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Tinseltoday is going to be on break for a while, probably till the end of November. Within this period, we will occupy ourselves with tit-bits on the show and guest recaps and highlights provided by other well meaning fans.

I will probably find time to write about my Tinsel Fan Day and my visit to the Tinsel set.

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Dan meets a crying Fred in the prison. Fred is crying because Dan has been sentenced to death. He feels he has failed in his responsibility as an elder brother. Dan tells him that he is no longer the junior brother he needed to protect at the playground. Fred says he should have pulled more strings, hired better lawyers, etc. Dan tells him that he tried but it did not work well. He says that he has been catching up on a lot since he found himself in jail; Things Fall Apart, The gods are not to blame, etc. he tells Fred that he does not look well. He should go home & see a doctor. He leaves Fred and works away.
Kwame quarrels with Hassan who is shooting in Telema’s flat for wasting time & making noise that will make the neighbours know they are there. Hassan says that he needs an AD for things to move fast. Kwame promotes the DOP to AD. He is happy but complains that the money is too small. Kwame leaves them and on his way out, he meets Amber who is very happy to be a part of the movie. He tells her that she is the lead actress and hopes she will not disappoint him.
TTK comes to meet Dan and complains that they kept her waiting for too long. She rails about all kinds of things but Dan cuts her off and tells her that he invited her to discuss the bar. He hopes that it is running well & she has given up on those her nonsensical ideas as that is Salewa’s inheritance. She tells him that she has come to her own conclusion; if he does not appeal the verdict, she will give the bar away! That got his attention.
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Frank is surprised that they want to kill Uncle Dan. A big man like that, the judge must be drinking something. They hope that his family will appeal. They wonder what kind of bad luck is it to lose both Ziggy & Dan at the same time. Chuks remind them that it will be worse when they lose the customers and orders them back to work. Ene calls to say she will be late. Chuks asks what that slave driver wants her to do today? She says that she volunteered. She is trying to make Brenda feel her presence so that she will miss her when she goes for Youth Service. Besides, they need the money. Chuks is not happy but he eventually agrees. He will cook dinner for them.
Hassan quarrels with Amber for looking into the camera in spite of his telling her not to. He cuts off her scene for the next scene and as she was going out, Kwame meets her & asks her to wait outside. He goes to have a word with Hassan.
TTK & Dan scream at each other over the bar. She insists on selling the bar and giving away the proceeds to charity if he does not appeal his verdict. He tells her that she does not have the right but she reminds him that he gave her the right to run the bar. He tells her that blackmail will not work & she tells him that she is not joking. He walks away from her.
Kwame reminds Hassan that Amber is coming quite cheap and that is all they can afford. He tells Kwame that he only wants to move to the next scene. Kwame reminds him that it will be difficult to complete the movie if they keep cutting off scenes. Hassan says that Amber is a terrible actress. Kwame gives him two options: use Amber or hire a professional actress and pay out of your salary. He will use Amber.
Chuks meets TTK in the office crying. She cleans her face immediately he appears. He tells her that the staff commiserate with her over Dan’s fate. She thinks he came to ensure that their pay is secure and reminds him that the bar is still in the woods. He asks how he can take care of his family & she tells him that he is lucky that his wife is working.
Kwame comes in & is furious that Hassan is still shooting the first scene. Hassan is surprised that he is still around & he says that he was on the lookout; nay securing the location so that no one will disturb the shooting. He asks them to pack up the scene they are shooting. They will fix it in editing. Hassan wonders how that can be done and he shouts him down telling him to ensure that everything is ready when he comes back.
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Soji and Chuks discuss Dan’s sentence which they describe as a bad dream. Chuks reminds Soji that he confessed to the crime once & Soji says that no one expects that the sentence will be this harsh. He suggests they discuss something else. He asks how Soji & Bimpe are doing? Soji says they are okay. It is only that Harriet wants to be Bimpe’s manager but he has told her to stay away from Harriet. Chuks wonders what the issue is if it will bring money? Soji says that it is not all about money. They discuss Chuks and Ene’s financial problem and her impending youth service. Soji would have loaned him some money but his money is tied up. Chuks says that he will need Soji’s help to secure Ene’s job.
