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Lola and Bimpe continue their squabble. Bimpe wants to go and freshen up. Lola asks what she will tell Audu? Bimpe tells her that she trusts her judgement to do the right thing. Lola says she has something to tell Bimpe but Bimpe walks out.
Sankey continues her interviews and Amaka comes in to ask how she is doing? She says they are being thorough. Amaka worries about the large number of people outside. Sankey says the last interviewee said something interesting. Majek supervised the offloading of the crates when they arrived. Amaka wonders what is strange about that? Sankey says the warehouse staff could have managed that but Majek insisted. Amaka says he cannot be reached. He quit. Sankey asks for his contact details and Amaka says she should ask Louisa. Sankey asks that she be sent in.
Delmwa announces that Angela will announce the winner that afternoon. Mimi says she is not ready. Delmwa does not believe she thinks she stands a chance. With zero experience, she stands no chance. Mimi says she at least did not do last minute like Delmwa. Delmwa wonders what she means and she says that Odun said Angela was confused when she read Delmwa’s entry. Odun says Angela was frowning when she was reading. Delmwa concludes that Angela frowns when she is reading. Odun advises that they wish each other luck but Delmwa will hear nothing of that.
Sankey digs into Louisa and asks whether she is in touch with her husband? She says yes but tries to change after. She asks what the interview is about? Snakes asks if she is into the plan? Louisa tries to hedge but Sankey asks if she knows where her husband is? She threatens to keep Louisa away for the night to juggle her memory. Louisa babbles and Sankey grabs and searches her bag before she could do anything. She sees the ticket Louisa has and asks if she is traveling? Louisa says she is not a part of the plan!
Lola meets Bimpe getting ready and tells her that Reel Studios called her earlier for a screen test but she was not there so they spoke with her. They are offering her a role in their new blockbuster and as Bimpe is not interested, she will call and cancel on her behalf. She makes a call and Bimpe grabs the phone and introduces herself. She will come and join them. Lola reminds her that she needs to cancel her job offer with Obi de Don. Bimpe calls Obi who is not happy and threatens to stop her from working in Nollywood.
Angela calls everyone together and says she has chosen a script done by Delmwa. They congratulate her but she tells her that it still needs a lot of work. Delmwa assures that she has not had the best of her.
Sankey and Segun interview Louisa. She tells them that they had been having issues with her marriage owing to Majek’s thing with Amaka. That got Sankey and Segun exchange glances. One day, he takes off and he later called her from abroad and asked her to join him. They ask if they are heading to Maldives and she says she believes that he will come for her there and they move on to a new life. Sankey asks for her phone for their investigations. She hands it over and asks if she is in trouble?
Bimpe arrives Reel Studios and is met at the reception. They ask her for the questions and she wonders what they are talking about? She is there for a screen test and not questions. The guy tells her that they are expecting a Bimpe Adekoya from the Scope to come interview their officials. Bimpe looks like collapsing.
Sankey and Seguna ask Louisa what else she noticed? She tells them that nothing changed so much but remembers a pet potted plant that he cared for so much! She remembers teasing him that if he cared for their marriage as much as the plant, they won’t have any issues. They ask what was unique about the plant? She remembers that the potted plant had pebbles mixed in sand there. She suddenly remembers that the last time she saw the pot was before Majek disappeared.
Tare tries to get Brenda and Phillip to work together on the publicity stunt for Black Ananse but the two of them will not have that. They insists that she focuses on the artists and whatever to drive her publicity. Brenda and Phillip say a flat no to the that. They ask her to find something else to use.
Bimpe comes back and Lola asks how it went? How what went? They were expecting an interviewer from The Scope instead of a screen test. Lola says the guy on the phone sounded phony but she used one stone to kill two birds; get an interview at Reel Studios as they will not allow her into their premises again and also stop Bimpe from going to act in that ridiculous Obi movie. Bimpe launches herself at her and they start running around the studio till Greg catches Bimpe. She struggles to break free while promising to kill Lola. She breaks free from Greg and they start running around the studio as Audu burst in and ask what is going on?
Brenda and Phillip insists that Tare’s plan sucks. Brenda leaves for a conference call and Tare wonders why Phillip makes things so difficult? He tells her that her plan sucks and he also does not trust Brenda. She wonders what he is talking about? He thinks that you can’t be too trusting with a Mensah. Phillip reminds her that they are now siblings and need to stick together after all they have gone through but Phillip will not hear that. Instead he asks if he can trust Tare to keep an eye on Brenda? Brenda and Feke return from their conference call because they do not have the code and seeing Tare and Phillip, asks them what she missed?
