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Eddy tells Dan that the prosecutor was going to consider a reduction in charges till recent media events. The judiciary does not want to be seen to be bowing to some people’s pressure. Dan is happy he did not get his hope up too much.
Phillip says he is not interested in Black Ananse again. Kwame can do whatever he wants with the company. People in the bar snigger at Kwame & the couple sitting with him move away. The waiters say Phillip is not someone you want to annoy. Kwame runs away from the bar.
Ene tells Nnenna, the receptionist that she is in the next batch of youth corp members. She did not go for youth service so that she can stay with Chuks after they just got married.
The prosecuting lawyer, Barrister Ahmed is not ready to go ahead with the case if all they have is what they are giving him. Sankey talks about Antoine & the lawyer is not interested in using a witness that can claim that he made his statements under duress. He has not forgotten the experience with Angela. Segun mentions that they have recordings from Masters obtained with Angela’s assistance. Ahmed lost it when he heard Angela’s name. Sankey convinces him that Angela has a stake in the case now. She changed her testimony the last time because Masters threatened her father. She will not allow that happen this time.
Amaka asks Phillip, who is packing his things, to hurry so that he will not miss his flight? He asks how fast she can drive? Toochi still needs his mother. He asks her to say what she has been forcing herself to hold back. She asks him if he has considered staying back to work things out in his company? He says that Black Ananse is finished & Kwame can do whatever he wants with it now. Amaka thinks he should not run away like before but stay and harvest the efforts he has put into building the company. He is not interested & asks her to pass him his laptop bag.
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Brenda tells Ene to say what she wants to say and get out. She tells Brenda that she needs to go for service. Brenda tells her that she should practice her religion in her spare time. She corrects her that it is about her NYSC. Brenda wonders why she has not served. Ene says that she had to defer her service. Brenda agrees to let her serve in the company after she convinces her that she will be allowed to serve if the company gives her a letter. Ovie comes in and tells Brenda that he is there to represent Angela Dede.
Kwame finds his way into Phillip’s flat by tricking the security man into thinking that he forgot his key in the hotel he stayed in Calabar. The securityman tells him that Phillip just left. He convinces the security man that Phillip is aware that he will be staying in the flat while Phillip is away! The security man waits for his tip. Kwame gives him a tiny tip & he leaves.
The receptionist asks Ene if she has taught before or does she want to serve in a government office? Ene says that she has a job already. The receptionist tells her of a new policy that prohibits corp members from being posted to private organizations.
Brenda asks when Angela became her partner? Ovie says that she has been the owner for a while. She has attended two status meetings with Brenda since she became aware of her new status as the owner of 49% of the shares of Odyssey Pictures. Brenda demands to speak with Angela but Ovie says that it is not possible. She says she is not having this again. If Angela is her partner, she will have to come and deal with her herself. Ovie says they expect regular updates from Brenda as Angela’s lawyers. Brenda insists that is not going to happen till Ovie gets a court order.
Kwame calls Kwabena to ask how the equipment import deal is going? It is going well. The equipment arrived this weekend. He offers to swing by and help out with things. Kwabena says there is nothing to do for now. Kwame still offers to help. Kwabena tells him that it will be difficult to deal with him now that he has been publicly disclaimed on national TV. He tries to play that down, & Kwabena asks after the story of his cheating Brenda? He remembers Brenda mentioning that the last time they met. He tells Kwame that it will be difficult dealing with him after all these revelations.
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Ene calls Chuks to discuss her job dilemma. Chuks tells her there may be something else waiting for her when she is through with work. He tells her that she can take care of the business side of the company while he manages the creative side. Together, they can create a company that will out-live them. He gets a smile out of her & she thanks him.
Brenda tells Sankey that they cannot trust Angela. Sankey says that it does not make Angela complicit. She asks what else Sankey wants? Sankey reminds her that Angela made a call and left the line open and allowed them to listen in on Masters’ comments which they are using against him. Brenda says that the whole thing works out for her. Masters no longer owns the shares, Angela has disappeared, and so she does not have to deal with anyone. Sankey reminds her that they are in the case together but Brenda is not bothered. The case is Sankey’s & she hopes that Sankey will do a better job this time. Sankey is not happy and tells her that Angela was right when she said that Brenda thinks only of herself. Brenda walks away with not as much as a backward glance.
The security man comes back to the flat to tell Kwame that the caretaker for the house just called him to say that he saw Phillip on television this afternoon and he said a lot of negative things about Kwame. He thinks that Kwame should stay outside till Phillip comes back. Kwame sells him the story that what Phillip did on TV was to generate publicity for the movie they are shooting in Ghana. The security man does not want to lose his job. Kwame assures him that all is well.
