Dr. Ige congratulate Brenda and Nosa on their wedding. Nosa thinks he is lucky and asks what is wrong? Dr. Ige says she is okay. She only needs to make some more checks. It has however been difficult fitting it into Brenda’s schedule. Nosa agrees they have been quite busy. No honeymoon. He excuses them and Brenda asks of she should go and change? Dr. Ige asks if it does not worry her she is keeping the secret from her husband? She says she is ready to go through the test and treatment. Her case may be different. She has a history of defying expectations.
Chuks tells Frank about their exploits with police. Chibuzor told the policeman that he does not have rights to stop them. He needs a warrant for that and he will sue them. He begged the policeman and he was in a good mood. He asks where Frank slept? Frank reminds him that he has a home. He simply moved into Chuks’s to help take care of Amara. Chuks is grateful. Ibuzor bounces in and tells Chuks that he was in the apartment going crazy and has come to see the town and club. Chuks says he can’t go. He is busy at the bar. Ibuzor wonders what Frank is doing? Chuks says he is busy but agrees to go with him.
Brenda gives instructions to Mimi and Nnenna when Nosa bounces in. He just finished a meeting and since he was in the neighborhood he decided to check her and also get the test result. Brenda quickly dismisses the girls.
Frank complains about Chuks being distracted by Ibuzor. Sandra and Sammie think otherwise. Chuks has been happier since Ibuzor came. Frank complains that he has not been listening to them since then. The other girls laugh at his jealousy at Ibuzor taking all of Chuks’s time. Sammie asks them to get back to work. Frank checks their till and all the money is gone! He asks around but no one owned up to taking the money.
Amaka welcomes Barrister Odey but stops short when she saw Sheila. Barrister Odey says she came to broker a truce. He asks Amaka to lift the embargo on Sheila coming to the house. Amaka tells Sheila that if she thinks she can manipulate Barrister Odey the same way she manipulated Freddy, then she has another think coming. Sheila replies that Amaka can only believe that she manipulated Freddy. She reminds Barrister Odey that she warned that Amaka will not listen. She knows it was a stretch expecting him to defend her against Amaka but she will find another lawyer.
Chuks and Ibuzor come back without getting to their destination due to traffic. Ibuzor whines about the traffic but Chuks reminds him that he used to bear all sorts before he travelled. Frank comes to tell him that they have a big problem.
Brenda chides Nosa for talking about the test in front of the girls. They can gossip. He apologizes but is not comfortable with the additional tests Dr. Ige wants to conduct. He thinks she may just want more money. Brenda cannot believe that. He tells her that he heard that couples should try for at least one year before they worry. He tries to try in the office but she stops him. Anyone can walk in she says. She will soon get home and they can try and try as much as he wants.
The boys pitch their club to Freddy. It is the good life they preach. Ivie calls him but he did not pick the call. He asks for time to raise money.
Frank and Chuks end up in the office and Frank tells Chuks about the missing money. Chuks says he borrowed it. He is currently the one buying things for now till Ibuzor resolves his issues with his bank. Frank reminds him that he still has his in-laws to settle. He thinks Chuks is spending money on Ibuzor anyhow. He is even spending more money on him than his mum. Chuks wonders if he is saying that he Chuks does not spend money on his mum? Frank says he knows what he sees.
Freddy gets back with his drink to meet his friends playing loudly on a video game. The boys ask after Ivie? Is she his girlfriend? Freddy says no. Cosmo comes and turns it off for being too loud. He is shocked when he sees Freddy’s drink and screams that Aunty Amaka will not be happy! The boys are shocked that the servant is giving orders. Freddy orders Cosmo to go and do his work. Amaka walks in just then and asks what is going on?
Amaka asks what is going on again? The two boys run off. Freddy says Cosmo was disturbing him and his friends. Amaka dismisses Cosmo and tells Freddy that his going through a hard time following the loss of his granddad does not give him the right to be unruly. Freddy asks if she is also going to ban him from having friends over? She can have the whole house to herself if she so wishes. He stalks off.
Dr. Ige tells Brenda and Nosa about the Ashaman Syndrome. Nosa does not know what it is. She explains that it results from surgery when the wall of the womb overgrow each other. Nosa says he rejects it there must be a solution. Dr. Ige says there can be surgery but Brenda’s own is so advanced she does not want to risk it. Nosa rants about Dr. Ige and her using methods to ask for more money. Brenda tries to stop him but Dr. Ige says she should allow him to express his opinion. Now it is time for her to express her’s. She thinks it is time for them to see another doctor.
Ibuzor bounces into the bar and after greeting Chuks, Frank asks him what brought him back. Business opportunities. How long is he around for? For as long as it takes. Frank tries to ask another question, he asks him to stop. They can talk later. He tells Chuks that now that the traffic has stopped is a good time for them to go clubbing. Chuks is busy.
Dr. Ige and Nosa continue to go at each other and Nosa eventually storms out. Brenda says she does not need another opinion but Dr. Ige says she will recommend another doctor who will give her options. She writes the Doctor’s name for her and she thanks her. She tells Brenda that her job is to deliver babies and wishes her well.
Yahimba chews the editor for calling her at home so late. The editor tells her that she has just been informed that Sheila is living in the spa. Yahimba asks if she has shared the information with anyone? She says no bit thinks they should lead the next edition with the story. Yahimba tells her to stay action on the story and thanks her for her foresight on not sharing the information with any other person.