Chibuzor guzzles food as if he has never seen food before. Chuks says he would have cooked more if he knew he was that hungry. Chibuzor says that is his last round. He is watching his weight. Chuks has lost his appetite. He asks why Chuks is running two business and still living in this box? Chuks eyes him but says he invested all his money in his fashion business. He tries to talk business but Chibuzor says he should switch on the air conditioner before he catches fire! Chuks does not have air conditioning but produces Ene’s hand fan. Chuks tells him about the design business but Chibuzor asks for feasibility studies, five year projection, etc from his home boy. After that, he can be pitched again. He closes his eyes and starts snoring right away!
Brenda apologizes for missing yesterday’s meeting and asks for the casting result. The names they have do not make anyone jump for joy. They consider other options but they are all tied up. Odun suggests Nosa. He meets all their requirements. A couple of people agree with him. Brenda asks him to forget it.
Chuks tells Frank that he has generated three orders for Chuksy’s this morning. He asks how many Frank has taken? 15, Frank replies. Chuks is surprised and asks how? Frank says it is 5 stouts, 3 ginger ale, etc. Chuks asks why he is boning? He has been frowning since morning. Frank asks after Chibuzor. Chuks says he is jet-lagged and sleeping at home. Chibuzor calls and asks Chuks to come quickly. Chuks takes off.
The spa girls discuss Sheila. One says she read that Sheila was shut out of the will. The receptionist asks them not to believe everything they read. The other two remind her that Sheila sleeps in the spa! Another suggests that they can make good money by selling the tale to Tinseltown. The receptionist says it is not right to sell their madam out. Two of them agree to make extra money but the third opts out. Sheila comes out and asks if they don’t have work to do? They all disappear. She inspects the books and notices the receptionist looking at her strangely and asks her if anything is the matter?
Chuks tells Chibuzor that he got scared at the call. He thought armed robbers were after him. Chibuzor says he freaked out when he lost his way. He went to look for groceries but couldn’t find a shop. Chuks asks him to tell him whenever he wants anything so that he gets it on his way home. Chibuzor says the street reminds him of Brooklyn but it does not smell this bad. Chuks does not smell anything. Chibuzor tells him he is already conditioned to suffering. Chuks asks him to wear gas mask then! Chibuzor says and hide this pretty face? No way! He wants to change some money but Chuks tells him Nigerians use cards now. He is surprised and wants to use his card to buy N200 groundnut! Chuks leaves him to his devices and walks away.
Brenda thinks they had a very productive day the previous day and asks to close the meeting. Odun asks after the lead role. Nosa fits their bill. Feke supports him. Brenda finds it impertinent that Odun even suggested it. Odun defends his position. Angela asks him to leave the casting decision to herself and Brenda. He pushes it and Brenda tells him she does not mix her professional and personal life. Nosa is not up for discussion.
Ivie comes to visit Freddy and accuses him of abandoning her. He is now too caught up with the club boys. What is she hearing about his organizing a party at Ziggy’s for a club he is not a member of yet. He asks why she is the only one that understands it that way? That’s why he enjoys hanging out with her. It’s those boys that started the rumors about the party. He hopes they have not told anyone about it. She suggests they go and inside and play the game she came with. He prefers to sit outside. The fighting inside the house gives him headache.
Chuks tells Chibuzor not to attempt to buy groundnut with a card or he could be stoned. Chibuzor tries to pay for the groceries they bought with his cards but they were declined over and again. He starts ranting and asks if cashless really means that you can’t get cash? Chuks pays for the items.
Ivie and Freddy are interrupted by his new friends who hail him young money! She is shocked that they come to visit Freddy at home and leaves them. Freddie tells them he has no money for any party. They remind him that they stuck out their necks for him and if he does not go through with the party, they will make school so uncomfortable for him even Ivie will start avoiding him.
Angela asks Odun why he kept on insisting on Nosa for the role even when Brenda showed she is not interested in it? He says he fought for what he felt is right. Angela tells him to leave the casting decisions to them. He asks even if it is the wrong decision? She reminds him that she still outranks him in the company and he is coming close to insubordination.
Barrister Odey visits Sheila who is happy he could come quickly. He says she sounded like an emergency. She wants custody of Freddy and wants him to represent her. Things have been difficult for everyone including Freddy. She had to leave home and Amaka banned her from the house. He is shocked at that. He says he will help her broker a truce but she thinks they have gone beyond that. He asks where she has been staying since she left? She says she is staying in the hotel. He tells her that a permanent home is key in a custody battle.
Chibuzor complains about how things don’t work well in the country. You can’t even use your credit card. Chuks reminds him that his own card worked. Chibuzor thinks that it will it won’t work the next time. Typical Nigeria. Chuks asks why he came back? He says he came back because of brain drain. To help develop Nigeria. Chuks explains that something’s work in Nigeria. Our airports for example. Chibuzor does not agree with him. Chuks whines about the air conditioned cabs they are taking which is too expensive. Chibuzor tells him it is just till he gets his account sorted out.
Sheila is satisfied with the records kept by the spa girls and tells them to run along. She will lock up. The girls ask why she comes in too early and will now leave late. She says she has to put in extra work to make things work. As she goes in, the girl picks her phone and rings Tinseltown magazine.