Dafe and Ohakanu visit and Bimpe is not thrilled to see them. Dafe asks if she is still unhappy at that save the baby thing? Bimpe tells him that it is a disaster. She reads a couple of negative comments and when Ohakanu chips in, she shuts him down. Dafe smiles and reads some comments that got them all smiling from a book. Bimpe snatches the notebook from him and is surprised that the book is empty! He says he is trying to lift her spirit because if you can think it, you can achieve it. Bimpe hurls the book at him and tells them it is fire for fire from now on. Ohakanu takes a swig from his bottle.
Brenda walks into the office with Angela and tells her that she is not about to be scolded as a schoolgirl just because she allowed her into her life. Angela says she had to get her out of there and wonders what is going on? She hopes Brenda is really not going through with this. Brenda insists that she had spent all her time building her business and now it is time to build a family. Angela agrees but thinks it should not be by pulling a name off a computer! Brenda does not care.
Bimpe reads through more comments and is ready to respond negatively on the commenters. She agrees what to write with Ohakanu but Dafe thinks it is a bad idea. She should not be on social media right now. Bimpe is not ready to listen to him. He leaves promising to be right back. Ohakanu is ready to unleash terror on anyone that has anything negative to say about Bimpe, waving his empty bottle about.
Amaka gets home and asks Sheila if she spoke with Dikibo? Sheila wonders who that is? Amaka reminds her he was her husband’s friend. Sheila wonders if Chief Akinpelu is right about Amaka and Dikibo being involved in some vile scheme to keep her out? Amaka is surprised she is agreeing with Chief Akinpelu. She tells Sheila that they need to work out something at least for Freddy who does not need all these drama in his life right now. They agree on that and Sheila tells her she can start by not being too rigid with the house allowance. Amaka reminds her that she is doing the best for everyone and the house is no longer her own. Sheila tells her to take the house and whatever she wants and shove them down her sanctimonious throat!
Ohakanu is back with another bottle and Bimpe wonders where he gets all this booze from? The wheels of revolution must be oiled, he replies. Dafe comes in and snatches Bimoe’s phone and Ohakanu’s drink to their protests. Bimpe thinks he is mad and he agrees. He takes a call and tells them it is Peju. Ohakanu is not happy he took a call while ignoring Bimpe. Dafe tells him to stuff the queen thing and save that for public appearances. He just spoke with Peju. They need to create their own version of things and leak it out! That gets a smile from Bimpe.
Sheila tells Freddy that he is constantly wearing a frown and she does not like it. She asks if they can do a fun thing and he quickly suggests the beach. She says the beach is too far and she does not have enough petrol. She agrees to see how she can get petrol. Amaka walks in and Freddy leaves them. Sheila begs Amaka for money to buy petrol to pick up a few personal things. Amaka writes her a cheque with a flourish. She apologizes for throwing the house thing at Sheila earlier. She explains that she is doing everything for their sake. She thought her parents were well-off but it all disappeared. Sheila will notice one day that she is doing everyone a favour.
Nosa calls Brenda to tell her he has arranged everything. The wedding is fixed for this weekend. She is surprised that’s was able to achieve that. He reminds her that she needs to bring a witness and asks who she has in mind. Crazy Angela?
Bimpe tells Ohakanu to be still as she makes up his face. He is dressed in suit and tie and wonders what this is all about? Dafe explains that the scandal started with Delmuah and they need to discredit her. He will need to record his conversation with her. He will also hide a camera in the bar to record it. Ohakanu asks for a drink to grease his path to this dangerous assignment. Bimpe asks him to stay still and stop sweating. What is dangerous about the assignment! To meet with a woman at a date? Please. They are happy at their work when they finish with him.
Laide tells Dr. Gyang her story. She was one of the few people Fred recognized and she had to play along. She felt it was the best way to get him to recover. Dr. Gyang agrees that Fred was weird in that period. Laide says they decided to pick her to blame. However, she needs to get back to work. That is all she is asking for and reminds him that she was trained by Fred. Dr. Gyang agrees to have a word with Amaka but makes no promises. She thanks him and says that is all she is asking for.
Dr. Gyang meets Amaka and asks her to have an open mind about their discussion. He tells her about Laide’s request to come back to work. Amaka thinks that they can find the same skills elsewhere. He reminds her that it is this personal sentiments that got the company in trouble. She agrees Laide works hard but the company is not in trouble. He reminds her that Fred trained Laide and though he has his doubts, he expects her to get a job and to be monitored as she goes about it. Amaka agrees to give it a shot.
Brenda sashays in and tells Angela that she and Nosa are having a civil ceremony this weekend and she needs her to be there as her witness. Angela tells her that she has made her views about the marriage known and does not want a part of it. Brenda says she is not asking for her approval but is asking for a favour. She will send Angela an email and expects her to be there!
Tsav wonders what Sheila is doing in the office so late? She says she is trying to clear her head. He asks if there is trouble at home and she agrees. He offers to buy her dinner but she says no. He agrees that he would have wanted to lie low if he was in her shoes considering what everyone is saying right now. He encourages her to stay strong as she is stronger than she thinks. She asks how he and Yaya are coping with Yahimba? He says there are always ways to get these things done. She says she now has a craving for seafood and he is happy she is not allowing anyone cage her!
Delmuah meets Ohakanu at Ziggy’s and he clumsily asks her to sit after she wonders if all is well. She orders for her usual and they get down to business. He says that he is developing content for TV and she comes highly recommended. She says she has not heard much about him. He is glad she came. She says she just set up a content development company. He requests that they play a game of opposites before they progress. She wonders what that means? He says that he will say the opposite of what he means like if he wants to describe her, he will say that she is ugly and unintelligent because he means the opposite. He will use it to determine how fast she thinks. He asks that she does the same thing with someone they jointly know. She wonders who that will be and he goes round but suggests Bimpe Adekoya.
Angela walks into Brenda’s and apologizes for putting down her marriage. She is just trying to ensure that Brenda does not wake up two weeks from now and regret what she did. Brenda says she won’t and if she does, she will handle it. She is a big girl! Angela also complains about Nosa joking about people with mental challenges. Brenda thinks it is selfish that the while thing is boiling down to what Angela needs! Angela apologizes and throws open the door to let in the Odyssey ladies who are dressed for a bridal shower!

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Delmuah regales the staff with tales from the bridal shower while Brenda hides beside a shelf! She tells them how they discussed Brenda no longer knowing how to use a gift she got for her! Brenda walks out and clears her throat to everyone’s horror!