Chuks is complaining that Chibuzor even laughed at his idea. Frank asks which of the ideas? The design or the cocktail maker? Chuks says the app does both. Frank thinks that may be why Ibuzor does not like it. Chuks tells him to keep quiet & hide his ignorance. Ibuzor bounces in and tells his home buoy to come for a game of table tennis. Chuks says he is busy. Frank tells him to go and play o because tennis brings customers. Chuks asks when he started supporting their game? Frank goes to Ibuzor’s table & loudly corrects him when he calls him Fred again! He asks what Ibuzor told Chuks? Ibuzor says Chuks’s idea is whacky. Frank lets out that Chuks is hurt. Ibuzor hails him and asks why he is being sensitive? He is just teasing him like the old days. In fact, he had just sent Chuks’s ideas to his US contacts to clean up. Chuks brightens up immediately. Frank is not happy.
A handcuffed Brenda asks the policemen what is going on? Is this all necessary? They accuse her of conspiring with Gladys. She insists that there was nothing of such. They ask her to come and write her statement. She insists that she will not be pushed into detention. They tell her they were tipped off that the woman was running a baby factory. Brenda feigns ignorance and asks whether she was arrested? They says she must have been tipped off by someone. She claims that her company, Odyssey Pictures is running a documentary on the activities of Gladys. Her baby factory? The policemen ask? No, her charity that keeps pregnant girls off the streets. She ask them to take off her cuffs but they refuse and instead search her bag and discover the cash. She asks them to call Angela and she will corroborate her story. The policeman insist on taking her in for questioning.
The buzzing cousins tell the tale of their game. The app manufacturer, Ajayi, an executive at beta Solar company join them and introduce their company to the cousins. He invites them to a tournament of the company in the headquarters to join them.
Freddie asks the doctor if he can go home now? The doctor says no. He needs to take one more injection and after that, he can go home. Freddie is ready to take the jab now. Sheila laughs at his enthusiasm to take the injection. The doctor leaves and he asks Sheila to move back home. Sheila and Amaka insists that it is not time. Amaka says he will not understand and he asks if that is because she thinks he is a child? He begs Sheila to move back and asks them to fix whatever is between them. Sheila can see why not as Amaka has shown good faith by agreeing that he can come and spend some time in her new place. Freddy thanks Amaka and asks that they call the doctor for the injection immediately so that he can go with Sheila! Amaka looks daggers at Sheila.
Chuks and Ibuzor asks if this is a scam? The man asks what they have to lose? Ibuzor asks for how long the tournament will be for? The man says they will only be required to mix with the staff once in a while so that it won’t be clear they are not staff. They tell him that there need to be monetary compensation. Chuks asks if they won’t be training! The man thinks they are already perfect! They ask for their compensation and the man goes to consult his colleagues. Frank joins Chuks and Ibuzor and asks what it is about? They tell him they have been hired to go and play table tennis and they will be paid! Frank says the guy is not a scout but the buzzing cousins don’t care.
Amaka tells Cosmo Freddy is coming home that evening and she came to ensure that everything is ready for him. Cosmo says she should have simply called him. She asks if he thinks she is wrong by sending Sheila away? He says it is not his place to judge. Amaka insists he speaks freely. He says that they have all been under a lot of stress and that made Amaka act under pressure. Amaka says that is not an answer. He says that is what he thinks. Amaka sits down and makes a call m
The policeman wait for Brenda to write her statement but she is not ready to do that yet. Angela walk right in and Brenda introduces her as the business partner she talked about. Angela says she came immediately. Brenda asks her to please explain to the policeman about their latest TV project. Angela look blank and she quickly fills in the space about the kind woman who provides shelter for pregnant girls. Angela plays along and asks what that has to do with Brenda? They explain to her that Brenda was found at a crime scene, Gladys Adewale’s house with a large amount of cash. Angela says the cash is a donation to the home. The policeman wonders why the did not make the donation through the bank? She says he is right but they were told that the home is having issues with their account. The policeman asks if she is ready to write a statement! Angela screams. Brenda insists on being released or she will sue the police. The policeman asks Brenda to write her statement.
Amaka tells Tsav how happy Freddy was at being told he can be discharged. Tsav drinks to his health and Amaka hopes he has learnt his lessons. She is happy he is coming back. The house has been empty and quiet. He wonders if her boyfriend is complaining of the empty quiet house? She asks why he thinks she has one? He has always thought that a sharp pretty babe like her has a boyfriend. She says he thought wrong. He asks her to start mending fences with people to fill in the void. She asks where to start? He suggests she starts with Sheila. That will fix a lot of things, he believes.
Angela and Brenda get back to the office and when she tries to apologize, Angela tells her to shove it. She was warned before this and she refused to listen. Brenda wonders what she was thinking? She thinks this may be nature’s way of telling her she cannot care for a baby. She is too careless. Angela tells her not to beat herself up too much. She just needed a baby to nurse. Angela encourages her to adopt a baby. It is similar to what she would have done. Brenda prefers a surrogate but Nosa is not on board. He only wants to get a doctor to fix her. Angela tells her to give him some time. She wonders how long she will need to do that for?
Brenda gets home and meets Nosa. She tells him she did nit go through with buying the baby. He tells her good. She asks if that is all he got to say? He says she did the right thing. She tells him that she did not exactly do the right thing. She tells him the full story. He asks if the police caught her! She asks if he put the police on the woman’s trail? He says he does not even know the woman. She apologizes and he agrees that surrogacy may nit be such a bad idea. She asks what changed his kind! He says that sometimes you don’t get things exactly the way you want it. They can still have their baby even if he is made in a test tube. Brenda smiles and kisses his cheeks.
The nurse gives Freddy instructions to avoid using his broken hand when he gets home. Laide calls Amaka to ask after Freddy. They discuss Laide’s visit and the pictures. Laide says he reminds her of Fred. Freddy asks if they can go now? The doctor insists that he be allowed to rest for the first one week or he will be tempted to use the hand. The doctor and nurse are confused about whether Freddy is leaving with Mrs. Ade-Williams or miss. Ade-Williams?
Ibuzor tries to get Chuks to come and play again. Chuks is tired. Chibuzor reminds him that the beta Solar guys are still there. They need to train. Chuks tells him that the guys are leaving. Chuks and Chibuzor run after the guys. They are told that there is nothing to see here. How! They even had to play like professionals. The man tells them that they were looking for players that will entertain people not professionals. Like mascots? Chuks and Chibuor ask. The Manaus yes, like mascots before breezing out with his guys!
Doctor Coker explains surrogacy to Brenda & Nosa. They find things straightforward and ask when they can start? She reminds them that the biggest issue is choosing the surrogate. Brenda says they will find someone who will sign a contract and be paid. The doctor suggests they look for a friend, someone that is not in it for the money because surrogacy law in this country is still at its infancy.
Amaka accuses Brenda of bringing her drama to the hospital. Sheila stands up to her. The doctor apologizes for mixing things up. Amaka insists that Freddy is coming home with her. Sheila reminds her that she agreed he can come and stay with her from time to time. She did not include this night of his discharge. Freddy asks them to stop. Sheila tells him not to worry. She has got this. Amaka leaves them and goes off.

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The young girl Gladys told Brenda is pregnant tells Brenda that she can sleep with any man of her choice and get pregnant for her. She asks what happened to the pregnancy she was carrying! The girl says she was not pregnant!