Chuks and Amara are at the competition. He calls Frank and goes to sit beside the usual winner to ask him if the competition affect children from his experience? The guy replies that it did not affect his kids but he has seen that Amara is changing. Chuks leaves him and the second guy tells him not to kind the guy. He worries about the same thing. Chuks is happy to talk to a normal person. He asks why he is still there? He says he is there to show that he can care for his child. The money is good but that is not the main issue.
Brenda asks Feke what she thinks about The Advocate? The comedian? She asks. Brenda asks if there is any other person with that name? She says he is funny. Brenda asks her to get back to work.
The baby competition starts. The first contestant is in it to show he can take care of his child. His wife left him after he gave birth to the baby. He is there to show he can care for her. Contestant number two says he fathered all his children in love and wants to show that love. Chuks is contestant number three. He hopes that the others have given them enough drama. His wife died in an accident. She was holding the baby and he assured her they will come out in one piece. He is tired and is quitting the competition in honour of his wife!
Tsav thanks Cosmo and Amaka comes to meet him. She asks if he was living in Yahimba’s house and asks if TTK told him she was leaving? He says no, but they hardly know each other. He comments that it must be expensive hosting all of them after the costly funeral. Amaka says they had help with the funeral. Before she talks, he says it is rude to overstay one’s welcome. He will leave as soon as he finishes with the paper. She starts talking and he tells her he will also drag Yahimba and Yaya along. Amaka thanks him for being very understanding unlike Sheila. He tells her that she is distraught right now but will come along.
Frank comes to meet Chuks who is apologizing to Amara for lying about her mum. Frank is sorry for missing his speech and asks how it is going? Chuks says he lied. The judges announce him as the winner of the last round and everyone applauds. Chuks gets up and tells them that he is withdrawing from the competition. They ask if he is sure of what he is doing? He moves on.
Yahimba is not happy about the insult and while she is screaming, Yaya comes out too with her bag. Sheila asks what is going on? Yahimba rails at her for not being grateful but Tsav comes out and stops everyone. He says that they are leaving. Amaka was quite forceful about asking them to leave. Sheila looks baffled and he asks for a hug. She hugs him and ushers Yahimba and Yaya out.
Brenda drops an invitation to a comedy show on Angela’s desk. Angela wonders if that is her latest play after their conversation? Brenda asks her if she thinks she will go back there twice? She could have just called Sankey. She insists that she has been busy. Angela wonders what could be so personal that she could not share when she does not have a man in her life? Brenda tells her that she should not accuse her of not sharing if she does not come for this. Angela is shocked but agreed to come for the show.
The judges confer and agree to let Chuks leave the competition in memory of his wife whose soul should rest in peace. Aunty Nonye happens to walk in just then and is appalled to hear that. She shouts on Chuks and announces to all that Ene is alive and well. The judges ask what is going on? Chuks stutters that he elect because he entered the show fraudulently. They ask him to leave but Aunty Nonye insists on taking Amara from him till he comes to explain to Ene’s family what he did with her. He asks Frank to take Amara home as he struggles with Aunty Nonye.
Cosmo is surprised Sheila is doing the dishes. She says it takes her mind off things and asks him to fetch a mug from her room. Freddy appears and they wonder why he is home early? Amaka did not give him money for the excursion. His friends and classmates have gone and there was nothing to do so he came home. She says that she has her reasons for not approving.
Sheila barges into Amaka’s office to ask what is going on? First she throws out her family and now she does not pay for Freddie’s excursion. Amaka tells her that she is trying to reduce costs because they have a number of projects to complete. Sheila scoffs at that and asks if Freddy’s excursion money is what will help her complete the project? She says she also runs a business. Amaka asks if she means the spa? How well is it doing now? She asks. She is sacking the drivers by the end of the month! Freddy barged in and asks Amaka if they are now poor? That is not what the layer told him! Amaka is shocked that Sheila brought Freddy along. Sheila says he was asked to stay back in the car but now that he is here, he can as well listen to their discussion.
Angela and Brenda are at the bar listening to Nosa’s joke. He ends up with a shout out to Angela but calls her the spokesperson for the mad people in Lagos. He leaves the stage and Brenda asks what Angela thinks? Angela thinks he is obnoxious. Brenda says the crowd will not agree. The man joins them and when he tries to shake Angela’s hand, she refuses to shake his hands.
Chuks and Aunty Nonye come out and she is still bristling about Chuks and Frank stealing Amara away. She will go and take Amara and go and go to Dike’s house. Chuks tries to beg her but she will not listen. She insists that she will take Amara to Dike’s house. As she leaves, Chuks calls Frank and asks him not to open the door for Aunty Nonye if she comes.
Nosa tries unsuccessfully to charm his way back to Angela. Brenda steps in and tells him that he may be witty but he needs to learn to be sensitive to people with special needs. Special needs? Angela says she should have known that this is an ambush and gets up and leaves. He offers to take Brenda out for lunch and they forget Angela immediately.
Freddy asks Amaka if they are poor again? She says she is sacking the drivers? Amaka tries to talk her way out of it but Sheila insists that she answers Fredy! She says they are not poor but need to watch costs. She did not know that the excursion was that important and chose to save costs when he said it was optional. She begs him to go and wait for Sheila in the car. Immediately he leaves, she asks Sheila never to undermine her in Freddy’s presence again. Sheila tells her to also not undermine her in her own home. She also asks Amaka not to get too comfortable in that seat. Amaka asks what that means? Sheila asks her how many shares she owns? Well…none. So she should enjoy it for now and walks out.

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Chuks asks Frank who the baby in the cot in his apartment is? Frank asks him where Amara is? Aunty Nonye looks at two of them!