Kwame is furious with Hassan for wasting time & his money after promising to be some miracle worker. He complains that he will have delivered if he had been provided with a better actress. Kwame tells him to sort things out but he says he is leaving. Kwame drags him back but he screams that Amber is a brainless bimbo & Kwame is a hatchet job of a producer. Kwame asks him to leave before he is thrown out. As he leaves, the AD reminds him that the crew is still waiting for food.
Bimpe comes to visit Chuks in the bar. He tells her that they need her help to secure Ene’s job. She is furious that they are asking for her help after failing to thank her for giving Ene her job. Chuks corrects her that she did not help Ene secure the job. She hits his arm & says that he will offer her a drink before they discuss anything. He tries to wriggle out of it but she insists on getting a big chapman before any discussion can start.
Kwame asks the crew why they are packing? They tell him that they cannot continue the shoot without a director. He says he will direct the film. He will change the script a little to avoid any charge of plagiarism. They jump to scene 3.
Bimpe asks why Chuks is asking for her help? He tells her that they need a replacement for Ene. She wonders why they are not leaving that for HR? he tells her that they are looking for a unique person like her! She tells him that people like her are difficult to find because they are unique. He agrees.
Sheila lets Brenda, who came to see how they are doing into the house. She asks after Fred and wants to leave when she is told that he is sleeping but Sheila asks her to wait that Fred will want to see her. Fred comes down and asks her what she would have done if she was in his shoes? She tells him that she would not have allowed things to deteriorate to that level. She would probably have hired the best lawyers.


Harriet tries to convince Bimpe to come on the reality show. She says that is what all Hollywood stars are doing now. Bimpe is not sure that is what she wants. She does not want a film crew following her all day. Harriet says they will cut out whatever she does not want. She  asks Harriet to show her the money. The money? Asks Harriet. Yes, confirms Bimpe. She is not ready to go through Black Ananse again where they used her talent for peanuts. Harriet says she cannot write Bimpe a big cheque now but she will sign Bimpe on as her producer. Bimpe is not ready to go through what Telema went through to produce a film. She is eventually happy to appear on the show! She sees herself as the new Kim Khardasian.
Amaka & Sheila see Brenda off. Amaka asks Sheila if she is comfortable having this Danny around? Sheila is okay with it. However, she will ensure that there is no discussion of Dan or his case when Danny is around. Danny & Fred comes downstairs & she asks what she does not need to know about? Amaka says she was just leaving. They have been looking at old pictures of Monica & everybody. Some of them remind Danny of the Monica she knew. She remembers the first thing Monica said to her. She mistook her for a stranger. She asks why they do not discuss Monica a lot in the house? Fred says that it is not exactly a favourite topic in the house. She says she understands. She grew up in such a house; a house of shadows! Sometimes you need to open up. Let the light in.
Bimpe lays down her requirement for appearing on the reality show. She wants an all-star treatment. No skins, etc. Where will they shoot? Soji’s or her’s?l Harriet says both. There will be no bathroom scenes & no bedroom action. Harriet agrees to them all but reminds Bimpe that she will be the producer on this show. Bimpe suddenly sees a problem. Soji will not agree to appear on the show! Harriet asks her to use her womanly wiles to get him to agree. She smiles in agreement.
A house full of shadows? Fred repeats as he breaks down over Dan’s case. He blames himself for various things that went wrong with Dan. He did not give him a lot of credit as a brother & as the elder, he should have taken better care of things. Sheila assures him that he did his best in the circumstances. Dan is an adult & made his choices. He thanks God that their mum did not witness the humiliation of the case. Fred wonders what kind of rage pushed Dan to killed someone? He believes that Dan is justified to feel angry at the treatment.
Bimpe tells Harriet that their relationship is different. It is based on trust. Harriet tells her that is why they need to be on the show. They need to show Lagos couples how it is done. Bimpe is not bothered about Lagos couples. She did not like the tweets they sent to their picture. Harriet tells her that is why they need to Benoni the show to show Lagos that it is for real. Bimpe gets up to take Soji home. Frank wishes him luck. He asks why & Frank says that whenever women discuss for a long time, there is always trouble.
