Chuks begs Ene to help him beg her father to calm down. She asks why she should do that? They are not on the same side anymore. He reminds her she is his wife o. She says she was till he killed her with his mouth. He says she is sounding unreasonable like her father. She asks if he is calling her father unreasonable? He begs her and calls her his wife. She asks who he is calling that? He begs that it will be a disgrace to his family. She is not moved. She tells him to better get his acts together or she will return to her father’s house. She tells him her contract has been extended. He is happy and says that means more money. She tells him he will it see any part of it. Her father has said she should stop subsidizing him and will be inspecting her payslip.
Amaka asks what it is about the game that keeps Freddy enthralled? Freddy says it is nothing. She asks what he was discussing with Sheila in the morning? He says it is nothing. She only came to see him. She thought it was a serious discussion. He asks if he can have his friends from school come to the house? They will hang out at the pool. She says no, and Freddy says he knows, they need to save money, right? She says it is not the right time to socializing as they are still mourning. Freddy says well, she says no to everything anyway.
Chuks’s mum is not happy he killed Ene with his mouth. He says he knows what he did is stupid but is happy she is around now to fix it. She says she only came to meet with The Ade-Williams to collect Ziggy’s inheritance. He says when she collects it, she will give him some to settle his in-laws but she asks him to look elsewhere. She is teaching him to be a man and fix his mess.
Chuks asks if his mum is abandoning him? She reminds him that he did it all to himself. He is not happy she is not acting like his mum. She asks him to go out there and get his family. One day he will thank her for this lesson. He grumbles that the world is cruel. Even his mum is abandoning him. She says she will go with him to beg Ene’s father.
Nosa tells Brenda about a client that refused to pay him because she thinks he was not funny. She asks if he was? He says he showed her the video where she was laughing and she paid up. Brenda asks if he is serious about going somewhere? He says he is a man with needs. She understands deprivation but she did not sign up for a man that will sleep around. He says he is not that man and asks her to relax and let him love her. He gets up and walks around and tries to kiss her. She moves her face and he tells her it is ridiculous she cannot even fake a kiss. She says she will probably get around to it.
Chuks and his mum meet Ene’s father. After exchange of pleasantries, he tells Chuks’s mum that Chuks is responsible for his grey hairs. Chuks’s mum says that is why they came. Ene’s father says that his punishment is that Chuks will pay another bride price. Chuks protests and Ene’s father says that while it is not in their culture, that is what he has decided that Chuks must do. He hands the list over to them and Chuks’s mum gasps when she looks at the list. She pleads for forgiveness. Ene’s father says that only one hand cannot clap and recalls that Ene had to go and stay with Chuks’s mum. For that reason, he will allow Chuks pay in installments. Chuks readily agrees.
Tsav talks to someone that he is looking for a property around where they stay and he intends to start building immediately. Yahimba comes out and meets him. Immediately he gets off the phone, she asks if he is buying a house in that neighborhood? It must be expensive and surely it is not his money nhe agrees and she suddenly thinks he must be behind the transfer Sheila made. He acknowledges that and asks what she wants to do? Report him to the authorities? She says she can tell Sheila what he is up to. He threatens to cut her off and also make sure that she never speaks with Sheila and Yaya. He also shows her a small bag of diamonds which belongs to the family. He reminds her that there was supposed to be a safe in Venezuela. Instead he found it in Lagos and believes that Yahimba brought it along as Yaya could not have smuggled them in. He asks if she cares to explain? Yahimba reminds him that he found them.
Yahimba never thought that the day will come when one of her children will live up to their potential. He asks if that is praise coming from her? He never heard that. She agrees that he is right. She had a little money problem here. She asks what his excuse is for taking the diamonds? He says he took everything to stop her from over-extending herself. He is keeping it for everybody. She asks him to give her the money and she will use it well. Imagine having the dirty little secrets of the whole town. He asks why she thinks he does not have them?
Brenda talks company finance with Angela but Angela would rather discuss her fist night as a married woman. Brenda says it was fine and moves on. Angela asks if it started with a bang? Brenda says it went well and Angela wonders why she is touchy? Brenda wonders what the obsession with her sex life is? It is okay and will not be the butt of Angela’s crude jokes. Angela insinuates that she did not seal the deal and Brenda wonders what her sudden obsession with sex is? Angela tells her that the more she gives in, the more he will be willing to do what she wants. She asks how that panned out between her and masters? She screams ouch! Brenda’s phone rings and she doesn’t pick. Angela asks why she is dogging hubby’s calls? Brenda gets up and says they will continue the meeting later.
Frank asks Chuks to cheer up. He can re-start Chuksy’s. He says the company is dead and it cannot be the same without Ene. Sammie suggests he gets some contract to sew school uniforms. He tells them he is designer, not a tailor. Frank tells him to get some work that earns money. He brightens up and says he can use the pictures Soji made into a catalogue to start. The waiters agree to show it to the customers if the management agrees. Chuks gladly approves.
Sheila calls Dikibo to request for a meeting. He asks her to drop all formality and says he will see her when he comes to the house. She starts saying that she no longer stays in the house but he insists that she has been through a lot lately and he will not put her through more. He will see her in the house. She agrees and gets off the phone. Her staff that walked in while she was on the phone starts to talk but she cuts her off and tells her that the next time she walks into her office without knocking is the last day she will work there.
Nosa is surprised to meet Brenda already in the house. He asks what the emergency was? She tells him to consider this as making up. He sits down and she places her leg on top of his knee. He tells her that no man likes being rejected on his wedding night. She unbuttons her blouse and when he asks if she is sure? She tells him that he can come to the room and find out or stay there as she walks to the bedroom.

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