Brenda tells Ene that she will be naïve to think that her job will be waiting for her when she comes back from service. Ene thanks her for allowing her hone her skills in the company. Brenda agrees that she is a major improvement on her previous PA and agrees to give her a reference should she require one. Sankey barges into the office, followed by a protesting Nnenna. When they are alone, she gives Brenda an envelope of reading materials she found interesting. Brenda asks what it is? A court order freezing all Odyssey Pictures accounts and share dealings. Why? The police is investigating the activities of a certain felon who has interests in the company. A certain Alhaji Abubakar!
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Brenda visits Masters in prison. She asks him why he did it? He did it to make things interesting as she and Sankey will want!



Brenda asks Fred for details of what Kwame did. He tells her that Kwame used Phillip’s desire to raise funds for his project to get a third party to acquire enough shares in the company to get majority shares. She asks if he is sure? He explains that Phillip is everything but he does not lie. He tells her that her relationship with Kwame is her personal choice but he intends to restrict his access to members of his family.
Eddy meets Dan who is shocked at the treatment he got from Peju. Eddy reminds him that he did not want him to go ahead with the interview. Dan wants to know what is next? They will go ahead with the trial & see the prosecutor over reducing the charge to manslaughter.
Kwame comes home just before Brenda. He tells her that he was hoping to meet her at home so that they talk about the loan. She tells him she has been with Fred & they had an enlightening discussion. She asks if he knew what it was about? He pretends he does not know. She tells him what it was about & he asks if she has concluded that what she heard is the truth? She reminds him that she asked for his version of the story earlier but he did not tell her the whole truth. He asks her if there is anything like the whole truth? She says that she did not understand the details of his partnership with Phillip but was happy that he has at least found some friendship. When he tells her that the way he runs his business should not concern her, she agrees but tells him that he will have to do it from elsewhere as his time in her house is over. He wonders if she is throwing him out agIn & she tells him that he has been sheltering with her & then Phillip. It is time he acts like a grown man.
TTK comes to see Fred & requests that they take over Dan’s case & plead a case of temporary insanity. Fred will not hear of that. She thinks that Dan is bent on self-destruction. Fred agrees that An has taken some wrong decisions but the trial is on & he wants them to see how it goes. He believes that the interview was a matter of conscience for Dan, though he tried to discourage it. TTK asks what use conscience is if Dan is killed? She wants him institutionalized till he is cured. Fred refuses to go on with her. She reminds him that her daughter needs her father alive.
Peju calls Phillip to tell him that she is doing a profile list of new companies. He asks why he should talk to her after the hatchet job she did on Dan? She says she was not trying to make him look bad. She tells him she is calling about their profile. He says he should call Kwame. She insists that her viewers want to hear from Phillip & she can provide publicity for his new project. He agrees but if she mentions his uncle, he will walk off her set & she knows he can do it.
Kwame meets Joan at Ziggy’s to request for a loan. She says no. He asks why she is not even waiting for what the money is for? He needs a place to stay. She asks what he did with his money? He explains that he would not have come to her if he had a choice. She says that she is trying to repair her marriage with her husband so no deal with staying with Kwame. He asks if she can do without her addiction for side dishes? She tells him to use his remaining money, but he wants to invest that in Black Ananse. She asks him to sell his car if he cannot raise money any other way.
Dan refuses to eat his prison food & gives it to another prisoner. The guy asks why he is looking morose? Is it because if the TV interview? The warder told him that the girl dealt with Dan. Dan regrets not listening to others who advised against it. The guy tells him that he had the same problem when his wife advised him against borrowing money from the bank without his boss’s consent. He continued because he wanted to give his family a good time.
Bimpe gayly enters Soji’s house. He comments that she seems happy. Did she get another phone? She says no, that she got connected to humans. She met someone on the way and they talked. He grabs her bag & she says it is a no no. Rule number 48, never look into a woman’s handbag. He still suspects that she has a contraband phone there. She leaves him to look into the bag. He gives her a treat, manicure & pedicure at Mirage Spa.
Kwame enters the bar & tells the waiters that he is there for an event he plans to host. They tell him that the manager is not around. He says he will wait.
Soji & Bimpe get to the Spa & were discussing gayly. He goes to the gents & she turns & sees the Spa girls huddled over their phone giggling. She asks whether they want her autograph & they wonder why they should? Don’t they know that she is the one in the video? She asks. They tell her no, it is Josephine, the girl who mimics celebrities. She snatches the phone away & screams that the girl is stealing her art.
