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Fred asks Cosmo to take Funmi to his study but Sheila says it is not necessary. She gets up and leaves. Fred asks Funmi what it is but she thinks it may be better she leaves. He insists that she says what brought her. She tells him it is Laide Cole. What about her? She is back and working at Reel. Fred asks if Amaka is aware of this and Funmi says yes. She also tells Fred that the baby he was holding the other day… But Fred tells her it is enough and calls Cosmo to see her out. Just then, Amaka calls him but he does not pick.
Yusuf consults with Dr. Ibrahim & thanks him for seeing him. They settle down and Dr. Ibrahim asks him to start from the beginning. He instead asks what Dr. Ibrahim’s dictaphone is for? Dr. Ibrahim says it is to record his thoughts. Yusuf asks what he will do if someone he knows turns to someone else? Dr. Ibrahim does not discuss other patients. Yusuf suddenly says he will come back tomorrow and pushes down the tray of documents on Dr. Ibrahim’s desk as he stands up. Ibrahim bends down to pick them up and he walks off with the dictaphone. Dr. Ibrahim realizes what he did, runs after him but he is gone.
Bimpe asks what Soji is still doing in her house? He says Bash told him to sit and stare. Bimpe tells him to leave but he says that Bash will kill him if he does not take care of his Bimp Pimp Pimp. She says it is not his business what Bash does. Chuks comes in and says he is there to save her. Soji asks who told him and he says Bimpe called him and Bash called too. Soji tells him that Bash brought food, wet cloths, etc. Bimpe tells them to shove it. What ever they say about Bash, he is caring unlike two of them. She believes that it is the smell of her dead body that will bring them to her room!
Tare and Phillip get back to their room and she tears him apart for suddenly breaking apart at the sight of his father. He insists that he is worried at the sight of Laide getting back in the family business, etc. She asks him to do something about it if he thinks that Amaka is not running the business well. He agrees to do something but they end up in each other’s arms and mouths first.
Angelique discusses with Angela. She insists that she is doing all these for Angela. Angela is sure that she will slip up after a while. Angelique insists that she is taking the new pill well and people like them. They are powerful together. Angela does not know what she is talking about. Vince knocks and is let in. Angelique remnds him he is a wanted man and wonders how he comes into her building when it is possible she is being watched? He gives her a bag. The boss wants her to wear it for her appointment and walks off.
Bash is stuffing chips and chicken into his mouth with both his knife and fork to Bimpe’s disgust as Salewa and Titan enter the bar. After the introductions, Bash insists that Salewa and Toks sit with them. Every Bimpe’s friend is his friend. Bimpe asks them to order whatever they want on Bash’s account. Salewa says she gives Bimpe private Yoruba lessons. bash is happy to hear that and launches into a long loud tale of how to force Bimpe to hear Yoruba by dumping her in a village where people don’t speak English. Salewa and Toks cringe and Salewa quickly suggest they sit at another table to avoid attracting attention to Titan. As they leave, Bash hacks his chicken like a butcher & wonders why they left!
Angela tells Angelique that Masters wants to see her in that dress not Angelique. Angelique says they cannot risk her being with Masters. Angela asks if she is afraid? Of what? That Angela will fix things? Angelique reminds her that she could not fix things in the past. Angela tells her she could not handle her betrayal of Masters in the past but now, she knows what to tell him. Funny thing is she also knows what it is but Angelique will not say that. Angelique gets up and walks off.
Angelique appears in Kwame’s flat and asks whether he misses her yet? Kwame forgets whatever he was working on before she knocked!
Salewa and Bimpe enter Bimpe’s flat and she commends Titan’s car. Salewa tells her that he did not mind dropping them off. He is on his way to the studio to record another single. They settle down and Salewa asks Bimpe to read from her script and she will correct her Yoruba. Bimpe slaughters the words and Salewa snatches the script from her. She asks why Salewa and Titan moved to another table at Ziggy’s? Salewa tries to be nice but Bimpe insists. She tells her that Bash is razz! Bimpe is in thought and Salewa wonders whether she wishes that he is not the way he is? She says no!
Sheila comes out to meet a Fred that is looking lost to find out when he wants to have lunch. He asks when she want lunch? She reminds him that they agreed twice, already. He is surprised at that and his phone starts ringing. She asks him to pick it up but he says it is not now. She says she will go and pack her things for the hospital. He tells her he will go out for a minute but she will be back in time to take her to the hospital. She calls him as he leaves but he did not answer.
The new waitress wonders why Lola wants her to buy the VIP pass to Reel Again Festival in her own name? Lola says she does not want to go as herself and the extra in the envelope is for the girl’s trouble. the girl thanks her and as she gets up to leave, Yahimba calls her to ask that she finds out why Sheila was not at the press conference with Fred and to also confirm that they are still together. Lola says she will be attending the Reel Again Festival even though she is banned officially. She will try and crack the Ade-Williams open. Yahimba wants her to bring everything she gets to her first before going to the editor and clicks off. Lola wonders what it is about.
Sankey thanks Dr. Ibrahim for bringing this to her notice as Segun bounces into her office. It is even good he did not catch up with Yusuf or the end would have been messy. dr. Ibrahim wonders if this does not put Angela in danger? Sankey is not bothered and says the stolen device may just save Angela’s life. As she drops, Segun asks what stolen device she is referring to? She tells him about Dr. Ibrahim’s dictaphone and how she plans to use it to save Angela. She was trying to stop Angela from visiting Masters but finally arrived at a plan since it is Angelique, she will not remember anything from that night and when Masters tries to jog her memory, he may end up saying one or two things from that night which they will use against him in the trial. Segun wonders how they will know what happened during the visit? Will Angelique tell them? Sankey smiles demurely!
