonders why she is shooing him away when all he did is tell him the truth? Bimpe thinks truth is overrated. Greg wonders how he can take her serious when she keeps doing things behind his back? She calls Frank and asks Frank to tell Greg how honest she can be. Frank starts to run his mouth but she steps hard on his toes and he quickly changed his story. She sends him off with a pat on the back. Greg insists that the secret is already between them and it is big!
Sheila and Yaya discuss Yahimba’s leaving. Yaya confirms that she was on her way. Sheila tells her that Phillip thinks Agent Shem left suspiciously immediately he took the money. Yaya goes quiet and Sheila asks if she is also thinking of the same thing? She says it crossed her mind. Sheila thinks and says Yahimba is behind it. Yaya tells her that she does not think so. Yahimba for once scared. She was really scared. Someone calls her to talk about Fred and she breaks down after the call.
Delmuah and Ephraim discuss the barber. She is surprised that it is James that turned out to be the barber. He tells her that the quiet ones are the deadliest. She is happy she left Odyssey and when he tries to touch her hair, she pushes him off. Brenda walks in and it elks Haruna that she does not care that Angela bought her shares. She is taking her company back. She screams that she wants Angela off her property and Haruna is going to make it happen!
Bimpe and Greg end up in her house and he refuses to sit down. She wonders if he is still boning for her? He says they were trying to have a serious discussion about them when she shut him down. He wonders who the man in the relationship is? He is going to the gym to clear his head. She reminds him that he can always work out in her house but he says he is not in the mood. She tickles him and says she is begging him now. He starts laughing and agrees.
Phillip thinks they should call a family meeting to let everyone know. She agrees and suggests those that should be invited; Salewa, Brenda, etc. she asks him to go ahead and announce it. He wonders why it should be his responsibility? She replies that he is the first son, his heir. He says she is his wife, his next-of-kin. Look what happened when he tried to explain to Freddy? She tells fine, she will do it!
Yaya calls Yahimba to ask if she got her email? Yahimba asks what she wants to discuss so urgently? Yaya says a few things but thanks her for calling back. She asks where Yahimba is but Yahimba is not going to tell her and says she will drop the phone. Yaya tells her about Agent Shem; he took the money and has disappeared. Yahimba screams and reminds her that she warned them that he was bent. She screams that he took her money. Yaya insists that it is Sheila’s money but Yahimba wonders who put him to it? She threatens to track him down and get her money back. Yaya tells her that her one and only son is back in town and she screams Mbasav in delight.
Angela and crew do a pitch to Kwabena. The show is the best not just in Nigeria but in West Africa. They show him more clippings and graphs. Kwabena asks them what will make their staff to do that kind of a thing? They tell him they can’t speak for James. He asks Mimi if she will put her money on the show if she was a sponsor? Mimi says she will sponsor a cutting edge show. He insists that they invested in a show that has viewership, etc but even that is beginning to wane. He is out. Angela asks the others to allow him. They will find another sponsor.
Bimpe tells Greg about all the workout she gave him but he asks for breakfast. He burnt a lot of calories. She is not about to go to the kitchen and insists that he is not the only one that burnt calories. She gets a call that the editor of True Tales Magazine, Alali Brown wants to interview her and starts jubilant ing. She starts listing what she has to do before the interview but Greg still wants breakfast. She gets a text from the editor saying she wants to talk to her friends. She wonders why her friends are important? Greg says she may want to find out from them if she makes breakfast for her boyfriend!
Ephraim and Delmuah discuss if Brenda is serious about Odyssey? Delmuah thinks she is and wonders what she will do? She just left that place. Ephraim does not care so long as he has a job. Brenda sashays in and gets off the phone to announce that Peju is on her way to talk to them about the truth about Angela.
