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Brenda asks Angela what she wants? She responds she wants to work but Brenda asks what she is after as she is sure that Angela is not there to work. Angela wants an office with a view. Brenda is ready to buy the shares off her but not a penny more than market value. Angela wants to sell the shares to someone that wants to sell off these items to make diamonds than movies.
TTK calls the woman Scholastica Nnamani and she responds in kind. They trade barbs and the lady reminds TTK that she is now a DR and about to be a professor. TTK could still see the old Scholastica. She almost did not recognize her at first. The lady also nearly did not recognize TTK. Her face looks pinched. Has she been ill? She is in the movies and needs to look her best. The lady reminds her that she has not been seen in any movies of late. Does she still have a career?
Sheila tells Fred that all the staff are on strike. Sheila gets on the phone to the recruitment agency to request for a full complement of staff. The agency staff asks what happened to her staff? She says it is a small matter of a non-poisonous snake. The agent says he will see what he can do. She drops and tells them that she is sure she will not hear from that agent again.
Salewa accuses Sho of pretending to go to Harvard. Sho claims that she rejected Harvard. Scholastica asks Sho whether her mum will like to be a part of their leadership mentoring program? She is sure that can be arranged. TTK tries to tell her how good Salewa is but she shuns her and goes ahead to tell the kids that the leadership program is for adults that have made their mark. TTK tells her that she needs to go out more as her CV is quite rich. The woman is not moved and thoroughly rubbishes TTK’s effort at looking good. TTK should not have been talking to the dean, who thinks that she has done well for herself as the list is vetted by the VC!
Brenda asks Odun why Kehinde is questioning the production budget? Odun explains the discrepancy in artiste’s fees etc. He is sending someone over in the morning to discuss. Brenda is not happy he is not coming himself and asks Odun to call him but Odun says the number is going to voice mail. She gives up and hopes they will be better prepared by tomorrow.
Fred asks who Sheila was talking to? The only steward the agency could find. Fred asks when she is starting? Sheila says she is not as she is asking for 3 times Cosmas’s salary. Fred wonders who has ever heard of domestic staff going on strike? Sheila says they have to consider getting rid of the snake. Freddy comes in and asks what they want to d with the snake? He reminds Fred that he promised. Sheila tells him to go and change first. Immediately he leaves, Sheila asks them what they are doing about the snake? Yahimba thinks they should do nothing. Whatever issues they have has nothing to do with the snake. One has to deal with one’s staff or do the house work herself! Fred is appalled at doing housework.
Dan visits TTK and Salewa. TTK gripes about meeting her former classmate who spoilt her day with her unchanging dowdiness! Dan is surprised that the woman is real. Salewa asks if he knew her and he tells her that TTK used to complain so much about the woman when they first met. She complained so much that at some point, he thought she was not real. TTK complains about the leadership program which the woman did not invite her to. She checks the internet for the training and finds out that notable people like Olu Jacobs were invited. Dan tells her not to worry. If they do not invite her, they will be the ones that are losing. She gets up and says he is right. She is not going to give up on that program.
Brenda chews Feke and Ene about a missing file. They argue about who lost it and then Angela comes in with the file. Brenda snatches the file and asks where she got the file from and what is she doing with it? She wanted to get familiar with the office materials. She reminds Brenda that she used to work with World Movies. She has insider knowledge. Brenda tells her that she has had her fun and should not bother to show up tomorrow.
Fred looks at the list of chores and could not believe that his name is in it. Sheila says she is not expecting him to do everything just to load the washing machine once in a while, etc. he asks what happened to hiring new staff but she says that due to the snake, no one is agreeing to come and work with them. Their only option is a cleaning service but Fred refuses to have total strangers in his house. He asks why Freddy is not on the list? He is the one keeping the snake. Sheila reminds him that he is the one allowing Freddy to keep the snake. Yahimba laughs at the 21st century. The next she expects is that Fred will be sent to the market and strapped into an apron and pushed into the kitchen!
TTK calls Fred who wonders why she is calling so early? She wants them to catch up. She tells Fred about Salewa getting into university. Fred thinks it will be good for her. She however says they Salewa is going from home. She has been going to the school with her. Fred thinks Salewa must be suffering through it. TTK says she wants to give back to the school and asks if Fred knows any board member of the school? Yes, they invited him as a mentor but he turned them down. She says it is perfect then. He should call them and tell them she will take over his slot.
Brenda tells her staff to get ready for Kehinde. They soon tell her he is there. They show Emile in and he says that his boss is busy. They sit down and Brenda looks at him and says she recognizes him. She asks to leave the meeting briefly and goes out.