Audu berates Bimpe and Lola for behaving in an unprofessional manner. We may not always agree with each other but we owe each other to be civil. If they cannot tolerate each other, he may be forced to re-think their employment. Lola apologizes to him and Bimpe. Bimpe also apologizes to him and he asks them to apologize to Greg, who is nursing a black eye.
Yahimba gets home and meets Yaya on her way out. Yaya hands her a parcel delivered earlier in the day and leaves. She opens the bag and sees a tiny pouch containing a piece of diamond and a note. The note asks if she is missing something? Finders keepers!

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A plain clothes policeman takes a call and asks Yahimba what she knows about the person she is asking after? Yahimna asks if his mother did not teach him to be respectful? He asks if Yahimba’s mum never told her to respect the police?



Greg visits Bimpe and she asks him to help her choose her outfits, etc. he asks her what she is doing? He did not think that she is going to act in the movie. Bimpe wonders what he means? She will not pass up this opportunity because of Lola. It is not her business that the show will be boring. Greg thinks she is being inconsiderate and selfish.
PAW comes out to meet Tare and wonders what she is doing? Taking a break from her new job? She says she did not know Brenda was inviting her to join Black Ananse. She came because she thought he will be having a tough time now. He agrees with his father in the hospital and his being arrested for that. Tare commends him for helping in catching Caesar. She is not hanging around, not in town or anywhere. Phillip wishes her a nice trip back as she was still trying to talk to him. She just clammed up and leaves.
Bimpe is shocked at Greg’s reaction and wonders why she needs to get permission from everyone to do what she wants? Greg tells her that she is not considering his feelings. She wonders what he means by that? Is it this one he is putting one leg in and one leg out? He calls her obtuse and she responds likewise. He leaves and drops a copy of one of the movie makers film for her so that she knows what she is getting into. She is not bothered.
Yahimba gets off the phone after chewing someone. Yaya asks what the issue is and Yahimba complains about the inefficient managing editor. Yaya begs her to allow her work as entertainment correspondent for Tinsel town. She can get into where she is not wanted and will not get drunk, so she sees what others will not see. Yahimba wonders why she should trust her? She begs and Yahimba agrees. Her first job is to keep a tab on Phillip. She baulks at that but gives in when Yahimba threatens.
Bimpe comes back to Greg as he gives a camera man instructions. She begs him and says she saw some of the film he dropped and it is nasty. She however called the producer and he agreed that she can avoid doing anything sexy if she does not want. Greg does not trust the man and does not want to be seen to be telling Bimpe what to do. She says it is because he cares. He opens his mouth to talk and she seals it with a kiss.
Louisa meets Yahimba and wonders why she is there? She is not sure the role will be okay for her. She asks how Yahimba heard about her? Yahimba pumps her for information about her next plans but she says she should not be discussing her family with someone who runs a rag and leaves.
Brenda asks Feke if she has been able to each Tare? She says no. Brenda asks for the hotel they reserved as she tries Tare and gets her voicemail.
Bimpe begs Audu to allow her go for a week only. Audu does not think she should be taking such a decision without consulting him first. Greg steps in and says they can manage with some special effects. Audu tells her that they brought her back because Lola was not working and she should not push it.
Sankey gets off the phone with someone who she promises fish pepper soup. She tells Segun that it was the airport security. They said they increase security at the airport because of a bomb threat, which turned out to be a hoax. She has the number but it is a fake number. She suddenly remembers that she knows the name!
Brenda corners Tare at the hotel. She says her flight is in 5 hours. Brenda tries to convince her to stay but she refuses. She does not want to run into Phillip. Brenda assures her that’s he will not. Phillip is busy at this moment. She still refuses but Brenda begs her to do it for Kwame. She eventually agrees and asks how Brenda ended up in Black Ananse? Brenda offers to buy them dinner and discuss. She asks if Tare still has feelings for Phillip? Tare looks downwards.
Sankey says she remembers the name from the last movie that Reel Studios premiered. Segun wonders how it comes in? She says her boyfriend in school also has the same first name. They consider how this fits in? Sankey says whoever made the call saw the movie before it was released. Segun tells her that everyone has seen the movie or the character is in the old movie. They agree to watch the old movie and if the character is missing, they will know that the caller is a part of the movie.
Lola and Bimpe wrap another episode. She harasses Bimpe for her sign-off statement. Accuses her of picking it from a children’s book. Bimpe agrees and walks off. Audu informs Lola about Bimpe leaving. She wonders who will take up Bimpe’s job? Audu thinks she can cope. Bimpe comes along and she attacks Bimpe. Accuses Bimpe of sleeping with all the men on set to get her way around. Bimpe gives her more quotes from her book and sings a jealousy song to her.