TTK demands for a meeting with Fred. Shells tells him that he is resting. TTK makes o walk upstairs but Sheila restrains her. She blows up & says that she demands to see Fred now before they start throwing flowers on his brother’s grave. Sheila tells her that Fred did not put Dan in prison. TTK asks if Sheila thinks she is bette than them? She asks if Fred would have let the case go on if it was Phillip or Sheila, Miss Liz Taylor of Lagos that was on the dock? Sheila reminds her that there was little Fred could have done on a case that public. TTK fumes that Sheila would have done something if it was her daughter that was about to become fatherless. It is just that Sheila does not or cannot have a child. Sheila throws her out. She will go but that is not the last they will hear from her. She also says Fred should be in the jIl begging for forgiveness.
Dan asks Eddy if he is not going to convince him to change his mind? 
Danny comes down to meet Fred & Sheila in the sitting room. They ask if she slept well but she says Freddy kept her awake for too long. She loves the artwork they have in the house. Sheila says they a collectors & asks what kind of art Danny is into. She says she is into real life art! Describes some form of funny art. Sheila asks how long she is going to be around for? She says she has a grant to complete her Masters. She hopes to get a temporary job to earn he keep. Fred suggests that Sheila can employ her in the spa. Danny screams in delight. She used to take some classes in aromatherapy! Sheila asks after her family & she says she does not know much about them. Her parents never brought her back. She asks to borrow Sheila’s kitchen.
Soji advises Bimpe against accepting Harriet’s offer to be her manage as they cuddle in bed. 
Sheila meets Freddy & Danny cooking in the kitchen. They are making a power shake. Danny thanks Sheila for going all out to make her stay comfortable, buying all that food, etc. She noticed that Amaka did not like her not eating. Freddy says they will break some eggs into the drink like they do in the movie. Danny says that when Freddy takes her drink, he will be the roughest player around.
Soji walks in on Bimpe sending a text to Harriet about their arrangement. She suggests they work slowly on the “problem”. Soji asks what she is doing & she claims tha she was writing herself a note to stay away from Harriet.
The Ade-Williams are at breakfast. Everyone is struggling to pass the food down. Sheila asks how Danny became vegetarian? She says that all her friends were vegetarians & she joined. Fred remarks that Monica liked her steak. She says that is why their friendship lasted. Sheila asks after he family? She says that they had a number of relations visit & she calls them suckers. Fred gives her a lecture on the importance of family. He leaves them to make a call. 
Fred calls Phillip & leaves him a message. Amaka comes in & Fred tells her that he is trying to reach Phillip. He should be around at a time like that. Amaka assures him that she is around & she is going nowhere. He asks Amaka how you break such news over the phone? Son, come, your uncle is about to hang? Amaka asks after everyone & he says that they are at breakfast. Adanna cooked breakfast which he did not find according to his taste. Amaka rails about Adanna & Fred assures her that Adanna is harmless. 
Danny tells Freddy to own up ha he is not enjoying the breakfast. Sheila also gives up. Danny thanks them for the effort & tells them to keep things real. Freddy says the drink was not nice & Sheila hopes that Danny is a better artist than she can cook. Danny says that she did not mean that real. Sheila offers to show Danny around town & Freddy asks to come along. Sheila says no & Freddy complains that he feels like a prisoner in he house. He starts to say that must be how Uncle Dan feels but Sheila shuts him up firmly & asks him to go to his room. Danny says that it is not the right way to bring up a child. Sheila berates her for finding faults with the way they live. She throws a parting shot by telling her that breakfast was for the piths.

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Kwame orders Hassan back on set but he says he will not come back. 


Fred’s doctor visits to see Fred. Sheila is relieved he could come so fast. He says he was in the neighbourhood.
Bimpe calls Harriet to confirm their appointment. She asks Soji for recharge card. Asks Soji how she looks? Nice but she says the word he is looking for is smashing. He asks where she is going to and she says she has a business meeting. He wonders why she is so well-made up and looking radiant? She will tell him after. He is happy that she is happy.
The doctor confirms that Fred is okay. It is nothing that an afternoon nap cannot take care of. Dan’s case has taken a toll on him. Amaka and Brenda leave and Sheila asks the Dr. if there is any chance that Fred can have another stroke? It cannot be ruled out but nothing can be ruled out. She needs to watch his diet and keep things calm around him. Sheila asks how she can keep things calm around Fred when Dan is facing execution?
