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Dannie comes home and is let in by Cosmo. She gives him the kente she bought for him for at least taking that punch on her behalf. He tells her that they had to move her things to a different room as Dan is at the room near the master bedroom.
Chuks comes home and Ene has been worried about him. She asks where he has been? He tells her he has been away. He did not pick her calls because his phone battery has been low. She hopes that he still has Salewa’s money. He tells her that it is better for her to sit down first!
Brenda is pissed that she had to hear about Kwame’s trip to Ghana from Ivy. He asks if he is now required to tell her about all his trips? She wonders why he is abrasive and hopes it is not about his trip. He tells her that Dannie has proved her right. She expected her to disappoint and he has done that. He came to take his things and move back to Phillip’s flat and this time with his blessings. Brenda talks to him about wanting only women who do not want him because once he has them, he will stop wanting them. She likes Dannie who is the first to crack his code, which is continue to be unavailable to make him want her more. She might even invite Dannie over for dinner. He is happy that all the troublesome women band together.
Fred and Sheila discuss Dan with the doctor. The doctor confirms that Dan is lucky as the stitches on his body are still intact. He suggests that Dan checks into the hospital for proper care. Dan walks into the study and screams that he does not want to go back to that hospital. It feels like another prison. Sheila asks whether the doctor can be coming to look after Dan at home? The doctor confirms that is possible. They agree on this as TTK and Salewa walk into the study and scream in delight as Salewa jumps into Dan’s hands.
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Dan is okay. TTK tears into him for putting them through so much trouble. He is apologetic and says he needed to clear his head by being alone. Salewa tells her to stop. TTK launches into another round of tirade and how she could have had a heart attack after cooking. Fred tells her they are glad she did not have the attack. Sheila suggests they all allow Dan and Salewa to have a quiet moment. They all leave the room and Dan hugs a crying Salewa.
Chuks tells Ene how he met Erastus who now answers Maximillian and how he escaped while he was waiting for the police. Ene tells him that he should have called her or Soji. Ene tells him that their problem is how to pay off their debt and hope he still has Salewa’s money. He shows her the HOLD carton and when she wonders what it is, he tells her he had to pay an entry fee and does not have Salewa’s money any longer.
Dannie meets Freddy who jumps into her arms. They catch up on old times. She asks after the girl he went on a date with and he says she is fine. Dannie digs deeper and Freddy says that everyone is making fun of them and calling them boyfriend and girlfriend. The girls stalks him during lunch. Dannie suggests that he speaks to her and tell her how he feels. He is afraid of her reaction. She talks about two of them as two lonely hearts. Freddy asks after her companion on her trip? She tells him to gather everyone to share the gifts she got for them and he runs off.
Dan asks why Salewa is crying? She tells him that while he was in prison, he acted like he has given up on everything including her. That is what everyone tells her. He tells her that he will never give up on her. She is the only thing that gave him the strength to survive the place.
Ene is furious with Chuks for spending the money he is to use to pay Salewa’s debt on making Erastus richer. She throws the HOLD carton at him and a plastic bag fell out. Chuks picks it up and asks Ene if she thinks it is the real thing? She tells him not to even think about it but smells the content and confirms that it is not real.
The doctor tells them that Dan needs to check into a proper medical institution to be cared for. TTK says he needs to stay in a warm environment where he will find love like with her and Salewa. Sheila reminds her that Dan came to their house which means that he is comfortable there. The doctor agrees with Sheila and also asks TTK to take it easy with Dan. TTK asks how they can be sure that Dan has not been using further drugs? The doctor tells them that he does not have new needle marks. TTK says she will stay with Dan to ensure he is okay. Fred sees the doctor off and comes back to remind the ladies that the doctor advised that they pull together to make Dan comfortable. Freddy runs down and announces that Dannie is back and got them all presents.
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Dannie shares her presents to everyone. Amaka visits and is happy when she got the text that Dan is safe. Dannie gives them their presents and they ask how the trip to Ghana went? She tells them that it reminds her that she still has one more trip to make. They ask if she is sure of the trip? She confirms that and they share a group hug.
Ene packs her bags and Chuks asks what she is doing? She tells him that she is tired and cannot stay with him after he stole from her and remains unreliable. She tells him that she knows that if the HOLD pack had contained real Indian hemp, he would have gone to sell it and would get into trouble with the police and leave her to run around to get him off. She packs up her bag and as she gets up to go, he reminds her that she is his wife and he paid bride price. She tells him that her father will return the bride price for him to use and pay off his debt. He stands at the door and says he will not let her go. She tells him that it is in his interest that she goes because she cannot guarantee his safety if she stays. As she storms out, he calls her name repeatedly.