Phillip meets Tare in the bar and wonders why she is still around? She tells him she had to stay back because of Brenda. She says he looks different and he tells her about his relationship that did not work out. She says he didn’t take long to move on. He agrees it was doomed from the start and he had other issues to deal with too.
Louisa walks in and one of her colleagues asks if she knows her batch? What batch, she asks? The police are there and want to interview staff in batches. Louisa says she thought they have finished their investigations! She was told the police made a breakthrough. She turns to go back and Sankey stops her. She says she wants to get something from her car but Sankey insists she be interviewed first. As she walks past Sankey, Sankey wonders what she is missing or where she knew her from?

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Greg wonders why Lola did that? She says she is just being two steps ahead. Bimpe lunges at her and she takes off.


Greg chides Bimpe for what she said about his car and Mushin. She apologizes and says she did not mean to offend him. He says he just wants her to see him for who he is. She says she is no snob and has had her ghetto days. He is surprised at that and she asks him to remind her to tell him about her Makoko days with her ex. She is not new to slum life. He takes offense again and she stops him and asks why he is pretending to be comfortable where people are trying to come out from? He agrees he is being over-sensitive.
Yahimba tells Jimoh that honour is about to be placed where it belongs. Jimoh asks how long this will be? She tells him her publication is floating a platform for recognizing people like him. He asks if awards are not for the rich and famous? Yahimba tells him this one is for people with substance. She asks him for the full version of the story he shared with her reporter. He is furious to learn she is the publisher of Tinsel town and she called him? She manages to convince him to share his story. They clink glasses and she asks for further details about the hostage situation.
Bimpe and Lola interview a movie maker, Obi the Don who makes racy movies and has made tons of money from that. Bimpe goes along but Lola tries to be abrasive and the man cuts her off. As she tries to dig deeper, Bimpe wraps up the movie.
Feke welcomes Tare and tries to make her feel at home in Brenda’s absence but Tare is okay. She asks Feke to get her only water when Feke asks what she will drink. As Feke leaves, she wonders how Brenda whips up these enterprises out of nothing. She turns around, and there is Phillip who asks her what she is doing there with a furious face!
Obi The Don hails Lola as the defender of children but he says that he likes how she speaks her mind. As he hails her, she quickly tears herself off from the stage hand and runs off. Bimpe reminds him that she is an actress and he says he has seen her previous films. Now that she has talked about it, he has a film that has a role that is perfect for her. Bimpe hails him for that and asks what it is about? He tells her that someone has been cast for the role. She asks if they have signed a contract! Obi says he does not sign contracts. Bimpe asks how it goes and he launches into a long story about aristo girls who go out with men…
Yahimba interviews Jimoh about the hostage crisis and he tells her about the take over, etc. she asks if any staff acted out of character before the hostage crisis? Jimoh says no. Yahimba thinks it must be traumatic for him to go back to the same office everyday. She assures him that she will not share this discussion with any of her reporters. He tells her the others are still there, except one who left. Yahimba digs deeper and he tells her about Majek missing and his wife booking a ticket to get away from it all.
Tare asks Phillip what he is doing there? He says he has a meeting with Brenda. She confirms she is there for the same thing too. He asks if she is back in town for good? She says they will see but she will stay out of his way. He asks if the visit is business or pleasure? She says it is business. She came to work in Brenda’s company. Brenda walks right in and Phillip asks her if that is what she calls Black Ananse now, her company? Tare is shocked to hear it is Black Ananse.
Obi insists that Bimpe is not well-endowed enough for the role. Bimpe does not understand what he is talking about? He tells her that all his actresses have front and back assets. Bimpe tells him that she is so well-endowed, she is wearing a minimiser. Minimiser? He has not heard of that. She tells him that it is what well-endowed girls like her use to hold their assets together. If she unleashes everything, accidents will start happening. He tells her he has given the other actress her scripts. Bimpe reminds him that her famous face will sell films and he can also advertise the films on The Scope. He asks if she can leave for Asaba immediately?
Yaya pitches her water business to Omar. He tells her that it depends on who she is selling to and gets her confused. She asks that she sticks to her initial beauty product. He advises that she takes a step back and choose something she enjoys. She suggests opening a club or a yoga outfit. He asks her not to think but just feel it. She says she’s got it!
Brenda asks that they discuss this as adults. Phillip reminds her that she just offered Tare a job without informing him? He is not discussing anything. He leaves and Tare cannot believe Brenda flew her in for this. Brenda shouts surprise surprise!
