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Kwame talks to Danni at a drink in Ziggy’s. He tells her that what she sees is what she gets. People say all sorts about him with some of them condemning his movies without even watching it. She suggests they watch one of the movies there and then. He is uncomfortable but she logs on & says she cannot hear half of what they were saying. After a while, she gives up & tells him it is okay so long as he is proud of what he is doing & leaves him.
Ene is furious that Chuks sold her sewing machine without telling her. He tells her that it is not her machine. She reminds him that they are supposed to be in a partnership. He thinks that she is trying to make him a silent partner. She asks him for the proceeds of the sale as half of it belongs to her. He brings out the money but says that he needs the cash. He will pay her dividends from his business. She throws something at his head.
Freddy asks why Danni is not having breakfast with them? Sheila says she is running around for the party. Freddy asks if he can come? Fred says no as it will be past his bed time. Kaneng calls to ask if Fred has thought about their discussion? Yes, he has but he does not think that Dan will see him after their last discussion. She tells him that she is calling to tell him that she met with Dan & he asked to meet with Fred.
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Ene calls Soji to ask for their plan. He says that he found the call card of the guy that bought the items. Ene begs him to call the guy and ask him to bring back the items. They will buy it back from him. He agrees but has errands to run. Bimpe will let her in. She thanks him & drops the phone.
Elias, the director visits Kwame to show him the latest cut of the movie as he requested. He sets up the movie & Kwame asks him if he came all the way to show him the garbage? Elias is surprised as Kwame condemns the whole film and tells him to see himself out as he keeps muttering about the poor quality of the film.
Ene and Bimpe wait for the guy to come in and plan on the approach. Immediately he comes in, Ene thanks the guy for coming back but Bimpe calls her aside and tells her to leave the transaction to her. The guy is annoyed that they are buying back something they just sold to him. Bimpe tells him that they do not want to let a defective equipment into the market. The annoyed guy is surprised as Chuks told him that the product is okay. He asks why they want to buy it back if it is bad? Bimpe shuts Ene up before she gives them away & bluffs through the whole thing and tells him that he can keep the thing but should not complain when it starts digging holes in his customer’s cloths. The guy asks them for his N70,000 but Bimpe tells him that he bought everything for N50,000 and reminds him that it is now second-hand. They manage to get the price down to below the price the man paid & he collects whatever he could and calls them thieves as he leaves. They thanks him for the compliment!
Fred meets Dan & Dan asks if it is guilt that made him come back? Fred agrees that he should have done more to help. He will however not bring undue influence to help Dan. Dan does not expect him to do so. You should have gone for justice, she tells Fred. No human being deserves to die at the hands of another human. Not even me.
Ene thanks Bimpe for sorting out the transaction. Soji comes back & Bimpe leaves. Soji & Ene discuss Chuks’s stubbornness. Ene wonders what is wrong with Chuks? He is forgoing his passion for fashion just to sell ginger. Soji tells her that her husband is stubborn. She agrees & tells him that he needs to see how Chuks orders her around the house.
Sheila visits Amaka & if she has her way, she will change her hair. She asks what is wrong with her hair? Sheila says it is nothing but goes up to see Toochi. Amaka looks through Danni’s file. She is a straight A student with CGPA of 4. Her work with prisoners has earned her a community service award. Sheila comes back down as she looks through the file.
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Dan tells Fred that he should face the consequences of his action but he should not die for it. He believes that Fred should have insisted and worked for that. Fred says that he got the best lawyer and did everything he could. Dan says he was afraid. All he needed was a brother to give him a little back bone. Fred sobs & agrees that he has been a stubborn oaf. Dan also agrees that he has been too stubborn to ask for help. He has done a lot of soul-searching while in prison. He has finally decided to accept Kaneng’s offer to plead his case and fight for his life.
Ene asks why Chuks is grinning like that? He says that she is looking at the latest representative of Grab. She accuses him of signing up without telling her. He begs that they should not fight but celebrate. She does not see champagne. He sits her down & asks if she can see what he can see? Their future. He sells the business to her and says that they can also use some of the products. She asks him to stop & starts singing when he would not.
Sheila & Amaka look through the Danni file. Sheila says she is cute in the picture but Amaka baulks at that. Sheila tells her that Danni appears clean. Amaka says that she never said that there is an issue with Danni but Sheila reminds her that she hired a private investigator to dig into Danni’s past. Amaka picks up a document she had not read before and read a report by one of Danni’s professors who described her work as so intense that sometimes she blurs the line between real life and art. Sheila looks like; what are you talking about?