Fred comes downstairs where Dannie is sitting all alone. He tells her that Dan thanks her for the gift and asks if she wants to join Amaka and Sheila upstairs with Dan? She says no, maybe later. Fred sits with her and asks if anything specific happened in Ghana? She says that she still has some unfinished business in the States with her project, etc. Fred tells her that she left for Ghana with bright spirits and came back dejected. He accuses her of holding so much back. She tells him that it is the way she is and she is not going to change just because of anyone. She believes that Kwame will continue to be selfish. He suggests that she does not give up so easily.
Ene goes home and meets her dad and brother sharing a drink. She tells them that she came to spend some time at home. Her brother asks if she took Chuks’s permission? She tells them that Chuks needs his creative space and she is giving him some space. Her father tells her brother that his daughter is always welcome in his house.
Sheila comes down with Freddy who came to say good morning to Dan and TTK at breakfast on his way to school. He has a question for Dan who encourages him to ask his question despite Sheila’s reservations. Freddy after some reluctance asks him how prison was? He hesitates but answers that it was horrible. Freddy asks if that is why he scratches his body? Sheila whisks Freddy away at this point. Dan is worried that a twelve year old noticed. He asks TTK if Salewa suspects same? TTK denies it.

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Dannie barges into Brenda’s house looking for Kwame. She tells her that in this part of the world, people call first before barging into people’s houses.



Tare calls Phillip a coward and daddy’s boy who cannot handle a relationship. He tells her that that hurts. She accuses him of stooping so low to cheat on her and when he tries to talk, she cuts him off and launches into how he cheated on her with Zaza of all people! As she lunges at him again, he holds her off & as Kwame tries to help, he bumps into Dannie who also pushes him away! Phillip laughs at Tare and tells her that nothing kills claustrophobia like a little rage. She stops and asks how he knew? Their discussion softens and he tells her that he has not been taking her for granted and they dissolve into each other’s arms with Dannie and Kwame watching.
Chuks screams that he will not pay N20,000. The receptionist tells him that it will also get him a starter pack. He asks if he will get a discount if he does not want the starter pack? She tells him no. He asks for a discount because he is the lecturer’s friend. The lady refuses. Chuks walks to a corner and calls the police to report that he has seen Erastus.
The lift door opens & Dannie storms out followed by Kwame. Majid who has been waiting for them says that the pride took longer than he expected. Tare untangles herself from Phillip and rushes off too as Kwame calls Dannie’s name without success. Majid reminds Phillip that they are supposed to be having a drink and an elated Phillip drags him along. Kwame unsuccessfully tries to get Dannie’s attention but she will not listen to him. She struggles with the door as Majid and Phillip passes. She storms into the room and bangs the door in Kwame’s face. She re-opens the door and tosses a bag in his face while shouting Happy Valentine & bangs the Dior shut again.
The two guys stop the car and tell Dan that they are taking him for a reception. A confused Dan asks them who they are working for? If it is Masters, it is not worth it, coming from a man who just left prison. They do not know what he is talking about. They toss him a cloth and ask him to put it on before they go for the reception.
The guys lead Dan into Ziggy’s Bar & the place erupts in applause. He asks who they are & Ohakanu jumps up & introduces himself as the leader of Telema Soldiers. Ohakanu asks for a drink for him. Frank brings him a beer and also tells him that himself, Obiora and Ai are happy to see him. The group hails him a s a hero and one of the ladies asks if he got alll the letters she wrote to him in prison? As they chitchat, they ask Dan when Telema is returning to them? He does not know and asks why they have not disbanded after Telema left the country? They tell him that they are leaving him because of who he is. Telema will return to salvage the industry of mediocrity.
The receptionist tells the group that tea break is over. As they head back, Chuks tags along but she drags him back on his shirt insisting that he must pay. He tells her that he just wants to see the layout of the training room. The lady insists it is money or nothing.
Majid hails Kwame on his way out. He wants to be sure that he is still free to call them as Kwame promised. Kwame confirms they are still okay. As he leaves, Kwame asks him what he has been doing with Dannie? Majid tells him that they were arranging his surprise which he is holding! Kwame is shocked as Majid walks away.
TTK asks a sleeping Salewa to pick the phone. She eventually picks and it is Frank. Frank tells her that she is calling about the surprise. She cuts him off and ells him to collect the money for her if it is Salewa’s money. He tells her that Danis there with them! Dan who just walked into the office snatches the phone from him and ask who he is reporting to? His eyes were still blazing when Frank says he called TTK but his mien softened when Frank tells him that the call was to re-assure Salewa who has been looking for Jim all day and night since he disappeared.
Kwame and Phillip take a tour of the trashy bag factory that Dannue gave him for Valentine. Phillip taunts him about the girlfriend who gave him a factory for valentine unlike others who give cakes or cufflinks. Kwame asks him about him and Tare? He answers that they are cool. Kwame asks if they are back together and Phillip tells him to stay off himself and Tare and face his own issues. Kwame sees some shadow of thank-you somewhere. Phillip advises he focusses on is own issues. Kwame says e is not sure if there is anything to focus on. He is tried of facing this game of mirage again. he thinks it was just a holiday fling for Dannie.
