Chuks laments that he is a bad father. Frank tells him it is not true and gives him instances to support that as Sammie looks on. Sammie tells him that Frank is right. As they speak, Amara is with a woman who gives beer to babies. Chuks jumps up from the sofa and dashes off with Frank. Sammie wonders what she did wrong!
Yahimba comes out and meets Yaya and asks if that was her phone ringing? Yaya that is sweeping says it was a wrong number. Yahimba goes for the phone but she snatches it up and says it is Sheila. Yahimba is shocked that she lied to her. She says they need to get some clothes to Sheila and dig into the background of Agent Shem. As they talk, Tsav comes out and chides Yahimba for talking to Yaya as a child. If Yahimba keeps that up, he will take her away and leave Yahimba to stay alone in poverty. He asks after her magazine? Yahimba says she will treat Yaya like a child if she behaves like a child. Tsav does not think that is an apology. He however tells Yaya that Sheila needs some support now and she needs to call her to provide that support.
Aunty Nonye is haggling with the taxi driver over fare when Chuks and the rest dash out and grab Amara from her. She asks him to return the baby but he insists he won’t part with her again. If she reports him, he will also tell how she fed the baby beer. Aunty Nonye grumbles but leaves in the taxi alone.
Brenda gets back and meets Angela in her office. She asks how Angela ended up in the jewelry store? Angela asks her to explain what she has been doing with Nosa? She agrees that she has been dating Nosa and invited her to the show to get her opinion. Angela is shocked that Brenda is dating a comedian! She congratulates Brenda who tells her she is getting too excited about this. Angela says her opinion is not important since he has already put a ring on it!
Chuks is afraid that his father-in-law will tear him apart. Frank suggests that he prepares his defense and pretend that himself and Sammie are his in laws. He starts and frank grabs Sammie. She warns him off to keep his hands to himself. He is not happy that she cannot act. Chuks asks them to concentrate. They try again and when Chuks talks about saying Ene is dead, Sammie jumps up and slaps the side of his head. Frank grabs her and holds her close!
Angela asks Brenda to tell her the details of the relationship. Brenda gives her the details of his CV; a successful lawyer that changed career and is doing well as a business man. Angela is interested in the steamy stuff, the first kiss, etc. Brenda is not giving and Angela says she will tell when she discusses with her grandchildren in future!
Amaka meets with a lawyer to consider the chances of her becoming Freddy’s legal guardian. The lawyers says that it depends on a number of factors; the child’s interests, her relationship with him, etc. she will have to consult and revert to Amaka.
Chuks still will jot pick Dike’s call. He asks Frank to pick the call. Frank refuses reminding him they agreed not to lie again. Chuks says he will switch off the phone. Frank tells him then Dike will know he is running. As they think of what to do, Obiora comes in to tell him there is a man looking for him in the bar. He had better hurry as the man is not looking pleased.
Yaya is not happy with Yahimba for allowing a negative article on Sheila to be printed. Yahimba tries to dodge but Yaya does not believe that she did not see and sanctioned the article. She thinks it was in bad taste. Yahimba justifies it that Sheila threw them out of her house. Yaya still does not think it right that they are throwing Sheila out like that. Tsav comes out and tells Yaya that she will need to call Sheila and also go to her visit her. She needs to treat her well when she is there; more honey, less vinegar.
Dr. Give calls Brenda to invite her to come for her test results. As they discuss, Nosa breezes in and asks her to go ahead. The doctor asks her to come in for the result and if it is possible, she should come with Nosa. She says she will come tomorrow. She drops and he asks if all is well? She tells him about the result. He has work tomorrow but will move things around she asks him not to worry. She will be okay.
Yaya calls Sheila and she asks if she mis-dialed? Yaya says no. She was going to call. Sheila reminds her that she hung up on her earlier. Yaya claims it was a bad signal. She asks if Sheila read Tinseltown? Sheila says she avoids that rag. She asks if Yaya has heard from Phillip? She says no. Sheila invites her to come and visit her at the spa. She can bring along some take out and she will refund her.
Chuks comes out to meet the winner from the baby contest. The guy is not happy at being kept waiting. Chuks apologizes and asks why the guy came? He has been asked to be the spokesperson of single fathers. He is afraid. Chuks tells him that it happens to every parent. He gives the guy tips which he notes down. He thanks Chuks and leaves.
Yaya discusses with Sheila who says she should have stood up to Amaka. Yaya should at least have stayed. She asks if Yaya knows what Amaka told Tsav?myaya says he only said that she asked them to leave. A staff brings her a copy of Tinseltown and Yaya reminds her that she no longer reads that. She talks about an advert and then blows up when she sees the article about her being left out of the will and Laide getting shares in Reel Studios. Yaya says she tried to warn her and tells her that it is all rubbish. Sheila reminds her that the magazine is owned by their mother and she also writes for the magazine. Yaya says she no longer does so. Sheila says she does not have to write to pass on information to them. Yaya asks if she is asking or accusing her?Sheila asks her which one she thinks it is?
The doctor tells Brenda that she has Ashaman Syndrome. Brenda says from her looks, it seems difficult. The doctor explains that it results from scaring of the wall of the uterus and they start closing in on themselves. It may be as a result of the fibroid procedure she went through. Brenda asks how long the treatment will be and whether she can work from home? Dr. I’ve tells her that it may be impossible to treat but she will run additional tests. Brenda can also get a second opinion. Brenda’s eyes start moistening and Dr. Ige assures her that she can continue to try to get pregnant. There are new treatments everyday and things can change quickly.

Next on Tinsel
Nosa tells Sheila that he knows her as a straight talking goddess and he will go ahead and ask her this question expecting a straight answer. Will she marry him?