Kwame is still at the bar & the waiters wonder why he is still there? A couple joins him at his table so that they can watch TV. Phillip is on Peju’s show & she asks hi. That they heard that there are issues between him & his partner. He asks her to ask Kwame. Sheer-phrases the question & he tells her that he is no longer a partner in Black Ananse. He is tried dealing with a lecherous and conniving partner who also cheated his own sister. The patrons at the bar wonder who this bad person is? Peju asks him to confirm that he is talking about Kwame Mensah. Kwame sinks lower in his chair!
Bimpe asks TheSpa ladies how many hits the video has? They tell her it is over 100,000. She screams for her phone to stop the girl. Soji comes out & wonders what is wrong with her? She needs her phone but he left it at home. She snatches the girl’s phone but there is no call credit on the phone. She asks if they sell call credit at The Spa but they do not!
Eddy meets Dan to tell him that he is still on trial for murder.

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Brenda tells Barrister Ovie that she hopes that he is in her office to sell her back her shares now that Alhaji Abubakar is on trial. He says he is not there to represent Alhaji Abubakar. He is there as Angela Dede’s lawyer!


Brenda & Kwame discuss Angela & their partners. She asks what happened between him & Phillip. Nothing dramatic. Minor disagreement. She tells him about being uninvited to an event in Fred’s house. He says he is not surprised knowing how fickle the Ade-Williams are. He will dig around & find out what the issue is. He asks for a loan.
Peju takes a call from someone in the studio about Dan’s interview. The prison transport is waiting for others so they have Dan for about 30 minutes. Dan asks Eddy his lawyer to step away from the camera as the interview starts.
Fred & Sheila watch the interview. He had hoped that they will not get permission from the prison authorities for the interview. Sheila tells Fred not to worry that Peju is normally fair. Fred asks where Freddy is? Sheila confirms that he is upstairs doing his homework. Fred does not want him to see the interview.
Dan wanted to start the interview with a personal statement but Peju stops him & tells him that he will have time at the end to do that. Peju asks when he started developing interest in Telema? Dan wondered what is wrong with her & reminds her that Telema is his client. She says that it will not be the first time a manager starts something with his client & asks if he knew that she was a femme fatale? She goes ahead to reel out names of people that Telema nearly got into trouble. Dan is appalled & complains about her line of questions.
Ene tells Bimpe to leave before Brenda comes back. She says she needs to talk to someone. Ene tells her to talk to Soji. She insists that it is girl-talk. She complains that since she tweeted a picture of her kissing Soji, all she has been receiving are insults. She reads out some of the tweets to Ene; is she kissing or eating him, Soji & the tramp, etc. Ene tells her to give it time & it will blow away. She insists that anything on the Internet stays there forever. She will soon start trending for the wrong reasons. 
Kwame calls Bimoe to ask where she is. She tells him that she is in a bad mood now. He asks her to hear him out first. He may even buy her lunch. All she wants is a drink. That can be arranged.
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Peju is still harassing Dan. She hears that he has been getting preferential treatment in prison. He says it is not true. She asks after the murder weapon. He says he will not talk about it for now. She asks after her family. What about Fred? Is he disappointed in him? He says that everyone is not happy about what happened. She asks who is sponsoring Telema Soldiers? He says that he just heard of them. No one is sponsoring them. She asks him to go ahead with his statement. He apologizes for what he has done & asks people not to carry placards for him. He is a man that made a mistake & he is certainly not proud of it. He gets up to go & Peju says they are not through. He is through with them.
Bimpe asks Kwame what she can have? He says she can have anything & she calls Obiora over for her order. She asks what the hidden price for his niceness? He says that he wants to discuss the future of Black Ananse. She asks why Phillip is not there? He says Phillip is prepping for the movie in Ghana. She says that she wants a role in the movie. He says that it can be arranged.
Phillip calls his dad to complain about the interview. Dan came out worse, they agree. He suggests that Fred try to shut down the interview. Fred promises to talk to Dan’s lawyer.
Kwame confirms that he can get Bimpe a role in the movie. She asks how? He says he will take to his partner, Phillip. Bimpe tells her that he is a sharp guy. She is aware of the quarrel between him & Phillip. He asks what she heard? She says that he may not. He suggests that she join the partnership. So that he can do to her what he did to Phillip? She tells him that what he did to Phillip is not good. As the food she ordered arrives, she tells him that she came because she believed that he can help her get a role in Phillip’s movie but now that he cannot, she has lost her appetite.
Brenda tells Ene to inform all the heads of department to stop all correspondence with OK Fowler & Associates. She calls Fd to talk about Dan but he says they can manage. She asks about the previous day’s party? He says it went well. She reminds him that he promised to call back. He says they will discuss that when she drops by the house.