Sheila asks Phillip for Brenda? He says he left her a voice message and sent a text. Chief Akinpelu asks why they were called? Phillip breaks the news of Fred’s passing on to them. Laide and Chief Akinpelu think it is a lie. Sheila confirms it as Freddy walks off from the meeting. Laide still does not believe and insists they show her where they kept Fred. Amaka also tells her it is difficult but true. She breaks down crying alongside others.

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Odun looks from Charles to Angela and tells her that he needs Some assurances here. Is she really the legitimate CEO?


Frank is directing things in the bar but his tummy is worrying him. He asks Obiora for the drugs he asked him to organize. Obiora gives him the medicine but reminds him that plates and dishes are piling up. He asks Obiora to go and wash the dishes then. The guy reminds him that he is a waiter not a dish washer. He asks him to go and do so as he is the supervisor. Obiora stays there. He laments that if Chuks and Dan had not abandoned the bar, he will not be stuck with all these trouble. Obiora says he prefers to wash dishes than listen to Frank complain. He goes off to the Kitchen and Sammy walks up to commiserate with him. He says he is not quiting.
Angela asks Brenda to wake up as the company is no longer her’s. Brenda tells her that the barber debacle shows that Odyssey needs adult supervision and she is back now to provide that. Angela asks her to leave or she will call security. Brenda tells her that she cannot pull off that top dog act with her. Angela tells her that she paid for her shares and she had better return the signed documents ASAP. Brenda insists that she is back to take over her company and if Angela does not leave, she will start pushing! She sashays out as Angela raves after her. Angela calls Charlie whose phone is off and screams at his voicemail to call her back. She leaves instructions with Nnenna to send Charles inside immediately he steps into the office.
Sammy and Obiora continue discussing and Frank asks her to leave and orders Obiora back to work. She is not happy and asks him for Chuks’s number. Frank will not provide that. Obiora gives her Chuks’s number but she does not have call credit. Obiora donates his phone. She calls Chuks to ask for her job back. Chuks says it is not like that. She says she travelled to take care of some family emergency and lost her phone. He agrees that they will discuss when he is back. She screams in delight. When she gets off the phone, Frank asks if Chuks asked after him? She asks him who he is?
Yaya catches up with her brother. He is in town on business and how long he stays depends on business. She tells him she is in Iverem’s house and she just lost her husband. He says he will probably come and see her but she prefers to come and see him.
Frank insists that he is still in charge at the bar irrespective of Sammy’s discussion with Chuks. He orders Sammy to leave but Sammy says she is there as a paying customer. She wants malt and she wants it now. She sits down and Frank laces her drink with the drug Obiora gave him and orders Obiora to serve her. Obiora serves the wrong customer and Frank nearly jumps out of his skin as the lady enjoys her drink!
Nene, Odun, and Nnenna discuss the barber case. They ask if Charlie is James’s accomplice? He is not and as they wonder why he was questioned, he comes in and tells them he is not the barber. They tell him that he cannot blame them. They all apologize to him and Nnenna tells him that Angela asked after him. He dashes out of the office before going to see her.
Frank goes to ask the lady to stop drinking the malt. The lady says no, she is enjoying it. He says the drink is expired and he will give her a new bottle. She asks to see the bottle. The guy with her wonder what is going on? Sammy asks what is happening? Frank asks her to stay out of it. She says whatever is happening in the bar is her concern now. The lady gets up and runs off to the bathroom.
Yaya walks into the bar and her brother calls from behind her. She jumps into his arms and says he is added weight. He agrees that he had been indulging. He just pulled off a big one and will be staying in town for a while. Yaya is happy to show him Lagos. He asks after Sheila and Yaya tells him that she just lost her husband. They have been trying to catch up but Sheila had been busy dealing with family issues. He asks she will introduce him? She asks him to wait till things are okay. She asks why he had not asked after their mum? He says he assumes she had been giving Yaya a tough time as usual. Yaya says yes, that is how she came to end up in Sheila’s. She tells him about Yahimba running for the first time in her life from one agent Shem from war crime bureau. She brings him up to speed.