Fred comes in and complains that his bathroom is in such a state with water everywhere. Sheila says she cleaned it. He says that Cosmas normally cleans it and dries everywhere. She tells him to dry the bathroom himself! Freddy comes in and Sheila remembers that she was to arrange for a driver to take him to school and scurries off. Fred tells Freddy that his decision to keep the snake is the cause of all their current issues. He tells him that if he must keep the snake, then he must bear the consequences as there are a lot of chores in the house. Freddy says he cannot clean the whole house and Fred says he never asked him to. Just then, Sheila comes in and asks Fred what he is doing?
Salewa asks Dan why she will not be allowed to move into school like every other kid? Dan tells her that he will miss her. She complains that her mother will not allow her any breathing space. He tells her that she can go to the hostel from next session. She tells him about the example of the leadership program which TTK is struggling to get into. Dan assures her that TTK will not succeed in getting in. the door opens and TTK breezes in and announces that she has found out the name of the board chairman and all she needs to do is convince him to allow her into the program. Dan asks how she found that out but she keeps mum about it.
Sheila and Fred discuss the new arrangements and she tells him that he has to keep his promise that Freddy can keep the snake or Freddy will no longer trust him. He tells her that between herself and her mother, they made him promise so without fully understanding what he is going into. She wonders why he is griping about a little discomfort and he tells her that he scrubbed floors as a child but is not ready to do so now. She asks him if his unwillingness to bear a little discomfort is the reason for his issues with Phillip. Fred reminds her that he has made a lot of sacrifices for Freddy in the last few days. Sheila trivializes this and Fred tells her that it is the trivializing of things that created the problem between her and her mum and is also preventing her from saying what the issue between them is.

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Angela asks Emile what he is doing for Kehinde? Emile says he is assisting him. She calls him a PA?



Brenda reminds Angela that she asked her to go back to where she is wanted but Angela is not interested in doing what Brenda wants. She is a part-owner of Odyssey but Brenda insists that as the majority owner, she decides who works in the company! Angela will not hear of that. Brenda tells her she can use Kwame’s old office where she will be away from everyone else.
Fred tries to convince Cosmo to let the snake stay. Here is a chance that Freddy will grow out of his love for the pet & Sheila joins in. Cosmo tells them that none of the domestic staff wants to clean Freddy’s room. Fred rules that the snake stays and Cosmo tells him he will leave then. Sheila advises caution with her eyes.
TTK speaks with the dean of the theatre arts department who requests that she grants an interview to a reporter about what life was like in the old days. She wants to take Salewa to see him. Salewa does not want TTK to come to school with her. She will see the dean alone if she needs to. TTK tells her that she will do nothing of such. She will come along and also see to the change of her name from Salewa Oladoja. Salewa insists that is the name she had used all her life. TTK will not hear of that.
Fred & Sheila tell Cosmas not to worry about the snake. They all need to just get on with their work. He says he will speak with the other staff. Fred tells him to assure all the staff that he is responsible for their safety & tells him to get Titus to get the car ready to take Freddy to school. Just then, Freddy comes out looking confused. They ask him what the issue is and he tells them that Smiley has disappeared!
He opened the lid a little to let Ivie see it and now it is gone. Fred tells Jim that Cosmas and Titus will find it. Cosmas says he will then have to look for a big stick. Freddy says no stick to avoid hurting Smiley. Yahimba comes out and asks what the issue is? Sheila tells her Freddy’s snake has disappeared. She asks if she should go back to her room or stay? Sheila asks Fred if they should not call the exterminator? Freddy begs them to leave it. Yahimba assures him that Smiley will be okay.
TTK struts the corridors of the scoop excitedly and nostalgically but Salewa is not happy. She still has her registration to worry with and thinks that TTk should not have come along. She has been going from one interview to the other wasting precious time when she has not done her registration. TTK is not happy with her for saying she is wasting time. She wants to go and do her registration alone but TTK will not hear of that.
Fred asks if there is anywhere they have not searched yet? Maybe under the cushions, says Sheila. Just then Freddy enters & says he has seen the snake. It was hiding behind the curtain behind the vivarium in his room! They confirm that he closed the lid properly this time and Cosmas confirms it is done. Sheila warns him to check his room properly next time and asks Cosmas to get Titus to take him to school immediately. Fred will call ahead to apologize for his lateness.
