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Emile & friend walk into an eatery & meet Angela & Masters seated & eating. He walks up to them & hails them. His lady friend says that their faces look familiar & Emile gleefully tells her that Masters is the criminal that was tried for murder recently & his lady friend recognizes Angela as the one that changed her statement at the trial! She is interested in knowing what transpired as they are now having dinner after the trial. Angela asks Emile to leave them alone & go and attend to his friend but instead of leaving, he draws a seat and sits down at their table. He looks at Masters & tells him that he is not scared of him! Masters eats his food, impervious to all his taunts. Angela drags him out of the room.
Kwame stares at Lawson and his wife, Joan. Lawson asks if the two have met? Kwame says yes, but quickly adds that they met on Ferroil business. Joan complains that her husband did not tell her that Kwame will be at the meeting. Kwame smiles at two of them & calls them one of those symbiotic power couples who utilize what they have to get what they want. They agree but adds that they sometimes get competitive too. Meanwhile, Bimpe was peering at them from just outside the door!
Angela drags Emile to the side & tells him to stay away from her as she is now with Masters. He does not believe her & thinks that she is telling him that because she is afraid for his safety. She asks him whether she is dressed like someone being forced to go out with someone? She has been lovers with Masters & has gone back to him. She did not tell him earlier because she wanted to use him. She apologized for her selfishness. A thoroughly dejected Emile walks away without another word. She gets back to their table & asks Masters where they stopped? He did not even alter the pace of his eating.
Chuks asks TTK to tell the truth that she wants to ruin Ziggy’s Bar. No one will come to the bar again now that she has mentioned their names as debtors on air. She corrects him that the free loaders are the ones that will stay away. He wanted to ask her to pull the interview but she tells him that Peju told her that they are already advertising the interview. As they were talking, Chuks takes a call from Uche Ossai, a patron who asks whether it is true that they are announcing debtors on air? He quickly says that he will come & clear his tab. As Chuks was announcing that, Frank comes into the office & invites them to come & see what is happening at the bar.
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Chuks & TTK comes out to the bar & meet Obiora & Afi counting cash with more people paying up. As they were watching, Salewa breezes in and asks Maami who is sitting in one corner what is going on? A grinning Maami tells her that she has taught TTK how to handle her debtors.
Kwame gets home & takes a call. Joan is at the door & he let’s her in. She sits down & asks him not to sit down there but to get her a drink. Kwame pours them both a drink & asks her how she does it? A seriously miffed Joan tells him to zip it up. He asks her where she told her husband she was going those nights they spent together & she is happy that one of them is enjoying the charade. She tells him that she came to make them get the facts right; nothing happened between them. Kwame tells her that he feels used. She grabs her bag & on her way out, tells him that she will send him a cheque. He tells her that his price just went up. He tells her that he took a peek at her laptop & saw the email she exchanged with her husband. She will ensure that he gets the contract to import the production equipment. A disgusted Joan walks out as Kwame toasts her departing figure.
TTK is happy that they have collected about 70% of their debts. At this rate, they will soon have it all resolved. Chuks accepts that he had been wrong about TTK’s approach at solving the debtor problem. He is however still not happy at being sent half-way across town by TTK so that he can be out of her way as she implements her plan. The happy waiters ask her whether she still plans to go ahead with the reduction in their salaries? She tells them that her plans for re-structuring the bar does not change. She however feels like going for a massage after a hard day’s job. As she was going out with Maami, who she wants to drop off at home, she tells Salewa to stay back & help at the bar. Salewa is reluctant & she is reminded that it is her father’s bar.
Angela is in the car with Alhaji Abubakar & after a while, asks him what a crime boss boss does all day? He wonders why she is chatty? After while, she asks if he is married? He looks demurely at her & keeps quiet.
Salewa asks Chuks & the others if she does not get to rest? With the way your mother is cutting waiter’s salaries, we can do with an extra hand here, Chuks replies. As they send her off to serve another table, Toks enters with his bodyguard & asks that Salewa be sent to serve him. She says that she is busy & as she passed his table with drinks, he calls her but she ignores him. His BG tells her that Titan is looking for her but she ignores him too. The BG then picks her up & holds her like a baby while everyone rushes around to ask him to put her down. He simply holds her & when Obiora tells him that his boss will smack him if he does not put Salewa down, Chuks smiles & tells the BG that Obiora means that his boss wants him to please put Salewa down. When he puts her down, she sits in front of Titan who apologizes for whatever happened between them. He tells her that he really needs to talk to her.
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Titan asks Salewa why she is avoiding his calls? She tells him that she has moved on with Big Problemz. He tells her that Big Problemz does not exist. She is just making him up. He tells him that he could not find him because he is an underground rapper. As he was talking, she fishes out her phone & pretends to be talking on it. He tells her that there is no one on the other end but she yells that he should leave her alone. He asks her to let him tell her why they needed to be alone. He promises not to leave her again but as she was starting to listen, his father walks in & orders that it is time to go! He gets up & leaves rather reluctantly with his father  & manager.
Angela & Masters walk into her house & he tells her that he is leaving. She asks why he is leaving so soon & offers him a drink. He wonders what she wants & she tells him that she wants to get to know him. He smiles benignly & her phone rings. She looks at the caller identity & as she starts walking into the room, he barks at her to answer it in his presence.
Tare & Phillip are in Amaka’s apartment & everyone is in a genial mood. Phillip hopes she enjoyed the party the other day & she says she did. She is surprised that she can still party. Just then, Toochi wakes up & Phillip offers to fetch him. As he leaves, Amaka apologizes to Tare for judging them harshly the day they came to baby-sit Toochi while she was away. Tare tells her it is no problem. She tells Tare that in spite of Phillip’s macho manners, he has a very soft spot for kids. Just then, Phillip comes downstairs with a smiling Toochi.
Sheila walks into the treatment room & meets TTk getting treated. She tells TTK that she must have a lot of guts to announce the names of her debtors on air. She will never do that. TTK confesses that she made up some of the names but it is working. TTK’s phone rings & it is Chuks. He is calling to tell her that the waiters are on strike!
Angela talks to her father on the phone & assures him that she is okay. When she drops the call, he asks how her father is doing & she says that he is ok. He tells her that she will not talk to her father in his presence, yet she wants to get to know him? One day, he will find out why she is willing to protect that man at the risk of her life. She tells him that she is interested in knowing him more. He asks her what she wants to know? Who he is? Where he was the day Ziggy was murdered? She says that he cannot blame her for wanting to find out. She still wants to get to know him & he holds her face up & tells her that she will, one day, when he feels that he has her all to himself.