Kaneng apologizes for not looking as excited as she feels and asks what led to Dan’s change of heart? He says that a little soul searching was responsible. She apologizes for laying it on him. They will go ahead and prepare his case and plead for mercy on the basis that he has accepted the judgment but plead for leniency based on extenuating circumstances. When he does not look very excited, she hopes that he is not backing out already. He says that he worked hard to accept the judgment & is trying to adjust again. He asks her for the number of pardons that has been approved by the current governor? She dodges the question but agrees that there has been none under the present governor. Just like he thought, but she tells him that the novelty will work in their favour. Executing him will give the wrong signals that rape is a lesser crime. He asks whether they should plead for lesser charge but she tells him that the deadline for appeal has passed and this is all they have now.
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Bimpe is sitting on Soji’s laps. She says that he is too tense and asks if she should give him one of her remedies? He says no but pushes her away saying that it looks like she has added some weight. She jumps up and asks the camera man to cut…



Dan apologizes for what happened to Kaneng’s daughter. She asks if he will kill again if his daughter is threatened? He says a year ago, he would have said yes without hesitation. 
Kwame is sprawled on the floor. Danni & Freddy taunt him. He gets up & confirms he is good & asks Danni to accompany him for a drink at Ziggy’s. No, she is taking Freddy for snacks. Danni takes a call & says she will be going to meet with salsa club members. Maybe he will find a real partner there. Kwame offers to him instead. 
Chuks meets with the Ginger salesman. He tells Chuks that he will organize the seminar but Chuks has to find the N65,000. He tells Chuks that each day that passes is a waste of money.
Kwame takes Freddy out & asks how he did at the dance? He believes he did well for his age. Phillip, he says has two left legs. Freddy corrects him that Phillip is a great dancer. He asks after Danni & Freddy tells him that Danni is a family friend. He asks if Danni ever talks about him? Freddy asks him if he wants to really hear what Danni thinks of him? Yes, he wants to know. 
Chuks calls Bimpe to ask if she has Telema’s number? She asks him why? He wants to know if Ene confided in anyone where she kept the tiara. She asks why he did not ask her or is she not Ene’s friend? He asks her only to be told that she does not know. He drops & Bimpe who is sitting with Ene tells her of the discussion. Ene tells Bimpe to keep the tiara for her but warns her not to wear it. Bimoe agrees but Ene is owing her.
Salewa visits her father & when he starts asking her about the university admission, she asks him why he wants to kill himself? She wants to know why he does not want to watch her grow up to make up for the lost time between them? He assures her that she is his most-prized possession & he would have loved to be the fathe she will be proud of, but unfortunately, he will never be that for her!
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Freddy tells Kwame that Danni does not talk about him. Kwame says it is because she does not know much about him. Freddy tells him that she does not so much about him because his family talks about him always. He gives Kwame a run-down of what the family thinks of him. the magazine also says he makes worthless movies. Kwame believes that trust the women to fill Danni’s mind with rubbish. He asks Freddy to eat up & let them leave. 
Dan & Kaneng discuss his execution & his meeting with Salewa. He could be executed in a matter of weeks. That shut Dan up.
Amaka visits Sheila & as they discuss, she agrees that Danni has at least succeeded in bringing Freddy out of his shell. She has also initiated a background check on Danni & she is expecting information on who she really is. Just then, Danni walks in & Kwame calls her. She asks after Freddy? He says he is fine. He is calling to ask if she can come to Ziggy’s for them to talk? She asks for half an hour & as she drops the phone, the women ask her what she just said about Freddy? She tries to hedge but accepts that Kwame took Freddy out for snacks & she wanted to confirm that he is ok. Amaka berates her for leaving Freddy with a stranger. 
Fred calls Kaneng & asks if she is okay or Dan is giving her a lot of trouble? He says she sounds tired  she says that An is never a problem for her  he invites her to pass by the house so that they can talk in person. 
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Freddy is at table with Amaka & Sheila but he is not hungry. He just came from getting a snack. With Kwame? Amaka asks. That must be awkward. It was not, Freddy says. He just talked, he wanted to know what Danni thinks of him.
Kwame & Danni meet at Ziggy’s. As he talks, she busies herself with downloading stuff the salsa guys sent to her. When she is through, he launches not a defence of himself & why Danni should not listen to gossip. When he is through, she says nothing & he asks why he is looking at him? She asks if he will rather she does not look at him? He would rather she does not listen to idle gossip. She tells him that it does not matter much what she thinks.
Ene asks where Chuks has been & he says he has been out raising cash. Some people are coming to pick some of his things. He carries out a packed bag of his sewing stuff which he wants to sell. She asks how he intends to fill in orders if he gets them? He says he needs cash & will survive. She says she will not sigh there & watch. If he likes, he should sell the house as she leaves. Soji visits & asks wha is going on? Chuks says he needs to raise money for the new business. He is selling everything & the sewing machine including Ene’s family heirloom. Soji tells him to go ahead & sell whatever he wants to sell but hopes Ene is aware of what he is doing. 