Dan visits Masters but Sunday blocks the door. He asks Sunday if he can go in but Sunday will not budge. He then knocks on Sunday’s nose like it is a door & Sunday grabs his neck. Masters asks him to leave them alone. Dan asks for a game. Masters asks what he owes the visit to? Dan came to thank him for what he did for Ota. Masters is up for the game. Asks why Dan appears different and is reckless in the game? Dan says he feels relieved. He feels more in control now than before. Even as the noose tightens around your neck, Masters remarks as he checkmates Dan. He tells Masters that he knows how he will die and soon he will know when but Masters does not know when & how his will come!
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Brenda and Amaka are in the kitchen & Brenda wonders why they are eating sandwich with lettuce, etc? Amaka confirms that Adanna is vegetarian. She asks if there is alcohol in the fruit punch & drinks it when Amaka confirms that it is Freddy’s recipe. As they were talking, Sheila enters. They have not been able to find Adanna & Fred’s contact says she is not being held by customs or immigration. Brenda asks why they are not calling her local relations & asks why they are allowing a stranger into their house? Is she a kind of wandering minstrel or what? Sheila looks through the window & sees Adanna playing with Freddy in the garden!
Bimpe meets Harriet after leaving her a message on her phone. She offers Harriet a drink & claims that she has been so busy that it was difficult finding time for this gig. Harriet tells Bimpe that her career is on a fast track to rock bottom. Bimpe claims that she ditched Black Ananse way before the ship went down. She wonders if Harriet invited her to hurl insults? When Harriet will not let off, she mistakenly pours her drink on a surprised Harriet!
Sheila asks why Adanna did not come with the driver? Adanna, who insists on being called Danny apologizes & says she missed the driver too & had to take a cab. Sheila asks why she could not call? She insists on being called Danny & in her American voice, says she called but got a busy tone a number of times. Brenda thinks that her manicure did not allow her dial the number & she laughs at Brenda thinking that she has a manicure. She took a cab and the cab looked just like New York and driving is as crazy! The driver took her to eat & he has 8 children! He has promised to take her to see a football match and show her the other Lagos. Brenda asks where her luggage was, & she says she air-frieghted them. She asks after Fred & the women are shocked that she is asking after someone she has never met that is old enough to be her father in that manner. Sheila tells her Fred is sleeping, but he announces that he is on his way down. He greets Adanna – Danny warmly & she gives him a big hug & says he looks just like Monica described.
Harriet tells Bimpe that others can be conned by her dumb blond act but she knows better. Bimpe apologizes again but wonders why Harriet called her out to insult her? Harriet tells her to accept that her career is no longer what it used to be. Bimpe tells her that she will sue her if she writes any rubbish about her in that her toilet paper of a magazine. She tells Bimpe that she is looking for a job. She wants to be Bimpe’s manager!
Ota is back and visits Dan with some food. He is okay; a few cracked ribs and some internal bruising. Dan says he could have stopped the beating if he could. Ota says he got to meet his wife & daughter and they were allowed to touch hands. He is sorry for the verdict. Dan asks him not to cry on his behalf. He says Dan is a good man and does not deserve to hang. There are so many worse people in the prison who will go free. Is that justice? Dan tells him that there is no freedom both in and out of the prison. Very soon, Ota’s time will be up and he will hold his daughter again. Ota asks who will console Dan’s daughter when he is gone?
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Fred asks how Danny’s trip was? Sheila says she gave them a scare. They almost called the police. She apologizes & says they will get used to her wandering off. She is kind of a gypsy at heart. Fred suggests they go and eat but Danny says she is stuffed from the lunch she had with Moshood. She ate mashed yam & sauce. Brenda says she thought that Danny does not eat any meat. She says that she eats everything the first time so long as it does not contain meat. Amaka tells her that they have been cooking all day and made her a surprise. She says she will go with them and watch them eat. Amaka wants to argue further but Brenda restrains her. She walks off in a huff. Sheila goes to help her. Brenda smiles smugly & Danny notices it all!