TTK thoroughly insult a clerk that does not do her bidding fast enough as Salewa tries to make a call outside. She comes out & Salewa begs her to slow down. She brushes off Salewa and calls Dan to complain about what she has had to put up with. Salewa watches as she goes from complaining about the treatment she got from the clerk to all mushy with Dan. Salewa asks what has changed between them as they have not been fighting as usual. She thinks they are planning a surprise for her! TTK demurs and moves on.
Angela barges in on Brenda’s meeting and announces that her office needs to be cleaned. One of the guys in the meeting recognizes her and she asks who he is. Kehinde Adeniyi from World Movies. She tells him that she is no longer an employee of World Movies. She needs her office cleaned, please.
Brenda is furious at Angela’s interruption. Angela stares her down. She instructs Nnenna to get Feke to get Kwame’s office ready for Angela. She asks if there is any other thing Angela needs; a private jet, a yacht? Angela informs her that she also needs a PC and other things. Brenda instructs Nnenna to get that arranged and sweeps out leaving Brenda and her bewildered guests behind!
TTK tells Salewa that she is not supposed to let her in on the secret. Salewa begs, promising to keep the secret. TTK agrees that here is a secret but she will not divulge it yet. Just then, they meet Shosana and a surprised Salewa asks why she has not been picking her calls? She asks after Hawaii but Sho says that this school has an excellent theatre arts department. TTK agrees with a load of sarcasm.
Sheila tells Fred she is on her way to work. He will walk her out but she refuses to answer when Yahimba wishes her a nice day. Just then, Cosmas walks in to tell them that he spoke with the other staff but they insist that if the snake stays, they will start a strike immediately. Yahimba finds that more interesting than the newspapers. Sheila and Fred try to convince Cosmas to drop the strike but he is just the spokesman for the others and their strike has started.
Sho accuses Salewa of not telling anyone that she is coming to the same university. She responds that it is is because she did not know she was coming there until recently. Salewa asks if she has seen others? No but she is already the toast of the theatre arts lecturers because of her brilliance. TTK tells her that brilliance can be taught unlike talent which is what Salewa will use to graduate with distinction like her mother…someone else completes the sentence for her and a bewildered TTK turns and calls her Stella?
Angela meets Feke cleaning who sasses her and she asks what Feke means? Feke says it is audacious, cunning. Brenda comes n and asks her to give them a minute. She wants to give Angela a friendly advice but Angela reminds her they are not friends. She tells Angela she wants to remind her of her position in the scheme of things. A chair and a desk does not give her a right to a opinion but Angela says she is just warming up. Brenda tells her not to get too comfortable lest she misses it when it is all gone.

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Brenda asks Emile if he is the only one she is meeting with? He says yes. His boss is a very busy man. She looks a him again and says that she knows him!

S5/E980 By Ameena Ahmed

Ene and Bimpe are standing outside Ene’s apartment. Ene hands Bimpe her mascara. Bimpe is still insisting that Ene throws Karen out. Ene says she would do no such thing. Bimpe is disappointed that Ene would turn her down, her own friend. She complains of how Soji was acting around Karen like he had never seen a celebrity before. Ene is fed up and leaves for work.
Brenda Mensah’s office. Brenda has a magazine in her hand. She places a call to detective Sankey and asks her if she has seen the latest edition of Tinsel town magazine. Sankey answers in the affirmative. She said she enjoyed the cartoon column the most. She loved the story about the ghosts. Brenda asks her if she has read the story written about them in the magazine. She reminds Brenda of the way she treated her the last time she was in her office. Brenda in her no nonsense fashion ignores her and goes ahead to read the story to her.
Fred Ade Williams’ residence. Yahimba is shown sitting outdoor. Freddie comes back from school and greets her. He makes to go into the house but Yahimba calls him back. She has a surprise for him. She hands him a key. It is the key to the room where his pet snake is being kept.
He is excited and goes on and on about how fascinating snakes are. He asks if he can go play with the snake. Yahimba says yes. Freddie points out there is one little problem, Granddad would not approve.
Yahimba says something to the effect that snakes are of two kinds, much like human beings; Those who hunt and those who lay in wait for the prey. She asks Freddie which category he belongs to. He says he is a hunter.
She tells him there is a way that he could make his Grandfather allow him keep the snake. She tells him his family believe he is prone to mood swings/ fickle minded ‘One moment he wants this, the next moment he wants that’ He would have to prove himself to them.
The Ade Williams’ sitting room. Brenda, Sheila and Yahimba are sitting in the room. Fred walks in and asks if they have read the interview Angela granted. She has soiled their names, his inclusive.