Amaka asks Freddy what he told Kwame? He says he did not tell him much. He wanted to know what Danni thinks of him. Sheila asks him to take his plate inside. As he leaves, Amaka cannot believe that Kwame is so desperate he is interrogating a child. Freddy comes back & tells Sheila that if she allows him hang out with Danni, he will help her keep an eye on Kwame. 
The buyers arrive & Chuks sells off the stuff. Soji says that is the saddest thing he has ever had to witness. Just then, Ene rushes in. She cannot stand by & watch Chuks sell off everything. She then notices that everything is gone & asks how he could have sold everything so fast? Soji tells her that he tried to stop Chuks. Chuks sits down smugly in a corner.
Sheila tells Freddy that he can only hang around Danni for as long as it takes to sort out the salsa party. He was only trying to help.  Kaneng arrives as Amaka leaves. Fred asks if she has made any headway with Dan? She says that she has found out the source of his issues & it is with Fred. Fred asks if Dan thinks that is the best way to punish him & Sheila tells her that Dan is a grown man & should take responsibility for his actions. She tells Fred to try & resolve the issues between him & Dan so that Dan can start fighting for his life.

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Amaka finally comes with the mysterious Danni file. Sheila snatches some of the papers from her & she discovers one of the documents she did not read previously.


Fred calls Peju’s show to make a comment about Kaneng. He says that his family did not know much about her when she approached them but he is calling to say that they have checked & she is innocent of all the allegations leveled against her. Pressed by Peju, he says that he cannot reveal everything on public television but his family is quite confident of Kaneng’s activities.
Kwame is in some very good mood when Amber and the director comes visiting. He asks what they will have & they think it is too early in the day but he brushes that aside & offers them a drink. The directors tells him they came for what they discussed, to sort out Amber’s demands: she wants a hairdresser, wardrobe, etc. Kwame asks if that is all? She also wants a 20% raise. He likes her spirit as she goes for what she wants. He asks why she wants 20% when she can have 50%? 
Chuks tells Soji that this is their chance to get out of poverty. The pyramid scheme is about buying products, selling the products & making a profit out of what other people sell. Soji tells him to leave him alone to do some things for himself before he goes back to his reality show. Chuks wants to see how the people that are close to him like Ene & Soji will react to the scheme. 
Fred tells Dan he came in peace. Dan asks that they sort out the legal issues he was told they need to get out of the way. Fred tells him that he is right about Kaneng but Dan flares up when he mentions the name. Fred accepts that he was wrong. He had some investigation done on her. She is a trustee for a secret trust belonging to a minor whose identity is sealed by a court order. Dan says he should have asked her rather than dig behind her back. Fred tells him that Kaneng was sworn to secrecy & could not defend her self when the issue came up. Dan taunts him & he asks Dan to stop treating him like the enemy. Dan tells him that if he did the right things, the wrong things would not have happened.
Kwame sees off his guests & puts a call through to Danni. He hopes she had a nice holiday. He also thanks her for the invite to be her partner to the sale fiesta. He wants to know more about the fiesta. She tells him that it is a program to market the salsa class to new students. There will be other dancers, professionals & alike at the dance. He worries that he will be tossed around the whole place. He tells her that they need to practice more to enable him cope. She tells him that he needs to do better than that. He needs to bring his A game as she plans to make him sweat. 
Ene comes out & sees Chuks behind the PC in their reception. She asks what he wants & he asks if it is wrong for hum to visit his wife at work? She asks what he wants & he says it is about the business but she cuts him off with a NO! Anything that is named Grab cannot be good business. She does not have time to discuss with him in the office so he says they will discuss at home. She asks what they will be discussing & reminds him that her family has told him that they will return her bride price to him if he does not shape up. He asks if she is threatening him? She says that it is a wake-up call. Just then, his phone rings & it is Remi, his orobo customer. She has a big order & wants him to come immediately. 
Kaneng tells Dan that there has been some developments in their favour. The state governor has inaugurated a 7-man committee on the prerogative of mercy. He cuts her off & tells her about what Fred told him. She tells him that it was not relevant to his case. He tells her to be more open next time. She tells him that the earlier they get him out of the place, the less worked she will be. He still stands by his decision to leave but at his own terms. He asks her to as his lawyer, ask that his execution date be brought forward? She is shocked. 