Tare is not buying it and pushes Brenda away when she tries to hug her. Brenda asks her staff out of the room and tells Tare that she did not have a choice. Phillip needed assistance but was too proud to ask for help and Kwame was her only family. Tare tells her that the brief she was sent had nothing on Black Ananse or Phillip so she is sure Brenda knew what she was doing. Brenda tells her she is only interested in her history with Black Ananse and believes that Tare can handle her relationship with Phillip like an adult. Tare tells her that she has decided what to do and picks her bag and walks out!
Yahimba calls Louisa and tells her she is calling to offer some help. She hears that Louisa is not being treated well in Reel Studios. She is starting a new radical line in her publishing house and has been told that Louisa is the woman. Louisa asks who gave her number but Yahimba moves on. Louisa does not think this is a good time for her to switch jobs. Yahimba promises to double her salary and guarantee a harassment-free work environment. She only need Louisa to handle her publicity department.
Bimpe announces to Lola that she is off to star in the lead in Obi’s film. Lola thinks she is being selfish. Who will handle her job in The Scope? Greg says she does not need the role but Bimpe reminds them all that she is an actress. Greg suggests they get Audu in but Bimpe tells them she does not care. Nothing will stop her.
Angela reads through the scripts and wonders if the people writing them have heard of a decent script before? Delmwa walks in and dumps a file on her; graphic novel meets romance meets thriller meets every imaginable genre etc. she asks Angela to knock herself out. Angela looks at the file skeptically but Odun reminds her that it is Delmwa and there has to be serious stuff in there. She asks what can come in 24 hours but flips the file open and starts reading. She frowns and Odun asks if she can find anything useable? She looks pleasantly surprised and tells him that he cannot believe this.
Sankey gets into the office to meet the package they were expecting from Odyssey. Segun tells her the warehouse manager said he could not find it. Someone cleared out the file. They wonder whether someone was trying to hide something and whether he did not destroy the file? They try to piece the time sequence together based on information for. Caesar. The package got to Reel the same week Caesar and his boys were meant to pick it up from the ports. They could not get to it at the port due to heightened security. Sankey calls Yinusa to ask for information about happenings in his office.


Amaka does not believe Louisa wants to drop the lawsuit. Louisa says she is tired. After the mediation, she is no longer ready for more drama. She asks if Amaka is not tired and Amaka reminds her she is the one that started the fire and is stoking it. She says she wants to drop it.
Bimpe asks Greg not to mistake this romantic surprise as a substitute for their proper romantic date. He asks what a proper date is? Their going to a fancy restaurant in her fine dress and he picking her up in a limo. She suggests they go that evening but he thinks it is better they do so tomorrow morning before they go for the shoot. She does not like that but agrees. It gives her time to choose the proper dinner dress!
Brenda calls Tare to offer her a job. Tare asks if the stories she is hearing that Brenda has left Odyssey is true? Brenda says yes, the journalists are correct in that respect. Tare accepts the job offer without a fuss and is ready to come in the next day. Feke will book her accommodation and tickets.
Greg comes to pick up a gaily dressed Bimpe for their date. She asks of the limousine and he shows her a dilapidated car with the red paint peeling!
Greg stops the car and Bimpe hopes the car did not stop because she cannot push the car in that dress. Greg tells her that he does not have money now for the perfect date but will do that when he gets money by the end of the month. Bimpe suggests they buy food and take home; only two of them with the blinds drawn!
The HODs gather and speculate on the purpose of the meeting. One of them lets out that he heard Amaka telling her lawyer that Louisa is dropping the suit. One is disappointed while the other thinks it is in good time. Louisa comes in and refuses to acknowledge their greetings. Phillip comes in and asks if they are up to it? Omar keeps pecking away at his phone.
Nnenna talks to Odun about her struggles with transport. She needs to fix a car for herself. Odun says he knows who has a car to sell. Mimi comes in to tell them about her pitch. They think it is ridiculous. She tells them she is struggling to close the story. It is about a man that fell into a fish pond and ended up in mars, etc. Delmwa comes in and Mimi tells her she needs to pick her brain about her pitch. Delmwa shuts her down but she insists that if Angela can be CEO, then she can be a writer!
Greg tells Bimpe about his poor background in Bayelsa and his coming to Lagos to hustle. She tells him she also supported her brothers. She asks for where he stays and he says it is Mushin. She tells him that she will not want to be in his car if it breaks down around there. He says it may be time to go. She asks him to wait, he is not allowed to be annoyed at her today. She asks him to wait a moment while she fetches something.
Phillip tells the staff around the room about his desire to expand the company and that with his investment, they will still be short of funds. He wants them to pitch into raising funds from other sources; banks, financiers, etc. he shares roles to various teams towards this. Omar did not hear anything he said till he is proceed off his phone by the guy sitting near him!