Bimpe meets Soji. He is not happy she posted the picture on Twitter. She tells him about the tweets. He tells her not to bother about those people. He seizes her phone as he promises to drop her off at Ziggy’s while he goes to get something.
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Bimpe is twitchy at the bar. Frank asks if she is okay? She says she is okay. She asks the guy next to her what network he uses and suddenly tells Afi that her phone is vibrating! Afi wonders how she knew when the phone is deep in Afi’s handbag? She begs Frank for his phone to enable her check something. He says that he promised Soji that he will not do that.
Fred is happy Brenda could stop by quickly. She says she wanted to come quickly before he changes his mind again. He tells her that he stopped her from coming in solidarity with Phillip. She wonders if Phillip is still fighting old wars, but he informs her that Kwame deceived Phillip & stole his company from under his nose. Brenda is shocked.
Bimpe is very happy to see Soji & begs him to return her phone to her. He asks if the phone is the most important thing to her? She says no, that he is. He then believes that she will accept his new gift. Gift? She is happy till he brings out an orange rotary phone! Is this not the kind of phone they use for old films? She asks. How am I supposed to receive texts on it? He shows her how to dial the phone!

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Kwame tells Brenda that the way he runs his affairs is not her business. She says he may be right but he will not do it from her house.


Freddy tells Sheila that he needed his mum’s picture for a school artwork & was looking for the picture they took at the park when they just came back to Nigeria. When he could not find it, he logged into her email to look for it. Sheila asks how he got the password? He explains that it is his middle name, spelt backwards. He got into the account & found emails sent by people who are wondering where she is & some of them asking her to greedy him. Sheila asks him to go bring his laptop & show her the emails.
Fred is on the phone complaining to the chairman of Peju’s TV station about the planned interview with Dan. The man tells him that he cannot interfere in the editorial decisions of the station. Fred expresses his disappointment as Phillip enters & asks what is wrong. Fred explains that Dan wants to give an interview in prison. Phillip wonders why? He suggests that Fred talks to the prison authority. Fred tells him that he does not want to be seen to be interfering with the trial. TTK, who has been listening from just outside the door is disappointed. It is possible that Dan wants some form of closure, Phillip suggests but Fred reminds him that negative publicity will not help him now that the case is coming to trial. Phillip thinks it may go well as Dan has always been good at dealing with the press.
Soji & Bimpe get back to his flat & she is furious at being stalked by Telema’s name. He assures her that there is nothing to worry about. As they were locked in an embrace, Salem comes out to show Soji his pictures. He leaves Bimpe & is impressed at the quality of the pictures. He however thinks that Salem needs to get more creative. Bimpe, feeling abandoned, snatched the camera & they both beg her not to smash it on the floor!
Dan is quietly reading in the cell when Sunda, aka 47 tells him to stop reading as the turning of the pages is disturbing him. Dan looks coolly at him. He tells Dan that he is called 47 because AK 47 was his favourite weapon when he was outside. As Dan continues to read, he snatches the book from the prison library & shreds it. The warder comes to ask Dan if 47 is disturbing him but Dan says no. They are having a discussion. 47, who was looking ruffled, tells him that he would have dealt with him if he had snitched on him.
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Soji asks Bimpe to be careful so that she does not damage the camera. She will not take his ignoring her because of his work. He says he is only giving Salem feedback on his pictures & is not ignoring her. She tells him that she also wants to learn. He does not think she is patient enough but goes ahead to give her basic tips, & tells her to go out there & take pictures! She says she already has pictures to show him!
Sheila talks to Freddy about the need to avoid his mum’s inbox as the contents will only upset him. He says that he does not want to forget her & she encourages him to talk to other members of the family when next he has such issues.
At the dinner table, Phillip tells everyone stories from their childhood about the day he broke a vase & denied it leading to everyone getting punished. Fred says he always suspected Phillip is the culprit & Amaka tells him that Monica saw him. Freddy comes back to the table & apologizes for his tantrums. Fred asks for an explanation but Sheila says she has spoken with him.
Soji looks through Bimpe’s pictures but they are all her pictures. He tells her that she will win an award for posing, but she needs to be diverse & photograph other things! She takes a shot of her legs & shows him. He asks her to go out & shoot other things. She complains that it is already dark, but he grabs his gears & encourages her to go out there as he is doing. Immediately he leaves, Bimpe begs Salem to complete the assignment for her. He says that Soji will not like it & she asks if he is the one that will tell? He says he has his own assignments & she asks him to check the Internet & download good pictures to her phone. He complains of the slow Internet & she assures him that Airtel 3G is fast enough.
