Bimpe surfs channels to a station where they are not talking about her. They finish the advert and switch to Bimpe again. She groans and switches off the TV, tries to sleep, fails and grabs a book to read. That does not work and she goes to a magazine. She is distracted and grabs her phone and calls Chuks and hails him. Chuks asks what he wants? Can’t she check up on him? He asks if she has the house rent? She says she was just trying to be nice. He asks what she wants? She asks if he and Frank can come along to gist with her? Chuks dismisses her. She calls Lola and screams help me in a shrill voice before switching off the phone.
Nosa is not happy Brenda lied about her condition. She apologizes and says she didn’t lie. Dr. Ibe said she can still get pregnant. He thinks that she lied because she thinks that he will no longer marry her if he knew. She tells him that she told him he could get out of the wedding if he wants. He tells her that she married him for one reason, to get a child and she is never going to get that from him!
Lola appears and Bimpe hustles her into the room while commending her hair and her dress. Lola risked her life to get there and asks her to start talking or she will leave. Bimpe offers her wine, water, juice. She is still not comfortable and when Bimpe asks if anyone misses her sexy self at The Juice, Lola gets ready to leave!
Sheila asks Tsav to give her a minute to attend to someone she just spoke with on the phone. He calls Amaka to invite her for either lunch or dinner. She prefers lunch. She wants to get home early for Freddy. He asks how Freddy is doing? Amaka tells him he is doing well and when Sheila walks in, he switches the call and tells her it is his business partner. She asks how it is going and he tells her they have a meeting and of they can pull this off, it will be big. He renews his offer to finance the spa but she says no. He pushes and she pushes back. She may be living with them but she won’t be taking his money. He leaves the offer on the table in case she changes her mind.
Brenda asks Nosa if he was trying to kill them both as they bounce into the house. He talks about her lying to him. She tells him she had a problem but there was some chance. If she wanted to hide her condition, would she have taken him to the doctor? He says it was because he insisted. He will sue her doctor for lying for her. She asks him to go ahead. He will not have a baby with someone that is so lacking in morals. He could as well be a sperm donor. She agrees that is what he is and tells him that there are so many others out there!
Funmi reads Amaka’s schedule to her but she instructs that all her meeting be moved to tomorrow. She is leaving soon. Dr. Gyang and Laide walks in and Amaka tells them she was hoping they can move the meeting to tomorrow. Dr. Gyang tells her that they have spent so much on the new studio but there is no Phillip. Amaka agrees that they should stop work on that. Dr. Gyang says no. They will bring in a partner. Amaka says no. Laide says she worried about Amaka when Dr. Gyang mentioned this. What with all she is handling now. Dr. Gyang says he will cancel the meeting then. Amaka says no, they can have it before noon. He bounces out and Laide launches into a discuss about Freddy. Amaka will have to work half day till he goes back to school. Laide encourages her. Family is all we have at the end of it all, she reasons.
Lola is still nit happy at Bimpe and Bimpe says she needed someone to talk to and she is the only one that came. Lola says she was tricked into coming. Bimpe insists that she needed help. She had been holed in here for so long and if she goes out, she can be attacked. Lola does not blame her for the film or for it’s lacking. However, she is the only one that can fix this.
Nosa eats without saying a word to Brenda who tries to find out what the food is like. She is surprised he is giving her the silent treatment. He screams for John and tells him to tell Brenda to say anything he wants to tell him through John. Brenda tells him she is sorry and he says Brenda is only sorry because she got caught. Brenda says it is enough and asks John to leave. Nosa screams at him to stay and asks if Brenda does not want john to know that she wants a puppet to control, that she tricked him, that he has to make an appointment to sleep with her? Brenda asks him to stop, or he will catch a glimpse of the real Brenda Mensah. She gets up and leaves him at the table.
Laide reads through a document she found on Amaka’s table. She drops the document when she hears Amaka coming. Amaka says she told Dr. Gyang that the new partners will be demanding. Laide agrees as they are asking for 60%. Amaka is no longer interested. What will they do? They will find money elsewhere at the expense of another project. Laide talks about Soldiers’s Dream? Not getting copyright approval is not enough grounds to stall a movie. Amaka says she wished she never got into it. The rights owners won’t even talk to her. Laide promises to try and reach them. Amaka thanks her. Laide reminds her she is running late for Freddy and she picks her bag and runs off. Laide smiles and picks up the document she was reading earlier.
Tsav walks in on Sheila catching a nap on the sofa. He tells her that they can work out an easy payment plan. She is not thinking about. She asks if she did the right thing by allowing Freddy go home with Amaka. Tsav says he will be okay. She tells him about Freddy having a problem previously and did not speak for two years. Tsav does not see that happening and asks if there is any other motive why she is seeking for Freddy? She does not want to fight Amaka over him. It is not like he will sign over half of his inheritance to her! Tsav smiles and asks if she does not like other people’s money! Sheila does not mean it like that.
Nosa tells the matchmakers that their software is wrong. Brenda is not the right woman for him. They tell him they are passing through the normal marriage issues. They go through his requirements and they tell him it is what he wanted. He asks if he keeps secrets from his wife? The wife smiles and says that a little intrigue is necessary. Nosa says Brenda lied about something so fundamental he cannot imagine raising a child with her. They ask if he will consider counseling?
Dafe says he read this book in secondary school. Bimpe says she did not, then. He asks what she is doing with it now. She says she is slapping herself awake with it! He suggests she writes a book. She tells him she has enough trouble. He insists that she writes a book, at least a diary so that when she comes out of this, her fans will learn how she coped. He insists that it will be like Wole Soyinka and The man Died. Bimpe asks him to come and go. He leaves and she starts typing on her tablet!
Amaka tells Tsav that Freddy is going crazy having Cosmo for company. He tells her that Sheila misses Freddy. Amaka baulks at that. She says Freddy needs a male figure in his life and suggests Tsav come around once in a while. Tsav tells her Sheila does not know they are friends and he wants it kept that way. She asks what this is? High school? Says the woman who keeps grudges, he replies. He asks after Dikibo and whether she misses Fred? She says the board members are a handful and thank God Laide is around to help. Tsav asks if that is not Fred’s mistress! Amaka says yes, but she has dropped all the animosity.
Brenda asks Mrs. Aneke how many follow-up visits she should expect! She does not want plenty of these. Mrs. Aneke says she came to invite her to a counseling session. Brenda says they don’t need it. She and Nosa are doing just fine. Mrs. Aneke says she came physically to understand what the issue is? Why her marriage is in trouble. Brenda says she followed one of Mrs. Aneke’s rule and kept a little secret. Now Nosa is throwing a tantrum. Mrs. Aneke tells her that once in a while, she splurges on shopping and puts them on her debit card so that he does not find out. However, she will never lie to him about having children!

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Dikibo asks Laide what she is doing in Reel and what she hopes to get out of it?