Bimpe cannot believe that she heard Harriet right. Manager? Soji joins them & says that he hoped he will not meet two of them together. She tells Soji that Harriet wants to be her manager. Manager? He thought Harriet was in the business of ruining people’s lives. Harriet says he is still touchy but advises that he let’s sleeping Telemas lie. He asks when she became an artiste manager? She says that she wanted to add a new vista to her career. He says that is another way to fish on other people’s efforts. Harriet calls that a career advice from a has been. She asks Soji the last time anyone paid him any money or attention?
Eddy has not given up on Dan. He believes that over time he can pick holes in the prosecutor’s case. Dan is not interested. Eddy reminds him that it is too late to plead temporary insanity? Dan asks for how to make a will.
As Bimpe was trying to get to terms with Harriet’s bombshell, Soji comes into the bar & also attacks Harriet. She tells him to let sleeping Telemas lie. Bimpe also flares up & when she is through, Harriet begs Soji to talk to Bimpe alone. He leaves them alone & she tells Bimpe that she wants Soji and Bimpe to star in her new show.
Amaka is fuming at Danny & Brenda wants to pour herself some water. Brenda asks how they are finding their new American visitor? It is possible that Dan’s trial has thrown the family into such a spotlight that they are attracting all sorts of visitors. She advises that they keep their eyes open and their lips sealed.
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Sheila reminds TTK that it is not Fred that put Dan in prison. She tells her that she should wait till it is her daughter that will watch her father hang but remembers that Sheila does not even have a child, or is it cannot have a child.


Peju reports from the court on the sentencing of Dan when Fred & TTK comes out. The journalists rush them for quotes but they leave without making a statement.
Sheila comes into the kitchen to see Amaka & Freddy baking. Freddy insists on doing everything himself. He is even baking another cake in case the first one does not turn out well. Amaka complains that she is tried of hearing about Danny. As they were talking, they hear a crash & come out to find Freddy on the floor. He fell down while trying to put up the welcome Danny banner.
Warden Bello escorts Dan to his cell. He asks Dan to eat. He commiserates with Dan saying that the judge was harsh. As a first offender, he expected Dan to get a lesser sentence. He says that there is hope. He expects Dan’s people to appeal. He tells Dan to stop worrying. Dan starts laughing & laughs so hard that Bello wonders if he is okay?
Chuks asks whoever is at the door to come in. Bimpe comes in & he worries at her ringing the door bell. She says her career is not going well. He says that Ene told him about the I’ll-fated audition. Bimoe tells him that he has an idea that will benefit Chuks. She wants to make Internet videos where she will wear Chuks’s clothes. Chuks asks how many she wants to buy? She says she is helping him publicize his work but he reminds her that it was the same story she sold him the last time.
Fred & Sheila are downstairs with Freddy waiting for Danny. Sheila compliments Freddy’s outfit & asks why he brought down all his games? He says that he brought them in case Aunty Danny is bored. Silas comes down to go to the airport & Freddy asks to go with him but Sheila says no. 
Chuks apologizes to Bimpe. She says that they have been treating her as a joke just like Ene invited her to an audition. Chuks tells her that they have not been treating her as a joke. She complains that if Black Ananse had not gone down, they will not be treating her that way. She would have taken Kwame’s offer & that Phillip that did not take her to Ghana for the movie? Chuks says that it is possible hat he wants to shoot with Ghanaians. She says that she can act Ghanaian. She is sure that if it was Telema, he would have taken he along. Chuks says that there is a difference between her & Telema. She asks how? He says that Telema wanted to build a career while Bimpe wNts o be a star. Bimpe asks what the difference is? Telema has a manager, Chuks says. Bimpe says she will go get one & as she rushes out, Chuks adds plus talent.
Dan advises Bello that he is okay but Bello is not convinced. The way Dan was laughing just now like a hyena shocks him. That is the way madness starts. Dan assures him that all is well with him now. He feels free now that everything has been over and done with. Bello says hat with his big grammar, it looks like Dan thinks a lot. Dan asks him if it is time for lunch? He says no & Dan wonders why Bello offered him food earlier? He says that he knows that Dan has not eaten all day & he has a doughnut in his office. Dan asks for the doughnut.
Amaka visits and assures Fred that they will fight the sentence with all they have got. As they were talking, Brenda also visits & says that she knows some very good lawyers except if they want to retain the current lawyer. Sheila says the day has been draining on everybody. They will rest & then talk strategy. Brenda says she will make a list of the lawyers she knows & Fred will also go ahead & prepare his.