Bimpe bounce into Chuks’s with a bag of clothes. She gives Chuks a dress for Ene and other comfortable things for her. Chuks digs into the bag and thanks her for the nice stitches on the shirt. Bimpe snatches the shirt and tells him they are not his. He wounds why she will be buying shirts for Soji just because he visited when she was sick? She says they are for Bash!
Yusuf tells the warder that he will be denying Msters the right to a fair trial by not allowing him listen to the information on the dictaphone in private. The warder wants to get authorization from his boss. Yusuf insists this is privileged information between lawyer and client. The warder shifts a bit and he plays Dr. Ibrahim’s diagnosis of Angela and Angelique for Masters.
Amaka and Laide meet at the reception and confirms that no one has heard from Funmi yet. She tells Laide that she suspects that Fred knows. Just then, Fred walks in and without batting an eyelid at Laide asks Amaka to come with him!

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Kwame wonders what Brenda is talking about? She says she has decided that Angela, who she calls that silly little girl… Someone calls out from inside the room to ask who Kwame is talking to? Brenda is wondering if that is not Angela when she walks not the sitting room swathed in his beddings!



Tare comes back and Phillip taunts her for coming back. She asks him what they are doing there and he tells her it is a party and at some point, they will drink and get back to the hotel, etc. She asks what is going on in his head and he says she does not want to know what is going on in his head now. She says they had a good time in Ghana, Nairobi and now they are home, he has turned into something else. She asks him to share what is worrying him if he wants a relationship. He opens up and says the last time he was back, he got into an argument with his father and it did not go well. Just then Omar enters and is hailed by everyone in the party and Phillip walks across, introduces himself and asks if Omar is the one sleeping in his bed?
Bash visits and sees Bimpe shivering and covered up. He asks her to get back in bed and orders for food and fruits. Bimpe tells him she needs aspirin not food. He insists that she needs to eat and be strong enough to go to the hospital. Bimpe is not interested in going to a hospital but Bash insists and comes back with a sponge to cool down the woman on fire!
Omar wonders what Phillip is talking about and Phillip launches into a tirade about Omar and the film and working with Laide. Omar insists that he was invited to make the film and Phillip thinks he cannot take credit as Laide shot half of the film. Omar thinks this is not a discussion to be had but Phillip also accuses him of cozying up to his father. Omar says he cozies up to nobody. Tare tries to take him away but he insists that he is having a conversation with the man of the moment. Tare points out that the man is not interested. Phillip continues and tells him not to have high expectations of his father or he should ask Brad Pitt, referring to Laide who just walked in. He hails her and asks for more drinks.
Brenda ransacks Angela’s office for some letter and when she did not find it, she sits down to wait.
Bash feeds Bimpe but she says she is tired. He insists that she eats a little more but she says she will throw up if she eats again. Bash insists that if she throws up, she will have space for more. He insists she eats to be strong to go to the clinic. She insists she is not going. She wants only aspirin. Bash asks what is with aspirin? She will go to the hospital. She complains that it is the rehearsal that made her sick and she does not understand why she should dance traditional dance. He laughs and asks how she can go to the farm without hoe and cutlasses? He then calls his driver to go get a doctor to come visits as Bimpe says she does not like hospitals.
The warder tells Masters that he has a visitor. Masters tells Sankey that if it is a civilian that does this, it will be called corruption. Sankey reminds him that it must have cost him more to arrange conjugal visit. She is there to wipe the smile off his face. Sankey agrees that she cannot stop Angela from visiting him but she is there to appeal to Masters’s conscience not to see her. Masters insists that he does not have any other motives other than to spend time with a woman he has affection for. Sankey insists that if Masters wants to see Angela, this Angela is different. He tells her that for once, they are in agreement.
The doctor tells Bash that Bimpe is okay, she needs only rest. He gives them a drug for her which Bash asks him to give his driver to drop him off and gives the doctor some money for his troubles. Bimpe’s phone rings as she sleeps and Bash picks the call from Soji. He asks if Soji is just calling now? What if Bimpe has died? Soji insists that Bimpe is okay. He wanted to find out how she is doing. Bash says she is sleeping. He drops the phone and calls his driver to chide him to come back quickly and not beg the doctor for money. He drops the phone and sings about Bimpe’s beauty as she closes her eyes and pretends to be sleeping.
Tare begs Phillip to come let them go. He says he is ready but needs to say good bye to his evil step-mother. Laide asks what he said? Omar asks if Phillip really wants another scene? He is ready for anything. He wonders whether Laide still wants to wed Fred, or she wants to sink her hook into Reel as he can see she has Amaka where she wanted. Laide faces Phillip and says she thought he had grown up. Instead, he still sees everything from his insecure point of view. She asks Tare to take him home and sober him up. Phillip suddenly allows Tare to take him out of the room! Laide’s phone rings and she steps aside to take the call. She tells the caller that she has given him what he wants and is very alarmed when she hears what the caller wants and asks how on earth she is going to get that?
Soji visits Bimpe and Bash is there. He asks why it is taking Soji so long to get there when he said he was close by before. He asks how long Soji is there for? Soji wonders why he is asking and he says he has a meeting to go for and Bimpe needs someone to stay with her. Soji agrees to stay and he tells Soji that there is food in the kitchen and he must make sure Bimpe is fed when she wakes up and he should force her if she refuses to eat. If her body is hot, he should get clean water and use it to cool her hands, face and legs and not touch anywhere else!