Angela is alarmed at Sankey’s suggestion that she wears a wire. What if Masters finds out? She thinks that they must be mad to even suggest that. What if he pats me down? Brenda tells her to keep acting like a deer caught in light and he is sure to find out what they are up to. It is either that or a hidden camera in her house, Sankey says with herself behind the camera! How are you even sure that he does not search my house while I am away? Why will he do that? Brenda asks. Sankey gives Angela the wire she is able to get on her own which is not much as she is off the case officially. Angela is alarmed as Sankey asks her to remove her clothes so that she shows her how it works.

Mr. Lawson could not believe that he is meeting Kwame Mensah. He knows that Kwame used an alias because he knows that he would not have come. He has no time to play games with Brenda’s little brother. Kwame assures him that this is not about Brenda and besides he no longer is with Brenda. Lawson laughs at the confirmation that Kwame is no longer with Brenda.

TTK meets with Chuks and wonders how the bar has been operating with all the debts? Chuks tells her that Ziggy has a way of allowing the patrons time to pay off their tabs. TTK says that it will not continue. Everyone needs to pay off or she will set the police on them. Chuks says that it will destroy the bar’s goodwill. Even the staff are taking advances on their salaries. She asks Chuks to set up a staff meeting with her immediately.

Sankey meets Segun reading in her office. He jumps up when she asks how she can help him? He did not hear her enter, he says and asks if she is conducting an investigation? She asks him if that is an interrogation? He apologizes and gives her Ziggy’s phone. They found it after the melee and though it is damaged, he is trying to use it to find out who told Ziggy that Masters is back in time. He believes that the person must have set them up. She asks why she is not aware of this and he confirms that he started the investigation before she resumed. He give her the file containing the leads he has been following up on. She asks him to drop the investigation as the case is officially off their hands.

Kwame discusses with Mr. Lawson. He knows of his position in New Media. Lawson is taken aback at this information. Kwame smiles at his discomfort at his position being found out. It must be due to his previous scandal. He assures Lawson that this has nothing to do with Brenda. Lawson gripes about Brenda setting him & Dan up & how much money they lost in the deal. He is aware that New Media is seeking for people to import a large amount of production equipment. Lawson asks how he knew all these? The same place he found out about Lawson’s position in New Media. They propose a toast to letting bygones be bygones. Including whatever you are planning to do to Black Ananse, Kwame tells him. Lawson appears puzzled & Kwame tells him that they have figured that he considers Black Ananse competition to be crushed.

TTK meets the staff & tells them that things need to change in the bar. Obiora asks if they are getting a pay rise? No, on the contrary, they will be getting a 30% pay cut! They complain and tells her that Ziggy will not do that. She asks them to look around & check whether Ziggy is anywhere to be found? The meeting is closed.

Vince comes into Angela’s apartment and after looking around for a while, he tells her thatMasters wants to see her. She asks whether she is supposed to jump at this? She asks when he came back but got no answer. She has just an hour!

The waiters tell Chuks that he cannot let TTK get away with what she is planning. As they were discussing, Maami comes in and Chuks goes to greet her. She talks to him but he does not understand. Obiora explains that Maami is looking for TTK. Just then, TTK comes out. Maami asks what is wrong with the staff? She thinks that they are disgruntled. TTK tells her not to worry about them. The bar is steeped with debt. Maami tells her that she will show her how to collect debts. She calls Chuks close and grabs his trousers tight. Chuks screams that he is married but Maami holds on tight. She tells TTK that when Jimoh and his mum owed her for 3 months, the day she decided to collect her money, she collected every kobo. She lets go of Chuks and pats him on the back.

Kwame wants to work with New Media not for New Media. Lawson asks if Kwame is representing himself or Black Ananse? He is representing himself & when Lawson suggests a crack in their partnership, he replies that there is nothing in their partnership that precludes him from pursuing other businesses. Lawson says that he cannot promise a deal as he & his partners already have people short-listed.

TTK begs Chuks to forget about the demonstration done by her mum with him. She suggests that Chuks visits a new supplier across town who will give them a better deal.Chuks does not know him so he gives her the address. He will only go if she agrees to discuss the waiters’ salaries when he is back.

Angela prepares to meet Masters by carefully choosing what to wear. As she was choosing her under things, she hears a noise in her house!

Salewa complains to Carol that Titan has not called her. She wonders if he is angry about Big Problemz? Carol asks her to call him then if she wants but she will not. It will be degrading!

Angela goes to meet Masters at the bar. And as they settle to a meal, she has questions.

Kwame re-iterates that he wants to work with and not for New Media! Just then, Joan comes in to meet them. Lawson introduces her as his business partner, Joan and in unofficial quarters, his wife! Kwame’s mouth remains open!

Peju and her people set up their equipment in Ziggy’s office to interview TTK. She starts off by saying that they are in Ziggy’s Bar and mentions Ziggy’s tragic death. TTK says that his death is only over-shadowed by the precarious state of the bar. Their debtors are not paying up. She mentions the names of some of those owing them and those that have paid up. Peju tries to stop her but she continues to reel out names. At some point Peju asks her camera man to cut it off. Chuks comes in and meets them & wonders what TTK has done?

Angela wonders that Masters does not talk much about himself. Occupational hazards he says. She asks a number of questions and he tells her that some staff are to be seen and not heard. She asks if she is one of them and continues with her personal questions. He tells her that considering the number of visits she has paid to Odyssey since she started, it seems that she is enjoying her role or is she driven by revenge? Emile comes in and meets them.