Amaka makes her final speech & says how happy she is. As she is leaving, Phillip offers to drive behind her as she has taken a couple of glasses of wine! She tells him she is okay. After they all leave, Fred tells Sheila how happy he is at the laughter they shared which has not happened in a while. Freddy asks if he can go to his room now? They allow him & Fred asks Sheila what is wrong with him, immediately he was out of earshot!
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Fred asks Sheila what is wrong with Freddy as she snuggles on him on the sofa. She explains that Freddy accessed his mother’s email & the content unsettled him. She suggests they shut the address down as she suspects he may still be drawn to it but wonders if it is in their place to do that? Fred promises to talk to Freddy. Sheila asks that he be allowed to stay at home for a little while to get over it. Fred agrees, so long as it is cleared with the principal.
Soji looks through Bimpe’s pictures & is impressed at the details & quality of the shots. She tries to get him to stop but he kept on commending her till he got to a building that was demolished three months ago!
TTK meets Dan in prison & after talks about Salewa’s impending trip to London, she asks him what she is hearing about his wanting to give an interview from prison! He explains his reasons but she does not think it is a good idea.
Bimpe insists that she took the pictures but Soji identifies another building that is so far from them that he does not think that she would have gone that far that night. Salem runs away pretending to be going to buy call credit. She eventually agrees that she got the pictures off the web. He gets over it, hugs her & asks her not to lie to him again. She asks him not to take her take pictures of other things when her favourite object is there!
Dan is shown into the warden’s office where he meets warden Bello. Bello tells him that some people are protesting outside the prison for his release. Dan promises to do something about it. Bello tells him that there will be no interview in prison as cameras are not allowed there.  He however says that Dan’s lawyer is working on an alternative arrangement. He wonders why Dan wants to be interviewed? Dan tells him that he wants to use it to clear his conscience.

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Dan is on Peju’s set & Peju asks him why he thinks justice will be served if he is released from prison?


Sheila asks Fred who Telema Soldiers are? He explains that they are Telema’s fans, who think that Dan is a hero by killing Varere. She wonders why they will then disturb Dan’s brother’s business. He says he will go and find out. She asks him to take Amaka along but he does not want to disturb her on her special day.
Soji & Bimpe are tied up in Ene’s bed sheet as she berates them for “doing it” in her flat. Bimpe reminds her that they did not “do it” on her matrimonial bed. Soji meekly begs her to help him fetch his clothes from half-way across the room. She picks the cloths & hurls them at him. He now begs her to turn around so that he can dress up. She looks the other way but still keeps at scolding them. Bimpe reminds her that they have apologized but she wonders if that is supposed to make things better?  He finishes dressing up & Ene is not happy that she will have to scrub her floor & disinfect her beddings. Chuks comes in & asks what happened? Ene tells him what she caught Soji & Bimpe doing. Chuks says that such things happen. Ene could not believe that Chuks is taking it that easy. He tells her that they are adults. Ene tosses the beddings at Bimpe & Soji & says that she dashes them the bed sheet. She reminds Chuks that Bimpe & Soji were getting down on their floor. As a shame-faced Soji & Bimpe leaves, Chuks tells Herr that she will be less stressed if they do the same thing once in a while. Ene find that hard to believe & reminds Chuks that she works. As they argue, Soji & Ene bolt from the room!
Salewa is with Afi when TTk comes into the sitting room & asks her to join them in the dining room & mix with family. Salewa will have none of that. Amaka comes out & when Salewa finds out that Toochi is upstairs with his nanny, she runs upstairs to be with them.
Harriet calls Sheila to empathize with her about Dan’s trial. Se tells Sheila that some people are of the view that the Ade-Williams are not empathizing enough with Dan & that will hurt his chances at the trial. Sheila tells her that she has no comments & drops the call. Harriet bites at Frank for bringing her drink late. Frank apologizes & blames that on TTK taking Afi away to serve drinks at the Ade-Williams!
Soji & Bimpe are cuddling in Bimpe’s flat & hearing Chuks & Ene still arguing. He cannot believe that they are still arguing about their issue. Bimpe confirms that this is the longest they have argued but says that they will stop after a while. Soji says that he has never been that embarrassed. Bimpe laughed at how he looked like a naughty school boy when he asked Ene to fetch his clothes. He suggests they get frisky again but Bimpe is hungry & they head out to hunt for food.
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Harriet calls Sheila back about Dan’s trial but Sheila has no comments. She tells Sheila about Dan’s plan to grant an interview from prison but Seila thinks it is a joke. She gets off the call as a sour-faced Freddy comes home from school & goes to his room. Sheila calls Fred to tell him about the proposed interview.