Sankey tells Masters to forget what she said. He says it is okay. They are in agreement. She tells him that she knows he does not want Angela to testify against him. he says that did not take long to figure out. She replies that in Angela’s current state, she is no threat to Masters and asks him not to destroy her life as she walks off.
Masters calls Yusuf and gives him instructions about a job he needs to take care of personally.
Amaka asks after Funmi. The staff she asked says she has not seen her but she heard Funmi went to Fred’s house!
Bimpe wakes up and asks Soji for Bash and what he is doing there? He says Bash has gone out and he came because she called him. he asks if she is hungry because he warmed pepper soup. He tries to feed her and she asks what it is? Soji tells him Bash asked him to feed her. He tries to feed her but she snatches the plate and eats out of it. He feels her face and screams that she is still hot. She says she has fever and if she is hot, she will take a shower.
Dr. Ibrahim is pottering about his office when Yusuf taps his back. He turns quickly and is startled to see him. Yusuf says Dr. Ibrahim comes highly recommended and hopes he can help him. Dr. Ibrahim asks how he can be helped and Yusuf asks if he is not supposed to lie down?
Fred asks Sheila to remind him to ask Cosmo why the gardener has not reported. He sits down beside her and tells her that he was going to tell her after the surgery but will tell her now. She asks what it is and he tells her that Phillip is back and he came back with his girlfriend, Tare Duke. A beautiful girl, he says and remembers that she used to work for Sheila. Just then, Cosmo announces Funmi and when Fred asks what the matter is, she requests to see him in private!

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The Tinsel Town reporter asks the female Ziggy’s Bar waiter to allow her go to The Reel After party in her name as she does not want to attend as herself.


Brenda and Kwame argue over their relationship with Angela. She is pissed at him for helping Angela by doling out funds for her writer’s workshop. He tells her that they are working on things and since everyone knows she is against the workshop and if she changes her mind now, they can use it to their advantage. Brenda suddenly remembers she has a lunch appointment. Kwame tries to find out where they are and she tells him that she sent him to Angela to poison the well. She hopes he is not drinking from the well.
Amaka tells Majek that it is clear that she hates Laide Cole. Majek reminds her that she just made Laide Cole the director of the film. She says she had little chance and had to meet the deadline. Majek reminds her that there is no way she can hide the presence of Laide now that she is working on the film and Sheila will not forgive her when it comes out. He reminds Amaka that their plan was to build a media blitz around Omar and the movie. She says they can still go ahead with the publicity. He reminds her that it will go nowhere now that neither Omar nor his weblog is available. Chike walks into the office and says he has something to discuss with Amaka but will come back if it is bad timing. Majek says he is on his way out and Chike sits down and says he came to discuss his compensation!
Sheila and Fred are having a quiet lunch. He pours drinking water for her and she asks him whether she cannot pour water for herself now? He says he is just trying to be a gentleman. As they discuss, Brenda waltzes in and insists that she came for her lunch date. Fred tells her that he is trying to have a quiet lunch with Sheila. She insists that she is there to talk to him about Amaka trying to bully Odyssey. He says he is sure that Amaka will not do that and whatever the issue is, he is sure they can both sort it out. Brenda asks if he is not even going to ask what happened? She tells him to keep an eye on the anniversary preparations because from what she hear, it is a disaster in making. Sheila asks her to tone it down and she tells Sheila to run along to her poky little spa and allow real business people to talk. Sheila tells her that if she is on top of her business, her staff will not be running to her little poky spa to advance themselves. Brenda asks who the staff is and Sheila tells her it is Chuks. Who? She asks and Sheila tells her it is Ekenedilichukwu Obi. Brenda is baffled.
Amaka asks Chike what he means by compensation? He says he was pushed into the stunt by Omar. Amaka says that is not what she heard. Chike says he had a stunt double but Omar decided to use him instead. He does whatever his director tells him to do. He can sue Omar, Reel Studios and Amaka. He insists that Omar knows that he is guilty and that is why he is gone into hiding. Amaka insists that he has no case and he says he will leave that to the court to decide. He knows that the film is important to Amaka and if nothing is done by the end of shooting, Amaka should not blame him.
Brenda asks Sheila what she means by “he”? Fred tries to intervene but Brenda insists that there can’t be too many Ekenedilichukwu Obis in this town. She tells Sheila that Ene is out of work and pregnant. Sheila is surprised at that. Brenda tells her that if she employed a man, then she has been had!
Sankey brings Dr. Ibrahim the authorization to change Angela’s prescription. Dr. Ibrahim says it is quick work. Sankey hopes she has not done the wrong thing by bringing the authorization. He says he hopes so too. She asks if he is having second thoughts? He says he hopes that the drug works. Sankey asks what that means? Dr. Ibrahim says it is a new drug and he hopes that it will allow Angela get control of her body back so that she can treat her. If it does not, then he will have to deal with Angelique which is not a mean feat. Sankey informs him that Angelique is currently visiting Masters at the prison. Dr. Ibrahim jumps up and says he has to get going now. Sankey asks where he is going to and he says he is going to consult with his colleagues.
Ene calls Chuks to complain that she went to buy some drugs but on payment, the transaction was denied. She wonders how the transaction can be denied with all the money in her account? He tells her to calm down. He transferred the money from her account back to his own! She insists that he did not. He asks her to calm down. She asks why he did not tell her and when did he even transfer the funds? How come she did not even get the alert for the transfer? He says that she was sent the alert. She insists that she did not see any. He tells her that he read the message and asks her to check her phone.