Tare meets Angela at the restaurant. They catch up & when Tare asks why she is drinking alone, she says that she is celebrating a moment of freedom. She has this driver that has been dogging her every step and she managed to give him the slip today. Tare asks why she will not sack this driver if he is this annoying? Angela tells her that it is complicated. As they were discussing, Vince appears behind Tare.
Kwame is having lunch with Joan. She asks why he has changed & he says that he is feeling awkward & never knew he will ever get to admit this but he finds her attractive, very attractive. She asks why he is suddenly not awkeard? He tells her that he still is and that is why he will do this. He brings out the car keys & returns it to her. She asks what is wrong? He gets up from his side of the table and goes to sit before her on the edge of the table. He wants to go back to her place. …and do what? She asks him. He feels like unraveling something & seeing her naked. She will agree, if she will be allowed to do her own unraveling. He bends down and gives her a deep kiss.
Tokunboh calls Salewa and begs to come & see her. She first says no, but he insists. He agrees that he treated her badly but asks for an opportunity to explain what happened. She agrees to see him at Ziggy’s when she goes to see her mum. Carol comes out & she tells Carol who just called her. He wants to meet with me, she says. Carol asks if she is going to meet with him after all that he did to her? She wants to go and see why he is calling her constantly. Carol gives up.
Angela gets into the car & asks Vince if he is on duty 24 hours? Tells him that even robots rest. He does not understand what she is talking about so she tells him to forget it. She asks if he delivered her message? He says yes and she asks for the reply and he says that Masters said nothing. He takes off in the wrong direction & she asks where they are going to? When he did not answer, she screams and asks if he is taking her to Masters.
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Angela & Vince enter Mirage Spa and she asks the attendant if Alhaji Abubakar is in the spa? The attendant does not know who she is talking about. She asks the attendant if she is new at the spa? The attendant tells her that she is booked for their fresh treatment which includes the sauna. She asks who made the appointment & turns to walk out but Vince blocks her way & tells her that Alhaji wants her to go through with the treatment. She asks him if Alhaji Abubakar will see her after the treatment & he says no. Alhaji Abubakar travelled & will see her when he comes back. He will be waiting for her in the car.
Kwame & Phillip discuss his exploits with Joan. Phillip is impatient at Kwame’s long drawn-out story. Kwame eventually gets to it and says that he managed to get into Joan’s laptop & BlackBerry when she went to the bathroom. He saw an email exchange between her & someone at New Media. He thinks Joan is either playing them against New Media or has gotten rid of them. Joan must be the person in Ferroil Sheriff warned did not believe that they are good enough to handle the whole account. Phillip tells him & to think that he has returned the car! Kwame is not happy.
Toks & Salewa meet in Ziggy’s office & discuss. He asks her how she is doing. After a while, she asks after his girlfriends? She must be the seventh as Salewa knew that she was the sixth. He tells her that they are not his girlfriends and he has nothing to do with any of them now. She is different from all of them and that is what he likes about her. He wants to know if she still thinks about him, even a little? She smiles.
Phillip gives up on any new job or investment in Black Ananse. He leaves the house & Kwame makes a call to someone & pretends to be Joseph Harrison. He requests for a meeting with the guy on the other end.
Toks talks to Salewa about school, her music, etc. He asks if she has decided what to study in the university, or is she going to continue with her music? He tells her that one of the things he likes about her is her ability to stay with her passion without getting distracted. She gets a text & continues to play with her phone while he talks on.  Toks complains that it is rude texting while someone is talking to you. She apologizes & tells him that it is from Big Problemc, an underground rapper who has been disturbing her. He does not know this Big Problemc & she tells him that he will not know him. She gets a call & stays on the phone forever. Shally’s Angels members come in & wonders what is going on? Salewa stays on the phone & they were forced to sit down & wait. After a while, Sho wonders who she is talking to forever? Toks turns around and asks them if Salewa is dating a rapper called Big Problemc? They have never heard of him but can find out if he wants them to. He says there is no need as he is leaving. Immediately he leaves, Salewa drops his call & the girls want to know who Big Problemc is? Salewa stays coy & they accuse her of hiding her boyfriend. She asks them if she has ever seen any of their boyfriends? Sho talks about how she sis stringing up boys & the other girls turn on her for only thinking of Titan. She calls Salewa a groupie. Salewa asks what that was & nneka explains that it is someone who runs with musicians & Salewa is not amused. Sho tells her that she is not only a groupie, but also a bush girl with vein-thin legs. Salewa jumps up ready to attack her but TTK enters & asks what is going on? Sho tells her that Salewa has tattooed the name of a lay about rapper on her body and she was just trying to advise her.
Angela is at the spa. She complains that a day at the spa is supposed to be refreshing. The Spa girl agrees & goes to get the sauna ready. Angela calls Sankey to complain that Masters left town when she requested to meet with him while a surprised Seila walks in and listens. For all she knows, he has disappeared again! Sankey tells her that if her driver is still there, then Masters has not left town. She whines & Sankey tells her to take it easy & come to Odyssey later to get what she has for her.
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Sheila cannot believe that Angela is at this again. Has she forgotten what happened the last time she spied on him? She tells Sheila that it is different this time. At least she is not a willing participant. She asks what Angela plans to do when Masters notices a change in her behavior? Angela tells her that they have a new strategy now. Masters is also treating her well. Sheila asks her if she has ever heard of the phrase fattening the cow?
TTK drags Salewa into the house & orders her to show her the tattoo. Salewa says that there is none and TTK tells her that she must show her the tattoo of the boy. While they were squabbling, Carol and Maami comes out to find out what is going on? TTK tells them that Salewa has gone to get a tattoo of the name of a useless boy. Maami asks if it is true? Salewa says that she did not get any tattoo. TTK asks her to also confirm that she was not fighting over a boy at the bar? Maami asks if it is true? Abomination, she screams. TTK asks for Salewa’s phone & Salewa reluctantly hands it over. TTK dials Big Problemc’s number who she derides for not even knowing how to spell his name right. Carol’s phone starts ringing & she realized that it is Carol’s number she was calling. Salewa tells her that she has been trying to tell her that it is a prank. Maami gets a very good laugh.
Angela meets Sankey and Brenda in Brenda’s office. Sankey gives Angela a Hausa language book & tells her to learn words & phrases from it. She has even underlined some of the important words she needs to learn in case Masters uses any of them. Angela asks for the big thing Sankey says she has for her? Diamond necklace? A one-way ticket to Australia? Sankey reminds her that she did not promise her a surprise. So what is it then? For whatever they have on Masters to be effective, it has to be on record. Angela has to wear a wire!
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Joan walks in to meet Lawson and Kwame. Lawson, his hands thrown across her shoulders, introduces her as his business partner, Joan Archibong, or Joan Archibong-Lwason.