Chuks meets the customer who complains that she has been waiting for a while. She asks what he has for her? She really needs to change her wardrobe. He tells her he will give her the opportunity to be a part of the Chuksy lifestyle brand. He brings her a set of clothes, his spring & summer collections. She thinks they will not fit her. He agrees. They are prototype designs. They agree on the colour & he says he does not need to take her measurement. She insists that he does that as she has slimmed down seriously. He takes her measurement & confirms that she has really lost weight. He asks if she has joined a gym? She says it was a tea that her friend gave her. She does not even recall the name. Chuks asks if it is Grab? She does not care. All she knows is that it is working for her. 
Kaneng asks why Dan wants to bring forward his date of execution? He asks her which she will rather have: a quick date or a long-drawn death like cancer. She tells him that he speaks like death is the only option. She asks if he has discussed this with his family? He tells her that this is for them as much as it is for him. Puts them out of their misery quickly. 
Danni is dancing with Freddy when Kwame walks in. She tells him that he is late. He says that it is only 5 minutes. He apologizes & says he had issues with parking. He asks what Freddy is doing there? She says he is helping out. she asks Freddy for music & tells Kwame what to do. He does not understand. They try the dance & he keeps missing the routine. She berates him for slouching, etc. 
Soji tells Chuks that he hopes that he hopes he will forget the Grab thing now that he has an order. He says that he will not forget the grab thing but will concentrate on the slimming products which is selling like hot cake. His customers even know about it. Soji says well, he is not doing the pyramid thing at least. Soji says they will see how it goes. Chuks thanks him for the support. 
Danni continues to grill Kwame who is tired. She tells him that she has watered the routine down twice already. He asks for more time but she says they do not have time. He says that all she has done is bark orders & overload him with information. Se tells him that she may need to find a more experienced partner. He says that is not what he meant. 
Ene asks Chuks why he is buying her lunch? He asks whether he is not allowed to take his beloved wife out for lunch? Ene then asks him pointedly what the lunch is for? Is it for that Grab business? He tells her that they need to move fast so that he can be the sole distributor for Lagos. She asks if he is going to abandon his fashion for selling Ginger? He says it is not ginger. She tells him that it would have been better if it is real ginger, at least people can use it to cook. his game plan is to focus on the sliming products which is moving fast & his customers can spread the words. They want to slim down so that they can wear his avant-garde clothes. He manages to convince her that the plan works. She agrees & he asks her to give him the tiara so that he can sell it & raise money. Not on your life, she tells him. 
Kaneng tells Dan that his situation is not that bad. He still has his life & his daughter to protect from rape. She tells him to imagine her being attacked, imagine her committing suicide, etc because she was raped.


alewa says she can never say that her father is mad. He is already being tried for murder & now mad? TTK & Eddy insists that is the only option left to save her father. By requesting psychiatric evaluation, they might be able to keep him out of danger. She agrees & signs reluctantly. 
Tantalizing outrage …proclaims Jean-Baptiste to the audience & before Sheila, Amaka, & Brenda could sniggers, Danni takes her up to everyone’s amazement & asks  asks if she does not think that the exhibition contributes to the controversy of neo-expressionism as a true re-birth or a passing fad & that the exhibition is a great example of work towards that argument? Everyone is shocked. 
Soji is still running around to find a salve for Bimpe’s throat. She assures him she is fine. Harriet comes in to show them things she got for product endorsement. Bimpe says she thought of that but Harriet says she could not get a boutique or fashion house. She got killer bleach, which can kill 99.99% of all household germs. They can do an episode where Bimpe will talk about it while cleaning. Bimpe tells her that she does not clean. It is not glamorous. The next product is dandruff cream. Bimpe complains but she assures her that it is for men. She relaxes & Soji tells them that he has never had dandruff. They both tell him to take one for the team!
Dan accosts one of the warder to ask him to help him get a message to Kaneng. The warder makes fun of him but agrees to help. He wants Kaneng to come & see him. The warder is surprised that he is ready to see a visitor. If the warder passes the message immediately, she will be able to make the visiting hours.
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Kaneng visits but Bello insists that she is not allowed to see Dan. She asks what happened as she is still within visiting hours. He tells her that there has been a change in protocol & it came from the top where Dan’s lawyer has gone to get them to ban Kaneng from seeing Dan till his mental state is determined. Kaneng is shocked that Fred could do that to Dan but Bello tells her that Fred is not the next-of-kin in question. 
Sheila wonders what is going on? She thought that Jean-Baptiste was going to annihilate Kwame’s collection. Amaka agrees that that was going to happen till Danni interfered. She draws Jean-Baptiste’s attention to the passion in the work & managed to convince her that it is not just the careless work of a 4 year old as she was won’t to believe. As they were discussing, everyone around wonders what they are talking about. Jean-Baptiste finally sums up the exhibition in one word after driving Peju & her recorder away from her serious discussion with Danni. She calls the exhibition Brilliant & says she will drink champagne. An elated Kwame calls for champagne for everyone & asks that all the press men be let in. The ladies could not hide their disappointment. 