Sunday, 47 comes to call Dan. He calls him dead body & ells him that is what he will be calling him going forward. Masters wants to see Dan. Dan reminds him that he leaves in a separate quarter now. He says that they have arranged that already. Dan tells him that he reason why he has that compulsive need to intimidate weaklings is because he fears what is in them. 47 exclaims that he, Sunday, Ishola Oriebola does not fear anybody. Dans says that he can explain that to him, but he will not understand. He tells Dan to be careful or they will do the job for the government before time.
Soji massages Bimpe & she commends his skills. She asks after his meeting with the woman of many names? He says that the woman kept mentioning photography things that he has never heard of. She recommended his pictures to some foreign magazines. Bimpe asks if they will be paying in foreign currency?
Amaka & Sheila sets he table. Amaka asks after Toochi who is coming down with fever but the nanny has gone to get some medication. Brenda comes in & commends Amaka on her change of name. She never imagined that she an be sisters with Amaka. Cosmo comes in to tell them that the driver is back from the airport. They all rush out to get the party started.
Bimpe & Soji share a bottle of wine which she says is for a special occasion. She says they are celebrating Soji’s success as an international photographer. He says that he has not reached yet. She says that his pictures are now appearing on an international magazine. That makes him a star. She needs a manager now to push her craft. He reminds her that a pushful manager may not be the best thong for her. She says she will hen get a good manager. Hariet calls her & tells her that she has been monitoring the comments on her picture with Soji. She ells Harriet not to kind the sad comments. Harriet says that the pictures gave her an idea. She asks for a meeting.
Sheila asks Silas, the driver for Danny? He says that he did not see her. He held a sign with her name till all the passengers came out but there was nobody like that. Fred screams that she confirmed that she was com in that day. He gets up to leave but collapses on the chair. All the women fuss around him when he could not get up! 


Fred and Sheila discuss the forthcoming sentencing. He cannot believe he is going to witness his brother being sentenced for murder. He does not have appetite for food. He asks Sheila to keep Freddy away from the news. Freddy runs to meet them & is all over the place. He wants Danny in the room next to him. Fred agrees. Fred asks for a welcome party for her. Sheila thinks it may not be necessary but Fred agrees to a small party.
Ene calls Soji to inform him of an audition for Bimpe. He thanks her for the quick result. Bimpe comes in but is not very keen to audition for a commercial. She is not ready for an audition & refers them to the films she made for Black Ananse. She is not ready to go back to her modelling days.
The judge asks if Eddy has any plea before he goes ahead with sentencing. Eddy pleads for leniency for Dan saying that Dan has been a model citizen who lost his mind momentarily following from the acts of the victim. Dan interrupts him saying he is not rambling. The judge adjourns till the next day on Eddy’s request before sentencing.
Sheila tells Cosmo to prepare for Danny’s visit. They need to stock up on fruits and whole grain especially Quena. Quena? Cosmo asks. Sheila asks him to check the major supermarkets. They need to prepare vegetarian dishes. He will check his cookbook for vegetarian dishes. Amaka asks why they are cooking vegetarian? It is for Danny, Sheila confirms. She also does not eat chilli. Amaka suggests they ask Danny to stay in a hotel. That way, things will not turn awkward if all does not go well. Sheila thinks that it is good to distract Freddy from asking awkward questions about the trial. Sheila will keep an eye on Danny.
Fred is angry with Dan for aggravating the judge. Dan is not in agreement with the statement. Eddy says that if he has been helpful in preparing the statement, he will have known what is in it. He says Dan has been his most difficult client, even worse that Angela. Fred suggests Eddy speaks with the judge in his chambers to apologize for Dan. It is worth a try.
Bimpe visits Soji. He asks why she did not go for the audition? She is not bothered about Brenda but is not interested in the audition. She is a star and should be given a product endorsement, not audition. He asks her not to worry when the other girl gets the job. She agrees to go but with him. He agrees to come along but gets a call from an agent Hoes & Rgers setting up a meeting for him with one of the biggest arts critic, Jean-Baptist Rogers Agbabiaka. Bimpe asks why he is meeting with so many people? He assures her that it is one person. She asks why she is bearing all the names she was giving at birth plus her maiden and married name? She agrees when he assures that she is old enough to be his mother.
