Feke comes in and meets Brenda standing behind the door. She asks why Brenda wants to see her? Brenda asks her to clean up the mess. She talks to Brenda about difficulties in the office, Ene and Angela, but Brenda’s head was bent down. She looks up and tells Feke that she asked her in to clean up and not to bore her with mindless chatter. Fee makes to answer but she orders her out and then sees a letter addressed to her, with urgent under it. The letter reads, I can help you get it all back. Wait for my call.
Fred and Cosmo help Sheila into the house. She tells them she is okay. Fred asks Cosmo to get her a drink. Freddy comes to ask how she is doing? She is okay. She is getting the treatment she needs. Freddy tells them Uncle Dan called while they were away. Fred tells them not to tell anyone about the ailment for now. Freddy asks if they should not tell Dan? Yes. He has so much on his plate now. Sheila says she can do with some entertainment. Freddy goes to fetch his laptop to show her a very funny video he saw online.
TTK comes in and tells Salewa to shut the blinds as it is too bright in there, but oh no, it is not the sunlight but this rock here. TTK tells her to go get a sense of humour and enjoy with her. Salewa reminds her she complained of the size of the rock before. Just then, Dan comes in to look for the loveliest bride in Lagos. He asks what Salewa is doing? She is working on her homework and complains that TTK refused to help her. TTK says she promised to help when she is back. That is if Salewa has not figured it out by then. Dan and TTK waltzes out for their date.
Brenda walks out and asks Feke and Nnenna who delivered the letter? They both look blank. She asks if it is a man or woman or a ghost? They did not see anyone. She asks why she is paying them? Feke asks what is in the letter and she snaps that it is none of Feke’s business as she storms out.
Fred is on the phone with someone getting instructions on how to do exfoliation. The phone cuts off and Sheila tells him that he does not need to worry over that. He says it is his pleasure. She asks that he stick to foot rubs, at least he can manage that. she asks if he used to give Anjuola a foot rub? He sits down and asks why she asks? She tells him that he is a decision maker. Fred sits on the floor and asks why this is happening now? She sits beside him and consoles Fred, who has broken down by saying that she is not going anywhere. She will beat this with him at her side.
Dan and TTK walk into Amaka’s office with her and TTK shows off her stone. Amaka pretends not to notice and she tells Amaka that people buy smaller rocks now. Amaka congratulates her and she leaves two of them. Dan asks Amaka what it is? She does not look exactly pleased. Amaka asks if he was his idea or TTK’s? he tells her that he proposed. Amaka says well it is that some women are good at twisting men. Dan shouts at her that she is not exactly an expert in love. What he has with TTK has lasted lonegr than all of Amaka’s relationship. He storms out of the office.
Brenda takes a call from someone who gives her directions to some place. When she asks for who is at the other end of the line? The line went dead.
Dan gets home and screams at Fred to tell him what he wants instead of saying so through a messenger. Fred says he is surprised and does not understand what she is talking about. He says it was Amaka. Fred says he did not send Amaka but Dan does not believe him. He tells Fred that he has noticed that each time he comes into a room, Fred and Sheila goes quiet. He believes they are talking about him. Fred asks him not to rush into judgment and that whatever Amaka says must have been due to her concern for her uncle. Dan berates him for making Amaka a member of the family and finding it difficult to accept TTK as one of them.
The staff are behind Amaka watching the shortlist. They all agree that this is their favourite but they should leave Amaka to make up her mind. Amaka agrees that the film is great and asks that they make arrangements for publicity and all. They ask if Fred will approve? She says she will take them all to Fred.
Fred looks back and sees Sheila behind him. He asks if she wants anything? Juice? He goes to get her tea and she gingerly walks to sit down. Dan quietens down and asks whether she is okay? She siles and tells him that it is nothing that a doctor and a caring husband cannot fix. She asks if they are fighting over TTK again? He goes ahead to tell her why he loves TTK so much. She tells him that he makes a strong case for love. She tells him that he knows her impressions about TTK. She made herself Sheila’s bridesmaid. She thinks TTK is a nightmare, but she is Dan’s nightmare. She reminds Dan that everyone including herself advised Fred not to marry this black widow but he did. She tells Dan to go for it and wishes him goodluck with TTK.
Amaka tells Fred that she needs to run to collect Toochi from Funmi. Fred agrees with her that the entry she chose is quite good. The director incorporated things he would have done but could not due to technological limitations. Amaka tells him that she has made other arrangements like publicity, etc. he tells her well done. This project could be her big break.
Angela calls Sankey and accepts her offer to go into hiding for a while. Sankey asks why? She spoke with her father and he asked her to come and stay with him. She however will not leave without seeing him. Who? Masters. Sankey says it is no way. What will she tell him? She wants to apologize to his face. He loved her once and she wants to see him again. Sankey says it will not work. Besides, Masters has been placed back among other prisoners and they will not allow her in. she says she will not go but Sankey tells her that she will go and she must go.
Fred comes to meet Sheila and they talk about Dan. Sheila tells Fred that they need to host a formal dinner for him and TTK. She says that his brother wants to marry his love and they need to show him some support. Fred tells her to concentrate on getting better and not running around for big parties. She replies that hosting the party is probably better for her than the current tension in the house. She leaves to go back to bed.
Amaka is at the door of the day care centre. The carer comes out to fetch Toochi but he will not let Amaka go. They finally manage to pass him on and as they turn to walk in, his screams joins that of another child inside. Amaka stays rooted to the spot.
47 is singing as they all sit inside their cell with Masters. A warder brings Masters a book. One of the prisoners remarks that he reads a lot of books and 47 tells others that it is a romantic novel. Masters brings out the book and 47 stands up and peeps at the cover and tells the others that he knows the book. Chapter 16 of the book reads ”My girlfriend sent me to jail”! as the others laugh, Masters suddenly turns and gives him a stern look that makes him freeze and then fall back on his seat. Masters opens the book and it has been cut up inside and conceals something wrapped in foil.

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TTK argues with Salewa and calls her a selfish girl and Salewa tells her that she is only using Dan’s head. TTK deals her a dirty slap!