Bimpe records herself saying she has been abandoned by everyone but stops when a knock sounds. She opens and welcomes Ohakanu. He brought her provisions and when he tries to hug her, she beats him off. She opens the bag and complains that he brought only raw food. Who will cook it? Ohakanu will do so. She sees a bottle of drinks and asks if he plans to cook or drink? He rushes off to the kitchen but she stops him and asks him to get her water nhe rushes off.
Angela asks if Brenda is going out? No, she is going to the conference room to meet Linda. She has been kicked out of the hostel for not paying. Angela hopes it is not a scheme to get more money out of Brenda. That is what Brenda intends to sort out. Haruna is coming to draft them a contract. Angela asks after Nosa and Brenda says he is taking too long to come around. She has a willing candidate and is not willing to give it up. Angela suggests that it may be easier to get a surrogate abroad. …and leave the company again? No way, Brenda says. The last time she left, the company nearly collapsed. She goes off to meet the lawyer.
Bimpe asks how long it will take Ohakanu to bring the food? He says he is coming but rushes out to ask her how long it takes to parboil the rice? She is surprised he is still parboiling the rice. He asks which goes in first the oil or the onions? Bimpe is appalled. He runs back into the kitchen but screams “hey! Fire!” Bimpe and Ohakanu struggle for who gets out of the door first!
Freddy struggles to open a bag of cereals but Amaka comes to his aid. She apologizes for all the tension between her and Sheila. He asks what she intends to do? She will try and make amends. He tells her he woke up earlier than she thought he did! So you were pretending? She hopes he has learnt his lessons. She opens her arms for a hug, he hesitates but eventually hugs her.
Brenda will cover Linda’s medical expenses and rent her a place for the duration of the pregnancy. Linda says no landlord will accept 9 months rent. They will ask for two years. Brenda says she will find a place that will take a year’s rent. Linda will need allowance to care for the baby and buy things. Brenda says she will be placed on N100,000 a month. Linda says N100,000 may not be enough. Or does Brenda expect her to take okada? Brenda will pick her for her hospital appointments and have a driver take her around. When the baby is delivered, she will get N1million. Aunty Gladys used to charge N2million, Linda says and asks Brenda to add some more money after all, carrying a full term pregnancy is no easy job. Brenda tells her to take it or leave it!
Yahimba comes out and meets Yaya hiding behind a Tinsel Townmagazine. Yahimba tries to get her to talk. It is not always time for a fight. Yaya tells her that Tainsel Town is still owing her and Yahimba told Sheila nit to employ her. Yahimba asks if she thinks Brenda will listen to what she said? She asks Yaya why she has not been employed by Sheila? Yaya does not know. Yahimba thinks it may be due to her poor financial state. That may be why she is looking to get that young boy! She is more concerned with Tsav’s scheming. Yaya wonders what Tsav has to do with anything? Yahimba is still trying to figure it out. Yaya looks uninterested and Yahimba asks if she does not want to know what is going on? No and she hopes that if Tsav is involved in any scheme, it goes down without Yahimba knowing anything about it!
Ohakanu and Bimpe barge into Chuks’s screaming about what they are losing. Her clothes, Brazillian hair. Ohakanu laments the loss of his booze. Chuks calls the fire service and blames Bimpe and Ohakanu for trying to burn down his inheritance. He grabs a bucket and heads out but Bimoe begs him to wait for fire service he says no and tells them to tell Ene that he loves her, Amara that he did this to save her inheritance, etc. he heads out with Ohakanu but stops and asks if Bimpe would have allowed him to go and kill himself? Bimpe reminds him that she asked him to wait for fire service. Ohakanu runs back with his bottle of booze as they wonder what happened to him. He tells them it was a false alarm. Bimpe tells him to get ready to explain what happened when fire service gets there, Master Chef Australia!
Brenda tells Gladys that she does not have all night. She will take the N1 million. Haruna says they will keep the money in an escrow account till the baby is born. They will also open a savings account where her allowance will be paid. Brenda asks if she is dating? She says no. That means she won’t have any issue with abstaining from sex. Linda asks what happens if she meets someone she likes? The deal is off, Brenda says. She does not want to see this in the newspapers and if Linda goes back on the agreement, she will ensure that she collects all her money. Once the baby is born, she will take the baby from the hospital. What if the baby wants to meet her? Linda asks. Why would the baby want to meet you instead of the biological mother! What of breast feeding? Linda ask. Brenda tells her it is not her business and gives her some money to hold her till they make the payments. As she leaves, Haruna congratulates her. He will send her the contract soon so that she and her husband will review it. Brenda asks him to leave Nosa out of it for now.
Sheila gives Tsav the feedback on her meeting with the lawyer. He asks if she is getting close to Freddy so that he can sign over some of his properties when he is old enough? Sheila’s face changes and he tells her he is joking. He suggests they open a line of communication with Amaka. He will explore that. Sheila says Amaka will it listen to anyone least of all her brother. He tells her that strange things happen. His phone rings and Amaka calls to tell him she has patched things up with Freddy. She wants to share this piece of good news so that it won’t look like they only share bad news when they meet. He thanks her and drops. Sheila asks if that was his business partner? He says yes. Things are looking up.
Tsav is on his way out but Yaya comes out and calls him. He says he is on his way out. She calls him and looks at Sheila. He remembers and asks Sheila about the request for a job for Yaya. She says she is trying to get things together in the spa. Tsav encourages her and when she agrees, Yaya hugs her!
Angela meets Nosa at Ziggy’s and insists on buying him a drink. They settle to wait for their orders and she tries to explain to him that he needs to patch things up with Brenda but he prattles on about Brenda wanting to deny him happiness. She knew she could not have a baby and yet married him. She asks him to keep his voice down and tries to explain to him that Brenda sees this as another battle to be own and if he does not work with her, she can go ahead and do it without him. How? Like finding a sperm donor. He knocks over the table and starts screaming at the top of his voice about women being terrorists. Frank came and ask him what is going on? He explains that women are the terrorists, etc. Frank insists that he cannot be spoiling their property. He grabs Frank and Frank screams for help. Some guys join him and they carry Nosa out.
Bimpe impatiently waits for the food from Ohakanu. He eventually brings it out and she asks what that is? He looks uncomfortable. She is appalled that after trying to burn down her pent house apartment, he is serving her brung offering. Is she a shrine? How did he even find the whiskey he dram
Nk? The whiskey called him to where it was hidden, Ohakanu says. Bimpe tells him that she cannot help him anymore and asks him to leave.
Amaka regales Tsav with tales of her success with Freddy. She is even ready to extend an olive branch to Sheila. He is happy that at least one of them is happy. She asks how he is doing? He complains of his business partner and she asks how the partnership is doing? Not so well, he says. She asks what he is into? Security cameras and stuff like that. He asks if they need stuff like that in Reel? She says they used to but they still had a hostage crisis. She knows Sheila would have blamed it on her. Tsav tells her that Sheila does not go about discussing her. He thinks that if they had the right network, even Majek would not have been able to come in! She asks him to make them a presentation and they will evaluate it.
Brenda comes in and asks Angela what the issue is? She sounded like it’s an emergency. She tells him about Nosa and his behavior at Ziggy’s. Brenda ask if she sent her to interfere? Angela says she was trying to help. She tells Brenda that there was something definitely wrong with the guy. He looked like he was on drugs or something. Brenda tells her not to be ridiculous. She is sure of what she saw.

Next on Tinsel
Amaka asks Dr. Gyang and Laide if they think they need to review their security protocol? Dr. Gyang is happy that it finally dawned on her!