Amaka and Freddy discuss the preparation for the welcome party. He is happy & will suggest that Danny try some of our local dishes like Egusi. They can bake her a cake. He downloaded some recipes from the internet. They can get Danny to try some local dishes.
Bimpe attends the audition. She greets Odun warmly & he asks her to go ahead with the audition. After being assured that Brenda is not around, she starts but Brenda walks right in.
Fred comes home & immediately asks Cosmo for brandy. Sheila asks how the day went? He tells her that sentencing has been adjourned to tomorrow because Dan disrupted proceedings. Sheila asks if Dan is alright & Fred says he is obviously not. Amaka comes back with Freddy & as soon as they send Freddy upstairs, Amaka asks if it has to do with Dan?
Brenda riles Bimpe up about her internet videos and her not being expected at this kind of event. She asks Bimpe to carry on. Bimpe is completely thrown and reads the script lifelessly while Brenda smiles smugly.
47 comes to taunt Dan about his day in court. He thinks that Dan is trying to get the court to commit him as someone of unsound mind. He had done the same thing in the past when he was in Benin prison. Dan asks to be left alone. He says no because Masters asked him to come with Dan.
Fred tells Brenda about Dan’s day in court. How he has been aggravating everyone. She asks what is next? The next step is that the lawyer will speak with the judge and the prosecutor. Brenda suggests that Fred speaks with the judge himself but Fred says the lawyer says it is a bad idea as the judge is already annoyed with Dan. Freddy comes down to ask for permission to make welcome banners for Aunty Danny in the study.
Dan asks Masters that he is not in the right mind to play any games now. Masters understands considering what went on in court. He will not allow Dan to go back to his cell though as he does not like leaving a game unfinished. Dan says he is being sentenced for murder the next day. He suggests that Dan keeps his mind sharp with the game rather than go & brood in his cell. He is not forcing Dan but when he makes to leave, 47 reminds him to play.
Brenda asks why Fred is inviting a young woman that he has never met into his house on the invitation of a 12 year old. That is the least of Fred’s  worries. She asks when Danny will arrive because she wants to clear her diary.
Soji has been stood up by the art critic. Bimpe comes in to also tell him of her bad day at the audition & Brenda’s presence. Ene comes in and apologizes for Brenda’s presence at the audition.
The judge gives his pre-sentencing speech. He is not happy a the media attention the case got & Dan’s constant interference. He refers to those who think that Dan’s crime is justified. He sentences Dan to death by hanging to send a signal to those who think that his crime is justified. He is to die by hanging! TTK screams.
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Fred comes home and collapses on the sofa in front of everyone. He gets up and collapses again.


Dan asks Masters to break up the beating. He barely looks up from his solitary game of chess and says he does not run the place. He advises Dan to call the wardens if his friend needs help. Dan tells him that the warders cannot do much. Even if they break up the beating now, the goons will re-start in the night. He is not interested. A visibly worried Dan tells him he can benefit from Ota’s rich knowledge of banking. He asks Sunday to break up the fight before he loses his concentration. Sunday sends his boys to attack the goons & scatter them. Ota stands up & collapses again. Dan goes to his aid & asks someone to call the wardens. The wardens come I. & ask what happened?
Hassan Gambo, an editor & film maker calls Kwame to ask for a meeting. Kwame wonders how the guy heard about him. Odun told him Kwame wants to make movies but is low on finances. Kwame agrees to meet.
Soji looks at the clip of the other babe that is imitating Bimpe & found it funny. Bimpe takes offence. He calls her unforgettable & the first Naija babe to start this kind of video. She asks if he means that her time is ver. He calls her a pioneer & she also takes offence, but because she mistakes pioneer for obsolete. He apologizes & asks her to accompany him for a walk. She says no.
Dan tells Masters that the prison clinic says Ota lost a lot of blood but he is still alive. Masters says he is not interested. Dan tells him that Ota might not make it through the night. He tells Masters that he was told that a doctor is coming to see Masters in two day’s time & asks him to ask his doctor to treat Ota. The resources they are using to treat him in prison is limited. He asks why he should do that? He tells Masters that it is in his power & a human life they are talking about. Masters reminds him that it is the same human life he took the other day which is why he is in jail. If he does that, Dan should be ready to offer something in return for the favour some day. Dan demands to know what the favour requires? He insists that Dan must accept his open-ended offer or nothing. Dan reluctantly agrees. He commends his altruism and wonders if he hopes that by saving one life, he will be paying for the one he took.