Fred asks Sheila if she is okay? She says she is good. She is just wondering who is running her business. He asks her to allow him deal with it but she says it cannot wait. She does not know who is running her business and she will have to stop by the spa on their way home. She leaves to powder her nose and he calls Amaka to ask how things are going with preparations for the anniversary and with Omar? She says all is well. He invites her to stop by the house that evening.
Ene accosts Chuks in the office and starts screaming. He begs her to keep her voice down and stop being emotional. She says she is about to get emotional. She asks why he transferred the money and he says he did not want to always disturb her whenever he needs money for transport or other small items. She asks why he does not trust her and he says it is not about trust. She wonders why he will move the funds after all the lovey-dovey talk about her being the better manager of their money? He promises to pay his salary into her account. She says it is not about money and whines about the way the store assistant looked down her nose when the transaction failed!
Angela hails Masters from a distance immediately he appears. He sits down and looks at her as she starts to sweet-talk him. She asks why he is annoyed at her? Is it because she has not been visiting? He asks her what she came to do? Has she come to finish what she started? She wonders what he is talking about? He asks if she has forgotten the betrayal? The shooting? Emille? Which shooting? She asks him. She only remembers that they had a wonderful night together. She goes ahead to ask if that is why he is angry and planning a revenge?
Fred tells Sheila to first see what the young man wants to say. It could all be a mistake. She says she does not think so. Amaka calls him and says her meetings will run late. She will not be able to get the house and also fetch Toochi. He says it is understandable and proposes to visit her but she had dropped the phone. He tells Sheila that it was Amaka and she suddenly does not have time to visit. Add that to her strange behavior the other day and he can bet on it that she has met someone new!
Angela asks Masters what he means? Does he think she has changed? Masters says he will ask the same of her. He asks why she came and she says she came to see him. He looks at her quietly and she continues talking.
Fred and Sheila get into the spa and she tells him that if Amaka met someone, she would have known. He suggests that they make themselves easy for her to discuss it with them. As they discuss, Chuks and Ene walk out and a shocked Chuks quickly greets them and tries to whisk Ene off. Sheila tells them not so fast and calls Ekenedilichukwu Obi! Ene and Chuks answer at the same time. A surprised Ene looks at Chuks and when Sheila asks why she should not commit Chuks to prison for using a phoney CV to earn a salary that is not his. Ene turns and asks Chuks what she is talking about?
Masters asks Angelique if she really believe what she is saying? Angelique asks him what he means? He asks if she really believes that she didn’t shoot him? She says she did no such thing. He takes a good look at her and then leaves.

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Laide tells Amaka that she has been giving her a funny look all day and says she can ask what is on her mind. Amaka first denies eyeing her but eventually says she noticed something on Ife’s chest.


Amaka arranges a sleeping Toochi on the couch while Laide and her daughter wait. She asks if Amaka knows when the crèche will call back? Amaka says she does not know. It will take a while. She asks Amaka to hold Ife while she fishes out something and Amaka grudgingly does that and hands the child over immediately with Laide asking really? She suggests they call the crèche back but Amaka insists that they cannot be pushful. Amaka takes a call from Funmi and Laide rightly guessed that it is the crew asking for their director. Laide packs up and Amaka asks where she is going to? Work, laide says but Amaka does not think the studio is the right place for the child to run around. The AD calls again and Amaka asks Laide to go. She will look after the babies till the creche calls.
Sammie comes in and tells Angelique he has good news. He hands over the note with Akpobo’s hand writing on it. Angelique checks and sees a shopping list. Sammie says it is his shopping list and produces the right piece of paper. He remembered that Akpobo wrote Brenda a note and bamboozled a staff member with legalese. He says they only need to get the paper to the righ people. Angelique tells him that she will talk to him when he gets the document to the right people and gets ready to go home.
Bimpe sneaks up on Chuks reading a newspaper in his office and shouts Thief, Police! Chuks dives under the table before he realizes it is Bimpe. He asks her what she did that for and she laughs at him. He asks what she is doing there and she says she came to congratulate him on his new job. He asks who told her he works there and she says it is not important. It is however time for him to show how good a neighbor he can be. He reminds her of the free food and appliances she borrows from them. She says his presence there should get her discounts on all the spa treatment. He asks her to leave and she asks if that is how he brushes Ene off? She came to tell him to spend more time listening to Ene and he gets up and asks her to spend her time minding her business.
Laide is directing Chike when the assistant brings her phone. She reminds her that she said no calls but the lady says the caller keeps calling. She takes the phone and asks what the caller wants as she steps away from the crew. She insists that she had paid the caller and wonders how much it will cost to get him off her back? He tells her and she says anything is better than these calls.
Bimpe asks whether the receptionist will not talk to her? The receptionist says she will not gossip about another staff. Bimpe claims to be Chuks’s neighbor and friend and says she is looking out for Chuks. The receptionist says she does not need to worry. Sheila is quite impressed with Chuks’s qualifications and references. Bimpe is surprised and says that is not Chuks. She asks the staff for the CV but the receptionist refuses.
Dr. Ibrahim visits Sankey and Sankey wonders why he is there? He says he is there for his patient’s sake. He tells Sankey that Angela walked into his office and Angelique walked out. Sankey wonders why that is a problem? They are always exchanging personalities. Dr. Ibrahim tells her that the Angelique he met is quite formidable and insists on holding control. Sankey hopes that Angela will appear in time for the trial.