Ene and Soji are sitting in a restaurant talking about Karen and how frustrating she can be. Enes says she does not know when she is serious and when she is playing a practical joke. She dislikes the ways Karen pokes her and hits her like a punching bag (playfully of course). An announcement is made on tv of some illegal immigrants who were to be deported back to their country. As they watch, Ene’s eyes widen. “Soji, that’s Chuks”. Soji tries to reassure her that it might just be someone who looks like Chuks.
Suspicious, she asks him if he knows anything about it.
She gets a call from her mother who has seen Chuks on the news too. She tells her mother it wasn’t Chuks. “Mummy you too were deceived”
Agitated, Ene goes outside the restaurant and calls Mama London. Mama London says she cannot help her, she has not seen Chuks and does not know his whereabouts. She did not see him on his bed in the morning. She adds that Chuks is foolish. Unconcerned, she tells Ene she has to go, she doesn’t want to miss her bus.
Bimpe has seen the news of the deportation too. She calls Ene to ask how true it is. Ene beats around the bush and eventually denies knowing what Bimpe was talking about.
Ade Williams sitting room. Freddie shows his ‘Family Tree project’ on a projector to an audience of three; Fred, Sheila and Yahimba. They are impressed but Fred comments that Freddie did not get much information on Shiela’s family. Sheila is jittery. Freddie gives a hard copy of the project to Fred and Sheila and leaves the room.
Yahimba says how ‘proud Fred must be of his grandson’ He admits he is.
Sheila asks to be excused and goes out of the room. Stealing the opportunity, Yahimba joins Fred on the three seater and sits a little bit too close for comfort. They talk about Freddie. She stares longingly at Fred prompting him to ask if there was a problem. Oh no! She didn’t even realize she was staring. She was just thinking how handsome Fred must have been during his hey days and how much Freddie must be like him.
He agrees with her. Afterall, Freddie is his blood.
She suggests that Freddie be rewarded for a job well done. Fred contemplates and agrees to let little Freddie keep his pet.
Sheila is sitting by the pool side. She calls Angela and asks to meet up. There is something she needs to tell her. Angela refuses and tells her to say whatever it is over the phone. Sheila pleads and she relents. Sheila says she would send her the address of their meeting point.
Sheila walks back into the Ade Williams living room unexpectedly and finds Fred and Yahimba kissing. (Ha! Just kidding.) She finds them sitting close with Yahimba’s hand placed on Freds’ (A little touchy feely for my liking.)
She asks if she is missing something. Fred tells her of his decision to allow Freddie keep the snake. She is surprised and asks if her mother has anything to do with it. He answers ‘yes’ but the final decision was his. She pursues her lips. She clearly does not like the idea.
Yahimba goes to find Freddie. Sheila wonders aloud when her mother began to have a say in matters concerning Freddie.
The scene is a hotel. Angela knocks on a door and Sankey opens the door to a posh hotel room. Amaka and Brenda are also there. Angela looks at them and exclaims “And there were three” She remarks that she is surprised that Amaka could take time off from watching the Ade Williams family to be there. She asks of Sheila and is told that she isn’t around yet. She says she is going to grab some lunch and leaves the room.
Ene, Bimpe and Karen are walking. They are talking about Chuksy’s deportation and making suggestions to Ene as to how to go about the matter. Karen suggests the Ene goes to the Airport. Bimpe thinks she shouldn’t because of the traffic. She disagrees with all the suggestions Karen makes and they begin to argue. Karen says she knows what she is talking about.
Soon, they arrive at Ene’s apartment. In front of the door is a pair of shoes. They all stop in their track. Ene calls out “Chukwudi….” Chuksy’s full name and Chuks comes out of the room shame faced with his tail between his legs. Ene looks at him, disappointment written all over her face.
Hotel Room. Detective Sankey picks up the hotel menu and marvels at the price of Eba. Sheila arrives and asks after Angela. Brenda berates her for being late. There is a knock on the door. Everyone turns to look at Sankey (she is nearest to the door) and she gets up reluctantly and lets Angela in. Angela saunters into the room, looks at the women and says “Who among you witches wants to go first”
I wrote it half asleep. Forgive me for any inaccuracy.

S5/E979 By Ameena Ahmed

Angela Dede’s hotel room. Angela browses on her laptop and sees unsavory comments about herself online. Clearly dejected, she places a call to Harriet and asks her how soon she can run her story.
Chuks and Ene’s apartment.(And by apartment I mean the bench she has been squatting on.)
Ene tells Soji she has found a room mate but tells him not to tell Chuks. He says that is a big thing she is asking him to do.