Chuks sneaks into the room where Erastus who is now Maximilian is delivering his lecture. As he lectures away, Chuks let’s out a yell and Maximilian tells him that he likes his enthusiasm. Chuks who covered his face with a book bends down to call the police. As he was talking, Maximilian approaches and hopes he is not using his phone at a time like this. He sees Chuks and takes off from the lecture before Chuks could catch him.
Ohakanu tells Frank to call Dan to listen to this gist. Frank ells them that Dan is not in the office. Ohakanu gives instructions to his people to search the whole place. Frank ells them that they cannot search the office. As they were talking, TtK & Salewa come in and ask where Dan is. They says they do not know. Ohakanu assures her that they can find him but she asks them all to leave.
Phillip sees Kwame off to the car and wishes him luck with Dannie. He thinks that Dannie may have taken some early flight to avoid Kwame. As Kwame gets into the bus, Phillip ells him that the partnership is back following his delivering on Majid. He gives Kwame a set of keys. He changed the locks and that is Kwame’s copies of the keys!
Te policemen arrive and ask Cjuks where the guy is? An annoyed Chuks asks them where they were when he called them? The guy has run away including his staff. Even those attending the seminar almost beat him up for making Maximilian run away. The policeman asks him what he is holding and is amused that Chuks contributed more money to Erastus.
Sheila and Fred come home as Sheila talks to TTK on the phone. They have been out throughout the day and were just getting home. She promised to call Sankey with a description of the clothes Dan is wearing. She looks up and sees Dan standing by the kitchen door!


Ene meets Feke in the conference room. She asks where Ene went yesterday? Ene says she went home. Feke tells her that she has been doing that often and it has been noticed by both herself and Brenda.
TTK shouts on Salewa to finish her tea quickly so that they hit the road. Ene calls to thank her for her patience with the morning. TTK accuses Chuks of free-loading but Ene says it is not true. She is ready to return Salewa’s money but TTK tells her to leave it at the bar & drops the phone.
Tare, Kwame & Phillip get down and Dannie & Majid are nit there. Phillip asks if Dannie has been out all night but Kwame did not find that funny. As they were wondering what happened, Dannie and Majid came in laughing. Kwame scowls that he cannot be that funny. Dannie tells them that she just had breakfast with local flavor with Majid. Tare remarks that Annie must like local flavor a lot. Majid tells them that it was a good thing they brought Dannie along. She has convinced him to stick with their team & he promises to be of good behaviour. Phillip invites them all to a drink to celebrate.
Chuks visits Soji and asks for his help in going to drop Salewa’s money at Ziggy’s Bar. Soji asks where the money came from and he tells him that Ene came through for him. He needs Soji’s back up in case TTK starts her drama. He also informs Soji that he is now looking for work. Soji is thrilled & believes that Ene will be happy too. As Soji goes in to change, Chuks screams for Soji to come. He has found Erastus.
Soji asks if Erastus picture is now in the newspaper? Chukkas tells him that he saw an advert for Hold that sounds much like Erastus. Soji does nit believe him saying there are too many 419ers in Lagos. Soji asks what he wants to do? He says the seminar is the place to catch Erastus. Soji tells him to call the police but he says he will confirm that Erastus is the one first. Soji asks him to wait for his meeting to end.
Kwame, Tare, Dannie & Phillip get into the lift while Majid walks the stairs. Dannie jokes with Kwame but he does not respond. The lift doors close & the lift jerks to a stop. Phillip asks if it is power shortage & Kwame asks if he thought he is in Lagos? Dannie makes a call to report the broken lift.
TTK and Salewa drive round the town looking for Dan to no avail.
Kwame asks Dannie if she has anything to do with it? She reluctantly agrees that she did to enable Phillip & Tare talk to each other. Phillip asks how long they will be there for? She tells them it is for maybe 15 minutes. Phillip is worried that they will miss Majid but Dannie has that fixed.
Chuks gets to the venue of the seminar and meets the receptionist. The starter pack contains drug made from NAFDAC-approved Indian hemp which can cure everything. When Chuks concludes the woman’s statement fir her, she asks him if he has been to any of their seminars in the past? He tells her that he guessed.
Kwame discusses with Dannie in the lift and squashed shoulder to shoulder in the other corner are Phillip & Tare.
Dan is in an uncommitted building when two boys come in. They search him & when they found nothing, they left him to go and smoke. He approached them and wirelessly begs for cigarettes but they ignore him.
Kwame asks Dannie how she managed to convince Majid to come along? She tells him that she used her usual charm. He asks her what exactly she did this time? She asks if he is asking whether she slept with Majid to convince him & he asks her if she did? She tells him that Majid could have even done that for fun. Just then, the lift gives a heavy lurch.