Bimpe speaks with Ene about her visit to Chuks’s office. She is bothered that Chuks appeared jumpy as a goat even for himself. Ene says he must be busy at work. Bimpe says he threw her out of his office just like he did Ene. Ene says she must have crossed the line. Bimpe says someone told her Sheila is quite impressed with Chuks’s CV. Ene says it is true and reminds her that Chuks is qualified to run the spa. He used to run Ziggy’s Bar she reminds Bimpe. Bimpe wonders if Chuks spiced up his CV but Ene insists that he did not. She typed the CV herself. Bimpe then wonders how they find his CV impressive? Ene tries to defend him but she cut her off and reminds her to stop selling her husband to her as she knows him quite well.
Dr. Ibrahim tells Sankey that he cannot change Angela’s prescription without her consent except if he has the law on his side. Sankey asks how Angelique gets her prescription filled? Dr. Ibrahim says she comes to get them filled in and it is almost due for a refill. Sankey asks how they are sure that Angelique will take the pills? Dr. Ibrahim says she is a survivor and will take the pills to get her going. They however need to work fast as Angelique keeps getting stronger by the day. Sankey asks what he will have her do?
Chuks calls Ene and asks if she has something to tell him? she wonders what he is talking about? He tells her that Bimpe came to the office to insinuate that Ene has some grievances. Ene says it is not grievance but she is dissatisfied. He wonders why she will talk to Bimpe of all people? He suggests that they should keep Bimpe at arm’s length going forward. He also tells her that he is up for the plan she has around making children’s outfits. She smiles and assures him that it will work well. She tells him that Bimpe talked about his impressive qualifications and how the spa staff are impressed with it. He wonders who told her and tells Ene that they actually need to cut off all relationships with Bimpe going forward.
Amaka is still with Ife when the crèche calls back. She complains that she has been waiting for their call all these while and asks if she can bring the kids? She thanks the caller and says she will bring them right away. before she leaves, she checks Ife’s nappies to confirm that she is good to go but what she sees there makes her check again.
Laide reviews the scenes shot with her crew and is happy with what they achieved when Amaka comes in. She is happy with the result and dismisses the crew and moves on to Amaka. She asks after the kids and Amaka says they are at the crèche. They agreed to take care of the babies for a while. Laide asks for how long and she says long enough for them to finish shooting. Laide wonders what she will do after that and Amaka says she can hire another carer. Laide says she will rather Ife mixes with other kids. Amaka asks whether Ife has been spending time on her own? Laide says yes. Amaka asks why and she says Ife has had her own little complicated life. Amaka leaves and leaves Laide worried.
Angelique gets ready and Angela looks on and tells her that Masters will see through her. She insists that she will get through because she is Angela. Angela begs her to at least find out what happened to her father? Angelique semms not bothered and Angela begs her. She tells Angela to stop groveling. She hates it when Angela grovels. She asks how she looks and walks off.
Majek comes in and sees Amaka. He remarks that the look n Amaka’s face shows that telling Fred about Laide did not go well. Amaka says it did not happen at all. She has decided to tell Fred after they finish shooting. By then, Sheila’s surgery would be over. Majek thinks that it may still not be easy then. Majek remarks that Amaka seems to be getting more comfortable with laide around. He asks if he should track Omar down but Amaka says no. she has an adult making the movie now and if he insists on behaving like a petulant child, he should be allowed o stay away.
Angelique marches out in her dangerously short skirt and approaches the car. She gets there and asks Vince to get the door for her. He says he will get the door when he sees a lady. She says she will in that case go in her car. As she steps away, he gets out of the car and says she cannot do that. she wonders why and he says she cannot make demands. She reminds him that his boss really wants to see her and she can just refuse to appear. He opens the door of the van for her.

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Sheila tells Brenda about the impressive qualifications of the manager she hired who has a degree in sociology. Brenda says she is aware of the first degree but the person is a woman. Sheila insists that she hired a guy. Brenda asks if the person said he used to be her PA? Sheila says yes and Brenda tells her that in that case she has been had!


Chuks’s former manager asks what he is doing there? Chuks says he is working and asks what he is also doing there? He says he is coordinating the waiters as a manager. Chuks asks how things are at Roast Okuko? The man says he does not know. He left the place a while back and now works here as the manager. He is wondering why Chuks is trying to do his job. Frank takes off as Chuks blabs. The man tells him he will gladly throw him out.
Brenda asks if it is a bad time to meet Sankey? Sankey says no and asks what she is doing at the station? Brenda says she is there to tell Sankey what is going on? Sankey wonders what she means? Brenda reminds her that she was dragged down to the station the other day and Sankey reminds her that she firmly said nothing is happening. Brenda tells Sankey that Masters is really out to exact a revenge on Angela. She is there to tell Sankey what the plans are. Sankey asks if Masters told Brenda that? Brenda says he sought her help, she played along and is there now to tell Sankey what is going on. Sankey laughs heartily and asks if Brenda wants her to believe that this is all for Angela’s benefit?
Omar and team rush to Chike’s aid and he gets someone to call the emergency service. He gives them a clear idea about what is wrong with Chike’s leg in clear medical language and ends that they will need an ambulance. He gets up and screams for the stunts company.