He asks who the room mate is. He hopes it is not a man because he would have a problem with that. (As if he is her husband, mtwssss)
Karen comes out and Soji stares at her with his mouth agape.
The Ade Williams residence. Sheila and Yahimba (with Amaka present) question Freddie on why he brought rats into the house, he says his Grandad said he should have a pet. (Not so sure if that was what he said)
Angela grants an interview to Harriet. In her interview, she says she just wants to make it clear that she was never at any time in danger. She says the experience has made her put her life in perspective. She says she paid a heavy price trying to please people who betrayed her. She gives no names.
Karen Igho fawns over Soji. She asks Ene where she has been hiding him. Soji asks Karen about her experience in the BB house. She tells him it was hard with all the cameras 2/47. She goes further to say she is staying with Ene as part of a research to see how people live.
Bimpe walks in and makes it clear to Karen that Soji is hers. Soji gets up and says he is leaving, Karen asks for his phone number. He gives it to her. Karen goes into the room and comes out with a picture of herself which she hands to Soji to remember her by.
Sheila places a call to Philip and asks if he is out of his mind to send a snake to Freddie. Sheila and Amaka berate him.
Yahimba in her overbearing nature joins in, Philip asks who the heck she is and she introduces herself. He tells them the snake is not poisonous. He is no fool to send a harmful snake to his nephew. He thanks them for the vote of confidence and ends the call.
Harriet continues her interview with Angela. She asks for names, Angela refuses to mention any but reiterates that she came to no harm.
Sheila asks Freddie why he would want a snake. He says he likes snakes since he started reading about them.
Sheila threatens to have the snake killed and calls out for Cosmos. Freddie begs her not to.
DAW’s office. Frank asks Dan what happened to Ota. He asks him not to worry about Ota and go back to work.
Dan places a call to Sheila and asks her for Angela Dede’s number.
Ene and Bimpe. Ene says Karen is a big problem. Bimpe asks her to kick her out. Ene says it is not possible because Karen has paid her rent. Bimpe asks her to choose between her and Karen. She is disappointed that Ene would choose Karen over her after knowing her longer and even asking her to be her bridesmaid. Ene reminds her she invited herself to the wedding.
Yahimba tells Freddie she would help him take care of his pet snake if he sticks for the rule. Freddie asks “nothing goes for nothing?”
Dan meets with Angela and they discuss Masters. He tells her about his experience with Masters in prison. He admits he missed playing chess with him. He tells her Masters is evil and advices her to stay away from him.
Angela does not agree with him.
Masters is brought to the prison waiting room to meet with his lawyer but the lawyer is not there. A warden tells him his lawyer has gone out to make a call. Master picks up a magazine with Angela’s face of the cover. He looks at it and smiles.
The end. Next. Soji and Ene watch tv. It is announced that some illegal immigrants were to be deported. Ene shouts “Soji, Chuks”


Chuks comes out of University of London and speaks with Soji about his difficulty in selling his bush meat. Soji warns him to take care so that he does not contravene the terms of his student visa. He talks of printing posters for the bushmeat and distribute just like he did for roasted okuko but Soji tells him no as it will attract too much attention. He asks Soji not to tell Ene about his issues and signs off before Soji finishes his call credit. Soji promises to call next time.
Sheila meets Angela outside her home and is very happy to see her. Angela however does not look very enthusiastic. She asks Sheila for the champagne as she heard they were celebrating. Sheila tells her they were busy with other things instead of celebrating her disappearance. Sheila invites her in to talk. Cosmo sees Freddy looking for something and asks what he is looking for? Freddy asks if they have rats in the house? Rats? From where?
Bimpe comes into Ene’s apartment and meets Karen. She sits down and introduces herself as Bimpe from Bimji. Karen has never heard of that. she takes her picture with Karen and when Karen asks what it is for, she says she will post it online to get people talking about the two celebs. She tells distracted Karen that she applied for the same Big Brother that she won but she was not picked. They could have been in the same house. Karen asks what she came to do? She came to borrow a dress from Ene. Her husband is a fashion designer as she is sure Ene would have told Karen. Just then, Karen reads something on her phone and bursts out laughing!
Cosmo tells Freddy that there are no rats in the house. Freddy wonders why Cosmo is so sure? Cosmo says he keeps his eyes open to ensure that everywhere is clean and free of rats. Freddy asks other questions about where there sould be one? There is none Cosmo assures and tells Freddy to tell him if he sees any. He asks why Freddy is asking about rats? Freddy screams that there is nothing and walks away!