Soji is worried at how long Chuks & Ene has been arguing for. Bimpe thinks they will resolve their issues but Soji is still worried. She tells him that she has an idea to make things up.
Everyone is sitting at table in Fred’s house but he is not there. Phillip asks after him but Sheila says that he has to take care of something. They explain to Freddy the reason for the dinner & he asks Amaka if she is not too old to be adopted? Sheila gasps but Amaka takes her time to explain to him how important it is for her after she lost her parents as a child & had to be adopted by Fred. They ask Freddy to eat his food but he stalks away from the table!
Soji & Bimpe knock on the door & Chuks & Ene argue about who will get the door. He eventually opens & let’s them in. They give Ene & Chuks a new bed sheet & invite them to join them for lunch that day. It is going to be their treat & a way to apologize. Ene & Chuks stalls but eventually agree.
Salewa asks Cosmo after Freddy but Cosm has not seen him. Freddy comes in & Salewa tries to talk to him but he is not interested.
Fred visits Dan in prison & tells him that granting an interview in prison is not a good idea.Dan asks if he is bothered about the potential slur on the Ade-Williams’ name? He tells Dan that he is bothered about his brother. Dan reminds him that he is the only one in jail & he has decided what he believes is the best thing to do! He is going ahead with the interview!
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Phillip informs everyone at the dinner table that he has secured the financing and rights to the film. TTK seeks for a role in the movie. Amaka asks Phillip if Tare will be a part of the PR team for the movie? Phillip reminds her that Tare has already left for Kenya. Amaka is not happy at the news. Phillip proposes a toast to Amaka as Freddy comes back to table with Sheila. Fred makes a speech about how he wished that Monica & Dan were there & says how it has made him appreciate family ties. He welcomes Amaka to the family & leaves the room to attend to something.
The double date between Bimpe/Soji & Chux/Ene goes on with Bimpe & Soji having fun while Chuks & Ene hold tightly to their issues. Ene was going out of her way to spoil the afternoon for everyone!
Phillip follows Fred to his study & asks if he is okay? Fred confirms that al, is well. Phillip asks if Fred thinks that he is a failure for his not making Black Ananse work? Fred says that he is not. He admires Phillip’s ability to always bounce back. He knows that Phillip will get out of this one too. As Phillip leaves, he puts a call through to the television station to tell them that he will be very disappointed if they interview Dan!
Soji & Bimpe are having fun with their dessert while Chuks & Bimpe have barely touched theirs. They eventually decide to leave early & to Soji & Bimoe’s surprise, they get up & walk awkwardly away. The two lovers shrug out of it & as they embrace in the whole restaurant, a lady comes in & recognizes Soji. She says that she has been a long standing fan. She asks him when he will get back with Telema? That completely spoilt the atmosphere!
Sheila hands Freddy a cup of tea & goes ahead o ask him he reason for his sour mood that day. He confirms that it has nothing to do with bullying in school, etc. Sheila makes him a deal to also add biscuits for his tea before he tells her that it is hs mum that keeps sending people to greet him!

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Fred & Phillip discuss Dan’s case. Phillip suggests that An may be trying to satisfy his conscience. Fred tells him that there is something called negative publicity!


Eddy argues with Dan about his admitting that he killed Varere on air. Dan insists that he will not live a lie, a life of deceiving people.
TTK & Salewa visits Fred & Sheila with a cake. Sheila thanks her for sending the extra help. She tells them that Salewa will be going to UK before her school. Sheila wants to send Cosmas to take the cake to the kitchen but TTK tells them Salewa can do that. Fred commends Sheila on arranging things perfectly for Amaka’s thingy. Dr. Gyang calls to tell Fred about Black Ananse folding up.
Soji meets Chuks in the bar giving orders to a supplier of drinks. Bimpe comes in & Soji sweeps her off her feet. She says that Soji is whisking her off her feet but Chuks corrects her. He reminds Chuks that that is what he is supposed to be doing. The supplier takes a picture of Soji & Bimpe. Soji tries to stop him but Bimpe encourages him. When he is through with the picture, she asks if he wants an autograph. He does not & asks if Telema will be showing up at the trial of Dan? Bimpe goes to attack him, but Soji restrains her. He asks Chuks if they can make use of the office? He needs some private time with Bimpe. Chuks agrees but looks surprised at the request.
Eddy tries very hard to discourage Dan from admitting guilt before the media. Dan insists that the only thing he has left is his integrity. Eddy tells him that the prison authority will not allow the media in. he asks Eddy to use his legal skills to make it happen. He tells Dan that he will be solely responsible for his actions.
