Chuks tells Ene about his designs. He wants to do other things so that he can get money to pay her father. Ene says Amara misses him so much. He says he needs to go to the bar to make money so that he can pay her father. Ibuzor wakes up and asks if that is his wife? They sound very close. Chuks says they speak everyday. Ibuzor wants them to go and play table tennis so that he flogs Chuks. Chuks says he ends to be at the bar and advises him to go and practise till evening before he destroys him. Ibuzor asks what they are destroying this morning for breakfast? Chuks tells him to take care of himself and takes off.
The woman tells Brenda her name is Gladys. Now she is in Brenda’s car. Brenda asks what she means? She says there is a small girl that is pregnant but she cannot take care of the baby. Brenda asks if the girl wants to give the baby up for adoption? She says yes, it is something like that!
Ibuzor tries to talk to Chuks but Chuks says he is busy. Ibuzor calls Tony his friend and tells him that they need to check out that Stanbic IBTC people. They seem to be interested. As he gets off the phone, Chuks asks him whether he has eaten? He says he ate the left over rice and ogbono. Chuks laughs at the combination and tells him that he has been working on that business proposal and will show him. Ibuzor suddenly needs to water his throat. Chuks asks Frank to give him a drink on the house. Frank tries to protest but Ibuzor calls him Fred and tells him to hurry up!
Amaka tells Tsav that what crossed her mind was what will happen to Toochi and Freddie if anything happens to her? Tsav says nothing was going happen to her. Besides, the kids will have Sheila to fall back on. Amaka says Sheila is the last person she will leave her child with. Tsav tells her that Sheila has a good heart and asks which other friend she would leave the kids to? She thinks but cannot remember anyone. Tsav tells her that we all need a friend!
Freddie’s friends are at his bedside and regret taking him for a ride. Amaka and Tsav walk in and she asks if they should not be in school? They say they were permitted to stay at home. She asks them to stay away from Freddie. As for Freddie, when he is out of here, he will be grounded. They tell her that it was not Freddie’s fault. They talked him into it. Amal says he had a chance to say no and orders them to leave before she calls the police. Tsav tells her that boys will be boys but she will not hear that!
The woman tells Brenda that she has a number of girls, not only one. Brenda asks if she is running a baby farm? She says no, she is only helping the girls take care of themselves and she helps them get a job. She knows that what she is doing is unusual but she is doing it to help the girls. Brenda asks how it works? She says she will need to pay N500,000. Brenda is taken aback. The woman says it is a small amount for a healthy life. She gets her money back if the baby is not healthy.
Ibuzor tells Chuks that he tried but the venture is nit profitable in the first three years. He will have to take that back and re-work it. Chuks takes a call and tells Ene’s father that he had to take care of some unexpected expenses in the bar! The phone went off as he was explaining!
Sheila reviews the book with her manager and sees that the figures have not improved. The lady asks when they are getting the next treatments? Sheila says soon. The manager asks whether she is okay? Sheila asks what she wants? A story to sell to Tinseltown? The receptionist calls and tells her that Laide is there to see her. She asks what Laide wants? The manager wants to send her away but she asks that she be sent in. She comes in and tells Sheila that she is there to make peace between her and Amaka. Sheila tells her she can see through her shenanigans and asks her to leave!
Brenda interviews the pregnant girl. She says she wants to give her baby away because she can it take care of the baby. Her boyfriend ran off because she refused to abort the baby. Her family sent her away because of the pregnancy but she wants to go to school later. Brenda asks who will pay her school fees? The woman says she will give her a scholarship. Brenda asks if she knows that she will MIT see the baby again after she gives him away? What if the boyfriend comes back to ask for the baby? She says she will hand over the baby as promised. Brenda asks for time to think about this and the woman hopes she will not go to the police.. Brenda assures her that going to the police is also not in her interest.
Laide says she wants peace for Ife’s sake. Sheila asks what Ife has to do with this? Laide says she shouldn’t be saying this but Amaka wants to use Ife to make herself look like a better parent than Sheila. Sheila asks why she is saying this? Is this some kind of mind games? Laide understands that Sheila cannot trust her after Chief Akinpelu? Sheila asks now she is Amaka’s friend, colleague, etc. Laide says the whole thing is affecting Freddie who is now in the hospital. She does not want it affecting her daughter in any way. Sheila asks her what magic wand she wants to wave to fix this?
Brenda apologizes for being late to their meeting. Angela tells her to take care of her things and she will manage at work. She tells Angela that she went to meet someone who helps people get a baby withouth the adoption agency. Angela asks what she is doing at a baby farm? She asks how much she is asking for? Brenda says N500,000and Angela wonders how she can be that clueless? Does she not watch the news? Brenda tries to justify the whole thing. She reminds Angela that she was all for adoption. Angela tells her that is not adoption. She asks if an adoption agency will give her a child immediately? Angela asks if that is what Nosa wants! Brenda asks who cares about his opinions? She is an adult and can do what she wants?
Frank asks Chuks to apologize to his father-in-law. Chuks says it is useless. He will not agree. Frank says he will come with him. Chuks asks who he is but apologizes. Frank suggests he asks Ibuzor but Chuks says no. He does not want Ibuzor to know that he lied. If he does, he will no longer invest in his venture.
Tsav and Yaya discuss her difficulty with job hunting. He suggests she talks to Sheila about joining her in the spa. She asks if he thinks Sheila will agree? He thinks so. She runs off to see Sheila immediately. The guy that threatened Amaka joins him at the table. Tsav passes him an envelope. He checks his money and and asks Tsav about the other stuff? In due time, replies Tsav!