Sankey is late for a meeting with Angela & Brenda in Brenda’s boardroom. She apologizes for holding them up and says that law and order cannot wait while Sankey conducts a private investigation. Angela thinks she is enjoying it. What with her dead husband popping up here & there, Sankey reminds her that she lost her husband too. They get down to business and she tells them that she is investigating Masters from various angles. She is investigating his businesses and turning the searchlight on his convicted associates. Angela asks how they need her again as Sankey appears to have it all covered? She needs to take it a step further, they tell her. Brenda suggests that she should get into his bed if necessary.

Soji meets Chuks who is still having issues with his designs. He complains about Bimpe’s hang up with Telema. Chuks tells him he needs to fix it as he does not know how this is affecting other people. Soji agrees to try and fix it but does not know how to go about it. He stops & asks Chuks how his issue with Bimpe is affecting others? Chuks tells him not to worry about that. He will think up a solution.

Phillip & Tare wake up in the same bed, again. She tries to wake him but he is still quite plastered. She gets up & tells him that she needs to go straighten the sitting room. Zaza’s friends did some damage last night. He pulls her back to bed & tells her that she first needs to assess the damage done to her boss first. He stats kissing her but she broke free after a while to go get the sitting room.

Angela bristles at being told to sleep with Masters and gets into a shouting tiff with Brenda over that. Brenda says she only suggested that as a way of speeding things up. They agree to link up to gather information and in an emergency, use a secret code to communicate. Sankey takes a call & when she is through, she tells Angela that is Segun. Emile is at the station and insists on seeing Sankey. She asks Angela if she knows why Emile Haruna will be looking for her? Angela says that she has no idea. Sankey is sure it has to do with Angela.

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Chuks saunters into Soji’s house & tells him that he has comes up with a solution. Since begging did not sway Bimpe, he wants them to try shock treatment. They will pretend that Soji has been in an accident or something & by the time Bimpe rushes to his house, she would have changed her mind about him. Soji says that he will not want to lie to Bimpe. Chuks tells him not to be selfish as this is not only about him. It also affects Bimpe. Soji  agrees to give it a try.

Sankey comes back to meet Emile who is not happy he had to wait long to see her. She tells him that she was out on assignment. He says that he came to file a report. He has been man-handled by Alhaji Abubakar’s men. Sankey tells him to file a report and she will look into the case. He is not satisfied but eventually is persuaded to file a report with Segun. He however expresses his disappointment at not having his case taken up immediately.

Tare comes downstairs & gets a hung over Zaza to start cleaning up the room as she shoos the remaining party people off to their houses. Zaza asks Bimpe, who is sitting supine in an office chair with her dark glasses on to do something. Tare picks the agreement of last night as she was throwing things into a waste bin and as she looks at it, Bimpe asks what it is? Nothing, Tare answers as she crumples & throws it into the trash bin. She asks the girls to continue while she goes upstairs to check the boys. Bimpe’s phone rings and it is Chuks. She groggily picks the phone but immediately he tells her it is about Soji, her hangover cleared & she sternly tells him to stop if he does not want her to hang up on him. He tells her that it is about Soji. Something has happened. Bimpe asks if he is dead?Chuks mumbles something & she tells him that if he is not, then he should stop and drops the line. Chuks cannot believe it. Soji tells him that he told him that it will not work. He grans the phone from Chuks and calls Bimpe himself and begs her to meet him for a drink. Bimpe agrees to see him in the bar. What time? He asks. She tells him it will be whenever he gets there.

Angela comes back to Brenda’s office and meets Sankey. She complains that the two meetings in one day is too much and it will be difficult to explain her coming to see Brenda twice in one day. She tells Angela that she wanted to discuss Emile’s complaint, and she wanted to discuss it with her face to face. She tells Angela that Emile wants to press charges against Masters for assault. Angela confirms that she is aware of the issue. It happened in her house when Emile refused to leave when she asked him to leave. She tells Sankey that she does not think it is a good idea as it will only get another of Masters’ lackeys. Sankey agrees with her. They will simply tell Emile to lay off as he was the one trespassing.

Phillip comes downstairs and meets Kwame. The discuss the party & how plastered they all ended up being after the party. Phillip also thinks that they should have more of such parties. Kwame asks him if he remembers their agreement? Yes he does remember it. He marvels how he could write off 60% of their profits to Kwame. Kwame also marvels at his promise to give Phillip his car if he fails. Phillip reminds him that he promised to run around the neighbourhood in his undies and he reminds Phillip that he promised to prostrate and thank him if he gets the account. They however cannot find the paper containing the agreement.

Chuks and Soji wait at the bar for Bimpe for a while and discuss whether whether she has come to the bar and gone. They give up on waiting but as they were walking out, she appears! Chuks give them space and when they sit down, Soji was trying make conversation when she asks whether he is going to buy her a drink or not? Soji is visibly taken aback!

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Sankey calls Emile to tell him that Angela has refused to press charges against Alhaji Abubakar as he was the one trespassing. He whines & she tells him to go do whatever young people do: go to the club, play video games, whatever! She however orders him to stay away from Angela’s house.