Dan walks out of the uncompleted building and two well-built young men in army camouflage follow him. He sees them and try to evade them but they tag along.
The receptionist asks Chuks whether he wants to sign up? Chuks says he is not ready yet. She asks what he is doing there then? He asks her if their speaker is around? She answers that he is in the changing room. Chuks asks where that is but she will not tell him. He asks her how much the seminar costs and she tells him it is N20,000.
Dan walks into a compound and the two young men appear from both directions and tells him that he needs to come with them!
Back in the lift, Dannie tells Kwame that she is not into talking to him right now. He tells her that he wants labels now. He wants a girlfriend who will be there when he needs her. She asks him what she is supposed to say after he just accused her of being a whore? Phillip taunts Tare who is having a panic attack. He talks about the lift crashing and killing all of them and she tells him to stop. He accuses her of wanting just to be with him and that is why she flew all that miles to be with him and also talks about her sticking with him even after she was warned that he is no good. Se gives him a very big shove and he falls on Kwame on the other side of the lift.
The two guys tell Dan that he has to come with them. He asks them who they are and where they want to take him? They tell him that he will soon know.


Kwame reads and archives the email from Dannie’s school. As he was doing so, Dannie comes out from the shower and asks if he was able to check his email? He says yes. He tells her that Majid wants them to meet. She says he is a sweet guy. No wonder the ladies like him. Kwame warns her to tone it down to avoid giving Majid the wrong reasons.
Fred and Amaka listen to recordings announcing Dan’s disappearance. She got someone from the sound department in the office to produce that. He asks her to buy as many radio and TV spots as she can find. She suggests they adda reward but he thinks that will sound like putting a bounty on Dan’s head. She reminds him that Masters’ people may already have put a price on his head. Fred takes a call from a journalist and complains about their numerous calls.
Ene comes home and asks Chuks why he did not help her bring in the clothes she washed? He apologizes and says he forgot. They sit down and she asks when his mum is coming? He said he does not know. His mum is not very sure yet. He tells her that he knows she is tired of all these problems. She agrees that she is tired and complains that the problem is self-imposed. Chuks promises to become the kind of husband she wants but she tells him that this is not time for poetry. They need to find practical ways to pay off his debts. She suggests he gets a job. He asks what kind of job he can do? She tells him that she has saved some money and they can use that to pay off Salewa and use the rest to prepare for his mum’s visit.He is surprised that she wants to pay off Salewa’s debt and she tells him that he is still her husband and she will not allow TTK to embarrass him. He asks her what he has done to deserve such a woman as her?
Sankey gets back to her office and takes a call from the DPO. As she finishes, Segun comes in and is surprised that she is back so early from the press conference. She tells him that there is nothing to say other than that Dan is missing. Segun tells her that Ahmed came to look for her but has just left. She screams that he should just leave her alone as he is not the only person prosecuting a case. She worries about what to do with these cases? Segun reminds her that Dan’s case is open and shut. Masters attacked him and there are warders that are willing to testify to that. Sankey tells him that would have worked if she can find Dan. Segun is surprised at his disappearance. He tells Sankey that he interviewed Vince and he said absolutely nothing. He only said that if Masters wants to find Dan, he will do that effortlessly. Sankey wonders why she is the only one saddled with all these disappearing witnesses; first it was Angela and now Dan.
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Kwame, Tare, Phillip and Dannie meet with Majid. Kwame introduces Tare as a staff of Black Ananse. Phillip tells Tare that she has achieved her mission. She looks beautiful and he has noticed. She ignores him and asks for Majid’s perspective on something. Majid was busy discussing performance arts with Dannie.
Chuks visits Soji who wants to know how he has been? He tells Soji that going to Bimpe to ask for advice was a big failure as she dragged Ene clubbing. Soji is surprised that she moved from grieving to clubbing. Chuks tells him about his dalliance with the police and with TTK. He agrees with Soji and Bimpe that all relationships are doomed! Soji tells him not to think about that.
Kwame asks Majid what issue he has with the trailer? He tells Kwame that he does not like the trailer especially where his brother committed suicide. Phillip says it was only a trailer. Kwame agrees and suggests that Phillip re-works the trailer. Majid is however back to his tete-a-tete with Dannie. Kwame explodes that Majid had better pay attention or they will pack it all up and he can get a room with Dannie. Ajid gets up and asks them to pack it all up. He tells Dannie that he is coming back and leaves.
Chuks tells Soji that Ene wants him to get a job. He laments that if TTK had allowed him take his place at the bar, he will not be looking for a job now. Soji tells him that TTK will not allow that happen. He complains that he needs money to rent a show room. He complains that if his last deal has gone the right way, he would have been one of those being celebrated in the newspaper he was holding. Soji warns him that it is that attitude that got him where he is now. He tells Chuks that he had better use this extra time to do well or be lost forever.