Brenda asks Sankey whether she believes that she will associate with Masters if it is not appropriately necessary? Sankey laughs at her. She says she did what she did to protect her company. Sankey says she thought it was to protect Angela? Brenda says she does not like Angela but Angela owns a chunk of her company’s shares and if there is an opportunity to put Masters away, she will love that. She also reminds Sankey that she asked them to look out for Angela. She is only obeying instructions. Sankey says she does not look like the instruction-obeying type. Brenda gets up and asks Sankey to give her some space. Sankey says she will give her enough rope to hang. As she gets up to leave, she takes a call from Feke and her countenance changes!
Chuks is all dressed-up and Ene gives him his new CV. He thanks her but says it is too honest. Ene says it is good. That way, he will not have to lie. She reminds Chuks of the time Bimpe beefed up her CV and she got a job as an interpreter. Chuks thanks her and asks after the vacancy at Mirage Spa. He will through there and drop his CV. They bump into each other on their way out. Honesty before Beauty, he says but Ene says Honesty and Beauty will go together.
Amaka pitches the new project to Dr. Gyang. He does not agree with the extensive changes being planned for one project. She says it is not one project. He is bothered about the expenses and low sponsorship. She reminds him that this will remind people about Reel Studios and the festival will also help them especially from the re-make of blockbusters like Harvest. They eventually agree after he argues about the cash flow strain etc. She hopes that after the festival, they will no longer need World Movies though Dr. Gyang hopes that World Movies will have seen her administrative acumen after six months. He says he will toast to that and she says she will hold him to that.
Chuks bounces into Mirage Spa to apply for the new role. The ladies tell her they have received more than enough CVs. He says he wants to see their madam but they tell him she is not around. He begs them and they accepts his CV and Ene’s. they tell him not to call them. They will call him if they need him.
Angela gets back and Dr. Ibrahim asks how she feels after her long walk? He wants her to relax and reveal Angelique to him. she lies down and he tries to get her into a relaxed state and asks if Angelique is there? Angela takes deep breaths and after a while, opens her eyes and tells him that she asked him not to do that again. He tells her, “Hello Angelique!”.
Ene stops by for the interview. The man says she is not what he is expecting. She says she will be able to fill in the role. He says the role is a marketing role and asks for her marketing experience? She says she is a fast learner, etc. he laughs and says he can see that she is already relating with mankind well and she has a huge job in front of her. He tells her that she is not suited for the role.
Dr. Gyang thanks Amaka for a very productive meeting.
Angelique tells Dr. Ibrahim that he is braver than the last time they met. He asks why a fine girl like her wants to hide behind someone else’s image? She says she is okay but bothered at Angela’s weaknesses. Dr. ibrahim asks if she does not like Angela? Is that why she wants to take over? Angelique says Angela will not allow her to take over.
Brenda marches into Amaka’s office to ask why she stole her theatre days? Amaka says she stole nothing and Brenda reminds her that she demanded for the dates. Amaka insists that those dates are important for them due to their anniversary. Brenda says she can always get another date if she wanted. She rants that all these Ade-Williams and their antics cannot take over her company. First they tried to take her land and now, her company? Ever since they shut down Dan’s prison movie, they have turned into a movie mafia. Amaka tells her that no one is trying to steal her company.
Ene asks the interviewer what he means that she is not suitable for the role? He insists that she is not what he is looking for. She says she has the requisite academic qualification but he insists that she is a youth corper and inexperienced. She pushes and the guy says that is why he does not hire women. They take time off and get pregnant, etc. ene asks if she is being rejected because she is a woman? He tells her that his mum was a farmer and she never took a maternity leave. She stands up and tells him that she intends to work for as long as is possible before her delivery but not at his crummy company where she is sure that his mother will be ashamed of him.
Amaka confronts Brenda and tells her that she can have any other dates she wants apart from those days and if she wants those days, she should make the theatre owners a deal they cannot refuse. As Brenda takes on her, she reminds Brenda that if she does not want to be accorded the privileges of an Ade-Williams, she should get something else to hang on. Funmi bursts in and tells Amaka that there has been an accident on set. Amaka abandons Brenda and rushes out with her.
Dr. Ibrahim discusses with Angelique and asks if she has anything to do with Nero? She says the man was out of it already. He asks why she did it and she says Nero was distracting Angela from her. He tells her that she needs to get help and she asks if he wants to put them back in the nut house? She reminds him of what happened the last time they were put there. If she had been in charge then, she would have acted faster and would have put down the man who connived with Reginald to put them there. she gets up and says their discussion is over. He says she cannot leave with Angela’s body. She asks if she cannot and deals him a blow on the lower tummy. As he bends over in pain, she marches out before he could make a call.

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Brenda insists that they are in the middle of a discussion but Amaka ignores her and tells others that she is off and any urgent things should be sent to her. As she turns to leave, she overhears Funmi and Hassan discussing Omar and turns and asks Omar is a doctor?


Chuks tests his camera on Frank. He will show his boy pictures of his uncle Frank. Frank asks why he thinks it will be a boy? Chuks says it should be a girl but worries that boys will be tracking her when she grows up. Frank reminds him that he did the same to Ene. He agrees but says he regularized. Frank tells him that the one that concerns him is here. He turns and sees a tired-looking Ene walk in.
Brenda comes in and asks why Kwame is waiting for her? He says she has been avoiding him of late. She says she had been busy. He asks her what she did and she tells him the story of Dan and TTK getting married? Kwame insists on knowing what she did? She says she defended what rightfully belongs to her. Kwame asks how she did it? She tries to blubber but finally agrees that she made a deal with Alhaji Abubakar!