Harriet asks them to endorse breath mint. Bimpe & Soji argue that they do not have bad breath. Harriet insists everyone has smelly breath especially after a meal. The next product is an aphrodisiac! Everyone knows that Bimpe & Soji gets physical. Bimpe argues that they are soul mates. Soji asks that they pack up the business part & get day for their sponsor who should be there soon. 
Sheila greets Kwame & Brenda as she leaves. Peju interviews De La Rosa who ranks Kwame’s art in the higher quotient of great art. She excuses herself for her next appointment. Kwame asks Brenda if she is having fun? She says no. She was looking forward to his making a fool of himself but he escaped. He tells her that he learn from the best. 
Harriet gripes that De La Rosa is late. Just then she enters & when Bimpe makes to greet her with a hand shake, she cuts her off by saying that she got her name wrong! Soji calls the full Jean Baptiste Agbabiaka De La Rosa, before she sits down. She tells them she just came from an arts exhibition where she rated the work exceptional. Bimoe asks what she can offer her & she brusquely asks for tea. As Bimpe goes for the tea with a mischievous look on her face, she invites a reluctant Soji to sit down & talk arts with her as Harriet rolls the camera. 
Bello comes to break the bad news about suspension of Dan’s visits. He wonders why this is happening? Bello explains that it is due to a request for psychiatric evaluation of him is completed. Dan asks if they are mad? There is nothing wrong with him. Bello asks him what he wants people to believe? He has been behaving abnormally for a while now. It is not normal human behaviour to want to die. As he leaves, Dan shakes his head & mumbles Fred, why are you doing this?
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Kaneng visits TTK. TTK attacks her & asks her how long she has known Dan to call him by his first name? Salewa asks that she be allowed to speak. TTK tells her that she is the one that has turned Dan against them. She tells Carol to throw Kaneng out but she tells Salewa that there is nothing wrong with her father & taking away his visitation rights will do him no good. TTK asks Carol what she is waiting for to throw her out? Kaneng leaves.
De La Rosa keeps talking art as the camera rolls. At some point, everyone is tired & the cameraman dozing off. After a while, she removes her glasses & sees the camera man as a fresco she studied in Italy, nude of course. Bimpe asks if she wants more tea but she says no, the two cups she had is enough. It must have been quite strong. She feels tingly & asks that air conditioner be turned up. Soji sensing mischief grabs Bimpe & asks if she put alcohol in the tea? She says no. It suddenly occurs to Soji & he screams “The Pink Moon?” bimpe shrugs  he asks her why & she says that Da La Rosa was dragging the show  she is more interesting now! Soji shuts the camera down & tells Harriet that it is a wrap for the day
Peju goes to interview Kwame but he tells her no & walks across to Danni. She asks if there is a problem? He wants to know why she did it, why she saved his show.

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Soji is holding Bimpe back in the bar as she abuses TTK. She tells TTK that this is her show & not an episode of Where Are They now? TTK wonders why she will be competing for an upstart like Bimpe? Harriet urges them to get to the hair as the camera keeps rolling.


Fred tells Kaneng that he is still reeling from the fact that Dan agreed to see her. Eddy asks how Dan reacted to her prerogative of mercy story? She tells them that she did not mention it. Eddy gloats & asks if that was not the main purpose of the meeting? Fred call him to order as he tears into Kaneng. She tells them that they have all been pushing Dan around. She intends to allow him make the choices in this case. He can start by reading the letter she wrote him detailing her plans. 
Jean-Baptiste walks through the arts pieces & asks Kwame if that is all? He tells her that it is a humble collection. She asks him never to use that word in describing art. Art should strike at the soul whenever it is mentioned, she tells him. Sufficiently chided, he asks her if he can fetch her anything? Drinks? Champagne? She asks if they are celebrating anything & he tells her yes, an art exhibition. She would rather be the judge of that. as she wanders off, Peju asks Kwame if he is nervous? He tells her not at all.
Bimpe & a very obviously stiff Soji are in the house in front of the camera. She tells him she went shopping for clothed & lingerie & asks if he wants to see what she bought? He irritatedly says no! Harriet calls for a break & asks him what is wrong again? He does not think that she should show undies on air as kids may be watching. Harriet asks him to just concentrate on entertainment & leave the scheduling to her. Besides, the kids already know what undies are. As they were re-starting Chuks knocks & enters. Immediately he sees the camera, he perks up & performs for the camera; noting that he runs the best A-List Bar in town called Ziggy’s in addition to his fashion outfit. Bimpe & everyone could not believe what they are seeing. Harriet stops him & asks if he is doing an advert?