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Kwame walks after Phillip and accosts him. Phillip asks what Kwame wants? Kwame complains that Majid was wasting their time and being unprofessional. Phillip tells him that it is not about their work but more about his not being able to handle his girlfriend. Kwame tells him that he is not the one who cannot tell his girlfriend how he feels about her. Phillip warns him about spoiling his chances of working with Majid. As they were arguing, the elevator doors open and Dannie walks out and waves at them as she walks off. Phillip tells Kwame that he should be worried about where Dannie is heading off to now.
Mimi calls Ene at home and Ene hopes that all is well? She wants Ene to send her some of the ajo money. Ene asks whether she wants to buy a car or why will she want the whole money? Mimi does not need the whole money and Ene convinces her to take a quarter and leave the rest with her.
Kwame accosts Dannie and asks her where she is going to? She tells him that she is going to see the queen. He tells her that he is serious now and asks where she is going to? She tells him it is a surprise but he reminds her that he does not like surprises. She tells him that he was weird in there and is being weird now. He asks her to tell him where she is going to or? She asks him or what? As he was standing there, she walks out and gets into a car with Majid. Kwame looks daggers at them as they drive away.
Ene tells Chuks that Mimi, whose turn it is to collect the ajo money called last night for her money but she was able to get him some weeks to pay up. She gives him the money to pay off Salewa and tells him that they are in this together as they agreed to for better for worse.

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Kwame, Tare and Phillip meet in the lobby. Phillip asks if they got any message from Majid? He has not and Tare asks where Dannie is? Phillip asks whether she spent the night away from the hotel? Kwame gets annoyed at that and as they argue, Dannie walks in laughing with Majid. Kwame screams that surely he is not that funny! Dannie tells them that she just had breakfast with local flavour with Majid. Tare remarks that she seems to like local flavour while Kwame looks daggers at everyone!


Dannie and Tare joins the boys at breakfast. Kwame says he will go to see his cousin with Dannie if Majid does not call. Phillip says he has a stiff neck & Dannie gives him a massage. Dannie says they need to spice things up a bit as everything they are doing is not working. Kwame reminds her that she could not even get Tare jealous from a massage. She tells Kwame that sometimes a massage is just a massage. Tare comes back to the table with her food and tells Dannie that she can see her game but does not understand why.
Frank and Afi tells Obiora about Dan’s release. Salewa comes in and they hail her but she is not looking too happy. They ask if she has not heard about her father’s release? She tells them that she wishes she can see him to tell him how happy she is. She tells them of Dan’s disappearance. The police and everyone has been looking everywhere.
Phillip accuses Tare of coming to Ghana just to meet him when she heard that he is shooting in Ghana. She hotly denies this and tells him that she would have lughed at his face but it is too ridiculous to laugh at. He accuses her of throwing a tantrum when she did not get the attention she deserves and she calls him an arrogant sob. When he calls her an acid-tongued lady, she throws his drink in his face and storms off leaving Kwame and Dannie open mouthed.
Chuks orders for a soft drink and tells Frank that the police is still harassing him as if he is not the victim. Salewa comes in and Frank tells Chuks about Dan’s freedom. Chuks has not even heard that Dan was stabbed and taken to the hospital. Salewa tells him that Dan has been missing and shows him the missing person picture. He asks if he can do anything to help and apologizes for still owing her. She tells him that is the last thing on her mind. TTK comes behind them and asks what it is she is hearing about Chuks owing Salewa some money?
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Sheila joins Fred back in the car and he asks if she saw anything? He hopes that the fact that he has no money will not allow him go far. She says no. he asks for the colour of the cloths the doctor said is missing? She tells him it is brown shirts and dark pants. They see someone wearing the same thing and Fred came down from the car and calls Dan but it is someone else.
Dannie meets Tare walking with a glass of drink and asks if it is not too early for a drink? She backtracks at the look on Tare’s face but says that Tare and Phillip are a very passionate pair. Tare says she is not paired with Phillip. Dannie insists that she can see it. Tare reminds her that she is not in a position to judge as she is out of a relationship. Dannie tells her that the fact that she and Kwame do not crave labels does not mean that there is nothing between them. She tells Tare that she is enjoying her relationship with Kwame. Tare tries to warn her about Kwame but she insists that Kwame has been quite open with her. As they were talking, Kwame calls and she leaves to meet with him.
TTK asks when Chuks will pay Salewa back? Salewa tells her that they are not talking of money. Chuks jumps on the bandwagon. TTK tells them that she heard them clearly and asks when and how Chuks intends to pay back? Salewa reminds her that it is her own money. She cuts Salewa off. Chuks tells her that he is owing a lot of people and they are not harassing him. She gives Chuks 48 hours to pay or she will contact the police and he will explain to them how he swipes kids’ piggy bank. Salewa protests at being called a kid.
