Chuks harasses Frank for dropping things in the office. He asks what Frank has against Chibuzor? Is it because they bounced him? Frank says he has not seen anyone from Yankee that did not first declare for his friends and relations. Chuks reminds him that Chibuzor flashed them $100. He reminds Chuks that it is after he spent Chuks’s money. Chuks remembers that Chibuzor used to finish Chuks’s biscuit first when they were kids before opening his own. Chuks thinks he is a big boy but Frank tells him that the only thing big about Chibuzor is his head. Chuks reminds him that they are talking about his cousin.
Brenda haggles with someone on the phone as Nosa comes out. She drops the phone and runs off to the toilet when she is about to throw up. He looks baffled.
Chuks comes out of the office and meets Chibuzor tasting Sammie. He calls her moon, etc. Chuks asks her to go and attend to customers. He asks Chibuzor for N5,000 to make up money for his suppliers. Chibuzor converts it to $30, checks his pocket and says he forgot his wallet at home and promptly turns back to eye Sammie. Chuks and Frank exchange looks.
Yahimba tells Tsav that since they have decided to forgo pleasantries, what will he offer her in exchange for the news she has? He greets her and asks what information she has? She says it has to do with Iverem. She agrees to take whatever he can offer before telling him that Iverem has taken up residence in the spa. He gets up and tells her he could have found this out in less than five minutes. She insists he cannot wriggle out of their agreement. Which agreement, he asks?
Freddy’s friends walk in and hail him young money as Amaka calls. She wonders what young money is? He says it is what they call him in school. She thinks it is vulgar and Freddy tells her not to get her girlie up in a twist. She is not happy and asks why he is home early? Nothing is happening in school. He left early. She asks him to stop coming home early. He asks how she knew he was home early? Oh, Cosmo, the big mouth. She asks him not to talk about Cosmo like that. She drops the phone and worries as Laide comes in to drop a proposal. She collects it and says she will review it later.
Nosa comes in to check on Brenda in the office. She hardly touched her breakfast at home. She says she is okay. He asks if she has to be in the office that day? She says she has a meeting and a lot to do. He says it is okay if she has to stay and if she feels bad again, she should get to see a doctor. Not that Dr. Ige. Brenda insists that she has been seeing Dr. Ige for a while and they are friends. He tells her that modern medicine does not always have all the answers.
Chibuzor comes in to meet Frank and Chuks in the office. He says he is tired and Frank reminds him he went to the club. He asks if Frank has ever travelled to anywhere? Frank squirms. He asks Frank to keep quiet in that case. He tells Chuks that there is no food in the house. Chuks says he will find something on his way back. He asks if they don’t sell food in the office? Chuks and Frank ask him to bring money for the food. He shuffles out. Frank asks if Chuks if he is Chibuzor’s wife now? Chuks says he is the host. Frank is not happy and insists he should allow Chibuzor to fend for himself.
The boys meet Freddy and asks Freddy the last time he drove? Freddy says he does not drive. They shout and tell him how early they started to drive and how one of them spent five days in jail. Freddy tells them he was arrested once for hacking into the computers. They hail him for that.
Angela and Brenda give their views on Delmuah’s pitch. She leaves to make the corrections. Angela asks Brenda why she is looking strange? She says she is feeling queasy. It must be something she ate. Angela eyes her and she asks if there is something on her face? Angela tells her she may be pregnant even though it is too early. Brenda thinks it is a stretch but grudgingly agrees that they have consummated the marriage. Angela hails Nosa for being a sharpshooter as she rushes out to get a home-made pregnancy test kit. Brenda tells herself that modern medicine may not know it all.
Brenda dictates a letter to Nnenna and gets lost mid-way. Nnenna asks if she is okay? Angela bursts in with the pregnancy test kit and Brenda quickly dismisses Nnenna. Angela hands in the test kit but warns Brenda not to get her hopes up. Brenda says it does not feel too right to do so in the office. She will do it at home.
Cosmo asks Freddy what they are planning? Freddy says they want to go out for a spin. Cosmo asks him to go and do his homework. Freddy tells him that he cannot order him around anymore. He is the man of the house now. He orders Cosmo to go and do some dishes. The boys hail him and he asks them to come and chill at the pool.
Chuks gets home to meet Chibuzor drinking garri and plantain. He is happy that Chibuzor fixed something for himself. He tries to sample some but Chibuzor gives him a tiny piece of plantain. He brushes that aside and picks a piece of the plantain. He thinks it is tasty but Chibuzor stops him. He asks Chuks what he should do to stay in touch as Chuks does not have food or cable TV. Chuks says he cannot afford cable TV. Frank enters and Chibuzor asks if he brought anything? When he says no, Chibuzor gets up to go for a walk. Chuks tells Frank that he is right. Chibuzor is still as stingy as ever. Chibuzor walks back in and taunts Chuks into a game of table tennis. Frank looks on in horror as Chuks accepts the challenge.
Cosmo complains to Sheila about Freddy’s conduct. Sheila tells him to take it to Amaka. Cosmo begs her to start talking to Amaka again for Freddy’s sake. Sheila tells him not to mention Amaka again. Tsav barges in and the receptionist runs in to tell Sheila he forced his way in. He greets Cosmo and asks if he is also living in the spa? Cosmo looks puzzled and Tsav tells him thatSheila has been living in the spa but he is there to put an end to it! Sheila looks murderous!
Nosa eggs home and meets Brenda who quickly hides her test kit. He is furious for his manager for getting him a job with very dry people who don’t laugh at jokes. He asks Brenda to slap him if he ever accepts this kind of work. He will not do it again even for double the rate. Brenda tells him now may not be the best time to reject gigs. Children can be expensive. Which children? He asks her. She thinks she is having a baby!

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Tsav asks the spa girls which of them called Tinseltown magazine as Sheila looks on?