Bimpe and Dafe bicker and Ohakanu asks Dafe to stop harassing Bimpe. He does not have any experience or any celebrity he has helped. Dafe rejects that he is a failed PR man. Bimpe reminds him that she has sacked him and asks him to leave. He says it is not over. It can still be turned around. He will leave to clear his head but he will come back and they will turn things around. After he leaves, Bimpe tells Ohakanu that this is the way to get people to work hard for you.
Amaka watches Peju break the news of Brenda’s marriage to Nosa. It is a surprise after the burial of Fred Ade-Williams. It is a surprise she is dating anyone at all. Amaka wonders who she is getting married to? Peju announces that she is marrying Nosa Okojere, known as The Advocate. Amaka’s mouth opens. Peju wishes the couple a happy funny married life after she welcomes Brosa!
Dafe comes back and Bimpe asks what he has come up with after clearing his head? He asks after Ohakanu and she says she sent him to the market. He says he has decided to change her image. She says her image does not need changing. Her fans like her the way she is. He insists that she needs to be changed from the sexual molester to the girl next door. Someone you can take home to mum. He shows her an image he wants to convert her to and she tells him that he does not know her. Even Ohakanu knows her better. He gives her a dress to wear and she tells him that she can never be found dead in that dress. If she is dead and someone dresses her in that, she will wake up and beat him. He coaxes her into trying the dress on. She wears it and runs off screaming after she sees her image in the mirror.
Sheila is crying in her office when her phone rings. It’s Tsav and he asks where she is? She says she is in the office. She moved out of her husband’s house and have checked into a hotel and will be there till she clears her head. He agrees that she will need the solitude of a hotel room now but it can be a drain on resources. He reminds her she is family and is always welcome to the house. Sheila refuses to show up in Yahimba’s house but he leaves the offer open in case she changes her mind.
Bimpe comes out dressed in a jacket and short skirt. Dafe is alarmed and Bimpe says she had to wear something to wipe away the image of that ugly dress. He insists that they want to change her look. She says she is ready to love on with her life. She is sure that there are fans that like her the way she is. He agrees and suggests they take her picture in Ziggy’s looking sad. She agrees since it will make the fans pity her. He insists that it is not in that dress. She rushes in and comes out with her bag. She tells him that even her cannot look good in that ugly dress. She asks him to lock up after her if he is not coming around and takes off. He locks up and goes after her.
Sheila’s staff is surprised to see her that early in the office. She says she came in early to get an early start. The lady says she came to take some file and move on. As soon as she leaves the office, Sheila’s phone rings and she drops it when she sees it is Amaka.
Nosa visits and is surprised to see Brenda at home. She says she wonds if there are things they need to talk about and breaks down. He asks if it is Kwame! She says yes and says some days are more difficult than others. He tells her that he hears that it gets better with time. She says she feels his presence in the house and wonders what it will be like when she moves out. He tells her that she does not need to move out immediately. They can use that time to make amendments to his house like the nursery, etc. She asks if he can move in with her? He agrees to move in till they have things sorted out. She hugs him and smiles to herself behind his back!
Bimpe and Dafe end up at Ziggy’s and he tells her to appear likable. She starts laughing loudly and speaking of fun at the top of her voice. He tries to tell her to tone it down but she won’t. He suggests they have a drink and she screams at the waiters to get her shots. He insists on fruit juice but she reminds him she is a big girl and can have whatever she wants. A photographer appears and starts taking her pictures. He asks what he is doing and he says he is making his friend famous. Dafe shoos him away and when they sit down, Peju suddenly appears on TV to announce further details on the Bimpe saga!
Freddy bounces into the office with Cosmo and abruptly asks Amaka where Sheila is? Amaka is surprised to see him. He tells her he went home to collect a project he forgot and was told that Sheila has left. Amaka says she does not know where Sheila went to. She has been trying to reach her to no avail. Freddy wonders why she cannot leave them alone and just leave? He asks Cosmo to come and go with him. Amaka asks Cosmo to ensure that he gets to school safely. Freddy asks her to stop talking to Cosmo like that. Amaka asks him to stop being so rude. She is doing what she is doing for all of them. Freddy asks if that includes not running the generator till she is home?
Laide is happy they could come to terms quickly. Amaka gives her the documents and Amaka says they need to quickly tie things up. They have drafted the documents and will require her to sign if she is okay with it. Laide asks how Sheila feels about her coming back? Amaka brushes that off and asks her that she needs to hit the ground running at the office. Laide says that is how she works. Amaka says she does not need another disconnect after all the trouble she has been having. Laide says she knows that Sheila does not like her coming back. Amaka says she did not say that and Laide says she does not need to.
Brenda meets her lawyer and he confirms that he has sent a list of her assets to Nosa’s lawyers. He also gives her a list of Nosa’s assets. He has a house in Lagos, UK, a healthy portfolio and a trust fund for unborn children. She is happy with that. She asks him to draft the pre-nup. He says he will insert a 50-50 clause in the agreement. He asks if he can offer his advice? She agrees and he tells her that it is not good to start a marriage planning for a divorce. She tells him that it is good then that he is paid for his skills and not his advice.
Bimpe and Nosa listen in horror as Peju goes ahead to describe how she is having a major meltdown. One moment she is attacking her fans and the next she is posting a picture of herself in tears. She also says there is a major disconnect between her and her PR manager who claims that her social media accounts are hacked. The next moment she posts a picture of herself. She asks if there is no one that can help this girl? She is heading towards obscurity. Bimpe snatches Dafe’s phone and hurls same at the TV to the horror of the patrons in the bar. She rants at Peju that she can never be as ugly as Peju who she believes does not like her. Dafe gathers her up and whisks her out of the bar.
Sheila is shocked to see Freddy in her office instead of school. Cosmo says he insisted on coming to see her. Sheila wonders why Cosmo let Freddy toss him around? Freddy says he came to see her and wonders why she left without telling him? How can she leave him alone in that house with Amaka? She tells him that she had to leave for some personal reasons and it has nothing to do with him. He asks her to come back and she says she won’t be able to. He asks her to allow him stay with her. She says he does not even know where she is staying now. He does not mind and will stay wherever she is.
Brenda calls John and asks if he has a suit? He does and she asks him to iron it and she will need him at the registry. He agrees. She asks how his arranged marriage is coming on? He says it is going well. He left his wife in the village for her to learn some skills. He will visit and spend some time with her once in a while. She is surprised to hear that and asks him to prepare the guest room for her husband. He asks if she means he should arrange her room? No, she explains. He is to arrange Kwame’s former room.

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Amaka calls and Dikibo asks why she is agitated? Freddy is missing.