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Chuks visits Ene in the office and she tells him she is busy. He tells her that the police called him again this morning. She asks what they wanted? He says they wanted to know if Erastus has contacted him? She wonders if they will have to live with police harassment all their lives and also reminds him that he needs to find the money he took from her before she gets into trouble in the office. He tells her that TTK made a scene in the office insisting that he must pay Salewa back within 48 hours or… ene walks away from him.
TTK appears on Peju’s show to talk about Dan’s pardon. She tells Peju that the pardon is due to services rendered to the state, the details of which she is not allowed to disclose. She suggests that he may have walked off due to the heavy medication or stumbled and knocks Peju’s suggestion that he may have disappeared to avoid staying with his family. She asks anyone who has any information about his whereabouts to contact them via the numbers at the end of the show.
Kwame takes Dannie to their house in Accra and tells her of the history behind the house. He talks about how they sold the place when their parents died and things got rough and how Brenda struggled to provide for them. Dannie tells him that it is over now.
Ene calls TTK to ask after Dan’s whereabout and apologizes for Chuks owing Salewa. TTK tells her that she at least has the decency to apologize unlike Chuks. She promises to pay back everything soon. TTK advises her to hold Chuks with a strong hand. Husbands can run amock if left unchecked. Ene asks if she is planning to get married soon? She says no and Ene tells her that when she marries, she will realize that the theories of marriage is different from the reality. She drops the phone on her and Chuks calls her and she tells him that she called TTK and got him some more days. He tells her that his mother called and will be coming to stay with them for some days!
Kwame and Dannie are in bed and he tries to get her interested in the bed but she is trying to concentrate on the iPad she is working on. After a while, she gets up to go to the shower but refuses when he suggests that he joins her in the shower. He asks if he can check his email on the iPad and she agrees. He stumbles on a mail from her school and wears a worried look!
Dan is shown lying in some uncompleted house and rolling over in pain.

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Majid has eyes and ears only for Dannie and Phillip tells Tare that she is looking quite beautiful today but spoils it by telling her that she has what she craves now. She ignores him and continues trying to get Majid’s perspective on something with no success. Kwame suggests a new way to change the trailer but Majid was not even listening. Kwame shouts at him to either listen or they will pack up everything to enable Majid and Dannie get a room. Majid stands up and tells them to please pack it up!


Tare asks what they are doing & Phillip tells her to answer that. Tare introduces herself to Majid & he is surprised she knows him. She says his manager called her and agreed to her fees and paid her fare to come and help him with some PR disaster over some pregnant women. He says he does not know who called her but it is not his manager. Tare says the manager had American accent and Phillip asks Dannie if she has anything to say to that? Kwame tells Majid that she is not some crazy fan but a staff of Black Ananse. Dannie tells Majid about Tare and Phillip’s love story. He is pissed at his name being used unnecessarily & walks off in a huff.
TTK and the doctor are trying to figure out what happened to Dan when Peju and her camera crew come into the hospital to ask for a quote. The doctor throws them out and apologizes saying that the prison authorities have removed their guards and he did not think they needed any extra guards. TTK chides him for the porous security.
Chuks and Soji barges into Bimpe’s room worried. She wonders what is worrying them and Chuks tells her that they thought she wants to cut herself. She tells him that she told him that she is cutting herself off from circulation. She chews them for thinking she wants to kill herself and Soji leaves. Chuks says he wants to ask Bimpe what to do to repair his relationship with Ene? Bimpe tells him not to bother. The relationship is already doomed. Chuks tells her that she is just annoyed at her failed relationship. She suggests isolation and tells Chuks that is what she is doing now and tells Chuks to close the door after him.
Tare and Phillip tear at each other while Dannie and Kwame look on. Dannie tells them that they have booked the tour bus for a tour in the evening and asks them to come along for the ride.
The doctor tells the Ade-Williams that one of the male nurses is missing his off-duty clothes. That is probably how Dan left unnoticed. Fred still berates him for their lax security. He suggests that TTK and Salewa checks Dan’s flat.
Bimpe comes to invite Ene out for a night at the club. She is bored with isolation and is ready to go dancing and drinking and having fun. They wish her well but she insists that Ene must come with her. Ene tries to wriggle out of it but Bimpe insists that she must come especially after she slipped out of the sleep-over the other day like a thief in the night. Chuks asks why she is asking a married woman to the club instead of the husband? Ene asks if he thinks that she needs his permission to go to the club? She asks Bimpe what time the club is for?
Kwame and Dannie come downstairs for the tour but Tare and Phillip are not there. Just then, they find Tare to her delight. Tare says she is already in Ghana and can as well enjoy herself. Dannie goes off to look for Phillip while Tare and Kwame square off over Kwame’s movies and what they have been up to lately. He denies that he is dating Dannie and says they do not want labels for now. Tare remarks that it is strange coming from someone who will do anything for labels inclusidng blackmail for marriage. Just when Dannie has given up on locating Phillip, they meet him downstairs waiting for them.