Sheila tells Angela that she thought she was dead. Angela says she was almost dead and wonders how they mourned her for just five seconds. Sheila says things have been difficult for the family since Angela disappeared. Angela wonders why she has not been looked for in spite of the news reports? Sheila tells her that some of them do not live their lives on the pages of newspapers. She tells Angela that she though she was dead and what is Angela’s reason?
Karen shows Bimpe a picture of her friend’s boyfriend who she claims always laughs at other people’s boyfriends and now she has ended up with a very ugly boyfriend! Bimpe tells her that she is lucky, she has fine boyfriend and he is in the same reality show with her. Karen thinks she is lucky and asks where she got her shirt from? Bimpe says it was made by Ene’s boyfriend. Karen likes Nigerian designers and Bimpe promises to arrange a meeting for her if she wants. She notices that Karen has gone back to her phone and gets up to go. As she is leaving, Karen wishes her luck with her cookery show!
Freddy comes into the house with a package which she hides under a seat when Fred comes in. fred asks where he has been? There was a documentary on family showing on TV. Fred says the documentary may re-run tomorrow. He sits down astride the package Freddy just hid and Sheila comes in to tell him about her encounter with Angela. Fred is shocked. Angela thought they were celebrating her demise when all they were doing was being happy at Masters’ incarceration!
Ene comes home and meets Bimpe. Bimpe asks how long she has been keeping Karen in her house? It’s a long story, Ene says but begs Bimpe not to tell Chuks if he calls. Bimpe asks how they met? Ene explains that Karen is doing something for Odyssey. As they were talking, Karen saunters in and when Ene makes to do introductions, Karen says they have met. Your friend from the cookery show! Bimpe screams that it is not a cookery show. Okay, she says, BEFF show. Bimpe corrects her but her phone rings again and she moves off to answer.
Angela meets Emile who turns and walks away from her. She call him but Mrs. H tells her that he does not want to talk to her and wonders if she thought that he will never get away from her clutches? She replies that she is not holding anyone hostage.
Amaka comes in with the first cut of under pressure and Sheila excitedly tells Freddy to tell Cosmo to make pop cor for everyone. Just then Amaka picks up the bag Freddy dropped and drops it and screams for Cosmo to come!
Chuks canvasses his bush meat to people on the streets of London with his new fliers. One of them engage with him and after, moves on to another guy who makes a call.
Angela calls her dad to tell him not to worry as she is okay.
Sheila wonders who would have left a bag of rats in her sitting room? Cosmo says he knows nothing about that. Sheila asks him to call Titus. Titus says he knows nothing about it. Freddy says he is the one that kept the bag of rats. Sheila wonders what to do with him and what he could be doing with a bag of rats? Yahimba says he needs it for his science project but quickly joins to ask what he could be doing with rats? As they were discussing, a deliveryman comes in with a fragile ackage for Mr. Ade-Williams? Cosmo signs for the package and opens it to reveal a python. Everyone jumps into a corner in awe!

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Angela calls Harriet to ask how soon she can run her story?


Freddy greets Yahimba and she chews him for lying around instead of doing his homework. He has only one and she insists that he does that. When he answers yes, ma, she chews him for calling her ma. She wants him to call her something else like grand ma. He protests that she is not his grand ma and she agrees. They eventually agreed on Ma Mba as her friends call her. He calls her mamba as the snake but she seizes his phone. He agrees to the new name.
Angela meets Masters who has been expecting her to come earlier. They discuss her escape and he apologizes for the wound on her leg. She does not hold it against him. He asks how she got to Asaba and she tells him. She asks how he has been coping in prison and what could have made him lose his nerves and stab Dan Ade-Williams. He asks her what she wants? She has feelings for him and she knows that he has feelings for her and asks him to accept it.
Karen and Ene come out of her room. She likes the place and asks Ene why she has been avoiding her calls? Did she change her mind? Ene says no. Karen wants to see the toilet and Ene insists that they work. She will see to it for a moment. She will be staying for a month and asks Ene for the rent and she says it is N50,000. Karen hands her an envelope saying it has N100,000. Half for the length and the other to get her to keep her gossip friends away from the flat. She does not want the place to turn to a tourist resort because Karen Igho stays there.
Majek meets Brenda finally and is happy to finally meet his client. She asks what he has got on Sheila but Majek has a question first. He wants to know whether Fred really seeks the investigation as Brenda claims. Brenda bluffs and says that Fred asked her to dig into Sheila and report to him on a need to know basis only. His health does not allow him cover everything. Majek refuses to agree that the Fred he saw recently is frail in health. Brenda snatches the file and starts reading as Majek asks if she will tell him the truth or should he call fred and tell him that Brenda is digging into his wife’s past in his name?