TTK complains about Dan shutting her out while she struggles to salvage his business & raise his daughter. Eddy visits & she complains to him about Dan’s rejection. She needs him to do something to correct this travesty of justice. He is working on something but is bound by client-counsel confidentiality. She insists that he does what is best for Dan & he tells her about Kaneng. 
She asks if they are out of their minds, giving everyone access to Dan? She believes that Kaneng is a fraud. She asks if he does not mind the lady interfering? He agrees reluctantly that he has his reservations. He tells her that all is not lost as she rambles along. 
Chuks asks if he did anything wrong? Harriet says yes. He showed up. Chuks wonders if he is not supposed to be a part of the reality show? They complain about his promoting himself & groveling n front of the camera. They finally agree to continue so long as he does not look into the camera & stops advertising himself.
Peju tells Kwame that Jean-Baptiste has been staring at a painting for the last ten minutes. He is aware of that. Peju reminds him that they agreed that her show will have broadcast rights to the exhibition & if they show the event on TV, maybe more patrons will show up. He tells her that he has changed his mind. His pieces are at risk of being stolen. That is why the event is an invites-only event. Just then, Brenda walks in & is happy at being invited. Kwame looks shocked. 
Harriet tells Soji & Bimpe to fight, now that Chuks is gone. They ask what they are fighting for, so that they can act it well. She asks them to scratch that. Instead, she asks Bimpe to feed Soji. Bimpe says no. Soji should feed her instead as that is more romantic. He agrees & feeds her a spoon of rice as the camera rolls. Immediately she swallows, she starts choking. He grabs her & squeezes the food out of her when it started getting worrying. A relieved Bimpe hugs him & thanks him for saving her life. Harriet likes that. 
Kwame wonders what Brenda is doing at the exhibition & how she entered without an invite? Peju is happy that she is there to support Kwame. Brenda says that she was beside herself when she heard of her brother’s collections. She leaves them to go & see the works. Peju tells Kwame that Jean-Baptiste clears her throat when she is about to give the De-La-Rosa declaration. What happens after that? Kwame asks? We will know whether your artwork is good or not, she responds. 
TTK comes back to meet Salewa & Carol. She hugs Salewa who wonders what is wrong. TTK asks Carol to leave them alone. She tells Salewa that there is a woman that is out to destroy her father. She has worked her way into his heart & he sees her alone without seeing any of his relations. She tells Salewa that as she is not married to Dan, it is only Salewa that can save her father. 
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Harriet is happy that they got a good footage when Bimpe was choking. Soji is not happy that they did nothing when she was choking. They tell him they were doing their jobs. Besides, he was supposed to save her & he did so. He gets up & leaves them & Harriet asks Bimoe if she is okay? She thought Bimpe was faking it before till it got quite serious. Bi pe confirms that she is okay & was not choking. Harriet is surprised at how real she made it & Bimpe tells them that at least it got a natural reaction out of Soji!
Amaka & Sheila congratulate Kwame on his exhibition. He thanks them for coming. They talk about his courage at staging an exhibition with De-La-Rosa attending despite her records. Especially as the pieces may not be too great as Danni mentioned, Sheila says. Kwame asks if it is the same Danni that works in the spa, the salsa teacher? Sheila confirms that she is their house-guest. Brenda joins them & Kwame runs away. Brenda asks whether Danni is still around as they walk away. Danni enters in a floor-length gown that got the men waowing!
Salewa says that she has already said that she will not sign the papers they want her to sign. She does not want to prove her father mentally ill. She asks why they are not trying to convince Dan to initiate the appeal process? They tell her that Dan is under the influence of something. 
Kwame is surprised that Danni came. She asks why she would not? He says that after what happened the last time, he did not think she will come. She asks if he is about to apologize? He also tells her that she did not tell him that she stays with The Ade-Williams. She asks if there is a problem with that? He says that he is sure that they must have told her some stories about him. She asks what it matters & before he could answer, Peju comes to call them. Jean-Baptiste is about to make the De-La-Rosa declaration. Everyone runs towards her except Kwame. 

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Jean-Baptiste call the exhibition a tantalizing outrage. Danni takes over from her & asks if she does not think that the exhibition contributes to the debate about neo-expressionism as a true re-birth or a passing fad?


Fred is surprised that Kaneng has finally been able to meet Dan. He wonders why Dan has refused to see them all? Eddy wonders if they can trust a stranger who they know nothing about? Sheila says they should wait till Kaneng comes around to tell them how she managed to do that. Eddy thinks that Dan meeting with a stranger against his family members is enough proof that he has gone over the edge  While they were still talking, TTK comes in & screams at Fred asking why Dan has refused to see either herself or Salewa? They tell her that is what they are discussing. She asks to be kept informed of their discussion. 