Sankey and Segun meet Masters in Bello’s office. Sankey needles him for not looking too happy today and asks if he is losing control? Masters asks her what she will do about his disappearance? Who? Sankey asks. Masters tells them that it is a pity that they have lost Dan their precious witness after all the trouble they went through to secure him a pardon. He laughs at her as he turns and goes back to his cell.
Ene comes to meet Bimpe for the club outing. She tells Bimpe that she is excited about this whole thing. It has been so long she wore that kind of outfit and looks forward to enjoying herself. She asks how they are going? Is a taxi coming to pick them up or what? Bimpe tells her that she cannot go to the club dressed the way she is. The bouncers will probably think she is someone’s mum and will not let them into the club. She goes to get Ene one of her short sleeveless gowns.
Tare and Phillp and Kwame pose for pictures with Dannie behind the camera. She arranges them with Tare between the guys and all their faces covered in dark glasses. Just before she takes the picture, however, Tare walsk off from her position and stands beside Kwame!
TTK cannot believe that the landlord has already packed up Dan’s things. She sits Salewa down and tells her that her father has been using drugs. She is surprised and recognizes that the drugs must be why he has been aggressive. She is worried that her father will be released from prison only to die from drugs. TTK assures her that they will give Dan all the support he needs to get through it.
The group is ready to go back to the hotel and Dannie suggests that Tare sits beside Phillip in the bus. Tare asks Kwame about his sister Brenda? Kwame reminds her that international calls are still allowed between Kenya and Nigeria. She tells him that Brenda will not disclose anything on the phone. He tells her that Brenda is still her usual controlling self. As they get to the bus, Dannie asks if Kwame does not have friends they can hang out with? Tare tells her that Kwame has probably burnt all the bridges with his friends across West Africa and goes to sit in the bus. Dannie accosts Kwame and tells him that there seem to be more sparks between him and Tare than between Tare and Phillip and she has got her eyes on them!
Bimpe tells Ene that she could not believe that Ene could jump that fast, the way she flew into the taxi. Ene reminds her that she was behind her every step of the way. Bimpe thinks someone should write the story and get her to star in it. She has already practiced it. Ene tells her that she has been going along with all these nonsense because she wants to support her through her grief. She is not happy that Bimpe changed her clothes. Bimpe tells her that she needs a wardrobe change and she will be too happy to help with the designs!
Dannie and Kwame walk hand in hand into the hotel with the sunset behind them and Tare tells them that they are now becoming irritating! Kwame tells her to get irritating with Phillip who is walking in behind them. Tare walks on and Phillip shouts that they know Kwame is a terrible film-maker and now they also know that he is even a worse match-maker.
Sankey apologizes for getting to Fred’s house late. He tells her it is okay. At least she is there now. He asks if she has been to the hospital? She says yes but there is very little to see there. She tells them that Masters knows that Dan is missing. They are shocked as they had not told anyone about his missing yet. Kaneng asks if it is possible that Masters has a hand in Dan’s disappearance? Sankey grudgingly acknowledges that it is possible. Fred asks her to put out a press briefing immediately.

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Phillip and Tare hotly argue about the purpose of Tare’s visit to Kenya with Phillip insinuating that she came to Ghana to see him but she tells them that she came to work with Majid. He insists that she came to see him and is getting annoyed now because she is not getting the attention she craves. She throws his drink into his face!


Ene asks what Bimpe means that she is at fault? She does not have anything to do with their breaking up. she tells her that she has been anti-Bimji from the beginning & asks how she expects the relationship to survive? She accuses Ene of being Telema’s friend. Ene tells her to leave Telema out of it & she says it is Chuks that is the problem and if Ene can keep Chuks happy, she will be able to take care of Soji. Ene asks her how she dares accuse them of her issues? She says it is all Soji’s fault for dumping her. Ene tells her to rest but she says she needs to go through the 10 stages of grief so that she can be her fabulous self again. Ene grabs her bag to go to work & Bimpe asks where she is going to? She tells Ene that some of them have to go to work. Bimpe asks if what she is doing is not work with all the hard work she had to put into it?
Dannie & Kwame arrive the hotel in Ghana. She sits down but he tells her there is more. She goes into the bedroom and reads the note welcoming her to his home town. She taunts him about water bed & mirror ceilings as they collapse into bed.
Bimpe enumerates the 10 stages of grief but Ene argues that it is 5 stages & they only happen when someone dies. Bimpe tells her that she just said that she is mourning. Ene asks her where she found these stages she is talking about? She says she found it in Ene wonders why she will look up her feelings online instead of feeling it? She says she will look that up online too.
Kaneng tells Fred that she has filed an injunction stopping the police & prison authority from taking Dan back to prison. That should buy them some time. Sheila comes out and as Kaneng explains what they are doing to her, Fred takes a call & screams “my brother is free! The governor signed the pardon! Sheila hugs him.