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Soji and Bimpe try to get cosy. Bimpe is not happy that Soji did not allow her give the supplier a piece of her mind. Soji is intent on other things but Chuks comes in to tell them to get a room. They both run off hand in hand.
Sheila asks Fred what is wrong? He says all is well but she insists that he has been distracted since he took Dr. Gyang’s call. He finally tells her about Black Ananse. Amaka comes in with Toochi. Fred is still distracted & leaves. TTK comes out & goes on and on about Amaka being Salewa’s cousin.
Harriet & Peju run into each other at Ziggy’s. Peju tells Harriet about the interview. Harriet jumps on the bandwagon.
Phillip comes in & greets everyone. Fred asks to see him in private. He says that he has a big announcement. He is about to jet off to Ghana to make a big movie. TTK wants a part in the movie. Fred asks after Phillip’s company? He says that he is sure that bad news travels fast. Fred insists on seeing Phillip in his study.
Soji and Bimpe get home & are about to get frisky when Salem knocks. Bimpe asks Soji to ignore the knock but Salem let himself in with his spare key. They give him hints that he has visited at the wrong time but he misses the hints. He has come to stay the night & show Soji his pictures! Bimpe grabs her bag & Soji stalks off after her.
Fred asks Phillip what happened to Black Ananse? Phillip says that he chose the wrong partner. He is ready to open another chapter. Fred says that the problem is that he keeps opening a new chapter always.
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Amaka comes downstairs & TTK tells them that she is sending Salewa to UK and Sheila needs to remind Fred to give her a list of family to socialize with when she gets there. Harriet calls to sound her out on Dan’s trial but she brushes off Harriet.
Phillip comes downstairs & is happy that Toochi is growing fast. Amaka asks after Tare & Phillip says that she has gone back to Kenya. Sheila asks what happened to Black Ananse? Phillip tries to hide it but finally tells them that Kwame tried to buy majority shares in the company when he tried to raise additional funds for a project. Fred and everyone is mad & Fred offers to bankroll the legal effort to deal with Kwame but he tells them to take it easy. He hopes that Brenda is not coming to the party as he cannot stand another Mensah!
Bimpe and Soji finally gets Salem out of the house and as they try to get comfy again, a workman knocks and says that he must do emergency work. A fire almost started in the flat above and he must check all the wiring in the house. It will take one or two hours! Bimpe tells him that she cannot wait for that long. He should call Salem back to come and be useful. He asks if they are going to her house & she says no. there are workmen there too but she has an idea about where they will go to.
Fred calls Brenda & asks her not to come for the party. She asks if he is uninviting her & he tells her that it is complicated. She thanks him for saving her the trip & when she dropped the phone, she shouts KWAME!!!
Bimpe takes Soji to Chuks and Ene’s flat. Soji is surprised that she knows where to find their key. He refuses to get down with her on their bed but she strips off the beddings & gets comfy on the floor. He quickly gets out of his clothes and joins her just as Ene walks in on them!
Sheila walks into the study to complain to Fred about TTK asking her to tell him to introduce Salewa to family in UK but seeing his state, she asks if he is okay? He takes a call and is told about a disturbance in the studio. Telema Soldiers are causing a scene!
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Dan asks Fred if he is bothered about the Ade-Williams’ name being slurred by his confession to murder? Fred tells him that he is bothered about his brother!


Angela is talking to Masters when Sankey calls to inform her that they have caught Antoine. He also had weapons on him when they caught him. They can use that to put him away, she tells Angela, excitedly. Angela tells her she will call back. Masters asks her whether it is bad news? She says it is just an old friend. She offers to get Masters a drink but he stops her & asks her “what do they know?”
Kwame asks after Bimpe? She is still not there at work. He wonders what time zone she works in & Zaza says that she works in Bimpe Time Zone. Someone brings a document for Phillip. Kwame tears it open to Zaza’s horror. It turns out to be a script from Ghana. He skims through it & finding it uninteresting, hands it back to Zaza for Phillip.
Chuks demands an answer from TTK about assassination, the drink. As they were discussing, Harriet walking past, overhears them. She stops to talk to them about the rumour that they are not working in harmony. TTtK drags Chuks away. She turns & orders for a drink from Obiora. She also asks him if it is true that TtK & Chuks do jot work as a team? He tells her that he will not call them a team. She asks if she can quite him, but he shies away from it. Maami enters the bar and tells her to ask anything!
Masters asks Angela if the police is coming for him? He has always known that she is working for them. She asks why he did not do anything about it instead of making her a puppet? She tries to fight him but he asks her to get a hold of herself. He asks her what she told the police? She replies that she gave them a name; Antoine!