Salve asks Yaya why Sheila is not running away if she is in danger of being arrested? Yaya says Sheila is waiting to be arrested. She assumes this is due to the shock she is going through now. Salve asks if Yahimba’s house is free? Yaya says yes. He asks her for the key but she says she does not think it is a good idea. He assures her that big brother is back!
Charlie walks into Angela’s with flowers behind his back. He tells Angela that Danny asked them to follow their dreams. Angela cuts him off and tells him that Danny has left, skipped town. She asks why his phone has been off? Brenda walked into the office to ask for her company back. He replies that Brenda has sold her company. Angela asks him for the proof? Is it the one that Brenda has been refusing to return which he assumed was due to some clerical error? She is shocked that he left that undone and asks why she is paying him?
Sammy asks Frank why the lady is still in the bathroom? He asks her to stay off him. She hopes he had not been serving customers concoctions? Obiora gives her a glass of drink and apologizes for serving the wrong customer. She is shocked that the drink was meant for her! It then occurs to Obiora that Frank had mixed the laxatives he bought in the drink! Frank denies it weakly. Sammy orders them away and says they will share the joke with Chuks when he is back!
Angela asks Charlie what they should do? He says he will prepare a court injunction compelling Brenda to abide by their sale agreement as her lawyer and himself were witnesses to the sale. She asks if he is sure that will work? She knows that Brenda plays dirty and wonders if it helps for her to attack first? Kwabena calls her about the show and she tells him that the barber has been caught. He tells her it is good for her but his superiors have asked him to tell her that they are pulling their sponsorship!

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Yaya tells Yahimba that her one and only son is back in town! Yahimba screams Mbasav?


The girls complain that Eric is wasting time after they sent him a text. He waltzes in, greets them and they tell him that they know what he did. He says he will switch it back on. Switch what on? Their water. He put it off from a switch at the back. They collect his money and threaten him with all kinds of evil; dark rangers, etc.
Yaya asks Agent Shem to go away and come back some other time because the family just had some tragic news. Sheila says it is okay. She was just bereaved but there is no point. She wants to get it over with if he came to arrest her. He says he can go away but not for long because justice cannot be delayed for a long time. Sheila asks if the agency has an account she can transfer the money to? Yaya tells her not to do it but take time and think first. Sheila tells her to stop. Agent Shem tells her that he needs to take her statement first and he needs a printer to print her statement and documents for her to sign. She says it is okay and asks I Cosmo to show him to the study. He suggests she gets her lawyers to look through the document first but she says it is not necessary. She just wants to get it over and done with. She believes that her family is cursed that is what is following her all over!
Carol asks Eric if he is sure of what he said? He confirms that he heard Salewa and her friends discussing going to Abuja with dark Rangers and sleeping wherever night meets them. He asks for money to cover his expenses and he will continue to report to Carol. Salewa bursts in and asks Carol why she is being spied on? Carol asks how she can be planning to go to Abuja with some area boys on okada? She tells Carol that Eric has been scamming them with water and they made up the story to catch hi she threatens Eric and he took off. She turns to Carol and asks if it is TTK that asked her to spy? Carol says TTK has been calling to ensure that Salewa is not in trouble. Salewa is not happy that Carol does not trust her after everything. She says they will sort that out when TTK comes back.
James switches on his clipper and goes to shave a bound and gagged Tare. Just then, the police burst in and arms drawn, order him to drop his clipper and raise his hands. He complies and they take him into custody and untie a whimpering Tare.
Yaya calls Phillip to call her back immediately he gets the message. She needs some help with Sheila. She goes back to her seat as Sheila concludes the transfer of the funds. The bank calls her and she confirms that she made the transfer and that she is not under any duress. She asks Agent Shem what happens next? He says he will submit the documents and he will be back. As he gets up, Yahimba tells Sheila to tell her that she had not done anything idiotic. Agent Shem answers that Sheila has made a confession implicating Yahimba.
