Bimpe greets Chuks and Chuks tells her he heard how she handled the married women the other day. She said they deserved what they got. Chuks is happy her boss did not fire her. Frank comes out and asks Chuks about Chibuzor? He says he is at home jet-lagged. Bimpe asks who is jet-lagged? Can they introduce her? Frank tells her it is Chuks’s flat broke cousin. She smiles and asks them for the menu. They tell her she should better leave to avoid the protesters following her there. She is shocked they want to deny her service and picks her phone to make a call.
Nosa fetches Brenda green tea. It is good for nausea. She drinks and he thinks that she may be coming down with malaria. She says she never gets sick. He asks if she should get a pregnancy test. She says that does not work till after two weeks. She will go for a medical check up. He asks if it is with Dr. Ige? She reminds him that she cannot mess up a simple pregnancy test. He agrees that she should go but just this once.
Bimpe calls Ene and Ene is not happy she lied about the video. She says she is not proud of it. Ene reminds her that she always has her back irrespective of what she did. She reports that Chuks and Frank says she is no longer welcome at Ziggy’s because of the video. She asks to speak with Chuks and asks Chuks why he will punish Bimpe for one simple mistake? Chuks says he did not bounce her. Ene threatens that her father will increase the monthly payments Chuks needs to make for her. Chuks tells her not to do so. He agrees she will stay. Bimpe smiles and orders a chapman but Ohakanu walks right in and tells her that he saw some of the protesters. It looks like they are on their way!
Sheila is not happy that Tsav told Cosmo about her staying at the spa. He claims that he thought Cosmo knows already and was trying to ask her to get back to the house. Sheila agrees that he was but insists that she is an adult and can decide where she wants to stay. Tsav tells her that people on her staff have been talking to Tinseltown. Sheila is not happy her mum has been involved in this. Tsav tells her that it is not important. They just need to find her a place before the whole thing blows up. People are already talking behind her back. She is not bothered about what Lagos is saying about her but he says she cares.
Freddy’s new friends are at the pool. They ask when they will take a driving lesson without Cosmo following them? He tells them it will be soon. They ask if they will still have this pay? Freddy is worried about his aunt. The boys tell him to be decisive like Olumide’s brother. He makes juniors buy him things worth thousands with only twenty Naira. Freddy thinks that is not nice.
Nosa asks Brenda where she is going to? She is going to work and she is okay now. She has a meeting with Angela. He tells the baby girl that her mother works too hard. Brenda is hoping for a boy. He agrees it is a boy and suggests they plan to have the baby abroad. Brenda will not have that as she has a business to run. He suggests Angela but she will not leave everything to Angela. He suggests they start fixing the baby’s nursery in his apartment but she quickly reminds him that they are still discussing a pregnancy.
Bimpe meets with her publicist and asks if he is moving into her flat? He says that is their next strategy. She is tired of his strategy and tells him about her being thrown out of Ziggy’s because Ohakanu said the women protesters were on their way. Chuks had to beg her to leave. He shows her a tee shirt with the inscription “I am Human, which is cancelled and replaced with Bimpe) she says human is too simple. Why not super human? By the time they get people to wear this, they will like her. He suggests she relaxes by going to the spa or something. She smiles and says that is the best strategy he has come up with so far and runs off.
Tsav come out as the girls were discussing not hearing from Tinseltown and asks them who spoke with Tinseltown? Sheila joins him and asks the girls to start talking quickly. One says she asked the others not to do it. Sheila is not happy she did not talk when she knew what others were planning. The second girl says she did not make the call. The third girl is not happy at being left all alone but Sheila orders her to leave before she does something she will regret!
Brenda meets the new doctor who is an assisted-pregnancy specialist. She tells her that they may be wasting their time as she thinks she may be pregnant. She is nauseous and her period is late. The doctor reminds her that she just had a HSG and she was not ovulating then. She says she was about to experience her period then but did not tell Dr. Ige because she would have made her wait till after her period and she needed to know what is happening. The doctor tells her that she would have risked the life of the fetus if she is pregnant. HSGs are done when there is no chance of a pregnancy. She will go and get the lab to do the blood work.
Tsav works in with bags and Yaya asks what is with the bags? Sheila walks in and Yaya starts blubbering about being sorry. Yahimba comes out and says she never thought she will see the day!
The doctor tells Brenda that she knows she will be upset about the result. Brenda asks if she will just agree with the lab staff? She says she will take up from where the lab stopped and ensure she is treated. She wants to perform a hysterescopy. She will pass a camera inside her body and see how things are.
Brenda gets home and Nosa asks what happened? She says she went to the doctor and she is not pregnant. He asks how it happened? She said she was going to a meeting she says she changed her mind and went to a doctor. He is not happy she went alone and says he does not trust Dr. Ige. She tells him she went to see Dr. Coker, the specialist Dr. Give referred her to. She wants to do a minor surgery. He promises to be there with her.
Tsav asks Yahimba to be nicer to Sheila. She says it depends on how long she plans to stay. She is staying in her house as if she is doing her a favour. Sheila says she is there for a short while and tells Yahimba to see this as returning the favour of spending time in Sheila’s own home the other day. Yahimba says she got it all wrong. She had been waiting to see the day she will return home and is happy to see her. She gets up and gives a surprised Sheila a big hug!

Next on Tinsel
Ivie asks the boys who told them that? They tell her that her secret is safe with them. That is how club boys roll. She turns angry at Freddie for ratting her out.