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TTK explains that she did not mean to disparage Ziggys’ memory by creating the drink. Chuks asks what is in the drink Assasination? Live bullets? TTTk explains that it is milk & a couple of other things. He asks if she created the recipe & she confesses that it was lifted off the internet by Salewa. Chuks scoffs at her lack of originality. He suggests a name for another drink to her; Diva on the rocks. She tells him that she has a name for him; Fashion flop!
Masters asks Angela to get herself together & take her pills. She does not want any pills. He calls his BG Abudu and Malik to come in. he also asks them to tell Hamza to get the boys ready & a couple of cars. The boys run in & she asks what’s next? He tells her that they will leave separately but take her along. He does not want her to be caught in a cross-fire in case Sankey decides to come after them and it results in a cross-fire.
Bimpe simply comes to work. Kwame reminds her that she is late. She asks what she has missed? She almost missed his big announcement. He has devised a new program structure which will have a dressed-up Bimpe as the anchor of a program. Phillip comes downstairs discussing the movie in Ghana on the phone. He finishes the call and tells Kwame he thinks he should go ahead with the program format he overheard him discussing. He asks Zaza if she is still there? She asks if there is anything he wants her to do? He tells her that she is fired.
Harriet asks Maami after the party that TTk is planning. Maami tells her that they are planning a big party with dancers, masquerades, uniforms, etc. She tells Harriet that all the talking is making her thirsty & Harriet orders a drink for her. Frank serves her a bottle of hot drink & she grabs the bottle from him when he tries to pour her a glass! TTK is even going to kill a goat with her bare hands! Harriet could not believe her ears. However, she realizes that all is not well when she sees Frank & Obiora laughing at her. She gets up & tells Maami that he tales must be as spiced up as her food as she stalks out.
Zaza asks if Phillip is serious? Bimpe tells her that she did not see him smiling. She says that she has seen it before in Odyssey but unfortunately, Zaza does not have any other talents. Zaza thrashes the office. She runs to the kitchen and comes out with a knife! Kwame begs her to stop while Bimpe hides behind him. Bimpe laments that she is too young to be killed by the crazy girl. She will sue Phillip for sexual harassment for sleeping with her but Kwame reminds her that it is not sexual harassment if she leaned over him in the hospital! He eventually grabs Zaza & as he tries to pry the knife from her, Bimpe gleefully records the whole thing with her phone.
Masters tells his boys to take Angela away. She asks where they are taking her & he says it is to a safe place. He will decide what to do with her after. She is not going anywhere. He asks what they are still waiting for? As they try to drag her away, he stops them. Grabs her, & plants a kiss on her lips.
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Sankey & Segun are stranded when their car spoils. She says that the phone battery is almost dead & she cannot hear anything again. He asks if she knows if Masters found out about the phone? She is not sure. What is wrong with the car? She asks him. He says that fuel is not being supplied to the injector. She asks of he can fix it, & he looks like he is hiding something.
Masters kisses Angela again before asking his boys to take her away.
Phillip comes back & asks what happened to the house? Kwame reminds him that he dropped a bomb before leaving. Phillip is going ahead to make the movie. Kwame does not think it is interesting but Phillip does not care.when Kwame realizes that Phillip is going ahead with it, he tells Phillip that if it is importNt to him, then it is important to the company. Phillip tells him that it has nothing to do with Black Ananse. Kwame does not find it funny. 
Maami talks to Frank and Obiora about Babatunde & how Babatunde’s spirit kept on haunting the village after he was killed. She says that Ziggy’s spirit is going through the same process as Babatunde. Maami shouts to show them how loud the thunder in the village sounded & Ziggy’s boxing picture fell down as TTk & Chuks comes out from their meeting.
Kwame and Phillip square up. Kwame asks Phillip when he is going to grow out of Fred’s shadows? Phillip reminds him that he gave away a part of his shares so he is now the major partner & he says that the movie has nothing to do with Black Ananse.
TTK asks what is going on in the bar? Maami tells her that Ziggy’s spirit is not at rest & they need to perform rituals to make him rest. TTK tells her to stuff it. Maami reminds her of her relation, who caused rain to fall for 5 days when he died but TTK reminds her that it was rainy season. She tells the patrons that she hopes that they enjoyed the dramatic interlude. As Maami continues her story, TTK offers all the patrons a drink to toast the memory of Ziggy. The picture falls again as Chuks tries to put it back on the wall!
Masters is still in Angela’s house & collects some keepsakes. He eventually finds the still open line & checks through her call log for who called her last.
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Ohakam talks to TTK & others at the bar about seeing a restless Ziggy in his dream. TTK tells him that he must have had more than his fair share of drinks!