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Kwame meets the guy who is surprised that he does not have funds to fund a project and could not raise funds from his sister. The guy says he started off in editing and made a short movie which Angela helped him sell to World Movies. Kwame says they used to depend on product placement but nobody will put their money on a company that is about to sink, referring to his rift with Phillip & the loss of Bimpe. Hassan thinks that it is risky backing only one star. Kwame says he is thinking of pay-per-view. The guy thinks it will be difficult with all the free stuff on the internet but Kwame has an idea about how to do it.
Warden Bello comes to meet Dan in his cell. A surprised Dan wonders at the reason for the visit. He quickly asks if Ota is still alive? Warden Bello asks him if he is the one that killed him? Ota is alive & recovering. A doctor that came to the prison treated him.
Soji is in the bar for a meeting. Frank & Afi scope him for gist thinking that he came to meet another babe when he says he was not there to see Bimpe. Ene comes to join him.
Hassan Gambo comes to meet Kwame to make the cheap movie. He tries to convince Kwame that he knows how to make the movie on the cheap. Kwame tells him that he is not interested if it will cost more than N500,000. The guy is surprised at the very low budget & asks how much his fee will be? Kwame tells him it is whatever he can save from the N500,000. He agrees to go along & they go ahead to discuss the production details. There will not be more than two sets. He will make the movie look cheap. There will be little or no dialogue, but immediate action. A hero comes in to save a damsel in distress; they live to date another day. He will need uninhibited actors and actresses for the project. Kwame smiles & says he knows an uninhibited actress.
Ene is surprised that Soji and Bimpe are still together. He asks why she says so? Is he now the player of the year? She says no, but she is surprised they are still together considering how fast they came together. He tells her that they are just having fun. He asks her if there is any new acting project she knows of in Odyssey? She asks why he is considering acting? He tells her that he is looking for a role for Bimpe, not for himself. 
Eddy tells Dan that if he refuses to allow him seek allocutus for him, he will ask his family to step in. Dan asks what his family will do? Spank him? Eddy tells him that they can authorize him to declare Dan mentally incompetent. Dan flares up and tells him that being his lawyer does not give him the right to interfere in his life. He accuses Eddy of trying to win at all costs. Eddy wonders why he is so desperate to lose?
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There will be no script for the film so Kwame does not need to pay for a script writer. Kwame confirms that the girl he is thinking of using for the film is quite cheap. The producer asks about cameras for the shoot but Kwame tells him that he is the one to cater for that. He asks if Kwame can top up the budget but he says no. The worried guy asks of location? Can they make use of the flat? No way, says Kwame. They will need a room with a large bed and dim light. Kwame says there will be a number of options.
Ene tells Soji that things have been slow since the company’s account was frozen for Masters’ sake. Ene asks if Soji thinks that Brenda will allow Bimpe attend an audition in Odyssey? Bimpe calls to complain that a blog is comparing her to the other ladies. Soji tries to calm her down, saying it is nothing. Bimpe flares up. He suggests they meet in his place to discuss. She asks him to buy her something to cheer her up. Ene tells Soji that it is okay. He can go.
Kwame takes the director to Tare and Telema’s apartment. Hassan complains of the pink walls but he will manage. He asks if the owners of the apartment will not mind their using the place for that kind of a thing? Kwame claims that they will not.
Bimpe attacks Soji as he comes in asking him where he has been all these while? He asks her to slow down & stop behaving like a nagging wife. She accuses him of not being there for her in her worst moment. He says he has been there for her but suggests they they re-evaluate their relationship. She asks if he is breaking up with her? She accuses him of kicking her when she is down. He warns her not to ever say that again & hugs her.
Dan visits Masters & asks if he wants to collect on the favour he did him? Masters smiles & asks him whether he wants to play white or black? What do you want from me? Dan asks. Right now? I want you to start playing my game, Masters replies.
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Fred is furious with Dan for infuriating the judge. Eddy wonders why he keeps making things difficult for himself.