Tinsel, Proudly Connected by Airtel.
Masters asks Angela why she ran from his protective custody if she had feelings for him? She had everything she wanted. She agrees but says she did not have her freedom. He asks why she came back to prison now that she is free? She came to tell him that she has seen his business, all the women and children. He says they are compensated for their efforts. She tells him about the travails of the people. One of them swallowed a bag of heroin and it burst in her stomach. He is hearing of it for the first time but will take care of it as that is not good for both business and morale.
Karen tells Ene to remove her load and make space for her. Ene asks how much of her things she is bringing in and when she is moving in? she will bring only a what she needs and she is moving in immediately. She also needs her set of keys and asks Ene to come and help her move some of her properties!
Brenda asks Majek to keep down his phone and accepts that Fred is not in on the investigation. She thinks that he may be in trouble with Sheila. He tells her that she is not known for her magnanimity. She asks of his opinion on Sheila and he tells her that Sheila may have baggage but Brenda is not any better. She agrees he is perceptive. He asks her to tell him everything she knows if she wants him to work with her. She tells him about her concerns about Sheila, her mother turning up, her many marriages, etc. She wants him to help dig it all up.
Angela says she came to thank Masters for all he has taught her. He has made her a stronger person. She has never met a more honest person but he has taught her so much. He asks her why she did not testify against him in court? He accuses her of being selfish again. She tells him that she thought they had future but this is the last time she is coming here. He tells her that he thought that she is through with lying to herself. She insists that she will never come back but hesitates. He continues to tell her that she is not telling herself the truth. As she is leaving, he tells her that only one of them is free!
Ene complains of the load in Karen’s bag and asks what is in the bag? She says it is only her make-up. Ene thinks she is joking but Karen tells her that in this industry, it is all about packaging. She asks Ene about the picture she saw in her flat and asks if that is her brother or boyfriend? Ene says it is her husband. Karen is surprised that she is staying alone and asks what happened? Are they separated or what? Ene says he has to travel. Karen tells her that when she marries, she will not allow her husband to stay away from her for one day. Ene tells her to be patient. It will soon be her turn. She tells Ene that she has been searching for Mr. right for so long and can no lonegr wait for him to show up. Meanwhile, she is tried and wants to take a nap and hopes that Ene will help her bring in the rest of the property from the car. Meanwhile, she hopes the couch will not be too hard on Ene as she is going to sleep on the bed! Ene protests but Karen tells her that she must be kidding if she thinks Karen Igho will sleep on a couch!
Brenda asks Majek what he has found out? There is a Sheila Davenport that stood trial for killing her husband but she claimed it was euthanasia and was acquitted. Majek looks like, so? She asks why he did not tell Fred about it? Majek tells her that Fred aready knows. She wonders why he did not do anything and Majek reminds her that Sheila was acquitted!
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Angela bounces into Dr. Ibrahim’s office and thanks him for seeing her. He tells her that she forced a cancellation but had to see her because he feels that her meeting did not go as expected. She insists that it went well. She loves the man and she knows he loves her but she has to stop seeing him. Dr. Ibrahim thinks it is for the best. She wonders why it feels sad and he reminds her that their relationship was extreme.
Amaka wonders how Sheila is settling into the new house, etc. Sheila tells her she is fine. Yahimba comes in and Amaka greets her and she asks if they mind an old lady sitting in on their discussion? Sheila says if she insists. Freddy comes in and Amaka takes her to go and get some drinks. Yahimba asks Freddy if he has finished his homework? He tells her yes, Ma Mba. As he leaves with Amaka, Sheila asks her what he just called her? She explains that Freddy will not call her Grand Ma so they arrived at a middle ground. Sheila laughs at how she has made a nickname out of a name that was not hers in the first place? Yahimba says it works just as well as Sheila!
Ene insists that she will not sleep on the couch. Karen insists that she has been scammed. Ene is surprised at what she is saying and as she makes to step away from Karen, she blocks her way and tells her that she cannot be scammed! She holds onto a shaking Ene and tells her that she cannot be scammed. As a Warri girl, Ene cannot cheat her after all the money she paid. She suddenly starts laughing and tells Ene that she needed to see her face. She looked like she was about to pee herself! She was only joking!