Brenda calls Kwame to remind him hat he forgot to invite her to his grand entry into the art world. he tells her that she is not invited & will be thrown out if she comes. She asks if he is passing up an opportunity to rub his success in her face? He insists that she is not invited & drops the line. She calls John to tell him that she will be attending the event after all.
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Sheila cannot reach Kaneng on the phone to tell her not to come to the bar. Eddy suggests they tell TTK who she is before she gets to the bar. Just then, Kaneng walks in but meets TTK at the door going out. She tells them how she was able to meet with Dan & get his email address. Fd & Eddy were hoping for more. 
Soji stops at Chuks’s house. He forgot the key that Bimpe gave him & asks if he can leave the carton with Chuks? They are re-decorating Bimpe’s flat. Chuks hopes he gets enough out of that. Soji apologizes for his & Bimpe’s earlier statement but Chuks says he is not annoyed but commenting on his friend’s transformation into a love slave. 
Amaka & Sheila come out from a massage session feeling good. Danni declines to join. Amaka winders why they should go to Kwame’s exhibition after everything he did to Phillip? Sheila says she wants to go & see Kwame fall flat on his face. She says that Danni said that his pieces are not very great but Danni says she did not say as much. Amaka says that will be the first time she is going to a non-work related event since she had Toochi. Danni suddenly remembers that she has been meaning to ask Amaka about the story with her baby daddy? What? Amaka wonders? Toochi’s father, doesn’t he have a daddy? Danni asks. I have never seen you with a man! Amaka looks like she is about to burst!
Ota visits Dan. He checked Dan’s email as Dan requested. He noticed that Dan’s fans have been sending him even emails. He hands Dan the printed copy of the email he requested. 
Soji & Bimpe are in bed & after arranging Soji’s dreadlocks, Harriet calls for the camera to roll. Bimpe wakes up & smiles, but Soji stutters. Harriet is not amused & asks Soji to for once behave like a lion that just woke up beside his lioness. They start another take …
Amaka asks Danni what she just said about her baby? Danni says that she simply asks if he has a father? Amaka flares up & Sheila tells her that she is sure that Danni was not intentionally being rude. Danni asks whether he was born by immaculate conception? Amaka warns her not to ask after her baby. Sheila tells the spa girl who comes in not to worry but Danni rolls on & tells Amaka that she should have said that she does not want to talk about it. She also tells her that she needs to stop wearing those old suits she wears & also work on her expression. Those must be the things scaring the guys away. Sheila tells her to leave Amaka alone. She agrees but says that she would have loved someone to tell her when she is doing something wrong. 
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Harriet scores Soji & Bimpe play love. After a while, Soji calls time & asks Harriet why they cannot just be themselves? Harriet insists that is what people like. She asks Bimpe to change into a shorter gown. 
Kwame instructs the head of security to bounce anyone with a camera, the press, & anyone who refuses to be searched. 
Dan meets Kaneng who wonders which part of her letter made him agree to see her? He has not read the letter. He asks why she has been wanting to see him? Was she hired by his brother? She tells him that he should have read her letter if he wanted to know why she is there. 
Peju arrives at the exhibition with Jean-Baptiste Agbabiaka De-La-Rosa & introduces her to Kwame. She eyes him & asks if he is the one that set up an exhibition in the morning? He says yes, & he is honored that she could grace the small event with her presence, he says with a smile that comes off & on. 
Dan & Kaneng stare at each other. He tells her that he could do ha for days. She tells him that she heard. He asks her why she should not make the best of the opportunity to meet with him? She tells him that she is not there to tell him what to do just like she knows that his brother & lawyer must have been doing.  She is only there to show him how to leave the prison legally & be with his family. He asks her what she will say if he tells her that she is full of it? She replies that she will know that he is still not ready. When he is ready, he will read her letter. She says this as she packs up & leaves. 

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Kwame shows Jean-Baptiste around the exhibition & charms her along the line. He expected to meet an older person, he says. She asks if that is all the artwork he has? He says it is a humble collection, but she stops him & tells him never to use that word ‘humble’ again in connection with an art work. 


Salewa screams that she will not declare her father mad. TTK & Eddy try to convince her to go along as it is the only way to save her father. She says no. It is bad enough that he is being tried for murder. If he is declared mentally incompetent, what else will he have? TTK insists that she must sign the petition but Eddy tries to reason & after a while, she reluctantly signs the document. 
Ota comes to call Dan to attend a lecture. He refuses to attend one of those lectures where they teach you how to manage your time. Ota asks what else is there to occupy yourself with here?
