The photographer asks why Bimpe is still standing there dressed? She says there is a misunderstanding. She wants them to wait for the man that arranged this to come first? He thinks that there is no mistake and says it was Dafe that arranged everything. While they argue, Dafe bounces in and Bimpe attacks him for arranging a topless photo shoot for her. He tries to arrange things but Bimpe screams that she will not do any dirty thing to add to her sex tape issue. She will do no pornography. The photographer says they don’t do pornography, it is adult entertainment. Bimpe abandons them and moves on.
The manager brings Sheila a list of everything that needs to be done. She asks if that is all and the manager says she did not add salaries and the month will soon end. The spa needs to be re-launched, maybe. Sheila asks her to give her time to go through the list.
Bimpe and Dafe get home and she berates him for arranging a topless shoot for her with a sleazy magazine. He reminds her that she has very limited opportunities. She reminds him that his own opportunities will be smaller if she sacks him! He tells her that she agreed to trust his instincts on this but agrees to change tactics. Obi de Don visits and Dafe jumps up to greet him enthusiastically. Bimpe is distressed to see them that familiar.
Mrs. Aneke calls Brenda and Brenda asks her to confirm she has been paid her balance. She agrees and thanks Brenda. She called to check how things are going with Brenda and Mr. Okojie? He called and was saying Brenda says this Brenda says that. She called to find out if she is ready for a second date with Nosa? Brenda says they have gone beyond that. Mrs. Aneke is not happy and asks if they are already talking marriage? Brenda says yes. Mrs. Aneke says they cannot do that. Brenda reminds her that they are two adults!
Bimpe asks how Dafe and Obi De Don knew each other? Obi says that Dafe knows people that knows people. Bimpe asks what it is about? Obi says he is offering her another opportunity. Bimpe is happy and asks what it is about? Dafe says that is the second phase of his plan for her image. Bimpe loses interest. Obi De Don tells her that it is a film about a local government chair lady who bullies her staff. There is nothing sexual, Dafe insists. Bimpe asks what it is about? They tell her it is Bad Mama Jammer. Bimpe is not happy and they tell her they are simply riding the wave of the popular sentiments. Free adverts for their film. Obi asks if the guy in the film with her is an actor? Bimpe asks him to leave. He is infuriated and berates Dafe for not discussing everything with Bimpe first. Dafe asks why she cannot take a risk and she tells him that he may soon join Obi on the sidewalk.
Nosa meets with his brother in the bar and tells him about Brenda. He cannot wait for them to meet. His brother asks if he has told Brenda about himself? Can she cope with staying with him? He says there is nothing wrong with him. So long as the woman does not change on him. His brother asks if he has told the lady about… Nosa says that is why he does not discuss his issues with the family and threatens to leave. His brother convinces him to stay. He is happy for him and only wants to be sure all the bases are covered!
Amaka discusses her difficulties with administering the will with Dikibo. He assures her that Fred knows what he was doing when he appointed her. She asks whether she should just give Sheila the money? Dikibo says she is in the best position to handle that. However, whatever Fred will do will not be based on emotions. As they discuss, Sheila comes out and Amaka gets off the phone and tells Sheila that she cannot give her the money!
Dafe and Bimpe continue their discussion about how to turn around the fortunes of her brand. He will get an interview for her with a newspaper. The newspaper article will focus on her steady relationship with Greg. She tells him that they have broken up. He is shocked and when he asks why she tells him to forget it.
Sheila asks Amaka whether that means that there will be no discussion? Amaka tells her that she does not want to be disturbed about the money. She does not want to waste resources. Sheila asks if asking for money to run her household, Fred’s household is now wasting money? Amaka says she does no like the way she is being ambushed by Sheila about it.
Brenda and Nosa wait for the doctor and he fidgets. She asks him to relax. If there is anyone to bother, it will be her with her biological clock ticking. The doctor comes out and welcomes them for their comprehensive pre-marital tests. They look through the long list and shudder. Her assistant will take them through it all. She asks after their history? Brenda had an operation for fibroids in the university. Nosa says he does not have any issues. The doctor says the results will show if there is any issue.
Freddy and his friend come out with their drinks and he asks if she thinks he is a prince? Everyone calls him the latest prince of the film industry. She tells him that her father says he is the latest millionaire in town. She advises that he does not slack in his school work now. They discuss their teaches that fidget when they meet rich parents. Freddy shows her how one of them prostrated for him. He stays there for a while and she asks him to get up. He gets up with a piece of paper and she asks what it is? He says if grand dad was around, he does not like pieces of paper around. She comforts him.
Dafe meets Greg in his office and says he was in the neighborhood. He asks after Greg’s girlfriend, Bimpe? Greg says they broke up. Dafe tries to convince him to get back with her but he screams that it is over. On second thoughts, he asks what Dafe has to do with Bimpe? He bounced him from there the other day. Dafe tells him that he handles Bimpe’s image making now. Greg is not happy that Dafe tried to trick him into coming back to make his work look good. He however is ready to go for the drink Dafe promised him in the past. They get up and head off for the drink!
Sheila and Cosmo review the list of out standings. Cosmo tells her they are almost out of diesel. Sheila asks why and he says some of their guests cannot do without air conditioning. She tells him that everyone had better get used to it because the generator will now be switched on at midnight till 6am. Anything else will be by her authorization. Cosmo reminds her that they need to keep the freezer cool. Sheila asks if there is any other thing? He says that the guest toilets need to be fixed, the lawn mower needs to be serviced, etc. Sheila asks him to take the list to Amaka. Before he leaves, Freddy comes in to tell her about his school excursion which he needs to pay for before the end of the week. It is N250,000. Sheila hides her feelings and asks Cosmo to include that in the list for Amaka. As Cosmo leaves, she explains to Freddy that things are not as bad as they seem. He reluctantly agrees.

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Angela tells Brenda that she will not wait for her to ambush her again. Brenda does not know what she is talking about. She asks if Brenda is not going to the place she told her about her father? An alarmed Brenda asks her if she is being followed?