Angela tells Dr. Ibrahim how Masters keeps her on her toes, etc. he tells her these are symptoms of… She tells him that she has read of all the symptoms of Stockholm’s Syndrome. She thinks she fell in love with him before he held her hostage. He tells her that she needs counseling but she will not continue talking. It is time for action! She packs her bags and leaves.


TTK forces Salewa to tell her what she is hiding? Dan asks her what it is? She fearfully tells them that she used her grandmother’s name to register for the entrance exam. Salewa Oladoja. TTK hugs her excitedly.
Yahimba meets Sheila and Cosmo arranging food in the hut. She commends Sheila at trying to make things up between her and Fred. Sheila asks Cosmo to leave them and Yahimba commends her using food to patch the cracks in her relationship with Fred. She notes that she noticed that Sheila slept in the guest bedroom and asks her how long she intends to use food to patch up the precarious relationship? Sheila tries t leave and she reminds her that she cannot continue to run away from it. Fred wants to see pictures. Sheila tells her that she got it all wrong. There is no us here. She intends to tells Fred the truth that morning! That got Yahimba’s jaw to drop open!
Angela gets the door to let Brenda in. She tells her that if she came to grovel, she is in the wrong place. Brenda says she came to confirm what she heard and comments that Angela looks rather well for someone presumed dead. Angela asks how she found her? Brenda says she heard from Sankey. She came to wish her well and turns and leaves.
Yahimba tells Sheila that she hopes she has taken some time to think about her decision.
Dr ibrahim welcomes Angela to his new office. She comments that it is easier getting to his old office. It was time to upgrade, he tells her. He asks her to bring him up to speed on what he read. She confirms that most of them were true. He picks up a file and reads out about her kidnapping and spying for the police. She tells him that Masters wanted to ensure that she was safe. He also wanted to ensure that the police did not use her. He asks if it is safe to assume that she is developing feelings for the man?
Dan takes pictures of TTK, who keeps complaining on his cellphone as they wait for Salewa to finish on her phone. They call her as she speaks to Toks. She tells him that she has told her parents about the school. He wishes her well and asks how she is getting on? She tells him that they are all here, her parents! She signs off and goes to meet them. TTK fusses over her and asks Dan to get someone to take their family picture to remind them of this day. Salewa protests that they should not be there for her registration as the other students are not there with their parents.
Fred meets Sheila and her fabulous breakfast in the hut. He believes that breakfast in Buckingham Palace is not that sumptuous. He commends her efforts. She tells him that there is something she wants to tell him and he can ask her whatever questions he has afterwards. He asks her to shoot. As she starts, Yahimba inserts herself into the hut and Sheila stops and tells Fred they will continue later.
Angela wakes up and continues her story with Dr. Ibrahim. He asks her how she feels now that she is away from Masters? Relief, pain. He asks which one is the stronger emotion? Pain, she replies. Dr. Ibrahim asks if it is possible that she is drawn to his dangerous nature? They talk about how she got involved with him again. She was trying to save Emile’s life. She tells him that Alhaji Abubakar is the only one that understands her. She did not realize that until the last day before they parted. He asks her how she knew? She replies that he kissed her. That was when she realized it!
Fred tells Sheila and Yahimba about Salewa’s admission to the university. Yahimba says that it must be great for Dan to feel like a father. She says that Dan’s days in jail was all over the news. That did not go down well with Sheila and Fred. Yahimba apologizes for her indiscretion. Yahimba talks about the newspapers reporting that Fred refused to use his influence to get Dan off the hook. Sheila tells him not to respond to that. Fred insists that everyone in his family is expected to do the right thing without exception. Yahimba asks if he will not make any exceptions to this rule? Fred insists that even he will be subjected to the same principles for the sake of the society. He eventually gets up to go get hot sauce and stops Sheila when she offers to assist. As he leaves, Yahimba asks her how she expects such a man to understand when she tells her story?
Dr. Ibrahim and Angela continue their session. She knows that it is the wrong thing but she feels safe with Masters. Dr. Ibrahim reminds her that he is a criminal. She agrees but says she has chosen not to remain in the shadows. That is why she came to see him. He wonders what she will do next? She will go and see Faisal in prison!
Fred comes back with the hot sauce and asks Sheila what she wanted to talk to him about? She fidgets and tells him that it is nothing. She only wanted to remind him to tell Titus to renew the car papers! She steals a glance at Yahimba.

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Karen blocks Ene who wonders what she means that she cannot be scammed? Karen repeats that Ene cannot scam her. Ene tries to get away from her and her travelling bag but Karen quickly steps up and blocks her way!