Bimpe dictates her day to her diary. She needs to clean up & smell nice. She will pick a nice cloth to be buried in so that no one can bury her in an ugly cloth. She goes off & comes back with her toothbrush to complain that her water is not running. How is she going to take her bath?
The Anekes mediate between Brenda & Nosa. They try but the two of them tear at each other. Nosa thinks Brenda has a character flaw & he cannot have a baby with her. That is why she does not have any friends. Once you turn your back, she sticks a knife in! Brenda screams his faults too and asks how many of his friends she has met since they got married? Only his brother! The Anekes try to get them to calm down but it is not working.
Bimpe walks out with a bucket to fetch water but is accosted by a woman who asks if she still stays around there? If she knows what is good for her, she had better move. Bimpe asks why she can’t be left in peace? She tries to walk away but the woman tries to wrest the bucket from her!
Amaka is happy to see Dikibo and they catch up on what he has been up to. He has gotten an apartment and trying to get it ready. She updates him on Freddy’s accident. He is surprised at that. Freddy does not strike him as that. Amaka says it is Sheila that destabilized everyone when she left. Dikibo reminded her that she is jointly responsible for Sheila leaving. Fred would not have wanted Sheila disgraced out of the house. Amaka says they don’t know what Fred wanted for Sheila as he did not include her in his will. The house belongs to her and she can do whatever she wants with it!
Dikibo still thinks things could have been handled with better sensitivity. Sensitivity? Amaka asks. Dikibo reminds her that Sheila was Fred’s wife and made sacrifices. Whatever poor choices she made with the alleged dalliance with Phillip… Amaka says there is nothing alleged. Dikibo insists that Sheila stood by Fred and loved him and for that, she deserved some respect. He advises Amaka to live and let live. Amaka asks if he has been speaking with Sheila? He says he does not require her permission to speak with Sheila. Amaka says he was just getting to know them the other day and now he is taking sides? He finds that cynical but tells her he dropped by to ask for a space in the office. Since he is a custodian, he wants to be close to Fred’s major property. Amaka looks lost and he asks if everything is okay? She says she will ask the facility managers to arrange a space for him.
Brenda meets Kwabena in a restaurant and he asks why they are meeting outside her office? She says here is a better venue for what she wants to ask of him. She is asking for something and needs it from someone she knows. She is looking for a donor. She wants to have a child. Kwabena asks of she wants him to sleep with her? She asks him not to be ridiculous. She is looking for a donor to fertilize a baby in a lab. He asks after her husband and she says she won’t be asking him if it was that straight-forward. He should forget her husband. She will make it worth his while and he does not have to be a part of the baby’s life. He declines. It is nit the kind of thing he does and if he gets involved in it, he would love to be a part of the baby’s life and that does not sound like what she wants.
Bimpe calls the police to come and save her from attack. The police asks her to slow down and provide details. Who is attacking her? She says her neighbours are attacking her over some video. He asks her for her name again? She tells him and says her neighbours are attacking her over a video. The policeman remembers her and tells her she is lucky the guy did not charge her for exploitation. She drops the phone on him and calls Sankey nsankey asks what the emergency is? Should she come with back-up? Bimpe feigns a breakdown and Sankey says she will come immediately and asks for Bimoe’s address.
Laide comes to greet Mr. Horsfall. She has a meeting there but was told he is using the place. He is willing to vacate it for the meeting. They exchange pleasantries and he notes she has settled in nicely at Reel and asks why she chose to return to Reel. She wonders why he is asking? He needs to understand a lot of things about the place. What does she hope to gain from Reel? She says the progress of the company is very vital to her as her baby’s only legacy from her father is wrapped in the company. It also helps to feel employed. He thanks her and hopes she won’t mind his asking about her work from time to time.
Brenda barges into Angela’s office to ask if she had arranged the meeting with Delmuah? Angela says no. She agreed to arrange the meeting but did not specify the time yet. She wonders what Brenda is furious about? Not the meeting of course. Brenda sits down and tells her about Kwabena laughing at her for asking him to be a donor! Angela screams at that and asks her what she was thinking? Is there something wrong with Nosa too? Brenda says no except that he is being a pain in the neck. Now that she has found a surrogate, she does not want any problems. Angela is surprised at the news of a potential surrogate and Brenda fills her in on the meeting with Linda and their botched marriage counseling. Angela tells her that if she goes ahead with this, that will be the end of her marriage.
Sheila meets with the lawyer and thanks him for coming at short notice. He recaps their previous discussion and asks for proof that Amaka cannot be a good custodian. She tells him about Amaka’s involvement in Sunom’s death. He asks for proof and she does not have anything. He advises against going ahead with the case. Everyone will think she is struggling for this to control Freddy’s money. She asks whether it is not important that Freddy prefers her? The lawyer asks why she wants custody of Freddy? She says she wants to give him a safe home. He thinks he is getting that now but is willing to go to court if she still feels strongly about it.
Brenda tells Angela that she wouldn’t have done that if Nosa had not been such a baby. Angela wonders what she is talking about and she explains that she did not tell him she had a problem before the marriage. Angela is shocked. Brenda wonders who goes about broadcasting their problems? You deal with it and hope it goes away! Angela asks her what she would have done if someone does that to her? Brenda is not willing to let this chance with Linda slip away and tells Angela that this time, she will ensure that there is no chance of her being duped.
Bimpe screams at Sankey for coming late. Sankey says she came as soon as she could. She asks what the problem is! Bimpe says she is in danger. Danger? She explains the video to Sankey. Sankey asks after the video and she says it is not important. Sankey agrees and asks her for details? Who is attacking her and where is the person? She does not know where the person is. Sankey advises her to ensure that next time she calls her, she should ensure she has a mob after her or she will arrest her.
Tsav asks the lawyer how the meeting with Sheila went? He explains how he managed to convince Sheila not to go ahead with the custody battle. He thinks she accepted it. Tsav is happy. He asks Tsav how he knew that Sheila will agree with that? Tsav says he will have to kill him if he tells.
Frank introduces Nosa to the crowd. Mimi nudges Odun and says he almost made them miss the beginning. He says it is not his fault he could not find parking space. Nosa goes ahead to joke about his marriage calling his wedding band a tiny handcuff. He advises the crowd not to allow their sisters marry a brilliant man as they don’t get married. He settles into Brenda’s controlling stance and how she allows him sleep with her only when he has been good. Some of the Odyssey staff want to leave but others insists that no one is forcing him to talk. By the time he is through, they all feel sick!

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Brenda tells Linda that she will pay her N1million after she gives birth to the baby. Linda says that Gladys used to charge N2million.