Chuks reviews the stock register & bites at Frank over some gaps in the book. Frank tells him that the supplier is responsible for not supplying those ones but he will not listen. He orders a stocktake & Frank reminds him that it will be the 3rd time for that week. Afi  & Obiora come around & hails them but Chuks lays down new rules: shorter breaks for all the waiters & they will not all be away at the same time! They wonder what they did wrong & Frank gives them a sign to go back to work. Frank asks Chuks if all is well? He has been behaving strangely & if there is any issue, he should tell them to enable them adjust. Chuks says he is doing what a man should do. 
Dan shuffles into the lecture on the value of time. Kaneng is one of the facilitators of the training! The lead facilitator addresses them & says the training will start with a short film. 
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The waiters are turned out in their new uniforms – dark shirts & red bow ties & the bar is decked out in CpXmas decor. Chuks tries to compliment the uniform but Frank reminds him that they do not have a choice. He compares Chuks’s recent behaviour to that of those who come to the bar & harass the waiters & when they get drunk, they start complaining about their family issues. Chuks asks what he tells those patrons when they complain? Get creative, Frank replies. Show your wife who is the man in the house by being scarce & when you are around, occupy yourself with football matters! He adds. 
Kwame calls Uzo to complain about the quality of the art pieces he gave him. Uzo wonders what he is talking about & tells him that what he gave him is top of the range. Most of the pieces are from an upcoming artist whose works the world is eagerly waiting for! Kwame threatens that if Uzo makes a mess of his exhibition, he will ensure that Uzo does not sell anything again. Kwame calls the organizers of the exhibition to ask if the date if the exhibition could be shifted? The invitations have been sent out.
The facilitator talks about time and it’s uses while Kaneng continues to stare at Dan who is busy playing with a paper he folded into an airplane. She whispers to the trainer to ask Dan a question. A startled Dan who was not paying attention says he has nothing to say. She presses on & Dan says his sentencing made him realize that there are other levels below rock bottom. The woman asks why Dan is speaking in the past? Dan says he feels like something has been lifted from him that morning. 
Sheila meets Danny in the kitchen & rushes to get ready. She is joining Fred at a meeting with a lawyer. Danni asks how Freddy’s first day at school as a day student went? She came back too late yesterday to ask. Sheila, who has settled to grab a quick cup of tea, tells her it went down without any incident. She asks how Danni’s day went & Danni says she went to a student’s house to see some art works. Student? Sheila worries. Danni says it was no worry, & she can take care of herself. Besides,it was that guy we met together at the spa! Kwame? Sheila screams as she nearly chokes on her tea! Danni tries to get her to talk about why she is not comfortable with Kwame but when she demurs, Danni tells her to make love not war!
The seminar ends & the trainer asks interested prisoners to leave their email addresses for updates. As they start shuffling away, Kaneng walks up to Dan with the address book to ask for his address. Dan says he does not have an email address. Does not have or does not want to give? She asks him.  She tells Dan that he cannot hide forever from her. If he runs away his time, she will find another way to make contact. He reluctantly writes down his email address. 
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Soji is happy the cameraman & Harriet are not around them that day. Everyday we are not shooting is a day my fans are missing me, Bimpe complains as Chuks visits. Soji let’s him in & asks him how things are? He hopes that Eneis no longer giving Chuks trouble. Chuks wonders why everyone thinks Ene is the one giving trouble? I am a man & we need to start doing manly things! He tells a bemused Soji & Bimpe
Sheila sits with Danni in the sitting room & asks how Kwame’s art is? Danni says she will not comment. Sheila wonders if it is that bad & Danni says she did not says so but asks Sheila to endeavour to see it herself. Sheila says she can’t see it. Kwame will not invite her after what he did to Phillip. Just then, Cosmo brings her an envelop & it’s her invite!
Bimpe takes a call & is not happy that Harriet has not agreed a production schedule for their reality show! She hates waiting. Soji hugs & consoles her. As they were holding each other, Chuks talks about his discussing football with Soji anytime Ene is around. Soji thinks it is a stupid way to show manliness.
Fred & Sheila meet Eddy at Ziggy’s. Eddy pushes for them to use the available opportunity to start the appeal. Fred is keeping an open mind for all options. Eddy tells them that there are no other viable options. They just have to use this opportunity before it slips away. Sheila says she was not allowed to see Dan but Fred tells him that it is not an easy decision for him to declare his brother mentally incompetent. Eddy pushes as Sheila’s phone rings. Kaneng calls Sheila to report that she has made contact with Dan!

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Danni has been meaning to ask Amaka something. What is it? Amaka who is dressed in the spa robes with Sheila asks. What is the story about your baby’s daddy? What? Amaka screams as Sheila squirms! Who is Toochi’s daddy? I have never seen you with a man!