Chuks asks Frank if he thinks Dike has given up? His phone rings again and Frank tells him to man up and save everyone the stress and answer the call. He picks the phone and Dike is furious that he refused to pick his call and has the guts to cut the call. He tries to lie but Dike asks him to come. They need to talk, face to face. He gets off the phone and tells others he has been summoned to his father-in-law’s house but he is going with his best friend Frank. Frank dodges and says Soji is his best friend. He asks the others not to eye him since none of them is volunteering. Boye steps up to go with him but Chuks says it is a family thing and he needs to face it alone.
Yaya is shocked that Sheila thinks she gave information about her to the press. She is her blood and wouldn’t do that. Sheila reminds her that Yahimba is also family. She says neither her nor Sheila is like Yahimba. She won’t do that. She is there to get the account number that Agent Shem gave Sheila. Sheila is surprised and asks if that is why she is there? She says no and Sheila does not really belie her. She asks what Sheila expects when she stood by when Amaka bounced them? Sheila asks why Yahimba wants the account? Yaya tells her that Yahimba thinks the guy is fake and wants to go after the money. It is all about the money for her. Sheila is happy to be away from the money. Yaya reminds her that it could have given her security and enable her tell the Ade-Williams to shove their legacy. She says she could have used the money to save Fred but she will never use it for herself.
Chuks meets Dike and Aunty Nonye. He apologizes for lying that Ene is dead to qualify for the competition. Aunty Nonye calls him foolish boy as Dike is not aware of that. Dike is shocked and asks if Chuks placed a curse on Ene?
Nosa is surprised Brenda went for the test a day early. She says she needed to get it out of the way. Everything went well. He struggles for words but eventually proposes. She asks if he thinks the time is right? He asks if there is a nay need for delay? She says no and agrees. He puts a ring on her finger and they hug.
Nosa meets his brother at Ziggy’s and proudly announces that he is getting married. His brother is happy and Nosa orders the best champagne. Nosa tells his brother that they have done all the tests and all is well. His brother asks if he told Brenda about his medical condition? He says no and asks his brother not to meddle. The brother reverts that he is the one messing up his future by basing a marriage on deception!
Sheila tells Yaya about her issues with Amaka controlling the family. Yaya says Amaka should not be lording it over Sheila’s house. Sheila reminds her that Amaka is the executor. Yaya still feels strongly about Amaka. Sheila asks if she is going to go and roughen up Amaka? She says someone needs to have a strong word with her. Sheila says Phillip would have done that if he were around and asks if she has heard from Phillip? Yaya thinks he would have contacted Sheila. Sheila asks how much the food is for but Yaya says it is time she starts paying for a meal.
Chuks tells others about his encounter with Dike. Frank thanks god he didn’t go with him. Dike threw him out of the house and says he will decide what to do with him later. The customers in the bar are shocked he did that to his wife and thinks he is not better than those that use their wives for rituals. Frank offers him a strong drink. Dike calls back to invite him back to the house.
Angela meets Brenda and instead of listening to the meeting she missed, she asks Angela to hold till after her meeting with the staff. She has an announcement to make. The staff converge and she tells them about her engagement to Nosa Okojere. Angela suggests they throw her a bridal shower but she will not have that. She will sit with Mimi to draft a press release. When she leaves, the staff wonder what effect marriage will have on Brenda?
Amaka meets Freddy sitting at the pool and asks why he is not going to school? He says he has a seminar and does not need to get to school early. He is also waiting for Cosmo to put on the generator. Amaka explains that she is trying to preserve the resources.
Dike explains to Chuks that if it was in the past, he would have had to perform a funeral for his wife but he will spare him of all that. Chuks thanks him for being a wise man. Dike tells him that since he has killed his wife with his mouth after pledging to live with her till death does them part, he will return his dowry. Chuks is shocked.
Sheila brings Freddy a cup of hot chocolate. Freddy thanks her and says he may as well move back to the boarding house. Sheila agrees that Amaka’s austerity measures are biting now. Freddy says they always have electricity in school. He asks after Phillip and says he would not have allowed the rationing of diesel in the house. Freddy is worried that no one has heard from him and if anything happens to him, they won’t know. Sheila assures him that Phillip will come back. He reminds her that she said the same of Fred. Sheila assures him that Phillip will be back. He asks if he is allowed to make decisions as a shareholder in the company? Sheila tells him not till he is 18. However, he can always discuss whatever he wants with her as she represents him on the board. She also asks him to ask Amaka whatever he needs to know. He tells her about reading in the magazine that he is a large shareholder and asks if that is true? She tells him that he is now the new Fred. He asks if he is required to wear an Afro? She laughs and asks him to enjoy his youth and allow adults to worry.
Angela and Brenda join Nosa and her brother at the bar. After introductions, the two love birds hold hands and face each other. Nosa’s brother ask how they met? He says it is through a dating agency. Angela and the brother are shocked and could not hide it. Angela asks for how long they have been dating? Nosa tells them three weeks before Brenda could say long enough! Angela asks Brenda Nana Mensah if she has completely lost her mind?

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Chief Akinpelu reminds Laide that she could not have gotten those shares if not for his intervention. He accuses her of abandoning him now that she is comfortable. Laide looks unconcerned!