Chuks comes to drag rent with Bimpe who insists that she will get the rent to Chuks’s mum soon. Chuks meets an excited Dafe on his way out. He apologizes for what happened at the orphanage. She asks what he has in a bag and he says it is provisions. He decided to get her some things. She asks if he thinks she is broke? He asks if she is? She says Audu has not paid her. He is furious and is ready to go with her to see Audu. She will rather do that by herself.
Nosa asks the doctor if she is sure of what she is saying? How can it be that they cannot have a baby? The doctor says she consulted another gynecologist. Nosa consoles Brenda and insists he will get as many additional opinions as he needs. The doctor asks them to do that but not having a baby is not a death sentence. There are other ways to get a baby. Brenda asks how and she replies that now is not the time to discuss it.
Bimoe asks Greg where Audu is? She has not been paid. Greg wants to talk to her but she is not ready. He tells her he misses her. She thinks he has a weird way of showing it. He tells her he is the one that dumped him but she is not interested. She asks him to tell Audu that she looked for him. She would have called him but she does not have time for his wife’s trouble.
Cosmo asks Freddie to come and eat. He made his favourite dish. Freddie is not hungry. Cosmo tells him that what Amaka told him is the right thing and he should not be angry. He asks how that is Cosmo’s problem and asks him to go and do some dishes. His friends come in and hail him. He did not respond well and they ask if it is because of Ivie? He should forget her. They came to turn him into a speed racer. Cosmo reminds him that he is not supposed to drive and he is not supposed to see these boys. Freddie reminds him that he cannot stop him and picks the car keys and leaves. Cosmo calls Amaka but her phone rings at home!
Amaka tells Cosmo that he should have called. Cosmo tells her that she left her phone at home. He tells her about Freddie leaving with a car. Funmi calls and Amaka tells her it is not a good time but stops when she hears it’s the police. The policeman tells her that a car registered to Fred was involved in an accident. Three young men in the car have been taken to memorial hospital.
Nosa brings Brenda tea. If she cannot eat, she can at least have tea. He tells her that he has been looking up fertility treatments and knows a doctor that can fix whatever issues she has. She tells him she is not going anywhere again. Why will the new doctor see anything different? She will not go anywhere else. In fact, she is sorry about the marriage. He assures her it is not her fault.
Bimpe walks in and meets a flat full of people screaming surprise! She asks what is going on? They came to celebrate with her for being alive. Greg knocks and comes in to meet the group nhe came around to ensure she is really fine. She invites him to join the party!
Tsav regales Sheila with tales from his boarding school. Yaya comes out with drinks and Sheila tells her she is not a guest. Yahimba says that’s rubbish. They should have thrown her a welcome party. Tsav says a dinner for four of them will do. Cosmo calls Sheila to tell her about Freddie’s accident. Sheila snatches up her things.
Nosa calls Angela to come and talk to Brenda. He has been trying to talk to her but he thinks she will prefer to talk to a babe at times like this. She asks what that means and he tells her about the procedure they went for. Angela says she is on her way!
Angela walks into a sniffling Brenda’s bedroom. She asks what Angela is doing there and Angela tells her Nosa called. She screams that Nosa had no right. Angela tells her that she is not alone and she is going through what most other women go through. Brenda asks how she went through the same? She talks about her miscarriage and Brenda tells her it is not the same. Angela explains her she did not plan to be pregnant only to have it taken away from her when she had adjusted to it. Brenda screams that at least she can still have a baby. Everyone else can except her! She breaks down and Angela hugs her close!
Sheila marches into the hospital and meets Amaka. She asks her where Freddi is and Amaka tells her he is in surgery. She is furious that Amaka allowed this to happen and did not tell her immediately it happened. Amaka asks what she would have done? Freddie started doing all these when Sheila moved out. Sheila reminds her that she was ordered out by her. They throw each other’s history at them and Amaka tries to fight when Sheila told her that she pities Toochi for having her as a mother but she was restrained by Tsav. After sharing insults, she asks Tsav to come and let them go. She will come back when there is little chance of her making someone else end up in hospital.
The party is in full swing but Greg corners Dafe and asks why he never goes home but hangs around a girl that has no time for her. Dafe insists that Bimpe is his client. Greg thinks her career is not at its best right now.
Brenda asks what she did to deserve this? She believes that it is better to be born without a womb than what she is currently experiencing. Angela assures her that this is not a punishment for anything?
Laide comes in to meet Amaka watching over a sleeping Freddie. She came as soon as she heard. She asks if Sheila knows? Amaka confirms she was around with all her drama. She came threatening to sue for Freddie’s custody she will see the court that will grant that. What does a childless woman know about kids? Laide asks to be told what she can do to help. Amaka wants the kids to spend more time with each other now that Fred is gone. Laide is okay with it. She asks Amaka to make her head of production to free herself with all these works. Amaka will see what she can do.