Tare comes to the flat to meet Kwame. He reminds her that they were taking the day off. She says she got bored. He asks her if she saw the agreement he signed with Phillip?  She says she saw it but threw it out. It is not valid, she reminds him as they were all drunk including the witnesses.  He wonders why she threw it away? Phillip and him were thinking about framing it, he says. She tells him that it is because he is Ananse that quickly descends into deceit. He tells her that she is a small girl that cannot distinguish between folktale and reality. Kwame reminds her that they all agreed to let the past be bygone and forge ahead. He thinks he should just as well earn this reputation she is trying to pin on him. She wonders why he is quickly becoming defensive if he had nothing in mind? He asks her whether all this her guard dog mentality is to get Phillip to commit to her? He knows that all women want commitment. She asks him how he has not been able to get a woman to commit to him if that is what all women want? Phillip comes down at that point and they stow their fight for the moment.

Soji & Chuks discuss Bimpe as they enter Chuks’s house. He is still surprised at Bimpe’s hard stance. Soji goes to the bathroom & Bimpe enters. Chuks harasses her for treating Soji roughly at the bar earlier. She thinks he has not got enough punishment. She is still trying to decide for how long she should stay away from him. She asks Chuks what he thinks is long enough time? Three months? Chuks shouts and she adds that it is too short, right? Six months! She declares Don’t do that to me, Chuks pleads. What has that got to do with you? She asks him. He shows her his designs and explains that he got the inspiration for his new project from seeing her and Soji together. Their young love fuelled his imagination. As they were discussing, Soji comes out from the bathroom and joins them.

Angela calls Sankey to ask how Emile took it. Sankey explains that he took it as expected but she warned him to stay away. Angela is relieved that at least Emile is out of the equation. She only needs to worry about herself. Sankey tells her that she needs to find a way to listen when Masters talks to his gang members. She should note words he repeats and try and remember words he speaks in Hausa. What am I, a parrot? Angela asks. Sankey tells her that they may even consider enrolling her for Hausa lessons. Maybe I should let him kill me, Angela declares. It is even better, Sankey agree. Your wahala is becoming too much and drops the phone. After the call, Vince comes into Angela’s sitting room and Angela asks him to tell Masters that she will like an audience with him.


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Angela is on the road but she asks the driver where they are heading to as they are not on the right road to Odyssey! When he ignores her, she screams at him to ask if he is taking her to him?


Soji tells Bimpe off very strong terms for daring to forbid him from chatting with Telema. She walls out in a huff when he finished with her & he did not even bat an eyelid.
Tare comes back from her meeting with Joan and Phillip asks how it went. Not good, she says. Joan saw through her schemes. Phillip tells her that it is not over yet. He still has a trump card to play. She asks him what the issue is? He tells her that Joan made veiled threats when they refused to sell her a stake in Black Ananse and followed it up with a job off to Tare to set them apart. Besides, she is going thru a lot of trouble to take the biz away from NM so there must also be some grouse she has with the folks at NM.
Brenda comes to visit Sankey & immediately she walks in, Sankey asks if she came to get more details about the robbery? Sankey dismisses Segun who just saw Brenda in and was waiting to hear why she came. The office is not safe to discuss in, Brenda says as Segun appears to be suspicious. Sankey tells her that she had no choice but to invite her over since she said it was urgent. She tells Sankey that she has met her biz partner, Alhaji Abubakar. A wide-eyed Sankey asks her if he mentioned Stan? Brenda describes their meeting and how Abubakar brought Angela to her office to replace Stan. She believes that Abubakar is courting Angela & says that Angela denied it a little too fast when she mentioned it. Sankey asks her if she noticed too. She tells Brenda about her meeting Abubakar in Angela’s house with his hands on her chin. When Brenda tells her that he bought her a car, she concludes that Angela is in danger. They need to do something and quick too.
Bimpe pitches a new show to the Black Ananse team. She wants to be Oprah and Dr Phil at the same time. Tare thinks that the combination is scary. The name of the show will be Why Men Are Useless. A surprised Tare raises an eye and Bimpe continues to describe the format of the show without batting an eyelid. When she ended, they ask Phillip for his opinion but he was not even listening. Tare gives him a nudge & he tells Bimpe that she has done well before going back to what he was reading. Kwame comes in with a carton of drink from Kwabena & asks if anyone is interested in popping a drink? Bimpe needs a drink. It is Zaza’s birthday. Bimpe asks someone to get the music as she goes for glasses. Are we having a party? Zaza asks. Can I invite some of my friends friends? Kwame asks her why not? Don’t call everyone on your phone book! Tare advises.
