Damini apologizes for not complimenting Bimpe’s ravishing dress. She says he is sweet-talking but agrees. He asks if she saw what she was looking for in his phone? She says she was looking for a way to reach his family if something happens to him. He reminds her that she also locks her own phone and nothing bad will happen to him. She tells him that he knows all her family members. He tells her to come up with a better excuse anytime she wants to snoop on his phone. She has work to discuss with Chuks.

Brenda’s investigator asks the receptionist about Chief and claims he looks like someone he knew from the past. She tells him hotel policy does not allow them give out information about guests. She offers to call his room and check with him. She goes ahead and dials and tells him a Mr. Patrick is there to see him. Chief does not know any Mr. Patrick.

Bimpe’s and Chuks go through his sketches. Ene joins them with an announcement soup is ready and Bimpe asks her if Chuks locks his phone? Ene says he dares not. Chuks asks Bimpe to call him when she is done asking Ene about him and stomps out of the room. Bimpe complains that Damini locks his phone. Ene does not think much of it but agrees that when you are married, it is different. She has been married to Chuks but he still manages to surprise her with his stupid schemes.

Phillip is off to work briefly and Yaya is afraid of being left alone with Monica. She thinks Monica does not like her. Phillip thinks she will be okay. She only thinks their dad is still alive. Yaya thinks they should tell her the truth. Phillip says the Dr. Is on the way. He will also arrange to work from home.

What a time to be alive … MTN has blind faith in you!

Yaya calls Sheila to ask how Dr. Darego issue is coming along? Sheila thinks she will be sorted out. Yaya wonders how she will cope with caring for Monica and managing the spa. Sheila wonders why they are still keeping her instead of a professional institution that can be discreet? Yaya agrees with Phillip and reminds Sheila she will do the same if it was any of her family members.

Nero meets with the scam artist again and apologizes for not being open with him. He explains that Fabian ruined his life and his daughter’s and explained that there is no easy way out of trouble. He offers to start afresh on a clean note. They shake hands on it.

Bimpe calls Ene that Chuks is back. It turns out to be Ene’s friend. Bimpe doesn’t seem to like her a lot. She came to take Ene to see her friend that is about to have a 50th birthday. Ene goes to check on the soup and Bimpe manages to tolerate the presence of her friend.

The boy asks Nero what the plan is for him? Nero says he runs Angela’s studio now and would take him in as an intern. The guy is not very enthusiastic but agrees reluctantly when Nero assures him that Sankey will get off his back. He has a few things to take care of before coming over.

Amaka stops by to see Phillip and asks after Monica. She is coping and he asks when Amaka is coming to see her? Amaka wants her to have some time with Phillip first as his sister. Phillip insists they are all one family and she is free to come over anytime. Amaka wants to know if Monica should be involved in the court case? She thinks it will do her good. Phillip says a vehement no. Monica is his sister and no one is going to make her go through any case. Amaka reminds him he just says they are all one.

Brenda goes through the production with her staff when her private eye shows up. He is shown in and reports Chief is in Room 501 and appears to have been in the hotel for a while and the hotel staff are quite tight-lipped. She thanks him for what he’d done.

Phillip brings Sheila up on Monica and solicits her support in managing her. He had not told her of their father’s passing because she is so delicate and needs Sheila to help manage that. Sheila says Monica does n know she exists. He tells her he had already told Monica about her. She agrees to come the next day so her visit does not appear contrived. Freddy comes out and only acknowledges Phillip.

For generations, Peak has always been there .. that Peak Milk…

Bimpe sneaks in and unlocks Damini’s phone with his finger while he slept. She snoops around it, returns the phone and walks around looking like she wants to strangle him!

Serena and Sheila catch up on Kwame. Serena asks after Chief? Brenda says there is something which she can handle alone. Serena begs to be let in on it since it is her problem. Brenda tells her about room 501 and she thanks Brenda and says she will go and get Sankey informed. Brenda reminds her she could call Sankey but she says she would rather go and see Sankey. Brenda looks at her doubtfully.

Monica comes out and tells Yaya that she wants to go for a walk. Yaya does not think it is a good idea and asks to call Phillip. Monica says she has to go for the walk. They said it is good and ass if Yaya cannot hear the fisherman? Yaya looks confused but the Dr. knocks at that moment and she is very relieved as Monica runs back into the room. The Dr. asks after her and Yaya says she just scared the hell out of her. As the Dr. goes to see her, Yaya wonders for how long she can cope with this?

Next on Tinsel

Chief asks Serena to come back to him and all these will go away. She asks if he promises? He pulls off his belt and orders her to get on the bed. She needs to be punished for making him miss her for that long!