Amaka reads the article saying she is not only capable of managing her company but she cannot also manage her home to her staff asking them to tell her who spoke to the press? They assure her that none of them did.
Angela accuses Sankey of mis-managing her father’s security. The only thing she asked for, Sankey could not deliver on that. she thinks it is her fault that Masters came after her father. She sends an email to her father and gets a call from a foreign number. She takes the call and tells Sankey it is her father.
Chuks, Amaka and Ene discuss her days at camp. Chuks accuses Frank of enjoying the attention from the ladies. Frank says he needed to check the girls out one by one to ensure that they are not Ene.
Angela gets off the phone and tells Sankey that it is her father and he says he left because he had to be away quickly. He tried to get in touch with her but she did not pick the phone and he left her a voice message which she has not received. He agrees with her theory though that it is all a set up. The money missed mysteriously and the trustees started getting calls almost immediately. He did not know who to trust, that is why he left. Sankey doubts if he is really innocent? She reminds Angela that her father wanted to take her away when he knew that she is not supposed to be away from town. She asks where he is now, and Angela says he is in Senegal. He called when he got her email. When she asks whether her father is innocent? She screams that she is sure that he is innocent.
Funmi meets with Amaka and Amaka asks if she has anything to do with the article. Funmi denies it strongly. Amaka asks why she did not bring any concerns she has to her? Funmi strongly denies talking to any member of the press.
Ene says it feels so good to be back home. She enjoys lying on the couch. Chuks says it is good they bought the take-away as Ene does not even have energy to do anything. He accuses Ene of eating alone. Ene reminds him she is eating for two. He tells her that now that she is back, he can start looking for a job. She tells him that something good will turn up soon. He says things are so difficult that he may have to put up a billboard with his CV. She says she will give him some tips about job hunting. He tells her to go and apologize to Brenda. She asks if he has ever met Brenda? He says he will go with her if necessary.
Feke, Delmuah and Odun discuss their pitches with Angela but she is not listening. They call her attention and she tells them she will look at things later and packs up and leave. They then ask themselves what is happening to her? Is she having a bad day? They all agree that it is deeper than that. no lollipops, no energy.
Sheila meets Fred and tells him that she has been neglecting the spa. He says that the staff can manage but she tells him that they may be able to manage for a few days but then they will notice her absence and standards will fall. She will need to hire someone to look after the place. Fred says he will do it. She asks whether he plans to employ the staff? He says he will run the spa himself. Sheila laughs heartily.
Ene walks into Brenda’s with Feke. Brenda asks who they have there? Little run-away? Ene apologizes for not informing Brenda before leaving. She is having some family issues and also had to go for youth service. Ene begs that she should look at her record of service. Brenda asks whether she wants her to be judged on the basis of her previous record and reminds her that she resigned. Ene is shocked and says Brenda is not supposed to see the letter. She turns to look at Feke who smiles at her. Well, she saw it and she also believe that Ene is pregnant. She wishes Ene good luck on the pregnancy and tells her to please not let the door strike her belly on her way out.
Fred and Sheila meet the oncologist. He explains the treatment and what is involved in chemotherapy to them. He tells them that due to improvement in technology, the adverse effects of chemotherapy is greatly reduced. He also tells them that each person’s case is different. Sheila tells him that she saw a woman outside who has lost all her hair. She wonders if that will be her case? Fred tells her that the doctor says that things are no longer that bad with cancer patients due to advancement in technology. She tells him that it is good that he is not the one taking the treatment or the loss of his hair would have been more dramatic! He realizes she is pulling his legs and they share a good laughter together.
Chuks asks Ene what happened? She tells him that Brenda got the resignation letter. Chuks says Feke promised to remove the letter. Ene tells him that she got the letter and read it. Chuks whines and Feke tells him that she did not exactly promised to do that. she could not find it within her conscience to tamper with her boss’s documents. They call her a back-stabber including the receptionist but Feke reminds them that Brenda asked them to choose who will be the last PA standing and Ene did a nice thing by taking herself out of the equation. She needs to see Ene out of the office. Nnenna, the receptionist walks them out.
Amaka accuses Majek of leaking the information about her bringing her child to work to the press. The article reads like what he told her. He tells her that he knows better than to talk to the press and anyone that sees her bringing Toochi to work can jump to the same conclusions. Amaka asks him to check who broke the news to the press? He thinks she is over-reacting but she insists that she wants to be able to trust her staff.
One of the staff comes to meet Brenda to report that the CFO says that their backs are financially against the wall. On top of that, Angela is asking for money for the new TV program she is creating. She shows Brenda the budget and asks if Brenda thinks Angela is asking for that money to make a point? Brenda replies that with Angela, everything is possible.
Chuks tells Ene to eat. He asks her to stop worrying about her job. Ene cries that she let Feke take her job. Chuks tells her to forget Odyssey and move on with life. They will get another job. Ene worries and he tells her to stop. Wth her first class, he is sure they can do better. She is not bothered about the future, she says. He tells her that he will miss her. Se will miss him too as she goes back to camp. He begs her not to run off after burnt jollof rice.
Angela comes in to meet with Brenda. Brenda tells her to stop the TV production. They cannot afford that now. Angela reminds her that they have had that discussion already. Brenda says that apparently, once is not enough for Angela to hear. She shows Angela the financials and Angela wonders why she should believe that. Brenda may have asked the CFO to doctor the accounts. Brenda insists that she stops and she tells Brenda that if she as much as interferes in the program, she will get her lawyer to shut the company down. Brenda tells her to savour this moment because it will not last for long. The company belongs to her and she will get it irrespective of what a piece of paper says. Angela sashays away and Brenda pushes all the papers on her desk away, including a seemingly important paper.

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