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The party is on with the flat filled with people and Tare asks Bimpe what is the cause of the fight with men? Is it about Soji. A half-drunk Bimpe tells her that he does not care about her. Tare asks of OT is about her sister? Bimpe tells her that Telema has two guys fighting over her while she, Bi,pe does not have anyone interested in her. She asks Tare how Telema does it? Telema is best at being Telema and you are best at being Bimpe. Do not sell yourself short, Tare advises. Bimpe tells her that she is the best & gives her a hug. She holds on & they sway into a slow dance. Tare asks her why they are dancing & Bimpe disengages & tells her that she knows that Tare will rather be dancing with Phillip. Tare looks at Phillip chatting up a babe & asks her what she means? She tells Tare that she has noticed the Chemistry between her & Phillip. Tare says that she does not know what Bimpe is saying & besides, Phillip has 2 left legs.
Sankey and Brenda are at the spa getting a pedicure. They strategize on how to get Angela to listen to them before Angela enters. Angela comes in & meets them & is surprised to see Sankey. She thought Brenda said it is an urgent work-related discussion. They ask the spa ladies to excuse them & tell Angela that they think she is in danger from Masters. They outline their plan but before they finished, Angela cut them short. You are asking me to spy on Masters? She asks. She is not ready to listen to them anymore against Masters.
The party is still on & after a while, Tare walks towards the kitchen. The babe Phillip has been chiking walks out too. Kwame quizzes Phillip about Tare. He wants to know what she was like but Phillip will not tell. Shortly after, Tare comes back in & drags a guy up & dances with him. The babe sitting with Phillip comes back in & sits on his lap.
Soji complains to Chuks about Bimpe’s ultimatum. Chuks who is working on the table while Soji lies in bed asks a couple of relevant questions. Did she leave any of her things behind? He asks Soji. Soji wonders where all these questions are leading to? Chuks tells him that in his time as a married man, he has learnt one thing: if you want to be happy, you have to let them be right. Soji tells him that the only wrong thing he has done is to talk to him about his problem. Chuks gathers his things & tells him that he might be right. Tell Bimpe I said hi, he tells Soji as he leaves.
Angela will not spy on Masters. She thinks that their individual animosities against Masters is getting the better of the two ladies. Sankey is desperate to get Masters, while Brenda should be tired of using her, Angela spits. Sankey tells her that Masters is a sociopath. He may like her today but that does not mean that he will not strike her at some point. She tells them that she plans to keep her head down while Masters is going after Brenda’s company and Sankey’s career.
Phillip accosts Tare & asks where she disappeared to? She tells him that she was helping Bimpe get okay. She is really in a bad state, Tate says. When she leaves, Kwame approaches a drunk Phillip & says that Zaza mentioned that Tare and Joan had a meeting. She is trying to get juice on Joan, Phillip says. Kwame asks what she wants to find out? Phillip decides that Kwame can as well help tells him that it is about the Ferroil account. What about the Ferroil account? Get me Ferroil account and I will raise your profit share, he tells Kwame. How much are we talking? Kwame asks. 40:60, replies Phillip. Put that in writing, Kwame challenges him & I will deliver. Zaza, come take a dictation, Phillip slurs.
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Chuks and Ene are relaxing. Did you hear that? Ene asks when they hear a loud bang on the door. Bimpe shouts outside. As she opens the door, a drunk Bimpe enters and swaying on her feet, she talks about the party & how she enjoyed herself. As they were listening to her, she collapsed on top of the couch. Chuks do something, Ene says. A baffled Chuks asks her what she expects him to do? She is falling asleep. Push her to the couch, she says. The two of them push Bimpe till she collapses on the couch. It is all Soji’s fault, Chuks says. Ene wonders how it is Soji’s fault? Soji chose Telema, over Bimpe. 
Angela comes home and jumps when she meets Masters sitting comfortably in her house. She wonders how he entered but a cool Masters smiles at her. He asks after her car & she asks him where herald car is? He tells her that it is easier to get to her that way. What do you want to achieve by keeping me alive, she asks him. Any problems with the car, tell me and I will send another one, he tells her as he gets up to leave. He however stops in front of her & lifts her face. You look flushed, he tells her. Must be the weather, he says as he walks out leaving her stranded.
Ene is happy that Soji still wants Telema. Why should he give up when it is true love? She asks Chuks. You have a soft spot for Bimpe, she declares. You should have a soft spot for her too, he tells her. You are the closest thing she has to a girlfriend. Do you remember when you told me I am your muse? A miffed Ene asks Chuks. I can explain, he tells her. It is only for one show. You are my muse for life. That brought out a smile in Ene.
Phillip dictates the new profit share to Zaza in everyone’s presence. Tare who has come back to where she was asks if they are aware of what they are doing? A half-drunk Phillip declares to everyone that he has given Kwame 60% of the profit share if he delivers the Ferroil account. In addition,, He will kneel down and greet Kwame if he gets the Ferroil account. Who wants to witness for me, he asks after signing. Half the crowd in the room line up to witness as Tare keeps asking if he is sure of that. As they were signing, Zaza goes to get the door & it is Amaka. She announces herself but takes a look at the room & her demeanor changes instantly.
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Soji & Bimpe meet in Ziggy’s. She asks him whether he will buy her a drink or not? He looks taken aback.