Sankey asks James if he is ready to talk? He says no one asked him to talk. He tried to talk to the policemen on their way to the station. Sankey asks why he was abducting those women? He says it was for the show. Millions of people started watching the show after the abductions. It is marketing 101. Sankey asks if Angela put him up to it? He says no. He started work in the office and when he got to script coordinator, he found a way to get a permanent job. They were afraid the show won’t succeed so he found a way to make it succeed. Sankey tells him that he committed a crime by abducting the women and shaving their hairs. He made every woman afraid. She asks why he did not stop after the show become successful? He says that in marketing, there is nothing like bad publicity.
Salewa is on the phone and Helen asks who she is calling? She says it is TTK. She is trying to tell her how she feels about this spying thing. Chuks calls her and she asks after Ene and everyone? He says they are okay. They took the baby for immunization. He is calling to tell them that he is coming back. Salewa asks if he is asking them to leave? Sho asks what is going on? Salewa tells her they are getting a quit notice. Sho says no way and collects the phone from Salewa and tells Chuks they will not leave till they get the outstanding rent. Chuks agree to discuss how much to refund when he is back.
Yahimba calls Sheila an ingrate & wonders what kind of child calls out her mother? A child raised by a mother like her, Sheila says. Yahimba asks after her money & Sheila confirms the money walked out with Agent Shem. Yahimba gives her a shove. Yaya steps in front of her. Yahimba wonders how Sheila can hand $300 million to some random agent and expect it will get to the government? What even makes her think this government is better than previous ones? Sheila says the money is no longer her problem. Yahimba says Sheila us also no longer her problem. She had better get away fast. She asks if Yaya is coming but Yaya chooses to stay.
A policeman brings Tare home. Brenda jumps up and asks if she is okay? She was told she is missing. The policeman says it is the barber. Brenda screams the barber. She thought the police was watching her or have they bungled the watch? Tare asks her to stop. The policeman leaves and Tare tells her that they arrested the barber. Brenda asks how it happened? Tare says she does not want to talk about it. She is leaving. Brenda asks why she wants to go back to that flat? Tare says she is leaving Nigeria. She is going back to Kenya. Brenda says she understands her wanting to take time off after being abducted twice but Tare says Brenda tricked her into coming to Nigeria to create something new. Instead, Brenda spent the time fighting everyone. While she was tied up in that chair, all Brenda’s vendetta appeared silly to her.
Angela tells Sankey that she will inform the rest of the staff that he has been arrested. Charles comes awkwardly into her office and she apologizes to him. He says he didn’t want to believe she could do that to him. She says when this started, his being a culprit did not cross her kind. He asks if she let gossip gets to her? She says no, she had a lot of things hitting her. He reminds her that they have been through so much together but he had never thrown her under the bus like that. She agrees. He wonders show she could believe that he is capable of this madness? She holds his hands and says that she misjudged him and she is sorry. He gets up and kisses her cheek across the table and disappears.
Yahimba packs her bag and takes one more look at her home before leaving.
Salewa asks what Helen is doing? She says she is cooking beans. They ask her not to burn down the house before they leave. They reminisce on their time together and end up with a group hug. Helen asks what is happening? Sho tells her it is burning beans and she dashes off to the kitchen.
Nnenna announces Brenda Mensah and Angela asks that she be shown in. Brenda marches in and Angela asks how she can help? Brenda sits down and Angela says that means she has seen the news per about the barber. Brenda tells her to stop gloating. She is back to take back her company following Angela’s many disastrous runs!
Agent Shem meets someone who asks how it went? He hands over an envelope which the guy opens and asks if she handed over everything? Agent Shem says yes. He did not believe that it will work till the last minute. He thinks it is her husband’s death that did it. Stranger is surprised her husband is dead and asks what she is like? Agent Shem says she is strong even now. Stranger asks about Lilian and Agent Shem says she did not suspect anything. He leaves and stranger calls Yaya and asks her to guess who just landed Lagos? He tells her “I kiss you too, little sister”!