Bimpe comes back in negligee and Greg looks like he swallowed a toad. She asks if he is okay and he turns and walks off.
Angela comes in and meets Delmwa working on the pitches. She asks how it is going and Delmwa tells her everyone is pitching, just like she wanted. Angela asks if she has seen any interesting ones? Delmwa says it is there. Angela asks for her own and she says it will not come. Angela tells her she is not trying to degrade her by asking for pitches. Delmwa asks if she is not? Some of the pitches she sent could have made great serials. Angela tells her she is not looking for good, but great series. Delmwa asks why she thinks her stories are not that good? Angela encourages her to send in an entry. Feke walks in and Angela asks where she has been? She asks to speak with Angela in private.
As the meeting breaks up, Phillip chides Omar for being in the phone the whole time. He thinks it is rude of him not to tell whoever it is that he is in a meeting. Omar tells him she hates to wait and thanks him for the hotel suite. He enjoyed it with Yaya. Phillip leaves him and walks away. Jimoh tells Louisa that he thinks that she did the right thing by dropping the lawsuit. Louisa starts to pack her things but scatters her papers. He helps her pick them up and seeing her ticket asks if she is traveling? She asks him to leave her alone. He gets a call from someone.
Feke tells Angela she is leaving to go and work with Brenda. Angela thinks the company has not structure. Feke says she is going because Angela will not be there. She believes that Angela will not run the company better than her. Angela reminds her that no one else is leaving. She thinks that they are stupid. She had better take her chances in a shoe-size company than work with a raving lunatic. Angela laughs her heads off and Feke leaves.
Jimoh meets Yahimba in a restaurant and pologizes for getting there late. He came as soon as he could. He has never received an award before, he says. Yakima tells him there is always a first time and offers him food, drinks; they are going to be there for a while!

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Phillip asks Brenda if this is what she calls black Ananse now? Her company?


Lola wonders why Bimpe is suddenly serious? Bimpe claims she loves her job. Lola wonders why she has not been involved in the research? Bimpe tells her they all know she likes the serious stuff. Greg comes in and asks how they have been coping without him in the past week? His eyes are locked with Bimpe’s & Lola asks if the question is meant for two of them? Greg and Bimpe keep giggling till she gives them five minutes alone. As Bimpe expects more, Greg suddenly remembers he has to talk to the crew.
Angela does not find the scripts and pitches boring. She wants to bring Odyssey into the future. Delmwa is not happy at this and argues that there is nothing like romance meets graphic writing like Angela wants. Angela tells her she will invite new pitches but will really like to work with her on the project she acquiesced but asks Angela to slow down for everyone’s sake.
Greg ensures that the crew members are on top of their roles. As he works on his notes, Bimpe comes in and hugs him from the back but he shouts at her to be professional. She wonders what she did wrong? Is there anyone there getting loving treatment? He tells her everyone is trying to be professional. She walks a way disgusted.
The mediator states the ground rules; what they are there for is admissible in court, etc. Louisa’s lawyer questions Amaka. She asks when Amaka knew Majek and why she went after Majek? Amaka insists that thre is nothing between them. Louisa jumps in and accuses Amaka of going after her husband and they insult each other.
Bimpe talks to Ene on the phone. Ene says they are all fine. The baby is okay and Chuks is now mature and pre-occupied with the baby. Ene asks after the girls in her apartment and Bimpe wonders why Ene is asking her when she gave control to Salewa? Ene asks after Greg and Bimpe says he moves like keke on the highway. He is too slow and has not even shown her his manifesto. Even in the office, he is all coy. Ene accuses her of being impatient but asks to leave though she does not envy Majek. Bimpe wonders what is wrong with some harassment?
Amaka’s,aw her questions Louisa and wonders why she is the one suingAmaka for seducing her husband? Is she suing on behalf of her husband? Louisa says Amaka damaged her marriage by going after her husband and creating a hostile work experience. Amaka disputes that she knew Majek was married. Her lawyer accuses Louisa of keeping her marriage hidden so that they can set Amaka up for blackmail. Louisa goes all emotional about Amaka breaking her marriage and causing them to fight and break apart and when Amaka came after him with her performance review, he quit. At some point, Amaka reminds her she did not mean for things to go this far. Louisa wants someone to pay for her broken marriage but Amaka’s lawyer reminds her that what she described does not sound like sexual harassment. It sounds like she is suing Amaka because her husband fell in love with her!
Feke and her new colleague get to Kwame’s place, their new office and Feke accuses him of not converting the place to an office already. He says he is still waiting for instruction from Brenda. Feke wonders what his role is going to be? He tells her he used to work with Kwame as an AD. Brenda has suggested that he will work in production. Feke claims that she was head of production at Odyssey, but he tells her that Brenda said she was a PA. She claims Brenda made her head of production. They agree to work on turning the flat into an office.