Masters talks to Brenda about everything. They discuss the trial and she confirms that she followed it in the press. He tells her that he hopes that she agrees that it was a massive waste of time and taxpayers’ resources. Did they catch your assailants? He asks her and Brenda flinches at the question.
Phillip & Tare come up for air in bed! She asks him for the t shirt & shorts. She does not want him getting an eyeful or they will not be able to get any work done that day. He tells her that she can take the day off. She puts on the t shirt and also struggles into the shorts, all the while covered by the duvet. As she heads off to the bathroom, he tells her that he thought she said he is not her type? She tells him that he lasted for all of twenty minutes. He tells her that she has something on her face and as she comes back to allow him take it off, he pulls her back down on to the bed. She struggles to untangle herself after a while and he reminds her that she can take the day off. She says that her boss unfortunately wields the whip and when he responds, she also reminds him that she has another offer on the table. He stops and calls ‘Joan”. Tare tells him that he knows that he can always trust her? I can trust you but not Kwame, he says. She promises to help him keep an eye on Kwame.
Bimpe walks into Chuks’ house and meets him talking on the phone. She complains about Soji’s text to her. She shows the text to Chuks and asks him if it does not look like an insult? Chuks cannot understand what her issue is. She asks him if he can see any XXX or kisses at the end of the text? Yet, she saw his chat with Telema and he was using LOL LWKMD, etc. Chuks asks what LWKMD is? Laugh wan kill me die, she screams at him. Soji calls and Chuks pass the phone back to her but she refuses to collect the phone. Chuks answers and tells Soji that she does not want to talk to him.
Masters asks if Brenda’s assailants have been caught? Brenda tells him that the police is on it and she is sure that they will catch whoever is behind it. He thinks it must have been traumatic. He tells Brenda that her reputation precedes her. So does yours, she reminds him. She asks him why he chose to invest in Odyssey? He tells her that he has a number of interests and likes watching movies. As for the choice of Odyssey, she runs a tight ship. Her staff respect her. You interviewed my staff? She asks him. They are technically my staff too. They all think you do a great job. She asks if he interviewed them so that he can replace the bad ones with his hired hands? Before he could answer, Ene announces that a gentleman is around with Angela Dede. Ask them to wait, Brenda says. No, they are right on schedule, says Masters. Please ask them to come in.
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Tare comes downstairs to look for her shoes and Kwame accosts her. He gives her the second leg of the shoe she was looking for and asks her if the princess finally made it to the ball. And you must be Cinderella? She quips. Is the prince still in bed? He asks her. What does that make you? The ugly step sister? You can always call your fairy god mother, she tells him as he goes upstairs. As she was putting on her shoes, Zaza enters and asks for Kwame. He sent her to buy buns. Tare collects the package from her & collects one of the buns. Your lip gloss is gone, Zaza asks her. So? They were there earlier? Tare eyes her as she goes to her seat. She calls Joan to arrange a meeting. I hope you caught all that, she tells Zaza, so that you can parrot it to Phillip.
Angela comes into Brenda’s office and goes to sit in a corner. Masters says that he thought Brenda and Angela are friends? Hardly, says Angela. Brenda asks why Angela is in her office? She will replace Stan. What? She asks. What will I be doing? Keep an eye on things in Odyssey and report back to me, he tells her. Via email? Angela asks. I will rather see you in person, he says. Will you pay me? I will not take advantage of you. I will have my lawyers draw up a contract. He tells her & gets up & leaves. A bemused Brenda sits & watches the exchange.
Ene calls Soji to tell him that the man that killed Ziggy is in her office. Have you told Chuks? Soji asks and Ene stops as Masters walks past. She says that is why she is calling him. Chuks is still adjusting to the death of Ziggy & the trial & she does not want to upset him. Maybe you should keep it from Chuks for now. Soji asks if she has been talking to Bimpe? You can’t eat your cake and have it, she tells him. He gets annoyed at that but she does not care.
Angela and Brenda bicker over Masters. Brenda wonders what she just witnessed & asks Angela what she has given Masters? Angela will hear nothing of that. The man is evil. I warned you but you wouldn’t believe me, Angela tells Brenda. What about you? Brenda asks her. What did you do when you had a chance to put him away finally? I did not have a choice, Angela says. How does that man want you? Brenda asks her again.
Zaza gossips about Tare with Bimpe. Who do you think it is? Bimpe asks. I don’t know about that Tare, she could be handling both of them. Soji knocks and enters & confronts Impe about her not picking his calls. As he was talking to Bimpe, she asks Zaza, Did you hear a mosquito? He says that he has been calling her. Are you sorry about Telema helping you? She asks him as she collects the pack he had & finds a perfume inside. I already apologized, he says. Zaza, give me that spray to blast this mosquito out, she declares. Soji turns & leaves.
Tare meets Joan to talk about the offer. The company that handles the Ferroil account does not hug the limelight, she asks. Ferroil belongs to the old school, Joan tells her. They tend to be conservative. She tells Tare why she should seriously consider her offer. Don’t under-estimate the Black Ananse team, Tare tells her. Are you here to discuss your future or Black Ananse team? This is obviously a waste of time, Joan says as she stands up. Enjoy your wine. It is on me.
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Angela tells Brenda that her relationship with Masters is just like old times. Just like old times? brenda asks. As Angela tries to discuss something else, Brenda tells her to Stop changing the topic. I am asking you, what is the connection between you and him? Angela believes that Masters is just using her as a play thing. I think you are more than a larkey to him, Brenda tells her. Have you been talking to Sankey? Angela asks. Oh she spotted it too? Brenda asks as Angela looks down.
Soji, do you want to poison me? Bimpe asks as she walks into Soji’s house. That perfume, where did you buy it from? He bought it from the store down the road. That was all they had, he says sheepishly. Look at my neck. Does it look tantalizing to you? Bimpe asks as she shows him her scarred neck. 
Kwame complains to the spa girl about someone that parked an SUV behind his car? The girl apologizes & promises to go look for the owner of the car. Kwame advises her to look for Someone with more money than sense. Kwabena comes out & greets Kwame. It turns out to be his car. He  congratulates Kwame on his sleek car & comments that things must be looking up at Black Ananse. He asks Kwame if there is a chance for him to buy a part of the company? Kwame asks what it is with Ferroil people looking for a piece of companies? All the big dogs in Ferroil are enjoying a side portion, Kwabena says. He tells Kwame that he has a bonus for him in the boot.
Soji apologizes for the cheap perfume. He wants to be with Bimpe and her alone. Bimpe complains about Telema. Telema again? Soji asks. She knows about us? That is why she is stalking you. Soji tells her to read through his chat with Elema to see that there is nothing there. Read your love notes? Are you mad? She asks him. Mad? He asks. Wait till you see madness. I ban you from chatting with  she declares to a stunned Soji.
Brenda walks Angela out to the car park and continues to quiz her about her relationship with Masters. She continues to deny that there is anything between them and says that it is all in Brenda’s hair.  Where is my car? She screams. I parked it just here. As they were looking around, one of Masters boys screeches to a halt in a jeep and comes down and opens the door for her. He tells her that his work is to get her to wherever she wants to go. All in my head you say? Brenda tells Angela.
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Angela gets home and Alhaji Abubakar is sitting comfortably in her house!