The journalist’s phone rings and she tells Segun that like she expected, her editor will take care of her. She picks the phone and the editor tells her that she missed a number of scoops. As she asks after her freedom, he drops the phone. She drops the phone and checks her phone and sees the news about Angela’s meltdown, and TTK and Dan’s wedding. She tries to get Segun to release her but he says he will go and see his superiors about her. He comes back and tells her she can go. She tells him to tell Majek to try harder. Her phone rings again and it is Yahimba Williams. She introduces herself and tells the girl that she likes her tenacity. As long as she is this tenacious, the lawyers will protect her. She believes there is a story in Reel and encourages her to dig deeper.
Kwame does not believe he heard Brenda right. How can she deal with Alhaji Abubakar? She insists that she did what she had to do to protect what belongs to her! He reminds her that this is the same guy that killed someone right in front of her. How can she think she can work with him? She says Masters gave his word that no one will be killed. Kwame cannot believe that she took that word to mean anything. He tells her that he knows that they are both bad but this guy is clearly not in their league! He insists that she needs to sever all ties with him!
Chuks asks Ene how her day was? She says she is under-employed. He reminds her that she is supposed to be doing her youth service. She says she went to the prison. Chuks wonders how they can allow her go there in her condition? She tells him nothing happened as the officials were there all through. He asks after her primary assignment? She says she taught only one class and she does not have any teaching bone in her body. He reminds her that she had been teaching him all through and she reminds him that he had not been listening. Frank brings her drink and tells her it is just the beginning. Chuks takes shots of her on his camera.
Brenda looks morosely at the newspaper with news about Akpobo as well as listening to news about Angela on the TV. She calls the lawyer and tells him she is out of the whole arrangement. He says it is too late. He will arrange a meeting for her. She says no. she drops the phone and as she listens to the news, she gets a text on her phone and is alarmed at what she read!
Kehinde bumps into Ene and recognizes her. He asks how she is doing at work? She says she no longer works at Odyssey. He thinks they lost a talent and wonders why she left? Chuks tells him it is NYSC. Kehinde moves on and Ene laments that she did not know how much that work means to her till she lost it. He assures her that she is doing better now carrying their child and assures her he will support her.
Laide says Omar cannot change the budget that much. He is supposed to run such things through her. He tells her that he needs to get the best for the movie and as she protests, he tells her what she wants and she changes her mind and asks Hassan to make the arrangements.
Chuks and Ene get home and she stretches and he tells her to hold it like that as he takes a snap of her. Someone knocks and he complains that they will not let her rest. A delivery man comes in with a bouquet for her and she is happy reading the attached note from Chuks. She recognizes it is from him but she reminds him that they cannot continue like that now that they are both out of work.
The lawyer walks up to Brenda’s car and knocks. She refuses to wind down and he tells her that her glass will not protect her if he wanted to harm her. She winds down her window and tells him she is out and when he asks after the land, she tells him that she insisted that no one will die. He reminds her that it was not that no one should be harmed. Now that Masters has kept his part of the bargain, he expects her to keep hers. She says she is no longer involved and if they insist, she will go to the police. He asks if she thought what that will mean? He reminds her that someone once died on that particular spot and his name is Stan. There are better places to die, he concludes. As he walks away, Brenda suddenly catches cold!
Laide tells Omar that she will send him the number of the stunts people when she has it. He thanks her for believing him and she says he deserves it. His mum calls her and she tries to invite her to the set but she says nothing.
Angela bursts into Sankey’s office and asks if she has information about her father’s where about? Sankey knows nothing other than that the NGO whose money he took is keeping things quiet. Angela reminds her that it is allegedly! Sankey asks the press thinks otherwise and asks if she still thinks that Masters is the one pulling strings to hurt her father? She does not know. Sankey tells her that shewatched the footage of her film and asks if she really licked that man’s face? Angela says it is not her. It is…she stops. Sankey tries to find out who it is but Angela will not give. She instead suggests that Angela leaves her father for now and go to her doctor. Angela asks her to stop snooping around behind her back and find her father.
Chuks assures Ene that his massage is world’s best. It takes all your troubles away and Ene asks what happens when the massage is over? He says he will start all over again. He says he is thinking of a number of things like mobile advertising where he will be skating through traffic selling the company’s goods. Ene says it is the same as the Roast Okuko and is not safe. Herself and their baby needs Chuks alive. Maybe she will go look for a job. Chuks says no. women looking for work are at the mercies of men. She asks which man will find a pregnant married woman attractive? He tells her that any man will find her sexy! She asks if he just called her sexy? He had never done that before.
Laide steps out and runs into Amaka and Toochi. She tickles Toochi and waits and shares child rearing tales with Amaka. She is not happy she does not spend enough time with her baby. Amaka agrees that she had thought about leaving her job to spend more time with Toochi. Laide runs along.
Angela gets home and as she settles down and pops her pills, Angelique appears at her favourite place, the dressing mirror! They argue about control of her body and she tells Angelique that she is out and should remain out. Angelique asks her what makes her think she is in control? She asks if Angela knows what happens in the night when she is asleep? Maybe she will go out tonight and get a tattoo on her forehead and after that, she will go to a night club and hit on a random guy. After that, she will hit the streets and dance on an SUV!

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Kwame and Brenda discuss her issues with Masters and she tells him that when you make a deal with Masters, you never get out on top. She no longer has a choice on this!


Dan does not believe Salewa. He knows they do not agree but that should not be reason for these kinds of stories. Salewa tells him that she is the one that said he should ask TTK. He insists that TTK told him she got the money from friends, etc. he eventually realizes that it does not add up and agrees that TTK lied for him. He springs up and leaves the office.