Bimpe gets intoZiggy’s and tells Frank that she will tell Greg they need to talk. Frank does not think it is good. Guys don’t like to hear that. She asks what she should do then? Frank suggests she wait. She says if she waits for him, she will wait till the next solar eclipse. Frank corrects her that it is lunar eclipse. She says whatever. Frank asks her what happened to the carefree Bimpe he used to know? She insists that Bimpe is still there and vows to move on. Just then, Greg calls and invites her to come so that they finish their unfinished business.
The mediator calls a break till the next day. As the guys file out, leaving Amaka and Louisa, Phillip walks in and Amaka asks him what he wants? He says he came to ask if she had thought of their discussion. He asks Louisa why she is suing Amaka but that one does not talk. He turns to Amaka to ask if she had seen Majek lately and the work he was supposed to be on? Did he leave anything on Laide? Louisa gets up and reminds him that he probably should have waited for the report before sacking him. With that, she gets up and walks out on Phillip!
Angela is on her way out and asks Mimi after Feke? She has not been seen. She asks after the pitches and Mimi says they are rolling in and the deadline is soon. Angela thinks it is good and turns to leave but Mimi tells her she will be pitching too. Angela is surprised and she confirmed that she had never done anything professional till now.
Phillip hopes that Amaka beats Louisa at this court case due to her attitude. Amaka asks what he wants and he reminds her about their discussion. She says it is not now. He reminds her that they have been planning to expand the studio. He is free now. Amaka says they do not have money for capital projects now. He thinks they can work something out. She asks after his father and he gives her an update. He is responding gradually to treatment. He tells her that she could have asked Sheila that. Amaka wonders how he thinks Sheila wants to hear from her? He tells her that he spoke with Sheila and told her that Amaka has realized that what she thinks she saw at the hospital was not how it is.
Bimpe is fuming that Greg made her come all the way to the office for nothing. Greg jumps out and shouts surprise surprise! He had written be my girl on the floor. He wonders whether Bimpe likes it? She agrees that she does. He asks if she will be his girl? She does not say anything but she gives him a hug and agrees after he apologizes for moving too fast and she asks if he is crazy thinking he is fast? They agree to go on a date!
Brenda walks into the new office and is pleasantly surprised at the work done by her two staff in making an office out of it. He commends them and hopes they share the same camaraderie when they resume the next day. Feke’s phone rings and she cuts it off.
Amaka walks into the conference room and seeing Louisa, apologizes but as she makes to go back, Louisa stops her. She will call her lawyer in the morning and withdraw the suit!

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Bimpe asks Greg if he came with the limousine? He tells her not exactly and shows him a beat-up old car with the red paint peeling!


Salewa rushes back in and Helen wonders why she rushed back instead of missing on campus. Salewa tells her she can speak with her on this and says she knows Helen does not wear lingerie. Helen agrees and she tells her about Bimpe’s missing g-string. She thinks it is one of those divas. Helen says she cannot accuse people without proof. Salewa asks her to keep it quiet.
Angela and Delmuah go through the script and the amendments made. Delmuah has been working on the script since they spoke yesterday. Angela calls Feke and asks her to summon a meeting of heads of department.
Sho and Prisca leave for school and Salewa goes to work immediately on her box. She sees handcuffs and asks Helen what it is used for? Helen runs off to check her eggs. She comes back and asks if Salewa has seen what she is looking for? The door bursts open and Sho walks right in!
Funmi and others discuss the impending arrival of Louisa’s lawyer. They wonder what will happen and whether the case will go to cou where everything will be forced to come out in the open? Just then, Louisa walks out to join them and they hail her. She reads the document she has and screams that she can’t believe Amaka is going through with suing her!
Salewa asks whether Sho came back early? She forgot something and asks what they are doing in Prisca’s things? They say they can explain and tell her about Bimpe’s missing g-string. She wonders why they think Prisca stole that when she is so rich? They tell her it could be with anyone and she is appalled they can call her a thief. Salewa insists on searching their things and Sho asks her to start with Helen who cannot afford lingerie. Helen goes red in the face and says she can never steal! They scream at each other and finally agree to go and see Bimpe and have her complain to Sho.
The HODs wait for Angela and think it is because of the production. Angela walks in and tells them that she has reviewed the script and seen the excellent work done by Delmuah. However, she has decided that they cannot make the movie as it is not tenable. The staff are shocked!
