Bimpe tries to talk to Dafe but he is on the phone. She snatches the ear piece and throws it across the room. She insists on knowing how he said he can help her? He says everything can be made to look nice. She says she hopes it does not involve those fake Kilimanjaro pictures he took for his former client. He says that is not fake. It is aspirational. He tells Bimpe that the train he wants to put her on needs to oiled. It will cost N500k. Bimpe laughs her head off.
Cosmo walks into Amaka’s office and she nearly jumps up from her seat. He brought the list for the upkeep of the house. She looks at the list and is shocked at the amount. Cosmo says they have visitors. Amaka says that has to stop. He says that is not his call. Amaka asks him to go. She will talk it over with Sheila.
Bimpe asks Dafe if he thinks that people throw money at her as she walks down the street? He is trying to stop people from throwing rotten tomatoes and water melon at her. She says she cannot afford that. He asks her to negotiate. She offers N5k and he says no. She offers N10k and that still does not cut it. She says she cannot offer more and will look for another person who was not sacked by his former boss. He says he will take the n10k but she pays N250k when he clears her name. She offers to pay after he gets her an endorsement. He counter-asks for a percentage of her endorsement deal. They shake hands on that.
Brenda asks why Nosa is not married? One will expect women to throw themselves at The Advocate. He will says the same of her. He is not interested in the women that throws themselves at him. They discuss what she wants from the relationship? She says marriage within one year if it works. This is as they eat out of a Chinese take-out. He agrees he wants the same. He asks how many kids she wants? Two and that agrees with him. He grabs the wine bottle and compliments the red wine. She flinches and he asks if she has a problem with alcohol? She tells him about her problem with alcohol.
Brenda tells Nosa about the death of Kwame and when he asks how she is coping, she moves onto another topic. Brenda and Nosa continue to discuss family life. She asks after his siblings and he says he has brothers and they are scattered between Delta and Edo State. She asks whether he is in touch with them? He says he sees them once a year except her elder brother that lives in Lagos. He stops and says they are really discussing this marriage thingy! She agrees and they laugh over it.
Cosmo comes back and tells Sheila Amaka did not give him the money. She says they will discuss on how to cut the expenses before she releases money. Immediately Cosmo leaves, she calls Amaka to ask why she thinks she can run her family for her? Amaka asks if she thinks she is enjoying being the only voice of reason? She insists that the people in the house needs to be reduced. Sheila asks why she is trying to get her family out? She has not said anything about TTK. She asks Amaka to enjoy running the house and drops the call!
Bimpe watches Peju interview a sociologist who thinks the rape of an orphan is serious as they happen to be isolated. She says he is not vulnerable and an orphan and turns off the TV. Dafe comes in and tells her that he has booked her to be on the cover of a magazine. She is surprised as he just walked out now. He went to make a call and he has it fixed. She asks for time to prepare for the interview but he tells her to just go there and be herself!
Brenda receives a mug as a gift since flowers are a waste of money and an invite to lunch with Nosa. As she was admiring it, Feke calls to remind her of a conflict in her diary. She gives instructions on which one to drop and also instructs that her diary be freed from lunch time indefinitely. Feke is surprised but dare not ask why!
Sheila tells Cosmo that they will find a way of stretching things. He offers to provide some of his savings but she shuts him down. He says he knows that things have been difficult but she says that they will find a way to cope. As they were discussing, Amaka walks in with her bags, Toochi and his nanny and tells Cosmo to settle them in. She is moving in temporarily. Sheila is so shocked to say anything and walks away.
Brenda and Nosa talk over lunch and when he asks after her educational background, she asks that they not talk about things they can read off each other’s CV. He agrees and she says they need to talk about deal breakers. He agrees and she asks why they are not talking about sex? He is surprised she wants to talk about sex. She says that they are in this for children and suggests that there are other ways of procreating instead of sex. He asks if she has a problem with sex or sex with him? She says it is not him. He asks if it is okay then that they have an open marriage? He may want other women? She is shocked!
Sheila comes out in the morning and asks if Amaka really spent the night in the house? She says she told her she is moving in. She needs to be around the house to ensure that things go well and that money is not wasted. Sheila wonders why she cannot do this from her house? She says she needs to be close enough to know what her dad left. Sheila asks her to suit herself and walks away.
Bimpe gets into the studio and is surprised at the setting. The photographer comes out and is happy she came early. That means they can finish early. She asks where she will change? He asks her to hang her cloths there and pose naked. She is shocked and he asks if she is not Bimpe Adekoya and is she not there for the shoot? She says yes and he urges her to go ahead!
Brenda and Nosa continue their discussion. She says he hot her there with the discussion on open marriage. He says that is something they have in common again. Open marriage is not for them. He asks if they should not be talking of tests if they want children? She agrees; genotype tests, and he adds fertility tests to ensure everything is working well, on both sides. She grudgingly agrees and he asks her not to mind his over-active mind. Once it latches onto something, it runs with it.
Sheila meets Amaka and tells her that while she agrees with her doing the right things especially with the charity funds in the absence of clear instructions from Fred, she should know that Fred would not have wanted things to like this. He would not want to starve her of funds after all she gave up for him. Amaka wonders why she is telling her this now? Sheila says that her spa is practically shut down after she took out the working capital to pay for Fred’s treatment. Amaka insists on ensuring that things are done properly and without waste.

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