Kwame repeats Angela’s question about what is in it for him? He tells her it is because they are creative people who have been working on creative things which people do not appreciate. She says it is because there is no creative side to them. He wants to be a part of the project, he says. Angela tells him that he does not have any part in her project. She wonders what happened to his Black Ananse and he says Phillip heads the creative team. She asks if his American girlfriend does not do it for him? He asks her to stop. She tells him not to get involved with her. He wonders why she came to him in the first place? She says she does not know what she was thinking then. He asks even if his involvement is as a bridge between her and Brenda? Angela wants none of that. she tells him that if Brenda as much as knows he is talking to her, he may find his ability to speak severely restricted. He looks at her wondering what she is talking about.
Dan screams Frederick as he gets to Freds house and asks if he gave TTK money behind his back? Fred asks if TTK told him and says that’s good of her. A furious Dan wonders why he did it and behind his back? He tells Dan that they both know that he would not have agreed. TTK, who will soon become his sister-in-law needed help and he was glad to help. Dan is furious with him and tells him that TTK will return every penny to him that day and he will no longer have to help them. Fred tells him not to be ridiculous but he storms away.
Omar and his team stops by an open place to shoot. He tells them that though it is not a proper park but if they shoot from the right angle, it will look like the scene from the hotel room. They agree and he tells them to get the equipment ready. Two uniformed security men approach them and ask what they are doing? Shooting a movie obviously. They ask for a permit and Omar brandishes one. That is from Lagos State but they need a permit from the estate or they will not be allowed to shoot.
Sheila’s girls stop by to see her. They decided to come in batches so that business will not stop. Sheila jokes that she will give them a raise sometime next year! One of the girls asks what is wrong with Sheila? They did not realize she is that serious. Sheila does not have a problem telling them but she does not want people freaking out. She will however be coming to the spa between treatments. The girls protest that they are taking good care of the spa.
Brenda gives Haruna the land documents. The guy is shocked. He asks how she did it? Brenda looks on coyly and asks him what they are going to do next? He asks her what she means by they? He recalls he has been fired. Brenda tells him she is not a lawyer and that is his forte. She wants advice on what to do about the meeting called by Angela’s lawyer. The lawyer tells her that Angela’s lawyer will get an injunction challenging the authenticity of the documents and he is not sure that Brenda wants the documents investigated. Brenda looks on in thought.
Dan gets home as TTK is on the phone and asks if she is marrying him because of Fred’s money? She asks him not to be ridiculous. He wonders what next Fred will bankroll after their wedding; their honeymoon, Salewa’s school fees? He insists that TTK returns all the money to Fred that day. TTK tells him that she and Maami have spent some of the money already. He tells her that she will see what he will do and rushes into the room. She goes after him but he pushes her off and comes out screaming with his bag and leaves.
Omar negotiates with the guards. He wonders why they will be asking for another permit for a land that is in Lagos when he already has a lagos State permit? They tell him that Lagos State does not run the estate and their company does so for the next 30 years. They leave and Omar asks his people to get ready to shoot!
Kwame asks Brenda for an update on her issues with Angela. Brenda tells him that sometimes we chase something so hard that when it comes, it comes at a price. She asks him what will happen if she has been trying to recover what belongs to her and someone gets hurt? He asks if she has done anything wrong? Angela thinks so. She asks if he has been discussing her with Angela? Whatever happened to his getting information from Angela? A smart girl smiles at him and he crosses carpets? So typical!
Maami gets home and meets TTK on the couch. She says the market was too crowded but she has paid for the slaughtering of the cow and bought clothes for the village women. She notices TTK was not responding and asks what is wrong? TTK asks how much she has spent and how much they can refund? Maami asks what happened? She says Dan has cancelled the wedding. Maami asks what she did to him? TTK wonders why Maami will put the blame on her without asking what Dan did to her? Maami says they will have to go and beg him. he must not cancel the wedding.
Omar gives instructions to the lead actress and as he gets behind the camera, the security men return and snatches their equipment and leaves.
Kwame says Angela is not smiling at him. Brenda asks what he has been doing? He is supposed to get information to her. He tells her that Angela knows he is her sister and does not trust him so he is bidding his time. She says he is not useful to her then. He suggests that she mends fences to avoid what happened to Black Ananse to happen to Odyssey. She asks what he is; a motivational speaker? He insists that she turns things around but she tells him that unfortunately, things have been set in motion and she is no longer in control of things. He wonders what she is talking about? She tells him to leave and while he is at it, he should stay away from that demented neighbor of his.
Dan gets back to the office and asks Frank to get him an apartment that is cheap. Frank wonders what he is talking about? There may be some cheap apartments near his area but they are rugged. He asks Frank to get him the apartment. Frank will make some calls. As he leaves, Dan gets himself a drink.
Amaka takes a call from Omar and promises to do something about it. She calls Laide who confirms that she has heard what is happening. Amaka asks what she is going to do? Laide says she is getting ready to get there. Amaka says she should make calls instead of going there. Omar is there to do the talking. Laide says it is Omar’s mouth that got them into the current trouble.
Angela talks to her father and wonders how Masters succeeded in getting him in trouble with the NGO? She gets off the phone after promising to keep in touch with him. Angelique tells her that those kinds of things happen and asks if the trustees have pressed charges? No, they are probably trying to avoid a scandal. She enjoyed working there. Angelique says she enjoyed handling the funds. Angela wonders what Angelique did to get her father in trouble?

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Salewa’s voice quivers as she tells TTK that she told Dan about her collecting money from Fred. TTK could not believe it!