Yaya leaves a message on the phone as Yahimba comes out. She asks her about their discussion last night and Yahimba wonders which part of the discussion she found confusing? Is it the part about avoiding Phillip or getting to know other men? She says she will keep comparing the men to Phillip. Yahimba asks her to get serious and develop some staying power. Yaya accuses her of not wanting her relationship with PAW. Yahimba advises her to have her way. She asks if Yahimba thinks it will work? Yahimba tells her that all men are children. She asks if her father was one of those? Yahimba tells her that her father was an exception but he also has his moments. As she leaves, Yaya calls up Omar.
Salewa screams at Bimpe for keeping them waiting for so long. She asks them why she cannot have a bath in her own apartment? They tell her they are there to resolve the accusation about the lingerie. She tells them it is a G, a very expensive G. Sho reminds her it is just bra and pant. She asks Bimpe to bring her laundry basket to be searched. Bimpe says no. Salewa asks her to bring it so that they get this over with. Bimpe reluctantly brings her basket and Sho digs out a tiny pink rope. Bimpe, Salewa and Helen apologize to her and while they wait for her to say something, she smells smoke and Helen remembers her eggs and they all run off!
The staff ask Angela if she is serious? They cannot believe she is throwing away the production they have invested so much on? She tells them the project was dead immediately the director decided to shoot what he wants on their money and he has exceeded all their cost projections so far. She has decided to move them to television. They all scream and someone welcomes Angelique! Angela explains that she can position them to exploit the gaps in television rather than films. Delmuah is in charge of it.
Lola comes late to meet Yahimba in a bar and apologizes for coming late. Yahimba asks her who her source at reel studios is? She is not in a hurry to disclose who her source is and Yahimba reminds her who the employer is and who is asking the questions. She assures Lola that whatever they discuss is confidential. Lola volunteers that the source is not an Ade-Williams. That is not important to Yahimba. She wants the person’s name.
The girls put out the fire in the kitchen from Helen’s eggs and Helen apologizes for forgetting. Sho digs into her for forgetting but remembering to search for Bimpe’s undies. They wonder what they could have done without the fire extinguisher. Salewa complains that their trouble in the flat is too much. Sho says they cannot be accused of being dry. Salewa says they have to be dry and for a long time. She is moving in!
Delmuah dumps documents on Angela’s table and tells her it is from the project she commissioned earlier as Angelique. Angela takes one look at the documents and could not believe how she could have commissioned that. Angela assures her that she is considered an asset to the company. She calls antenna to ask for Feke but was told that Feke stepped out. She is not happy that Feke did that without permission.
Yaya waits for Omar in Ziggy’s and watches Peju talk about Caesar and how he was arrested by the police with Masters’s assistance. Omar walks in and she introduces him to her latest project; bottled water. He does not appear enthusiastic and asks why she bounces from one project to the other? She tells him that she can finish the beauty treatment thing if she wanted. He agrees and asks her to talk to him about the project. She bones up and he coaxes a smile off her. He misses the smile and wished he could have managed that at the hotel the other day. He asks what happened to Phillip? He thinks it is the usual Phillip being used to getting his way with everything. She asks him not to say that. She forced him away. She clams up again and he reminds her that she needs to get him out of her mind.
Brenda’s staff stops to express his happiness at her bringing him back to work for her. She tells him that it is nothing. It is all about loyalty. Feke rushes in and apologizes for letting things unravel at Odyssey and asks Brenda to hire her in whatever capacity. Brenda reminds the first guy about what she told him about loyalty?
Louisa and her lawyer discuss strategy before Amaka walks in with her own lawyer. She asks for the mediator as she has another meeting in 35 minutes. Louisa attacks her for thinking that this is something she can sort out in her lunch break. She thinks it is the most important part of Amaka’s day. Amaka tells her to take a hike. They launch into each other till the lawyers ask them to shove it.

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Feke asks her new colleague about his experience. He tells her he used to work for Kwame in Black Ananse as his AD, so he has a lot of production experience. Feke tells him that she was the head of production at Odyssey. He replies that Brenda told him that she was a PA!


Salewa tells Uju, the lady that is trying to get her to talk about her experience that she is a private person and does not like to put her story out there. Uju tells her that it may be an opportunity for her to impact positively on youths. Salewa says she is busy and have a scholarship to prepare for. If she changes her mind, she will tell Uju first. As she leaves, Bimpe calls her and tells her to listen; the noise is like the Lagos end of year party. She also pays rent and deserves some peace. Salewa needs to come down and sort things out.