Angela discusses with Sankey. Sankey believes that Angela changed her statement at the trial because she is dating Masters! Angela is furious that she could think of such a thing like that! Sankey reminds her that Bartholomew may not mean much to her but she should remember that Ziggy was also killed by that man. She could not believe that Sankey could believe that. Sankey then says that Masters must be falling for her then. Angela tells her that she is not dating him. He is only tormenting her. Sankey tells her not to reject Masters’ advances openly as he is still a cold blooded murderer. She tells Angela that a man was murdered in front of Brenda and she believes that it was Alhaji Abubakar’s doing. Immediately she leaves the house, Angela calls to have her locks changed.
Phillip & Kwame are having a drink at Ziggy’s. Frank comes and apologizes but asks after a hot car that is parked outside witha V6 engine and all. He is blown away when he learnt that the car is a present! Phillip and Kwame get up to go for their next meeting and Phillip grabs the new car key. He is going to be driving!
Angela is startles by a knock on her door. She asks who it is and it is Emile. He asks Angela if Alhaji Abubakar has left? She confirms that she is now alone. He asks to be let in but she says no, that it is not safe for him. He says that he will stay there then until Angela lets him in. She tells him that she will call his mum and he tells her to go ahead. Angela calls Mrs. H who is irritated at being distracted from work. Angela tells her to come & get Emile, who is screaming that Angela sends his regards in the background. Mrs. H tells Angela that she is busy and hopes that at least one of them will handle the matter as adults.
Kwame & Phillip get home and he asks Kwame about the car. He is sure it is not from Brenda. It is a gift he finally discloses. From who? Phillip asks? From our friend at Ferroil. Phillip is surprised that the woman who wants to buy into their company is sleeping with Kwame and says so. Kwame says it is rather casual. Phillip tells him that he did not know that he is into older women and asks what Joan is like? Kwame asks whether he wants a go at her too? Phillip is happy they rejected her offer. Kwame reminds him that it is their company now, not his alone. Besides, he does not want the car. He plans to sell it and put the money into Black Ananse. Phillip agrees that the company needs an injection of funds but Kwame tells him that he will be increasing his stake in the company. Phillip coldly tells him that his stake is not for sale.
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Frank goes to sit with Bimpe to ask if she is ok as she has been sitting alone doing nothing. She asks him if he thinks that her posture in her videos are bad? Before he could answer, Soji enters and Frank leaves. He sits down & tells Bimpe that he has been trying to reach her but she is not picking her calls. Frank told him that she is in the bar so he came.  As he sips from her ice cream, Telema calls him. He has not heard from them about the pictures, he tells her. As he drops, Bimpe asks when he plans to tell her that Telema has been helping him find a gallery for his pictures. He tells her that he plans to tell her when it is all settled. She is not happy to be the last person to know.
Brenda visits Dr. Ibrahim who is surprised that she actually booked a session. He asks how she is doing & she tells him that she is okay and running her company. She is fine but had only a bad experience which she does not want to talk about further. He asks her what happened and she tells him that a man was murdered right before her. He is shocked at the news and how she seem to have taken it in her stride. He asks her how she managed to cope with such a trauma very easily? She asks him if he is trying to ask her if she has fallen off the wagon? He reluctantly agrees. She tells him to go ahead and write everything they discuss in his small notebook. She hopes that he has done something about security in his office since after the last break-in? Yes, she now has a new safe, he tells her.
Bimpe wants to know when Soji was going to tell her about his arrangement with Telema. He says he was going to tell her when everything is settled. She asks how she found out about the pictures? He says that he mentioned the pictures to her & she became interested. Bimpe asks him if he was interested when Telema offered to help him? He smiles & says yes. She reminds him of when he almost bit off her head for trying to help his career. She gets up & when he asks where she is going to, she tells him that she cannot stand being in the same room with him!
Joan comes to meet Tare in the office. Joan asks where the boys are, but they have all gone out. As they settle down to talk, Tare asks Zaza who was sitting in the background to leave them for a minute. Tare wants to know why she is being offered the job? Joan tells her it is not connected to her wanting to buy the company. Ferroil is concerned about their PR and it has not been handled well in the past. She has checked Tare’s background & found same satisfactory. Tare thinks that Joan, failing in her bid to buy Black Ananse is trying to poach staff. Joan tells her that she has not failed. Everyone has a price. Tare tells her that Phillip and Kwame may have a price, but she does not. Joan asks if she does not want to be like her some day, with her own money and be able to travel to where she wants to? The world does not offer us girls an opportunity. Oh, this is about affirmative action? Girl power? Tare asks. Joan tells her to take up such an opportunity if it comes her way. Tare will think about it.
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Ene is home & calls Chuks to tell him that she came home early to surprise him with lunch but he is not there. Bimpe walks in to complain of Soji and Telema. Ene listens nicely but wonders why Bimpe is feeling jealous about Telema and Soji?
Zaza tells Phillip & Kwame that she does not want to cause bad blood but she knows what she heard. Joan came to offer Tare a job. Shortly after, Tare comes down from upstairs and asks the boys how their meeting went? It went well, they say and ask her how her own day was? Nice, she tells them. They ask after the meeting she had while they were away? She recalls Joan’s offer & talks about it casually. Phillip is not happy about the meeting. They ask what role she was offered & she tells them and follows up by saying that it is an endorsement of her expertise in PR. For Phillip, it is more about loyalty than expertise and he says so in clear terms. Tare is not happy and says that she agreed to think about it just to string Joan along. Phillip wonders why the woman that wanted to buy a part of their company bought Kwame a car and is now offering Tare a job. Tare is surprised when she heard about the car gift for Kwame! As Phillip continues harassing her, she grabs her bag and leaves!
Bimpe does not think that there is anything about Telema that will threaten her relationship. Ene tells her that Telema was surprised when she heard that Soji and Bimpe are dating. Bimpe asks how Telema heard and when she heard that it was Ene that told Telema before she started talking to Soji constantly, she asks Ene who is threatened by who?
Tare comes back to the house to meet Phillip pacing back and forth. He tells her that he has been trying to reach her but she tells him that they have nothing to talk about. He asks why she came back then and she tells him that she forgot her house keys. He starts apologizing for harassing her earlier but she is in no mood to listen to him and walks to pick her keys and turns right back to leave. He tells her that she cannot leave as she knows how he feels about her. As she makes to pass him he holds her back and before she could complain, he plants a kiss on her lips and two of them collapse on the sofa. They were still going at it when Kwame comes downstairs, sees them and remarks that two of them have at last found each other. He asks them to get a room as he leaves. Phillip barely stops to smile before he went down again.
Brenda comes back & asks Ene if she enjoyed her extended lunch break! Yes she did but promises that it will not happen again. She tells Brenda that she has a visitor. Brenda asks if the visitor has an appointment? Ene says no. Brenda starts to waive the visitor away but asks why she did not see the person as she came in? Ene tells her that he insisted on touring the studio. As Brenda wonders how Ene can allow a visitor to tour the studio without her permission. She asks who this visitor is as the door opens and Alhaji Abubakar enters! He introduces himself as Abubakar!

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Brenda demands to know why Alhaji Abubakar has Angela escorted into her office? He tells her that Angela will be replacing Stan!