Phillip walks into the bedroom where Dannie & Kwame are still under the sheets. She asks if he plans to keep walking in on them like that? He reminds her that Kwame is there for business. He asks Kwame to put on some clothes. Kwame reminds him that the meeting is for 11 but Phillip tells him they need more time to prepare. He will be waiting for him at the poolside. On second thoughts, he also asks Dannie to come along. They may need her charm on Majid Michel in case Kwame did not come with his A Game.
Fred gleefully tells Dan that he is a free man now. Dan is surprised. Fred tells him that all that murder, prison, etc is all in the past now & he is holding the hands of a man he is proud to call his brother. Dan is happy and they hug. Fred asks if the doctor has told him about the detox program? Dan says he is nt an addict & does not need to detox. He however asks Fred to tell the doctor to give him some more morphine. The doctor will believe if the request comes from Fred!
Sheila calls TTk to break the news of Dan’s freedom. TTK tells Salewa of the news & they both hug & go crazy!
Bimpe calls Ene who just got to the office to ask if Soji will come back to her if she drops her flamboyant self? Ene asks what she means? She asks Ene if Soji will come back to her if she become a plain Jane? Ene asks what is different from the Bimpe on the road? She says she has been thinking about this. She asks Bimpe not to call her with such stupid questions at work. Bimpe tells her that she is her role model and when she wants to be plain and unglamorous, she looks up to Ene!
Phillip hopes that Kwame came with his A game as Majid is big player. Kwame asks why he asked Dannie to come along if the meeting is so important? Phillip tells him that she is an assets. Just then, Dannie climbs out of the swimming pool & Phillip asks if Kwame sees what he is seeing? He knows that Kwame cannot wait for this to be over before he and his girlfriend run off. Dannie who is drying herself asks who is talking of girlfriend? Phillip asks them what they call themselves? Dannie says that they do not believe in labels as she runs off to town. Phillip asks Kwame when he does not believe in labels? He asks if Kwame is bothered about what Dannie is getting up to? Kwame says he trusts her but Phillip tells him that his question is who else does Dannie know in Accra besides them?
Ene asks what Bimpe wants again? She tells Bimpe that her life is not dull as Bimpe believes. Bimpe tells her to forget that one. new question, if she grows dreadlocks to match Soji’s dreadlocks will he love her? Ene asks if she loves dreadlocks but Bimpe says it is Soji that matters now. She asks if Soji will love her if she sells all her cloths and buys only jeans like Soji? She eventually says she has a solution. She will wear a wig and test that on Chuks & Ene & Soji. If it works, she will unleash it on everyone. Rasta Bimpe, here I come.
The nurse comes to see Dan who has just called for a nurse. He asks what Dan wants? Dan says he wants to apologize for manhandling the guy earlier. The nurse tells him not to worry, he has seen worse. Dan asks him to give him a dose of morphine but the nurse refused. He calls the guy nearer & makes him an offer. He has a lot of money outside there & will settle the guy well. He still says no & as he leaves Dan screams & asks what is wrong with all of them in the hospital? He may as well be back in prison!
Kwame & Phillip meets with Majid Michel & as they were starting to talk, Dannie comes out & calls him. He abandons the guys & tells Dannie to come and sit down!
Chuks & Soji share a drink at Ziggy’s & Chuks complains that it has not been easy. He has been begging Ene all these while to no avail. Soji says he cannot help. He used to talk with Ene but all that has stopped now. Chuks says that the only person that could have talked to Ene now is Bimpe but that one too has her own wahala. Soji says maybe talking to Bimpe may help take her mind off things. Chuks calls a Bimpe that is lying all covered up on her sofa. He asks if they can talk? She tells him to leave her alone. He says she does not sound right. She says she is cutting herself off. He asks what she means but she switches the phone off. Soji asks what she says & Chuks tells him that she says she is cutting her herself. They scramble to get up.
Majid meets with Phillip, Kwame & Dannie with Dannie sitting beside him. He complains of all the bad things Phillip did during the shoot! Phillip apologizes. Kwame tells Majid that all that is Phillip being Phillip. They dropped him on his head when he was born! Dannie reminds Kwame about Phillip firing his PA as an after-thought & Kwame concludes that she came after him with a knife! just then, Tare walks in and see them. She stops & they all gape at her.
TTK & Salewa arrive the hospital with food for Dan & a cake to celebrate. The doctor meets & as he was talking to them, Salewa goes to see her father & runs out to say he is not on his bed. As they were asking if they moved him, a female nurse runs out to tell the doctor that it looks like Dan has left the building!

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Tare asks what is happening but Phillip says she needs to answer their questions. She introduces herself to Majid & tells him that his manager called her to come & help him with some PR issues over some pregnant girl. Majid is surprised.