Phillip and Brenda quarrel over her meeting with Kwabena behind his back. Brenda reminds him that he says he is quite busy at the moment. He tries to give her the benefits of a collaboration; more money, extra skills sets, etc. Brenda eventually briefs him on the meeting when he assures her that she has nothing to lose. She displays a lack of understanding of tech speak when she asks about thumbnails on PCs. PAW condescendingly corrects her. He also shows her the new logo which Kwabena showed him. He prefers the old one, the one that represents Kwame.
Salewa calls Helen but frets when she does not pick. She leaves her an angry message asking her to call back when she gets the message.
Phillip calls Sankey to ask if she has found out the paymaster behind Caesar’s lawyer? Sankey says no in a harsh manner. Phillip asks who this lawyer is? She says she will not tell him. He asks her to be friendly. She says she is friendly but will not disclose who the lawyer is. PAW says he can find out who the lawyer and the man behind him is. Sankey advises him not to do something stupid again. If he asks Masters for a favour again, he will expect favours in return and PAW will not enjoy it.
Salewa visits Bimpe who orders her to listen and listen well as she complains and rants. Salewa impatiently tells her she has things to do. Bimpe complains that she is a celebrity talk show host and she needs her beauty sleep. She insists that Sho and co are disturbing her sleep asking if she is a DJ in her spare time? Salewa asks her to tell Sho to lower the music. Bimpe will not hear that. She also complains of the constant knocking on the wall!
Angela calls Yusuf to ask for his help in tracing who is paying for a lawyer for Caesar. Yusuf reminds him that he has a boss. Phillip asks if he cannot do that on his own? He asks Phillip if he can take on a job if he was working for his kind of a boss? He asks PAW if he should ask Masters? Phillip tells him not to bother.
Angela and Delmuah discuss the project. She asks Delmuah what she thinks about the script? Delmuah demurres but when Angela pushes, she comes out with a lot of things that are not right with the story. Angela asks her to re-write the story along those lines.
Salewa rushes into Ene’s house and Prisca asks why she is rushing in without knocking? Salewa faces Sho and complains about the shelves. Sho tells her that they need to live their lives in the apartment. Salewa tells them about Bimpe complaining about the noise and they tell her that Bimpe’s Zumba music is higher than theirs. Sho asks Prisca if they should stop putting up the shelves and Prisca says they may have to before Salewa blows a nerve!
Dr. Gyang visits Amaka to talk about the scandal in the company. She asks him what he expects her to do? He expected her to be the bigger person, swallow her pride and make the suit go away. She tries to explain and he tells her that the board expects her to fix it. What they expect is some good news not the CEO’s lurid stories. He asks if there is any truth in her allegations? Amaka says nothing and he does not ask for details. Amaka reminds him that it was the performance appraisal for Majek that got them here today. He asks her if she can handle it? She says she is already working on it with her lawyers and is confident they will do well.
Charlie frets about Brenda not responding to their offer but Angela is more concerned with other things like getting the company back on its feet. Charlie encourages her to continue. It gets better after it is tough. Angela hopes that she is the one sitting on the other end of the table. Charlie reminds her that the bar cannot handle her. Angela calls Feke to fetch them a drink; coffee for her and whatever Charlie orders for himself. Charlie stumbles between tea, soda, etc till Feke becomes insolent. Angela orders her to watch it. She leaves and Angela tells him that is what she is talking about!
Bimpe grabs Salewa before she goes out and hopes that she insulted Sho and Prisca well? Salewa apologizes and tells her to allow her some time to resolve the loud music issue. Bimpe will not hear if that. She does not want to hear the music in the next 6 months. She also accuses Salewa and co of stealing her N7,000 g-string. Salewa does not believe that Bimpe wants them to search for the underwear! Bimpe does not want it back but she wants to shame the thief and Salewa must help her!
Feke complains to Nnenna about Angela treating her like a baby and as they talk! Angela and Charlie come out on their way home with Charlie weighed down by files. Nnenna offers to help but Angela tells her that Charlie is quite capable. She asks Charlie to tell Nnenna how good he is but Charlie thinks she is pulling their legs. She tells Charlie that he has an admirer and as she makes fun of them, Charlie ducks out with the file followed by Angela. Feke does not believe that after treating her like a house girl, she now wants Nnenna to be Cahrlie’s girlfriend. Nnenna tells her that Charlie appears harmless! Feke opens her mouth!
Yaya sits listlessly at home and as she makes to go out, Yahimba comes out and asks where she is going? She wants to go out for some air. Yahimba tells her she appears desperate and desperate people embarrass themselves. She can smell something about Phillip. Yaya agrees that they have unfinished business. Ya him a advises her to step back. Men are conditioned to hunt. She should make him chase her. Yaya asks what happens if he does not come for her? Yahimba tells her that it will then be time to move on and save herself some heartache.

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Sho walks in on Helen and Salewa searching through her box!